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Chapter 2

Stepping from beneath the arch that marked the entrance to Sunnydale High, Cordelia Chase looked around: taking in the grounds of the Sunnydale High school like a queen inspecting her domain. Royally striding forwards she used a sharp look to send the nerds, geeks and other riffraff scurrying from her path (she didn’t use her patented level 10 intensity look, of course; she only used that look on those she considered worthy of it). Occasionally a particularly brave (or ignorant) passer-by would be belatedly in clearing the path for her. That foolish person would then be send-off with the appropriate snide remark or nasty putdown.

With an indulgent smile, Cordelia accepted the awed and worshipful looks of the other students while making her way to the school building, softly humming Meredith Brooks’ Bitch song as she walked along.

I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
I'm a child, I'm a mother
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

Then Cordelia-ing the chorus somewhat:

She’s a bitch, He’s a pover
I am rich… and I love it!
Gwyneth is thin, but I’M better looking

As she neared the school building (leaving several distraught students in her wake) Harmony, Aura and the others joined her… and together they entered the hallowed halls of Sunnydale High.


“Hey, Cordy! Wait up!”

Turning her head slightly, Cordelia noticed Scott Pullman trying to catch up with her. ‘How 'bout that… If it isn’t Scott “I can’t date you because you dated Xander Harris” Pullman. I wonder what he wants now!’

“Hello, Cordelia!” he gave her an adoring look, reminding her of her pre-Xander days. Pretending she didn’t hear him, she calmly continued her conversation with Aura.

“Uhm,” he finally continued, puzzled by the brunette’s lack of response. “I was wondering… if perhaps you wanted to go out tonight? Seeing that it’s Friday and all?”

Pretending to suddenly notice him, she looked towards him and quickly recoiled. “Oh. My. God!”

“What?! What is it?” the boy loudly exclaimed while looking around him, trying to figure out what caused her strange reaction.

“Those bulgy 10-sizes-too-big jeans are SO incredibly out that it isn’t even funny anymore! If you’re going for this kind of fashion statement, then you may as well put on 10-sizes-too-big shoes, stick a tomato on your nose and change your name to Bozo!”

Several students who were listening in on their conversation laughed as Scott’s face turned to the colour of a tomato. “I-I-I…” he stuttered, trying to come up with a biting comeback.

“Scoot, Scott!” the cheerleader called out, while making shooing motions with her hands and issuing the embarrassed teen a look of utter disgust. “Get away from me before my expensive designer outfit somehow gets infected by your second-hand Wal-Mart pants!”

‘Another one bites the dust!’ Cordelia thought satisfied while watching Scott scamper away like the stepped-on little bug that he is, looking several inches shorter than before.

Issuing her audience a regal look, Cordy haughtily turned around and resumed her way -- her flock trailing respectfully behind her.


“Still, that *was* Scott Pullman,” one of her sheep intoned. “He’s kind of a hunk, isn’t he?” The girl looked at her queen for confirmation.

“Yeah, and his father is a senior partner at a prestigious law firm!” another girl brought up.

“Screw Scott Pullman!” Queen C replied. “I could pick up better dates than him on a Sci-Fi convention.”

“Ouch!” the girls exclaimed in unison

“You were pretty nasty, Cordy,” Harmony said, admiration sounding in her voice. “Where do you come up with those remarks?”

“It’s a gift,” Cordelia dryly replied, gazing in the mirror as she perfected her make-up. “In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the geeks, the Wal-Mart shoppers, and the forces of *extremely* lousy taste. She is… the Shopper! And in this generation, naturally, that girl could only be me.”

Noticing that her friends were staring at her with slack jawed expressions on their faces (not that that look was so unusual for them), the cheerleader sighed in exasperation. “Well, Duh! I’m kidding here! You didn’t think that such a tacky line could actually be for real, did you?”

‘Jeez! Oblivious much?!’ Sighing again, she added a touch of eye shadow, and looked her reflection over in the mirror. “There! Absolute perfection!”

After having graciously accepted the admiring “oohs” and “ahhhs” from her friends, she strode out of the ladies room with the other girls following closely behind her.

