Buffy's Bitch

BY : Oric13
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Title: Buffy's Bitch
Author: Oric13
Universe: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Cordelia
Rating: NC-17 (of course)
Keywords: f/f, teen, fdom, spank, oral, humil, humor, TV-parody
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Summary: Affected by the slime of a demon, Buffy reacts somewhat different to Cordelia's usual taunting.
Notes: The story takes place shortly after season 2 episode "I Only Have Eyes For You" and is slightly AU, because unlike what happened in the series: Cordelia did NOT get back with Xander. Instead she clawed and bitched her way back as Queen of Sunnydale High.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy... but the story itself belongs to me.

Warning: This story contains: lesbian sex, spanking, D/s, humiliation and a bit of S&M. If you don't like that or are too young for it, then don't read this.

Buffy's Bitch
by Oric13

Chapter 7

Standing by her open locker, Cordelia unfolded the little note she just found inside. She already had a pretty good idea from who the note came, and as she started to read it: her hunch proved correct.

Hi Cordy,

I just read on the announcement board that Mrs. Walker is absent for today, which means that we both have fourth period free...Sounds like the perfect opportunity for us to get a little "closer". :) So when 4th period starts I want you to meet me in the boiler-room.

Don't be late and DON'T wear ANY underwear.

If I have to wait a second longer then five minutes and/or you're wearing any undergarments, I'll spank that cute little butt of yours again.



Cordelia felt her heartbeat increasing and her nipples stiffen as she finished reading the note. 'Yeah, that sounds like Buffy alright.'

Noticing the early signs of arousal she felt just from reading this note, she couldn't deny that the blonde was having a definite effect on her. Okay, so it wasn't like she'd totally hated Buffy's sexual advances when they started... but now she was actually starting to lforwforward a little to the nasty things Buffy did to her, and had her do -in return- as "repayment".

'Like the depraved things she made me do this week after school.'

A tremor of lust went through her body while thinking back to the "after-school curriculum" Buffy had come up with for this week.

Monday, she'd been too tired to give Buffy the lapdance that she wanted so much, and the blonde had eventually settled for a quick finger-fuck before going home. But the very next day, right after school, the Slayer had shown up at her house again, and this time there was no getting out of it: she had to deliver... or better said: had to put on a performance. as tas time for the striptease/lapdance her classmate had requested.

Buffy had it all planned out perfectly; she had searched through Cordelia's closet until she found the perfect outfit for the May Queen to wear: an expensive Armani suit: skirt, blouse and blazer (an outfit Cordelia had nicknamed her "businesswoman of the nineties" look), and underneath that a garter belt and a pair of nylons combined with a black lace bra and panties. She'd also picked out the music, and the place she wanted Cordy to perform the lapdance: her parents' living room.

Encouraged by Buffy's threat that she would take a belt to the brunette's behind if the cheerleader didn't put on a sexy enough show, Cordelia had done her utmost best to arouse and excite the Slayer any way possible.

So to the music of the CD Buffy brought with her, the May Queen had done a slow, sensual striptease in combination with a lap dance (which had been nothing less then whorish).

Once the music started in the living room, I took a deep breath and stepped inside the room, carrying a small briefcase (a prop that Buffy had come up with at the last minute).

The blonde was seated in the middle of the living room, on a straight-back chair, and smiled at me as I entered the room. With a sexy strut, I walked up to the Slayer and blew her a kiss.

Standing in front of her, I dropped triefriefcase and kicked it away. Then started moving to the music...

For several minutes, I did my most sexy dance-moves for the blonde... Then it gradually became time to take something off... After loosening the buttons, I shrugged off my blazer and twirled it around in the air before depositing it on a nearby chair.

After performing a long, tingting dance for the blonde, I knew I had to lose another item of clothing... I opted for my blouse: with slow, sensual moves, I unbuttoned and stripped it off. Revealing my black lace bra that both encased and showed off my tits.

I smiled as Buffy's eyes immediately focussed on my bulging breasts. I thrust my chest out as far as I could and shook my upper body, letting the twins bounce around a little --making the blonde hungrily lick her lips.

To the beat of the music, I danced around the Slayer... closer and closer, until I stood right in front of her. With one swift movement, I took off my skirt and threw it on the same chair that already held my blazer and blouse.

There was a moment of silence as the song ended, and I took that time to strike a pose for Buffy. Dressed in only shoes, a garter belt, a pair of nylons and lace underwear, I placed my hands behind my head and stuck out my chest... Using my "bedroom eyes" I fixed the blonde with a smerinering, sexy look, followed by a little pout.

The Slayer stared back at me through eyes filled with lust. Her hands, which were grasping the armrests, tightened --making the expensive hardwood chair creak in protest.

Her reaction to my little display caused a grin to appear on my lips. Giving Buffy a little wink, I continued to dance...

After teasing her for a few minutes longer, I danced closer... and then started sliding my body against hers. As I rubbed up against her, Buffy got really into her little game and began stuffing dollar bills in my garter and panties.

