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Chapter 5

It was already early in the afternoon when Cordelia finally woke up. One of the first things she noticed was that except for herself, the bed was empty. It seemed Buffy had finally left…

The cheerleader stretched and yawned. She still felt a bit tired. Not so surprising when taking into account that Buffy kept her busy for most of the night… Even when they finally went to sleep, she was still awakened a few times later by a horny Slayer playing with her naked body. ‘I swear she’s like totally insatiable!’

A note on her nightstand explained that Buffy needed to be home when her mom called her for breakfast, because Joyce would freak out if she found out that her precious little girl had spend the night somewhere else. The blonde also wrote that she had to help her mom with the gallery the entire weekend, so she -unfortunately- had to wait till Monday before seeing Cordelia again…

Then, the note suddenly got a lot more disconcerting:

I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with you, Cordy… I’ll drop by your place after school, so you can work off the debt you owe me by giving me additional “payments”. :)

Enjoy your weekend.



‘I guess that I should consider myself lucky that mega-bitch didn’t demand some early morning nooky before leaving, since she already seems to regard me as her own personal little sex slave,’
Cordelia thought disgruntled upon reading the note.

‘Sooo, Buffy? You think that you can just break into my house anytime you like and just expect me to get naked and spread my legs for you? Well, psycho-girl: Guess again… Cordelia Chase is nobody’s bitch!’

Picking up the phone, she pressed down on one of the speed dials. “Hello, Sunnydale Security? This is Cordelia Chase… I’m gonna need an immediate and SERIOUS security upgrade here.”


Cordelia just finished her breakfast (or rather lunch) when she saw on the security monitor a van from Sunnydale Security approaching her driveway. After pressing the button that opened the gates, she went outside the house to meet the security crew.

A large, burly man stepped out of the van and approached her. “Miss Cordelia Chase? Bill Manley, foreman and co-owner of Sunnydale Security.” They shook hands and he continued, “I heard you have some kind of security emergency?”

Cordelia nodded. “I need to upgrade our current system to the best security system you have available, and I need it installed by Monday.”

The foreman was surprised by the young woman’s request. “A complete overhaul? By Monday?” he let out a deep breath. “I’d have to pull some men from their other jobs, and it would mean a lot of overtime, which isn’t cheap… If you let me start on Monday, I could have it finished before the week is over and it would cost about fifty percent less.”

The cheerleader shook her head. “I’m dealing with a stalker situation here, Mr. Manley,” she replied. “And I’d like this to be ready when that person shows up at my house again.”

“Have you thought about just calling the police on your stalker and see if they can’t get a hold of him?” Bill questioned.

“The situation is… kinda complicated,” Cordelia replied. “And frankly, I wouldn’t expect the police in this town to be able to get a hold of their own asses… even if you supplied them with a map and a videotape with instructions.”

Bill burst out laughing. This girl seemed to share his less than high opinion of “Sunnydale’s finest”. Once he managed to catch his breath, he smiled at the brunette and nodded. “I’ll get my men right on it, Miss Chase.” He learned not to ask too many questions since working in Sunnydale. If any town needed a lot of home security it was this one… and if she wanted to pay double to get it done this weekend, who was he to argue?


Cordelia didn’t have the peaceful weekend she might have wished for, due to endless sounds of construction, but it was definitely worth it! With a strong sense of satisfaction, she strolled next to the foreman as he explained the workings of her new security system.

“And we also installed several motion detectors around your property,” Bill continued. “It will be impossible for an intruder to trespass on your grounds without being detected.”

He pointed at the high fence, which guarded the Chase’s property. “But this is one of the best defences against intruders you have right now, Miss Chase: Your fence is just far enough away from the public road, allowing us to make it into an electrical fence. My men have spend most of the weekend grounding the entire fence and making sure to put plenty of warning signs around it… There’s now enough electrical current on it to make even the craziest stalker think twice before attempting to climb it.”

Cordelia giggled as she pictured the look on Buffy’s face when the Slayer came back for some more “payment” and unexpectedly got a bit of much needed shock therapy instead. ‘DON’T fuck with Cordelia Chase, you butchy little bitch! And in this case, I mean that literally.’

The foreman led her to a steel cupboard, and opened it. Pointing at a control box inside, he explained, “And there we have the heart of the entire security system: the Sentinel 2000! It turns the electricity of the fence on and off when needed, it also makes sure that the motion detectors don’t react to a squirrel or a bird… And when it detects an intruder: this little box warns the police and our security office.”

