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Chapter 6

“Excellent move, Buffy,” Giles complimented the Slayer. “Now try some kicks.”

Buffy followed up with a couple of powerful high kicks aimed at the punching pads that the watcher held in front of him.

The force of the kicks made Giles stumble backwards and cringe despite the thick padded protection he was wearing.

“Y-yes, very good, Buffy.” The elderly watcher quickly stepped out of the Slayer’s reach. “I think that’s enough training for today… you seem to be in excellent shape.”

“See! I told you I was fine,” Buffy triumphantly said, doing a bit of mock shadowboxing while dancing around the watcher.

“And it would appear you are correct,” Giles calmly replied while watching his Slayer bounce around. “However, it is my duty as your watcher to make certain that you’re all right… especially after a dangerous encounter like your recent battle with the slime-composed demonic entity.”

Buffy gave her watcher a fond smile. “And I appreciate you “watching out” for me, Giles… but like I said: I’m feeling fine. Better then fine actually, I haven’t felt this good in ages.”

“Yes…” Giles said, sounding a bit puzzled. “I’ve noticed the extra-ordinary amount of stamina you have today, and the training session doesn’t seem to have affected you in the slightest.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” Buffy smiled. Winking at the older man, she leaped forwards and flipped all the way to the other side of the library. When she reached the end, she back-flipped until she was standing beside the watcher again.

“Ta-daa!” the blonde called out while thrusting her arms in the air like an Olympian gold-medal winner. “What d’ya think about that?”

“Impressive,” the librarian nodded. “I’m sure the vampires will agree should you repeat that on your next patrol.”

Buffy grinned in response. “I know, I know… Slaying is not a joking matter, Buffy,” the blonde said, doing a reasonable impersonation of the watcher’s voice. “It is a sacred duty. While performing it, it’s considered most unwise to clown around with your opponents; and there are few things more hazardous than unnecessary acrobatics during a battle.”

“I’m glad to hear that at least some of the advice I’ve given you seems to stick,” Giles retorted wryly. “Now, if you would also follow said advice then that would solve a lot of our problems.”

“Oh, don’t be such a stuffy duffy, Giles,” Buffy admonished her watcher. “And I do follow your advice… well, most of the time anyway.”

Giles coughed politely in response to the Slayer’s statement.

Buffy pulled a face at the obviously sceptical librarian. “Nevermind!” she huffed indignantly.

They smiled at each other.

“Hey… where’s the gang?” Buffy asked, suddenly aware of her friends’ conspicuous absence. “Willow and Oz are usually already here by the time we start my training and Xander always shows up during… once he gets out of detention.”

“Willow is doing some research for me,” the watcher replied. “Yesterday I received a message from a colleague, he mentioned that he came across a website which he suspects belongs to a powerful clan of vampires,” Giles explained while removing the padded suit he had worn for additional protection. “This particular clan is renowned for their use of modern technology, and if that website is truly theirs then it might contain some very useful information about the workings of this clan… like their strategies and their current hierarchy.”

The watcher let out a sigh of relief as he stripped away the last piece of the hot, confining suit. “Anyway, I’ve asked Willow to investigate the matter since I don’t know a bloody thing about computers… She looked the site up and discovered that it’s very well protected -- which doesn’t really surprise me… She now wants to chop into the website--”

“I think you mean: hack into the website,” Buffy helpfully interrupted.

“Whatever,” the old-fashioned watcher shrugged. “And apparently she needs to use her computer at home for that, something about not enough megahorses--”


“Okay, not enough Megahertz on the contraption we have in the library,” Giles finished.

“So Willow went home?”

“Yes, and Oz went with her.”

“What about Xander? Did he go with them as well?”

“No, but I gave him a picture with the insignia of the clan and asked him to compare it with the crests on some of the larger crypts on Restfield cemetery, to see if there are any matches.”

“Why? What’s that gonna accomplish?”

“Not much. But he kept going on and on about Cordelia, and I wanted some quiet time to myself.”

“So you send him out on a wild goose chase?” Buffy giggled. “I’m impressed, Giles. That’s totally wicked of you.”

