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Chapter 3

‘I can’t believe I kissed her!’ was Buffy’s first thought as she practically ran all the way home. ‘I can’t believe I didn’t feel her up as well!’ was her second. ‘This would have been the perfect opportunity to find out how those perfect breasts would feel like in my hands.’

It bothered her all through dinner that she hadn’t gone further with the beautiful brunette. Cordelia had been totally naked for God sakes! And it certainly seemed like the cheerleader enjoyed their kiss… ‘I may never get an opportunity like that again!’ she thought sullenly, as she moved her fork around in the casserole her mom had made. ‘I literally had her in the palm of my hands…’

“Are you okay, honey?” Joyce asked her daughter for the fifth time that day. “You hardly even touched your dinner.”

“Hmm?” Buffy looked up from the plate of food she’d been staring at. “Oh yeah, I’m fine… Just a little tired I guess.”

“Maybe you’re coming down with the flu?” Giving her daughter a concerned look, Joyce lightly put her hand on Buffy’s forehead and frowned, “Your temperature does seem a bit higher than normal… perhaps I should make an appointment with your doctor?”

“That won’t be necessary, mom,” Buffy quickly replied. “I just need to catch up on some sleep… In fact, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll turn in right now,” she added while getting up from her chair.

“Very well, sweetheart,” Joyce responded. “But if you don’t start feeling better in the next few days then I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment for you.”

Buffy shot her mom a smile and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “’Night, mom.”

“Goodnight, Buffy,” Joyce smiled back.


Buffy let out another sigh as she twisted and turned in her bed, trying to find a comfortable enough position that would finally allow her to fall asleep. She’d been lying in her bed for hours now, but was still wide-awake. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get Cordelia Chase out of her mind… she kept thinking about the cheerleader and the kiss they shared. Whenever Buffy closed her eyes, there she was again: the bitchy brunette cheerleader, totally naked and still damp from her recent shower… she could taste their kiss on her lips again and the way Cordy’s hard nipples had felt as they were pressed against her body.

‘Oh fuck, I’m never gonna fall asleep as long as that image keeps going through my head,’ the blonde Slayer desperately considered. ‘And I’ll bet that if I manage to fall asleep; I’m just going to dream about her again.’ Turning on her back, Buffy let out another deep sigh.

‘Maybe a bit of Bronzing will take my mind off of her,’ she finally decided when half an hour later she still wasn’t asleep.

After making use of the bathroom, she quickly put on her clothes and sneaked out her bedroom window; not that it was very late or even a school night, but simply out of habit…


Entering the Bronze, one of the first sights that greeted her, just happened to be the very same gorgeous cheerleader who haunted her dreams… and look: her crush (or perhaps obsession is a better word for it) had brought a date. And not just a date: Michael Faraday, Sunnydale High’s Star Quarterback. ‘I have to hand it to Cordelia: when she makes a comeback, she does it with a vengeance… The most popular guy in the entire school; every girl would love to go out with him and she managed to snag him.’ A stab of jealousy went through her as she watched the two of them slow dancing closely together. Disturbingly enough, the jealousy she felt was directed at Michael for being with Cordy, not the other way around, which is how it should be.

‘Yeah, this is really going to be helpful in getting my mind off Cordelia,’ the Slayer mockingly told herself while picking out a spot where she could watch the cheerleader and her date more closely. ‘Am I in desperate need of extensive therapy or what?! I should just go home, or maybe slay some vampires, anything but sit here obsessing about a girl I’m not even friendly with.’ Despite all her good intentions, she settled down and watched the good-looking couple interact, using her Slayer-hearing to listen in on their conversation.

While getting sugared up on mochas, she watched and listened as the star quarterback put the moves on Cordy, growing more agitated by the minute.

Sullenly listening to their happy bantering, Buffy perked up when Cordelia told her date that she had to go powder her nose.

Hyper from her sugar rush, the tiny blonde quickly got up and followed the cheerleader into the ladies room.


Flushing the toilet, Cordelia opened the stall-door and almost had a heart attack when she found herself face to face (again!) with Buffy Summers. “Jesus Christ!! You AGAIN?! What *is* your childhood trauma?!” she called out in shock.

Buffy just grinned and pushed her back into the stall, closing and locking the door behind them. ‘Oh God! What does she want now?’

“Relax, Cordy,” the blonde purred. “I just thought… that it would be nice to continue were we left off.”

For a moment the cheerleader seemed speechless… but that was quickly overcome. “Excuse me? Reality check! I’m on a date here, get it? And not just any date, but a date with the biggest hottie in the entire school… and even if I were here alone, or with some loser - Xander springs to mind - then I still wouldn’t spend my time necking with you in ladies room… You must have me confused with Ellen, or some other lesbian icon.” Having said this, Cordelia tried to push pass Buffy, but was quickly pushed back by the blonde.

