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Boy was asleep. Spike had put him to bed as soon as he finished cleaning him up. The unexpected gratification his pet was allowed had the typical red blooded male result, he’d practically fallen asleep standing up in the shower. The master vampire hadn’t planned on letting him climax, but hearing his Kitten beg so prettily, he just hadn’t been able to resist. The honest truth was that Xander Harris in the throes of ecstasy was one of the most beautiful things he’d ever seen. His slave had been gorgeous, flushed and panting, trying to catch his breath. The younger man’s entire body had been racked with tremors from the strain of trying to stay still as Spike had mercilessly toyed with him. If someone had told Spike just a week ago that he’d start finding the carpenter attractive it would have been a toss up between ripping their guts out, laughing his arse off and staking himself.

The Master vampire though certainly couldn’t deny that he found the human desirable. He wanted him. No question about that.

Tonight he’d planned on working the youth into an agony of sexual frustration and leaving him unsatisfied, again. Spike had decided to play with the boy’s sensitive knob until he was right on the precipice and then stop to bugger him as he leaned against the shower wall. He could almost hear his slave’s whimpers, imagining how his beauty would have trembled as he took him, sure that all his prick needed was one more good firm stroke, yet knowing that it would never come. Yeah, would have been good. The moment his boy had started pleading though, not to be allowed release, but for his Master to stop caressing him, before he disgraced himself, Spike had known he wanted to see his pet loose all control. So he’d changed his tactics and fisted his slave roughly, breathing the order to climax into his ear all the while jabbing two fingers up the boy’s bottom aiming firmly for his sweet spot. And Bloody Hell, if the boy wasn’t even more fetching when he orgasmed, his head thrown back, exposing the lovely tanned skin of his throat, parting wet lips, unconsciously calling out for his Master. He almost sobbed with regret that he hadn’t been taking the human after feeling his pet’s muscles clenching around his fingers as he came.

After the taller man had recovered, Spike had finished cleaning him off quickly, washing his hair and rinsing him off in short order. He’d led Xander into the bedroom and blindfolded him. The whelp had looked a little nervous when he’d pulled out the black satin lined toy, but hadn’t protested when Spike had placed it over his eyes. Docilely the younger man had held up his wrists when asked and stood silently while the cuffs were buckled on. The vampire could smell his plaything’s apprehension, but the boy didn’t fuss when his Master bound him to the bed spread eagle, stretching his limbs tightly, though not wide enough to hurt, but still rendering him completely immobile. The other man had actually almost nodded off before he’d finished fastening his legs. Spike had draped a sheet over the boy and told him to go to sleep. Despite the restraints, it hadn’t been a command the brat had had any difficulty following. Granted he’d kept the boy up too late the night before and the dark haired man hadn’t gotten nearly enough sleep.

Spike found himself staring down at the slumbering Scooby as he reached for some fresh clothes. There was a small bruise on his boy’s cheek that he was fairly certain he hadn’t caused. He remembered shoving the boy, but not actually belting him. He growled before he could stop himself. Some one had dared to harm his Kitten. Only he was allowed to mark the boy.

He shook his head in pain, realizing he was already sobering up.

Probably just as well, he’d come much too close to harming his pet. It surprised him that he hadn’t liked the fear in Xander’s eyes, thus far he’d enjoyed his nervousness and apprehension yes. Watching the muscular young man wonder what his new owner was going to do to him next was a delight. But Spike had definitely not enjoyed the dread he’d seen in his boy’s face when he’d shoved him to the ground after their ill-fated bout of oral sex. He’d been furious enough after Buffy’s little visit. Then to make things worse, he’d caught the red headed witch’s scent all over his boy. It had almost blinded him with rage. The carpenter was fortunate he hadn’t started to mouth off. If the young man had… Spike was certain he would have done something they would both have deeply regretted.

