Buffy's Bitch

BY : Oric13
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Title: Buffy's Bitch
Author: Oric13
Universe: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Cordelia
Rating: NC-17 (of course)
Keywords: f/f, teen, fdom, spank, voyeur, humil, humor, TV-parody
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Summary: Affected by the slime of a demon, Buffy reacts somewhat different to Cordelia's usual taunting.
Notes: The story takes place shortly after season 2 episode "I Only Have Eyes For You" and is slightly AU, because unlike what happened in the series: Cordelia did NOT get back with Xander. Instead she clawed and bitched her way back as Queen of Sunnydale High.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy... but the story itself belongs to me.

Warning: This story contains: lesbian sex, spanking, D/s, humiliation and a bit of S&M. If you don't like that or are too young for it, then don't read this.

Buffy's Bitch
by Oric13

Chapter 9

After having told Giles most of what had happened between her and Buffy in the last two weeks, a red-faced Cordelia stared at an equal red-faced watcher while awaiting his response.

"A-Are you serious?!" The watcher finally managed to get out after a very long and uncomfortable silence.

"Hey! Do I look like I'm kidding?!" the annoyed cheerleader responded. "Like I'd really show my face in here if it wasn't an extreme emergency. I'm not joking around and I'm not crazy either, and you better believ--"

Giles held out a hand, halting the word-flood he sensed was coming. "I-I am not questioning your sanity, Cordelia... It's just a tad difficult for me to believe that Buffy would... behave in such a manner."

"Perhaps you'd like to see some of the bruises that little bitch put on my behind?" the May Queen inquired stonily while shooting the Watcher an icy glare.

The librarian turned even more flustered then before as his eyes inadvertently dropped to the cheerleader's nether regions before quickly glancing up again.

"N-no, that won't be necessary." Removing his glasses, he pinched the bridge of his nose, taking a few moments to collect his thoughts before focussing his eyes again on the brunette. "You said that this... situation started Thursday a week ago?"

"Yes, that's when she started to act really weird... Well, weirder than usual, that is," Cordelia began to recap, satisfied that the watcher finally seemed to take her serious.


After a long shower, Buffy strolled back into her bedroom. Even though the sun was already down, it was still pretty hot in her room so she didn't bother putting on a bathrobe.

Instead of getting dressed right away, she threw herself face down on the bed. Closing her eyes, the blonde pressed her face into the freshly washed sheets; smiling as her enhanced sense of smell was instantly bombarded by the delightful scent of the lavender/vanilla fabric softener that her mother used. After having breathed deeply of the enticing scent, Buffy turned over on her back and began replaying today'snts nts over in her mind; as usual her thoughts focussed mainly on a certain buxom, brunette cheerleader.

The moment that the visual image of Cordelia Chase appeared in her mind, Buffy's hands -- spread out above her head -- gradually gravitated towards her naked body. Once the blonde Slayerrtedrted touching herself, the image of Cordelia in her cheerleader outfit transformed into the image of a buck-naked Cordelia Chase lying on her back with her legs pulled back, holding her labia-lips open for Buffy's visual inspection.

Groaning softly, Buffy spread her legs wide and placed her right hand between her thighs, softly stroking her swollen slit and clit. Her left hand quickly moved to her left breast, pulling and pinching her swollen nipple and squeezing the firm flesh.

As the blonde's arousal increased and her little masturbation session intensified, the images in her mind turned progressively more pornographic. She pictured Cordelia kneeling naked before her, a devoted expression on the May Queen's face while she used her deadly, much-feared tongue to tenderly lick her pussy... Then she's suddenly in the girls' locker room, spanking the brunette's bare behind while the other girls of the cheerleading squad stand around them. The pretty youomenomen were watching the spanking of their leader with shocked and aroused expressions on their faces. Apprehension soon followed once the cheerleaders realized that soon it would be their turn for a bare-bottomed spanking across Buffy's knee...

Pumping three fingers in her sopping slit while roughly kneading her tits, Buffy's fantasy became even kinkier: She's in the gym and judging from the huge crowd on the bleachers and the cheerleaders cheering on the sideline, it looked like their basketball team at long last made it to the finales of the state championship. But instead of a game taking place on the floor, there's only Cordelia and herself, sitting totally naked on a mat in the middle of the gym.

Gazing around at the numerous onlookers, Buffy knew that she should be mortified about being naked in front of a crowd of strangers, but instead she felt more aroused then she'd ever felt before. Looking down, her eyes trailed across her naked body -- taking in her rock-hard nipples with an amused smile and giving them a little tweak. The audience seemed to approve of that, judging from their cheers. She then noticed a long, thick fake cock protruding from her crotch: a strap-on dildo. It was damn near a foot long. After giving the fake phallus a little feel, Buffy smirked and turned her eyes towards her naked lover.

Apparently, the shame and self-consciousness that Buffy lacked was still abundantly present in Cordelia. The brunette blushed brightly as she covered her large breasts with an arm while using her free hand to protect her pussy from the crowd's leering looks. When her eyes met Buffy's, the embarrassed cheerleader hung her head in shame... But only for a second or so, because when Cordelia detected the big fake cock towering out between the blonde's muscular thighs, her eyes grew wide and her head snapped up to look at Buffy's face again. It didn't take her long to decipher the look of lust in the Slayer's penetrating green eyes. Blushing even harder then before, the cheerleader attempted to create some distance between herself and the horny blonde by quickly backing away. Her attempt to escape was short-lived when a second later Buffy's hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her back.

"Nuh-uh, Cordy," Buffy admonished the naked cheerleader, "time to stop being a tease and become a woman."

"Not here!" Cordelia groaned mortified while trying to cover up her exposed body.

"Yes, here!" Buffy grinned. "Now stop trying to hide your beautiful body from our fans, and spread those legs."

The cheerleader bit her bottom lip while her eyes darted back and forth, searching for a way out of this mess.

The Slayer's eyes narrowed and she slapped the brunette's butt in warning.

SMACK!!! "Owww!!"

That little bit of discipline Buffy dealt out to the disobedient cheerleader was greeted by a round of applause.

