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His pet had been jittery all day. From the moment the alarm had gone off early this morning his slave had been jumpy, it was bloody well distracting. The eight hours the mortal had spent at work didn’t seem to have helped either. If anything his mortal seemed even more nervous and fidgety now that he’d gotten home, it wasn’t that Spike didn’t occasionally enjoy some nervousness in the boy, but this was ridiculous. He literally jumped out of his skin each time his owner approached him, let alone touched him. Not exactly what the vampire had had planned for the evening.

In some ways things had been progressing rather well over the past couple of weeks, since the night they’d found out that the boy was fitted with some sort of mystical equivalent to his chip, actually. The male Scooby had been much more at ease within his own skin since he’d finally been able to admit to his own desires. His pet now responded with a fair amount of eagerness when it was time to play. He seemed much more comfortable submitting to his Master, of course that didn’t mean that Spike still couldn’t manage to push the boy’s buttons. He certainly couldn’t pretend that he didn’t enjoy doing just that. Well he could, just not very convincingly. Not that he should. Being able to humiliate his former adversary was definitely one of the perks of this arrangement. Noiselessly, he made his way into the kitchen.

After he’d finished feeding the whelp, he’d set the boy to cleaning up the kitchen. It was a wonder the taller man hadn’t broken something as clumsy as he was acting tonight, but somehow he’d managed to avert disaster while adding his dinner dishes to the breakfast ones waiting in the sink. His pet made quite a picture standing there clad in nothing but the little frilly blue and white gingham apron that the Master vampire had started insisting he wear while doing housework a few days earlier. His Kitten had reeked of sweet shame as he’d tied the silly thing around his waist the first time. Spike smiled, remembering that evening. “You really do need to make up your mind, Pet,” he’d needled, pulling the thoroughly embarrassed young man into his arms. “You’ve been moping all week that I won’t let you dress inside the apartment. Now I give you something that covers you up and you’re still unhappy?” He’d ended up bending the slayerette over the breakfast counter and spanking him hard, before shagging him good and proper, ridiculous looking fifties style apron and all. Now that had been a pleasant night.

Silently he pressed up behind the human. He reached up under fabric barely covering his boy’s crotch and cupped his knackers in one swift motion. He grinned as he felt the mortal start.Xander groaned as Spike snaked his free hand around his torso and started tormenting his right nipple. Awkwardly, the youth kept at his task. His pet was learning; he hadn’t been told to stop. Spike decided to reward the boy by releasing his bollocks and wrapping his fist around his already engorged prick. His pet groaned and wiggled against him ever so slightly. “Is my Kitten feeling amorous?” he whispered, nibbling on a convenient earlobe.

There was only the slightest hesitation before he heard the boy moan. “Yes, Master.”

“Once you’ve done your chores, I’m going to take you into the bedroom and I’m going to tie you down. Then I’ll put the blindfold on you. I think I might gag you as well. That way you’ll be completely at my mercy while I fuck your sweet hole,” he promised, feeling the young man in his arms shudder. He chuckled, running the pad of his thumb over the sensitive head of his pet’s penis. “My dirty little slut, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, God... Yes, Master,” the mortal admitted.

“Mmmm. Don’t know if I’ll let you come though. You’re so very lovely this way, trembling in my arms. Maybe I’ll just play with you, tease you all night till you’re a helpless bundle of nerves. I do enjoy holding you when I’ve driven you out of your mind with need. You whimper so beautifully, Kitten,” the vampire coaxed.

“Please,” Xander panted softly, making delectable noises at the idea. The vampire wasn’t entirely certain what the boy was pleading for, to be allowed to climax or to be tormented as he’d described.

“Maybe my filthy whore needs to convince me? Better start making your case now luv, you’ll be gagged soon enough,” the slim vampire taunted, gently nibbling the taller man’s throat.

“Please Master, let me come for you... It... It makes me so hot when you’re inside me. I’ll make it so good, Master,” the boy begged luridly. This time the slight grinding of the mortal’s bottom against Spike groin was definitely intentional.

“You do make a pretty picture when you come, but you’re just as pretty when you’re all hot and bothered,” the blond reminded his slave, slowly continuing to stroke him. Xander was shaking. Spike nimbly reached for the mortal’s cock head. He very gently fingered the sensitive slit, gathering some pre-come from it and using it to moisten the rest of his pet’s gland. He kept doing it until the mortal literally mewled. Releasing his human’s sex, he moved his hand to Xander’s hip, gently drawing small soothing circles on it with his fingertips. Finally when the brunet seemed to have calmed a fraction he backed away from him, kissing the shell of his ear.“I’m going to go get things ready in the bedroom. Join me once you’re finished, Kitten.”

Gasping for a moment, his slave bowed his head taking deep calming breaths before finally nodding in agreement. Well that seemed to have settled the boy a bit. His pet still seemed tense, but it was now clearly due to sexual frustration. Pleased, he palmed Xander’s backside, before smacking it lightly and walking off towards the bedroom.

