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Bloody Hell! The vampire thought. It looked like his boy was in some sort of state of mental shock. Killed his best friend? Bugger, he'd only intended to get rid of some of the boy's God-awful fashion disasters, not to send the boy into a fit. He awkwardly rubbed the boy's arm. The mortal's flesh was growing cold and clammy.

"What do you mean you killed him, Kitten? What happened?" the vampire asked, tossing the boy’s reasonable clothing from the bed. He then pulled the blankets over himself and his boy in an attempt to warm the mortal.

He'd been about to rip the sodding green shirt to shreds, and show the whelp who was boss. Then he'd heard the boy's heartbeat become perilously irregular and his breathing coming in ragged little bursts. He'd immediately understood that there was something seriously wrong with his boy.

"I didn't mean to," the boy pleaded. Spike didn't like the numb timber of the mortal's voice. Without thought, he pulled the mortal's warming body closer and let his boy take possession of the ugly piece of green cloth. The mortal unconsciously clutched the thing closer.

"Of course not, Kitten," he soothed, running his hand through the mortal's soft brown hair. "Tell me what happened, pet," he continued.

"I was holding the stake right over his heart. It was crazy; people were running and screaming everywhere. He told me how he felt powerful and connected to everything. This girl ran into us and then he was gone. Dust," the human murmured, his voice more filled with pain than Spike had ever heard it.

"One of your mates was a vampire, Kitten? How’d ‘dat happen?" the vampire wondered idly.

"Darla," his boy answered faintly. That bitch. She was always inadvertently buggering up his un-life. Feeds his sire a gypsy, kills and turns his boy's best mate into a minion. The vampire wished one of the trollop's idiotic ideas would bite her in the arse for once.

"You didn't mean it, pet," the blond tried to reassure the mortal in his arms.

"But we went there to stop the Harvest, to kill him. Giles he said it wasn't him. He said it was the thing that killed him," his mortal confided shakily. Obviously the whelp had been keeping this inside for quite a while.

"That's…" Spike began. If he told the mortal the truth, he'd have a slave loony enough to rival Dru on his hands. As fun as humiliating the mortal was, Spike had enough experience looking after Dru to realize that his boy would be more manageable sane than mad.

"A load of crap," the mortal finished, giving voice to his master's very thoughts.

"What makes you say that, Kitten?" the master vampire asked, surprised at his pet's perceptiveness. The brunet's voice was getting stronger, back to its usual timber. The dead tone that had worried the vampire was gone.

"Harmony, Angel, you…” the human answered, nervously fingering the lime green fabric he was clutching.

"Kitten, if you just compared me to the poof, I'm going to have the pleasure of spanking your bottom again," the blond vampire growled.

Spike relaxed a bit when he saw the corners of his boy's mouth curl just a bit into a timid smile. The mortal seemed to be regaining some of his color.

"No, Master, I just meant you and Deadboy and the first vampires I every really got to know. It's usually just fight and stake. It's not like I've ever gotten to really learn anything personal about the average fledge. But you and Angel…well…I actually got to know stuff about you two…saw how human-like you two would sometimes react," the mortal stated, his voice sounded a little less shaky. Spike rubbed his hands up and down the mortal’s back, finally reaching down to cup the mortal's rear-end. The mortal squeaked.

"Well, the Poofter does have that pansy soul," Spike reminded his pet.

"Yeah, but even when he lost it he still did a lot of things that were Angel like. I mean his entire obsession with Buffy. Why would he care about her more than anybody else? Yeah, I know she's the slayer.

“You know, Buffy once told me that when Angelus first got turned, he killed his whole family. If who he was as mortal didn't matter, why would he go after them?" the mortal pondered.

"Actually, Kitten, he went after his whole village as I understood it, but I see the point you're trying to make," The blond vampire corrected, reaching to tease his boy's sensitive entrance.

"Well, I knew Harmony when she was still alive. Let me tell you mortal, Harmony is a lot like evil soulless Harm," the boy groused. The vampire chuckled at his pet's opinion of his vacuous ex.

