Buffy's Bitch

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Chapter 10

"Angelus!" Cordelia cried out. Quickly spinning around, she pulled out the cross she kept in her purse for situations like these and held it out in front of her.

"The one and only," the vampire smugly replied.

Standing approximately at an eight foot distance from the cheerleader, Angelus appeared as non-threatening as any homicidal vampire could possibly pull off. In fact, wearing his human face while keeping his hands casually tugged away in the pockets of his expensive-looking leather trench coat, he actually managed to look handsome and distinguished. Someone you could bring home to meet your parents. Thus expertly hiding his true nature of someone who - most likely - would *eat* your parents if he ever got the chance.

"Nice to see you too, Cordy," Angelus greeted the former May Queen with a hint of mocking in his voice while looking with an expression of mild reproach at the holy symbol the brunette was brandishing at him.

"Tsk, tsk, is *this* how you greet all your friends?" he inquired, shaking his head and sounding slightly affronted. "Of course, that would explain why you don't have any friends..." he added thoughtfully.

"No, this is how I greet all you bloodsucking fiends," Cordelia responded irritably while waving her cross at Angelus and slowly backing away. "And I happen to have plenty of friends, mister -- a hell of a lot more than you, anyway."

"Ouch! That hurts," the vampire smirked while comically clutching his chest. "Now, when you say friends... do you mean those brain dead bimbos who follow you around everywhere and happily backstabbed you the moment your popularity was dropping? Or are you talking about Buffy and her little library posse who just barely tolerate you?"

Cordelia seemed taken aback for a moment, but she quickly recovered. "Oh, I get it. This is the part where you start playing mind games on me. Why don't you grow up, Angelus, and find yourself another hobby... or maybe a job, you undead deadbeat."

The vampire's eyes narrowed slightly and he stalked a bit closer, which caused Cordelia to back away more.

Angelus sighed. "You know, all this hostility is completely unnecessary. I didn't arrange this little encounter so we could argue... I've come to make you an offer, Cordy." Smiling benignly, he added, "Or perhaps "opportunity" would be a better word for it... Yes, an *opportunity* which I normally only offer to a very select few of worthy individuals."

"Oh, brother..." Cordelia rolled her eyes. "You really love hearing yourself talk, don't you? Could you maybe cut out the suave Dracula act and get to the freakin' point."

Angelus kept smiling benevolently, but the reassuring effect of the smile was mostly negated by the sudden appearance of a pair of sharp looking fangs, and instead an air of menace now surrounded the vampire.

This served as a swift reminder to Cordelia that she wasn't dealing with the ever polite housebroken vampire Angel anymore, but instead with the infamous mass murderer master vampire Angelus... and that it might be wise to watch her words for once. "Uh, sorry... You were saying? Take all the time you want."

"As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me: I'm here to offer you a wonderful opportunity, and I don't believe I'm exaggerating when I call this the opportunity of a lifetime." Angelus smile grew wider, making Cordelia even more uncomfortable. "I'm offering you the chance to become my ally."

"Your ally?" Cordelia repeated surprised. This is not what she'd been expecting. "What exactly are you getting at?"

"It's quite simple, Cordy... You pledge allegiance to me and join my side. By doing this you'll not only avoid the very painful and messy deaths that I've got planned for Buffy and her little friends, but I'll also reward you with eternal life."

"As a bloodsucking demonic-possessed creature of the night," the cheerleader added with a distasteful expression.

"Don't knock it 'till you've tried it," Angelus grinned. "Think about it... Never getting old, forever keeping your beauty, and a place at my side as my newest Childe."

"And what would I have to do to earn this... grand reward," Cordelia inquired sourly.

"Oh, nothing much... just providing some assistance in my battle against a meddlesome group of teens and the old coot who guides them."

"In other words: you want me to betray Buffy, Giles and the others."

"Exactly. But hey, it's not like I'm asking you to actually help me fight them," Angelus smirked, "I know how you don't like to get your dainty little hands dirty, and we certainly don't want to ruin that perfect manicure of yours. No, the only thing I ask is that you provide me with some information and maybe get them to show up at a certain place on a specific time... A small task really, for so great a reward."

"Uh-huh... So what if I decide to help you, what happens then?"

"Once I've taken care of Buffy, Sunnydale will be mine. And with the power of the Hellmouth behind us, the clan of Aurelius will once again be the most powerful vampire clan of the world; it will be like it was during the reign of the Master -- except unlike batface, I actually know how to have fun. And if you chose so, you can be a part of all this... at a place of authority and power."

"And what if I decline your... generous offer?"

"Well, let's see... there's rape... torture... mutilation..." Angelus counted off on his fingers while smiling benignly at the brunette. "And I don't want to spoil the ending, but... Oh, why the heck not! It ends with various parts of your body being delivered to your parents and to each of the Scoobies. I'll probably send your head to Buffy," he added thoughtfully, "and, as a little extra - just to show her that she's special to me, I'll probably send her your tits as well, 'cause dear ole Buff seems to have grown awfully fond of your big titties lately."

Cordelia's face had turned a ghostly pale, and her hand that held the cross trembled slightly. 'What the...?! He KNOWS about Buffy and me! So that's what this little meeting is about... Oh, FUCK!!! Fuck-fuck-FUCK!!! What do I do now? ... I need more time... Giles! Giles said he's going home as well after checking out a couple more books for info about Xargos demons. That probably won't take him very long, so I just have to stall Angelus for a couple minutes more, which shouldn't be too hard with Mr. Motormouth Vampire... Oh, why the fuck didn't I just accept Giles' offer to walk me to my car!'

"Why so quiet all of a sudden, Cordy?" Angelus asked in a comradely tone-of-voice. "Are you thinking about your new girlfriend? Trouble in paradise already? C'mon, you can tell ol' Angelus. We've both been there, ya know. I too have dated that blonde menace, so I can sympathize, and perhaps even give you some friendly advice about the many pitfalls of dating Buffy Summers."

"Uhh... what's with this "dating Buffy Summers" nonsense, Angelus? Did you just drain a druggie, or something?"

"Now, now," Angelus smirked, "no need to play coy with me, Ms. Chase. I know all about the twisted lesbian love-affair between you and Buffy... But if you're worried about me being upset that my ex-lover is screwing you now, then don't be 'cause I'm a sucker for young love. Honestly, seeing Buffy spank and then fuck you at your pool touched me in a very special way."

Cordelia stared at the vampire in disbelief. 'How can he possibly know about-or worse: have SEEN that?! At my house, in the middle of a bright, sunny day... There's no way he could've been there and--'

"And afterwards, I touched myself in a special way."

"Ewww!" Cordelia exclaimed disgusted.

