Buffy's Bitch

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Chapter 4

Standing in front of the gates that marked the Chase’s property, Buffy did a quick look around to check for any onlookers. Satisfied that she was alone, she checked to see if there were any security cameras or alarms guarding the property.

Finding no cameras or visible alarms, she waited a moment until she was sure that there was no one nearby then walked back a few paces and ran towards the gate.

Jumping up, she flipped right over it and landed on her hands and feet. Buffy remained crouched and listened closely to see if she hadn’t tripped some sort of alarm… Hearing nothing, she quickly sneaked towards the house and started taking a quick survey of the place. She knew that Cordy’s parental units were away, but they probably have a live-in maid…

Considering her options, Buffy finally shrugged. ‘The house seems pretty quiet to me… Besides, it’s a big house and I doubt the maid’s room is anywhere near Cordelia’s. It’s probably also well isolated, which means my chances are good that Cordy and I won’t be disturbed… even if she gets a little loud.’ A wicked smile formed on her lips as she thought about some of the naughty things she had planned for the cheerleader that would make Cordy very vocal…

Shaking herself from her pleasant daydream, the Slayer started looking for a way in.

‘There! An open window…’ Using the vines that were growing against the wall, Buffy easily climbed up. It took her only a few seconds before she climbed through the open window and entered the Chase Mansion.

Looking around in the bedroom she just entered, Buffy was surprised to find out that through some rare stroke of luck she managed to end up right away in Cordelia’s room.

‘Excellent! This saves me the trouble of having to look around the entire house and possibly startling the maid,’ she happily considered.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to the big, canopy bed that dominated the room. Kicking off her shoes, Buffy leaped onto the King, or in this case: Queen-sized bed and jumped up and down a couple of times before letting herself fall back; noting with satisfaction the firmness of the mattress. ‘That will come in handy tonight!’

‘Now what would any normal Sunnydale High Student do, when somehow ending up in Queen C’s bedroom?’ Buffy pondered as she looked around the room. ‘I know: check out her legendary wardrobe!’

With a big smile on her face, she scanned the room in search of the place where Cordelia kept her much renowned attire.

Walking to one of the three doors in the room, she opened it and stepped into the cheerleader’s luxurious bathroom. Checking the second door, she noticed that it lead to the hallway.

‘And behind door number three we have…’ The moment she opened the third door, Buffy’s mouth fell open as well.

‘Wow! Her closet is at least twice the size of my room,’ she thought amazed, as she looked into Sunnydale’s holy of holiest: Cordelia Chase’s walk-in wardrobe.

Buffy checked out the seemingly endless store of clothing until her Slayer-hearing picked up on the faint noise of footsteps coming closer. Quickly closing the closet door, she silently waited for Queen C to grace her with her presence.


Cordelia let out a little yawn as she entered her room. Giving her bed a dreamy look, she started taking off her clothes while replaying her date in her mind.

Luckily Michael seemed to buy her quickly made-up excuse that she took so long in the ladies room because she was helping out some poor girl who is going through tremendous emotional problems. ‘Hmmm, actually that was pretty much what really happened.’

So despite Buffy’s interference, it turned out to be a great date after all. Which proofed that after her loser period (which is how she affectionally nicknamed her time with Xander and the Scooby gang): Cordelia Chase is finally back!

‘Now if I can just get that blonde bitca of my butt-- ehm, back then my life will be as close to perfection as it can get in this hellhole of a town.’

After putting on her favourite nighty, she went to the walk-in closet to pick out her outfit for the next day -- a little ritual she always enjoys doing before going to bed.

Opening the closet door, she suddenly found herself staring straight into Buffy’s eyes.

“Surprise!” Buffy called out while issuing the brunette a bright smile.

Cordelia didn’t respond and just stared at the other girl… ‘The most surprising element of this situation is not that that nut-job is hanging out in my closet,’ the cheerleader silently considered. ‘But that I’m actually not MORE surprised that she’s in my closet.’