"I'll take your word for that, Kitten. The truth is that who we were as mortals does define a big part of what a vampire becomes. When the soul leaves the body, the memories remain, as do a person's desires and their fears. What's different is there is no longer a conscience to answer to. There is no more regret. Ever thought that you just wanted to snap someone’s neck?" Spike asked. The boy nodded just laying quietly in his master's arms, occasionally giving small gasps as his anus was teased. "Well, Kitten, as a vampire, you would just rip that person’s throat out and feel no guilt over the action. It’s like being absolutely free."

“So, it was still him,” the human asked sadly.

“Part of him was still there, Kitten. His demon was given shape by what he was in life. His soul, his weakness, his conscience if you will, had left his body.

“He was able to do all the things he’d ever dreamed of doing in his deepest darkest fantasies. Human rules didn’t apply to him any longer. If he wanted something he could and would just take it,” the vampire explained.

“But…” his boy began, but then thought better of it and snapped his soft warms lips shut.

“But what, Kitten?” the vampire insisted, letting his finger play just inside the brunet’s hole without breeching the first sphincter. His slave couldn’t help but squirm. While his skin had grown cold a little while before, it was now almost burning hot.

“Well, vampires like to hurt things, that’s not just the absence of a conscience is it? I mean, what if you were the kind of person who didn’t think about hurting people? Besides, vampires will hurt people they’ve never even met right?” his boy finally replied.

“Everyone has violent thoughts and impulses, not just vampires. Sides, we are demonic in nature, Kitten. Our demons like violence, they feed on it as much as on blood. Add to that that different emotions make the blood taste different,” Spike told his boy finally leaving his opening in peace, only to start caressing the newly shaved knackers. His slave didn’t try to flee his touch at all.

“Different?” his boy managed to choke out.

“Yeah, Kitten. When you’re afraid or in pain, the blood becomes sweet, when you’re aroused, it’s spicy,” the blond elaborated gently playing with the mortal’s balls. “You feel so nice now, Kitten, all velvety and smooth,” he added as his boy moaned softly. The mortal squirmed under his touch, whimpering in pleasure.

“Are you feeling better, Kitten?” He finally asked his boy as the brunet started to pant. His slave seemed to think it over, and then nodded slowly. He would have to talk to the mortal again about this when the emotions were not so close to the surface. He didn’t want the thing the mortal had just revealed to continue festering until they interfered with the vampire’ s plans for his boy again.

"Good. Wait here then. I’ll be right back,” the vampire ordered, giving Xander’s arse a quick slap as he got out of bed.

He darted into the loo and quickly found were his boy had stashed the baby oil. He quickly strolled back to his pet’s side, pulling the covers off the mortal’s nude body. He reached his hand out for the shirt the boy was still clutching. He almost reconsidered, considering how frightened the human looked.

“I just want to put it away, pet. So it won’t get dirty. You have my permission to keep this,” the vampire reassured the boy. I'm such a ponce! No use doing something nasty that would shatter the mortal, not yet.

The boy looked so damned grateful, as he shakily handed the horrible material to his master.

“Thank you, Master” his boy said gratefully.

“I’m about to give you the chance to show me your gratitude,” the vampire replied with wicked grin. He folded the shirt carefully and set in on one of the closet shelves.

“What do you want me to do, Master?” The boy asked his face going a shade of pink the master vampire wasn’t sure he would ever tire of.

“I want you to caress yourself, to touch your body for me. Put on a show for me, Kitten. Tease yourself,” the blond replied, sitting next to his pet on the bed. “Use this. You can start where I stopped," he added, handing the mortal the bottle of oil.

Still red faced, the mortal obeyed after only the briefest hesitation, spreading the oil onto his right hand. He reached slowly between his legs, cupping his balls. Spike smiled when he saw the mortal’s other hand had reached up to fondle his sensitive tits. They were still a little bruised from yesterday’s play, but the mortal couldn’t help tweaking his nipples.

“You like having those played with don’t you? Did it excite you when I whipped your tits yesterday, pet?” the vampire whispered, hungrily gazing at his boy’s aroused form. He looked the mortal intently in the eye, silently warning him that he expected an answer.

“Yes, Master” the mortal finally gasped out.

“We’re going to pierce them someday, Kitten. They say that makes them even more sensitive,” Spike whispered seductively. His pet was moaning.

“Stroke your prick. I want to see you wank yourself,” the vampire ordered. He smiled as the boy eagerly fisted his cock. The brunet was stunning like this, flushed with arousal and beautifully erect. He watched the boy like this for quite a bit.

