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Spike didn’t seem nearly as pissed as he’d been just a short half hour before, which was good he guessed. He had no idea why Spike was in a better mood though, since he was fairly certain that his master was physically incapable of ripping Giles limb from limb. The vampire had made it clear that he was still going to be punished, but the raging fury from the supermarket was now gone. The platinum blond now seemed to be taking his usual glee in driving him crazy. The brunet construction worker had to give the peroxide menace points for originality, making Xander hump against his hand had been different to say the least, but no less simultaneously degrading and arousing.

His new owner didn’t say a word as he parked the car in the small lot behind the apartment building. Spike just reached over the unbuckle him and then stepped out of the car. He wordlessly loaded Xander’s arm with packages, then taking quite a few into his own motioned them inside. “Quiet Spike” was definitely unnerving. Normally the evil undead wouldn’t shut up, always having some sarcastic comment on the tip of his tongue.

“Go put the groceries on the kitchen counter and the clothing in the bedroom. Then take off your clothes and go wait in the center of the living room for further instructions, facing the windows, pet,” the blond ordered as he unlocked the door. Okay calm, cool “Master Spike” was definitely starting to freak him out. Maybe he’d been better off when the vampire had been growling at him.

Gulping, the brunet moved to do as instructed, not wanting to risk angering his master anymore than he already had. After dropping the ridiculously expensive clothing Spike had made him buy on the bed, Xander quickly squirmed out of his too-tight jeans. He dropped the clothing he been wearing into the hamper in the corner of the room, almost tripping on the various torn and whole apparel Spike had flung all over the floor.

Nervously, Xander made his way into the living room to await whatever the vampire had in store for him. He could hear the refrigerator door being closed as well as several of the cupboard doors opening and closing. He was surprised Spike hadn’t had him put away the groceries. Not nearly as surprised as he was to feel about a half dozen stinging blows to his backside. The sounds coming from the kitchen hadn’t stopped more than a full two seconds before the whacks had come. Stupid superhuman vampy speed.

“When you’re told to wait, Kitten, it should be on your knees,” Spike’s deep voice whispered from behind him, delivering a few more swats with something obviously smaller than the palm of the vampire’s hand. Quickly walking around Xander, Spike pointed to the ground silently. Awkwardly Xander knelt before him.

“Knees apart, Pet. That’s better,” the blond corrected looking down at the young man who was now genuflecting at his feet. Xander noticed Spike absently tapping an old wooden spoon against his leg, obviously the source of his earlier discomfort.

“I was very disappointed in your behavior earlier tonight, Kitten,” the vampire scowled down reproachfully, making Xander squirm under his gaze. I already told him I was sorry! Stop rubbing it in already. I get it, me property of Spike. Evil undead doesn’t like to share his toys.

“I’m sorry, Master,” the nude slayerette muttered, staring blankly at the carpet, all too aware of the rigid organ standing at attention between his splayed legs. The new position left him feeling even more vulnerable and exposed.

“So you’ve said. It’s obvious to me that you’re having some difficulty remembering your place. Just to remind you of what you are, Slave, you will spend every moment that you are in this apartment for the next week on all fours. The only exception obviously being when you are sleeping. Is that understood?” the vampire demanded sternly.

“Yes, Master,” the brunet blushed. It would be degrading, but Xander supposed it could be a lot worse.

“Good. Now, since it was your inability to stop talking when you’re told to do so that got you into so much trouble, it’s only fitting that jabbering on should also make up part of your punishment. Maybe that will help get it out of your system. Now after we finish cleaning up the mess in the bedroom, I’m going to take you over my knee and give you a good hard spanking. Once I feel you been properly chastised, I’ll bugger you before we turn in. Now, Kitten, as part of your punishment I want you to talk dirty to me while I’m reddening your bottom and afterwards while I’m taking you,” Spike smirked shamelessly.

“Yes, Master,” Xander stuttered, blushing furiously. Oh God. He wants me to what? Shut up, little Xander!

“You will beg for your punishment and then for your Master’s cock. I want you to make it obvious to me that you know who you belong to,” Spike ordered, reaching down to run his fingers through Xander’s dark hair. “Now before we can get to that and eventually putting you to bed, we need to clean up the mess on the floor in there, shall we?”