Angelus laughed at the cheerleader's revolted expression. "Nah, just kidding... I actually let Drusilla do the touching."


"Though I'm pretty sure that Spike touched himself in that special way while Dru and I were busy."

"EWWWW!!! Spike saw us too?! Oh My GOD!! I think I'm gonna be sick!"

"There, there, Cordy." Holding out his arms like he's coming in for a hug, Angelus walked up to the dismayed cheerleader, causing her to swiftly jump backwards out of his reach waving her cross at him.

Standing still, Angelus shook his head in sad disappointment. "I'm truly heartbroken that you still harbour such distrust for me, Cordy. This does not bode well for any future partnership."

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I'll bet that after threatening me with torture and dismemberment you figured we were BFF. God, Angelus, get over yourself, will ya!"

The vampire smiled appreciatively. "You know, I think I'm beginning to understand what Buffy sees in you aside from that pretty face and those big titties... perhaps having you in my life for all eternity won't be so bad after all."

Cordelia grimaced. "I think you're getting slightly ahead of yourself here -- I haven't agreed to anything yet."

Angelus arched an eyebrow. "Come now, Cordy... I know the Scoobies still see you as a bit of an airhead, but surely you're not stupid enough to decline. I always figured you'd possess a healthy dose of self-preservation."

Wetting her dry lips with the tip of her tongue, Cordelia covertly glanced in the direction of the library. The lights were out! This meant that Giles could come out any moment; she just needed to buy herself a little more time.

"What if I decide to accept your offer," she questioned hesitantly, "h-how do you know that I won't betray *you* instead?"

"Good question, Cordy... Naturally, I took your innate talent for backstabbing into consideration when I came up with this proposal," Angelus confidently replied. "Dru?" he cheerfully called out across his shoulder.

Cordelia watched wide-eyed as a pale dark-haired woman dressed in an old-fashioned gown emerged from the shadows and flashed her a sinister smile.

"'ello dearie," the newcomer greeted her with an obvious cockney accent.

'Oh, Shit! This must be Drusilla -- Spike's batty girlfriend,' Cordelia quickly deduced while gazing nervously at the vampiress who was staring right back at her with those disconcerting crazy eyes. 'Fuck me! As if one powerful vampire wasn't bad enough... If Giles shows up now, he'll probably get killed alongside with me.'

Putting an arm around the brunette female vamp, Angelus explained, "You see with Dru's magic, we can actually *guarantee* that you keep your word. Show the cheerleader the agreement you've drawn up & enchanted, princess," he said while bestowing an affectionate smile upon his Childe.

Drusilla obviously loved the attention she was getting from her handsome Sire, practically purring with delight as Angelus stroked her hair.

'Whoa. And to think that could be me in a couple of months,' Cordelia considered discomfited while studying the gruesome twosome (as she'd already nicknamed them). She was abruptly shaken from her musings when the female vamp turned those scary eyes at her again and gave her an even scarier smile.

"Got a prezzie for you," Drusilla giggled as she reached into her cleavage and pulled out a small scroll. With a graceful move of her hand, the scroll unrolled, displaying its contents to the captivated cheerleader.

Even though she was standing about 8 feet away and the entire scroll was smaller than an A4 piece of paper, Cordelia was still able to read it - the fiery red letters just seemed to jump out at her.

I, Cordelia Chase, hereby pledges my undying allegiance to Angelus and the clan of Aurelius. I solemnly swear to lend him my full support in capturing: Elizabeth "Buffy" Summers, Willow Rosenberg, Alexander "Xander" Harris, Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, and Rupert "Ripper" Giles. I also swear not to reveal anything of this agreement to anyone nor will I attempt to warn these five individuals in any way.

Signed (with the understanding that breaking this agreement will trigger an agonizing death),

Bearing witness to this agreement are Angelus, current ruler of the Aurelius clan, and Drusilla, beloved Childe of Angelus, and third in line as ruler of the Aurelius clan. Who, in exchange for Miss Chase's allegiance, promise to welcome her into their family as their newest Childe as well as keeping her safe and treating her as one of their own.

Signed (with the understanding that breaking this agreement will trigger an agonizing death),


Cordelia swallowed nervously. Even though Drusilla and, to a lesser extend, Angelus, appeared to have a pretty loose grasp of reality (to put it politely), that didn't seem to have affected their ability to put together a pretty solid contract.

"As you can see, we already signed it," Angelus said, "and the moment you sign it as well, you'll be considered one of us, even though the actual turning will have to wait until we've taken care of Buffy and her little friends. She may not be the brightest pencil in the box, but even she might get a tad suspicious if you're suddenly a vampire."

Cordelia had to bite her tongue to stop herself from saying something in Buffy's defence. She didn't want Angelus to know that she actually cared for the blonde. 'Hey, I care for Buffy? When did this happen?'

"Anyhow, this little piece of paper will ensure that you keep your word and we keep ours, which should take care of any concerns you might have about getting killed as well after you've helped us get rid off Buffy and her band of merry meddling morons... Well, I suppose technically we WILL kill you, but in a good way," Angelus added with a grin.

Cordelia made a face. Angelus had somehow guessed her next question and already answered it. She was quickly running out of things to say - making small talk with a pair of homicidal vamps wasn't exactly her forte, and it was also kinda hard to think straight under these stressing circumstances.

"Well, at first glance that agreement looks pretty legit," Cordelia casually remarked, "but knowing you guys, you probably put something in to screw me over, so I really need some time to examine it more closely."

"Hmm, I'm afraid I have to insist upon an answer from you now," Angelus replied with a somewhat sanctimonious apologetic expression on his face. "This is kind of a onetime, time-limited, offer... But as for that "screwing over" possibility, you really don't have to worry, Cordy. Naturally, we WILL be screwing you, but in a good way."

"Ohhh, you're so wicked," Drusilla giggled while snuggling closer against her beloved Sire. "Can I be the one to screw her first? Please, daddy." The century's old vampire put so much emphasise on the word "screw" that it made her sound like a little girl repeating the first cuss word she heard and taking delight in its naughtiness.

Smiling down at the female vamp, Angelus asked, "Why, Dru... what have you got in mind for our pretty cheerleader?"

Drusilla gazed with hungry eyes at the uncomfortable-looking brunette. "First, she deserves a good spanking for all those naughty things she did with the nasty Slayer. Then, after I washed out her mouth with soap, I want her use that wicked mouth on me, on that special place between my legs," she clarified with a shy smile.

The vampire giggled. "Then you have to spank the cheerleader and me both, daddy, for being such naughty girls."