I felt my face turning red from this bit of added humiliation that the blonde had come up with, but I continued stroking my body against hers as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on... I even started rng mng my panty-clad butt against her crotch, which caused Buffy to start pushing 5-dollar bills down my panties (making sure to fondle my pussy at the same time).

Getting ready for my next move, I took a deep breath and then, leaning back, I threw my legs up in the air --until my feet practically reached my shoulder-- then twirled around until I was facing Buffy and lowered my legs again.

The Slayer seemed duly impressed by my manoeuvre and issued me a bright smile. Looking down at my ample cleavage that smile quickly turned into a smirk. Pulling out a twenty from her purse, she stuffed it between my pressed-together tits.

"Now take off your bra, and show me those big jugs of yours," she grinned.

I felt my blush increasing, but reached back and unclasped my bra. Slowly, I lowered the cups until both my boobs were fully revealed to the blonde's lustful gaze.

A second later, Buffy buried her head in my cleavage and rubbed her face against my tits (something the blonde is particularly fond of doing).

My tits weren't my only body-parts getting attention from the Slayer: since the normal rule of lap dancing (the lap dancer may touch the client, but not the other way around) obviously didn't apply here, her hands were pretty much all over my body.

Finally lifting her head, Buffy shot me a bright smile and pushed another twenty inside my cleavage.

The blonde's desire for my breasts was pretty obvious, so to turn her on I made sure to fully explore that advantage... I let the twins bounce lustfully around and used both hands to play with them under the Slayer's watchful eyes. Then lifted each red-tipped globe to my mouth and gently sucked on both rock-hard nipples in turn. Noticing Buffy's hypnotized look, I let the nipple slip from my mouth and shot the blonde a sexy smile.

Scooting a little closer, I placed a hand under each breast; cupping the firm flesh in my palms, I offered my tits to the Slayer's salivating mouth. She instantly opened her mouth and sucked one of the hard, red nipples inside. Buffy lovingly nursed on it for a while, and then switched to the other nipple to give it the same treatment. The blonde switched back and forth between each nipple until both nubbins were hard as pebbles.

Time to continue the show, I decided. Letting myself slide backwards, my nipple slipped from the Slayer's mouth and I got off from her lap.

artearted dancing again...

Facing the blonde, I cupped both my breasts and fondled them while moving to the music. Then, I slowly slid my hands up... over my tits, to my face... I played with my hair for a while, before moving my hands higher; clasping them together, I raised both hands until they were high above my head.

I held this position for about a minute; softly swaying to the music... then gradually went into a sort of belly-dancer routine...

Buffy absoly loy loved it! While feeling me up, she kept shoving money down my panties or hooking it in my garters.

When the next song started, Buffy pulled a fifty from her purse, showed it to me, and then folded it double before shoving it down the front of my panties. "Now show me some snatch," she ordered me with a smile.

I took a deep breath, then hooked both thumbs in the waistline of my panties and slowly pushed them down my legs, exposing my pussy to the blonde's eyes.

Buffy wasted little time with feeling up my exposed cunt... She immediately slid a hand between my legs and gently stroked the little patch of hair. After that, she played with my clit that was peeking out between my labia-lips.

Once she had me panting loudly, and shaking on my feet, she skipped her fingers down and shoved three digits inside my dripping cunt.

Buffy proceeded to finger-fuck my pussy until I was on the brink of an orgas the then suddenly halted.

Red-faced and breathing heavily, I shot her a pleading look.

Buffy smiled and gave me a little wink. "Fuck yourself on my fingers, Cordy," she ordered me.

As I obeyed and started riding her fingers, the tiny blonde moved her free hand to my breasts and begins fondling and squeezing the firm flesh.

The feeling of her fingers plunging deep inside my cunt combined with the attention my tits were getting, quickly brought me to a shuddering climax...

A little later, after recuperating a bit, I finished up my performance: I started dancing again... and after a minute moved to undo the garter belt. Beforefore my hand even touched it, Buffy quickly ordered me to keep the garter, nylons and shoes on; she told me that she liked watching me dance around with all my charms on display, but still wearing a bit of lingerie.

Obeying the blonde's orders, I kept the garter belt, nylons and shoes on, and danced for her a little more...

As the last song on the CD ended, I slowly lay back on the coffee table. Holding my legs together, I raised them until both feet were pointing straight up... then, gradually, I spread my legs wide apart into a perfect split (cheerleader practice REALLY came in handy here!).

Buffy's eyes practically popped out of their sockets as she stared at my wide-open slit. Less then a second later, the blonde leaped out of her chair, tore off her clothes, and jumped me.

After ravaging me completely, our "session" finally ended with both of us naked, on top of mom's expensive, designer coffee table, doing a sixty-nine.

Then the following day (Wednesday) Buffy once again showed up at her house. This time the blonde made her put on a fashion show. The Slayer wanted her to model a selection of her most sexy outfits and lingerie. At first, this seemed to be a lot less humiliating then the lapdance/striptease of the day before. But, of course, Buffy wouldn't be Buffy if she didn't come up with something to increase the level of humiliation...

It seemed that the blonde found out where Mr. Chase kept his video camera and, unlike Cordy's father who never used it, decided to put it to good use by filming his daughter doing a series of lewd poses in various sexy outfits.