As it was he was still fuming, but his anger was now focused, fortunately no longer on his slave. He was fairly certain that he’d gotten his point across to Buffy. From the way she’d started blubbering it was clear that she’d taken his threat to move her high school companion away seriously. Hopefully they could all move on now that the useless posturing was out of the way. The vampire knew the Slayer and her minions wouldn’t give up, but as long as they didn’t overtly interfere, what did he care? The boy’s chums could spend the next twenty years pouring over dusty old scrolls and tattered books written in languages barely anyone remembered it would do them no good. It might even keep them out of his hair.

Xander shifted slightly in his sleep, pulling at the manacles shackling him to the bed. He wiggled around for a moment, before finally settling again. His boy looked wickedly debauched all trussed up ready for his master to savor. Shaking his head, Spike made his way out of the room.

The boy was going to need feeding and dinner wasn’t going to prepare itself. Not that he was some domestic goddess, but he seemed to have mastered the elusive reading of directions and mixing of ingredients that had thus far eluded his slave. Not as if putting some frozen vegetables in a pot of boiling water was all that challenging. There was absolutely no excuse for the way his human had been living and now that he was in charge it was going to stop.

Well there was no use wasting the few hours a day that he actually had to make use of his prize. Between working and sleeping he’d barely get to play with his pet at all until the weekend.

Right so no more mooning at the sleeping mortal like some sort of nonce. He’d cook, and then he’d wake sleeping beauty and feed him his supper. After that they could have a spot of fun. He’d give his Kitten a proper seeing to.

Course he’d have to punish the whelp somehow, he couldn’t just let him get away with chatting up his old pals. His boy knew very well it was strictly forbidden. Stupid bints, Spike sodding well knew that the entire secret meeting wouldn’t have been the pup’s idea. The birds had probably worked it out so they’d each have their little visits at the same time, keeping the Big Bad busy and that rot. They were lucky he hadn’t stripped the skin off their precious friend’s back. If Xander had come home a different point in his bender, the entire Harris household… That didn’t sound right, was his flat now rightly. Bloody-Harris? No that definitely didn’t sound right, it sounded like he was cursing at the slayerette. He definitely wasn’t going with his mortal surname, though he’d probably referred to the little pillock as a prat at some point or other. No, that certainly wouldn’t do. Harris-Bloody then? Seven circles of Hell, apparently the children‘s babbling was contagious. He had not just had an entire internal dialogue in Scooby speak. Not this vamp and he would hold to that to his final death, under torture if necessary.

What had he been thinking in the first place? Oh, yeah. The entire Harris-Bloody household, that’s what he was going with and that was that, would have suffered if his Scooby hadn’t returned home at precisely the right moment. Happily for all concerned Spike had been far enough along in his wallowing to be relatively unconcerned with beating the shit out of his disobedient slave.

His pet had managed to surprise him though, hadn’t thought that his boy had the stones for it, really. He’d been taken aback when he’d felt the hesitant touch to his left knee. He’d thought Harris would bathe and then flee to the bedroom. Spike had sent him away after all, would have been the perfect excuse to hide from his tormentor, if only for an evening. Xander hadn’t done that though. His Kitten had swallowed his obvious misgivings and tried to make amends. Nice little bit of seduction he’d managed. Angry as Spike had been, it had been impossible not to appreciate the young lovely kneeling nude at his feet, pleading for forgiveness, promising to learn to better please him. His boy had been aroused by the whole episode too. There had been no denying the gorgeously erect prick jutting proudly from his boy’s body. His own cock had jumped in appreciation, as he’d watched the play of muscles on his pet’s firm young backside while the boy had crawled ahead of him to the washroom.

As soon as he’d had his supper, the slayerette was getting the shagging of his life, Spike thought, adjusting himself in his jeans. Well he should probably punish the cub first, wouldn’t have any fun if that was still in the way. His pretty would be distracted, worried about having to give up the construction job, instead of focusing on pleasing his master as he should be.

