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Oh, God! Xander Harris couldn’t remember ever being this hard before in his young life. The sex they’d just had had been the most intense thing he’d ever experienced. The things Spike had done to him were things he’d only dared to dream of asking Anya to do to him. His ass and chest were so tender; the flesh felt swollen and enormous.

He’d felt so humiliated when Spike had spanked him earlier and forced him to say those things. He couldn’t believe how hard he’d come though when bleach boy had made him beg. Somehow he knew that if, by some strange twist of fate, he ever got out of this ‘arrangement’, what had happened tonight would fuel his jerk-off fantasies for the rest of his life. It was as though the vampire had stolen and twisted all of Xander’s deepest sexual fantasies, making them live and adding to the young man’s humiliation.

He swallowed nervously; the evil undead looked like he was ready to devour him. The young construction worker pulled at his bonds, but they held firm. The blond creature ran a cool hand up Xander’s muscular leg, sitting down beside his tightly tied slave. Spike slowly ran the black feather down his flank, causing Xander to giggle involuntarily.

"Ticklish are we, Kitten?" The vampire mocked, circling his belly button with the feather. Sensing it was a rhetorical question, the human kept his mouth shut. And he did too know what ‘rhetorical’ meant.

The feather made its way down his leg, carefully avoiding his cruelly bound groin. He prayed Spike wouldn’t leave him in this thing too much longer. The vampire got up, following the feather past his knee and down to his feet. The young man gasped as his master tickled the arch of his unprotected foot.

Spike kept it up quite some time. Xander was laughing helplessly; his whole body trembled uncontrollably when the vampire finally decided to run the feather back up his body. He felt a jolt in his helpless cock when the blond started circling each of his nipples with the feather. By the time the vampire decided that the inside of the brunette’s thighs were in need of his attentions, Xander was sure his balls were going to explode. He needed to come so badly.

Xander nearly cried when Spike started tickling his testicles with the soft feather. If not for the straps of leather tightly tethering his penis, the dark haired man was sure he would have exploded. He blushed when he heard himself whimpering as the puffy plume caressed his shaft.

The Slayerette lost complete track of time as his master teased and tormented his sex. It might have gone on for five hours or five minutes, he really couldn’t be sure .He only had one thought now - come. He almost sobbed in relief as he felt the straps of the harness being loosened. He felt Spike pet his thigh, before the vampire left the room.

He’s going to leave me here, like this, the mortal thought angrily. That neutered freak! Ha, ha, Blondie. This is not funny. What if something happens? Spike could have at least untied him before he left, he thought bitterly. Well at least now is erection might have a chance to start flagging just a little, if he could stop thinking about sex. He could do that.

Okay, no more thoughts about sex. No, sir, not thinking about sex while I’m naked tied up on the bed. Eep!

Okay, think un-sexy thoughts. Willow and Tara running their lips over each other’s bodies. Not helping! Buffy, hum…no. Buffy and the Buffybot. That is not helping, stupid brain. Faith the psycho bitch? Faith and Cordy writhing together. Stupid mind.

Anya and Spike going at it on a table at the Magic Box. Hey, that image is not sexy! I’m still deeply angry about that.

Okay, forget about women. Angel… Angel and Wesley going at it. Oh, God. Stupid vampire. Think un-sexy. Since when are those two sexy? Giles…what could be more un-sexy than G-man?

Xander cursed himself as an image of the Watcher and Ethan Rayne going at it filled his mind. He was doomed. What the hell what that damned bloodsucker doing to him? He’d never thought of men like that before, not really.

Ha! I’ve got it…naked Principal Snyder. Better, naked Principal Snyder doing naked Quentin Travers.

"Whatever you’re thinking about, Kitten, it must be nasty," his master said as he re-entered the room smirking down at him. "You thirsty, pet?" the vampire continued, bringing a glass of water to the mortal’s lips. The young man gratefully took a sip. He hadn’t even realized how thirsty he’d gotten.