Angelus chuckled good-naturedly. "Sounds like a plan, Princess. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, the lovely Miss Chase here needs to sign our little agreement, and then we still have to capture the nasty Slayer and her friends. After all that is done, we'll have plenty of time to play with the newest addition to our little family, and I promise that you'll get to initiate her, Dru."

Drusilla clapped her hands in delight.

The lovely Miss Chase in question, however, wasn't delighted at all. Though attempting to remain stoic, Cordelia couldn't stop from grimacing distastefully at the notion of becoming the vamps' sexual plaything. 'I'd much rather remain Buffy's sexual plaything, thank-you-very much! And what's the freaking deal with people wanting to spank me?'

The only good thing about this disturbing conversation was that it kept the gruesome twosome occupied for now, buying her some more time. Stealthily, she retrieved a small bottle from her purse and kept it hidden in the palm of her hand.

"Decision time, Cordelia," Angelus spoke up, sounding a lot more sinister all of a sudden. "Are you with us, or against us?"

Cordelia has tried to mentally prepare herself for this moment, but couldn't help from trembling with anticipation and fear now that it had finally arrived. Judging from Angelus no-nonsense expression, she knew that any further attempts to stall would be useless.

Her gaze switched to Drusilla who was invitingly holding out the dreaded scroll and a quill, and absently wondered if the vampire had pulled that quill from her cleavage as well. A quick glance at the library made it clear that there was no watcher rushing to her rescue at the moment.

'Shit! Still no Giles... Oh, well, I don't think he'd be able to help me out of this mess anyway.'

"Your answer, Cordelia. Now." Angelus voice called out, obviously out of patience.

Realizing she was all out of options, a strange calmness suddenly came over the cheerleader.

"Fine! Here's my answer, fang-face," she shouted, and as hard as she could, she threw the small glass bottle at Angelus face.

Unfortunately, the master vampire must've expected something like this to happen. With supernatural speed, he swatted the tiny glass projectile away with the back of his hand before it could reach his face. It was an impressive move, but only half-successful considering the bottle broke when he struck it, causing the holy water inside to splatter all over his left hand.

As Angelus growled in pain, clutching his injured hand, Cordelia pressed her cross into Drusilla's face. The female vampire hissed and jumped backwards before the holy symbol could touch her.

Turning around, the cheerleader ran as quickly as she could back to the library, hoping that it would be a while before the vampires were able to follow her. She was really regretting right now wearing her brand-new, high-heeled Gucci's for what was supposed to be just a visit to the school's library. 'It's not like Giles was able to appreciate the awesomeness of these shoes,' she thought bitterly. 'I might as well have come in wearing army boots.'

A clawed hand shot out from behind and grabbed her arm, yanking her off her feet as she came to an abrupt halt. Looking up a tad dazed, she found herself staring into the full-vamped face of an angry-looking Angelus with an even angrier-looking Drusilla glaring at her from across her Sire's broad shoulder.

"Wrong answer, Cordy," the vampire's voice rasped, his face only inches from hers.

The brunette gulped nervously. Then, deciding that if she's gonna die, she might as well try to go out in style, she spat in the vampire's face.

"Fuck you, Angelus."

The vampire grinned maliciously as he wiped the spittle from his face. "Oh, I will, among other things... lots of other things."

Her heart sank. She'd hoped to get him angry enough that he'd kill her right away, thereby escaping the torture and rape he threatened her with, but it looked like Angelus wasn't about to deny himself that pleasure.

"Let's take her home so we can take our time playing with her," Drusilla suggested; her eyes gleaming evilly as she hungrily looked down at the wildly struggling cheerleader.

"Way ahead of you, Dru," Angelus said while grabbing Cordelia's wrist as she tried to stick her cross in his face. With a quick twist, he made her drop the holy symbol and then kicked it away out of her reach. He grunted as the brunette kneed him hard in the groin but managed to hold onto her as she tried to squirm away.

"Just for that I'm gonna keep you alive a week longer," he whispered menacingly in her ear. Turning the brunette around to avoid another vicious attack aimed at his privates, he pulled her arms behind her back and looked around for something to bind her wrists with. He was about to use his belt when his gaze fell upon the cheerleader's expensive purse still hanging from her shoulder, or more specifically: the strap handle of the purse. 'That should do nicely...'

Grabbing the purse handle, he was about to yank it off when Cordelia, detecting the grave danger to her precious purse, stamped with all her might on his foot, driving the pointy heel right through the leather into his flesh.

With an angry growl, he threw her down on the grass. "You'll pay for that as well, bitch!"

'Screw this tying up shit, I'll just knock her out and carry her to my car,' the irate vamp thought while glaring down at the defiant-looking cheerleader. He was about to follow through on this when Drusilla called out a warning.

"Daddy! Look out!"

Looking up, he caught a glimpse of an arrow heading his way and moved his body aside as fast as he could, which was not fast enough... though the arrow missed his heart it still bored its way into his right arm. 'FUCK! This just isn't my day.'

Eyes blazing with fury, he scanned around to see who'd be foolish enough to attack him. It took less than a second to spot the lonely figure standing about 15 yards away, wearing a tweed suit and brandishing a crossbow, which he was busy reloading with impressive speed. 'The Watcher, of course... I half-expected him to turn up alongside Cordy; we are near the school's library, after all.'

"Dru, take out that meddlesome old coot," he calmly commanded while pulling the wooden arrow from his arm. Before he finished speaking, Drusilla was already on her way.

Shrieking with rage, the female vampire leaped towards the watcher with her arms outstretched, her hands directed at his throat.

Remaining remarkably composed, Giles steadily raised the newly loaded crossbow and fired an arrow at the swiftly approaching vamp.

Despite appearing to be berserk, Drusilla turned out to be as cool-headed as the librarian. With the smooth elegance of a dancer, she twirled around and the arrow speeded harmlessly past her.

Confident that -at the very least- he'd wound her with this easy shot, Giles blinked in consternation when the crazy vampire simply danced around it. And there was no time to reload his crossbow or even get out his cross because she was almost upon him.

Acting completely on instinct, he grabbed her wrists just before she could wrap her hands around his neck and let himself fall back on the grass, pulling her with him. At the same time, he drew back both legs and kicked her in the stomach while releasing her wrists. This move worked out pretty well when he used it in a sparring match against Buffy about a month ago and it worked out pretty good here as well.

With a cry of surprise, the female vamp sailed over him, but recovered quickly enough to prevent herself from ending flat down on the ground with a mouthful of grass; doing a swift somersault while in flight, Drusilla managed to land on her feet like a big, black cat.

She turned around with a snarl and the solid intent to dismember this insolent human for making her look like a fool in front of her beloved Sire, but jumped back hissing in dismay when she found herself staring straight at a cross that the Watcher was suddenly holding.

