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Xander Harris woke to find strong cold muscular arms clamped around him. He started, realizing he was practically draped over Spike’s body, his very naked body. Oh my God, he thought, remembering the events of the previous night. The bleached wonder had fucked him. The slight throbbing between his ass checks confirmed he had not dreamt it. I came while he was fucking me, the young man obsessed. The Scooby’s face flushed with heat. It had felt good. When the vampire had touched that spot inside of him, well Xander couldn’t remember ever being that aroused. What kind of sick freak was he? He loved Anya, he really did. He’d only broken things off with her to protect her. She deserved better than the miserable marriage he would have given her.

So why had a soulless monster made him feel so good? Cus he wants to play with your head, stupid, Xander thought. Oh, and he had, that little shopping trip had been inspired. It had made him break down and cry like a little girl. The son of a bitch had made him… he couldn’t even say it. Trying to shove a tube up his ass in a public washroom had not been of the good. Right up there with wearing drag at frat parties, bug eating, and the funny syphilis, it won as the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to him. Of course he’d already sucked the peroxide menace off by that time. He wondered why he was so ashamed of everything that followed. Maybe because he didn’t get a stiffy from blowing Spike or because there weren’t three other men in the room as when he’d flushed his bowels with soapy water.

“Sleep well, Kitten?” the British vamp’s voice asked. Did the evil undead have to call him that? What would you prefer? Whore, slut, bitch, cunt… he thought miserably. These choices, though degrading, would have been less annoying.

“I know you’re awake, Kitten. How did you sleep?” the vampire repeated, irritation evident in his tone at having to ask twice.

“Alright, Master,” Xander replied, trying not to sound sullen. He had no desire to be ‘strapped,’ as the vampire had threatened the previous night.

“Not too sore?” Spike asked, palming the slayerette’s ass.

“No. Just a tiny bit tender, Master,” hating the honorific the oracles had implicitly instructed him to use.

“That’s good because I have plans for you,” the vampire snickered.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Spike asked as Xander tried to squirm out of his arms. The needs of his human body, which had awaked him, reasserting themselves. He needed to pee very badly.

“I need to go outside, Master,” he answered, hoping Fangboy would need no further explanation. No such luck.

“What the bleeding hell for?” his master demanded.

“Um… I need to pee…” he replied, embarrassed.

“Oh, yeah of course you do… Come right back though, Kitten. I have a little, well actually a big problem I want you to take care of,” Spike snickered. The bastard was doing it on purpose.

“Yes, Master,” the brunette grated out between clenched teeth. He rose from the bed, hastily grabbing his underwear and jeans and pulling them on. He made his way to a cluster of trees. He was not about to relieve himself on someone’s grave. I had no trouble giving Mister Evil Undead two happies inside of someone’s tomb though, the young man thought bitterly. He finished his business without incident, for which he was grateful. He truly didn’t want to explain to some grieving old widow why he was emptying his bladder ten feet from her beloved Wilber’s grave. He made his way back to the crypt. Taking a deep breath, he made his way back to the lower level.

Just remember, he thought, it could have been Anya or Willow. Spike smirked at him indicating with a casual gesture that he wanted him to disrobe. Xander did so, looking anywhere but at the figure on the bed.

Making his way back to the bed, he lay down stiffly next to the vampire. Taking the male Scooby’s hand, the vampire gently brought it to his lips, and then swiftly dragged it bellow the covers placing it on his not unsubstantial erection.

“Bring me off, Kitten,” came the simple instructions. He could do that. It was just like jerking himself off, no reason to freak out. He’d had the guy’s penis in his mouth the night before. I handled that so well. It was only touching, touching Spike’s cold hard cock. It was not really though. It wasn’t cool like ice, more like room temperature. It was like touching a pillow, a very firm yet silken soft veiny pillow. Oh god, he was spanking Spike’s monkey. He had to calm down. He was not going to burst into tears, again. He’d been pathetic last night, crying as he sucked Spike, while Spike touched him and again after they had fucked. His emotions had been all over the place. He felt angry and defiant one moment, which of course he couldn’t show, then completely overwhelmed the next.

“Ey, stop it with the deep thoughts and keep going. Yeah like that. A little harder, Kitten. Yes, oh bloody yeah, that feels real good,” Spike moaned his instructions. Xander tried using his head, recalling what he himself enjoyed. He slowly let the pad of his thumb rub over the head of the vampire's cock. Using his nails, he toyed with the slit as he maintained the harsh rhythm Spike had requested. Peroxide boy growled with what sounded like pleasure. He repeated the process a couple of times. It had always been a very sensitive part of his body and from Spike’s reaction he imagined he was built the same way. Almost absently he started playing with the vampire’s foreskin, running a finger between it and the soft tissue of the gland. He stretched it, pinching it shut; just basically exploring a part of the male sexual organ he’d not possessed since infancy.