"Listen up, Cordy. I want you to spread your legs and pull your knees back all the way to your shoulders. And unless you want another spanking in front of all these people, you better obey me right now."

The crowd loudly cheered at Buffy's words -- especially the bit about the spanking.

Sensing that the blonde wasn't kidding around and knowing that she couldn't expect any help or sympathy from their audience, Cordelia closed her eyes, drew in her breath, and slowly pulled back her legs while spreading them wide. As her well-groomed and glistening cunt became exposed to Buffy and a couple of hundred strangers, another loud cheer sounded through the gym, accompanied by several loud whistles.

Buffy smirked when she saw how wet and aroused the cheerleader's cunt already was. Despite her apparent reluctance, Cordy seems to be as horny and ready for this as she is.

With a possessive gleam in her eyes, Buffy reached out and stroked two fingers back and forth across the brunette's nether lips before shoving them up to the hilt inside the May Queen's wet, hot box. "Mine!"

Cordy gasped at the sudden intrusion and the audience once again applauded.

After finger-fucking the furiously blushing brunefor for several long minutes, Buffy decided that the cheerleader was as ready for her "cock" as she's ever gonna be. Licking her lips in anticipation, she placed herself between her lover's legs and positioned the head of the dildo at the entrance of Cordelia's cunt; sliding it up and down the moist cleft, she lubricated the silicone rod with Cordy's juices.

Leaning forward, Buffy grabbed a hold of the cheerleader's hips. She could hear the crowd of spectators draw in their collective breaths. Then she gradually pushed her hips forward... Looking down, the Slayer watched spellbound as Cordelia's pussy-lips parted for the thick silicone stick, making it appear as if they flowered open to make way for the large dildo that slowly went into her -former- nemesis' virgin cunt.

Cordelia gasped and groaned as more and more of the big, fake cock entered her tight passage.

Holding tightly onto Cordy's hips, Buffy drove the strap-on inside her lover until the fake phallus encountered a barrier. Judging from the grunt of pain that escaped the cheerleader's lips, Buffy figured she'd reached the brunette's maidenhead. After giving Cordy a comforting pat on the butt, she pulled back until only the tip of the dildo was inserted into her lover's slit, and then slowly pushed forwards again. Drawing back each time the phallus head bumped into Cordelia's hymen and then pushing in again just before the fake cock completely left the cheerleader's cunt, Buffy soon got into a steady fuck-rhythm that got them both really worked up and their pussies sopping wet.

A minute ago it had been possible to hear a pin drop in the large hall; now a low drone of murmurs resonated through the gym. Despite being busy with more important matters, Buffy's super hearing picked up some bits of conversation:

"I really thought she was gonna take the cheerleader's cherry with one single thrust... Hmmm, guess I owe you fifty."

"Double or nothing says the blonde's gonna fuck the brunette up the ass after she takes her cherry."

"You're on, buddy!"

"Wow! This is a hundred times better then some lame-assed basketball game!"

"Um, aren't you, like, the captain of the basketball team?"

"Yeah... So what's your point?"

"This is freakin' hot! I hope you're getting all this on tape, dude!"

"Dude! Weren't YOU supposed to bring the camera?!"


"Eh heh heh, this is cool!"

"Huh huh heh huh, yeah cool! Who ever said that crossovers suck ass?"

"Uh, you did, Butthead."

"Shut up, Beavis!"

Shutting out everything else, Buffy concentrated solely on giving Cordelia the fucking of a lifetime. Still sliding the strap-on in and out the May Queen's receptive slot, she let go off Cordy's waist and used one hand to diddle the cheerleader's clit while using the other one to play with the brunette's big boobs.

Cordelia seemed to REALLY get into that. The soft grunts and groans that escaped the cheerleader's lips changed into a steady panting and she started moving her hips to meet the dildo each time it slid into her. Then slowly, almost tentatively, Cordelia opened her eyes and looked up at Buffy.

The Slayer's green eyes stared deeply into the brunette's hazel ones; her gaze signalling a silent question to the cheerleader. A question which Cordelia had no trouble deciphering the meaning of.

Nervously biting her bottom lip, Cordelia gazed down between her tits at thrge rge dildo sticking out crudely from the Slayer's crotch, fucking her tight pussy. The in-and-out motion of the thick strap-on while it plugged her virgin cunt was almost hypnotic, and one of the most arousing sights she'd ever seen.

She then knew what she wanted right now... more of Buffy's big cock! As much as the blonde was able to give her.

"YES!!" With lust-filled eyes she looked up to meet the Slayer's gaze again. "Do it! Take me, Buffy," the cheerleader urged while folding her legs around the blonde's waist and pulling her closer. "Take my cherry and make me yours!" Her words were greeted with a thunderous applause and loud cheers from the audience, but she didn't care about that at the moment.

Buffy's eyes lit up. To say that she's happy to comply would be a huge understatement. Returning her hands to Cordy's hips, she leaned down to plant a long kiss on the cheerleader's luscious lips. "Ready, baby?" she whispered.

Cordelia braced herself and let out a little whimper before nodding.

The moment the brunette nodded her assent, Buffy retracted her hips until the dildo almost left the cheerleader's snatch... Gazing down at her naked lover, and taking in Cordelia's wet and ready pussy, huge heaving breasts, and those big beautiful brown eyes which were filled with lust, she couldn't wait a second longer to claim this beauty as her own. With one quick thrust, the Slayer drove her cock deep into Cordy's cunt; not stopping until the silicone dick was buried up to the hilt inside the cheerleader's tight slot.

Cordelia gasped and grunted as the Slayer's strap-on made short work of her virginity and blushed when she heard the crowd cheer. She'd almost forgotten about them, but they obviously didn't forget about her. She felt her embarrassment return tenfold when the cheers were followed by a standing ovation. But her feelings of shame quickly faded away when Buffy began working that big cock in and out of her cunt, and when the blonde returned her nimble fingers to her tits and her clit she managed to forget all about their audience.

Smiling down at the gorgeous, loudly panting and moaning, May Queen, Buffy pinched one of the cheerleader's erect nipples and gave her clit a little tweak. Her smile grew bigger when she saw what kinda effect this had on Cordelia: the brunette cooed with delight and pressed her heels into Buffy's back while urging the blonde to fuck her harder.