Mortified the young man crawled after, as the vampire made his way towards their room, remembering just in time that he wasn’t to get up and walk after the blond. Xander watched as the insufferable vampire picked up one of the trash bags that had been abandoned earlier when he’d had his little freak-out and walked over to the bed, casually sitting down on the very edge of the mattress. Opening the black plastic garbage bag, the vampire held it open low to the ground.

“Now, Kitten, be a good boy and go collect all those pieces of rubbish I found in the closet and drop them into the bag,” Spike commanded, smirking at him. “No, Kitten. No hands. Use your teeth. You have some sort of objection?”

Yeah, I object to you not being a pile of dust, you bastard! Gritting his teeth, Xander shook his head, edging over to the center of the room on hands and knees and carefully gathering the remains of one of his beloved Hawaiian shirts between his teeth. He endured Spike stroking him affectionately as he craned his neck to drop his burden into the waiting bag. He could feel Bleach Boy’s eyes running over his body as he turned back towards the enormous pile of rags that used to be almost his entire wardrobe. The task seemed to go on forever, only interrupted by Spike’s occasional need to reach down to molest him. Finally, he regretfully deposited the last item from the junk pile, a pair of his favorite Snoopy boxers, into the bag. Now they could finally get this over with.

“That’s a good kitten. Now wait for me by the bed. That’s it…just like I taught you. There’s a good boy. Now when you’re in this position, your head should be bowed and your hands should be on your thighs, palms up, Pet. That’s right, good boy,” the vampire congratulated him, reaching down to give Xander’s cock a few teasing strokes before rising off the bed.

“Yes, Mas...” Xander began to reply, not quite managing to stifle a low groan. Before the words had even fully left his mouth, he felt one of his Master’s long pale fingers against his lips.

“Hush, Kitten. I’m going to put the things we just bought and kept for you away. While I’m doing that, I want you to wait there silently and think about your punishment. You’ll need to talk for me, so take this time to try and come up with whatever you’re going to say. It should probably include giving me an apology and asking for your punishment,” the vampire instructed. Xander watched from beneath lowered lashes as the blond started diligently folding their purchases for the day and the few things that the vampire had decided Xander would be allowed to keep.

It was really weird just staying there waiting in this position. Knees spread as they were; everything was open for Spike to play with. Of course the vampire couldn’t help but take advantage, every once in a while he would stop his compulsive folding and straightening, taking a moment to grope the brunet in some way. Xander’s hard-on was tormented of course, making him whimper and buck just a little. The blond wouldn’t get mad though; he would just chuckle condescendingly before going back to his task. Sometimes the vampire reached down to fondle his balls very gently on his way from one side of the room to the other. Of course the son-of-a-bitch had played with his nipples pinching and teasing them, making his slave squirm helplessly.

Xander’s entire body felt like it was on fire by the time Spike was hanging the last pair of overly snug jeans in the closet. Leering, the vampire strode cockily towards the bed. Positioning himself comfortably on the bed, the blond patted his lap.

“Climb up, Kitten, and assume the position,” the blond ordered happily. Oh, he’s just been dying to use that one.

Clenching his fists, Xander did as he was told. He tried to ignore the memory of how excited he’d become in spite of himself last night when the vampire had punished him this way.

“We can start anytime you’re ready, Kitten. Just start telling me what you have to say,” the vampire instructed.

Okay, so the ball was in Xander’s court. He could do this, just a little X-rated language. He could do this, piece of cake. Oh, God! Okay, Spike had said apologize. He could manage that.

“I’m sorry, Master… um. I deserve to be punished…” Xander began. The words were almost immediately followed by a couple of very sharp swats.

“Kitten, I think you can do better than that. I said I wanted you to talk dirty. I’m not going to stop until I’m satisfied,” the blond admonished as he continued smacking Xander’s bare backside.

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry, really sorry. I know I deserve to be punished. I was a very naughty boy. I need a good spanking, for being such a bad boy,” the prone brunet began again.

“Good, much better,” the blond congratulated him as he continued his assault.