How best to punish the boy? he wondered, peeking into the refrigerator. He could always spank him again. His Kitten would like that. The scent of pheromones always snowballed whenever he even hinted at punishing the lad that way. Really wouldn’t do much in the way of dissuading the brunet though, if he actually enjoyed it. But his pet was a lovely sight squirming on his lap and the vampire certainly had enjoyed shagging that delightful arse when it was all nice and friction warmed. Course they could always play tomorrow night. The boy was bound to do something that warranted correction by then. That was if he bothered coming up with some pretext to discipline his pet. He could always just spank the whelp because he wanted to. He’d already warned the boy that someday he would, for no other reason than enjoying the feel of the heat emanating from his pet’s rosy bottom. He was sorely tempted to go back into the bedroom and just take the mortal.

Maybe he’d wake his slave up that way. Or he could tease his hole until the younger man was squirming against the mattress, ready for his cock. Xander would wake up, still blindfolded, not able to see or move, feeling his vulnerable rosebud teased and caressed. So many choices, Spike couldn’t believe he’d almost let that stupid blonde bint spoil things for him again.

Humming to himself, he set about preparing dinner for the boy. He’d really have to teach the boy to cook. He wasn’t about to spend the next three decades making his own slave’s meals. Though Spike supposed it wasn’t such a chore when some one else did the actual cleaning up. He wasn’t entirely convinced he could trust the human’s eating habits either. Put the boy back in charge of feeding himself and he’d be back to eating left over take out and snack cakes in no time. At least this way the master vampire could monitor what he fed his pet. Still, probably wouldn’t hurt to teach the dark haired man a few things.

Putting the roast he’d selected in the oven, the vampire made his way over to the sink. He grinned. Funny sometimes how inspiration struck, he thought washing his hands. Happily he made his way back into the bedroom where his pet was still sleeping soundly.

Stripping, Spike burrowed under the sheets half draping himself over his slumbering pet, luxuriating in his warmth. Dinner would be cooking for a while, so he’d have some time to bask in his newest possession. He began lightly running his fingers along the soft flesh of his bound slave’s inner thighs. Keeping up the sensual stroking, he began slowly licking the boy’s throat. Even without his enhanced senses he would have known the exact moment his lovely started coming around. He wiggled in his bonds, moaning ever so faintly. Moving his hands up Spike skirted the human’s rapidly awakening sex, never quite making contact.

“Did you have a nice nap, Kitten?” he asked, moving to lick the shell of the mortal’s ear. His boy just gasped in response. “You know you made your Master very randy, looking so wanton, such a naughty little slut coming all over the shower wall like that. Can you feel how hard you’ve made me Kitten? Can you pet?” he demanded, giving the delicate flesh of the boys inner thighs a hard pinch.

“Yes, Master,” the helpless human groaned.

“Like having you like this, all spread out and at my mercy,” the vampire cooed, his hand reaching even lower to cup the underside of his toy’s bottom. ”Maybe I should just keep you here like this all the time, vulnerable and at my mercy. Such a pretty pet, all helpless and spread out for me.” He punctuated the brazen statement by lightly fondling the boy’s testicles. “Imagine it Kitten, spending all your time powerless in the dark, just waiting for your Master to come pay attention to you. Lying here just hoping that I’ll come in and touch you, unable to give yourself any pleasure. You’d come to cherish the times I came in to use your mouth or your tight little hole.”

Boy was biting his lips again to keep from moaning out loud. Silly child, wasn’t as though Spike couldn’t smell that he was aroused or for that matter see the impressive hard-on that was tenting the sheets. The lurid descriptions were obviously turning on the blindfolded man. The vampire moved his hand up pinching a nipple in retaliation, prompting a high pitched squeal.

“No, Kitten let me hear you. Not nice trying to keep all those lovely little sounds you make from me. They’re for me after all,” he admonished his pet.