Giving the beautiful cheerleader a good, hard fucking was something for which Buffy needed no additional encouragement. Lifting her hips up high, she plunged the phallus deep into her lover's wet and wide-open cunt, and soon developed a fast, steady fuck-rhythm which had Cordelia panting with pleasure. With gleaming eyes, the Slayer watched the brunette's big tits bounce and jiggle back and forth each time she pounded the silicone prick into Cordelia's wet pussy.

As their fucking grew more intense the crowd started chanting, "In! Out! In! Out! In! Out!" as if conducting their coupling. Meanwhile, each thrust of the dildo was also accompanied by Cordelia's loud grunts. "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!"

Suddenly, without any warning, Buffy moved backwards, letting the strap-on slide out of the cheerleader's cunt with a loud pop.

Opening her eyes in surprise, the dazed brunette gazed up at the Slayer. "Don't stop!" she protested while giving the blonde a pleading look.

"I don't intend to," Buffy smirked and smacked the May Queen's behind. "On your hands and knees," she ordered.

For the first time in her life, Cordelia obeyed without question and positioned herself on her hands and knees. Moving her thighs apart, the brunette arched her back -- presenting the blonde behind her with a great view of her wet and swollen sex.

"Good girl," Buffy muttered, and gave the cheerleader a couple more spanks on her bare ass. Cordelia shuddered with delight and arched her back even more. Grabbing a hold of the dildo, Buffy positioned the tip against the cheerleader's dripping slot and pushed the entire length into her lover's opening with one quick thrust.

"GOD!!! Yessssss!" Cordelia crooned with delight as Buffy's big cock seemed to fill her entire being. Impossible though it seemed, her pleasure grew even more intense when the domineering blonde reached beneath her to grab both her boobs and started kneading the firm tit flesh and pinching her rock-hard nipples while fucking her hard from behind. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!!" she cried out each time the Slayer's strap-on pounded her tight pussy.

The scent of Cordelia's arousal and her cries of pleasure awakened the predator in Buffy. Letting go of the cheerleader's tits, the Slayer stroked her left hand down her lover's belly and started diddling Cordy's clit while using her right hand to spank the brunette's firm round butt.

SMACK!!! "Oh!"

SMACK!!! "Mmmm!!"

SMACK!!! SMACK!!! "Ahhhh!!"

"You enjoy getting it from behind, on all fours like a bitch, don't ya, Cordy?" Buffy whispered excitedly into the cheerleader's left ear.

SMACK!! SMACKK!!! "Ohhh! Yessss!!!"

The Slayer smd. Hd. Her little bitch sounded close to cumming. "Good! 'Cause that's what you are: MY bitch! And from now on..." Buffy waved at the crowd cheering her on, "everyone knows it!"

SMACK!!! "Oh!"

"Now I wanna hear you say it!"

SMACK!!! "Ahhh!"

SMACK!!! "I'm your bitch!"

SMACK!!! "Good!" SMACK!!! "Now use my name!" SMACK!!!

"Ohhhhh!! I-I'm B-Buffy's bitch?"

SMACK!!! "Not bad, Cordy." SMACK!!! "Now say it harder!"

"I'm Buffy's Bitch!"


"I'M BUFFY'S BITCH!!!!" Cordelia Chase cried out as she came in front of an audience of thousands.

Another standing ovation shook the gym hall.

Still shaking from her orgasm, Cordelia lowered her arms down on the mat and rested her head on them. With her ass sticking up in the air like this, Buffy continued to pound the cheerleader's pussy with the same breakneck speed as before.

Buffy's lips formed a smug smile as she gazed down at Cordelia's moaning and shuddering form. Taking Cordy's virginity, claiming her, and making her cum felt freakin' amazing, but doing it front of a crowd of people made it even better. Fucking the beautiful brunette, taking her cherry and declaring the cheerleader her bitch in front of a large audience seemed to make it official somehow, sorta like a marriage. Just thinking about it made a surge of lust shoot through her body. This, combined with the sensations coming from the base of the dildo rubbing against her clit, brought her rapidly closer to her own orgasm.

Leaning down, she rubbed her hard nipples against Cordy's back while grabbing a hold of the brunette's big tits again, and really started giving it to her. Every time she drove the dildo into the cheerleader's snatch, the end of it pressed into her clit, igniting a jolt of pleasure in her crotch.

"Oh Fuckkk! Yesssss..." Buffy blissfully moaned. Wow! What an incredible feeling... Which not only referred to the stimulation of her clit, but also to the power trip she gets from fucking the bitchy, beautiful, stuck-up brunette with a big strap-on dildo -- all things considered, it's pretty similar to the feeling of power she got from slaying vamps. Smiling to herself, Buffy pinched and pulled Cordy's large nipples, bringing forth little grunts of pleasure and pain from the cheerleader. That managed to turn her on even more. As she approached her climax, Buffy suddenly spotted some familiar faces in the crowd, cheering her on.

Willow waved and smiled at her. "Give it to her HARD, Buffy!" she yelled. "The bitch has it coming to her; she's made me miserable throughout most of my school years. If anyone needs to get the stuffing fucked out of them, it's her!"

"Yeah! You go, Buff!" Xander cheered while doing his infamous Snoopy dance. "I never got past second base with her, and if anyone gets to pop the Ice Queen's cherry, I'm glad it's you!"


The blonde's eyes grew wide when she recognized her mother's voice, and a second later she spotted her mother standing on the sideline. "Mom!" she squealed with a definite note of panic in her voice. "What are YOU doing here?"

A very stern looking Joyce Summers frowned at her very naked daughter. "Same as everyone else in this town seems to be doing: watchinglittlittle girl performing a live lesbian sex-act with a classmate in front of several thousand strangers."

Buffy felt herself blush a bright-red, but despite the embarrassment of having her mother watch her, she couldn't get herself to stop fucking Cordelia. "Um... I can explain, mom."

Joyce raised a questioning eyebrow at her daughter.