Buffy narrowed her eyes and glared angrily at the cheerleader. “I’m gonna give you a choice, Cordy: I can either give you another spanking, right here and now, for that crack you made about my calling… OR you can let me play with those nice, big tits of yours and we’ll call it even.”

“So, what’s it going to be?”

Cordelia gaped at the Slayer in shock… then bit her lip as she hurriedly checked all her available options. ‘I could try to make a run for it, but she’d probably catch me in no time… And I certainly can’t get spanked here! That’s just what I would need right now: a bare-butt spanking in a public restroom by a crazed Slayer with lesbian tendencies… That one is definitely in the Top Ten of Quickest Ways to Sink Your Reputation… Damnit! I don’t really have much of a choice here…’

Making up her mind, she let out a long sigh, reached for the straps of her dress and pulled them down her shoulder. ‘Only in this little shit-town on the Hellmouth do you experience this kind of freakish behaviour… Why couldn’t daddy have bought a nice house in L.A. instead of in this vampire-invested-hole-in-the-ground-one-mall town?!’

Buffy smiled triumphantly as the cheerleader slowly pulled down her dress. The blonde’s eyes widened a bit as Cordelia’s bare breasts became visible. “Wow! No bra… Bold move, Cordy.”

After hesitating for a moment, Cordelia pulled her dress down further until both her boobs were completely exposed to the blonde’s lustful gaze.

For a couple of minutes long, the blonde Slayer did nothing except stare at the cheerleader’s freshly exposed breasts… Buffy licked her suddenly dry lips when she noticed Cordelia’s nipples stiffening. ‘It’s not very cold in here so that ain’t it… Maybe Cordy isn’t as reluctant in letting me play with her tits as she’s pretending to be.’ Grinning at the brunette, she beckoned her closer.

A blush covered Cordelia’s cheeks as she saw the Slayer’s knowing grin and pointed look at her erect nipples. This wasn’t the first time her body reacted to the blonde, and she wasn’t too pleased that it happened again. Somehow she felt more exposed standing here topless in the ladies room of the Bronze than she felt earlier this day, when she was standing totally naked in front of Buffy in the girls’ shower room at Sunnydale High.

Letting out another sigh, the cheerleader took a few steps forwards until she stood between the Slayer’s spread legs; her breasts only inches away from Buffy’s face.

Slowly, almost tentatively, Buffy reached out and touched the two gravity-defying globes; gently squeezing the firm, yet supple flesh. She’d always been a bit envious of Cordelia’s much bigger breasts, and now she’s finally holding the object(s) of her admiration in her hands… able to play with them all she wanted! ‘Well, I’m not letting this opportunity go to waste.’ Eagerly she started kneading and caressing her nemesis’ impressive assets; a slight smirk formed on her lips when she heard a soft moan coming from the cheerleader.

After a while, Buffy moved her hands to the centre of the May Queen’s tits and began playing with those big, pointy nipples… She flicked both nubbins with her index fingers, grinning at the cheerleader’s light shudder. Taking them between her thumb and index fingers, she started moving her fingers up and down the enlarged nipples, like she was trying to milk the big-breasted brunette… Occasionally she gave the stiff nips a little pinch, eliciting a gasp from Cordelia’s lips.

Even though no milk came out, Buffy played enthusiastically with the cheerleader’s tits for five or six minutes, then she suddenly noticed that Cordy’s legs were slightly shaking. Giving the brunette a bright smile, she put her hands on Cordelia’s waist and pulled her closer.

“Sit down on my lap, Cordy.” Buffy softly commanded. The cheerleader almost immediately obeyed and squatted down until she was seated on the blonde’s lap.

Buffy smiled again. The bitchy brunette was getting a lot less defiant… And with the cheerleader being taller than her and sitting on her lap, Cordy’s breasts were now perfectly positioned right in front of her face… She could even use her mouth on them if she wanted! Which actually sounds like a pretty good idea… Sticking out her tongue, she gave each breast a couple of licks. Liking her idea more and more, the Slayer then proceeded to give the cheerleader’s tits an extensive tongue-bath…

Having slathered her tongue across every inch of those juicy jugs, Buffy finished up by licking tiny circles around Cordelia’s left nipple before taking the stiff nubbin into her mouth. After softly sucking on it for a minute, she repeated the process with the right nipple… and then back again to the left…

She switched back and forth between the two succulent tits, suckling and nibbling on each nipple ’till the brunette was moaning and shaking on her lap. The cheerleader was approaching a climax, just by having her titties sucked! Letting the nipple slip from her mouth, she raised her head and captured Cordelia’s mouth, tonguing the surprised, but cooperative brunette…

“Mmmm, I love those big, juicy tits of yours, Cordy,” she whispered in the cheerleader’s ear, before returning her mouth to those beloved breasts.