“I’m sorry, Master. God…” Xander whimpered as Spike finally reached down to stroke his prick. He kept his touch light and teasing.

“Hmmm, I seem to remember you promising me something, Kitten. What did you say you’d do for me after our shower?” he reminded the young man.

“Master?” The human asked uncertainly.

“You said we’d give something another go,” the blond reminded his slave.

“Oh… Yes Master, I remember. Hmmm… oh… Hadn’t you better untie me for that?” Xander asked uncertainly.

“Don’t think that’ll be necessary, pet” the master vampire assured his plaything, moving to straddle the boy and bringing his erection to his lips. “Open wide, Kitten. That’s a good boy. Suck, just the head for now. Oh that’s good, keep doing that.” Harris did have the sweetest mouth. Spike couldn’t believe that he was the only bloke who’d be lucky enough to ever feel this. “Yeah, use your tongue just like that.”

He let the boy continue on this way for a while, suckling on his gland. Xander’s wicked tongue swirled around the head of his penis or snaked up to tease the slit every once in a while. Well, at least he hadn’t completely turned the young man off to the act. Yes he owned Xander and could force him to do whatever he wanted, but there was something to be said about having a willing partner or at least one putting some enthusiasm into the act. Buggering a warm doll would get old fast.

“I’m going to start thrusting now, Kitten. Slow and shallow, just keep doing what you are. Feels bloody wonderful. Keep your throat relaxed, breath through your nose,” he instructed, grabbing on to the headboard to steady himself. Unable to see, his Xander would be forced to concentrate on the feel and taste of the cock leisurely plunging in and out of his mouth. Spike kept up the measured steady pace as long as he could manage. He didn’t want to choke the boy again and ruin what little headway he’d made here. Reluctantly he pulled out of his boy’s moist lips.

“That was much better, Kitten. You made it bloody hard to stop. Good thing I get to shag you now, isn’it?” he continued playfully, stripping the sheet completely off of them.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” his captive whispered, licking his lips in a way that went straight to the master vampire’s groin. He was fairly certain that the boy wasn’t even aware of what he was doing. The Scooby had no idea how appealing he was. Of course when how useless and unimportant you are is drummed into you everyday, eventually you start to believe it.

“Feeling a little peckish though, think I might have a little taste first,” he continued kissing and nibbling his way down the restrained man’s body before hovering over Xander’s left thigh, just above the femoral artery. He licked there, lingering feeling the boy’s strong steady pulse beneath his tongue. Breathing in his boy’s scent he slipped into his true face. He let his fangs scrape against the tender flesh just south of the human’s sex, before biting down and drinking deeply. Bugger! His pet was whining, making faint sounds that had nothing to do with fear. Fools, fools thought that biting the neck was more intimate. What could be more private than this? So good, he had to stop, pull away. The boy was only human. Using willpower that he didn’t know he possessed Spike slowly withdrew, tonguing the wound closed.

“Oh, God,” Xander murmured, thrashing his head from side to side.

“Yeah, pet,” Spike agreed. Unable to wait any longer, he scooted down the bed and freed the human’s legs. Darting back up the bed, the vampire reached into the night stand for the lube and generously coated his cock. Gathering Xander’s long legs he rested them against his torso. Making quick work of preparing the mortal, he plunged into him with one firm shove. The boy gave a pained, surprised little groan.

“Relax, Kitten. Let me in, that’s right… Mmmm. You had that plug in you all day, but this is what you really want isn’t it?” he demanded, reaching between them to firmly stroke the trussed up man’s engorged manhood. The boy made a keening sound, thrashing just a little as Spike’s shaft stimulated his prostate.

“Yes, Master,” his pet finally answered, after Spike gave his balls a good firm squeeze letting him know an answer was required. The vampire wasn’t foolish enough not to realize that the boy was simply telling him what he wanted to hear, but someday soon his Kitten would say it and mean it.