“You okay, Cordy?” Buffy inquired somewhat concerned, after their starring match had continued for a minute or so. “You seem kinda quiet; it’s so unlike you.”

“Just reminiscing about the good old days,” the May Queen acidly replied. “When you could open your closet with the comforting knowledge that if anyone was hiding in your closet: it couldn’t be anything worse than an axe-wielding maniac.”

Buffy snickered. “You’re a real laugh riot, Cordelia.”

The cheerleader responded with a smirk. “Anyway… Listen Buff, hon. I think it’s about time we had a little girl-to-girl talk – and I mean that in a definite non-lesbian way.”

“Let’s see…” the brunette pondered. “How do I put this to you delicately, but still in a way you can understand?”

Buffy mentally rolled her eyes but waited for the cheerleader to continue.

“It’s great that you wanna get out of the closet, Buffy… Really, it is!” Cordelia said, giving the amused blonde an encouraging smile. “See! I’m all: Yay! Go, gay-pride! And I’m sure that a… good-looking girl like you will have no problem finding tons of girls -- taking into consideration, of course, that along with your newfound gay status came also a better dress-sense. But even if that isn’t the case then there will still be one or two, maybe even three girls in Sunnydale High who would be happy to go out of the closet with you, or into a closet, and do all kinds of naughty/naked/lesbian things with you… My point however is:”

When it seemed that Cordelia was finally about to make her point, Buffy stopped her continued inspection of Cordelia’s many outfits and gave the cheerleader her undivided attention again.

“I am very not gay! Definitely, Totally, not into the whole lesbian thing… So could you please go somewhere else, and with someone else out of the closet?”

The Slayer just smiled and started playing with the ribbons that held Cordy’s flimsy nighty together.

Those hungry looks that Buffy’s giving her scantly clad form were really freaking her out! Cordelia looked down at the blonde’s hand (which was now practically in her cleavage) and nervously bit her lip. “You promised that if I let you play with my tits we would be even,” she reminded the Slayer. “Well you played with my tits, so we’re even now!”

“There’s the door: don’t let it hit you in the ass on your way home.” Seeing a very unnerving smile appear on Buffy’s face, she continued a bit uncertainly, “Or, if you’d like something to drink before you leave, that’s okay too… Might I suggest something decaf and sugarfree?”

“Not so fast, Cordy,” Buffy told the cheerleader. “We might be even for the many insults you made at my expense, but you still owe me big time for saving your life several times!”

“And you’ll have to agree that letting me play with that cute little pussy you have there,” the Slayer’s hand skipped down to the cheerleader’s panty-clad crotch. “Is a small prize to pay for saving your life…”

Cordelia shuddered slightly as she felt the blonde’s fingers tickle her slit. “So let me get this straight - a word which, by the way, obviously doesn’t apply to you - if I let you diddle my slit, I’ll have paid you for saving my life?”

“Mmmm, more like given me a down payment,” Buffy absently answered, enamoured by how sexy the tall buxom brunette looked in that skimpy nighty.

“Oh, well, in that case… FORGET IT!!” Cordelia called out while giving the surprised Slayer a quick push, making the blonde fall back in the closet. Throwing the door shut, the cheerleader made a run for it… She pulled open the door to the hallway, and ran towards the stairs. ‘Now if I can just make it down the stairs, out the house and to my car, then I’m home free!’

She made it about halfway down the stairs before Buffy caught up with her and carried her back to her room.

“Naughty, naughty…” Buffy playfully admonished the cheerleader. “That’s no way to treat your guests.” Carrying the wildly kicking brunette over to the bed, she sat down and proceeded to strip Cordelia completely naked… Once that goal was achieved, she draped the struggling cheerleader across her lap and proceeded to spank her.



