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The rest of Friday evening had been uneventful, so much so that to Xander, the entire thing had been weird by virtue of how quiet it had been. They’d napped after their little confab in the bedroom, which had been nice. Spike had wrapped himself around Xander and had held him while they both dozed. It had been pleasant just lying together, eventually, though the fact that it had been hours since lunch had caught up with the young construction worker and his stomach had started rumbling. So Spike had dragged him into the kitchen, and they’d made dinner together. Almost like ordinary people, except for the part where he had been in the buff. Truth be told, Spike had mostly made the meal while Xander had chopped and stirred things per his Master’s instructions. For the two of them, it had been downright domestic like an X-rated version of Ozzie and Harriet, you know if the Nelsons had been into the whole Master/slave S&M thing and Harriet had had guy parts. 

After dinner, they had spent the rest of the night on the couch watching old movies, which apparently Spike had a small collection of? First Bridge on the River Kwai, which Spike had insisted he’d like, then M*A*S*H. Xander had only ever seen the TV show and frankly hadn’t been too excited to see the movie. Spike had been right though, he’d love both films. He’d snickered when they’d put the microphone under O’Houlihan’s cot, but he’d just flat out laughed started laughing during the shower scene and the football game. They’d finally finished off with Planet of the Apes, the real one, mind you, not the Marky Mark travesty. His Master had muttered something under his breath about “sodding Charlton Heston, again” when it came on. Still, he ended up just pulling Xander tight against him and muttering, “just watch your sodding flick, pet,” or something equally British when Xander had asked. By the time Heston had stumbled upon the remains of the Statue of Liberty, Xander had been yawning and could barely keep his eyes open. So he hadn’t protested in the slightest when Spike had insisted they go to bed afterward. 

He’d woken up stiff and sore the next morning despite Spike’s ministrations, his muscles still recovering from the night before. He’d groaned as he’d crawled down the bed to take his Master’s cock into his mouth.  He’d stiffened for a second when he’d felt the vampire’s hand on the back of his head, assuming that the blond was going hold his head down and fuck his mouth. Spike, though had been content to let his slave set the pace while he idly played with his hair.

His Master, it seemed, hadn’t been oblivious to his discomfort and told him to forgo a shower since he wanted his boy to have a long soak after breakfast. He’d been skeptical when the vampire had informed him that they were going to bathe together, but given that he’d just promised to trust Spike, he decided the best thing to do was go along with his wishes. So he’d watched quietly as the tub filled with water before he’d taken the vampire’s offered hand and plunked himself between his splayed legs. He’d only let out a slight hiss when his inflamed bottom had made contact with the hot water. It had been a tight squeeze with both of them in the tub, but eventually, he had managed to wiggle into position, so he was lying back against his Master’s chest. Even though he’d become used to Spike’s touch over the past few weeks, it had felt awkward for the first couple of minutes. He was still reeling from last night’s conversation. It had been the first time they’d both acknowledged some of the more difficult realities of their situation, and the blond, and in his own way, had admitted that he cared about Xander or at least that he didn’t want to see him miserable. He, in turn, had agreed to rely on his Master’s judgment when it came to what he physically could or couldn’t stand. It was scary, agreeing to give that much control over to someone else, depending on Spike to know his limits, but Xander had promised he’d try to make their new relationship work. His owner didn’t make any demands as they rested in the warmth of the bath. He just loosely wrapped an arm around Xander’s waist. Eventually, he relaxed into the embrace and allowed himself to be held. Reclining against his Master felt surprisingly good, warm and safe in his owner’s arms. He started to feel almost lethargic. They lounged there for a long time before Spike reached around them for a washcloth and the soap. Carefully the vampire began washing his neck and shoulders. His Master’s hands were soft and gentle as they bathed him, and he was afraid that if he wasn’t careful, he’d fall asleep. Xander let his eyes drift shut as his Master leisurely dragged a soapy cloth against his chest.

“Feeling better?” his Master asked, just before reaching down to nuzzle at his throat. Xander didn’t think; he just bent his neck to give Spike better access. It was easy baring his throat to his Master when he acted like this.