At first Cordelia balked at being filmed in such a compromising way but Buffy could be very convincing when she wanted to... So it wasn't long before she was doing her little fashion show while the blonde filmed her. Even though she knew that by letting the Slayer tape her like this, she'd be handing Buffy yet another way to pressure her into doing her bidding.

'And yesterday, Buffy came up with yet another humiliating act for me to perform: ordering me to masturbate while she watched...'

Buffy had wanted to film that as well, but she'd made clear in no uncertain terms that wasn't going to happen. After almost an hour of trying to coax her, the Slayer finally relented and settled for just watching while she draped her legs over the armrests of the lawn chair and started diddling herself. Though as compensation for not filming her, she had to follow the blonde's instructions while playing with herself... which basically meant that at a certain point she had to fuck both her cunt and asshole with three fingers in each hole while Buffy gleefully watched.

'Oh yeah... Buffy really likes making me put on a show for her.' Cordelia knew she should be enraged by the humiliating acts the Slayer had made her perform, but instead she got wet just by contemplating the kind of lewd sex-acts the blonde would come up with next.

Hell, she even started to take a certain pleasure in Buffy treating her as her bitch and (God help her!) enjoyed getting bare-bottomed spankings from the dominating blonde.


Hearing her name being called out shook Cordelia from her thoughts about the Slayer. She looked up and saw it was Harmony who had called out to her, the blonde cheerleader waved and headed in her direction with the rest of their group following close behind.

Closing her locker, Cordelia quickly stuffed the note in her purse and met up with her friends.


"So he wanted me to give him a blowjob because, and I quote: This was already our third date and he bought me dinner."

"To which I replied: First of all, it would have to be at least our tenth date before a Neanderthal like you can expect any action whatsoever. Secondly, buying me a hotdog constitutes neither a date nor dinner. Thirdly, as far as I'm concerned you can go blow this fuckin' hotdog you freakin' loser! And then I threw the hotdog in his face," Aura recalled with relish.

The group of cheerleaders snickered and Cordelia gave Aura a pat on the back. "You go, girl!" she smiled.

The May Queen was suddenly distracted when she saw some familiar faces coming around the corner.

Her heart rate increased when she discerned one very familiar face... that of Buffy Summers. The blonde Slayer came walking down the hall together with her usual group of friends consisting of Xander, Willow and Oz, and was heading into her direction.

As the Slayer's group got closer, Cordelia noticed that the blonde had a mischievous gleam in her eyes, which she found to be somewunseunsettling.

Buffy and her gang were just about to pass them by when the blonde suddenly stepped sideways, straight into Cordelia's path... and gave her a quick kiss right on the lips while bumping into her.

"Don't forget about our little "appointment" in the boiler room, Cordy," Buffy quickly whispered in the shocked cheerleader's ear before continuing on her way; shrugging off the astonished looks her friends were sending her, and the various insults the flock of cheerleaders hurled after her.

"Watch out where you're going, freak-a-zoid!" Aura called out to the blonde.

"Learn to walk, spaz!" Amber shouted.

"Yeah! Preferably to another COUNTRY!" Harmony added her two cents.

"What was that all about, Cordy?" Aura questioned.t sot sorta looked like she bumped into you on purpose and then kissed you!"

"She probably contracted some kind of disease, and is now trying to pass it on to me," Cordelia explained a bit distracted while trying to gather her frazzled nerves. "I'm not sure; I haven't finished reading "The workings of a psychopath's mind" yet."

'So this is how my life is going to be from now on: Most popular girl in school, yet sex-slave to a girl who's considered to be a social-outcast in the very same school,' the brunette considered wryly while walking with her friends to their next class. 'Oh, Yeah! This is gonna be LOADS of fun; I can hardy wait to see how this cute little arrangement with Buffy is going to work itself out...'


Fourth period just started and Cordelia was hurriedly making her way to the boiler room. She probably shouldn't have wasted precious time talking to Harmony while Buffy was waiting for her.

Reaching her destination, she looked around for a moment... then grabbed the doorknob, and was about to enter when she suddenly remembered another part of Buffy's instructions. The blonde wanted her to go commando, as in no underwear.

Cursing to herself, the cheerleader turned around and headed for the ladies room.

Getting into one of the stalls, Cordelia raised her top and unhooked her bra. After removing it she put it in her purse. Then, reaching down, she pulled up her skirt. Hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties, she quickly pushed them down and off. The skimpy piece of underwear was then quickly reunited with her bra inside her purse.

After straightening her clothes, she left the stall and checked herself in the mirror. Cordelia lightly blushed when she noticed that her large nipples stood out clearly underneath the sheer, almost transparent fabric of her top. 'Damn, I really wish I'd worn a different top for today,' the brunette considered as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. 'I can even make out my areolas through the fabric.' She looked down at her short skirt that, now she wasn't wearing any pas, ss, suddenly seemed a bit on the short side. 'A different skirt would have been nice too.'

The cheerleader suddenly recalled that she had to hurry to make it to her "appointment" on time. Being late would definitely earn her another bare-bottomed spanking from Buffy. With that thought in mind, she quickly rushed out of the ladies room and headed back to the boiler room.