Cordelia quickly discovered that this spanking was different from the ones before; even though it stung quite a bit, it was much less painful… And, as the spanking progressed, Buffy occasionally rested a hand on her sore buttocks, rubbing them a bit before smacking her butt again. She would never admit it - certainly not to that little blonde bitch - but there was something about this situation that she found strangely arousing. Lying naked across a girl’s lap, totally at her mercy, getting a bare-bottomed spanking… and the fact that Buffy is (admittingly) a very good-looking girl made it even harder to push down her growing arousal.

‘Oh My God!! Buffy’s weirdness is obviously rubbing off on me, if I get aroused by this!’

Picturing how she must look: draped naked across Buffy’s lap, with her pink butt high in the air while the Slayer spanked her, Cordelia felt her nipples stiffen… and as the spanking progressed she felt her juices starting to flow as well. Squirming on the blonde’s lap, the cheerleader rubbed her thighs together as she tried to hide her growing arousal from the other girl. It was embarrassing enough getting spanked by Buffy, without her knowing that she was getting aroused by it.


A smile appeared on Buffy’s lips as she sensed the cheerleader’s growing arousal. ‘Mmmm, it’s good to have Slayer-senses!’ Slowing down the spanking, she began rubbing the brunette’s behind between spanks. ‘Let’s see how horny I can get you, Cordy…’

Feeling the cheerleader squirming on her lap and noticing Cordy’s dripping slit; she sensed that Cordelia was ready for her next move. Slowly, almost casually, Buffy slid her left hand down Cordy’s firm tummy… moving it bit by bit towards the cheerleader’s hot V.

The brunette gasped loudly as Buffy’s hand reached its target. Cordelia seemed about to say something, but as the words started to leave her mouth, Buffy flicked the cheerleader’s swollen clit, and only a loud moan came out instead.

Encouraged by her moans and lack of protest, Buffy stroked her fingers across Cordelia’s slit… occasionally moving her hand up and teasing the cheerleader’s enlarged clit.


Cordelia was momentarily frozen when she suddenly felt Buffy’s hand touch her pussy, she was about to let out a long string of obscenities directed at the Slayer when the blonde started playing dirty and flicked her clit; making all thoughts flee her mind as a surge of lust shot from her clit to her mind like a bold of lightning.

‘I’m not getting aroused by Buffy’s fondling. I am NOT getting aroused by Buffy’s fondling!’ the cheerleader silently chanted, as she felt her pussy getting wetter by the second.

‘Damnit! This just isn’t fair,’ the cheerleader contemplated while Buffy played with her pussy. ‘I’m so not gay! Everyone knows I’m into guys: tall, muscular, hunky guys… So why the hell is that blonde diddling my slit turning me on so much?!’

‘Okay, let’s try this again: I’m not getting arous--’ “OH FUCK!!” Cordelia exclaimed loudly, her eyes shooting open as Buffy unexpectedly inserted two fingers inside her virgin hole.

Then all thoughts were gone; her doubts didn’t seem that important anymore as Buffy thrust her fingers in and out, and began finger-fucking her pussy.

The cheerleader started panting as Buffy smoothly drove her digits inside her dripping hole.

Feeling that she should at least utter some kind of protest, Cordelia managed to get out between pants; “What the *pant* Hell, do you *pant* think you’re doing, *pant* psycho-girl?!”

“What does it look like I’m doing, Cordy?” was the Slayer’s amused reply.

Not able to think of a smart comeback at this time, Cordelia just relaxed instead and surrendered for the moment to the blonde’s skilful fingers.


“Why Cordy,” Buffy breathed into the cheerleader’s ear. “Your little pussy is all hot and moist… could it be that you’re not as adverse to the “whole lesbian thing” as you pretend to be?”

“I-I…” the brunette stammered. “I was just thinking about Brad Pitt, another bottle-blonde according to Showbizz Today.”

Buffy snickered at the cheerleader’s quick comeback. “Ohhhh, so I have nothing to do with your arousal?” The blonde slayer teasingly inquired while moving her fingers in and out Cordelia’s hot little slit and using her other hand to squeeze and fondle the cheerleader’s softly swaying breasts.