“In this short amount of time, you can’t do any better than this security system,” Bill confidently remarked. “Unless of course you’d like to add an alligator filled moat,” he added laughing.

“Hmmm, could you give me a rough estimate on what a moat with alligators would cost?” the cheerleader inquired, recalling some of the amazing things she’d seen Buffy do.

Bill smiled at the brunette’s remark. “Trust me, Miss Chase: this is house is pretty damn well secured,” he reassured her. “It would take some kind of superhuman to break in here now!”

‘Yeah…’ the cheerleader somewhat nervously thought. ‘And that’s exactly what I’m worried about!’


Glancing into the mirror, Cordelia pouted her full lips; admiring the perfect job she’d done with her lipstick. ‘Of course: with this face, how could you go wrong?’ she figured as she carefully re-applied the rest of her make-up.

Seeing movement in the reflection she observed her friends from the cheerleading team (“her flock” as she liked to refer to them) entering the ladies room. The cheerleaders formed a half circle around Cordelia, nervously shuffling their feet as they waited for their leader to grant them her attention.

Ignoring their looks and polite coughs, Cordelia finished applying her eye shadow and once again admired the end result in the mirror.

Finally, tired of waiting, Harmony stepped forward and tapped the brunette cheerleader on her shoulder.

Letting out a tired little sigh, Cordelia turned around and raised a perfect eyebrow at the nervous blonde. “What is it, Harm?”

“Jessica Jones was at the Bronze Friday night, and she claims that when she went to the ladies room, she overheard Buffy Summers and another girl - who sounded remarkably like you - going at it with each other,” Harmony rushed out. A little bit slower she continued, “Now normally, I would right away consider this to be one of Jessica’s sick little fantasies, but she seemed pretty sure of herself… So I really have to ask this: Did you have, like, sex in the restroom of the Bronze with Buffy “the Psycho” Summers?”

Cordelia felt her stomach turn as she listened to Harmony’s question. ‘Damn it! This certainly is a wonderful way to start another week of school!’ The cheerleader angrily thought. ‘Did I go through all the trouble of salvaging my reputation and social standing, just to see it all go to Hell again by being outed by that nosy bitch for having lesbian sex with a social outcast?!’

‘Well, not in this lifetime! Besides, nothing really happened,’ she told herself. ‘So she fingered my slot, felt me up a bit and we gave each other head… So what?! That doesn’t make me a lesbian; it hardly even counts as sex. It’s not like we fucked each other with strap-on dildos.’

Steadying her emotions, she put her familiar bitchy façade on and fixed the group of cheerleaders with her level 10 intensity glare. “Read my lips: I did NOT have sex with that woman, Buffy Summers!”

Stumbling back at the intensity of Cordelia’s gaze, the cheerleaders seemed satisfied with her answer and hurriedly left the room.

Cordelia turned back to the mirror and frowned. ‘Whoa! Did I just channel President Clinton there?’ Shaking her head in wonder, she put away her make-up and left the ladies room. ‘Only on the Hellmouth…’

She’d handled that situation pretty well, but as the cheerleader walked to her next class, a nagging thought kept popping up in her head. ‘If that airhead Jessica Jones could figure out that there is something going on between Buffy and me, then it isn’t so unlikely that someone else could do the same!’


“It is Cordelia Chase who is the Slayer’s new love,” Druscilla suddenly exclaimed, after breaking from her trance.

“What?!” Angelus stared in disbelief at his Childe, not sure if he heard her correctly. In his quest to find out who Buffy’s new lover was, he had to retrieve one of Buffy’s hairbrushes (with her hair still on it) from his old apartment to give Dru something to focus on, and THEN listen to her prattle on for an entire hour about the stars and Miss Edith, just for her to tell him that the bitchy cheerleader - of all people - was Buffy’s new love interest?! This could almost be considered funny if he wasn’t so extremely pissed off right now.

“That doesn’t sound quite right, Dru.” His other, currently disabled, Childe remarked. “Are you sure that your… lines, or whatever, aren’t crossed, luv?”

The brunette vamp narrowed her eyes at the two very sceptical master vampires. “The stars never lie to me, Spike… You and daddy should know that by now.”

Angelus issued Druscilla an incredulous look. “So you are telling me that Buffy’s new flame is… a girl?! And not only is she dating a girl but she’s seeing none other then Cordelia Chase? Those two have been at each other’s throats for as long as I’ve known them! How in the Seven Hells is this possible?!”

