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Spike smiled as he watched his pet out of the corner of his eye, there was a fine sheen of sweat along the mortal’s brow and his skin was beautifully flushed. He suspected that his boy didn’t even realize that he was grinding his freshly paddled bottom into the passenger seat. The vampire’s enhanced hearing could dimly make out the soft hum of the vibrating cock ring he’d fitted just below the crown of his slave’s penis under the sound of the music blaring from the radio. The boy’s fists kept clenching and unclenching as he bit into his bottom lip, trying to control himself. 

“You smell delicious, Luv. All that pre-come dripping from your beautiful cock. My dirty boy, so hard for Master,” he taunted.

“Please...” Xander gasped.

“Please what, Pet? You knew I was going to torture you with pleasure this weekend. Just a couple more hours to go. All you have to do is keep being a good boy for Master,” the vampire reassured him. His pet had done remarkably well. He’d endured hours of virtually nonstop stimulation. He’d pushed the poor thing hard on Friday night and been sure that the boy would lose control several times. At one point during the evening he’d slid a vibrator inside the boy and turned it to its highest setting. The boy’s penis had been trapped in a rather pretty black leather harness, his erection had been dark with blood and pre-ejaculate had been dribbling freely down the head of his cock. Even the toy wrapped tightly around his genitals wouldn’t prevent orgasm indefinitely, not without being tight enough to permanently damage the human’s reproductive organs. When Spike had ordered the already overstimulated human to hump his leg while he sucked his Master’s cock, he’d been sure he’d gone too far. Somehow though the boy managed to hold on until Spike got his end away, though Xander’s palms had sported little crescent shaped wounds by the time he’d pulled off the vampire’s spent cock. Spike had lapped each of the tiny injuries before removing the vibrator from the boy’s body and holding the shaking human to him for long minutes, rubbing his back while he calmed.

The torment had continued the next day. Spike had spent a good part of Saturday alternating between shagging his pet and teasing the brunet in a multitude of different ways. He’d stroked the young man slowly, running lubricant slick fingers teasingly across the sensitive crown of his slave’s penis until the man’s muscular frame had started to tremble with need. He’d made Xander kneel on all fours in the centre of their bed while he’d carefully massaged his taint, pulling sexy little gasps and groans from the former Slayerette. He’d forced his boy to slowly caress himself while he knelt between his legs sucking him off, luridly describing how he was going to come down his aroused slave’s throat. He’d pushed his Kitten to his limits and pulled him back over and over again, until he’d finally allowed his trembling and exhausted mortal to curl up and sleep a couple of hours before dawn.

Today had been much of the same. He’d even continued tormenting the boy as he’d bathed him. First he’d tied the mortal’s wrist together in front of him, tied them to the shower rod and given him an enema. He continued caressing his pet’s cock and balls as he made the boy hold the soapy water inside himself, until he was finally satisfied. He’d freed his slave’s bound wrists from the shower rod and allowed him to make his way to the toilet to evacuate his bowels. Despite his clear humiliation at the acts his Kitten had never protested, and his cock had never softened.

Once he’d finished cleaning the boy’s insides he’d guided him into a warm bath before making Xander lift his arms above his head so that he could attach the lengths of ropes dangling from his still bound wrists to the towel rack on the far shower wall. He’d then proceeded leisurely lathering and cleaning the mortal’s body, making sure to keep the other man interested by running the coarse fabric of a wash cloth up and down the erect shaft of his penis every couple of minutes, forcing the most delightful little pleasured moans and whimpers from his boy. The human had shuddered as Spike had slowly cupped his balls, gently massaging them. Much to his credit, the mortal hadn’t attempted to deny him access to his genitals even once after Spike had arranged him in the tub. He’d stayed exactly as the vampire had posed him, knees invitingly parted, enduring every tantalising touch to his over-stimulated privates.

The boy hadn’t been overly enthusiastic about the idea of going out, but had docilely complied as Spike had paddled his backside and fitted him with a plug. It had become a ritual for them, each time Xander was clothed. Any time the human had to dress to leave the sanctuary of their home Spike would administer a fresh paddling, making sure the flesh of his boy’s bottom was bruised and tender before he was allowed to cover his body.

 Xander also never left their apartment without some sort of toy filling his arse. Spike mostly used a small and soft jelly plug; it was big enough so that his pet would feel nicely full, but not large enough to cause the human too much discomfort when he wore it for long periods of time. Tonight he’d fitted Xander with a much larger toy than he was used to. Of course there was also the matter of the snug vibrating cock ring that was now turning his Kitten into an exquisite mess.

“Please, Master, I can’t...” the younger man sobbed, pounding a fist into his right thigh.

“Yes you can, now stop that. You’re not allowed to hurt yourself. Only Master gets to decide when and where your body is marked. I have a better idea. Reach under your shirt and play with your nipples,” he ordered. He smiled as the brunet whined but immediately obeyed. It was cruel, he knew. The boy’s nipples were one of his pet’s most potent erogenous zones. But after all, being cruel to his former antagonist was fun. “Harder, Kitten. Twist them hard. Yeah, like that. Pinch them. That’s good. Keep doing that, Luv. Torture those pretty tits for Master, but remember no coming.” 