Humming to himself happily, Spike stripped the blankets off the bed quickly leaving only the fitted sheet covering the mattress. Then opening up their night stand he quickly located the set of leather cuffs he’d bought for Xander a couple of weeks earlier. He made quick work of attaching them to the small chains he’d left attached to the four corners of the bed frame. Fussing for a couple of minutes he carefully arranged the cuffs at each corner of the bed, pulling each chain so that they were taut, until he was satisfied with the way the blood red leather looked against the black silk bedding. He opened the closet and pulled out a couple of spare pillows and placed them in the centre of the bed in just the right position to help raise his Kitten’s hips off the bed. He’d just begun taking the large black plastic tote that contained the rest of their toys from the closet and moving it beside the bed, when his boy walked into the room sans apron, biting his lip fretfully. Well bugger, the pup’s earlier jumpiness was back full force. What was wrong with the stupid boy? They hadn’t had a row in days and as far as he knew Harris hadn’t disobeyed him, besides the bigger man wasn’t acting guilty, just worried; which didn’t make any sense, since all and all they’d been getting along fairly well, all things considered. Well this wouldn’t do. It was Friday night and Spike would be damned if he was going to spend the whole weekend with Xander too distracted to serve him properly. This was the only time when he could play uninterrupted for forty-eight hours straight, barring sleep of course and he’d be damned if he’d lose the opportunity to enjoy his spoils.

“Come here and sit down, Kitten.” He gestured towards the bed. Gulping, his pet shuffled towards their bed and obeyed clumsily, seeming not to know what to do with his own limbs.

“Tell me what has you fretting like a fifteen year old girl,” the Master vampire ordered simply, crossing his arms and making a show of scowling down at his slave.

Xander just blinked up at him mouth agape. “What?”

“You’ve been a bundle of nerves since you woke up this morning and I want to know why,” the blue eyed vampire demanded, glaring down at his seated slave.

“I... ummm” the boy stuttered idiotically.

“I expect an answer, Pet. We are not spending all your time off with you acting like I’m about steal your sodding puppy or some such nonsense,” the vampire snapped irritably.

His boy closed his eyes for an instant, before gazing up at Spike with eyes that for a brief second reminded him inexplicably of Drusilla. Which was asinine, Xander’s eyes looked nothing like his dark princess’, yet there was something... Something desperate and a little lost in his boy’s dark eyes tonight. “I still have time off?” the young man asked shakily.

“Why the bleeding hell wouldn’t you? You are not working on Saturdays or Sundays and that’s final. I don’t care how much they offer you.” He growled. No doubt the dosh would be nice, but there was absolutely no way he was authorizing his boy to spend any more time away from him.

“So I am going back to work on Monday?” his slave asked uncertainly, relaxing a fraction.

“Why wouldn’t you? You didn’t get yourself fired again did you?” he asked suspiciously. Wanker had lost more jobs than most people had in a lifetime. Of course most people didn’t spend all their spare time trying to prevent apocalypses.

“No, of course not,” his pet shot back indignantly, clearly insulted. It was hard to take the boy’s glower seriously, considering his pet was sitting in front of him naked, his penis still very much erect.

“Well then what are you going on about?” the Master vampire demanded. He’d been gifted with the most frustrating toy in the world.

“It’s been three weeks,” Harris huffed indignantly, looking as though he was barely biting back a string of stinging insults.

“Three? What the... oh,” he suddenly realized. The whelp had just finished his third work week since becoming Spike’s property. The probation that he had set for the boy was up today. “So it has. Explains why you’ve been so broody all day.”

“I have not been broody all day!” the mortal squawked huffily. The boy’s eyes widened comically as he suddenly remembered his manners. “Ummm, Master.”

“Yes you have. Now stop with this nonsense or your backside will be raw when you head back to work,” he barked. Surprisingly the threat made the human beam up at him happily. Sometimes he thought the boy was as much work as Dru.

“Thank you, Master,” his boy sighed relived.

“Yes, well you’ve been a good boy for the most part. Good thing we have the whole weekend to celebrate isn’t it?” Spike smirked. His pet seemed in relatively high spirits now that he was no longer afraid he’d be ordered to resign from his precious job. What kind of Master would he be if he didn’t take advantage of it?

“Yes, Master,” the younger man swallowed nervously, catching the lustful look on his face.

“Spread your legs nice and wide. Good, now play with yourself. Good boy. I’ve just decided something else, Kitten. It’s six thirty now, you’ll be allowed to come at bed time,” the vampire began, crouching down so he’d be at eye level with his pet.

“Thank you, Master” his human whimpered, his breath hitching just a little bit.

