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Spike hummed absently as he stirred the contents of the pot cooking on the stove. Though it was something he'd never admit publicly, he enjoyed cooking, and his newfound fondness for the Food Network was quickly growing to match his well-known love for a particular supernatural soap opera. But, given that the vampire now had a twenty-one-year-old with a healthy appetite to feed, maybe that might not be such a horrible thing. While Xander had initially grumbled at having his diet restricted, the younger man seemed to enjoy most of what Spike prepared for him. He'd also, it seemed, had come to accept, albeit somewhat grudgingly, being hand-fed by his master. Spike supposed some might even consider the slight pout his slave occasionally sported around mealtimes mildly endearing.

His pet had been exceptionally well behaved for the past few weeks, ever since that weekend when Spike had made him come while being filled with his fist. Fisting, the boy had surpassed all his expectations. He hadn't lied to Xander. Seeing his whole hand disappear into his tightly bound human had been one of the most erotic things he'd ever seen.

He'd almost discounted the entire idea at first. While it was evident that Xander could be and, in fact, was to some extent aroused by pain (he had made the boy come by spanking him after all), Harris was only human. Not like his mortal could simply gorge himself with blood to help repair the damage having a fist rammed into a too-tight passage would inflict. While he very much enjoyed taking a paddle to the mortal's backside till it was bright red or snapping the tip of a riding crop against his vulnerable anus, he had no desire to permanently damage his property. Besides that, he was growing… fond of his Kitten. His former enemy turned ally was the most responsive lover he'd had in a long time, and despite the boy's misgivings, he seemed to mostly enjoy their play. The sight of cuffs or ropes or the mere mention of a spanking would easily send waves of delicious smelling arousal and shame pouring off of the young man. And the biggest surprise was that the mortal seemed to genuinely enjoy being mounted, assuming he was relaxed enough. And oddly, Spike liked it when his Kitten enjoyed himself. There was something very heady about seeing his slave excruciatingly erect and leaking while Spike plunged in and out of his body. Inexplicably enough, Xander didn't seem to hate him afterward. Sometimes the boy even seemed content to settle into his arms once they finished.  

While there had been times when Angelus had brought him pleasure, Spike had always dreaded having to submit to him. Much as he'd wanted the wanker's approval at the time, in those minutes after Angelus had finished using him, Spike had always wanted to be as far away from the older vampire as physically possible. He had even dreaded the times, few and far between as they had been when his Grandsire had made a point of taking him carefully and caressing him until he orgasmed. It had just left him feeling confused and humiliated. Even the first time it had happened, he'd known that it was one of the burly vampire's head games, and he'd hated it despite any physical pleasure he might have felt. Tsk, Tsk. All this show of fighting me, William and look, your cock is leaking all over my hand. Obviously, you enjoy having a real man inside you. I knew you were nothing but a cheap strumpet from the moment I laid eyes on you, ready to give your charms to anyone who pays you the least attention.

You are nothing, boy. You should be thanking me for bothering to fuck you. I'm surprised that you can even satisfy my Dru at all. He closed his eyes at the memory, trying not to remember Angelus' laughter when Spike had eventually succumbed to the feeling of the firm hand pumping up and down his erect penis and ejaculated all over the bedding. Next time just be a good boy and forgo the token struggle, Will. Who knows? I might be generous and let you tongue Drusilla while I take you. He'd made a point of struggling the next time the bastard had come to him with that particularly familiar and dreaded gleam in his eyes. He'd somehow even managed to knee the larger vampire in the groin. That had been the first time Drusilla's sire had forced his massive fist into Spike's body. After Angelus had left the room, he'd laid where the hulking vampire had left him, bleeding and in so much pain that he had been unable to move.  Angelus had angrily forbidden Drusilla from bringing or sharing blood, as his body had slowly knit itself back together. About a day and a half after it had happened, Darla had grown tired of Dru's constant presence and decided to return her minder to health. She'd slipped into the room and fed him from her wrist. He'd felt her powerful blood start to accelerate the healing process almost immediately. "Stop being so foolish, William. The next time he comes for you, bare your throat to him. He'll grow tired of you soon enough if you just submit. I will not intervene a second time, boy," she had told him as she'd walked out of the room without a backwards glance.