“Isn’t it obvious, peaches?” Spike responded, a big grin covering almost his entire face. “Apparently, she wasn’t as impressed with your sex-techniques as you initially thought… One night with you and she decided: It’s girls only from now on! You turned the little chit into a ravin’ dyke, mate!”

A few chuckles and snickers could be heard from several of the fledglings and minions who were hanging around their masters, but then a hushed silence fell upon the room as Angelus turned to Spike: game-face on and looking extremely pissed.

He took a couple of angry steps towards the crippled vamp but was quickly stopped by an intervening Druscilla. “Now, now, boys! Don’t bicker… It’s no fault of daddy that the nasty Slayer doesn’t want him anymore.” Closing her eyes, she turned her head to the ceiling, muttering and moaning softly to herself. Opening her eyes, she continued, “It’s the slime of the Xargos demon that brought her and the cheerleader together.”

“A Xargos demon?!” Angelus exclaimed surprised, his argument with Spike momentarily forgotten. “I did hear some rumours that a Xargos demon has been spotted in Sunnydale,” he continued thoughtfully. “So it could be true, I suppose… On the other hand, the slime of that thing couldn’t have made Buffy fall in love with Cordelia if she didn’t possess strong feelings for the cheerleader to begin with…”

“And I still have a hard time believing that!” Angelus ranted on, his game-face shimmering at the surface as he thought about the object of his obsession in the arms of the cheerleader. “Sure, I’ve suspected for some time that Buffy feels more than just friendship for the redheaded witch… but for the bitchy brunette? I always assumed that any strong feelings she harbours for Cordelia are feelings of dislike.”

“Well, it seems you were wrong,” Spike gleefully concluded, breaking the sudden silence in the mansion. “This kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? The Slayer obviously into girls AND into the poof… Now Angelus, I’m not saying that you resemble a girl in anyway, but apparently--”

“Only finish that sentence if you want to end up in something worse than a wheelchair, Spike!”


Cordelia walked through the hallways on her way to the cafeteria when suddenly the door to a supply closet opened and a hand pulled her inside.

“What the Fu--” the cheerleader exclaimed in shock, her words abruptly muffled by lips pressing down on hers.

“Buffy?!” Cordelia called out as she recognized those lips and the blonde they belonged to. “Listen, we really need to talk… I heard from Harmony th-- Mmmphhh!” Her words were once again cut off, this time by Buffy’s tongue entering her mouth.

Except for her tongue, the Slayer also used her hands on the cheerleader’s body. Hands that did so many things to her and moved so fast that there seemed to be at least four of them.

Before Cordelia was fully aware of it her top was pushed down and her bra gone, disappeared in the same mysterious manner as her panties.

A bit disoriented, Cordelia stared down at Buffy’s head; her eyes growing bigger as she watched the blonde dipping her face inside her cleavage.

The Slayer’s breathing was noticeably heavier as she moved her mouth back and forth between the cheerleader’s topless tits. Switching from one erect nipple to the other.

“It seems that the blood previously occupying your brain is now occupying… certain other places of your anatomy,” the cheerleader muttered, a bit breathless herself.

Cordelia felt her legs being gently nudged further apart, and then a hand moved between them. As two fingers slid inside her and started to finger fuck her, the brunette gave herself over to Buffy’s hungry mouth and groping hands; leaning back against the door, she allowed the Slayer to ravage her.

Buffy grinned as she sensed the cheerleader’s swift surrender. Moving her body back a bit, she allowed herself the time to fully take in and appreciate the beauty of Cordelia’s exposed body… The brunette looked so incredibly hot, standing there red-faced and embarrassed: her dress pulled down at the top, fully exposing those huge breasts… and the underside of the dress pushed up to her waist, revealing the cheerleader’s sweet, delicious-tasting little cunt to her eyes.

‘If only all schooldays could be like this,’ the blonde thought longingly as she continued to feel up the brunette. ‘Wait a minute… Who says all schooldays CAN’T be like this?’ After all, Cordelia owed her plenty for all the times she had saved the cheerleader’s life, which meant that she pretty much owned the beautiful brunette.

The cheerleader let out a low stifled moan, as Buffy’s fingers got increasingly busy in her slit; she was shaking so hard now, that if the blonde would pull away her fingers, she’d probably fall to the ground… Now that’s something to think about; she certainly never imagined when she was on her way to the school’s cafeteria, that a few minutes later she’d be leaning against a supply closet door where the only thing which kept her from falling would be Buffy’s fingers frigging her slit.