“Not tonight, luv. Before bed on Sunday night,” he corrected. His boy made a pitiful little sound, but didn’t stop stroking his cock. “Remember the first couple of days you belonged to me, Kitten? Remember that time when I teased you for a couple of days before I allowed you to come? Do you remember how intense that orgasm was, how hard you came for me?”

“Yes, Master,” the nude man nodded.

“Describe to me how it felt, Kitten,” he ordered, rubbing himself through his black jeans.

“It felt so good. You were touching me all over. God... Everywhere except my cock. I wanted you to touch me there so badly. I was so turned on and I didn’t think you’d let me come. I was so hard it hurt, so desperate. Oh God... It was so... the pleasure... so good. I thought I was going to pass out,” his pet panted.

“We’re going to spend the whole weekend torturing you with pleasure, pet. We’re going to keep you hard and wanting, but no matter how excited you get, you’ll know that you won’t get any relief. Now use your free hand to pinch one of your nipples. Yeah, luv, twist it hard. Now keep doing that until you’re on the very edge of coming. Understand?”

“Yes, Master,” his pet agreed miserably, his body already trembling. The boy had been hard from the teasing he’d endured in the kitchen before he’d even begun touching himself and Spike knew the mortal wouldn’t be able to stand the stimulation much longer without running the risk of climaxing. The brunet had started involuntarily thrusting his hips ever so slightly.

“If you stop before I think you can’t bear it any longer, we’ll push your orgasm back until Monday night. Then again if you come without permission you won’t be allowed to come again until next Sunday.”

“Oh, please Master,” his pet begged, shaking his head from side to side.

“But I’m enjoying watching you. You don’t want to spoil Master’s fun do you, Kitten? After all you’re only being allowed to play with that cock for my pleasure,” he reminded his slave. Xander just gasped in response, throwing his head back and biting down on his bottom lip. “Say it, Kitten. Tell me whose property it is you’re stroking,” Spike insisted, his own erection now pressing painfully against the front of his jeans.

“It’s yours Master. This cock belongs to you. My whole body belongs to you,” his pet moaned, his whole frame was quivering, his cock leaking.

“Play with the slit. Yeah, just like that Kitten. I want you to gather up all that lovely pre-come. Get your fingers nice and wet. Good boy. Now suck them,” he demanded. He watched transfixed has his pet obeyed, slowly bringing his glistening fingers to his mouth and sucking each digit. Suddenly Spike couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Lay down on your belly, spread eagle,” he ordered briskly. His boy scrambled quickly to obey, awkwardly laying himself over the mound of pillows Spike had arranged in the centre of the mattress. Reaching across his pet, he quickly cuffed both of the human’s wrists. Lifting Xander by the waist he quickly rearranged the pillows under him, piling all three of them below his stomach, raising the poor boy’s arse, but not giving his cock anything to rub against. He then attached the ankle restraints, leaving his slave’s limbs stretched tightly and his backside lifted up invitingly. Bloody hell! He wanted to plunge into his slave’s tight heat, but there were still a couple of things missing to complete the pretty picture he’d painted for his boy earlier in the kitchen.

Taking an unneeded breath, he rummaged around the tote beside the bed until he located the bright red ball gag. “Tilt your head back and open wide Kitten,” he ordered, slipping the gag into his pet’s mouth and buckling the strap behind his head without too much trouble. Reaching into the night stand he pulled out a black satin blindfold that had quickly become one of their favourite toys and secured it around the human’s head. Standing up he took a brief moment to admire his work, before stripping out of his t-shirt and jeans and laying down beside his tightly bound pet.

“Going to take you now, Kitten. I’m going to bury myself in that sweet arse of yours,” he whispered, reaching for the bottle of lube he’d set on the nightstand. His pet whimpered into his gag as Spike slowly fingered him, playing with his prostate. It still amazed him how responsive the young man actually was. He gasped as he entered the human, momentarily overwhelmed by the boy’s warmth. How had he ever gone so many years without that delicious heat around his cock?

“You like feeling Master’s cock inside you don’t you, Kitten?” he asked, reaching under them to leisurely run his finger up and down the spot right behind his pet’s cock head. The boy was still delightfully sensitive, despite being cut. Xander sobbed into his gag, pulling uselessly against his bonds.

“My poor sweet boy, it’s just starting to become painful isn’t it, luv? All this stimulation, with no end in sight. If only I’d fist you. I bet just a few good firm strokes would do the trick, wouldn’t they Kitten?” he asked, running his two fingers very lightly up and down the shaft of the boy’s penis. The mortal’s whole body shuddered, making him contract exquisitely around Spike’s cock. The vampire moaned, speeding up his thrusts. Leaving his pet’s cock alone, he wrapped both his arms around the younger man’s torso and began cruelly pinching his nipples. Predictably the brunet squealed and bucked beneath him.

“No coming,” he panted, reminding the boy who was wiggling alluringly underneath him. Closing his eyes, Spike lost himself in the luxurious pleasure of fucking his Kitten.

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