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Spike woke later that night to big brown eyes staring intently at him. He smiled to himself, looking down at his boy. Bugger if he didn’t want the little ponce again. The boy may not have been what he originally wanted, but the vampire had to admit that now that he’d sampled the goods he couldn’t seem to get enough.

“What has you looking so perplexed tonight, Kitten?” Spike asked, absently brushing the hair out of his boy’s forehead.

“I… um” the boy mumbled.

“Spit it out, boy,” the vampire snapped in exasperation.

“I was sort of wondering about something,” the young human began cautiously. What was the pup going on about this time?

“What’s that, Kitten?” Spike prodded.

“When you bit me,” the whelp started again tentatively.

“Yes?” the blonde probed, seeing where the boy’s questions were going. Boy’s not as daft as I thought.

“Um… Well last night when you… when you bit me, it really hurt, a lot,” the boy whispered, a little fearfully.

“I was angry, Kitten,” Spike answered, stroking his pet’s cheek. The boy needs a shave, he thought.

“You’re not anymore? Master,” the mortal hastily added, lowering his eyes.

“Not really, I’m a fairly adaptable creature. That’s how I managed to survive the Initiative and the chip, Kitten. I adjusted, I always do. I’m making the best of things,” the vampire told him. He should have taken the opportunity to say something nasty, to tell the boy how he’d been robbed, but the mortal’s voice had sounded so small and insecure. Bloody hell, I’m a ponce. “So when I tasted you the first time it was painful?” he continued, changing the subject. The boy trapped in his arms just nodded. “What did you want to know exactly, Kitten?”

“How come it didn’t hurt tonight?” the young man asked. The vampire had to smile, thinking of what had happened earlier that night. He didn’t know how he’d stop himself from continuously pulling the brunette over his lap. His slave been lovely sprawled across his knees, cock hard as he squirmed ever so slightly beneath his master’s blows.

“I figured that’s where you were going with this. Alright pet, but this is between the two of us, understand?” the vampire admonished.

“Yes, Master,” the mortal nodded. The vampire wasn’t too worried, since he had no intention of letting this one near the watcher again.

“Do you remember what I was doing right before I bit you last night? Not that wanker!” Spike laughed, noting the rosy color spreading across the boy’s face. “To your throat,” he continued.

“You were kissing and licking my neck and stuff,” Xander recollected, still blushing prettily.

“That’s right, I was making you ready for my bite. See, Kitten, vampire saliva well, it has healing properties, and when we’re about to feed, numbing ones. It’s also arouses our victims, turns the feeding into an erotic experience. That’s why soldier boy was so into it.

“It makes feeding a lot easier since it can pacify your prey a great deal. When I licked over the area I was going to bite, it made you ready for me. That’s why it didn’t hurt you this time,” the blonde explained, reaching down to tweak one of his boy’s delectable little nipples. He grinned as his boy tried to turn away in an attempt to conceal his moan of pleasure.

He turned the mortal onto his back and started pinching and gently twisting both of the human’s sensitive tits. Xander began squirming on the bed, despite his undoubtedly sore backside, as his master pulled and squeezed the dark little nubs of flesh harder. The blond vampire continued tugging and manipulating his boy’s chest until the mortal lay gasping on the bed, the tender flesh red and swollen.

Spike bent down, soothing one of the tortured nipples with delicate licks of his tongue, while he continued to torment its mate. He could scent his slave’s arousal in the air. Taking the tit in front of him into his mouth, he began suckling it very gently, as his tongue continued to lave it with gentle strokes. He cruelly alternated pinching and scratching his boy’s other nipple with his nails. Xander writhed as the vampire switched, reversing his attention on each nipple. He reached between the mortal’s leg, not at all surprised to find his boy’s cock hard and dripping. Never seen anyone who loves havin ‘is tits played with so much.

“Don’t move,” the blond ordered. “And, Kitten, if I catch you touching yourself, I’m going to use that paddle we bought earlier and I’m going to spank you so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week. And you can forget being allowed to come for at least the next month. Do you understand me, Kitten?” the vampire continued, blowing on one of the still glistening nipple.

“Yes, Master,” his boy, responded plaintively. He gave the boy’s nipples one more twist before leaving the room. He quickly made his way to the front door collecting the things they’d purchased from Minara earlier that evening. Rifling through the bags as he made his way back to the bedroom, he collected the things he was looking for. The sight of his boy was almost too much for the vampire. Xander was lying nude on the bed, his erection leaking steadily onto his belly, and clenching the sheets at his sides in an obvious attempt to keep himself from caressing his aching flesh.

Sitting next to the whelp on the bed, he pulled a cock harness out one of the bags. “This way you won’t have an accident,” Spike chuckled; quickly fitting the mortal with the harness, despite the hangdog look his boy gave him. Spike ran his finger over the tip of the boy’s swollen penis after he finished securing the restraint. Xander just whimpered in frustration.

“Don’t be greedy, Kitten. You just came. Turn over,” the vampire commanded. He quickly secured the boys arms behind his back. Minara had been right; the blood red cuffs did look good on his boy, especially next to his reddened bottom. Spike rolled the mortal back over carefully arranging the pillows beneath him so he would be comfortable.