“Please forgive me for being so disobedient. Yes, Master, please spank me hard. Naughty boys deserve to be punished.” God, he sounded like something out of a cheesy seventies porno. He could almost hear the God-awful music queuing up in the background. This is what Spike wanted?

“Good boys do as their Masters' tell them,” he continued on, feeling color flush his cheeks, both sets. God, this was so embarrassing. To make things worse, Spike was showing no signs of letting up any time soon. At least there was no one else here to witness his humiliation. Sprawled over the vampire’s lap, his arousal would have become obvious the moment he righted himself. The blond’s blows were painful and the position degrading, but still the young man had to fight the urge to rub himself against the well-worn denim on his master’s thighs.

“Please, Master, discipline me so I’ll remember to be a good boy. Help me to be a good boy. Oh, yes, please make my fanny all nice and red. I earned myself a good butt blistering. Make my ass burning hot, just the way you like it, Master. Ouch, ouch. Oh, Master, it hurts. Please, Master, hurt me some more. I was such a brat. My behavior was unacceptable. I need to be disciplined. Teach your misbehaved boy a lesson, Master,” Xander grimaced as the blond continued delivering one hard blow after another. He was quickly running out of new material, a novel experience for the young man who’d always prided himself on being able to come up with some new smartass comment at a moments notice. Who would of thought coming up with smutty dialog off the cuff would be so hard?

“Oh, yes, Master, smack me good and hard. Please forgive me…” the mortal added quickly running out of things to say. He really hadn’t meant to make Spike so angry.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, Master… I just,” Xander began. Damn, he’d wanted to talk to Giles just for a minute. He’d only wanted the others to know he was okay and maybe get a little bit of reassurance from his older friend. He would have left right after, just like Spike had instructed. He supposed that Spike’s point was that that was no longer his choice to make.

“I belong to you, Master. I’m sorry I forgot that. I was so selfish. Thank you for reminding me, Master. I’m so sorry I disappointed you. Please, Master, give my behind a good beating. I’ve earned it,” the brunet continued on, hoping the vampire who was walloping his rear end would be satisfied soon. Apparently, he was because the spanking suddenly stopped and Xander found his sore posterior unceremoniously dropped onto the bedding.

“That was very impressive, Kitten. I enjoyed that. We’ll have to do that again,” Spike grinned, reaching into the bedside table for the bottle of lube. The same bottle he’d made Xander go out and buy, right before the vampire had relieved him of his anal virginity.

“What did Master say your punishment was to be, Kitten?” the blond creature reminded gently.

“I was supposed to talk dirty to you while you spanked me…” the young man began.

“And,” Spike chided.

“While you fuck me,” Xander remembered. He was supposed to beg for it. He was supposed to beg the undead creature to take him. “Master…” he began. God. Begging for the spanking had been easy in retrospect. Spike had made it easy. He’d been told to tell his Master what he wanted to hear or the vampire wouldn’t stop hitting his bottom. Now he was supposed to tell Spike how much he wanted to have sex with him. Damn him.

“If it was easy for you, it wouldn’t be a very effective punishment, now would it, Kitten?” Spike whispered intimately in to his ear. He shivered against the vampire.

“Can’t you just hurt me some more?” the dark haired man begged.

“No, pet. I think this is much more effective,” the blond replied soothingly, reaching up to stroke his slave’s cheek.

“What do you want me to say?” the mortal asked looking desperately for some kind of guidance.

“No, pet. I’m not going to feed lines to you. You know what you’re supposed to do. There there, my Kitten, I’ll help you. I’ll give you a place to start,” the blond comforted, reaching down to suckle the human’s right nipple. Now that the undead creature knew they were one of his toy’s hot spots, he was always after them. The mortal couldn’t keep himself from moaning loudly. Oh, a place to start. He could do this. It’s not like Spike couldn’t tell he was exited, hard.

“Oh, yes. It feels so good, Master. Your Kitten loves it when you play with his nipples. It makes me so hard for… for you,” the prone brunet half-sobbed. He was rewarded with a gentle nibble to his sensitive teat, just as Spike started teasing open his tight entrance.