As she practically ran back, Cordelia noticed that without the support of a bra her large boobs were obscenely swaying back and forth beneath the fabric of her top.

She wasn't the only one to notice this.

As the brunette passed a couple of football players in the hallway, their eyes instantly focussed on her bouncing breasts.

'If this was a cartoon then their tongues would be on the floor right about now,' Cordelia thought amused while observing the young men's lustful stares at her tits.

"Down, boys!" she told the jocks.

Breathing a little heavier, Cordelia reached the entrance to the boiler room again. After making sure that no one was around to see her go in, she opened the door and went inside.

"You took exactly one minute longer then allowed, Cordy," a voice purred from the dark shadows of the cellar. "And I gave you plenty of time to get here without being late."

As Cordelia's eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness, she observed Buffy stepping from the shadows, walking towards her.

"I needed time to remove my underwear, as you so kindly requested," the cheerleader protested while giving the small blonde a beseechinok. ok. "Besides I'm hardly late; a minute isn't that much."

"Oh, I think it's plenty late when you're getting a spank for every second that you're over time," Buffy corrected her. "Which means 60 spanks on your little tush, Cordy," the Slayer added with a smile.

Cordelia made a face. "Sixty spanks for being one lousy minute late?! I'd hate to find out what you would do to me if I hadn't shown up at all."

"I wouldn't." Buffy grinned.

"Now there's a shocker," Cordelia sarcastically noted.

The Slayer laughed.

"How about we find out if you don't deserve some additional punishment, Cordy?" Buffy questioned with a smile. "It's already pretty obvious that you're not wearing a bra." The blonde lustfully eyed the brunette's big tits and prominent nipples, clearly visible from beneath her white shirt. "Now let's see if you've been a good girl and removed your panties as well."

"Raise your skirt, Cordy," Buffy ordered. "And show me some snatch."

Despite everything she had already experienced with Buffy, the blonde's lewd request still made her cheeks flush red with embarrassment. Blushing brightly, Cordelia reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt, slowly raising it until her pussy was fully exposed to the Slayer's eyes.

Buffy's little pink tongue peeked out of her mouth and wetted her lips as the brunette's bush came into view. "Very nice," she complied ted the cheerleader. "I'm happy to see that you're learning already."

Cordelia stuck her tongue out, bringing a smile to the Slayer's lips. "I'll be sure to put that tongue to good use in a couple of minutes, Cordy."

Buffy's smile grew bigger as the brunette instantly sucked her tongue back in.

"Hmm, I think I would now like to have a good look at those nice, tight buns of yours... Turn around, Cordy."

Cordelia lowered her skirt and slowly turned around, facing awaym thm the blonde.

"That's a good girl."

"Now place your feet apart... wider... that's perfect! Keep it like that, Cordy." Cordelia could clearly hear both pleasure and excitement in the Slayer's voice. "Now bend over as far as you can while raising the back of your skirt."

Taking a deep breath, Cordelia obeyed the blonde's instruction... Bending over, she reached back and raised her skirt until the fabric was resting on her back. Her blush increased as it occurred to her that the Slayer had now a great view of not only her bare butt, but also of her swollen vulva, which was peeking out between her widely-spread legs.

She gasped when she suddenly felt a hand on her butt that slowly slid down and cupped her sex. A laugh sounded when Buffy discovered her wetness.

"My, what an eager little beaver we have here," Buffy mockingly said while sliding a finger inside the cheerleader's cunt. "You're obviously impatient to get started, Cordy... Well, don't worry: So am I!"

She flicked Cordelia's stiff clit and let out another delighted laugh when the cheerleader squeaked loudly in surprise. Moving her hand back up, she stroked the cheerleader's firm, silky buns.

"Mmmm, I can hardly wait to get to work on that beautiful butt of yours," Buffy told the brunette, and gave the object of her admiration a little pat. "That's one fine piece of ass you have there."

"God! Could you possibly be more rude?!" Cordelia exclaimed. Feeling mildly disgusted with Buffy for treating her like a piece of meat, and with herself for getting off on it.



"Sure I could," Buffy grinned and gave the brunette's buttocks another spank.


"Now lets not have anymore outbursts like that, young lady," she admonished the cheerleader. "Or I'm doubling your number of spanks."



"Am I making myself clear, Cordy?"

"Yes, Ma'am," the brunette submissively replied.

Buffy felt a flame of lust ignite in her groin when she heard those two little words. A big smile broke out on her face.

"That's a good girl," she cooed happily while stroking Cordelia's downy cheeks. To reward Cordy's well-chosen reply, Buffy tenderly fondled and caressed the cheerleader's charms for several minutes.

When Cordy started shaking on her legs and was clearly approaching an orgasm, she quickly yanked her hand away from between the brunette's thighs and helped the cheerleader upright.

"Why did you stop?" a disappointed and disgruntled Cordelia asked.

"You're not allowed to cum yet, Cordy," Buffy smirked. "I'm the Alpha girl here, so I get to come first."