“Yeah, I feel a lot better. Thank you, Master,” he sighed as his owner stopped cleaning his chest and moved to his belly.

“I’m glad, Pet,” Spike purred before proceeding to gently worry the flesh at the side of Xander’s neck between his teeth. Xander’s breath hitched just a bit, and the hand that wasn’t busy leisurely circling his belly button with a soapy cloth cautiously moved to his chest and started lightly caressing his left nipple. Spike’s fingers didn’t pinch or tug; instead, they slowly circled the little nub with the pads of his fingers, only stopping every once in a while to lightly scrape a fingernail across it. The caress was almost maddeningly gentle. It wasn’t long before he started to feel oh so familiar arousal pooling in his belly.

After what seemed like an eternity, the hand washing him inched lower. Xander automatically spread his knees further apart. He felt Spike’s chest rumble beneath him as the vampire chuckled. Infuriatingly, his Master avoided his penis and started running the slightly coarse fabric along his inner thighs. He couldn’t help himself from whining.

“You realize that while I’m perfectly willing to stroke your prick, you won’t be given permission to come,” his Master reminded him. Xander was well aware of that. His weekends had been an orgasm-free zone for well over a month. Well, aside from Sunday nights, which were quickly becoming Xander’s favourite night of the week. No matter how many times he got off on the weekdays, his Sunday night orgasm never failed to make him feel like all his limbs had been turned to jelly. He’d been so blissed out, once a couple of weeks ago that Spike had had to carry him to bed. Of course, to get to that sweet overwhelming feeling, he had to endure the nearly unbearable torment that was Friday and Saturday. So really wanting to feel the texture of the soft terrycloth lightly rubbing along his cock was stupid, but damn it… he still wanted it.

“I know, please, Master,” he begged.

“Are you asking me to play with your cock, Kitten? Even though you know you won’t be allowed satisfaction?” Spike asked playfully.

“Yes, Master. Please,” he pleaded softly. Xander knew it didn’t make any sense. Knowing that he wasn’t going to be allowed to come, the last thing he should rationally want was for his Master to jerk him off, to make him even more on edge than he already was. Yet, for some weird reason, he couldn’t think of anything he wanted more than the vampire’s touch at this moment, even if it meant he’d have to spend the rest of the night frustrated and hopelessly turned on. Strange as the idea was, it felt almost liberating, snuggling against Spike’s chest with his legs spread, waiting for his Master to tease him until he was overwhelmingly aroused. If he was lucky, he‘d reach that place where the sweet pounding ache between his legs would stop mattering, and his erect cock would simply become a bi-product of pleasing his Master. In those moments, the rest of the world disappeared, any fear or pain or stress that he’d been feeling would cease to exist, and he’d just be Master’s good boy. And pathetic as it was, after everything that had happened last night, he wanted that. He needed to be good for his owner, needed the praise and the reassurance.

“Alright then,” His Master agreed, and suddenly the little wet cloth was caressing his balls. The touch made Xander whimper pitifully. It felt terrific, but it wasn’t nearly enough. “None of that Kitten, we’re in no hurry. Besides, it’s not up to you to decide when and how you are touched, is it?”

“No, Master. I’m sorry, Master,” he replied, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes. His Master continued to lightly bathe and massage his testicles for several minutes, maintaining the same frustratingly slow methodical pace. God, he was so damned turned on.

“Don’t know why you were carrying on so. You seem to enjoy this well enough. Your cock has gotten nice and hard for me, hasn’t it, Kitten?” His Master asked, playfully nipping at his neck again.

“Yes, Master,” he admitted, desperately trying to just concentrate on inhaling and exhaling.

“Seems almost cruel, wanking you now. I’d just be torturing you, really, but then, I do enjoy watching you suffer for me. Would you like that, Kitten? Would you like to suffer for Master?” the vampire asked.

“Yes, Master, please,” Xander begged.

“Ask for it then. Ask me to play with your cock so you can suffer for me,” Spike commanded.