The mortal wriggled slightly, seemingly trying to get used to the feelings of being bound. Spike stroked his boy’s tightly confined erection a few times, before returning his attention to his sensitive nipples. He leaned over and resumed abusing the boy’s small dusky nipples with his lips, tongue and teeth. It was no long before he had his pet whimpering in frustration. The poor thing’s cock was incredibly hard and erect.

Reaching discreetly into one of the bags he’d left beside the bed, the vampire wrapped his hand around a tiny deer-hide flogger. He doubted his slave had even noticed him pick it up at the store. It was designed for cock and ball torture, but would do nicely to torment his pet’s poor titties. Without warning, he stopped his ministration and brought it down on the human’s right nipple.

“Has anyone else ever tortured your tits this way before, Kitten?” the blonde asked, bringing the flogger down again several times on the mortal’s vulnerable chest.

“No, Master,” his slave answered, shaking his head. He could see Harris’ obvious fear, but his arousal was equally obvious. It was apparent the boy wanted to protest, but was afraid to do so.

The vampire brought his free hand to the boy’s cock, teasing the slit. The boy kept twisting uncontrollably, as Spike continued lashing his torso with sharp, stinging blows. Finally, he tired, tossing the whip aside. Reaching beside the bed again, the vampire brought out a pair of nipple clamps.

“I’m going to put these on you now, Kitten, and then I’m going to bugger your tight arse again,” Spike warned his boy, applying an alligator clap to each erect nipple. The young man gasped, biting his lower lip.

The vampire turned the boy unto his belly, forcing him to his knees. The construction worker, arms still secured behind his back, lay his forehead on the bed. The vampire made quick work of stretching the boy’s passage, which was still moist from their earlier encounter.

The immortal creature quickly slicked his straining organ and buried himself deep inside his boy. The mortal was not the only one who’d gotten exited by their play. Spike was truly beginning to love plundering his boy. He reached beneath them grasping the swigging chain that dangled between the youth’s tits; the human would buck under him every time he gave it a light tug.

He continued leisurely fucking the dark-haired mortal, taking his time and enjoying the warm soft firmness around him. The mortal was softly whining in protest. Spike reached down and teased his pet’s trapped manhood with soft strokes.

“Such a pretty Kitten, all hard for me. You feel so good squeezing me,” the vampire purred. He pulled the clamps off the boy’s body roughly. The boy gave a small cry, convulsing all over. Spike thrust into the mortal hard and quick. He came with a roar, collapsing on top of the mortal.

“Hmm, “ the vampire murmured kissing the back of the mortal’s neck. The young man was trembling with need. The blonde rolled off of the dark haired mortal, turning him back unto his back.

His boy’s nipples were beginning to bruise; he kissed each one quickly in silent apology. His Xander looked beautifully frustrated. He circled the crown of the mortal’s cock with the pad of his thumb. His boy unconsciously rolled his hips. “Please,” he begged softly, looking at Spike with his big brown eyes. The vampire briefly considered punishing the boy for the lapse, but decided that he was suffering enough.

“I think we need a shower now,” the vampire suddenly decided, sitting the boy up. He removed the cuffs, tossing them aside. Taking the mortal’s hand, he led him to the bathroom.

“Remember now, Kitten, you are not allowed to come unless I give you permission. You’ll be disciplined if you disobey me,” the vampire smirked, working loose the straps that had confined the mortal’s painfully hard organ. Taking the youth’s hand, he led him into the bathtub, pulling the curtain behind them.

Turning on the water as hot as he thought the human could stand, he positioned them both underneath the spray. Grabbing the shampoo bottle off of the rack, he began to wash the younger man’s sable hair. He’d always loved doing it for Dru. He tilted the dark head back, rinsing out the soap, careful not to get any into the human’s eyes.

Taking the washcloth from the rack behind them, he washed the mortal’s chest very cautiously, letting the rough fabric caress the human’s abused nipples. Working his way down the mortal’s belly, he continued his washing, carefully avoiding the aching sex. The vampire tenderly washed the boy’s rear, reaching between his cheeks and teasing his well-used hole with the coarse material. He smiled inwardly as the boy involuntarily spread his legs. Finally, he grasped the mortal’s erection and began washing it efficiently and as quickly as possible. He wanted to clean the boy’s organ, while providing as little sexual pleasure as possible.

“Next time you shower, Kitten, I want you to do something for me. In fact I want you to do this for me every single day. I want you to shave of your pubes off, pet,” Spike whispered, washing his pet’s back. The look his boy gave him was one of pure venom.

“I can’t wait to feel you all smooth and silky. You’ll be so beautiful for me,” Spike cajoled, unnecessarily running the washcloth up his boy’s shaft.

Satisfied, Spike turned off the water and dried them both off. The mortal was still gloriously hard, his erection proudly jutting out in front of him. Spike smiled. The water pelting his organ must have been pure agony.

“Time to put this back on,” on the Brit grinned, picking up the harness he had laid on the toilet seat. If looks could stake. Spike re-imprisoned the mortal’s organ straightway. “There,” he smiled, “now we can play some more.”

Spike smirked, leading the mortal back into the bedroom. He laid the mortal on the bed, wrapping the scarlet cuffs back around his wrists and then attaching them to the headboard. Rifling around till he located the ankle cuffs, Spike made short work of attaching them to the mortal. After stuffing a couple of pillows under the boy to elevate his bottom, the blond fastened each leg to the bed, spreading them wide. Taking an Ostrich feather out of one of the bags on the floor, Spike smiled down at the gorgeously exposed boy.

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