Groaning, his slave complied. Bugger, his Kitten wasn’t the only one hard. Spike was tempted to just pull the car over and take his boy right then and there. Patience.  If his prissy grand-sire had taught him anything, it was patience. Maybe he’d reward himself by forcing his slave to suck him on the way home.

“You can stop now,” Spike generously conceded just before they arrived at their destination. He smirked as Xander sighed in relief, smoothing down his shirt just as he steered the car into the parking lot. There were quite a few people in the store. “Ready?”

“Please, Master, I can’t go out like this,” the human begged softly.

“Why ever not?” he demanded arching an eyebrow.

“It’s indecent. There could be little kids in there,” his pet pleaded, biting his lower lip alluringly.

“That’ true, but you’re fully clothed, Pet. Don’t think you’ll be scaring the kiddies, if there are any. They won’t know what has you so beautifully flushed. But it’s not the idea of scaring little ones that has you blushing so fetchingly is it? It’s the grown ups isn’t it? The ones that will see your pink cheeks and notice the stiff way you’re walking. They might put two and two together and realize that you’re hiding a hard-on under your coat,” the punk vampire guessed. “But none of that matters you see. Who do you belong to? “

“You. I’m yours, Master,” his pet answered, taking a shaky breath.

“And which parts of you belong to me?” he demanded, firmly taking hold of the other man’s chin and forcing him to hold his gaze.

“All of me,” his boy sighed.

“Which parts of you do not belong to me?” Spike insisted, boring into his pet’s brown eyes.

“None. You own every part of me, Master,” Xander replied softly.

“And when do you belong to me?” the slight vampire pressed.

“Always,” the younger man admitted, swallowing thickly. 

“So you belong to me in public as well as in private?” Spike clarified, idly running his thumb over the boy’s moist bottom lip.

“Yes, Master,” the human acknowledged, shivering slightly.

“Come on, Pet. Won’t be so terrible. Tell you what I’ll even let you pick the movie,” the Master vampire promised generously.

“Thank you, Master,” the aroused mortal panted. The boy closed his eyes for moment, taking a calming breath before reaching to undo his safety belt. The mortal only hesitated for a brief instant before opening his eyes and flinging open the door.

Walking around the car, Spike wrapped a possessive arm around his slave. Now to make things more entertaining, he thought, reaching into one of his duster’s many pockets and fingering the remote for the plug he’d fitted his plaything with before leaving the apartment. The boy’s loud moan when he started the toy made the vampire smile.

“Fuck,” his pet whimpered. Spike gripped the human tighter to him, placing a steadying hand beneath his elbow. He was absolutely certain that the boy wouldn’t have kept his feet under him without his support. “Oh God, Oh God...Spi… Master, please.”

“Hush, Luv. The people inside will only see as much as you show them,” the vampire reminded his pet, gently patting his bottom. The boy just panted, leaning into him. “The plug’s not even set to maximum yet. Imagine how it will feel if I increase the speed. The way you’re carrying on everyone will know our filthy little secret. Or is that what you really want. Is my wicked boy an exhibitionist? Is that it?”

His slave shook his head vigorously in denial, making small distressed sounds.

“Alright, alright. Come on, let go inside,” Spike soothed, taking pity on his dark eyed boy.

His pet released a long tremulous breath, but finally nodded. Keeping a possessive arm curled around his property’s waist, he quickly led them both into the video store. Being Sunday night the place was not jammed packed by any means, but there were still a good half dozen couples browsing the isles, looking for some weekend entertainment. Harris was probably the darkest shade of scarlet that he’d ever seen him. Yet, in spite of his obvious shame, the white hat was clearly aroused. His scent was intoxicating.

“There’s something gloriously debauched about being out this way isn’t there, Kitten? Playing our filthy games right under their noses? There’s an idea, perhaps I’ll take you out to the Bronze fitted with all our naughtiest toys. I’ll clamp your nipples nice and tight and maybe add some weights before I lead you out onto the dance floor. Then I’ll turn the vibrators on all the way up as you grind against me. I’ll let you writhe against me for long agonizing minutes, before I whisper the order to come in your ear. And you will. You’ll come in your trousers in front of everyone,” Spike whispered luridly. He felt a full body shudder from the boy in his arms.

He slid his hand into Harris’ back pocket and squeezed making the broader man gasp. “What kind of flick are you in the mood for, Luv?” he asked casually, pulling them towards the new releases as though he hadn’t just been describing molesting Xander in the middle of a crowded club just moments before.

“Well, see anything that you like?” he pressed, enjoying giving his boy’s muscular backside a hard pinch. “Go on, don’t be shy.”

“I don’t know... whatever you want is fine, Master,” the human panted, squirming in an alluring fashion.