He felt Spike’s cool finger’s card into his hair again. He’s always playing with my hair, Xander thought. Is he just petting me like a good dog…or would that be kitty?

He increased the tempo using his thumbnail to lightly scratch the vein on the underside of the vampire’s shaft on each down stroke. At the level of sensitivity his cock would be at, at this stage it would have been painful on him, but he remembered what Spike had said about liking it rough and he tried adding the extra stimulation. If Spike’s moans were any indication, he was enjoying it.

Spike turned his head slightly, his clear blue gaze finding Xander’s. His eyes were so very blue. Little flecks of gold kept appearing in them now and again as he brought his undead master closer to climax. The peroxide blond began to shudder under the mortal’s ministrations. Sliding into gameface, the vampire exploded into his unwilling bedmate's hand.

Xander noted the sated smile on his master’s face worriedly. He’s about to do something nasty to me. He looks way too happy, the young construction worker thought. Spike closed his eyes, shifting back into his human mask.

“Clean us up,” he ordered in a tone what Xander was sure was contrived disinterest. He grabbed Xander’s clean hand as he reached for the wipes and shook his head. “With your tongue, lick us both clean.”

There we are. Could he say Ew? Oh yeah, and gross! Okay so he’d swallowed the night before, but that had been over really quickly.

“Now, not next year,” the vampire demanded, smirking. That bastard. “Is this truly worth getting your ass tanned over?” Spike asked. Xander knew it really wasn’t. He also wanted to keep Spike happy until they broached certain subjects, like where Xander would be living. There were things he wanted to ask Spike’s permission for, because he now had to, and having the vamp mad at him would only make things hairy later on. Lifting his hand to his mouth he tried not to make a face as he licked and sucked Spike’s cold come off of his fingers and palm. It tasted coppery and bitter, just a little salty. Lifting the covers off the vampire, he began thoroughly cleaning him, using small strokes of his tongue. Spike was fucking petting him again. He cringed inwardly, knowing it was only a matter of time before his new dreaded pet name came out again. Just don’t react, stupid, the mortal thought to himself. Every time he says it and you look like you swallowed… a bug… was thinking a bug! Shut up brain. Every time you show you hate it, it makes him call you that twice as much.

“Good boy,” Spike praised when the younger man finished. Reaching out to Xander, he pulled him into his arms. The brunette gasped as he was quickly stroked to hardness. The Brit fondled his testicles lightly, making him gasp. It was hard not to moan in anticipation when the blond vampire started playing with his chest. Oh God. Anya had rarely touched him there, but he’d always known he was sensitive. He’d often used his free hand to play with his nipples when he jerked off. He knew it was silly being shy around Anya of all people, but sometimes all it took was one of her innocently frank comments to clam him right up, which was strange, considering some of the more adventurous sexual practices she’d roped him into.

Just as suddenly as the groping had started, it stopped. Spike grinned pinning Xander’s arms behind his back with one hand. The aroused mortal tried to rub up against the vamp, but was held back. The evil bastard was going to leave him like this.

“Rule number one, Kitten. That hard dick between your legs belongs to me. You aren’t allowed to touch it without permission. Whether or not you come on any given day isn’t up to you anymore, it’s up to me. I’ll probably put you in that state a lot, hard and aching, unfulfilled. You’re a bloody sight like that. I like it, so you’ll be that way often. Get used to it,” Spike informed him coolly. Xander trembled as cool hands stroked him lightly, keeping him on the very edge of satisfaction.

“Now you and I need to have a practical discussion about some, shall we say, technical issues. Like I said before, your arrival as caused some unforeseen complications. How much dosh you have saved up?” the vampire asked.

“A couple of thousand. I was saving for a honeymoon,” he explained, at Spikes raised eyebrow. This was a good opening. “Um, Master, there’s some stuff I wanted to talk to you about that’s kind of related to this.”

“What might that be, Kitten?” the blond asked with apparent skepticism.

“Well if you’re going to keep me, you’ll need to feed me, right? And yourself, so I was wondering ifIcouldkeepmyjob,” he babbled without pausing for breath. Please don’t make me quit. I’m really good at this, he thought.

“I’ve been thinking about that. Can’t say I like the idea. You’d be gone all day, then be too exhausted to serve me properly at night. There are better ways to make money off you. You could strip, if you’re good you could make more in one night that you do in a week. May turn you out too,” the vampire revealed casually. Son of a bitch. He’s just playing you. He wouldn’t really make you sell yourself. Yeah, cus that would be against his principles, the mortal thought frantically. It was hard enough lying here letting the immoral bastard touch him all over. He was barely keeping it together. How was he supposed to just go out and spread his legs for a bunch of strangers?