“So hard again already. You like this? Feeling my cock inside you?” he whispered silkily, letting his thumb linger across the tip of Xander’s cock, worrying the sensitive slit. “Not going to get mad if you beg pet. I like hearing you beg. I like it when you beg me.”

“Oh… Ah, ah… Please, oh God… Oh Master,” the younger man panted, taking the hint. The sex their first night had been fantastic when he’d made Xander beg for permission to come. Tonight had just cemented that for the vampire. He’d been wrong denying the boy for so long. He wasn’t ready. It was amusing teasing the mortal, but if he refused the human culmination every time he misbehaved the boy would never ejaculate again, which short of having him cut wasn’t very practical. Eventually they could play those denial games, maybe even put the human in one of the chastity devices he’d seen on the internet, but not for a while. Not until his pet was more secure in his new situation.

“Are you close, Pet?” Spike groaned.

“Yes..” the mortal gasped between clenched teeth. “Please…”

“Please what? Ah… So bloody tight,” he grunted, running his moist fingers along the sensitive underside of the boy’s cock head. He could feel the fine tremors running up his pet’s body.

“Don’t stop. Please Master. Oh… Ah ah ah… please,” the dark haired boy pleaded.

“Don't stop what? Fucking you? Don’t intend to, Pet. Going to fill your inside with my seed,” Spike purred. His poor slave was writhing against him.

“Master… please,” the young man gasped.

“You want to come, Kitten? You want to come while Master’s pounding into you with his cock?” The vampire asked, reveling in the control he had over the other man.

“Oh… Yes please…” his boy pleaded. The mortal’s cock was steadily dribbling precum onto his belly now. He’d be past the point of no return soon, not that Spike was very far off.

“You know what you have to do then, Kitten. Rules haven’t changed,” he ordered, more gasping than saying the command.

“Please Master, please. Please may I come?” Xander pleaded.

“Not yet, just a little longer. Can you stay all gorgeous and hard for your Master a little longer? Look so exquisite stretched out, suffering for me. Tell me, Kitten. Tell me how close you are,” the slight vampire urged.

“So close, Master. I’m trying, but it feels so good,” the desperate man replied.

“What, Kitten? My hand touching your knob? My cock inside you? Being tied up? Being blindfolded?” Spike asked, genuinely curious.

“All of it, please Master,” his captive cried.

“Come whenever you’re ready Kitten. I want to feel you milking my cock,” the master vampire crooned. He didn’t have to wait very long before Xander was howling out his release. The feeling of Xander’s scorching body contracting around him was glorious and Spike found himself pumping erratically into his human. He came shortly after his boy.

He stayed right where he was, still rooted firmly inside his boy for a moment riding out the aftershocks of his orgasm. Finally after caressing one of the human’s quivering legs from calf to knee, he slowly lowered the boy’s limbs back to the bed. Carefully he extricated himself from the flushed body. Reaching up he slowly removed the blindfold.

His pet blinked a few times eyes adjusting to the light. The youth looked ready to go back to sleep.

“No you don’t,” he admonished, massaging the boy’s hypersensitive penis. His slave squawked in disbelief. His pet looked entrancingly miserable. Rubbing his hand in some of the slippery cum on his boy’s belly, he grabbed the human’s rapidly softening prick with his other hand. He brought his semen covered hand up to the still tethered man’s penis and began rubbing his palm slowly over the now painfully tender flesh of his boy’s cock head. It provoked an immediate response, the boy started to struggle alluringly in his bonds desperate to remove the stimulus to his aching flesh. “So very pretty. Think I’ll watch you agonize for a couple of minutes. Feels horrible doesn’t it Kitten, like a million little ants are running along the tip of your poor cock. Don’t worry Pet. I’ll only make you bear it for a bit, then we’ll go wash up. Sides you’ve been a bad boy and you still need to be punished.”

He barely had to wait before he was rewarded by a desolate: “Yes, Master.”

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