“Please play with my cock, Master. Please allow me to suffer for you, please?” Xander pleaded.

“Alright, Pet,” the vampire conceded, reaching for the small bottle of lube that they had started keeping on the side of the tub just in case Spike decided he felt like fucking him in the shower. The vampire squeezed a generous amount into his palm before carelessly dropping the tube beside the tub. “If my precious boy wants to be tormented, who am I to argue?”

Xander gasped as his Master took hold of his cock and began slowly stroking it, taking a moment every few passes to rub the slickened palm of his other hand across Xander’s cock head. The longer his Master teased him, the more he seemed to start concentrating on teasing his glans rather than stroking the shaft of his penis. All too soon, the vampire gave up all pretense of doing anything other than playing with the head of his whimpering slave’s cock. The sensation was so intense, it was nearly unbearable. Xander wasn’t entirely sure how long he managed to hold still, but he was convinced that it was an embarrassingly short period of time. Eventually, despite himself, he started to squirm. 

“Something wrong, Kitten? I thought you wanted Master to play with your cock?” Spike taunted.

“Please,” Xander panted. He wasn’t even sure what he was asking for. He was barely able to catch his breath.

“But I enjoy how prettily you whimper when I rub your knob like this. You’re not selfish enough to deny your Master this pleasure, are you?” Spike coaxed.

“No, Master, I’m sorry,” he whined, shaking his head from side to side. He tried desperately to keep still and just let the vampire have his fun, but good God, even the slightest slide of his Master’s slippery palm across the tip of his cock was simultaneously the best and worst thing he’d ever felt. Spike, for his part, didn’t let Xander’s occasional wiggling distract him. He just kept methodically circling his slick hand across his slave’s dickhead, stretching his fingers down every few minutes to stroke the corona or to gently caress his circumcision scar or the remains of his frenulum. Only pausing once every great while to apply more lube. “Oh, God…”

“Just a little longer, Kitten. You can take it for just a little longer, can’t you?” Spike encouraged him.

“Oh please… oh god… Fuck… I’m… I’m trying, Master, but I’m close,” he begged.

“Well, you’re going to have to show some restraint, Kitten. You knew very well when we started that you were not allowed to come, but you asked me to play with your cock anyway, so I suggest you control yourself,” His Master insisted.

“I’m trying, Master,” he protested. Yes, he’d known. What he hadn’t known was that his Master would concentrate all his attention on his vulnerable dick head. Xander could stand and even enjoyed occasional touches to it, but this constant stimulation of his hypersensitive head was leaving him breathless and trembling. He felt as if he was only moments away from shooting all over his Master’s hand. Spike, unsympathetic, continued his cruel massage.

“Try harder. If you come without permission, I’ll have to punish you. You think you’re frustrated now. Imagine how you’ll feel after I don’t let you get your end away for an entire week.” Spike threatened.

“No, Master, please,” Xander whined pitifully. He’d just barely gotten used to being tormented throughout the weekend. He’d never be able to hold out an entire week. But damn it, the whole idea made his treacherous balls rise just a bit.

“Yes. You’ll have to stroke yourself to the brink of orgasm each night and then stop while I watch. Maybe I’ll increase the number of times you have to do that each night. Imagine how you would feel by the end of the week,” the blond tantalized.

Xander whimpered in aroused terror. He could picture it in his mind’s eye, lying on the bed hard and desperate as he masturbated for Master’s enjoyment. Master would probably fuck him afterward, turned on from watching him bring himself to the edge over and over. He could almost feel the desperation, his erection bobbing helplessly as he kneeled on all fours, and Master mounted him from behind or worse still, his trapped hard-on rubbing against the sheets as he lay on the bed tied spread eagle. “No.”

“There is a simple way to avoid that, hold back like a good boy,” Spike reminded him, once again reaching down to run his talented fingers below the rim of the head of his penis. “It could be worse, Kitten. I could be doing this after you’ve come. I could have you tied up so tight that you couldn’t even move your hips, so you couldn’t get away. Then I’d let you come just so that I could start polishing your cockhead. I think we both know how you’d react to that. Last time we played that game, I was nice, and I stopped quickly. Imagine if I didn’t. You won’t have to imagine it if you come without permission because it will happen to you every time you climax for the next month.”