So, needless to say, that kind of play was something that he'd refused to consider doing to his delicate and very breakable human. That was until he'd been doing research one night on the computer while the boy slept. Much as he'd have liked to have his pet keep vampire hours, it simply wasn't practical. Not if the boy was to continue functioning in the real world. And since they, unfortunately, needed the boy's income to live on, his slave spent large chunks of each night slumbering. So the vampire would find something to occupy himself. He'd found the internet not only an amusing diversion but also helpful. There were times he wasn't sure what his pet's limitations were. The master vampire had learned long ago how to keep a man alive through torture. He knew just when to stop if he didn't want his prey passing out or expiring immediately, but what Spike didn't have was experience keeping a man alive long term without causing any irreversible damage. So he relied on the vast library of information available online and did research. Along with the entertaining but obviously theatrical fare available, there was also a wealth of educational material about human sexual practices.

That's how he'd stumbled on the information available about fisting. He hadn't actually meant to click on that particular link and almost slammed the lid of Harris' laptop shut, but he was overcome with morbid curiosity. You didn't live over a century without realizing that some humans were excited by pain. Some needed much more than he'd ever given his Kitten, but even hardcore masochists must have their limitations. The bloke who had written the article had done so in the first-person narrative and spent the first few paragraphs explaining how it felt when his partner's fist penetrated him. He had talked about the feeling of fullness, which had made Spike snort, but he'd also talked about how pleasurable it felt and about the sense of intimacy and connection he felt with his lover. The author described it as an almost spiritual experience. Spike read on to the how-to. There was a very long detailed section about how to carefully prepare the "Receiver." The writer explained the best type of lubricant to use and the best way to gradually stretch and relax their partner's opening to receive the fist. It went into great detail about the necessity of open communication between the top and the bottom. The bottom needed to be relaxed and to trust the person who was fisting them to listen and slow down or stop if necessary.

The idea of sharing something so intimate with his pet was… appealing. So Spike did some more research on the subject. He managed to talk himself in and out of the act at least 6 times before he finally decided to try fisting the mortal. Spike spent the weekend fitting the boy's anus with a series of incrementally bigger toys and told himself that he'd stop if the human seemed to reach his limit. He'd thought that the final mammoth black plug was going to be too much for the boy. His Kitten had been terrified the moment he'd seen it. He'd been irritated when the mortal hadn't obeyed his command to approach immediately, but a quick look and Spike hadn't even needed to scent his pet to know that the boy was utterly panicked. He'd managed to gentle the mortal, though. Once the vampire had finished tying the ropes around Xander, the boy had noticeably calmed. He was glad he'd decided to put his boy in bondage while they did this. His slave tended to be much more docile when he was restrained. It was as if the bondage drained the need to fight out of Xander and gave him the ability to enjoy the things being done to him. It had taken time and patience, but eventually, he'd been able to loosen his pet's hole enough to accept the enormous black toy. It had been intoxicating, knowing that the boy had taken the monstrous plug just to please him. It had also been fear of disappointing his master that had finally made his Kitten relent and agree to allow Spike to work his whole hand into his body.

His Kitten had been breathtaking bound, spread and helpless, pre-ejaculate dripping plentifully from his beautifully erect prick. And then, his boy had begged, not just for pleasure, but to come for him. To come for Spike's pleasure. Xander's orgasm had been breathtaking. The boy's hips had started twitching involuntarily upwards, his whole chest flushed with blood, and he'd thrown his head back, exposing his lovely throat. Spike hadn't been able to resist. He'd lunged and buried his fangs into Xander's left thigh right above the artery. He'd drunk deeply just as the boy starting ejaculating lovely string after lovely string of semen onto his belly. The sight, scent, sound, and taste of his Kitten coming undone had been enough to send Spike barreling over the edge himself. He'd never in all his years managed to orgasm without some sort of direct stimulation to his cock, not even with Dru. But, unlike the boy, he'd managed to stay conscious.