"You really like to rub my nose in that, don't you?" the cheerleader asked annoyed.

The Slayer's smile grew bigger and she sensually slid her hand across her body, ending at her crotch, and started rubbing tiny circles there. "Your nose, your mouth, your pussy and your tits... there's lots of you I like to rub in this."

Cordelia felt herself blush brightly red. "You're so nasty," she muttered.

"Things are going to get a lot nastier then this, Cordy," Buffy grinned. "Let's start with you taking everything off except for your shoes and stockings."

The brunette quickly started disrobing. She managed to find a clean spot to place her clothes, and soon stood before the blonde practically naked.

"Mmmm, you look so yummy," Buffy huskily said. "Now show me some sexy poses, you sexy thing," she added with a teasing smile.

The cheerleader chewed on her bottom lip as she considered the Slayer's request... then started striking several erotic poses, all aimed on pleasing the blonde.

Buffy smiled with delight as the brunette posed in front of her. Posing naked, except for a pair of high-heeled shoes and stockings, Cordelia looked like she belonged on the cover of Playboy or Penthouse magazine. The Slayer's stare slowly raked over every inch of Cordelia's totally exposed nubile body. She noticed the goose bumps on the cheerleader's arms and legs (an obvious result from the relatively low temperature in the cellar) and Cordy's red-flushed cheeks --indicating the combination of embarrassment and arousal the cheerleader was feeling.

Buffy's gaze then focussed on the brunette's big stiff nipples, which stood out prominently from her large firm breasts. The blonde licked her lips before lowering her eyes to the soft and inviting-looking small tuft of hair above the cheerleader's slit. 'Cordelia looks so damn delicious: I could just eat her up!' The Slayer smiled to herself. 'Well, actually... I do plan on "eating" her later. But first, she gets to eat ME.'

Reaching under her skirt, she pulled her panties down and off; then sat down on a straight-back wooden chair she'd already selected earlier for this very purpose.

Buffy pulled up her skirt and planted her feet on the seat of the chair: flashing her bare beaver to the cheerleader's eyes. She beckoned the brunette closer with her index finger, and then pointed at her slit.

"Time to put that talented tongue of yours to work, Cordy," Buffy grinned.

The May Queen stepped closer and slowly sank to her knees in front of the blonde. She lowered her lips to the Slayer's snatch and began pleasuring her adversary's pussy, starting out the way Buffy had taught her to: by French-kissing the blonde's bald slit.


"Okay, I've just checked ALL the school's usual hangout spots," Xander announced as he strolled back into the library. "No sign of Buffy anywhere."

"And I looked around outside," Oz said, coming in right behind Xander. "She isn't there either."

"Did you check the ladies room, Willow?" Giles questioned, as the young redhead entered the library with her boyfriend.

The hacker nodded. "I went to all the girls baoms oms in the school, even the ones that aren't nowhere near our last class, she's isn't in any of them."

"Strange," the watcher noted, putting down the book he was reading. "Usually, whenever an hour of class falls out Buffy tends to spend it here... She didn't say anything about where she was going?"

"Not really," Willow said. "She just said that she had to go do something."

Giles nodded thoughtfully. "Well, I'm pretty certain she hasn't left school grounds. Ever since someone painted the words "Honk if you think I'm a Nazi-Troll" on the back of his brand-new car, principal Snyder has been watching the exit like a hawk -- hoping to catch students sneaking off during breaks or free hours."

All eyes turned to Xander at the mention of the "Snyder's car incident".

"Hey! What are you all looking at me for?" Xander returned their stares with a wide-eyed look of innocence. "Why do you automatically assume it was me who went Michelangelo on the Nazi-- I mean the principal's car?"

"You did buy a can of paint," Willow reminded him.

Xander shrugged. "I'm planning to repaint my room."

"Then why did you bring the paint to school?" Willow questioned. "I saw you putting it in your locker."

"When I got home, I suddenly noticed that the colour didn't really match my furniture, so I decided to return it after school."

His explanation was greeted by a series of sceptical looks.

"You could probably drive Snyder's car through the holes in that story," Oz dryly remarked.

"Quite so," Giles stated. "But I didn't call this meeting to investigate who vandalized Herr Snyder's car."

The watcher thought for a moment before asking his question. "Have any of you noticed anything... out of the ordinary with Buffy's behaviour in the last week or so?"

The Scoobies looked at each other.

"I did notice she's been kinda distracted lately," Willow said.

"Yeah, then the next moment she suddenly transforms into little Miss Cheerful," Xander told the watche
Willow nodded. "I can't remember seeing Buffy ever this upbeat, not even before the whole Angelus thing."

Giles mulled this information over for a while then turned to look at Oz. "Have you perhaps noticed a difference besides the ones already mentioned by Willow and Xander --anything that doesn't coincide with Buffy's normal behaviour?"

Oz shrugged. "Apart from seeing her kiss Cordelia, not really."

There was a long moment of silence... then everyone started questioning stoistoic teen.

"Did you just say that you saw Buffy kissing Cordelia Chase?" an astounded Giles asked.

"You saw that too?" Xander called out. "I thought it was just my wishful imagination."