Looking straight ahead while gnawing on her bottom lip, Buffy tried to picture the kinda lewd spectacle they must be presenting to her mom and the rest of their audience. In her mind's eye she saw herself, naked as the day she was born, fucking an equally naked Cordelia doggie-style in the middle of the school's gym, cheered on by a crowd of strangers.

"Okayyy, I've got nothing," she finally admitted in a defeated tone. Cringing in advance, Buffy glanced sideways and shot her mother a covert look to see how, exactly, she's taking this. But to her great surprise, her mom looked more amused then angry.

"Uh... you're not upset with me, mom?" Buffy asked with a meek, little voice.

"Welllll," Joyce said with an exaggerated drawl. "You will have one helluva spanking coming to you when you get home, young lady." Seeing her daughter's dumbfounded, wide-eyed look, Joyce burst into laughter. "Oh relax, honey. I'm not angry with you. In fact, I'm proud that my little girl has grown into such a beautiful, confident, strong young woman."

Those words and the dazzling smile her mom send her, brought a glow of delight to the blonde's face. Smiling back at her mom, Buffy pounded the dildo into Cordelia's receptive cunt even more vigorously then before. "So you're not even a little mad about me fucking Cordelia and making her my bitch?" she questioned between pants, while fondling the brunette's wildly swinging breasts.

"Not at all, sweetheart." Joyce winked at her daughter. "Maybe being your slut and getting spanked on a regular basis will teach that big-titted bitch some manners."

"Ouch!" Buffy giggled. "You tell it, mom!" Her mother's uncharacteristically lewd remark somehow managed to make her feel even aro aroused (something she didn't think was humanly possible). The sparks of pleasure she felt each time the dildo rubbed against her clit grew closer apart, and as she fucked the former May Queen faster and faster the numerous pleasure jolts gradually became one long orgasm.

"That's my girl! Stick it to the bitch!" Buffy heard her mom call out, triggering one of the biggest orgasms she ever had. "Buffy? Are you coming?" Joyce then asked, accompanied by a hard pounding sound.

"Buffy? Dinner is ready. Are you coming?"

"FUCK!! YEAH!!!! I'M COMING, MOM!!!!!" Buffy cried out as she came.

"Whoa! Tone it down a notch, honey." Buffy heard her mom say through the closed bedroom door, sounding a bit put off. "A simple "yes, mom" would have sufficed," Joyce added before she walked away.

Sitting up in her bed, Buffy wiped the sweat from her brow. Looking a bit mortified when she recalled what she'd been dreaming, and feeling very grateful that her mom hadn't opened the door to peek inside her room. 'Wow! Mucho Bizarro! This one definitely belongs in the Top Ten of both the Creepiest AND Most Erotic dream category.' The Slayer giggled to herself. 'I think this is the kinda dream that would've made Sigmund Freud's head explode.'

After running to the bathroom to freshen herself up a bit, Buffy quickly got dressed and headed downstairs for dinner. Perhaps if her mind hadn't been occupied with erotic thoughts about Cordelia Chase, she would have noticed the tall, dark figure sitting in the tree near her bedroom window.

Wiping his hands clean on some leaves; Angelus stuffed his cock back inside his pants and zipped up. While he enjoyed the unintentional show his former lover had just given him, the vampire was less then pleased by the numerous times she'd called out the cheerleader's name while friggin' herself.

'Right! That pretty much settles it: she's definitely under the spell of a Xargos demon, and totally fixated on Cordelia Chase. Which means that as long as the cheerleader is around, I'll just be another vampire to Buffy -- one she'll happily stake... Too bad, I'd hoped it wouldn't be anything more then a crush, or maybe even a simple love spell; I could've worked with that.'

'Oh, well!' Angelus shrugged. 'Cordy's a bitch, and now she dies.'

"Time to get rid of the competition," the master vampire muttered to himself as he jumped to the ground and disappeared into the night.


"It was awful! I could see my life flashing before my eyes... and let me tell ya: I can't believe some of the outfits I used to wear... What was I thinking?!"

Giles cleared his throat again. This was the sixth time that Cordelia got sidetracked while telling about her ordeal with Buffy in the alleyway behind the Bronze. Luckily, most of the time, a polite cough was sufficient to get the cheerleader to refocus her attentions on her story.

"Anyhow, after the bottle-blonde bitch beat my behind red and I apologized to her, she finally let me go and I got the hell outta there."

"What happened the next day?" Giles questioned.

"That's when she practically jumped me in the girls' locker room, and... well, you know the rest."

The watcher nodded thoughtfully. Frowning slightly, he folded his hands together and searched his braor aor any kind of spell or mystical creature that could be responsible for Buffy's current condition, as well as any sort of magical solution that could turn the Slayer back to normal. 'The difficulty is finding out HOW she got this way, once I know that I can start looking for a cure.' He poured himself another cup of tea and took a sip, hardly noticing that the beverage had turned cold during Cordelia's lengthy story. 'Maybe it's another love spell gone wrong... Or perhaps--' His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by Cordelia's voice, who'd quickly become bored with watching the librarian thin
"I know it's hard, Giles, but we have to face reality here: Buffy has finally lost it." The cheerleader put a comforting arm around the watcher's shoulder. "Now, we both knew this was gonna happen sooner or later -- I, personally, was betting on sooner... I mean, all the signs were there: violent and erratic behaviour, repeated lapses in her judgement and fashion sense... It all indicated the same thing: this girl is ready to crack at any moment!"

Giles stared blankly at the cheerleader. 'I think I feel a headache coming on.'

The brunette didn't notice the watcher's blank stare, or simply ignored it as she went on, "So we all knew that eventually Buffy would become a permanent resident of Sunnydale Mental Hospital... It's hard to accept, I know. Believe me, Giles. Deep inside," Cordelia tapped herself on the chest, "I'm hurting as bad as you are... But look at the bright side!" Cordelia gave the librarian an encouraging smile. "Macy's stated that outfits with belt buckles are going to be in this year, so when Buffy is wearing that straightjacket she'll finally be up-to-date fashion-wise... And at the very least you'll finally have some good ideas on what to get her for her birthday: a lifelong membership to the Hannibal Lector Fanclub; a coupon for one funfilled hour of electroshock therapy; a family-sized bottle of valiums; or, if you're in a bind, maybe a few dozen rolls of rubber wallpaper."