Realizing the boy had passed out, Spike had had a brief moment of panic. Xander's hole had looked red and swollen after he removed his hand, but that was to be expected after being stretched so wide. He'd scented the boy and hadn't smelled any signs that the brunet was torn or bleeding inside. Concentrating on his pet's breathing, the vampire had heard no signs of distress.

Chuckling, Spike had reached for a moist towel he'd left on the bedside table and wiped the residual lube off his hand. When he'd then run the cloth between Xander's cheeks to clean the man as best he could, his Kitten had fussed and hissed in pain but hadn't fully awakened. The boy's anus had looked inflamed. Maybe he'd been too rough? Xander hadn't seemed to be in pain, though, while Spike had worked his hand into him. In this case, he really hadn't wanted the human to hurt. From the boy's reaction, obviously, it had. He remembered thinking that it was a pity the boy's hole would probably be too tender to use for the next little bit. Well, unless he sped up the healing. He'd growled to himself under his breath. He may have been forced to debase himself that way for Angelus, but he certainly wouldn't for the likes of Xander Harris.

Spike had helped his pet's healing along before, though. He'd been a little too forceful whipping his pet's nipples a few days prior and had drawn blood. So he'd laid the boy down and suckled his injured teat for about 20 minutes. Of course, licking his pet's wounds didn't instantaneously heal them and magically make them disappear like in one of those wanker novels, but it dulled the human's pain and sped up the healing process considerably. And Judging by his moans, Harris hadn't seemed to mind one bit.

He'd taken away his pet's hurt before. And it also would be the first time he'd had his tongue in that area of the male anatomy. Bloody Hell, he'd told himself, he did not need to demean himself like that. The brunet was the slave here; if anyone in this household were going to tongue anyone else's sodding arsehole, it would be Buffy's white knight. After all, it was the mortal's job to satisfy him, not the other way around. The whelp, he'd told himself, would just need to put up with the discomfort while it lasted. The boy was still insentient, though. He'd never need to know. Growling to himself under his breath that Dru was right and that he'd gone completely soft, Spike made up his mind.

Bending down, he'd carefully lapped at the unconscious human's red-looking entry. Spike had had to admit that it had been easier licking Xander in the boy's bound position with his bum raised and his legs spread wide than it had ever been trapped under his grandsire's fat arse. The boy had also still been very loose from their play, so he'd been able to work his tongue into Xander's body nearly effortlessly. He'd circled his tongue inside several times, making sure he got his boy nice and wet. His long-unused heart had almost started again when his Kitten had begun to whimper. They had not been pained whimpers. "Master? What are you…." the boy had gasped as Spike swiped his tongue around his distended hole, making the mortal squeal in helpless pleasure.

"Oh God, oh God," his pet had whined, panting. The scent of renewed arousal had flooded his senses. He really hadn't intended to tease the mortal any further that night. After all, the boy had obediently stayed aroused and frustrated for almost 72 hours to please him. Xander had keened in obvious disappointment when Spike had stopped tasting him and raised his head to look at him. He remembered that the boy had looked frustrated but resigned.

"Did that feel nice, Kitten?" he'd asked his pet.

"Yes, Master. It felt really good," the boy had admitted, blushing and refusing to meet his eye. A quick glance at the boy's prick had found it hard against his belly again. The sounds the boy had been making while he was being tongued had been quite delicious. He'd toyed with the idea of just wanking the boy off. But then he'd had a minor epiphany. He'd flashed back to the last time he'd done this. Angelus had straddled his face and smothered him, laughing as he held his childe's offspring's struggling arms. With Xander, it was different, the boy was his, and what's more, he had been tied tightly, unable to get away. If Spike had wanted to, he could have licked the boy for the next hour but denied him his release. And his Kitten would have done it too, he had before. Xander would have lain there panting softly, waiting for his painfully stiff manhood to soften so the boy could rest. Why shouldn't he be able to tease or reward the boy this way? Bugger his grandsire, he'd thought angrily, he was tired of letting that colossal wanker control his life, sucking an unneeded breath through his teeth, he came to a decision.