"I ordered some dinner," the vampire announced.

"Um, Master?" the boy ventured.

"Yes, Kitten?" Spike grinned, running his hand up Xander’s quivering thigh.

"Are you going to untie me?" the brunette finally asked in exasperation. Spike had never forbidden him to ask questions, after all.

"No, Kitten, not for a while yet," Spike declared, reaching to fondle his slave’s exposed balls. "So bloody gorgeous spread out all hard just for me. You’re such a good boy. I know how hard this is," the vampire whispered mockingly, stroking the mortal’s hardness again. Xander tried to bite back his moans of frustration.

Spike’s finger was circling his anus, stimulating the sensitive flesh there, when the doorbell rang. "That will be the pizza, Kitten. Be right back sweet," the vampire waved has he left his again, pulling on his tight jeans as he went.

Xander flushed at the thought of Spike opening the door to a stranger, while he lay naked and helpless, his cock rigid, just a few dozen feet away. He heard Spike pay the pizza boy and then lock the door behind him. The Scooby’s stomach growled as the aroma drifted to him.

"Hungry, Kitten?" Spike asked, devouring a slice of deluxe pizza.

Xander hated vegetables on his pizza. Somehow he was sure the vampire knew that. He was starving though, so he nodded.

Spike finished off his slice, and then brought one to the mortal’s lips. Oh, for God’s sake. The stupid vampire couldn’t untie him so he could eat? Guess not. Xander morosely took a bite out of the pizza slice.

"Well go shopping tomorrow night. You will start eating better from know on, Kitten. You’ve gotten a little pudgy over the last year," the vampire declared, continuing to feed him. Wonderful…his vampire master thought he was fat. Great, the young man thought, He’s turning me into a girl and I think I may have low self-esteem or maybe PMS.

"Gotten a bit out of shape, silly tosser, which we are going to take care of. I lived in your basement remember? I’ve seen the way you take care of yourself, Kitten," the vampire told him exasperated, stuffing another small piece of pizza into the mortal’s mouth to forestall any arguments. Finally satisfied, Spike took the pizza away and the brunette distantly heard him put it in the refrigerator.

"Now where were we?" the blonde asked sitting next to him and picking up the stupid feather. He tried to twist out of his way, but Spike grabbed his cock firmly by the root, holding him firmly in place. Xander struggled as best he could, as he was once again teased beyond endurance. Just when the boy thought he would burst, the stimulation stopped.

"Please," he gasped exhausted, the stimulation, with no relief in site, was becoming painful.

"You’re not coming again tonight, Kitten," the vampire announced, again tormenting the slightly bruised entry to his body again. "You’ll become used to being hard for me soon. Tell you what, Kitten. You do a couple of things for me and I’ll let you go to sleep alright?" the blonde immortal offered. Maybe he could tell the mortal was at the end of his rope.

"Please, Master," Xander wasn’t even sure what he was begging for. He only knew that he was going to loose it if the vampire didn’t stop it soon.

"Alright, pet," the vampire tried to appease him. Xander watched quietly as Spike released the crimson cuffs that circled his extremities from the chains securing them to the bed. Spike wiggled out of his jeans. How could the vampire stand to wear pants that tight? Well, of course, he doesn’t have any circulation.

Spike tossed him the lube as he lay back folding his arms behind his head. "Stretch yourself, Kitten," the vampire grinned.

"What?" Xander shrieked, looking down at the tube in his hand as if it was about to bite him.

"Put some of that on your fingers, then finger your hole until you’re ready for my cock," the vampire repeated calmly. "I’ve done it to you a couple of times, pet. I’m sure you know the mechanics by now."

The dark haired human opened the tube, spreading some of the slimy liquid unto his fingers. Nervously reaching between his legs, Xander found the small entrance he was looking for and started pushing a finger inside. He wiggled it around experimentally. It was weird doing this to himself.