Cordelia moaned softly as Buffy’s strong hands kneaded her globes and fingered her twat; cursing her body for responding so blatantly to the blonde’s fondling.


“Mmmm, your little pussy is so wet, Cordy,” Buffy whispered in the Cordelia’s ear; the Slayer’s husky tone made a shudder of lust go through the cheerleader’s body. “And so incredible tight; I would almost think that you’re still--” Buffy’s words abruptly halted as her fingers encountered a thin, but unmistakable barrier. “You ARE still a virgin!” The blonde excitedly exclaimed.

“So *pant* what if I am,” the brunette replied somewhat defensively.

“Oh… nothing. It’s just a surprise – a very nice surprise,” Buffy added, sounding very pleased with her discovery.

Then for a while, nothing was said and the room was quiet, expect for the occasional grunts and groans coming from Cordelia and the sopping noises of Buffy’s fingers thrusting in the cheerleader’s wet cunt.


“Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH!!”

With growing delight, Buffy listened as Cordelia grew increasingly more vocal and aroused. Closing in on her orgasm, the brunette started pushing back her little ass each time she thrust her fingers inside Cordy’s hot hole.

“Yes! Yes! YES! YES!” the cheerleader now openly called out.

“That’s it, Cordy!” Buffy cheered the brunette on. “Move that ass! Fuck my fingers! You like my fingers inside you… You love me finger-fucking that hot little cunt of yours, don’t ya?”

“Ohhhhhhhhh!! Ungh! OH!!!” the brunette groaned.

“Tell me, Cordelia! Tell me how much you love it!” Buffy growled in the cheerleader’s ear. “Tell me or I’ll stop!”

“Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmm!! … Nooooooo!” Cordelia called out as Buffy’s fingers suddenly stopped moving.

“Tell me how much you enjoy being fingered by me,” the blonde repeated. “I want to hear you say it: in detail!”

“Ohhhhh, I-I l-love… your fingers… inside of m-me,” the cheerleader stammered out, blushing hotly.

“Doing what?” Buffy prodded the embarrassed brunette, moving her thumb across Cordy’s swollen clit as a bit of extra encouragement.

“F-f-fucking m-me,” Cordelia groaned out. “Finger f-fucking my h-hot little c-cunt.”

“That’s a good girl,” the Slayer grinned. “Here is your reward.” With some difficulty, Buffy pushed an extra finger inside the cheerleader’s tight twat and started fucking her in earnest, rubbing Cordy’s stiff clit while moving her fingers swiftly in and out…

“Oh God! Oh GOD!!” the brunette cried out, “YES!! OH YES!!! OH FUCK!! I’M CUMMINNGGG!!!” she bucked wildly on the blonde’s lap as an explosive orgasm rushed through her.

Buffy tenderly stroked Cordelia’s hair as the cheerleader laid shuddering and spent across her lap while her other hand remained busy between Cordy’s legs, drawing out the brunette’s orgasm…

“Ohhhhhh Buffy… Oh Buffyyyy,” the cheerleader softly moaned.

“Oh yeah…” the Slayer drawled, while stroking the cheerleader’s sensitive slit. “You definitely like me playing with your pussy.”

“Ohhhhhhhh!!” was the only thing the brunette seemed able to reply.

Grinning wickedly, Buffy removed her hand and gave Cordelia a quick slap on her little pink fanny.


“Ouch!!” That seemed to shake the cheerleader awake.

Cordelia looked back indignantly at the blonde Slayer. “What was that for?”

Buffy just grinned in reply and lifted the cheerleader from her lap, sitting her down on the bed. “I want you to lie on your back and pull back your knees, so I’ll have full access to your snatch.”