Cordelia could hardly believe it! Here she was in the ladies room of the Bronze, in a toilet-stall, sitting topless on the lap of her classmate and adversary: the illustrious, Miss holier-than-thou, Buffy Summers. And as if that wasn’t crazy enough… the current favourite in the “Bitchiest Slayer EVER” competition was sucking on her teats! And doing such a good job of it that she was about ready to cum!

“Oh Fuck, I’m cumming!!” Cordelia panted as she reached her climax. “Ohhh-h-h-hhh Buffy!! Oh! Oh! OHHHHHHH!!!!” Her head slumped down on Buffy’s soft hair, and she held the blonde tightly as one of the most intense orgasms she ever experienced shook through her body.

Confused and embarrassed, Cordelia raised her head a minute later and sat back a bit. “I-I have to go now,” the cheerleader stammered as Buffy continued to suckle on her stiff, sensitive nipples. “M-my date is w-waiting for me… If-if I’m not back soon he’s gonna think I ditched him.”

Somewhat reluctantly, the Slayer let the taut nipple slip from her mouth and raised her head; looking up at Cordelia with a smug little smile on her lips. “Fine, I’ll let you go,” Buffy replied after some thought. “Under one condition,” she quickly added.

The cheerleader’s face fell at hearing those three unsettling words. “Which would be?” she inquired reluctantly.

“I want you to jump up and down and jiggle those big tits for me,” the Slayer grinned.

Cordelia’s mouth fell open and automatically she looked down at her breasts, which were glistening with the Slayer’s saliva, and then back at the blonde.

“Come on, Cordy…” Buffy’s grin grew bigger. “Make those titties dance for me… after that you can go back to your date.”

Red-faced and humiliated, Cordelia moved from the blonde’s lap, took a step backwards, then started lightly jumping up and down; making her big breasts bounce and jiggle for the Slayer’s amusement…

Buffy watched enthralled as the cheerleader’s twin globes swayed enticingly back and forth with each bounce she made. “That’s it! Shake those huge hooters!” she encouraged the busty brunette, furthering the cheerleader’s humiliation. “And show me one of those big smiles while you’re at it,” Buffy added. “Like the one you give your audience during cheerleading.”

With some effort, Cordelia managed to give Buffy a bright smile while swinging her tits practically in the blonde’s face. ‘God! This must be one of the most humiliating experiences in my entire life,’ Cordy considered shamefully as she glanced down at her wildly bouncing boobs.

“Happy now?” the pissed-off brunette inquired after a minute or so of bouncing around.

Buffy nodded and smiled. “Thanks for the show, Cordelia.”

“Fuck y--” Seeing a wicked smile appear on the blonde’s face, Cordy quickly swallowed her angry words. “Don’t mention it,” she said instead.

Hastily the cheerleader cleaned herself up a bit. Then, pulling her dress back up, she straightened her clothes and opened the stall-door. Turning around, she shot Buffy a pointed look. “Really don’t mention it! Not to anyone, I don’t want to be branded a lesbo.”

The blonde slayer just grinned. “Have fun on your date, Cordy.”

“Yeah, right…” Buffy could hear the brunette mumble as she walked out the ladies room.


After playing around with Cordy, Buffy felt totally energized and decided to do some slaying.

The Slayer went directly to Restfield Cemetery, which is the biggest cemetery in town. She could always count on finding a couple of vamps for her to slay here… and this night wasn’t any different; 5 vampires surrounded her the moment she went through the cemetery gates.

With a quick movement, Buffy grabbed two stakes from her pockets and twirled them around while issuing the vamps a big smile. “Come and get it, boys.”

The vampires looked at each other for a moment then stormed in mass towards the Slayer. With practiced ease, Buffy staked the first two who reached her… then, doing a quick back flip, kicked the next two vamps under their chins with her boots… Landing back on her feet, she shot the remaining vamp a nasty grin.

Looking around, the vampire noticed he was the only one of his little band who was still standing and took stock of his situation. ‘Oh shit! I’m fucked now.’

That proved to be a pretty accurate assessment. Buffy closed in fast on the only remaining upright undead and floored him with two quick kicks and an uppercut, then went in for the kill… No stake ready, no problem! Reaching out, she grabbed the vamp’s head and with a quick twist broke its neck, making the creature explode into a cloud of dust.