The watcher removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose again. 'Make that a full-grown migraine...'

He halted any further commentaries from the cheerleader by raising a hand. "I need you to think closely, Cordelia... When this all started, was there anything out of the ordinary you noticed about Buffy? Anything besides her strange behaviour?"

"Let's see... I noticed that her choice of outfit was extremely poor taste. Even for Buffy's standards it was--"

"Yes, yes!" Giles quickly interrupted, fearing another lengthy lecture about the Do's and Don'ts of fashion. "Anything besides her fashion sense you could tell me about?"

"Well... I also noticed that she was covered with some icky green slime," the cheerleader suddenly recalled, shuddering at the memory. "That's a bit out of the ordinary, even for Buffy, isn't it?"

"Yes, I believe it is," Giles dryly responded. "You are sure about this? It's a green slime she was covered with?"

"Hey! It's pretty hard to be wrong about something like that," Cordelia replied, sounding a bit miffed. "It wasn't like she used the wrong brand of moisturizer. No, her clothes and skin were covered with a bright-green glowing goo!"

"It glowed?!" Giles exclaimed, looking up in shock.

"Yes. I haven't seen a spectacle like that since Harmony went to a new hairstylist and came back looking like one of the Supremes."

The watcher stared open-mouthed at the brunette, before abruptly turning around and walking into the book cage.

"Hey! Rude much?!"

"I believe I know the cause of Buffy's weird behaviour!" the watcher called excitedly from the cage.

"Her weird behaviour for the last two years, or just the last two weeks?" Cordelia called back.

Giles came out of the cage, carrying a large leather-bound book, and shot the cheerleader a dirty look. "Buffy told me she had an encounter with a large green, slimy demon... unfortunately that describes about 50% of the entire demon species. What she didn't tell me was that the demon sprayed her with slime!"

"Um, why wouldn't she tell you that?" Cordelia asked. "That sounds to me like a pretty important detail."

"Quite so..." After thinking for a moment, Giles continued, "I'm not sure why she didn't tell me that... Maybe it just slipped her mind, or perhaps she was embarrassed... It could, however, be somehow related to the effect that the slime is having on her."

"And how does this slime affect her exactly?" the cheerleader questioned. "Besides turning her into a dominating, Cordelia-obsessed bitch with lesbian tendencies."

Sighing in exasperation, Giles opened the book and started leafing through it. "That's what I'm about to find out... Ah! Here's the chapter I'm looking for."


The Xargos demon is the only sentient inhabitant of the Xargos dimension (from which it gets its name) and is entirely composed of slime.

This creature is very rare in our dimension and the combined sightings of this demon on the earthly plane can be counted on two hands. However, each of these sightings has made a great impact (especially on those whom the demon came in contact with).

A Xargos demon wields great strength in its frightening body, and despite its plumb and ungainly appearance it has much greater speed then an ordinary human. If you are unlucky enough to encounter one of these fierce creatures, and you are unable to escape, then know that the only sure way to kill a Xargos demon is to cut off its head and burn both head AND body. If either the head or body remains intact for an extended period of time then thmon mon is able to grow a new head/body. Which means that cutting of its head, and neglecting to do anything with the body parts, could possibly result in having to deal with TWO Xargos demons at a later time.

A warning to those trying to chop the Xargos demon to pieces: beware the slime that spews from its h!

An important fact about the Demon is that it hhe ahe ability to spit out a slime that works as a destructive acid against most other species of demons... the effect it has on humans is quite different however: Strangely enough, it is reported to have an effect somewhat similar to that of a powerful love potion/spell, but WITH the added effect that the infected person's strength and agility will be gradually increased to several times that of a normal human. And unlike a love potion/spell the effect of the slime is practically irreversible.*

Several documents recounting the effects of the slime on the "victims" of the Xargos demon describe their behaviour thusly: Once infected with the slime of the demon, the subject will appear normal right up until the point that he/she encounters the very first person that he/she has strong feelings for. Once that happens, these feelings (even those deeply hidden) will begin to surface until they are released in their full uninhibited intensity... and the stronger these feelings get the more the infected person will be compelled to act on them.

In the few documented cases these feelings usually consisted of a very strong dislike/hatred or of a very strong attraction/love. However, whether it is hate or love that the victim of the slime is feeling, once he/she has had physical contact with the focus of their feelings then these feelings will stay strong and guide his/hers actions until one of them dies.

BEWARE: The infected person's increased strength combined with his or hers obsessive behaviour can create extremely dangerous situations. Such a person should be handled with great care while searching for an antidote!*

*See for the ONLY known antidote: "Magister Montro Mentalla's Magical Antidotes, Volume IV"

"Damn, that thing is ugly!" Cordelia muttered while peering over the watcher's shoulder at the picture of the demon. "If anyone ever needed an emergency visit from the Avon lady, it's him." The cheerleader shook her head in disgust. "So where's this "Magister something-something Magical Antidotes, Volume IV" book that's mentioned here?"

"I have no idea," Giles replied, deep in thought. "Unfortunately, I only have the volumes one, two and three."

Looking at the watcher, Cordelia raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow. "Why, what happened? Forgot to pay your membership fee to the Creepy and Obscure book-of-the-month club?"


'Maybe I was a bit too hard on her,' Buffy thought to herself for the 67th time in the last 15 minutes. After diner she'd gone back to her room to think some more about Cordelia Chase, and what her next step should be with her somewhat reluctant lover. 'Okay, so my pet cheerleader needed an attitude adjustment, but I could have easily settled for another bare-bottomed spanking instead of whipping that amazing ass of hers raw.'

Throwing Mr. Gordo in the air, Buffy watched the stuffed pig twirl around a few times before its nose touched the slightly discoloured spot on the ceiling she was aiming for, and then drop down into her arms again. 'Sure, Cordy can be a real bitch, but let's be honest here -- so can I... And she's been very cool about the lesbian thing between us, which is pretty damn new to us both; she deserves some consideration points just for that.'