“No, Master, please,” he begged, his cock throbbing as he pictured the scenario the vampire had just described. He’d never be able to stand it. When Spike had done it to him for two minutes, he’d felt like his heart was going to give out.

“Oh yes, I think that will be an excellent way of punishing your cock if it makes a mess. So keep that in mind if you decide to be disobedient. I’m going to keep circling my hand over your knob for as long as I like. I’m not stopping if you come. Hell, I may decide not to stop until I’ve completely emptied your knackers. Of course, if I punish you again that way after you’ve been denied satisfaction for a week, I imagine that will make the sensation even more intense,” Spike mused.

God, the idea of it was so incredibly arousing, suffering an entire month like that, first spending a week being teased the brink over and over again by Master, followed by three weeks during which every orgasm would be its own form of erotic torture. “Fuck… no, no, please, Master. Please, Master… I can’t stand it ... Please… too close,” he cried softly, realizing that if his Master didn’t stop soon, he was going to come whether he wanted to or not. He would be able to stand it if Spike would vary the sensations. If he’d stroke the shaft or play with his balls for just a bit. But the vampire did not appear to have any intention of changing things up.

“I suppose that I’m not being fair,” his Master conceded, “I should punish your knackers too. After all, they should be keeping all that lovely come inside you. I guess I’ll have to give them a spanking if you come without permission.” And that was all it took. Despite his best intentions, Xander was coming and coming.

He closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath and then lightning-quick, he felt his Master’s legs snake around his thighs, forcing him to stay in place. His Master laughed softly but didn’t stop rhythmically circling his palm across the end of Xander’s penis as the last tremors of his orgasm faded. His glans were so sensitive he didn’t think he could stand the touch a second longer and started jerking involuntarily. “Now now, luv, you’ve been a very naughty Kitten, and now you have to suffer the consequences. Hold still.” Spike admonished. And Xander had every intention of obeying that command, but he just couldn’t. One moment he’d be trying to force his muscles to stay locked in place, and the very next, they would start to spasm, and Xander’s limbs would flail around again.

“Please, please… I can’t… too much… fuck. PLEASE STOP MASTER…” he howled, unable to stay quiet any longer.

“But Kitten, I’m not done yet. Beside you clearly enjoy this, you just came from it,” His Master reasoned.

“Not anymore… too much … please,” Xander sobbed, his hips twisting without his volition.

“Kitten, you should have thought of that before you came without Master’s permission. Now settle down, or your poor balls will have to take even more punishment later on. Perhaps I’ll take the crop to them instead of simply slapping them,” his Master warned.

Spike kept the agonizing stroking going for what felt like an eternity. Xander never did manage to hold still, he’d tried repeatedly, but each time he’d invariably lost the battle with his own body and started to squirm. He did somehow succeed in keeping his protests to a weird combination of quiet sobs and un-manly squeals. Finally, after what seemed like forever, his cock stopped being quite so sensitive, and Xander was able to get control of himself and keep still. His owner, it appeared, had realized that his body was no longer cooperating with his plan to torture his pet and let go of his cock. The same cock which had spectacularly blown its wad against orders, he might add, just a little while ago. He was so screwed. He’d blatantly disobeyed several direct orders. Spike was going to… He closed his eyes and took deep, shuddering breaths trying to quell the rising bubble of anxiety in his belly. He’d been bad. He half expected the bond to fry his brain right there and then. He wasn’t sure why the Hell it hadn’t already, but then, maybe it wanted to give Spike the pleasure of whipping his balls off.

“That was lovely,” his Master complemented, bending his neck to drop an affectionate peck on Xander’s right shoulder. “Unexpected but absolutely beautiful.”

“But…” Xander began confused. Spike didn’t seem angry or even reproachful that Xander had disobeyed his orders. On the contrary, he looked, well frankly, quite smug and, judging from the grin on his face, somewhat satisfied with himself.