Cordelia’s blush returned with a vengeance, but she didn’t object and swiftly obeyed the blonde’s command… Lying back, she pulled her knees to her head and spread herself as widely as she could; her blush increasing as she noticed how open and exposed that left her.

Through lust-filled eyes, Buffy stared at the cheerleader’s wide-open cunt for a full minute… Then she positioned herself between Cordy’s legs and lowered her head to that scrumptious looking pussy.

Cordelia’s mouth formed a silent O as she felt the Slayer going down on her.

Buffy lapped hungrily at the juices from Cordy’s orgasm, which were still dripping from the cheerleader’s slit, making sure not to let a single drop of the brunette’s nectar get away.

After lapping up every single drop of girl-cum, Buffy looked up, her face glistening with the cheerleader’s juices. “Mmmm, your pussy tastes delicious, Cordy!” she happily informed the brunette. Sticking a finger inside Cordy’s slot, she moved it around and then held it in front the May Queen’s mouth. “Here! Taste for yourself.”

Cordelia stared at the glistening finger that the Slayer - without much preamble - just shoved right under her nose… Deciding that the best way to avoid another butt blistering was to obey the blonde in anything (no matter how demented or perverted her requests may be), she opened her mouth and sucked the finger dry of her juices… Once she completed her task, she issued the slayer a questioning look; Buffy shot back a smile and a wink before returning her head between the cheerleader’s legs.

While Buffy’s earlier efforts were mostly directed at lapping up the brunette’s spilled juices, she now concentrated directly on the source: Cordy’s open, glistening cunt. The May Queen’s sense of style and propriety was apparent even when she’s completely naked: Cordy’s pussy hair was trimmed into a perfect reverse triangle… and underneath that was the cheerleader’s perfect little slit! Eagerly, she pulled the swollen labia-lips further apart and examined the cheerleader’s little treasure from up close. Totally engrossed, Buffy stared into the tight pink hole… then carefully stuck a finger deep inside the brunette’s hot, tight tunnel.

A small gasp escaped Cordelia’s lips as the blonde stuck a finger deep inside her and probed around in her virgin hole. It seemed like Buffy wanted to feel and explore every inch of her pussy…

The Slayer moved her finger around in the tight tunnel, then pushed in deeper until she encountered Cordy’s hymen. After feeling and probing the thin barrier, she pulled her finger out and shifted her attention to the cheerleader’s engorged clit that peeked out from underneath its hood.

“Ahhhhh, it’s so cute!” Buffy cooed softly as she grabbed the little nubbin between her thumb and index finger and started playing with the tiny bundle of nerves.

Cordelia almost made a backwards somersault when Buffy pinched and tugged at her sensitive clitoris. “GODDDDD!!!!” she cried out as a combination of pain and pleasure shot through her body.

Wide-eyed she stared between her legs at the Slayer, who gave her a sheepish smile.

“Sorry,” Buffy said before returning her attention to the cheerleader’s slit.


Cordelia could see her alarm clock from where she was lying, so could say with absolute certainty that Buffy had just spend an entire hour studying and exploring her cunt - inside and out - keeping her the entire time at the brink of orgasm!

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and began begging the Slayer for some release. “Damnit, Buffy!! Don’t be such a bitch and let me cum, you little clit-tease!”

The Slayer smirked at the cheerleader’s feeble attempt at begging. ‘Cordelia is the only person I know who can make begging sound like an insult…’ However, she decided to take some pity on the horny brunette, and grant her the release she so desperately needed.

Sticking out her tongue, Buffy gently caressed the cheerleader’s swollen slit, getting a happy little moan from Cordelia in response.

She slowly stroked her tongue back and forth across Cordy’s pussy: swiping it across her folds and dipping between the inner lips, meanwhile hungrily lapping up every drop of honey that dripped from the cheerleader’s pussy. The Slayer moved her mouth up and took Cordelia’s thick clit between her lips, hungrily sucking and nibbling on it for a couple of seconds before moving back to the cheerleader’s slit.

