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Spike grinned as they made their way inside. His boy was completely mortified and they had not even begun selecting toys yet. He wrapped an arm against the boy’s waist, leading them to the bondage toys. Harris looked like he was going to be sick. He touched his cheek gently to reassure him.

“Can I help you with…Spike, long time no see!” the half-demon sales girl greeted him, smiling. She looked fairly human except for her purple hair and eyes. Mortals would just assume dye and contacts, but the vamp knew better.

“Good to see you, Minara,” the blond replied.

“What brings you here? I heard Dru was in LA. Who’s this?” she cooed, seemingly noticing his boy for the first time. Spike knew better. She’d seen this morsel the moment he’d walked through the door.

“This is my Kitten. Beauty isn’t he?” he said cupping the man-child’s arse.

“He sure is. Excellent taste, as usual, Spike. How can I help you and Kitten?” she asked, leering at his boy as she spoke.

“Bleeding everything. Nothin’ too stressful, we’re just starting our time together. Don’t want to frighten my poor little boy,” he laughed amicably.

“Well since were standing right here, I suggest we start with restraints. Here, let me show you our house set,” she said, sniffing the boy. “He’s human, correct?” Spike nodded. She grinned, continuing her sales pitch. “Then these should do nicely. Made right here in our workroom. Genuine leather. Strong and pretty comfortable for extended periods of wear…and they come in blood red!”

“And how much?” he asked the demoness. Harris was starring at the leather cuffs like they were about to grow teeth and bite him in the arse.

“$35.99 for a set of four. Two wrist, two ankle. These are honestly the best buy in the place, quality versus price wise,” she told him.

“Alright ducks, well take em,” the vampire confirmed smiling easily. The boy in his arms was beet red. He turned his head, giving a nearby earlobe a nibble.

“Goody! Why don’t I get you a basket,’ she enthused, envisioning her commission, no doubt.

“Exciting isn’t it, Kitten?” Spike smirked as his boy gritted his teeth shifting form foot to foot. He wants to tell me to go bugger myself so bad, he thought.

“I’m going to use those to tie you to the bed and do the most filthy things to you,” the vampire whispered into the boy’s ear as he watched Minara skip happily back to them with a cart complete with red cuffs inside.

“I took the liberty of picking out a blindfold for you. The truth is, they’re all pretty much the same, so I picked this one out for you. It’s cheap and sturdy. Now I’m sure you’ll be needing a gag. He seems quiet now, but I’m sure when you’re alone he can be a real handful,” the purple haired demoness cooed, almost pinching the boy’s cheek, but thinking better of touching a master vamp’s pet without permission.

“He won’t bloody well shut his gob most of the time. Can’t tell you how many times his mouth has gotten him into trouble,” Spike groused sullenly. Gagging Harris was going to be one of his favorite pastimes, he was sure.

“Well the most common is a ball gag. You’ll probably want a trainer to start; it has extra straps so it’s a lot harder to slip out of, although some prefer the simple lines of the traditional one. Follow me and I’ll show you a couple of models,” Minara chirped happily. The boy, for his part, was unconsciously clinging to his side, his eyes turning glassy.

He did not react when the vampire chose the bright red ball gag or when they moved to the spreader bars. He did show some interest when they reached the anal toys, if the look of absolute panic on the young man’s face could be called interest.

Unconsciously Spike ran a soothing hand up and down his mortal’s arm, as he would have if his dark princess were upset. Minara, knowing that most of her explanations were for the boy’s benefit, offered to fetch the upset boy some water.

”Kitten, calm down now. Look at me. It’s all right. That’s my sweet Kitten. You’ll do this for me won’t you? Remember, Kitten, you belong to me, to do with as I please. You’re mine to punish, to fuck, to tease, to pleasure. ‘Sides I ain’t gonna use these all at once, now am I? I think we’ll get you a couple of butt plugs in different sizes and a nice vibrating one. Just imagine having it pulsing against that sweet spot inside of you,” the vampire whispered seductively, noting the blush on his boy's face, as well as the increase in his heart rate. Reaching down Spike fondled the aroused mortal’s hard-on through his jeans. The bleached blond continued making various lewd remarks as they selected a multitude of toys describing how each would tease the boy’s sensitive anal passage, until the demon sales girl returned with the promised water. The boy sipped it gratefully as Spike made a couple more small selections under Minara’s guidance.

Surprisingly, the youth stayed relatively calm as they made their way through the Cock and Ball toys, picking out a couple of cock rings and harnesses. The boy’s heart beat furiously as they selected nipple clamps, but he made no complaint. The vampire smirked, smelling the boy’s arousal at the prospect of having his sensitive nibs tormented. Well, he would certainly consider accommodating that later.

He was a little surprised when his boy didn’t have a fit when they reached the whips and paddles. But then, something in the back of the vamp’s reminded him of hearing the witches bemoaning the demon bint’s graphic details about her and the boy’s sex life. He seemed to recall Red griping about not needing to know that her best friend was into spanking. Perhaps the boy would not be has virginal has he had thought when it came to some of the games he had thought up. Oh, well…he would adapt.

“So, Kitten, who did the spanking you or the bird?” the blond asked casually, examining a small rectangular leather paddle with seemingly great interest.

The boy nearly choked on his water.

“How … how do you now about that?” the young man croaked, looking a little green.

“Demon had a big mouth. I also heard rumor that you’re a… What was it now? Oh yes, a Viking in the sack,” the blond chuckled softly. “So whose bottom was being blistered? Yours or the girl’s?”