Parking Mr. Gordo on her belly, the Slayer stretched her arms above her head and sighed. 'Besides, if I'm gonna be totally honest here then I also have to admit that Cordy was sorta entitled to be pissed off about me ending it with her and Michael. After all, I never actually told her that I wanted anything more then just sex from her, so it shouldn't have come as a big shocker that Miss May Queen figured she was free to go out with Michael and let him sample her goodies...'

Sitting up so quickly that Mr. Gordo got catapulted to the other side of the room, she said to herself, "Let's face it, Buffy: You're gonna have to find a way to make it up to her."

The blonde pursed her lips and considered what to do... 'I know! I just need to make her see that the end of her relationship with Michael is actually the beginning of something much better: a real relationship between the two of us. Not just sex. And the best way to show her that I mean business is to take her out on a date: dinner, movie, dancing, the whole enchilada!'

Happy with her decision and the prospect of taking the beautiful brunette out on a date, Buffy bounced over to the phone and reserved a table for two on eight o'clock, Saturday evening in Sunnydale's finest restaurant. In any other town, calling one day in advance would probably have been too short notice to get dinner reservations in a quality restaurant, but due to Sunnydale's high mortality rate and its citizen's lack of enthusiasm to go out after dark, there was still a table available. Who knew that living in the murder capital of the U.S.A. had benefits besides cheap housing?

After making the dinner reservation, Buffy dialled Cordy's number to inform her of their plans. She frowned when no-one picked up. Cordelia isn't the kinda gal who lets her phone ring repeatedly without rushing to pick it up. So no answer could only mean that the cheerleader was out. The question is: where? Unfortunately, she didn't have Cordy's mobile number, which would have made finding out a whole lot easier.

'She wouldn't dare to keep her date with ael,ael, would she?' The blonde considered this for a moment, before shaking her head. 'Nah, not even Cordy would have the nerve for that... and even if SHE did, I'm pretty sure Michael doesn't.'

The Slayer perked up when the obvious answer occurred to her. 'I know! She's probably out bronzing. It's not like there's much else to do in this town.'

After changing into one of her most seductive outfits, Buffy headed out for the Bronze. As her pace quickened into a fast jog, the blonde kept herself busy by mentally planning out her date with Cordy. Buffy felt sure that if she shows the cheerleader a really good time on their date she'll become a lot more affectionate. Her lips curled into a wicked smile as she pictured how "affectionate" Cordelia might be after a great date together.

The blonde Slayer felt as if her life was finally coming together. 'It's incredible how much difference it makes to have someone to love in your life. I can really see a future for Cordy and me... Sure, she might need a little convincing now and then to show her that I'm perfect for her. And God knows that girl needs a strong hand more then anyone else on this planet... but considering that I'm more then happy to provide Cordelia with all the discipline she needs, that's not a problem.'

Buffy grinned to herself. 'Nope, that's REALLY not a problem, since Cordy enjoys getting her butt tanned about as much as I enjoy giving it to her... which just proves that we're made for each other!" The Slayer shook her head in amazement. 'Whoa... I'm really starting to fall for her. There's just so much about her I love. Besides the obvious, like her incredible beauty and body, there's her quick wit, her loyalty, her stubbornness and her intelligence... She isn't the one-dimensional, ditzy, fashion-obsessed valleygirl a lot of people take her to be.'


"... So after headbutting her, I kicked that blonde bitch in the shins and ran off," Cordelia triumphantly finished her story. "And that's how I managed to purchase this beautiful, black silk number from the March Madness Sale at Sax's."

After pouring another generous splurge of scotch into his tea, Giles made to put away the silver flacon. Looking at the cheerleader he promptly changed his mind and took a long swallow from the flask before putting it aside. 'That's better!' he considered, feeling somewhat strengthened. "That was a... fascinating tale, Cordelia. However, I fail to see the relevance it has to our current situation."

The cheerleader shrugged. "I just thought I'd brighten the mood a bit, since our research is getting us nowhere."

Giles sighed. 'I'm sure that deep down she means well,' he told himself again. Putting as much reassurance in his voice as he could, he said, "I'm sure we'll find a way to cure Buffy eventually... it's just going to take a little time."

Cordelia silently contemplated the watcher's words. Wondering if a cure still existed, and in case it does: will Giles be able to find it? 'Probably, Giles is great at figuring out stuff like this. Knowing him he'll have Buffy back to normal before the end of next week.' Surprisingly, this didn't cheer her up the way she thought it would. 'I wonder what she'll be like after she gets cured...Will she remember what happened between us, or is she gonna go all amnesia-girl like Xander after his little stint with hyena-possession. And what if she remembers... Will that really change anything between us, besides the obvious awkwardness we're gonna feel towards each other, or will we just go back to ignoring one another like nothing happened -- the Sunnydale way of dealing with things?' Cordelia frowned. 'And which would I prefer? A Buffy who dislikes and ignores me, or a Buffy who... loves me...?'

"Ugh!!" The cheerleader threw her hands up in disgust. "All this thinking and worrying is gonna give me wrinkles!" she exclaimed. She then noticed Giles staring at her. "Uh... sorry, did you say something?"

"I just said that research will go a lot quicker if the others help out; especially Willow is good at finding things out with that contraption of hers."

"Nuh-uh!" Cordelia quickly nixed that idea. "I don't want any of the others to know about my little "situation" with Buffy."

"Really, Cordelia," Giles said, sounding somewhat exasperated. "I understand that this is a rather awkward situation for you, but it's of the utmost importance that we find a solution as soon as possible."

"I'm very much aware of that," the cheerleader coolly replied. "Believe me: if anyone wants to find a quick solution to this mess it's ME! You think I enjoy being Buffy's little sex-slave?!" she questioned irately. 'Yes, I do.' a nagging, little voice inside her head said. 'SHUT UP!' Cordelia told that little voice.

"Please." Giles held out a calming hand. "I'm not implying anything except that we could really use the others' help while searching for a way to cure Buffy. And I'm sure that Xander, Willow and Oz will use the utmost discretion concerning your... newly formed relationship with Buffy."