“Mmmmmm! Oh yeah… that’s the stuff! Lick my pussy, Buffy! Tongue-fuck my little slit!” the cheerleader happily crooned.

With steadily increasing speed, Buffy’s tongue flicked across the brunette’s swollen lips and probed inside her sopping slit… As her tongue moved faster and faster, the cheerleader went crazy with lust, bucking and shaking so wildly on the bed that it almost seemed like the brunette was in dire need of an exorcist.

“Ohhhh! Oh! Oh! OH YES!! OHHH!!! YESSSSS!!!!” Cordelia cried out in ecstasy. “I’m cumminggggg!!! I’m fucking CUMMINGGGG!!!!!” with a loud cry, she drenched the blonde’s face with her juices.

Buffy took the shaking brunette’s clit in her mouth and sucked hard!

“Ohhhh fuckkkk!!!” the cheerleader groaned, as an explosion of pain and pleasure made her loose consciousness.


As Cordelia came out of her post-orgasm blackout, she discovered Buffy lying beside her, playing with her tits… and the Slayer was totally naked! ‘When did this happen?’ the brunette thought confused while staring at the blonde’s beautiful body. Automatically, her eyes started moving across Buffy’s naked form, taking in the young woman’s fit physique… her eyes widening a bit when she focused on the Slayer’s slit and noticed that Buffy was completely bald down there. ‘I’ll bet she did that just to prevent people from finding out if she’s a real blonde or not,’ the cheerleader cynically speculated.

Looking up, Cordy’s face turned a bright red when she caught the Slayer’s look and became aware that Buffy had caught her checking out the other girl’s naked body.

“It’s okay, Cordy,” the Slayer smirked. “You are welcome to look,” she added while sensually sliding her hands across her naked form. “In fact: you’re welcome to do a lot more besides looking.” Buffy finished, cupping her firm breasts and pinching her nipples as she said this.

Smiling reassuringly at the suddenly bashful brunette, Buffy gently grabbed Cordy’s right hand and laid it on top of her abdomen.

Somewhat hesitantly, the brunette began to slide her hand across the Slayer’s firm stomach, softly stroking the soft skin beneath her fingers… Her first experiences with touching another woman weren’t disappointing… the unique texture of silk-like skin that covered the firm muscles underneath. ‘It feels… kinda nice,’ Cordelia decided.

Looking up, she noticed Buffy giving her an encouraging smile. Feeling braver, Cordelia slowly moved her hand up, until she was touching the blonde’s firm, apple-sized breasts. Despite her initial hesitations about feeling up another girl, she did feel kinda curious… She sometimes wondered how it would be like to make it with another woman.

Cordy watched with interest as Buffy’s small, pink nipples turned fully erect the moment her hand touched the Slayer’s tits.

A heady rush of power and excitement went through her as she noticed the effect she was having on the other girl. She hadn’t expected Buffy to become so obviously aroused, just by her touching the blonde’s boobs.

A smile crept across the cheerleader’s lips and she started to slide her hand across the Slayer’s pink-tipped globes… Her smile grew bigger when she heard an excited moan coming from the blonde’s lips.

She pushed herself up until she was sitting up straight, and then moved her other hand to the Slayer’s tits: cupping both the firm, round globes… She jiggled them around for a bit, feeling their weight in her hands as she played with them.

‘Very nice,’ the brunette smiled to herself as she studied the blonde’s breasts. ‘Especially those perky pink nipples of hers…’ she flicked her thumbs across the erect little nubbins, bringing forth another loud moan from the aroused Slayer. ‘Mmmm, I guess her tits are as sensitive as mine judging from her moans…’

Taking each of the erect little knobs between her fingers, she started pinching and pulling on the cute pink nibs; making small surges of pain and pleasure shoot through the appreciative blonde’s breasts.

“Mmm-Mmmm… Yesss!” Buffy groaned. “Play with my tits, Cordy… Ohhhh, yes! A little harder… Don’t worry: I like it rough… YES!! Like that!”