“I’m going to order you to stop very soon, Kitten. I know, pet. I can smell your arousal. I know it will be hard, but you can do it for me. You can bear this. If you’re a very good boy I may give you some relief later tonight,” the vampire told him. He knew the mortal would soon be to the point of no return.

“Stop moving your fist, Kitten. Hold your shaft tightly,” Spike ordered. His pet whimpered in complaint, but obeyed. “Now run the pad of your thumb gently over the head of your cock in slow little circles. Very good.”

“Give me your other hand,” the blond commanded. He took the fingers of the offered hand and covered them in baby oil.

“Now use that other hand and finger-fuck yourself a bit,” he instructed his pet. His boy wouldn’t look at him but brought his knees up and slowly began circling his delicate little orifice with an oil-slicked finger. It wasn’t long before one of the fingers sank into the tight passage. His boy was moaning with need.

Spike couldn’t help it; he stroked his own hard-on through his tight black jeans. The smells coming from his slave were driving him to distraction. Every little groan and whimper of arousal coming from his slave was sending waves of pure pleasure to his cock. Spike undid the front of his jeans and gave himself a few hard strokes.

Deciding there was no need to suffer when his pet’s sweet warm delicious mouth was empty, the blond moved, kneeling to straddle the mortal’s face. He positioned himself so he was still facing the lovely sight of the mortal slowly tormenting his own cock.

“I want your mouth, Kitten,” the master vampire informed his slave, slowly brushing his leaking organ against the boy’s soft lips. He was rewarded by a slow hesitant lick from his boy’s talented tongue. He growled in pleasure as the boy took the tip of his member into his mouth and started gently suckling it, all the while teasing the slit with his tongue.

He knelt; enjoying his boy’s gifted mouth. He watched the gorgeous display before him, watched his boy unable to stop squirming as his thumb lightly tortured his generously leaking cock. His boy was very close.

“Stop touching your penis, Kitten,” the vampire ordered. The mortal whined in protest, but released his throbbing flesh. The vampire, his own body burning with pleasure, managed to drag the boy's now free hand up to his nipples. The mortal needed no instruction to start caressing and pinching them again.

The vampire closed his eyes, taking great pleasure in the youth's efforts. Every time the boy moaned, he would send bloody lovely vibrations through the immortal blonde’s cock. Spike forced his eyes open and gazed down at the body laid out beneath him. Xander was squirming uncontrollably on the bed, still using his fingers to pleasure his snug passage. The mortal was suckling him more strongly as his own excitement grew.

The vampire shuddered as he came in the warm shelter of his boy's mouth. He reached down to fondly pet the brunet's sweat damp locks.

"You can stop now, Kitten," the vampire smiled. His boy was still gloriously erect. He climbed off the boy and laid next his suddenly stiff form.

"That was good, Kitten. I'm very pleased," the blond complemented, stroking the boy's cheek. Spike felt a twinge of bitter regret when the boy turned his head away. Sod it didn't matter what the stupid child thought now did it? The brunet's body was the vampire's to enjoy. What the boy thought was of absolutely no matter.

Bloody ungrateful little git, he had a good mind to show the little ponce how much worse his situation could be. He'd been understanding and he'd shown the patience of a saint. He hadn't even punished the boy for the way he'd yelled at his master.

All right, so it could be argued that the vampire had caused that little scene, but how was the blond supposed to have known that particular fashion disaster had sentimental value to the boy? His closet was full of that kind of geek wear.

He hadn't bloody well intended to get the mortal in that state. He'd just wanted to make the boy angry. The human had done an admirable job of keeping his gob shut in spite of Spike's best efforts to make him explode. It was bloody well frustrating.

When he'd seen the look on his pet's face, he'd stopped right away. What did the sodding boy want - an apology? Not likely. The boy had seemed happy enough while they'd been playing around. Spike hadn't heard him complaining then. Well the blond had, but it had been good complaining. Why in Blazes was the boy being so pissy now?

"Thank you, Master," his pet replied very faintly, turning his head back towards the vampire. Spike jumped at the unexpected soft voice. He could have been knocked down with a feather, when the boy shifted closer to him of his own volition.

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