"Good, because I'm going to keep doing it to you until you come for me again. Try to stay awake this time," Spike had teased. Xander, for some strange reason, had decided to try to keep quiet at first. Spike had decided that this was unacceptable and had made it a point of pride to make Xander cry out as much as possible. It had taken some effort, but when his Kitten had come again, he'd done so howling the word "Master."

He'd petted the mortal as the boy recovered from his second orgasm in less than an hour. Xander had just stared at him liked he'd never seen him before. "Did I keep my promise, luv? Did I make you feel good?" he'd asked as he slowly untied his pet. Xander had smiled at him then, really smiled. "Yes, Master, it was… really …good." If he'd thought the boy was beautiful when he came, it was only a pale shadow compared to when he smiled. It lit up the man's entire face. He was sure he'd seen the mortal smile before; it had just never been so entirely directed at him. It was something that a bloke could get used to.

The problem was it turned out that those smiles were hard to come by. The boy was obedient to the letter, almost frustratingly so. Despite how ridiculously irritating the young man could be, Spike had always admired the boy's spirit. Sometimes he'd thought the mortal had more bravery than sense, but he'd always enjoyed the fervour in his human. Now it was as though that fire had been, well not extinguished, but doused. He enjoyed annoying the boy, trying to make him tug at the leash. It had been almost eight weeks since Xander Harris had presented himself to Spike, and the mortal had seldom lost his temper. It was infuriating.

The mortal dutifully did as he was told and sometimes even took pleasure in it despite himself, but there was never ever any sort of genuine enthusiasm. Spike reminded himself that he should be grateful. His Kitten was behaving precisely as a slave ought to. Yet somehow, he just couldn't be satisfied with that.

Spike had never given the boy much thought until a few weeks ago. Among watchers, werewolves, and witches, the Harris boy had never been of any consequence to him. Not to say he'd never noticed the mortal. Anyone who wasn't legally sodding deaf would have. His pet had undoubtedly never been shy about loudly voicing his opinion, whether it had been requested or not. The brat had also never been particular about who he expressed that sentiment to, either friend or foe, regardless of whether or not said foe could quickly eviscerate him. And that was precisely what was missing. That snarky little flame that had always burned so bright within the boy was smouldering to embers.

He'd have to do something to get a rise out of the mortal. He wasn't sure how to though, he hadn't managed to truly anger Xander since the boy had realized that Spike intended to wash his mouth out with soap, and he wouldn't be able to use that particular trick again. Maybe he'd take the boy out and shag him somewhere less than private or threaten to post some nude pictures of him online. That would surely raise the boy's ire. He'd have to see if the boy had a camera, maybe one of those you could shoot video from.

Lowering the heat on the burner, he covered the pot he'd been stirring, leaving the contents to simmer. He'd given his pet a grocery list before he'd left this morning, so it would be at least an hour yet before Xander was back from work.

Suddenly he was hit with an achingly familiar scent. What was she doing here? He thought as determined steps made their way closer and closer. He didn't believe even Buffy or the Watcher would stoop this low. The knock on the door was so soft that he barely heard it. Sighing, he opened the door.

The girl on the other side hadn't changed all that much since he'd last seen her. Her hair was a little bit shorter, more styled. It suited her, made her look less like a little girl. Judging by the slightly guilty look on her face and the nervous way she was fidgeting from one foot to the other, he supposed he could concede that the Slayer was probably not responsible for this.

"Pretty sure your sister wouldn't be happy knowing you're here," he greeted.

"That would be why she doesn't know. She thinks I'm with Janice," Dawn answered, slipping past him without an invitation.

"You keep using that excuse you're going to wear it out. What are you doing here, Nibblet?" he asked.

"I needed to talk to you," She answered, slipping her backpack off one slim shoulder. She was going to wreck her posture carrying the bloody thing like that.

"And what was so urgent that you needed to lie to your sister and sneak over here rather than just ringing me. Xander does have a phone, you know," he remarked, folding his arms disapprovingly. When the bloody Hell had the girl gotten so damned tall? Thank the bloody bowels of Hell she wasn't wearing heels, or he might actually have to look up at her.