Seconds later, the two dazed vampires were back on their feet and stormed towards her from opposite directions… As they jumped at her, she quickly ducked and bashed their heads together. The two vamps lay once again dazed on the ground. Grabbing one of them, she lifted the unlucky undead high above her head and threw him with devastating force against the wall of a nearby crypt – breaking most of the bones in his body.

“I’d like to see Xena try that!” she proudly exclaimed.

Quickly moving to the other vamp who was trying to stumble away, she got out another stake and with one swift movement, ended its undead existence. Then, walking back to the last - barely moving - vamp, she helped him out of his misery.

‘Five vamps dusted in less than a minute! This must be a new record!’ Buffy happily considered, a bit surprised herself about the quick, easy kills.

She was about to search for vamps elsewhere, when she suddenly felt the presence of another vampire nearby… Hiding there by the Von Halstadts crypt.

“Hiya, Buff!” a cheery, familiar voice called out from the shadows. “Working off your sexual frustrations by beating up some unsuspecting fledglings?”

“Hello, Angel,” she calmly replied as a smirking Angelus stepped out from the crypt’s shadow. “Wearing those leather pants again I see… Is this a new image change or were you always a closet leather-boy?”

“Now, now, lover,” Angelus’ smirk grew bigger. “Just admit it: you love the leather pants.”

Taking in the cocky vampire that carried her ex-boyfriend’s face, Buffy suddenly noticed that she didn’t feel the same pang of pain & loss that she normally felt when running into Angelus. In fact, ever since feeling Cordelia up, she felt positively cheerful and upbeat… she hasn’t felt like this since… well, forever!

“They’re okay, Angel… but you really should consider owning more than one outfit.”

The vampire’s eyes narrowed a bit, and he stalked closer to the Slayer. ‘Something doesn’t feel right… Buffy doesn’t seem the same depressed, mopey girl, I’ve come to love… to torment.’

“What’s up with you, Buff? Been digging into your mommy’s Prozac prescription again? You really should stop confusing those things with M&M’s.”

“Oh Angel, still making up for your inadequacies in bed with lame-assed jokes I see.” Buffy gave the vampire an understanding look and a sympathetic smile. “Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore! This is the 20th century and they have pills for your condition now – not Prozac but Viagra,” she clarified.

Even without Slayer-hearing, Buffy could hear Angelus grinding his teeth. She shot the vampire a sweet smile and continued, “However, my new found happiness is not drug induced… It’s just that now I’m not dating you anymore, I’ve moved onto better things: someone better looking, and certainly a better dresser.”

Angelus’ eyes flashed yellow. “You’re lying,” he growled. “There’s no way you’d get over me that easily!”

“You may be a legend in your own mind,” Buffy grinned; enjoying that for a change she was leading in their verbal sparring match. “But let me tell ya: you still have a lot to learn about girls… Like finding their G-spot,” she added as an afterthought.

Then the fight was on… With a roar, Angelus launched a spinning kick at Buffy’s head. Quickly ducking, the Slayer responded with a hard punch to the vampire’s stomach… Grunting loudly, the dark-haired vamp fell back and landed on the ground. Buffy immediately pressed her advantage and jumped at the vampire with Mr. Pointy ready in her hand. However, Angelus anticipated her move and drew back his knees, kicking the Slayer hard in the stomach as she tried to stake him.

The vampire swiftly jumped back to his feet and glared at his blonde nemesis. Something was very wrong… Buffy was playing for keeps now. Instead of trying to disable him, like she usually did, she was seriously trying to slay him… Her weird cheerful behaviour, her supposedly new boyfriend and her newfound will to kill him… all totally out of character for Buffy. Something had changed her and he was going to find out what!

Seeing that Buffy was back to her feet and about to attack him again, he turned around and swiftly disappeared into the shadows.

“Hey!! Come back here!” Buffy called after him. “We’re not finished yet!”

She tried to follow him but soon lost his track.

“Lame-assed, cowardly, needle-dick vamp!” the blonde muttered angrily as she finally gave up the chase. She was still full of energy but there was no Angelus she could beat up, or any other vampires to slay… Looking around, trying to figure out what to do next, she noticed that she somehow had turned up in Cordelia’s neighbourhood. Thinking about the cheerleader immediately made her juices flow and think of other ways to spend her excess energy besides fighting…

‘I wonder if Cordy is back from her date yet,’ the Slayer pondered. ‘It must be lonely, living all alone in that big house, with her parents away on travels most of the time. I bet she’d be mighty grateful for some company…’

After taking a moment to consider exactly *how* grateful Cordelia might be, Buffy quickly made up her mind. ‘Mmmm, yes, I think a visit to the Chase Mansion is in order.’

To be continued in Chapter 4

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