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!" Willow squeaked.

"Ehm... yes," Oz answered all their questions at once.

"When on Earth did this happen?" Giles questioned amazed.

"This morning in the hallway," Xr anr answered before Oz could. "She bumped into Cordy and kissed her right on the lips."

Oz nodded. "That's about it."

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!" Willow called out again.

threthree males looked at the bewildered redhead for a moment, and then continued their conversation.

"So without a clear motivation or any warning whatsoever, she just walked up to Cordelia -in the middle of a crowded hallway- and kissed her?"

Both teens nodded.

"And how exactly did Miss Chase react to this?"

"She looked like she was watching a pack of pink tutu wearing vampires burst into the school, and start performing the Nutcracker," Xander reminisced with a big grin.

"... while she's being kissed by Buffy," Oz added.

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!" Willow repeated again.

"Uhm... are you feeling okay, Willow?" Oz asked somewhat concerned.

"I'm fine and very much okay," the hacker babbled; still busy taking in this unexpected news about her friend. "That's me: feeling perfectly dandy and totally straight!"GileGiles, Xander and Oz looked at each other, and then shrugged.

"Even though some of Buffy's nt cnt conduct seems rather odd, I'm not convinced it warrants any great concern," Giles said after a long period of silence. "However, I believe it might be prudent to keep a close eye on Buffy in the next couple of weeks, just to be on the safe si. Th. Though I consider it most likely that this is just an period of erratic behaviour she is going through -like plenty of normal teenagers do- there could be something supernatural going on."

"Normal teens don't usually step up to Cordelia Chase in the middle of a crowded hallway and kiss her on the lips," Oz pointed out.

"That's a good point," Giles conceded. "But that may very well have been Buffy playing a joke on Cordelia... Aside from that one kiss, I can't imagine anything else going on between those two."


"YES!! Eat me, bitch! Eat that pussy!!" Buffy encouraged the cheerleader while humping the brunette's face. "Tongue my cunt and suck up my juices!"

'What a kick to have Miss Popularity naked on her knees before me, giving me head!' the blonde blissfully considered while gazing down at brown-haired head busy between her legs. Reaching down, she tenderly stroked and petted the brunette's beautiful auburn locks.

"You're such a good little cunt-licker, Cordy," Buffy happily moaned. "You eat pussy like a fuckin' pro."

'Yeah, like YOU would know the difference,' Cordelia thought to herself. 'Exactly how many people have licked your pussy?' Yet despite that cynical thought she couldn't help but feel a strange sense of pride from her ability to please the blonde. With renewed vigour she concentrated on her pussy-licking duties.

The Slayer gasped as Cordy's tongue deeply penetrated her and vibrated against the slick walls of her cunt while the cheerleader's nose rubbed against her clit. 'Damn, that girl is soooo incredibly GOOD!'

Buffy moaned loudly as she felt her third orgasm approaching. "Mmmm! Ohhhhh yessss!! Yes! YES!! Tongue-fuck me good, Cordy! Stick it deep inside me, you little slut!! I wanna feel that talented tongue of yours licking my ovaries!"

Cordelia plunged her tongue faster in-and-out in response, making the blonde shake wildly on the wobbly wooden chair as her climax hit her.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!" With a loud cry, Buffy thrust her pelvis up, grinding her crotch into the cheerleader's face as she came... Once her orgasm subsided, she slumped back down on the chair.

"That was great, Cordy!" Buffy complimented the brunette once she got her breathing somewhat back to normal.

"Glad you enjoyed Buf Buffy," the cheerleader told her. "Now may I get back to my feet or should I get started on your fourth orgasm?"

"This will do for now," Buffy grinned, and stroked Cordelia's brown locks again. "You're turning into one well-trained, and -lets not forget- well-dressed, little sex-slave," she noted satisfied.

The May Queen narrowed her eyes slightly, but -acknowledging the truth in the Slayer's statement- she otherwise didn't respond.

Smiling brightly, the Slayer seated the naked brunette onto her lap. Putting her arms around her, the small blonde wasted little time in claiming Cordelia's lips with her own.

While exchanging a passionate kiss, Buffy freed one of her arms from the embrace and started fondling the cheerleader's firm supple breasts.

The blonde smirked when she heard a satisfied little sigh coming from Cordy's mouth. She broke off the kiss and beamed up at the beautiful brunette--her beautiful brunette!

"Okay, Cordy..." the Slayer spoke thoughtfully. "It's your turn to cum now, but you also have a spanking coming... which wouou pou prefer first?"

"Ohhh, the agony of choice," Cordelia drawled while pondering the question.

Buffy smiled. "So... how do you wanna play it? Orgasm first or your spanking?"

"Couldn't you give me both at the same time?"


"You know, like you've done before," Cordelia said, referring to the night at her house a week ago. "You can diddle my slit with one hand and use your othandhand to spank me."

"That sounds like a great idea, Cordy," Buffy smiled delightedly. "Brains as well as Beauty."

The cheerleader smirked.

"Come on, sweetie, lie yourself across my lap and raise your little butt as high as you can."

"Yes, Ma'am," the brunette answered somewhat sarcastically and draped herself over the Slayer's lap.