As Cordelia and her groupies left, one of the stall doors opened and out stepped Buffy Summers. Quickly walking to the door, the blonde’s eyes followed the group of girls, narrowing a bit as they focussed on the brunette cheerleader. The Slayer had heard Cordelia’s little jibe about her calling and wasn’t too pleased… ‘What an incredible bitch,’ Buffy thought angrily. ‘I’m so gonna make you pay for that remark, Cordy.’ Her eyes lowered to the May Queen’s enticingly swaying behind. ‘Nice ass though…’


The blonde Slayer sighed miserably. No matter how much she tried to focus on Mrs. Walker’s History lesson; her thoughts kept returning to a certain brunette cheerleader… ‘Damnit! This is getting freakish!’ Buffy silently ranted to herself; very disturbed with her growing obsession for Cordelia. ‘And I’m talking Hellmouthy freakish… As if those sex-dreams weren’t disturbing enough, I now have to constantly think about her?!’

“Buffy! Buffy Summers!!”

Shocked from her reverie, Buffy blinked in surprise as she suddenly found herself looking at a very annoyed Mrs. Walker.

“I’m sorry, Miss Summers,” Mrs. Walker sarcastically inquired. “Did I wake you from your nap?”

“No! No, I was just… thinking,” Buffy quickly replied, feeling herself flush as she heard her classmates giggle. ‘Great! This will really help me get rid of my reputation as the school weirdo.’

“Very good, I’m glad to hear that.” Smirking slightly, the history teacher continued, “In that case you are of course aware of the subject we just discussed… and will have no problem telling me the answer to this question: Which person’s dawdling and obsession with her wardrobe has been rumoured to led to her capture and her subsequent beheading?”

“Uhm… Cordelia Chase?” The answer was out of her mouth before she could stop it. As laughter filled the classroom, Buffy put her hands in front of her face and groaned. ‘This is going to be a very long day…’


Buffy sighed in relief as she made her way to the library. It had been an extremely long day; she’d been almost unable to keep her mind off the cheerleader, and the resulting daydreaming and inattentiveness to her classes hadn’t exactly endeared her with her teachers, who were already sceptical about her academic interest.

Nope, it hadn’t been a good day… but at least she was done with school for today. That thought alone made her feel a whole lot better.

Pushing open the double doors, she entered the library and saw Xander, Willow and Oz sitting at the big table and Giles standing by a stack of books. Looking up, they smiled and called out greetings.

“Hey, Buffy!”


“Hello, Buffy.”

“Hey guys!” she smiled back at them and took a seat in one of the remaining chairs. Letting out a blissful sigh as she comfortably leaned back.

“Rough day?” Willow smiled.

Making a sour face, Buffy replied, “Just a very long day, it seemed like it would never end.”

“Hey! That’s how I feel about every day of school,” Xander remarked. “Just do what I do: empty your mind and wait for it all to be over.”

“That would explain your grades,” Giles absently noted.

“I’ll stick with my theory that my low grades are a political thing,” Xander protested. Turning his attention back to Buffy, he inquired, “So… anything new on the Slayer front?”

That question seemed to get Giles’ interest and he momentarily drew his attention away from his books to focus on his Slayer. “Yes, how did last night’s patrol go?”

Buffy crinkled her nose as she thought about yesterday’s slayage and the slime bath she received. Then her thoughts focussed again on the beautiful brunette whose firm round butt she spanked, and her encounter with the green slime demon didn’t seem that important anymore.


“Hmm?” she responded, lost in her thoughts about the cheerleader.

“Last night’s patrol?” Giles reminded her.

“Oh, right! Well… the night started out pretty good with the slaying of six vamps… it sorta went downhill from there when I ran into this eight feet tall, green slimy demon.”

“A new demon?” the watcher’s interest was now fully aroused. “What did it look like exactly?”

“Uhm… Eight feet tall, green slimy demon describes it pretty well actually,” Buffy recalled. “Not much else to say about it.”

“I see…” Giles responded solemnly, obviously disappointed about this lack of detail. “And how did you fight it?”