Angelus growled in annoyance when he saw that his Childe and the librarian had somehow ended up in a stalemate. 'He's definitely a lot more dangerous than I thought if he can hold his own against Dru like that. I better give her a hand after I've dealt with Cordy.'

Directing his gaze down at the cheerleader, he cursed loudly when he saw her pick up the cross he'd kicked away earlier and aim it at him once more while getting up. 'This REALLY isn't my day.'

While avoiding looking directly at the cross she was holding, he closely studied the slightly battered, but still undeniable beautiful brunette who was looking back at him with fire in her eyes. 'I'd expect Giles to put up a decent fight, but I never thought that Miss May Queen over there would give me this much trouble... Fun though it sounded, perhaps I should reconsider the mutilation & dismemberment program I'd planned for her and instead make Cordelia one of us -- after we finished raping and torturing her, of course,' Angelus silently pondered. 'It's been a while since I created a Childe and I get the feeling that she'd make an impressive vampire. And, as an added bonus, she would make the perfect weapon against Buffy.'

A tiny smile formed on his lips when he noticed that the cheerleader was covertly inching over towards the watcher while keeping her eyes, and her cross, directed at him. "You're not getting away from me that easily, Cordy."

The brunette halted her movements and blinked worriedly as the vampire started circling around her. She turned around with him, making sure to keep her cross between them at all times, but it was getting hard to keep up with him as Angelus moved faster and faster until all she could see was this big black blur moving around her. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her wrist and her cross went flying. This was followed by a fist, which seemed to appear out of thin air, striking the side of her head. And then... darkness.

Crouching down next to the unconscious form of the cheerleader, Angelus checked her pulse. 'Pretty strong, but she'll be out for a while... Good.'

He'd pulled his punch as best as he could so as not to accidentally kill her, but still managed to hit her hard enough to ensure she wasn't going anywhere while he's taking care of the watcher.

Directing his gaze unto his next target, Angelus smirked when he saw Giles shooting a worried look at the prone cheerleader while fending off a furious Drusilla.

"Don't worry, Giles," he said while stalking closer to the watcher. "She's fine... for now. Don't want to spoil the fun by killing her prematurely."

"What's this, Angelus?" Giles said with a hint of mocking in his voice. "Afraid to face Buffy, so you go after her friends instead? And judging from the state you're in you could hardly manage that."

The watcher's words made Angelus involuntarily check out his left hand, which was pretty badly burned from the holy water that the cheerleader threw at him. He'd been too busy and too angry earlier on to pay much attention to the pain, but now that he had time to take notice, he discovered that it was pretty bad. It would take at least a week for this to heal. 'She'll pay for that,' he coldly considered before fixing his eyes on the watcher again.

Giles in the meantime had ducked another lunge from Drusilla and shoved his cross in the vampiress' stomach causing her to screech and jump back, as if she'd just touched an electric fence. With Dru and Angelus momentarily distracted, he sprinted as fast as he could to Cordelia; managing to put himself between her and the vamps, he held them back with his cross.

"Well played, watcher," Angelus grudgingly admitted, "but this little manoeuvre won't help you, or her, much. You're outnumbered and hopelessly outclassed."

"Outnumbered perhaps," Giles conceded, "But considering that the two of you were barely able to capture a high school girl without any superpowers, I'd hardly consider myself outclassed."

"And he's not outnumbered, either," Cordelia chimed in as she slowly sat up.

"Awake already?" Angelus said, appearing equally impressed and annoyed. "My, you're even more hard-headed than I thought."

The cheerleader shot the vampire a dirty look.

"Are you alright, Cordelia?" Giles asked while keeping his eyes trained on the two vampires.

"No, I'm definitely not alright," the brunette said with a grimace while checking out her torn and stained outfit.

"Are you injured?" the watcher questioned concerned. "How bad is it? Can you still walk?"

"What? No, I'm not injured, but my dress is pretty much ruined. Damnit! This was one of my favourites."

Giles sighed in relief and exasperation. "I'm sorry about your dress, Cordelia. I know how much it meant to you. But I think we have more pressing concerns at the moment, like getting out of this alive."

"Oh... right," the brunette replied a bit sheepishly.

"Not gonna happen," Angelus commented with an amused smile. Cross or no cross, he felt confident that they could take out the watcher whenever they wanted, and without her cross and holy water, Cordy wouldn't be a problem, either. But after all the trouble these two caused him, he enjoyed toying with them a little longer. It was fun watching them squirm, hanging onto the ridiculous belief that they might be able to escape, or even kill, him.

"Don't be so sure of that, Angelus," Giles calmly replied. "Despite your best efforts we're still alive, and you seem to be in worse shape than either of us."

"My best efforts," Angelus chuckled, "that's a good one. And just because you got in a couple of lucky shots when I was distracted doesn't mean you've got even a snowball's chance in Hell to defeat me."

Looking around her, Cordelia's eyes lit up when she spotted her silver crucifix lying on the grass only a couple of feet away. 'The stupid git didn't even bother kicking it away after he punched me out,' she thought elated.

"Hello? I'M here as well," the cheerleader said as she picked up her cross and quickly got to her feet. "And now you have two of us to deal with, you undead bastard."

"Uhm, I'M also still here, dearie," Drusilla announced while smiling sweetly at the two humans.

"That's right," Angelus said with a grim smile. "Though I certainly don't need any help dealing with the two of you. Just sit back and enjoy the show, Dru. Daddy's gonna kick some ass."

Drusilla excitedly jumped up and down clapping her hands. "Go, daddy!" she cheered. 'My Angelus is so glorious when he gets like this.'

With his glowing yellow eyes fixed on the two humans, Angelus majestically strode forwards.

Standing side-by-side, Giles and Cordelia pointed their crucifixes in the direction of the approaching undead. Expecting the vampire to stop in his tracks they were in for a nasty shock, because the holy symbols didn't even cause him to pause.

Walking right up to them, Angelus yanked the two crosses from their hands and, ignoring the excruciating pain, crushed them in his fists and threw the remains away.

"I've never been a very good Catholic," he smugly explained to the two dumbfounded humans. Before they were able to react he grabbed their necks with his still smouldering hands and slowly raised them off the ground.

Watching the two pesky humans dangle above the grass, kicking their legs around, gasping for air, totally at his mercy, Angelus took a moment to picture the look on Buffy's face the moment she laid eyes on the broken body of her watcher and then finding out that he'd captured her girlfriend as well. The thought made him shiver with delight. 'Ahhh, Sweet is revenge--especially unto women,' he thought with a chuckle.

"Catch, Dru." With a flip of his wrist, he tossed the red-faced cheerleader towards his Childe.