"Good girl!" Buffy praised the cheerleader, once the brown-haired beauty lay sprawled across her lap.

With her bottom raised up high and her legs spread apart the May Queen was ready to receive her punishment on her upraised butt and some well-deserved pleasure between her widely-spread thighs.

The Slayer slowly slid her hand across the cheerleader's protruding buttocks, caressing and stroking both the firm downy globes, before moving her hand between the May Queen's muscular thighs and tickling her fingers across the brunette's mons.

Cordelia let out a loud groan as the blonde's fingers found her clit and played with the aroused bundle of nerves. Her groaning turned into a low moan when the Slayer's fingers abruptly released her clitoris and plunged inside her cunt.

"You like that, baby?" Buffy whispered in the brunette's ear while sliding two fingers in-and-out the cheerleader's slick passage.

"Uh-huh!" Cordelia grunted in confirmation.

"Good! Time for your spanking to begin then," the Slayer smiled. Sliding her left hand underneath the brunette's belly, she replaced the digits of her right hand that were diddling the cheerleader's slit with three fingers from her left hand. "Now Cordy, since both my hands will be occupied spa spanking your ass and finger-fucking your pussy, I won't be able to hold you down on my lap. So I need you to grab the legs of the chair with both your hands and hang on tightly while I spank you... Can you do that for me, my lovely little slave?"

"Mmmm... yes ma'am," Cordelia moaned, and quickly reached down to grab a hold of the wooden legs.

Buffy let out a moan of her own as she raked her eyes across the perfect picture that the naked cheerleader presented. "Mmmm... you look so cute, Cordy! Draped naked across my lap, with my fingers up your snatch. Offering me that beautiful bubble-butt for punishment and your sweet little pussy to play with... I only wish I could take a photo to preserve this moment," the blonde giggled.

"Would you please get on with it?" the now red-faced brunette called back over her shoulder.

"Okay, here it comes, sweetie," Buffy smiled, and let her hand crash down on the brunette's round buttocks.



"Mr. Harris, would you PLEASE refrain from using MY books as an instrument fquasquashing flies?!"

"But Giles," Xander whined. "It's been buzzing around my head for 15 minutes now, and this book was the only thing handy."

"I don't care. You DO NOT use a priceless thousand year-old manuscript to kill an insect!" Giles responded as he yanked the book away from the careless teen. Hugging the leather-bound tome to his chest, as if protecting a defenceless infant, he hurried to the book cage and carefully put it away.

"Well, it did say something about "Best ways to kill bugs" on the cover," Xander muttered.

Giles managed to hear that while walking back to the table and shot the boy a withering glare. "That's because it was written by a Vampire Prince, who - by the way - was referring to killing humans."

"Sounds like a bestseller to me," Oz joked.

"Actually, it did sell very well among vampires and other members of the Demon community," Giles said as he sat down again.

"I think this is some special kind of Hellmouth fly," Xander observed as he ducked another close flyby from the annoying insect. "That buzzing little bastard seems to have targeted me personally, and--"

All eyes turned to Willow as the redhead suddenly jumped up from her chair.

"Buffy KISSING Cordelia?!"

"Um, Will? I think we're past that point already," Xander told his friend. "Besides, I..." He abruptly stopped speaking as he saw the fly that had been bugging him, land less then a feet away on the table.

Moving carefully, he pulled his Chemistry book (which was still encased in its original packing) from his backpack and raised it high above his head. 'Finally getting some use out of this book!' the teen thought as he smashed the book down hard upon both fly and table.


SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Three."


SMACK!!! "Fifty-Four."


SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Five!"


"Just five more, Co" B" Buffy told the loudly panting brunette. "You're doing great."

"Not as "great" as you are doing," the red-faced cheerleader shot back. "Now go on, I really need to cum!"

Buffy giggled and brought her hand down again.

SMACK!!! "Fifty-Six."


SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Seven."


Buffy let her left hand play with the cheerleader's swollen clit while her right hand crashed down on Cordy's upturned buttocks again.

SMACCKK!!!! "Fifty-Eight!"

"Ohhhhh yesssss," Cordelia hissed, her hands tightened around the chair legs as she felt her orgasm approaching.

'She's getting close now!' Buffy stuck three fingers inside the brunette's wet snatch and plunged them swiftly in-and-out.

SMACKK!!!! "Fifty-Nine!"

"OH!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH!! OHHHHHH!!!!"

SMACCKK!!!! "Sixty!"

"YESSSSS!!!!" Cordelia hissed. "I'm so close now! SO FUCKING CLOSE!!!"

Shaking on the Slayer's lap, she pushed her ass up as high as she could. "GIVE ME MORE!! I NEED MORE!!!" she begged the blonde.

Buffy was more then happy to give it to her.


"YES! YES!! Yesssssssss!!!" the cheerleader crooned lustfully while riding Buffy's plunging fingers and raising her butt to meet the blonde's firm hand. "Spank my little ass, Buffy! SPANK IT HARD!!"

"With pleasure, Cordy!"