“Yes, Master, please get my little hole ready for you. Oh, yes please. I love feeling those nice cool fingers up my hot little ass. Oh, yeah, oh, more please,” Xander gasped as the vampire started tormenting his prostate. Guess he liked that, the brunet thought, as Spike quickly switched and started enthusiastically ravaging his left nipple. Only one more thing left to do, really.

“Please, Master…” he began his voice catching in his throat. They’re just words, they won’t change anything. It’s not like you have to mean them, stupid. Just say it.

“Yes, precious, tell Master want you want him to do to you,” the vampire coaxed gently, as he generously slicked his erection.

“Please… Please… Oh God… fuck me, please…” the young man cried, tears he hadn’t realized he’d been holding back, sliding down his cheeks. He gasped as Spike slowly penetrated him, lifting his legs onto pale muscular shoulders.

“Oh, yes, Master, fill me up with your big fat cock. I love it when you make me feel so full. Oh, yes, oh, God, fuck your little slut,” Xander grunted as is owner hammered into him. Tears were still running silently down his face and the Scooby tried to ignore them. So what if he was laying there panting while he told Spike how much he was enjoying being sodomized?

“Pound into me good, Master. Oh, yes, yes, Master. I love feeling your big cock inside me Master, splitting me in two. Make me yours again, Master. Oh, harder please, Master. Oh, yeah, right there,” the brunet mewled softly, hoping his Master wouldn’t last too much longer. He wasn’t sure how much more of this self-degradation he could stand before he really lost it.

“No need for those pretty tears, Kitten. Your Master is going to give you what you need. I like being inside your tight little bottom too, my pet. Love feeling you squeeze as you squirm against me,” the platinum haired vampire teased. Xander gasped as the smaller creature leaned down and he felt a cool tongue lap against his pulse point. The blond was making sure that his every thrust would send bolts of pure pleasure through his slave’s helpless body.

“Please, Master, take what’s yours. I’m here for you to enjoy, your very own personal whore. Fuck me, use me, feed from me. Anything you want, Master. I’m yours…you own me. This body is yours to do whatever you want with,” Xander wept, baring his throat. He needed to get himself under control. If he kept crying like a little girl, his ability to breathe was going to become a serious issue. The brunet sighed in relief, as Spike silently accepted his offer, suckling on his neck, before slowly biting down. As he’d hoped, the mortal felt the body draped over him stiffen as his Master climaxed. He didn’t even react when the bloodsucker’s lips left his unprotected neck and slowly lowered his leg back onto the bed.

Now that it was over, Xander really just wanted the blond to just get the hell off of him, but the young man wisely kept that to himself. He hoped that the vampire would leave him alone now that he’d gotten what wanted. He almost cringed when he felt fingers begin to card through his hair again, as his Master extricated himself his slave’s body.

“Hush. It’s over now, Kitten. You did that very well. I know it wasn’t easy for you. I’m proud of you. Being excited by my touch doesn’t make you bad person, Kitten,” Xander’s Master whispered, carefully rubbing the human’s neck and shoulder’s. Despite how repulsive he’d felt saying those things to Spike, he still lay sprawled under the vamp outrageously hard.

“Yes, Master,’ he whispered back bitterly. He was a little taken aback when he felt Spike’s lips on his forehead.

“Try and sleep now, Kitten. I’m going to the kitchen to make your lunch for tomorrow. Can I trust my good boy not to do anything wicked while I’m gone? Don’t need to tie those mischievous hands do we?” the blue-eyed demon needled genially.

“No Master, I’ll be good,” the brunet murmured, clutching a pillow and trying to wiggle into a more comfortable position.
“Get some rest, Kitten. You have an early day tomorrow,” the vampire said softly as he rose from the bed. He reached down and brushed the locks off Xander’s forehead, before quickly getting dressed and leaving the exhausted slayerette to his own devices. Xander eyed his alarm clock wearily; it was already read 10:03. Wiping his face, he forced himself to stretch across the bed and reached for the clock. To his surprise the alarm had already been set for 4:30. Great, he’d get a whopping six and half hours of rest if he could fall asleep right away. He was fairly certain that he wasn’t supposed to be meeting with any clients in the morning, thank goodness. He couldn’t for the life of him, however, remember what he had scheduled at the site on Monday. He’d just have to wait and see what daylight would bring.

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