“It was more like he fought me, instead of the other way around. For such a big thing, it was pretty damn quick… and packs one hell of a wallop!” the Slayer mesmerized. “If I hadn’t been able to jam a stake in one of its eyes, things could have turned out very ugly… and that demon was plenty of ugly to begin with.”

“But you are alright, Buffy?” Giles inquired, suddenly feeling a bit worried. “You seem a little… preoccupied.”

“I’m okay, Giles… Not a scratch on me.” Buffy told her watcher, giving him a reassuring smile. ‘They don’t need to know about the slime shower I got from that thing,’ she decided. ‘I could just imagine some of the jokes I would hear about that… Besides, if the slime had some sort of side effect then I would have noticed it by now.’

“And what happened to the demon?”

“Luckily it ran away in the end… that was one big baddie!”

“Speaking of big baddies,” Xander put in his 2 cents. “Did you see the look on Cordelia’s face when you made that crack about her in History class?” The young man’s face seemed to light up as he recalled that moment. He just wished that he had be the one to say it.

“Not to take away the importance of any funny comments made about Miss Chase,” Giles interrupted. “But I think we should focus on this new demon right now.”

Xander shrugged. “What about it, G-man? Nothing new there: we research new baddie, we find new baddie, Buffy slays new baddie, we party!”

“Yes… thanks for summing that up for us, Xander,” Giles responded somewhat tiredly while cleaning his glasses. “I guess our work is practically done already.”

“Exactly!” the young man shot the watcher a big toothy smile. “So back to the subject of Cordelia: anybody else noticed that she’s been particularly bitchy the last week or so? I personally describe her increasing moodiness to a bad case of Xander deprivation…”

“I think you’re on your own with that theory,” Willow muttered as Xander went on another one of his Cordelia tirades: like what a humongous bitch she was to dump him on Valentine’s Day. Try as she might, Willow just couldn’t muster up a lot of sympathy for her friend’s rough break-up. After all, Cordelia had been a humongous bitch to them long before Xander started dating her, but that didn’t stop him when presented with the opportunity to feel up that hazel-eyed harpy in the broom closet. ‘As treasurer and co-founder of the I-Hate-Cordelia-Chase club, he should’ve known better.’

Buffy’s thoughts were now once again focussed on Cordelia, and with a growing irritation she listened to Xander rant on about the cheerleader. He seemed a lot more interested in the May Queen now than when he actually went out with her. And frankly, it started to annoy her…

Uncomfortably shifting on her chair, she decided that the only way to get the cheerleader out of her mind was to go and see her. Being a girl of action, she immediately leaped up from her chair and walked to the exit, drawing the attention of everyone in room, even from Xander who halted his “I hate Cordelia Chase” speech.

“Where are you going, Buffy?” Giles asked surprised. “We still need to discuss this newest demon.”

Buffy turned to face her watcher and shrugged, “I already told you what the newest baddie looks like – not much else to talk about, is there? Besides, it’s not like we’re busy talking about demons right now…”

“Well, actually,” Xander quipped. “I think that Cordelia--”

“Oh, give it a rest, Xander,” an annoyed Giles interrupted him. “We still could use your help identifying the demon during research, Buffy… Is there something else you need to do?”

‘*Don’t* say you’re going to see Cordelia!’

“I’m going to see Cordelia.”

‘Oh, crap! Nice going, genius!’

“Why do you want to see Cordelia?” Willow asked surprised.

“I, uh, I want to apologize for that remark I made in class,” Buffy quickly explained. ‘Yeah, right… As if!’

“No! Don’t do that,” Xander practically begged.

“She’s probably home by now, her last class ended like fifteen minutes ago,” Willow noted, ignoring Xander’s plea and checking her watch. “And with the way Cordelia drives, she probably entered the Chase Mansion eleven minutes ago.”

“No, she always takes a long shower after P.E. to unwind,” Xander suddenly mentioned, seemingly lost in thought. “A very long shower… Taking plenty of time to let the hot jets of water massage her tired, naked, sweaty, naked body… Making sure to clean every nook and cranny… every inch of that gorgeous, naked-- Or so I’ve heard,” he finished lamely, noticing the looks the others were giving him.