Drusilla easily caught the brunette in her arms and held her in a tight grip while eagerly watching what her daddy's gonna do with that mean old watcher. She was still smarting from the humiliation of being unable to defeat him earlier and hoped that Angelus was gonna do something *really* nasty.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye then, Giles," Angelus said while shooting the struggling librarian an evil smile. "I have plans for the cheerleader, but in your case I'll just go straight to the killing part."

"My thought exactly!" another voice called out. Both the vampires and the two humans turned their faces to the source of the voice, which they all instantly recognized. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had arrived at the scene.

Moving so fast that she appeared to be a tiny blonde ball of fury, Buffy launched herself against Angelus, causing the surprised vampire to let go of Giles. The vampire tried to put up a defence, but before he could even raise a fist he was bashed to the ground by Buffy.

Angelus gasped in dismay as the blonde jumped on top of him, sinking first her spiked heels in his thighs precariously close to his crotch, and then her knees into his stomach as she dropped down. Wide-eyed he watched a sharp looking stake aimed directly at his heart bearing down at him.

Employing his lightning fast reflexes, he was only barely able to grab her wrist and halt its descend - a fraction of a second later, Angelus realized, and his unlife would have been over. Still shocked by this much too close brush with his final death, he was unable to avoid Buffy's fist as it crashed into his jaw, nearly breaking it. 'Beelzebub's Balls! When did she get this strong?!'

Dazed and disoriented, he tried as best he could to keep that stake away from his chest, but a second punch to his face almost made him loose consciousness. Horrified he watched as Buffy yanked her hand holding the stake free from his weakened grasp and took aim at his heart again.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" With a cry of rage, Drusilla grabbed the Slayer from behind with both hands and lifted the small blonde above her head, and then threw her at the cheerleader and the watcher as they rushed at her, causing the three human to roll backwards across the lawn like human bowling balls.

Sensing that the odds were now against them, Drusilla grabbed her Sire's hand and pulled him up, dragging him in the direction of their car. Shaken by his near demise, Angelus didn't resist and allowed his Childe to lead for once.

Jumping to her feet, Buffy was about to go after them when a groan from Cordelia made her quickly refocus her attentions to her fallen lover.

"Are you okay, Cordy?" she worriedly asked while helping the brunette to her feet.

"Yeah, I-I think so," the cheerleader shakily responded. "Thanks, that was some pretty good timing."

"You're welcome," Buffy said, smiling relieved. "And how are you doing, Giles?" she asked her watcher, who was just getting back to his feet as well.

"I'm fine, Buffy," the librarian replied while massaging his neck with one hand and straightening his glasses with the other. "Thank you for that timely rescue."

"No problem," the Slayer replied. "Too bad that bastard Angelus managed to get away again. His psycho girlfriend jumped me just as I was about to dust him." She looked regretfully in the direction that Angelus and Drusilla had fled away.

Giles looked up surprised. "You actually meant to kill him?"

Now it was Buffy's turn to look surprised. "Of course, that wasn't a rubber stake I tried to plunge into his chest."

"I didn't think it was," Giles dryly responded. "It's just that ever since Angel lost his soul you've been extremely reluctant in using any kind of lethal force to stop him. So why the sudden change of heart?"

Buffy looked blankly at him for a moment and then shrugged. "Dunno, really... I guess I finally realized that the Angel I knew and loved is truly gone and the monster that now wears his face has to be destroyed before it makes anymore innocent victims."

"I see..." Giles replied while gazing thoughtfully at his Slayer. "That's quite an epiphany you had."

"Yeah, well, I guess I was due a bit of enlightenment," Buffy joked.

Despite making fun of it, the blonde did seem a bit uneasy about this particular subject, because she abruptly ended the conversation by turning to Cordelia and firing off a couple of questions at the brunette.

"Are you sure you're okay, Cordy? What did Angelus do to you?"

"I'm really okay, just a little shaken up, Buffy... Angelus must've been staking out the library because he knows that we meet here often and decided to go after me when he saw me leave. He wanted me alive for obvious -perverse- reasons, so he only roughed me up a bit while trying to capture me. Luckily, Giles showed up just before he could take me. Thanks for that, by the way," she added, shooting a grateful smile at the watcher.

"You're quite welcome," Giles said smiling back.

"Good job, Giles," Buffy said, smiling as well, before turning her attention back to the cheerleader. "But what were you doing at the library this late?"

"Uh..." Still freaked out from her encounter with the two vampires, Cordelia's gift of gab had momentarily abandoned her and she looked over at Giles for help.

Catching the cheerleader's overwhelmed look, the librarian said one of the first things that came to mind, "Cordelia came by because she had some questions about vampires."

"You did?" Buffy asked surprised. 'That's strange; Cordy never displayed the slightest bit of interest in vamps before.'

"Uh, yeah, that's right," Cordelia replied. "Learned a bit more than I wanted to know, though, when Angelus suddenly showed up."

"But why didn't you just ask *me* what you wanted to know about vampires?" Buffy asked with a suspicious note in her voice. "I AM after all the Vampire Slayer."

"Good point," the cheerleader conceded. "I suppose that going to the Vampire Slayer with questions about vampires would make sense..."

"Yeah, I would think so as well. So why didn't you come to me?"

"Well..." Cordelia began (a quick glance at the Watcher told her that he didn't know a way out of this awkward conversation either). "I guess I just always pictured Giles as the go-see-guy for any kind of info about vampires, demons and anything else supernatural, while your area of expertise is much more... uh, practical, I guess. Staking 'em and/or dismembering them kinda stuff."

"Oh," Buffy monosyllabically replied, sounding a bit hurt and disappointed.

'Damn, now I hurt her feelings,' Cordelia thought regretfully. Not that long ago, she wouldn't have cared a whole lot about hurting Buffy's feelings, but now it actually caused her to ache inside. 'What the hell is happening to me?! Am I actually falling for Buffy Summers? Is this some kind of weird side effect of that demon slime?' All she knew for certain right know is that she didn't want Buffy to feel bad.

"That wasn't meant as a putdown," the brunette hurriedly said. "You know you RULE, right? Hell, you just saved both our lives!"

Buffy gave the cheerleader an amused look. "Thanks," she dryly responded. "By the way, what was it exactly that you wanted to know about vampires so badly that you would drive all the way to school on a Friday night, instead of simply waiting till Monday when you can talk to Giles all you want during a break or after school?"

'Oh, fuck,' Cordelia thought, cringing inwardly, 'doesn't sound like she's buying this story. Can't say I blame her 'cause I'd be calling Bullshit on this, myself.'