“But what?” His Master asked, un-wrapping his legs from around Xander’s. “Just breathe. It’s over now, you took the torment very well, but it’s time to relax now, Kitten. We won’t move on to the second part of your punishment until you’ve had some time to rest. I want you hard again before I start smacking your bollocks.”

The brunet shivered at that. The idea of having Spike punish his testicle was both titillating and terrifying in equal measure. “Master…” His Master had said to let him know if he was uneasy about something.

“Yeah, pet?” the vampire asked, casually grinding his erection against Xander’s still tender ass.

“I’m sorry,” he began, not knowing how else to express his trepidation. “I didn’t mean….”

“I know that you didn’t, Kitten. But you still need to suffer the consequences don’t you?” Spike reminded him. He felt a sudden wave of shame.

“… Yes…” he hesitated. He hadn’t meant to be bad, he’d tried to obey, but it had all had been too much. Master had given him one simple thing to do, and he’d blown it, literally. He should have been able to hold back, after all, he had before. He’d spent hours having his cock stroked before and had managed not to come. So why had he been so useless tonight? He deserved whatever Master did to him now. He had to be the worst sex slave in the history of mankind.

“Hey now, stop fretting,” his owner admonished.

“I…” Xander really didn’t know what to say. Really wasn’t any excuse for failing Master the way he had.

“Come on, let’s get you out of the tub and dried off before the water gets cold,” his Master declared, grasping him firmly by the waist and hoisting him to his feet.

They stepped out of the tub, and Xander watched placidly as his Master towelled himself off. Then stood quietly as his Master scowled as he rubbed the soft fabric up and down Xander’s body. Without another word, the vampire took him by the wrist and led him back to the bedroom. The smaller creature arranged himself so that he was sitting in the middle of the mattress with his back to the headboard, legs stretched out in front of him crossed at the ankles. He casually patted the bed beside him, motioning that Xander should join him, swallowing thickly he did.

“Kitten, did you or did you just promise me that you would tell me if something was wrong?” his Master patiently asked.

He just nodded, keeping his head down, refusing to look at Master.

“Luv, I need you to be verbal now. I need words,” Master said gently.

“Yes, Master. I… agreed to that,” Xander conceded.

“Then why won’t you tell me what’s wrong?” Master asked gently. The tone seemed like an odd fit on the pale creature, like an old suit that just no longer fit properly.

“I’m not sure, I feel…” he started. It was weird. Before he’d been bonded to his Master, Xander had talked all the time, often he’d been told to excess; now, Xander couldn’t find the words to express what he was feeling. 

“Are you afraid?” the older creature asked, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him tight against his side.

“A little, I guess,” Xander answered. He was, I mean, Spike had said he was going to smack his balls. He knew it was going to hurt and that made him want to curl up and hide. But, at the same time, the idea of submitting while his owner tortured his most sensitive parts was… exciting.

“Are you frightened because you’re aroused by the idea of having your knackers punished?” Spike asked, using his free hand to tweak one of his nipples hard.

“Yes,” Xander whispered, still unsure but enjoying the rough treatment.

”We’ve talked about this, Kitten. There’s nothing wrong with your desires. I love how submissive you are. Do you have any idea how breathtaking you are when you’re accepting all the lovely pain I give you? Just to please me. Do you know how beautiful you were fighting your need to come for me?” Master praised. He hadn’t fought hard enough, though.

“But I…” He tried to answer, stumbling over his words.

“What?” the vampire insisted.

“I came anyway,” he sighed, feeling inexplicably overrun with shame.

“Bloody Hell, that’s what has you so upset?” Spike scoffed. Xander, who had been having difficulty looking at his undead Master, found himself glaring at the blond. He was ever so glad that the Peroxide Menace thought his guilt was funny. “There he is, there’s my fiery little pet. None of that now, it wouldn’t do if I had to discipline you for being insolent, now would it? I just got you to stop looking like the world was coming to an end after all. Besides, I wasn’t mocking you, Kitten. Not really.”

Xander shot the shorter creature a disbelieving look.