“Well, that was sort of disturbing,” Oz broke the sudden silence.

“Yeah, I’ll see if I can catch her before she goes home,” Buffy absently replied while picturing a naked and wet Cordelia Chase. “Got to go, bye!”

The Scoobies watched amazed as the blonde Slayer practically ran from the library.

“What’s up with her? I haven’t seen someone so eager to see Cordelia, since…” Xander tried to come up with an appropriate comparison.

“Since you went out with her?” Oz deadpanned.

“Hey! I was never that eager to see Cordelia when I went out with her,” Xander loudly objected.


Cordelia sighed blissfully as streams of water caressed her naked body. It was a good thing that Physical Exercise is the last of her classes, because she loved ending her day with a long, hot shower. While her classmates usually took a quick shower at best - eager to get home - she really liked to take her time…

Twenty minutes later she stepped out of the shower and, grabbing a big white fluffy towel, started to dry herself off.

She felt glad that Harmony and the others hadn’t stayed around to keep her company; there was a limit to the amount of time she could listen to them argue about which movie stars would make the cutest couple, and she felt that she reached that limit for today. Besides, she preferred to spend this time alone. It gave her the opportunity to reflect on things without the distraction of her cheerleader friends, the wannabe’s, and the Scoobies with their creepy Hellmouth related stuff (which she just knew was going to give her some early wrinkles); not to mention the bottle-blonde little bitch who leaded that band of losers.

“Buffy!” the cheerleader exclaimed in shock as she removed the towel from her face and unexpectedly found herself face to face with the aforementioned bottle-blonde bitch.

“Hi, Cordy,” Buffy calmly replied while taking in the cheerleader’s naked, damp body with appreciative eyes.

Noting the other girl’s blatant visual explorations of her naked form, Cordelia hastily wrapped the towel around her body, covering herself up. Quickly recovering from her shock, the young brunette crossed her arms in front of her chest and shot the blonde her patented level 10-intensity glare. “What exactly is your problem, Buffy Summers?! Was that little exploration in the wonderful world of S&M from yesterday not enough? Now you have to start spying on me in the shower?! That’s like totally--”

Cordelia abruptly stopped speaking, her mouth falling open in surprise as the other girl suddenly grabbed and yanked away her towel – leaving the cheerleader standing there completely naked.

“We never got to finish that little conversation from yesterday,” Buffy said with a honey-sweet voice, slowly advancing on the cheerleader. “If I remember correctly: you called me trailer-trash… and we sorta left it at that since you were in such a big hurry to leave.”

“Now, Buffy…” Cordelia somewhat nervously replied as she backed away from the - now surely psychopathic - Slayer. “When I called you trailer-trash, I meant that in the most affectionate way possible.”

Buffy shot the nervous brunette a wicked grin. Before the cheerleader knew it, she was dragged to a nearby bench and deposited across the Slayer’s lap again.

“Since the lesson from yesterday obviously didn’t sink in, I’ll be happy to give you a little reminder, Cordy.”




“Goddamnit! Not again!”



Cordelia squirmed franticly on Buffy’s lap as the Slayer smacked a steady beat on her bare buttocks. “Lemme go!! I’ll sue you for every cent you’ve got, you perverse pygmy dominatrix wannabe!” the brunette screeched as she tried to wriggle out of the blonde’s firm grasp.

Buffy’s eyes widened at that insult and she brought her hand down harder and faster.


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Cordelia cried out, feeling like Buffy’s hand was making permanent imprints on her butt. “I apologize for all the insults I’ve said to you… ever!”

This seemed to satisfy the blonde, and after giving the cheerleader a couple of final spanks, she ended the spanking. While Cordelia remained lying across the Slayer’s lap, trying to regain her composure, Buffy examined the cheerleader’s glowing red buttocks. ‘Ouch! I certainly did one hell of a job on her beautiful butt,’ the blonde considered somewhat repentantly. Laying her hand back on the soft twin globes, she gently started stroking Cordy’s well-punished behind…

For several minutes, the cheerleader laid silently across the Slayer’s lap, her eyes closed and a relaxed expression on her face as she allowed her nemesis to rub her painful bottom… Then, as the brunette suddenly became aware of the awkwardness of her position, she opened her eyes and quickly climbed off of her classmate’s lap.