"I'M COMINGGGGG!!!!!" Cordelia screeched, bucking wildly on the Slayer's lap as an incredible orgasm rushed through her entire body.


"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! OH! OH!!" the brunette panted while the aftershocks of her orgasm (and the Slayer's spanks) made her tremble and shake.


Buffy gave the May Queen some final spanks, then ended the spanking and removed her fingers from the cheerleader's soaking-wet snatch. She raised the sticky digits to her mouth and slowly licked them clean... savouring the sweet taste of the cheerleader's pussy-juice while watching the brunette's glowing red ass with a strong sense of satisfaction.

Not only did she come THREE times but she also got to bring the proud cheerleader to a mind-shattering orgasm by diddling her slit and spanking her ass. m rem really loving these little play-dates with Cordy!'

The Slayer tenderly stroked the brunette's round buttocks while Cordelia recovered from her climax, occasionalringringing her hand back between the cheerleader's thighs to scoop up some of her delectable juices.

Once Cordelia composed herself she quickly climbed off the blonde's lap and started rubbing her red and sensitive behind.

"Um... can I get dressed now, or do you want me to get you off again?" she shyly asked while glancing at the blonde.

'Spank my little ass, Buffy. Spank it hard??!' the cheerleader thought back mortified. 'Damn! What was I thinking?! Buffy's sure as Hell isn't going to let me forget I said that!'

Cordelia shot another covert look at the Slayer, and the big self-satisfied smirk she saw on the blonde's face seemed to validate that thought.

"You may put your clothes on, Cordy," Buffy grinned. "You've been a very good girl, so you deserve some time off."

Trying to avoid the Slayer's gleaming green eyes, the cheerleader quickly collected her clothes.

"We better make sure that no one finds out we were... spending time together, down here," she said while getting dressed. "So after I leave, you should wait a few minutes before following me."

The Slayer smirked in response. "I have a better idea: why don't I leave first? Then you can wait here for as long as you deem necessary to safeguard your precious reputation."

Getting slowly back to her old self, the cheerleader responded to the blonde's suggestion with a disgusted glare. "Because this hellhole of a school is parked right on top of our - oh so handy - Hellmouth."

"What does that have to do with anything?" Buffy inquired mystified.

"Hello?! Isn't it obvious?" Cordelia exclaimed. "I know the Sunnydale routine by now: the moment you leave, some creepy creature that has made this cellar into its comfy apartment (young, tasty humans anllmollmouth only a skull-throw away) will jump from the shadows and make me its next meal... Well, I'm not falling for that one again!" the brunette concluded. "You're supposed to be Supergirl here, so you can wait here with whatever Horror movie rip-off has made this cellar its home, and I'll go to the cafeteria and eat some lunch --instead of becoming lunch."
fy sfy started laughing. "Okay, Cordy: you can leave first," she said amused.

"Great!" the cheerleader replied satisfied while walking to the door. Opening it, she shot the blonde a last look. "If someone has to deal with creepy monsters... better you then me."

Since the brunette quickly left the boiler room: she didn't see the Slayer flip her the bird, but she did get to hear the blonde's sarcastic "Gee, thanks Cordy!" being called after her.


The Slayer chuckled as she heard the cheerleader's high heels tapping loudly against the stone tiles -- indicating that the brunette didn't waste much time in creating a vast distance between herself and the boiler room.

"Either Cordelia is getting overly paranoid, or she's read too much Stephen King novels," Buffy said to herself. "A monster making Sunnydale High's boiler room into its apartment... yeah, right! I know some weird stuff happens in this town, but that's just crazy."

"I couldn't agree with you more," a deep, ominous voice from behind her said. "I've lived in this cellar for over a decade now, and I still haven't seen any monsters."

"Exactly!" the blonde exclaimed. "That girl is on the fast track to total paranoia; I mean it's n--" Buffy abruptly stopped speaking and quickly turned around.

She found herself looking straight at a tall, dark figure. At least 8-feet high, he hovered menacingly above her. Mostly concealed by a black, hooded robe, which was tied together with a string of silver skulls, she could barely make out its face... and wish she hadn't. The glowing red eyes and -fil-filled mouth weren't exactly reassuring to look at.

"Well, fuck, me!" Buffy slowly sounded out.

"What, AGAIN?" the dark shrouded figure replied with surprising wit.

"Oh, this is just great!" the blonde exclaimed. "I'm being dissed by some cellar-dwelling creature."

"I prefer the term: Subterranean-American," it said as it stalked closer.

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Okay, just one quick question before I kick your ass..."

Now the creature rolled its eyes.

"Why didn't you just come out and attack us when we were... uhm," a light blush covered the blonde's face, "busy together."

"And interrupt this unexpected show I was treated to? This cellar doesn't exactly have an extensive entertainment centre, you know? I have to make do with this one lousy transistor radio I got from some janitor I ate."

"Besides..." a slender, forked tongue slipped out of the creature's mouth, and it licked its lips. "One of you girls will be enough to feed me for an entire month."

These last words were barely spoken, when the creature suddenly leaped towards Buffy: its clawed hands outstretched and aimed at the Slayer's throat.

To be continued in Chapt... ...

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