“It is a little entertaining that you thought you had a choice in the matter, though,” Spike smirked.

“But you said I wasn’t allowed to,” the younger man exclaimed indignantly.

“You weren’t. I didn’t give you permission,” his Master confirmed.

“But you just said,” he sputtered.

“Yes, I know what I said,” Spike responded patiently, “but regardless of whether or not you had permission to, I had no intention of stopping before you came.”

“You wanted me to come?” he asked incredulously, finally understanding. “So you could punish me.”

“Obviously,” his owner grinned.

“But that’s… completely unfair!” Xander protested.

“Of course, it’s not fair. If life was fair, you and the chits would have spent your formative years worrying if you’d ever manage to get shagged, not running around graveyards at all hours of the night chasing monsters. Dru and I, hell even my stupid Grandsire, would have died long before any of you children were born, surrounded by our children and grandchildren. By now, I’ve ordered you to do hundreds of things that were not fair. I imagine I’ll ask you to do thousands more before the year is out. You’re enslaved to a vampire. I would have thought by now that you’d had let go of the delusion that life is supposed to be fair,” Spike snorted. “Being unfair was rather the point. Watching you struggled so fetchingly was, as always, entertaining, but watching you lose control as I made you come against your will was breathtaking,” Spike purred. Xander didn’t know what to say to that. He swallowed thickly. “Did you enjoy it, Kitten? Did it give you a little thrill? You did, didn’t you? You liked being made to come against your will. Naughty boy.”

“Fuck,” Xander whimpered.

 “I’m very pleased with you, do you know that? “ Spike reassured him approvingly, “You accepted the first part of your punishment so well. Tried so hard to stay still for Master.”

“First part, Master? You’re still going to….” Xander hesitated.

“Spank your bollocks and keep you randy for the next week? Of course, I am. I said I would,” Spike reaffirmed.

“But you said you wanted me to come?” Xander whined, just a bit.

“No, I didn’t say I wanted you to come. I said I was going to keep going until you came, whether you liked it or not, “Spike clarified.

“But,” Xander exclaimed, “those are the same thing!”

“Kitten, the entire point was to force you. To let you struggle against the pleasure only to ultimately fail to control your own body’s responses. How did you feel when you realized that you wouldn’t be able to obey?” his Master urged.  

“A little scared, I guess,” he hedged.

“That’s understandable. What else?” Spike insisted, giving him a reassuring squeeze.  

“I don’t know helpless, powerless. It was like I knew it was coming, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it,” the slave supposed.

“Did you like that? Did you enjoy not having a say in what was happening to you?” the vampire asked. Xander just nodded. They’d never outright talked about it before, but being powerless to stop whatever his owner too was doing to him was a massive turn-on of Xander’s. It was nice being absolved of whatever Spike was doing to his body. He didn’t need to feel guilty because he had absolutely no say in what was happening. “It’s alright, you know. That’s part of the allure of letting someone dominate you. While I’m starting to realize that just the fear of disappointing me is a substantial incentive, the added fear of the punishments made you resist even harder and intensified the entire experience, I’d imagine. And you do realize that it was the threat of those punishments that actually tipped you over the edge?”

“No,” Xander shook his head.

“Pet, you came right after I promised to punish your testicles,” Spike reminded him.  “I have to admit the idea turns me on me as well. Are you going to be a good boy for Master and let me hurt you like I promised?”

“I,” Xander gulped. “Yes. Yes, Master.”

“Good boy. Before we do that, though, I think I’d like to look you over; see how you’re faring after last night.  Submission, facing the foot of the bed,” his Master ordered.

He’d been so comfortable snuggled against his Master that it took his brain a second to recognize the command for what it was. Xander awkwardly obeyed, turning himself around and squirming into position. He felt exposed, kneeling with his forehead touching the mattress, his legs spread wide and ass in the air.

“Your little hole looks very red and tender. I think we should do something about that. We don’t want you too sore to properly service Master, now do we? I have plans for that sweet arse of yours, and we both know your slut hole can only go so long without something to satisfy it. Tell me why again, Kitten?” His Master demanded.