With a big smile on her face, the cheerleader roughly pulled and twisted the blonde’s stiff nipples… After all, if Buffy gets off on pain, then Cordelia was more then willing to help the blonde along.

‘It’s payback time for that little stunt she pulled in the Bronze!’ With that thought in mind, she yanked hard on the Slayer’s nipples; pulling them towards her until Buffy’s stretched tits resembled a pair of ice-cream cones… Letting go, they jumped back to their original shape and she repeated the process over and over again.

“YES!! YESSS!!! That’s it, Cordy!” Buffy cried out. “Twist my nipples! Torture my tits, you little bitch!”

Cordelia’s eyes narrowed and she pulled even harder at the blonde’s tits.

After letting Buffy’s titties bounce back and forth for five minutes in a row, the brunette was ready for something else. Grabbing a breast with each hand, she roughly kneaded the firm globes. With a certain delight, she watched as the tit-flesh bulged between her squeezing fingers. Hanging out with Buffy definitely increased her kinkier side… Speaking of the blonde: judging from her red face and loud panting, Buffy’s about to reach a climax.

‘Let’s see how hard I can make the blonde bitca cum!’

She let go of the Slayer’s tits and gave them a couple of quick slaps, making each globe jiggle wildly and turn bright red.





Bending over, she took one of the stiff pink nipples in her mouth: sucking and nibbling hard on the rigid little button. She began switching back and forth between the Slayer’s tits, using her hand to play with the nipple she wasn’t sucking on.

“Yes! Yes! YES! YES! OHHH YESSS!!! MAKE ME CUM HARD!!!” Buffy yelled out as she reached her climax.

Cordelia bit down on the Slayer’s sensitive nipple in response, tugging at the little knob with her teeth.

“CORDYYYYY!!!!” Buffy bucked wildly on the bed as she finally climaxed.

The brunette watched with a strong sense of satisfaction as Buffy’s powerful orgasm left the blonde gasping on the bed. ‘Not bad for a first time,’ she told herself.


Once the rush of excitement went down, a wave of embarrassment hit the cheerleader. ‘Oh Shit! What the Hell just happened here?! I can’t believe some of the depraved things we did…’ Cordelia thought in shame. ‘Wait! Scratch that! I can’t believe the depraved things *I* did; I have no trouble believing it from Buffy… Damnit! I always knew that that blonde menace over there would have a bad influence on me.’

Sitting up on the bed, Cordelia quickly pulled up a sheet to cover her nudity. Looking up, she noticed the Slayer watching her movements with interest.

As soon as their eyes crossed, Buffy smiled impishly at the suddenly shy brunette and beckoned her closer.

The cheerleader raised a questioning eyebrow at the blonde. “What? You got what you came for, so I’m assuming we’re done here…”

Buffy shook her head and shot the apprehensive brunette a wicked smile. “Nope, first it’s time for you to return the pussy-lickin’ favour, Cordy… I’m really curious if that sharp tongue of yours is as good at eating pussy, as it is at dealing out jibes and insults.”

“W-w-what?” Cordelia stammered. “But I just made you cum less than a minute ago! What’s the matter with you?! Are you, like, insatiable or something?”

Instead of replying, Buffy pushed the brunette on her back and parked her butt over the stunned cheerleader’s face. Positioning her slit above the girl’s mouth; she impatiently waited for Cordelia to start using her much feared tongue…

Nothing happened however, and the Slayer grew more impatient by the second. “I’m waiting, Cordelia.”

“And you can just keep on waiting,” the cheerleader replied from underneath her. “Because I’m not licking your pussy, that’s like… totally unhygienic!”

“You know… I saw this beautiful handcrafted, thick leather belt hanging in your closet, Cordy,” Buffy casually remarked. “I’ll bet that I could give your ass quite a workout with that heavy belt.”