For a long moment, Cordelia considered the watcher's words then stubbornly shook her head. "Aren't you, like, the number one watcher guy in the world who knows all these old languages and ancient texts, and who's got thousands of musty old books about demons, which you've practically got memorized? Isn't that why they choose you to be Buffy's watcher? So I really don't see why we need the others. Somehow, I can't picture Oz's research skills and Xander's donut-fetching skills unlocking the secret to Buffy's cure, and I seriously doubt that Willow is gonna find an antidote for Xargos demon slime lying around on the internet." The brunette took a deep breath and continued, "Besides, I rememyou you telling Buffy that in the good old days, Slayers weren't allowed to have friends because it distracted them from their calling. So normally you'd have to do the research job on your own anyway." Feeling she'd got her point across, Cordelia issued the librarian a triumphant look.

Giles smiled slightly. "Good point, well put," he acknowledged, "but these aren't normal circumstances, and--"

"No, because under normal circumstances, I would've had Psycho-blonde thrown in a reformatory already, where she belongs, and I'd be telling my story on Sally Jessie right about now," Cordelia commented.

Rubbing his temples, Giles let out another deep sigh. "What I'm trying to say is that under normal circumstances this could already be considered a dangerous situation, but with a Slayer involved..." The watcher shuddered a little. "Let's just say that things could get really bad. We need to get the others involved. Not just to help with researching a cure, but also so they're forewarned about Buffy."

Cordelia made a face. "Well, I'd still prefer it if we kept the Scoobies out of this. It's bad enough that I had to tell you; I really don't want anyone else to know that I'm Buffy's bitch and are required to service her slit on a daily basis."


The second she entered the Bronze, Buffy went on the lookout for Cordelia. However, after wasting several minutes trying to find the cheerleader in the throng of people, she became aware that even with her enhanced eyesight it was difficult to spot a particular person in the dark and crowded club.

Considering what to do, the Slayer finally decided that the quickest and easiest way to search the busy nightclub was from above. So she swiftly climbed the catwalk and started pacing back and forth while gazing down into the crowd.

Buffy right away detected Xander, Willow and Oz sitting at their usual table but Cordelia wasn't with them -- not that she'd expected the cheerleader to sit with her friends, of course, but it would have been nice if she did. After looking around some more, she suddenly spotted the cheerleading squad, sitting together like they usually do. Her heartbeat increased as she checked out the cheerleaders' individual faces while searching for the familiar features of her lover... Disappointment flooded her system when she failed to detect her beloved brunette among the group of girls. Squinting her eyes she tried to get a better look, but eventually had to admit to herself that Cordelia just wasn't there.

After pouting for a while, the blonde eventually came to the conclusion that she's not going to find Cordy standing way up here. Climbing back down again, Buffy hesitated for a moment before heading over to the cheerleader's table, which she considered to be the most likely place to find out about Cordy's whereabouts; unfortunately it was also the place where she least of all wanted to be. In fact, she'd rather face a pack of rabid vampires then this particular pack of cheerleaders. 'Oh well, the things you do for love...'

As she got closer, Buffy noticed that the cheerleaders and their dates were excitedly talking among each other. 'Looks like the hens have found some new tasty bit of gossip to cackle about,' she thought amused. 'Mmmm... they seem really into it, so it must be good. I wonder which unfortunate person's reputation is being ripped to shreds right now.' Buffy tried using her slayer-hearing to listen in on their conversation but the loud music made that impossible.

When she neared the Alpha girls' table, one of them saw her coming their way and elbowed the girl next to her, urgently whispering and pointing in her direction; the other girl repeated this with the girl sitting next to her, and so on... Soon most of the cheerleaders where either staring at her or busy whispering with each other.

'What's their problem?!' Buffy thought irritably. When she finally reached their table all the cheerleaders had stopped talking (something she'd always considered to be physically impossible) and were staring at her with smug smiles on their faces.

With an increasing sense of suspiciousness and dread, Buffy glanced around the table at the circle of self-satisfied faces pointed her way. The Slayer waited for someone to speak... but when almost a minute passed without anyone saying a word, she quickly got tired of playing mute. "Hey..." she shot the cheerleaders her brightest smile, "have any of you girls seen Cordy around?"

Buffy's smile faltered a bit when her question was met with total silence. "Or have any idea where she could be right now?" she tried again.

This time her question was greeted by several giggles and snickering from the group of girls. Any trace of a smile on Buffy's face was now gone. Clenching her fists at her side, the Slayer resisted the almost overpowering urge to slap the superior looks of those smug bitches' faces. "Is there something funny I'm missing here?" she asked through clenched teeth.

The cheerleaders glanced at each other, looking like they were desperately trying not to laugh.

"Hey, Buffy!" Harmony suddenly called out. "You think you could maybe sing all verses of The Star Spangled Banner for us? Then we might tell you were to find Cordy."

Buffy looked on with astonishment as the entire group burst into laughter at that very lame joke. 'What the fuck?! Is THAT suppose to be funny?!'

"Does this mean that you don't want to tell me where Cordelia is?" The Slayer watched sallyally as the cheerleaders and their dates started laughing even harder... for about fifteen seconds, then she was pretty much fed-up with it.

Unclenching her fists, she grabbed the underside of the table and lifted it up: spilling the numerous drinks and bowls of pretzels that littered the table onto the cheerleader's dresses and into the laps of their dates.

A satisfied smile appeared on the blonde's lips when the cheerleaders & jocks annoying laughter turned into cries of dismay accompanied by several loud curses. "There ya go! Not so funny now, is it?!"

Letting the table drop back to the floor with a loud, resounding thump, Buffy looked around triumphantly while casually wiping her hands. The Slayer then searched around the table, glancing at the several shocked faces staring back at her until she spotted Harmony.

Reaching over and grabbing the front of Harmony's outfit, she pulled the blonde cheerleader towards her and slowly lifted her off her feet. "Now, let's try this again: Where's Cordelia?"