“I…,” he faltered.

“Yes, Pet? Go on,” Spike coaxed.

“It’s a needy, slutty hole. It gets… lonely… when it’s left empty for too long,” Xander finally ventured. Spike, he’d come to realize, had a thing for dirty talk. If he could make Xander join in so much the better.

“That’s right, Kitten. And what does your hole like having inside it?” Spike pressed.

“Anything…Master,” he confessed.

“Toys, does it like it when we stretch it with one of our toys?” his Master supplied.

“Yes, Master. It loves being filled with toys,” Xander agreed.

“What about my fingers?” Spike wanted to know.

“Yes, Master. It loves that too,” he acknowledged.

“I’d ask about my cock, but we both know it was made to swallow my cock, wasn’t it?” Spike teased.

“Yes,” he concedes.

“Such a pretty whorish hole. What about Master’s tongue? Does like it when Master licks and sucks it?”  Spike breathed from behind him.

“Y…es,” he stuttered, blood rushing to his groin. God, Master, had only done this to him that one time, but it had been so intense. It had been dirty and filthy and just … overwhelming.

“Good, now stay very still while Master tongues you. You can make as much noise as you like, but no speaking. And Kitten, remember you do not have permission to comes, and since you already failed me once tonight, you’ll only make things worse on yourself if you disappoint me again,” his Master ordered.   

Xander was grateful for the permission to make noise. He started moaning, wantonly almost immediately. It was torture not being able to move. His entire body was rigid with the effort of keeping still while his Master’s wicked tongue lapped at his hole. He couldn’t help flashing back to the night a few weeks ago when Spike had made him come this way. He suspected that was the point. In no time, his penis was hard and throbbing despite his recent orgasm. Soon the vampire wasn’t just licking him. He was alternately sucking on his opening and trying to stab his tongue inside. God, Xander wanted to fuck back onto that tongue so badly. His muscles clenched and unclenched repeatedly in an effort to stay still until he was trembling with exertion. Xander gripped the sheets so tightly that he almost ripped the well-worn cotton. Finally, just when Xander thought he’s either come again or die if this went on a second longer, Spike pulled away.

“Apparently, your slutty hole likes that a lot, Kitten. Your cock’s nice and hard again. Look at all this pre-come,” Spike pointed out, running a finger along his slit and catching a drop of said pre-come.  He couldn’t help himself. His hips jerked involuntarily, trying to follow the touch. Spike gave his right buttocks a hard slap. “Be still. Yes, much better. Your hole will feel better in no time at all. Now I think it’s time we moved on to your punishment. Get up and go wait for me in the living room next to the orange lounger.”

He doesn’t actually remember getting up and walking out to the living room. He somehow zoned out a little bit while he waited for his Master, so Xander nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw the now jean-clad vampire’s legs appear in front of him, casually tapping red leather straps and some rope against his thigh.

“Good, so eager. Stand up and lace your fingers together behind your neck,” Spike ordered. Silently Xander obeyed, shivering slightly in anticipation. The feel of the soft red leather cuffs wrapping around his wrists, thighs, and ankles was almost comforting. He stood obediently in position as his Master folded and draped a bedsheet over the lounger.

“Sit,” Spike commanded. “Now lay back, little lower so that you’re slouching a titch. That’s good. Now wrap your arm behind the backrest.” Xander took a deep breath as the blond deftly secured his wrist cuffs together using a small length of rope. Spike then grabbed a long piece of rope and wound it around his torso, tying his upper body to the chair while ensuring his nipples remained accessible.

“Spread your legs and put them over the armrests,” his Master instructed. With some difficulty, Xander Managed to obey, awkwardly draped his legs over the rests. Spike immediately went to work, fastening the cuffs around his thighs and his ankles to the armrest. He finished off by securing a final length of rope around his belly, effectively immobilizing him. He wouldn’t be able to close his leg now, no matter what Spike did to him. His dick throbbed at the thought.