Dawn just folded her own arms up and lifted her chin defiantly. This is what happened when you didn't set proper boundaries with children. They just ran roughshod all over you. "No, I am not letting you hide behind a telephone. You are going to look me straight in the eye and explain to me why you are doing this." Perhaps it was best after all that Harris was the one who'd completed the claim.

"And what exactly am I doing? Far as I know, I haven't done a thing to you," he reasoned.

"Really? Really? That's a relief. So it's some other chipped vampire that's keeping someone prisoner, someone who is like family to me? Because I was pretty sure that Buffy, Willow, and Giles have been talking about you," she shot back sarcastically.

"That has nothing to do with you, Bit," he answered defensively.

"Of course it does, Spike. I love Xander," she replied, clearly exasperated.

"The Harris wh… Xander is fine," he tried to assure her, but somehow he didn't think it would help.

"Fine. Oh, of course… Yeah, I'm sure Xander is fantastic. How silly of me. Let's see, you're keeping him locked up in this apartment except for when he goes to work, isolating him from everyone who loves him. Oh, and then, of course, there's all the kinky sex stuff that everybody seems to think I'm too young to have figured out. Giles has polished his glasses so many times in the past few weeks that I thought they were going to snap last night," the teenager retorted.

"Little bit…"

"But let's put aside what you're doing to him for a second, huh? How could you do this to me, Spike? I've already lost Mom. How could you take someone else from me? You thought I wouldn't notice? That losing Xander on top of everything else wouldn't hurt me?" she demanded.

"You haven't lost him. He hasn't gone anywhere," he replied, crossing his arms protectively over his chest. The girl was playing dirty pool.

"No, I just don't ever get to see him again, is that it? Explain to me how I haven't lost him exactly, Spike?" she huffed, turning her back to him. How pathetic had he become that mortal children would just turn their backs on him?

"I never said that you'd never be allowed to see him again," he grumbled.

"Really, because I'm pretty sure you threatened to take him away if any of us came near you again," she murmured, turning shinning blue eyes to him. Oh Bloody Hell, not the tears, he thought.

"Look, I meant the others. I can't have the Slayer, the Watcher, and the witch constantly mixed up in our business, but you know as well as I do that they would never let you come here unaccompanied," he reasoned.

"You promised, Spike…" she sniffed. "You promised that you would protect me, remember? And this is hurting me."


"You are hurting me, Spike," and bugger, she was actually crying now. He didn't care. What did it matter to him? He'd kept his word and protected the girl. He'd kept his promise even after her sister had perished. Till the end of the world… He'd said he'd keep the girl physically safe. He'd never said he'd protect her from the realities of the world! I'm counting on you ... to protect her. Next time he named himself a perpetual member of the babysitter's club, he'd have to remember to be more sodding specific. 

"Fine," he shouted in exasperation. "Fine, you can see him. Just stop with the damned tears. And don't you even think that I don't recognize when I'm being manipulated by a chit," he grumbled.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she answered, wiping her eyes. She smiled, looking uncomfortably close to wanting to hug him. "Thank you, Spike," she finally settled for saying.

"There will be conditions," he warned.

"Okay," she waited, twirling a long brown strand around her finger.

"First, this includes you and only you, Nibblet. Not you and Buffy or you and Willow, just you. Second, I decide the time. You don't just show up here unannounced again," he insisted. The thought of her walking in on him and Xander during some of their more colourful activities did not make him want to open the curtains mid-morning. It did not!

"Alright," she hesitated. Girl knew damned well that her sister wasn't going to like this. Well, if this fell apart, this would be on the Slayer's head, not his.

"I'll come to get you at a pre-arranged time, and I'll bring you back to the house once your visit is done. You won't get to be alone with him, at least not at first. I'll always be in the apartment with you both.  And once I say it's time to go home, it's time to go home. No arguments," he finished. She looked like she was about to protest but finally nodded, biting her lower lip.

"Deal," she agreed, extending her hand.

"Deal," he agreed, reaching his hand out to seal the deal. Now they would just need to get the Slayer to agree to their terms. 

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