"Hey! Listen up, you blonde freakshow..." Harmony's date, a big burly football player, had overcome his initial shock and stomped over to her in the most threatening manner he could manage. "I don't know what the fuck you're on, but if you don't get your hands off my date right now, I will--"

"No, I will," Buffy calmly replied while directing her left fist into the football player's face, knocking him back unconscious into his seat. With a jovial smile on her face, Buffy once again turned her attentions to Harmony and shook the blonde back and forth a bit. "Cordelia. Where... is... she?"

"I DON'T KNOW!!" Harmony squeaked. "Last time I spoke with her she called me from her house."

Buffy issued the blonde a suspicious look. "When was that?"

"A-About three hours ago!" the cheerleader gasped.

'That must have been right after I left,' Buffy concluded. Glancing up at Harmony, she shook her a bit more for good measure. "And what did you two talk about exactly?"

"N-Nothing much... about clothes and school... the usual."

"Don't - Fucking - Lie - To - ME!" Buffy bit out, shaking the blonde back and forth with every word.



'That fucking BITCH!!'

With effort, Buffy managed to push down the anger she could feel boiling up inside her.

"Ohhhhh! NOW I get your little Star Spangled Banner joke!!" Buffy dropped Harmony back in her seat. "Ha! Ha! Very funny!" She shot a penetrating glare at the each of the cowering cheerleaders. "If I hear any of you repeat that bogus rumour, your daddy's g hav have to pay for a SECOND nose-job! Got that?!"

The cheerleaders and their dates collectively nodded their agreement. They looked like they're considering ducking beneath the table for cover, and would have, if Buffy hadn't just demonstrated why that isn't such a good idea.

"Um, Buffy?"

The moment she heard someone behind her say her name, the Slayer twirled around and raised her fists. She relaxed somewhat when she saw Willow, Oz and Xander standing there.

"Hey, guys!" she cheerfully greeted them; as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on and she hadn't just turned over a table on a flock of cheerleaders.

The three Scoobies tentatively smiled at the Slayer... or at least two of them did: Oz more looked like he's watching some TV-show he isn't particularly interested in.

Willow followed up by giving the blonde an awkward, little wave. "Hi, Buffy!"

"Buffster!" Xander cheerfully called out while casually stepping behind Willow, getting ready to use the redhead as a human shield in case Buffy felt like throwing a couple more punches.

"Hey," Oz said. Nodding at the dishevelled cheerleading squad, he questioned, "What's up with the slightly rumpled Alpha girls?"

Buffy glanced behind her, then shrugged. "Oh... nothing much. We got into a little argument, so I turned the table on them."

"Don't you mean: turned the tables?" Willow corrected.


"Oh!" the redhead said, her eyes widening as she stared at the large wooden table.

Feeling a bit more relaxed, Xander glanced around him and suddenly noticed that half the people in the Bronze were watching them. "Okay, not that I don't enjoy watching a good catfight," he said. "But does anybody else notice that we... well, mostly Buffy, are drawing more attention then the band. Sure, the band pretty much sucks, but still..."

Oz calmly looked around and nodded. "If I remember correctly: club rules are that after you turn over a table and punch someone out, it's time to finish your drink and call it a night."

The Scooby Gang quickly made their way to the exit, and got into Oz's van.

Driving away, Oz first headed for Buffy's house since her place is closest by. Glancing to his right, he saw that the Slayer was quietly staring out the window. "Did I hear you say you were looking for Cordelia?" he asked conversationally.

The second Clialia's name was mentioned, the blondemedemed to undergo an immediate transformation. She suddenly perked up and looked at him expectantly. "Yes, I am!" Buffy said excitedly, "Any idea where she is?"

Oz shrugged. "Devon mentioned earlier at the Bronze that he saw her car in the school's parking lot. I suppose she could--"

"Stop the car!" Buffy called out without even waiting for Oz to finish his sentence.

Raising an eyebrow, the young werewolf showed some mild surprise at the Slayer's request but stepped on the break without any questions.

Before the van came to a complete halt, Buffy had already stepped outside and closed the door behind her. "Thanks for the ride, Oz! I'll walk the rest of the way," she called through the open car window, and then waved goodbye at Willow and Xander. "'Night, guys! I'll see you tomorrow."

About two seconds later, the Slayer disappeared into the darkness while the two passengers of the van gawked after her (Oz meanwhile checked his fuel gauge and considered refilling his tank tomorrow).

"Okay, this is getting beyond weird!" Xander called out while staring in the general direction the Slayer had gone. "I can think of only one logical reason why Buffy keeps ditching us for Cordelia: She must be in serious danger... of becoming an honorary member of the Cordettes. We should tell Giles about this and ask him to put an end to this madness." He looked at the other occupants of the van for support.

Oz merely shrugged while Willow nodded fervidly. "I suggest we speak to Giles first thing in the morning," she said. "Maybe he knows what's wrong with Buffy."

"My first guess," Xander speculated, "MAJOR case of PMS."


It was already way past midnight when Cordelia left the library behind her and headed for the students parking lot. The cheerleader wasn't in the best of moods. Eventually, after Giles pointed out what could happen if, for example, Xander would to make some kinda sexual advance at her with Buffy present, she'd finally given up and gave the watcher her consent to fill the others in.

'So by tomorrow the entire Scooby gang will be in the know about me and Buffy... That's just great! Just when I thought dating Xander Harris would be my absolute low point of High school humiliation, it seems I have yet to hit rock bottom.'

"Fuck!" she exclaimed loudly, angrily kicking an empty soda-can away. This just showed how distressed she felt. Because under normal circumstances, she would never have risked damaging her expensive Gucci shoes with such a pointless act. 'Could my life possibly get anymore fucked up then this?!'

Of course, it's never a good idea to ask yourself that question... especially when you're living in Sunnydale CA.

"Why so upset, Cordelia?" a honey-sweet and eerily familiar voice behind her suddenly inquired. "Has Versace announced that they're only going to be producing men's wear from now on?"

Her blood seemed to turn to ice as she recognized to whom that voice belonged. And ice instead of blood would not be so bad right about now, because that voice belongs to Angel. Or rather his evil counterpart: Angelus.

To be continued in Chapter 10...

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