“No, Precious, you’ve been especially well behaved this weekend, you deserve a reward. I said you could pick the movie, so that’s what you’ll do. Pick out something that you’ll enjoy,” he prodded, pushing his pet towards the shelves. He watched his boy bite his lower lip as he surveyed the multi-coloured DVD cases lined up garishly in display. The mortal spent the next several minutes alternating between looking at the titles displayed before him and glancing back at Spike anxiously over his shoulder. Finally after changing his mind several times the brunet seemed; to come to a decision.

“I wanted to see this when it first came out, but Anya and the girls weren’t interested so I never got the chance,” Xander blushed.

“Hmmm,” Spike snorted, he should have known. “All right then, Kitten. Go ahead and have the clerk ring it through.”

The whelp looked surprised for a moment, but then smiled shyly and nodded, making his way to the counter. The bored looking bint behind the register suddenly perked up, giving his boy an appreciative look. He watched in amusement as the young woman awkwardly flirted with an oblivious Harris. Not that he blamed the girl his boy did look rather fit to be eaten standing there in tight well-worn jeans, a burgundy button down just long enough to cover what would have been a very obvious bulge at the front of his jeans and brown leather jacket. He had to admit his white hat cleaned up rather nicely, especially since thanks to his newly junk food free diet  he’d shed some of the excess weight he’d been carrying around. Spike found himself growling when the stupid chit needlessly brushed her hand up Xander’s arm as she gave him his change. Smirking, Spike meandered up to join his pet at the counter. Wrapping a possessive arm around his boy, Spike reached into his pocket for the remote to the vibrator that the human was wearing and deftly switched it to the highest setting. The mortal squeaked loudly, leaning heavily on the counter-top. Several other customers turned giving the young man odd looks.

“Everything all right, Kitten?” the blond purred. The boy just nodded, quietly panting as he gripped the counter so tight that his knuckles turned white. “All paid up?” Again the taller man just nodded, taking a deep shuddering breath. Taking pity on the shaking boy he picked up the movie and steered them out of the store, winking at the now scowling female clerk.

“It’s staying on this setting until we get home. If you can’t stand it anymore let me know and I’ll turn it down, but you’ll be punished. Mind you not nearly as harshly as you will be if you come without permission,” he ordered as they made their way back to the car.

“Oh God,” his Kitten whimpered, pressing against him.

“You can do it for Master. Just concentrate on pleasing me, instead of focusing on your own need,” Spike soothed, opening the car door for his boy.

“That’s...” the brunet started to snap, before a raised eyebrow from his owner made him think better of it. “I’ll try, Master”

“I know you will. You always do. Such a good obedient boy,” Spike praised giving the human a playful grin. The situation was win-win really, at least for the vampire. Xander would either: A. somehow be able to manage to resist the simultaneous stimulation of both the vibrating ring teasing his cock and the toy pulsing against his prostate, giving Spike a lovely show all the way back to their flat or B. he would not and Spike would have the very pleasant duty of punishing him. Either way it would be an entertaining trip home.

Somehow the boy managed to make it back to the apartment without having to beg for the toy inside him to be turned down or worse disgracing himself by coming in his trousers. His eyes were glazed though and he was moaning almost continuously now.

“You’ve done so well, Kitten. You amaze me sometimes. I’ve seen human pets before with years of training that aren’t nearly as well behaved as you. I’m going to take you out some night and show you off. There are clubs in the city were demons go and show off their human toys. Their little pets are kept leashed and naked. Some are gagged and blindfolded and sometimes they are bound. You won’t be though. You will kneel at my feet nude but completely unfettered. All the other demons in the club will be seething with jealousy at seeing me with such a lovely well behaved slave. Can you picture yourself on your knees in front of me?” he purred, caressing Xander’s bottom lip.

“Yes, Master,” his pet replied shakily.

“You’ll be hard. The male slaves at these clubs are always erect. They’re made to kneel with their legs splayed displaying their arousal for all to see. The females are kept aroused as well, but it’s less obvious. If you look closely though you can see that they are all glistening and wet. Some of the masters tease their pets throughout the night, playing with them to keep their interest. I won’t have to though, will I? When the time comes you’ll stay hard just at the thought of how much it will please me,” Spike continued as he unlocked the front door.

His boy shuddered and quietly whimpered as he followed him inside. Deciding to be merciful he reached into his pocket for the remote control to the toy buzzing steadily inside Xander and switched it to the lowest setting. He snickered when Harris couldn’t contain a little sigh of relief.

“Undress while I put the movie in,” he ordered, steering the trembling mortal towards the bedroom.

Should have known that the bloody boy would pick a war movie, Spike thought as he put the Black Hawk Down disk into the DVD player. This is what came of spending so much time hanging about with only those silly birds for company. It wasn’t really surprising that given the opportunity to pick a film without the influence of the other Slayerettes the boy would pick something that was the antithesis of a “chick flick”. Oh well it seemed to make his pet happy and he’d promised the slave that he could pick the movie. Even if it was God awful it would still be worth it.

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