Smiling innocently at the blonde, she shrugged. "Nothing specific, I just figured that with Angelus and his gang of bloodsuckers out to get us, it might be a good idea to learn more about vampires. Like their origin, and why it is that Angelus, Spike and Drusilla are so much more dangerous than most of the other vamps you encounter - that kinda stuff... Just putting the 'know thy enemy' philosophy into practice."

Still feeling sceptical about Cordelia Chase visiting the library in her free time for whatever reason, Buffy asked, "And you decided to learn about this on a Friday night?"

"Well, with my date suddenly getting cancelled, I guess I was kinda bored."

A guilty expression appeared on the blonde's face as she remembered that she was the one responsible for Cordelia's cancelled plans. "Hmm, okay... and did you learn anything from this little visit?"

"Yeah... Vampires suck," the cheerleader deadpanned causing both Buffy and Giles to laugh.

"Anyhow, I'd like to go home now if you don't mind," Cordelia said while stifling a fake yawn. The adrenaline rush remaining from her encounter with the two master vampires had left her feeling anything except tired, but this seemed like a good excuse to stop playing 20 questions with the nosy Slayer. "Even without taking Angelus' surprise visit into account it's been a long day for me."

"Good idea, we could all use some rest," Giles immediately agreed.

Still staring intently at the cheerleader, Buffy nodded. "Okay, I'll escort Cordy home and make sure there are no other vampires stalking her."

Looking at the two girls gazing at one another, Giles inquired, "Is that okay with you, Cordelia, or would you like me to accompany you as well?"

Buffy shot her watcher an annoyed look. "I think I can handle this on my own, Giles. After all, I am the ass-kicker and you are the brains of our little group, remember?"

"Quite so, but as you might recall I am a pretty capable fighter as well, Buffy," Giles gently reminded her. "It certainly wouldn't hurt if I went along."

Cordelia smiled and gave the librarian a hug, which annoyed the jealous Slayer even more. "Thanks for the offer, Giles, but I think one escort will suffice."

"Exactly," Buffy said, still sounding a bit peeved.

"Very well then," Giles said, pleasantly surprised by the cheerleader's much more affable and affectionate attitude. He'd wanted to give Cordelia the option of not being alone with Buffy since she might not be in the mood to deal with the blonde's affections after her ordeal with Angelus and Drusilla, but the brunette didn't seem to mind her classmate's company this time. 'Or maybe she isn't such a reluctant participant in her carnal relationship with Buffy as she let me to believe.'

Walking to the parking lot together, the Watcher silently observed his Slayer fawning over Cordelia as she escorted the blonde to her car; he realized that the cheerleader hadn't exaggerated when she stated that Buffy was obsessed with her. Even though the blonde knew he was watching them, Buffy seemed barely able to restrain herself from groping the brunette as she whispered something in her ear.

'Make that: unable to restrain herself,' he mentally corrected as he detected Buffy's left hand sliding all the way down the cheerleader's back and giving her butt a quick squeeze before moving up again. 'And not to belittle Buffy's noble reasoning for finally finding the courage to slay her ex-lover, but I think that Angelus threatening Cordelia's life probably played a big part in her decision to stake him.'

The two girls got into Cordelia's convertible with the cheerleader behind the wheel and the Slayer riding shotgun.

"Please call me at home after you've settled in so I'll know everything is all right," he said as the brunette started the engine and pulled out of the parking space.

"Will do," Cordelia said and gave him a little wave. "Bye, Giles."

"Bye, Cordelia," the Watcher replied, "Bye, Buffy."

"Bye, bye, Giles," Buffy called out as they drove away.

He stared at the shiny red car till it disappeared from sight, silently wondering what its two occupants would do all alone in Cordelia's big house. He blinked as a graphic image of Buffy and Cordelia suddenly appeared in his mind; the two gorgeous teens were completely naked and going down on another with great enthusiasm.

'Don't go there, Ripper,' he scolded himself. Climbing into his tiny CitroŽn, he turned on the engine and headed for his own home.


Both girls were uncharacteristically quiet during the car ride to Chase Manor. Even more out of the ordinary was Cordelia's careful driving -- the cheerleader actually kept to the legal speed limit for a change.

When they arrived, Cordelia put the car away in the garage and then walked along with Buffy while the blonde did a perimeter check. Once Buffy made certain that there were no vampires hanging around the house, she escorted Cordelia to her bedroom.

Standing besides her bed, Cordelia threw back the covers and then turned to look at the watching blonde. Expecting an order to strip naked, she felt confused by Buffy's silence. The Slayer just stood there: leaning against the doorpost, silently watching her... making no move to leave, but not approaching her either.

But Buffy's behaviour wasn't the only thing confusing her -- her own feelings were pretty damn confusing as well. She didn't know whether it was her near death experience or if the blonde had managed to get her hooked on the amazing sex they're having, but she actually *wanted* Buffy to strip her naked and give her a good fucking. It's just her luck that she happens to feel that way the one time Buffy *doesn't* rip her clothes off and fuck her the moment they are alone.

She fidgeted uneasily while exchanging stares with the overly-silent Slayer. Needing to break this uncomfortable silence, she said, "Okay, I get why I'm not feeling very talkative - I almost got killed, which to me is still kinda new - but what's up with your mute act? You should be getting used to homicidal maniacs by now."

A small smile appeared on Buffy's lips.

"Sorry I'm not being better company, Cordy... I guess my throat is still a bit sore from singing the national anthem in gym today, and I might have catch a cold during my performance on account of me being completely *naked*."

'Oh, Shit! She already heard about the rumour I spread AND somehow managed to trace it back to me! How the hell did she do that? Is being psychic a new power for her?'

Cordelia considered playing dumb. And if that didn't work: flat-out deny she had anything to do with that crazy rumour. 'Not gonna work... She already seems to know I'm the one who came up with that little rumour. And even if she hadn't been sure before then the deer-caught-in-headlights thing I'm doing right now has probably given me away.'

The cheerleader sighed. 'Face it, Cordy: you're *so* screwed... again.'

"So..." Cordelia smiled tentatively, "you heard about that."


"Who told you?"

"Harmony -- I questioned her about your whereabouts, and it took her about 10 seconds to tell me about your latest troublemaking scheme."

"Wow! 10 whole seconds. And to think I always thought she wouldn't last more than five seconds of coercion before selling me out."

"Yeah, she's a real pal," Buffy said with a whole lot of sarcasm in her voice. "Just like you, Cordy."

"Look... I'm sorry about spreading that rumour -- that was kinda below the belt. I guess you going all dominatrix-bitch on me must've affected my judgment somehow."

Buffy couldn't help smile at that. "You always know *just* the right thing to say, don't ya, Cordy?"

Cordelia blushed slightly. "Well... it takes practice," she joked.

"So... are you gonna spank me again?" Cordelia questioned worriedly, and her hands unwittingly reached behind her shielding the tender globes of her still sore backside.