Peeking out from under her eyelids, she watched the blonde grin at her, like the Slayer was somehow aware that she was watching, and thinking about her…

“Oh yeah… that feels good, doesn’t it, Cordy?” Buffy asked the cheerleader. “It feels good to have my fingers inside of you… bringing you to that orgasm you so desperately need right now.”

Cordelia felt herself blush and tightly closed her eyes… Seconds later, she felt the Slayer’s hot breath on her ear, as the blonde moved her face close to hers and started whispering in her ear. “It’s okay, sweetie,” Buffy told her, almost tenderly. “It’s okay to like it, to love it even… You’re a good-looking, healthy young woman, so it’s only natural that you enjoy having your pussy played with.”

The cheerleader felt her right nipple being pinched and let out a small gasp.

“And lets not forget your tits,” Buffy continued. “Those big juicy jugs of yours… I just love the way they jiggle on your chest while I finger-fuck your little slit… I swear: I could just suck on those babies for hours at a time and still not get tired of them.”

Cordelia grunted as Buffy’s hot mouth envelop her left breast.

The Slayer suckled happily on the cheerleader’s teat for a while… then raised her head to whisper more dirty talk in the cheerleader’s ear. “Mmmm, that was yummy,” she seductively whispered. “But let’s focus on your sweet little pussy for now… because you have such a wonderful tight little cunt, Cordy. That tastes so delicious! I can hardly wait for you to shoot your yummy juices all over my fingers so I can taste you again…”

“Would you do that for me, Cordelia?” the Slayer sweetly inquired, while thrusting her fingers faster and deeper inside the cheerleader’s slit. “Would you cum for me, so I can lap up your sweet juices?”

A long lustful moan was the brunette’s only reply.

Buffy pressed her thumb against the cheerleader’s erect clit, and rubbed the stiff little nubbin.

“Cum for me, Cordy!” the Slayer hissed into the other girl’s ear. “Soak my fingers with your sweet girl-juice!”

The friction on her clit, the fingers in her slit, and Buffy’s dirty talk worked Cordelia over the edge. With a stifled cry, she obeyed the Slayer’s command and came all over the blonde’s thrusting fingers. “OOOOoooooohhhhhh!!!”

“Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! Oh! Ohhh!” she kept on grunting, as Buffy continued to push her fingers up her dripping wet cunt.

The Slayer abruptly pulled her fingers out and licked them clean… then stuck them back inside the cheerleader’s snatch and continued fucking her… Then pulled her fingers out again and repeated her previous actions.

Occasionally, the blonde would kneel down and replace her fingers with her tongue; she kept on doing this till the brunette was completely drained.

Cordelia felt like she was about to faint from the overwhelming sensations that the blonde’s tongue and fingers were bringing her, when suddenly: the fingers and tongue were gone from her pussy… Without Buffy’s fingers to hold her up she slowly slid down to the floor (just like she thought she would) until she was on her knees in front of the blonde, still panting from her multiple orgasm.

With a satisfied smile, Buffy licked each of her fingers clean --savouring Cordy’s fresh flavour-- while at the same time closely studying the recuperating cheerleader.

As Cordelia recovered from her climax, the Slayer gently stroked the cheerleader’s long brown hair, running her fingers through the silky strands… Noticing the brunette looking up at her, Buffy shot the still heavy breathing Cordelia a bright smile. “You just happen to be in the perfect position for our next game,” she cheerfully informed the cheerleader.

“And what game would that be?” Cordelia inquired warily.

The blonde’s smile grew bigger as she reached down and pulled up her miniskirt, revealing her panty-less and hairless crotch to the cheerleader’s eyes. “It’s called: Snack on the Slayer’s Snatch.”

“I’ll bet it’s mostly you who likes to play that game,” the brunette muttered before lowering her mouth down onto Buffy’s bald cunt.

Buffy looked down pleasantly surprised as the cheerleader started lapping at her pussy without the need of threats. ‘Good! She’s learning already…’ Closing her eyes, the Slayer silently enjoyed the wonderful feeling of that soft tongue stroking and tickling her slit.

‘Oh yeah! Cordelia definitely has a flair for licking pussy,’ Buffy thought contently as the tip of Cordy’s tongue circled her clit and gave it a couple of quick flicks. ‘She’s so fucking good at it!’

The blonde’s hands returned to Cordelia’s head and resumed their play with the cheerleader’s beautiful brown locks.