“We switched. Look, it’s not like it’s something we did all the time. We tried it a couple of times for kicks,” the boy answered uncomfortably.

“Did you enjoy it?” The vampire asked, running the paddle caressingly across his pet’s bum.

When the boy did not answer, he brought the paddle down hard, spanking the underside of the human’s bottom. “I expect an answer, Kitten.”

“For the most part,” the mortal answered cryptically.

“Hmmm. You like this one?” Spike asked bringing the paddle down again.

“It’s fine, Master,” the boy replied between clenched teeth, as Spike brought it down again with a resounding clap.

“I guess we’ll take this one then,” the Brit smirked, happily tossing the paddle into the demon salesgirl’s basket. He rifled through the rest of the items, quickly selecting what he needed for the immediate future. He’d be returning, of course, without the boy or perhaps calling in an order while the boy was at work. As entertaining as this outing had been, it wouldn’t do for the whelp to know every toy he had in his arsenal.

“Think this should start us off wonderfully, don’t you, Kitten? Why don’t we go pay the nice lady?” the vampire cooed mockingly.

Spike had to suppress a snicker at the look on his boy’s face as Minara read them their total. It was actually less than the master vampire had anticipated. The younger man paid the bill without comment, handing over his credit card. Spike smiled, picturing lots of Internet shopping while his boy was at work. Despite what he’d told the boy earlier, he never had any intention of having the boy quit his lucrative construction job. Despite the brazen lie he’d told the young man to frighten him, he would never allow some stranger to lay hands on his property in that way and live. It simply was not done. Regardless of if he’d wanted the boy at first or not, he was now his. No one got to touch what belonged to him.

They ended up leaving the shop with quite a few bags. Silently the packages were put into the trunk where no passersby could see them. The vampire smirked at that. Somehow he could not imagine the boy’s ex being that careful. He could picture her dragging the youth through the grocery store shopping, bag with one of those ridiculous Ladies adult store name’s proudly scrawled across the front in hand. The vampire nodded for the younger man to get into the car. The boy did so, gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles. His boy was flushed and obviously quite humiliated, going by his scent. Spike smirked; he could also scent the underlying current of arousal.

“Blow me, Kitten, “ he whispered softly into the young brunette’s ear, rubbing a hand up the boy’s thigh.

“What? Now?” the mortal hissed between clenched teeth.

“No, pet, I was pre-booking for later this evening. Of course now,” the vampire scoffed, giving his slave’s neck a quick lick. His boy shivered.

“Here?” the mortal squeaked.

“Want you, Kitten. You made me all hard in there. I need to feel your sweet mouth around me,” the blond whispered seductively.

“But, were parked out in the street,” the mortal said, his voice quivering.

“I told you to suck me, pet. Do it now,” the vampire told him irritably.

“But, but what if someone sees us? We could be arrested,” his boy reasoned.

“Then I suggest you make it quick, Kitten,” the vampire snarled impatiently, taking the mortal’s neck and pushing him towards his crotch. Timidly the human reached out and freed him from his torturously tight jeans. He hadn’t lied…holding the mortal in the store as he blushed so prettily had made him incredibly hard. Spanking the boy had nearly sent him over the edge. If he waited till they got to his boy’s, correction his apartment, he would explode. He nearly did when he felt that wonderful warm mouth cover his cock. He ran his fingers through the other man’s hair has he felt that sweet pink tongue tease his slit. The boy was a born cocksucker.

“I’m going to have to spank you good and proper for arguing like that with me, my boy. Make that beautiful bottom of yours cherry red. You just can’t do that, Kitten. You know the rules. Oh, that’s so good, Kitten. Such a sweet little kitten tongue. Oh yes! Do that again. Good boy.” Spike panted grabbing hold of the brunette’s silky strands and gently beginning to fuck the mortal’s mouth. The feeling was exquisite.

“After I punish… Oh yeah… Oh …after I puni… ssssh you. Ah…oh, Kitten. After, I’m going to fuck you. Fuck your burning…. little bum,“ Spike panted pumping into the boy’s warm mouth. “I can’t wait to be inside your tight little arse again,” he continued. Taking pity on his boy, the vampire did not even try to resist the pleasure he was being given and resolved to make this a quick orgasm. After all, he could do this again any time he wished now. He gasped softly as he spilled his seed into the youth’s hot little mouth. His boy quickly cleaned him without his asking and put his now flaccid organ away. The human was still blushing furiously has he righted himself and turned to face the steering wheel again. Spike reached for him again petting his thigh.

“That was very good, Kitten. Shall we head home? Don’t worry sweet, I won’t spank you too hard,” The vampire purred into the human’s ear. Spike smiled at the shiver that went through Harris.

All and all, Spike reflected, things hadn’t worked out too badly. The boy’s blood was tasty. As a matter of fact, he planned on sampling it again later tonight after he was done sampling the mortal’s other charms. The vampire continued rubbing the inside of the human’s thigh. The young man had been surprisingly good in bed and despite his obvious fears, very responsive. Smiling the blond realized he was probably better off with this one than he would have been with one of the chits. He would have access to a nice steady income with the brunette. He would also be upgraded to much nicer digs, with decent cable. Funny how Harris had not even noticed that the evil undead was already packed when he’d accepted his slave’s plea for them to live at the human’s apartment, but then the young man had had other things on his mind at the time. Spike had made sure of that.

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