There was about a minute of silence, then the cheerleader let out a long, deep sigh. “You know… you really are a mega-bitch, Buffy Summers!” Cordelia called out exasperated.

Seconds later, the Slayer felt a soft tongue caress her slit… letting out a blissful little sigh, she spread her legs further apart, getting ready to enjoy the feel of the first oral sex she ever received. ‘Mmmm, oh yeah… She just needs a little push now and then.’

With plenty of reluctance, Cordelia began licking the Slayer’s cunt… Not really sure how to begin, she started stroking her tongue with broad swipes across the swollen labia-lips, lapping at the juices that dripped from the blonde’s entrance.

The Slayer’s snatch didn’t actually taste that bad, the cheerleader grudgingly admitted to herself. She’d expected to encounter a sour taste, but Buffy’s pussy actually tasted kinda sweet.

Gradually getting over her initial distaste of eating pussy, the brunette began using a little more finesse and started moving her tongue in little circles around and across the Slayer’s hot centre.

“Ohhhhh… Mmmmm… That feels soooo nice,” Buffy happily crooned. “Keep going, Cordy… Lick my cunt!”

The dark-haired cheerleader obediently skipped her tongue across the blonde’s mons, dipping in between with the tip. Moving to the Buffy’s puffy clit, she twirled around it and gave it a couple of quick flicks before moving back to the Slayer’s swollen labia.

Reaching down, Buffy started playing with the brunette’s big tits meanwhile enjoying the first-rate pussy licking the cheerleader was giving her. ‘Ohhhh yes, this is fucking wonderful!’ the Slayer said to herself. ‘I would have made Cordelia give me head ages ago if I’d known what I was missing…’


Moving up and down, Buffy started to hump Cordelia’s pretty face; growing increasingly aroused from the special tongue-lashing the cheerleader was giving her.

Cordelia used her fingers to spread open the blonde’s folds and drilled her tongue deep inside Buffy’s bald little slit.

“Yessssssss!!!” Buffy hissed loudly as Cordy’s talented tongue probed her pussy and the brunette started twirling it around.

The cheerleader tongue-fucked the Slayer’s slit hard and fast while using her fingers to tug and twist the blonde’s clit.

Removing her mouth from the Slayer’s soaked little snatch she replaced it with a couple of fingers, which she roughly shoved inside - bringing forth a loud cry of pleasure from the other girl’s mouth.

Buffy was now clearly approaching another orgasm and while she finger fucked the panting blonde, Cordelia focussed her oral efforts solely on the blonde’s clit… She flicked her tongue swiftly against the stiff little nubbin, before taking it in her mouth and sucking HARD.

“FUCKKKKKK!!!!!” Buffy cried out, almost leaping right off the bed as an incredible climax made her body convulse…


“Holy fuck…” Buffy blissfully sighed while lying down beside the brunette. “That was amazing, Cordy!” Leaning over, she kissed the cheerleader’s soft lips.

After only a slight hesitation, Cordelia accepted Buffy’s tongue in her mouth and they shared a long, passionate kiss.

When they finally separated, Cordelia pulled the satin sheet back over her naked form. Smirking at the watching Slayer, she leisurely rested her head on one of the thick pillows… Letting out a happy little sigh as her eyes slowly closed.

Leaning on her elbow, Buffy propped her head up with her hand and gazed longingly at the tired brunette.

Cordelia was totally worn out after servicing the Slayer for the better part of the night. And once she was covered up and lying comfortably, it didn’t take her long to doze off.

With a tender smile, Buffy watched the exhausted brunette’s relaxed features for a while as she slept… Then, snuggling under the satin sheet with the cheerleader, she wrapped her arms around the sleeping beauty’s soft, naked body and rested her head on Cordy’s full, pillowy breasts. ‘Now this is the life!’ the Slayer happily thought, a look of utter contentment on her face as she drifted into a deep slumber.

To be continued in Chapter 5

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