Cordelia buried her face deeper in Buffy’s crotch and suckled and nibbled at the Slayer’s folds.

It took only a few minutes of Cordelia’s expert treatment to make the blonde’s slit soaking wet.

“Mmmmm! Yesssss!! You’re such a talented little pussy-licker, Cordy!” Buffy sighed happily and patted the cheerleader’s head.

Cordelia looked up to shoot the Slayer a laser-like glare before resuming her oral duties.

The cheerleader quickly lapped at Buffy’s increasing wetness, licking up every drop of the Slayer’s secretions. Once that task was completed, Cordelia jammed her tongue deep inside Buffy’s tight hole and began tongue fucking the blonde with quick, hard jabs.

“Ohhh! Mmmm! Oh! Mmmmm!! OH! Ohhhh!!” Buffy felt her orgasm build up inside of her, like a dam ready to explode. “Ohhh Cordy! Oh yessss!” the Slayer called out. “That feels sooo good! So fucking good!! Fuck me!!! Fuck me, you little bitch!! Stick that long talented tongue of yours deep inside my cunt!”

“YESSSS!!! Like THAT!! Fuck me!! FUCK ME!!!” Shaking on her feet, Buffy pressed the cheerleader’s face against her cunt as she felt her orgasm wash over her. “YESSSSSS!!!!!”

With her face pressed against the Slayer’s snatch, the only way to prevent getting drowned in the blonde’s juices was to lap it all up as quickly as she could. ‘This isn’t entirely normal either,’ Cordelia pondered as she swallowed down what seemed like a half a gallon of girl-cum. ‘What the hell is going on here?! Is she, like, half part Slayer and half part geyser?’

Finally though, the stream of secretions ended, and Buffy let go off her face. “Could you’ve possibly been any louder?” the cheerleader wryly commented as she moved her face away from the Slayer’s dripping slit. “I think there are still some people on the other side of the school who may not have heard you.”

The Slayer smirked and blew the brunette a kiss. Buffy then playfully tousled Cordelia’s hair before issuing the cheerleader another command. “Clean my pussy, Cordy.”

They looked into each other’s eyes, and for a moment, there seemed to be sort of a staring contest going on between the two girls… then Cordelia returned her mouth to the blonde’s pussy and started cleaning Buffy’s shaved little slit with her tongue.

With her hands on her hips and her legs spread apart, the Slayer looked down smiling at the dark-haired head bobbing between her legs. Just watching Cordelia using her tongue on her pussy turned her on again, combined with the feeling of that soft, yet raspy little tongue dipping between her labia-lips, made her want to rip the brunette’s clothes off, lay her across that table, and fist that beautiful bitch until she came like never before!

‘Take it easy, remember: baby-steps.’ Buffy told herself.

She didn’t want to scare Cordelia off by being too aggressive. So she had to hold back the strong, sometimes overwhelming feelings she felt for the cheerleader, and that wasn’t always easy… Certainly not in those long, boring classes where she spend a lot of her time staring at the brunette, while she longed to take the cheerleader right there on her desk…

Besides, Cordelia is still a virgin, in which case fisting: NOT a good idea.

Unaware of Buffy’s thought process, Cordelia meticulously licked up every drop of the Slayer’s juices, cleaning the blonde’s slit inside and out.

After licking the Slayer’s slit so clean that it was shiny from her saliva, Cordelia pulled Buffy’s miniskirt down and got back up again.

She quickly put her clothes back in order and worriedly checked her face with her compact mirror. ‘It’s a good thing I’m using waterproof cosmetics!’

It didn’t take her more than a minute or two to repair the damage Buffy’s cum-bath had done to her face. ‘I now know who I want with me if I ever get lost in the desert.’

Returning her mirror and mascara to her purse, she turned to face the amusedly watching Buffy and shot the blonde an impervious look. “Now if you don’t mind: I’m going to the cafeteria to eat my lunch.”

The sound of a bell could suddenly be heard.

“Apparently, the lunch break just ended,” Cordelia noted disappointedly.

“Good thing you just finished eating me,” Buffy grinned.

Cordelia glared at the blonde for a moment, then turned around; she was about to open the door, when Buffy drew her in for a quick hug (and copped a quick feel in the process). “I might be by after school to receive further “payment” from you,” the blonde whispered in her ear.

Turning her head, Cordelia returned the Slayer’s smirk with one of her own. ‘Oh really? We’ll just see about THAT!’

To be continued in Chapter 6

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