Buffy smirked while observing the brunette's movements.

"Nah... with the ass & titty whipping I gave you earlier today and Angelus stalking and almost killing you, I figure you've been through enough already without me adding more to the mix."

Cordelia's perfect plucked eyebrows rose slightly while listening to the other girl's words -- that's more kindness than she'd expected.

"Uh... thanks?"

"Oh, there's no need to thank me," Buffy smirked. "I still plan to punish you... just not right now."

"Ah, I see," Cordy replied, mirroring the Slayer's smirk. 'Figures that she wouldn't let an opportunity to punish me slip by.' She actually felt more curious than worried about the promised punishment.

"And have you decided already *how* you're gonna punish me?" she inquired with a certain amount of morbid curiosity.

Buffy was taken slightly off guard by the brunette's line of questioning, but felt secretly pleased with Cordy's newfound interest in the strict -but fair- disciplinary measures she so lovingly provided her with.

"Well, I haven't made up my mind yet, but I have thought of something which I think will teach you a valuable lesson in humility."

Though she tried to hide it, the cheerleader was beginning to feel a tad anxious. "So you're not just gonna give me another spanking or belt-whipping on my ass or tits?"

"Nope," Buffy replied, smiling wickedly as she picked up on the brunette's nervousness. "In this case I'd like the punishment to fit the crime."

"Oh." Cordelia said, taken aback by the blonde's puzzling reply. 'What the hell does she mean by that? She's not gonna make me sing the anthem naked in gym, is she? Damnit! Now I AM worried.'

There was another long period of silence between the two girls.

"So, aren't you gonna fuck me?" Cordelia heard herself ask. 'EEK!!' she mentally screamed half a second later. 'I cannot believe I just said that!'

"Why, Cordelia," Buffy said, with an exaggerated shocked expression on her face, "I wouldn't think of taking advantage of you in your present vulnerable condition."

"Uhm... maybe I wouldn't mind, this time," the cheerleader stammered, inwardly cringing at how needy she sounded. "It could be... sort of a reward for saving my life."

"Gee, I don't know, Cordy," the blonde replied, now sounding like some dopey character from an After School Special. "I'd still feel like I'm taking advantage."

"So what?!" Cordelia snapped impatiently. "It's not like you haven't "taken advantage of me" plenty of times before, and you didn't seem the least bit bothered about it then."

It was then that she noticed the mischievous gleam in Buffy's eyes and the secretive little smile on her lips.

'Oh, I see... Bitchy wants me to beg for it. So that's how she wants to play it, is it? Well, I'm sure as hell not going to *beg* her to do me.'

Shooting an annoyed glare at the smug blonde, she began to think...

Under normal circumstances, if anyone would've rejected such a blatant sexual invitation from her, she'd tell them to go fuck themselves (not that any normal person would reject sex with her). But after her little run-in with leading members of the fang gang, she really didn't want to be alone. More importantly: she wanted to feel alive -- and what better way to feel alive than a lengthy session of great, guilt-free sex?

Still, she wasn't about to beg Buffy to fuck her, she had to draw the line somewhere. So instead she came up with the idea to simply seduce her. Considering the way Buffy can't keep her hands off of her that should be easy enough, and this would get her laid without losing face by actually having to plead for it.

Instantly putting her plan in motion, the annoyed expression disappeared from the cheerleader's face and was replaced by a sultry look which she turned full blast on the Slayer before haughtily turning her back to the blonde.

Acting like she's alone in her room, Cordelia casually started stripping her clothes off. Her dress went into the dirty clothes hamper (maybe it was still salvageable), leaving her in stockings, a black lace bra and matching panties, and her high-heeled Gucci's. Pretending she didn't see the other girl standing only a couple of feet away, she nearly bumped into Buffy while taking off her bra, causing her topless breasts to graze lightly against the blonde's right shoulder.

Walking over to her stereo set, she switched on her CD player. She'd forgotten which CD she last put in the player, and a small smile crossed her lips when the haunting theme music of Twin Peaks started playing in the room.

'Appropriate music for Sunnydale.'

Lightly swaying to the otherworldly sound, she moved to the middle of the room. Bending over at the waist with her back turned to Buffy, Cordelia hooked her thumbs in the waistline of her panties and slowly drew the flimsy fabric down her legs to her ankles. Standing upright, she gracefully stepped out of them.

Mostly naked, except for her stockings and shoes, the brunette seductively danced her way over to the bed; knowing how fixated the Slayer was on her boobs, she made them jiggle and bounce around. Reaching her destination, she kicked off her shoes and planted one of her feet on the bed. Stroking her hands down her smooth thighs, she pushed the stocking down and off, and repeated this with her other leg.

Buffy was unable to suppress a smile as she watched the quasi-casual striptease Cordy was putting on for her. Not always wanting to be the one who initiated the sex, she figured that the best way to make Cordy do some of the work is by using the old "playing hard to get" scheme, which apparently still works great. The only trouble was the enormous effort it took her to keep herself from rushing over there and ravishing her sexy cheerleader. She couldn't resist slipping a hand beneath her skirt and rubbing her itching pussy while keeping her eyes fixed on Cordelia's little sex-show. 'Damn, she's one sexy bitch!'

Completely naked now, the cheerleader climbed onto her queen-sized bed and got on all fours with her bare ass aimed directly at Buffy. While moving around on the bed like she's looking for something, Cordelia shot a quick glance across her shoulder to see what the blonde was up to. A satisfied smile crossed her lip when she saw Buffy staring at her butt with excited eyes and a hand busy beneath her short skirt.

'Got ya now!'

While teasingly wiggling her butt into the Slayer's direction, Cordelia moved her legs further apart and arched her back, lewdly flashing her beaver at her classmate. Less than a second later, she felt two hands grabbing her bare buttocks and squeezing them.

Shooting another glance across her shoulder confirmed her earlier prediction: her little striptease was a big hit with the blonde. The Slayer's previously cool attitude had been replaced by an urgent expression of lust. In fact, judging from Buffy's pink ears, glowing cheeks and audible panting, the blonde was close to creaming her panties.

"Oohh! Mmmmm," she moaned when Buffy slid a hand between her thighs and started fondling her pussy. "Does this mean you changed your mmMM?" Her words were muffled by Buffy's mouth pressing against hers and speaking became even more difficult when a moment later Buffy slipped her the tongue. Relaxing in the Slayer's strong arms, Cordelia granted Buffy's tongue access into her mouth and the blonde's fingers entry into her cunt. They passionately kissed for a minute or so before taking a break to breath.

Seeing the smug and satisfied expression on the beautiful brunette's face, Buffy shook her head in amazement. "You're such a bitch," she smiled.