“I think a gag would be best, don’t you, Kitten?” Spike asked, dangling the strap of a ball gag from one slim finger. “You were very vocal earlier today. It simply wouldn’t do if you disturbed the neighbours, now would it?”

“No, Master,” Xander replied nervously. “I mean, you’re right, Master. We wouldn’t want the neighbours to hear me.”

“All right then open wide,” his Master ordered. Obediently Xander parted his lips, letting his owner slide the red rubber ball gag between his teeth. Spike finished securing the gag and quickly checked the straps. Once he was satisfied they were secure, he moved to sit between Xander’s legs, straddling the lounger. “Are you ready, Kitten?”

Xander took a deep breath but nodded.

“Relax, Kitten,” His Master smiled, gently running a hand up his right thigh. Xander whimpered around the gag as the vampire leaned forward and ran his tongue around one of his nipples. He shuddered as he felt the hand on his thigh inch up and cup his vulnerable balls. His Master didn’t pull or squeeze as he anticipated. Instead, the vampire merely began gently rolling his testes in their sack. No longer satisfied with gently lapping his nipple, Spike took the little nub between his lips and alternated between biting, licking and sucking on it. Xander gasped as his Master moved the hand which had been softly massaging his testicles to his dick and harshly bit down on his right nipple. Then, firmly holding the already tender tit between his teeth, he tilted his head back, stretching it painfully, all the while firmly stroking Xander’s cock. Master kept this up for several minutes, bringing his free hand up to pinch, twist and pull on the teat that he wasn’t torturing with his mouth.

“Good boy,” Master, praised finally leaving his throbbing nipples alone and giving his aching dick head a few careless strokes. Xander sucked in a deep breath as he felt the vampire’s hand firmly circle his balls. ”Ready?” He so was not, but he nodded anyway. His whole body felt like it convulsed when Master’s palm connected with his testicles. The pain blossomed from his groin and shot its way up to his belly. His owner didn’t give him any time to catch his bearings, as he brought his hand down again and again. Suddenly the smacks stopped, and his cock was being stroked again. How was he still hard?

“Breathe through it,” his Master instructed as he resumed spanking his defenceless balls. God, it hurt, but he was so damned turned on. It went on and on, his owner alternating between jerking him off and slapping his testicles. As it went on, Master spent less and less time teasing his cock, concentrating instead on punishing his balls. Xander couldn’t help himself. He thrashed in his bonds, moaning helplessly. He was so on edge, he could barely stand it. The pain and pleasure had done that thing where the lines blurred, and they had become a single squiggly entity. His body felt like it was on fire.

 “I think that you just might come from this if we carry on much longer. Would you like that, Kitten?” Master mused. “I hadn’t planned on it, but the idea does have a certain appeal. I’ll leave the choice up to you.”

“I can stop right now. We’ll get you untied, and I’ll likely use that pretty mouth of yours before I put you to bed. Of course, you’ll be left frustrated and randy, but that’s not something you’re unaccustomed to, is it?”

“Your second option is that I keep smacking your bullocks until you climax from it. Just to be clear, I will continue playing with your prick afterward. Remember how much you enjoyed that this afternoon? How prettily you squirmed and squealed for me? Whether you decide to come for me tonight or not, we’ll spend the next week tormenting your pretty cock with pleasure. You won’t be allowed to come again until next Sunday. Of course, if you do decide to come again tonight, you’ll receive your orgasm next week the same way you do tonight. We’ll repeat the process for one month. I spank the come out of your knackers, wank your oversensitive prick, then tease the sodding Hell out of you for a week. Rinse and repeat until the month is up.”

“Now, Kitten, do you want me to stop?”

Oh God, no. It was too much. He couldn’t, not an entire month. He’d never survive no matter what his traitorous dick thought of the prospect. God, he had to nod. All he needed to do was nod, but good God, he wasn’t sure he even wanted to.

“Do you want me to stop before you come, Kitten?“ Master asked again, demanding an answer.

Xander screwed his eyes tightly and shook his head.

“Good boy, “his Master crooned, continuing to alternatively lightly stroking his cock and hitting his testicles until… lightning started dancing beneath his eyelids.

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