Lightly blushing, she turned to face the amused blonde. “Okay, you’ve beat my behind purple AGAIN! So I suppose you’re one happy little Slayer… Can I please get dressed now?”

A smirk formed on the Slayer’s lips. “We still need to have a little talk about this morning; when you were in the ladies room with your fan club, making fun of my calling.”

“Jeez! Can’t you take a joke?!” the cheerleader exclaimed. “You have to admit that as callings go, yours sounds pretty lame: One girl to stand against the vampires, demons and the forces of Darkness… Gimme a break!”

‘Oops! Wrong thing to say.’ Cordelia considered as she saw Buffy narrow her eyes at her. ‘Damn! I always figured she was going to go mental one of these days… but why does she have to go mental with me?! In the shower no less?! Couldn’t she be more like a normal person and start taking people out with a high-powered rifle from a bell tower, instead? I just can’t catch a break, can I?’

While these thoughts rushed through Cordy’s mind, Buffy backed her up against a wall. The blonde Slayer planted her hands against the wall on either side of the naked cheerleader, effectively trapping the brunette.

Closing her eyes, Cordelia braced herself for what was to come…

When a minute or so later nothing had happened yet, the cheerleader carefully opened her eyes a bit and peered through her eyelashes at the Slayer; surprised to see that the girl was just standing there, she opened her eyes all the way.

With her eyes fully open, she now noticed that Buffy’s eyes were raking across her naked body: lingering on her full breasts… then down to her neatly trimmed pussy… and back again to her breasts. And unless she was very much mistaking: those probing eyes were filled with lust.

Following the blonde’s gaze, Cordelia felt her face flush red as she discovered that her exposed nipples stood out fully erect.

Standing here totally naked and exposed, while her classmate studied her charms from up close, Cordelia sorta felt like she should cover herself up. With lack of a towel she should at least put a hand in front of her pussy and cover her breasts with her arm… She just couldn’t get herself to move though…

When she finally got some control over her limbs again, she still couldn’t bring herself to cover up. Instead she moved her legs further apart and started rubbing her sore behind. Her blush increasing as she noticed Buffy’s gaze immediately focusing on her now more exposed pussy. The cheerleader felt a sort of perverse pleasure by exposing herself like this to the Slayer; she was proud of her body and it gave her a rush of power each time she managed to captivate someone with her beauty… and Buffy was certainly captivated! The Slayer licked her lips, practically salivating as she stared at the cheerleader’s puffy slit.

Standing there quietly rubbing her behind, Cordelia managed to remain silent for almost an entire five minutes (a new personal record) before the long silence became uncomfortable and she felt like she had to say something. “You are probably gonna take this the wrong way again, Buffy… but I think that you’ve seen “Women in Prison” one too many times.”

Her words seemed to shake the spellbound blonde awake. “I guess you still don’t know when to keep your mouth shut, Cordy,” Buffy replied, and planted her lips against Cordelia’s – effectively silencing the dumbfounded brunette.

As Buffy’s mouth connected with hers, it felt like an electrical current went through her body, making the cheerleader shudder in response. Her mind just seemed to stop working and unintentionally - almost automatically it seemed - her mouth opened, inviting the Slayer’s soft tongue into her mouth… and before she knew it, Cordelia Chase was actively engaged in the longest, most passionate kiss she’d ever experienced.

For what seemed like an eternity their tongues caressed and dipped into each other’s mouths as time appeared to freeze this moment.

Then suddenly the hot, moist mouth that seemed to be sealed to her lips was gone. The brunette cheerleader blinked in confusion as she looked around an empty locker room. No sign of Buffy anywhere.

It all seemed like a dream, if not for her swollen lips and sore behind. Mesmerized and shaking on her feet, Cordelia touched her lips. ‘Mmmm… Yup, definitely too many “Women in Prison” movies for her.’

To be continued in Chapter 3

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