“Please don’t… Master. Please,” he begged softly. Losing one of the only things that had ever made him feel good about himself was bad enough, but the idea of becoming some rent-boy…despite his best intentions, Xander shuddered. He shivered as he felt a cold finger dance along his crack. Why had he done this? To protect the girls. Now he had to be a man and suck it up, literally. It’s not like he hadn’t known in performing the binding that he was killing any chance of ever being happy again. Spike hated him and would do his best to make sure he was miserable for the rest of his days.

Releasing his arms, Spike forced his chin up, looking into his eyes.

“Why do you want to keep it so bad?” the vampire asked.

“I’m good at it. It’s the first thing in my life I’ve really been talented at. I’m not just some jerk-off there,” he said softly, sensing that if he wanted to salvage any part of his life that he needed to be completely truthful.

“Three weeks. We’ll try it out for three weeks, but if I feel you’re not giving me the best you can, if you’re not the most attentive and obedient little slave I’ve ever seen, you will resign,” Spike warned, actually sounding quite reasonable. The mortal was so grateful he almost considered hugging him, but instead settled for a quick, “Thank you, Master.” Spike nodded.

“What else did you want, Kitten?” the blond punk inquired.

“I was wondering about, you know, living arrangements. I was instructed to come here and follow your orders. It was made clear that it’s a permanent full time arrangement,” he explained, pointing out the claim mark on his neck.

“Obviously you’ll be living with me, you tosser,” the blond said indignantly.

“Spike… I mean Master, this place doesn’t have all the facilities for a human, indoor plumbing for example.”

“YOU can soddin’ well go outside, boy,” he snarled obviously taking offence. Nice work, Mr. Harris!

“It’s just I can’t shower or do laundry here. I’ve still got a lease on my apartment…we could live there. It’s nice and roomy. And I have cable,” he cajoled. Bribe the evil undead with TV…good plan.

“What about the demon bint?”

“She still had her own place before the wedding that wasn’t. The apartment is in my name only. She cleared out all her stuff, so we’d have the place to ourselves,” he told the creature who now was the center of his universe.

“I don’t bleeding care for all the nancy-boy accoutrements, and a little lack of hygiene really doesn’t bother vampires, what with being reanimated corpses and all. But I suppose that since you’ll be inflicting yourself on other people, we can’t have you surrounded by flies all the time can we? We’ll move in tonight. Fortunately I’m traveling light. A grenade handling pair of psycho bitches did my spring cleaning for me not long ago.” The vamp quipped. Xander wondered how Agent Finn would appreciate being referred to as a psycho bitch.

“You won’t regret this, Master,” Xander promised sincerely. Life was okay; he could keep his job and his place. Spike was fondling him again. It was frustrating. Well, duh that would be the point.

“Get dressed, we are going on an errand, to get some supplies. No, no underwear. You bring your car?” the blond asked.

The young man nodded “It’s in the alley.”

“Good. Off we go then. You have an ATM card right?” Spike asked, gathering up Xander’s earlier purchases and handing them back to him. The vampire grabbed a tattered duffel bag from the corner then indicated to the brunette to make his way up to the ground floor.

“What about all the candles?” the human asked.

“Not really worried about fire hazards Kitten. It’s a hole in the ground. ‘Sides, it’s already sporting scorch marks from the GI Joe Massacre,” Spike answered.

Climbing the ladder with the denim of his jeans rubbing against his throbbing erection was pure torture, though he supposed that was the idea.

“Don’t you dare come in your trousers. You do, and I’ll make sure you won’t effin be able to sit for a week,” he heard the deep English accent whisper in his ear just after they reached the landing of his crypt. He felt the slight pressure of Spike’s hand on the small of his back, steering him silently out into the cemetery without incident. The area around Spike’s crypt was actually pretty quiet since the master vampire made it a habit to clear the space near his home of the riff-raff regularly

The mortal was mildly shocked when the vampire indicated he should drive. Somehow he’d always pictured his leather-clad passenger as the type of guy who always had to be in the driver’s seat. He supposed that it must be an American macho thing.

Spike ignored him when he asked where they were going, choosing to simply direct him at each intersection, a mere seconds before they had to make each turn. Not surprisingly, he led them to a seedier part of Sunnydale’s downtown and directed him to park. As they got out of the car, Xander read the sign: Hanky Panky. A sex shop. Oh crap!

“Shall we, Kitten?” Spike asked, grinning as he led the youth inside.

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