"Find your sweet spot and play with yourself for a little while," the blonde ordered, leaning up on one elbow so he could look down at the younger man. Xander obeyed, trying as best he could to imitate the way the vampire touched him. Light danced I front of his eyes as he found the gland and started rubbing it. He really wanted to wrap his fist around his cock, but he’d already been warned that orgasm wouldn’t be in the cards again that night.

Spike was looking down at him with a proprietary gaze. The vampire started petting his hair again, as Xander was discovering was often his habit. Maybe it was a throwback from taking care of Drusilla all those years.

Xander supposed he should be grateful that the blond had decided to be gentle with him. He’d envisioned all sorts of nightmare scenarios when he’d decided to deliver himself into slavery. Not the least of which was spending the rest of his days locked in some dank hole, to be used as Spike’s chew toy. He supposed very deep down he’d even prepared himself for the possibility that he would be raped. He’d always thought the blond would just take whatever he wanted.

Somehow, this was worse. A wave of shame washed over him as he shuddered with physical pleasure. He shouldn’t be enjoying the sick things Spike did to him. What kind of sick pervert was he?

He’d broken down like a baby when the vampire had fucked him the first time and now the very next night he was laying here with a finger up his ass. It felt so good. Xander had never felt this dirty or disgusting in his life.

"Use more fingers, Kitten. Is it good? Feels so good doesn’t it? You should see the picture you make," Spike purred.

Xander threw his head back gritting his teeth. He was afraid he was about to violate his Master’s command and shoot all over himself.

God! He was so depraved. But he had to do this. He’d promised himself to the vampire. The pact cast bound him to obey his master’s wishes in order to preserve the power of that fucking orb.

Spike wanted him to do this. He was Spike’s.

"Good boy," Spike congratulated him, pulling his fingers out of his body. The vampire swiftly connected the cuffs behind his back, denying him the use of his arms again.

"I want you to pleasure yourself some more, Kitten, on my cock. Ride me," the blond ordered, leering.

How was he supposed to do this without his hands? Xander awkwardly crawled over to the reclining vampire. The blond caught him with a chuckle when he nearly fell on his face trying to straddle his master.

"Need some help, pet?" the blond smirked, positioning the brunette directly over his erection. Xander felt Spike guide the tip of his stiff shaft into his tight passage. The mortal slowly lowered himself fully onto the vampire’s organ. It was strange participating this actively in his own penetration; he felt every inch of the vampire’s cock as it entered him.

He started pistoning his hips to Spike’s impatient growl. It was hard to do without the aid of his arms to support his weight. He had a real fear of falling over. Xander’s body was soon quivering from the strain. Spike finally grabbed him by the waist, steadying him. The dark haired man was still erect, but his body’s fatigue had lessened the urgent need he felt to come. Once in a while, his Master would tortuously give an idle stroke to his cock. Sweat was soon pouring down the mortal’s body. Xander was actually relieved when the vampire growled and came deep inside him.

Spike stroked Xander’s bruised butt idly as he recovered from his latest orgasm. The brunette was beginning to wonder how he would survive the creature’s stamina.

"That was nice, Kitten," the vampire complemented. "Let’s get you off to bed, shall we," the vampire continued, lifting the human off of him. Xander groaned inwardly, when his master freed his arms only to bind them loosely to the headboard. The vampire had promised to leave him be. He’ couldn’t believe he’d been stupid enough to trust the peroxide blond.

"I’m afraid; Kitten, that you’ll just have to put up with the chains. Don’t want my naughty little toy touching his hard-on. We can’t have you turning over and grinding yourself into the mattress either, now can we." the vampire explained, re-attaching chains to his ankle cuffs. These kept his legs in a far more comfortable position. Their purpose was obviously to prevent him from turning over. The vampire pulled a sheet over him, fondling his genitals again, before leaving him alone to attempt to fall asleep.

Xander’s last thought before he fell asleep was that he couldn’t possibly get any rest in that position.

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