"Right back at ya," Cordelia grinned.

Smiling at one another, they shared a look of mutual respect. This was immediately followed by their lips coming together for another passionate kiss, during which their tongues wrestled for dominance in each other's mouths.

That pretty much concluded their little struggle in gaining the upper hand. For the next half hour, both girls poured all their attention and energy into their frenzied love-making.

Their coupling got so passionate that afterwards Cordelia felt dazed and overwhelmed. Sure, sex with Buffy is usually pretty intense, but this had been fucking amazing!

Propping her head up on her left hand, she gazed down at the naked blonde snuggled besides her, happily playing with her breasts. An affectionate smile crossed her lips. Leather boy had been right about one thing: Buffy's *very* fond of her boobs.

Suddenly aware that she's being watched, Buffy glanced up and shot the cheerleader a smile and a wink before returning her attention to the most perfect set of tits she'd ever laid eyes on. Being a long-time secret admirer of Cordelia Chase's luscious breasts, it thrilled her to no end that she could now play with them whenever she wanted.

Taking both of the May Queen's mammaries into her hands, she reverently hefted and weighed them, savouring the feel of the firm yet pliant flesh and silky skin. Then, grabbing a somewhat firmer hold of the cheerleader's tits, she lifted the hefty milkbags up and pressed them together. This gave the brunette a cleavage that literally made her salivate with lust.

Buffy stared longingly at the spectacular cleavage she'd created. It's moments like these that she wished she had a cock so she could experience the delights of tit-fucking Cordelia Chase. 'Too bad I don't have my new toy with me...'

Suddenly, the phone on Cordelia's nightstand started to ring, shocking both teens from their post-sex relaxation. "Who the hell is calling me this late," the cheerleader muttered to herself as she reached out to pick it up.

"Hello? ... Oh, hi Giles!" Cordelia said, sounding a lot friendlier than before. "It's Giles," she - somewhat unnecessarily - informed Buffy while covering the mouthpiece with her hand. Removing her hand, Cordelia turned her attention back to the phone conversation. "Yeah, we got home okay. Sorry I forgot to call you earlier... Buffy and I were... kinda busy."

'She's got that right!' Buffy thought, smiling wickedly. Reminded of her steamy sex-session with the cheerleader, she turned her attention back to Cordelia's big boobs, which she still held in the palms of her hands and considered to be a lot more fascinating than Cordy's phone conversation with Giles. She started lightly stroking the tips of her fingers all over the brunette's large round breasts, occasionally pausing to give them a little squeeze.

Rubbing her thumbs across the brunette's large nipples, she gradually teased them to their full half inch erect status. The blonde hungrily licked her lips while her eyes darted back and forth between the stiff ruby treasures.

She couldn't help herself; she just *had* to taste them again.

'I think I'm actually addicted to Cordy's tits.'

Snuggling closer against her lover's naked form, Buffy parted her moist pink lips and hungrily sucked Cordelia's large ruby-red nipple into her mouth. While her hands stroked and kneaded the brunette's ample breast-flesh, she rubbed the tip of her tongue back and forth around the stiff knob in her mouth.

Cordelia, meanwhile, was beginning to sound a bit distracted on the phone. "Uh, yeah... B-Buffy did check around my house for any... Oh! ... v-vampire activity... What? ... Ohhhh! Uhh, I mean: No, she couldn't find a s-single vamp. Hmm? No, I'm fine."

Quickly covering the mouthpiece again, Cordelia glared down at Buffy, ready to chastise the over-sexed Slayer for playing with her tits while she's one the phone. But when she caught sight of the small blonde nursing contently on her right boob, her annoyance was swiftly replaced by amusement. 'I can't believe I'm actually thinking this, but right now Buffy looks kinda... endearing,' Cordelia considered. 'In fact, with her blonde hair all tousled, those sparkling green eyes, and that blissful expression on her face, she looks down right adorable!'

Now that's a feeling she previously never associated with Buffy Summers. When looking at, or think about Buffy, she's often felt anger, jealousy, sympathy... sometimes even gratitude and admiration (in small doses, of course), and lately lust and caring has been added to the mix. But considering the pesky blonde adorable is definitely new.

That's not the only thing that's different between them, though...

Cordelia thought about the half hour of wild sex they just had. It had been so... out of control that most of it was a blur. She remembered pulling Buffy beside her on the bed and practically ripping the blonde's clothes off after they'd kissed. After feeling up each other's pussy and tits, Buffy had... sorta mounted her.

A bright blush coloured her cheeks as she recalled the blonde mounting her kneeling, naked body, and grabbing a hold of her dangling breasts. Squeezing her sensitive breast-flesh and pulling on her nipples, Buffy had rubbed and grinded her bald slit against her bare ass... going faster and faster until the blonde was practically pounding her pussy against her still sore buttocks.

It was a pretty degrading way to have sex, but she'd loved every depraved second of it. From the slow pussy/ass-grinding Buffy started with, to the fast painful pounding against her reddening ass-cheeks, till the big finish when the blonde came loudly and sprayed her juices all over her butt and then rubbed it in with her bald little slit.

**Cordelia? Are you still there?**

"What? Oh! Yeah, sorry, still here, Giles."

**Are you sure you're alright? You sound somewhat distracted.**

"Don't worry, I'm okay," Cordelia hurriedly replied. "Just tired I guess after everything that happened today."

**Of course... Well, try to get a good night's sleep and we can talk tomorrow about what to do about Angelus... and how to solve your... situation with Buffy.**

"Oh! Mmmm" Cordelia moaned when Buffy suddenly tickled her slit. "Uh, okay... good night, Giles."

**Good night, Cordelia.**

"You're so bad," she admonished the Slayer after hanging up the phone.

Releasing the nipple from her lips, Buffy grinned wickedly. "You ain't seen nothing yet."

The cheerleader watched transfixed as her classmate kissed her way down her body and disappeared beneath the covers. Her eyes went wide when she felt the blonde's raspy tongue lapping at her slit. 'GOD!! She wants to go again, already?! She really is insatiable... Oh, why the Hell not,' Cordelia figured with a mental shrug.

Throwing the covers back, she revealed the Slayer's face buried between her thighs. The sudden disappearance of the satin sheet caused Buffy to look up with questioning eyes.

"Turn around and I'll do you too," Cordelia suggested with a husky voice.

The blonde's eyes lit up and she quickly positioned her naked body above the brunette's voluptuous form, then wriggled around until her bald slit made contact with Cordy's lips.

Soon both girls were enthusiastically licking, sucking, and tongue-fucking each other's snatches, making it a friendly contest to see who could make the other cum first.

To be continued in Chapter 10b...

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