“Thank you, Buffy.” The watcher took a light bow. “I learned from the best,” he added dryly, indicating the smiling Slayer.

Buffy’s smile grew bigger when it suddenly occurred to her that with her friends otherwise occupied, she now had the perfect opportunity to pay Cordelia another visit. She felt herself getting aroused again, just by thinking about the beautiful brunette.

“You know,” the blonde said while inching her way to the door. “Some quiet time sounds like a good idea; I think I’ll try that myself for a change.”

Giles raised a questioning eyebrow at the suddenly fidgeting Slayer. “Really? I never took you for the quiet-time type.”

“Well…” Now it was Buffy’s turn to shrug. “You’ve got to try anything at least once before knowing if you like it or not… Right?”

“Right.” A small smile appeared on the watcher’s lips. “See you tomorrow, Buffy.”

“Bye, Giles!”

Pushing through the doors, Buffy left the library quickly behind her.


Rupert Giles stood in front of the window, a thoughtful expression on his face as he watched Buffy run across the school’s courtyard. The young Slayer moved so fast that she’d left the school grounds and was out of his sight in a matter of seconds.

Sitting down at the large table, he replayed their after-school training session in his head. Buffy had been faster, stronger and more energetic during this latest workout than he’d ever seen her before. Her current burst of power could just be a natural development of her Slayer abilities… but that wouldn’t explain the blonde’s unusual behaviour in the last couple of days, though.

He started thumping his fingers on the table’s surface as he searched his memory for a possible curse or spell that would explain both his Slayer’s newfound strength and her strange behaviour.

After considering every possibility and scenario he could think of, Giles slapped the palm of his hand on the wooden surface. ‘This is ridiculous! I’m reading way too much into this situation and getting all worked-up over nothing. There’s probably a very reasonable and logical explanation for Buffy’s increased abilities… as for her strange conduct lately: mood swings and erratic behaviour are perfectly natural for a teenager.’

Putting all worries about Buffy out of his mind, the watcher went back to cataloguing his newly acquired shipment of Demonology books.


Meanwhile, on the other side of town, in a large impressive, yet somewhat neglected looking mansion: a small group of vampires had come together – and Buffy Summers was very much on their minds right now.

Two master vampires and several other high-ranking members of Clan Aurelius were gathered in the basement and watched with interest (and a sense of relief) as the third master vampire present -Druscilla- finally got to the last stages of the lengthy magic ceremony she was performing.

Standing in front of a large black cauldron, the vampire-witch used both hands to weave a series of intricate symbols in the air while chanting a magic spell:

“Spirits who see, hear and know all,”
“Hear these words and obey my call…”
“Find me the Slayer called Buffy Summers!”

Picking up the hairbrush Angelus had brought her, she pulled a few strands of hair from the bristles and dropped them into the cauldron.

Immediately the boiling potion inside started to swirl around, displaying a wide variety of colours.

Waving her hands above the cauldron, Druscilla completed the final part of the spell:

“Use now this essence from the person I speak,”
“and search this world to find the one whom I seek.”
“Then magick this brew, so we can see,”
“her every move and every word,”
“Wherever she may be!”

Angelus and Spike, together with some of the braver (and more curious) vamps, stepped closer to the cauldron and peered intently inside, waiting for the spell to take affect.

“You really think this will work, luv?” Spike questioned. “I thought that vampire magic only works when the sun is down.”

“This is no vampire magic, my darlin’ Spike,” Druscilla answered while dancing around the crippled vamp. “It’s just an ordinary Wicca spell that Miss Edith whispered in me ear last night.” The vampire got a dreamy look in her eyes and smiled to herself. “Miss Edith has been such a great help lately… she’ll be getting extra crumpets at our next tea party… they’ll be filled with jelly, and there’ll be sweets afterwards, and--”

“That’s nice, Dru,” Angelus interrupted. “But as long as it helps me find out what Buffy is up to, I don’t care if it’s Santa Claus himself who told you the spell.”

The brunette hissed at her Sire. “Bad, bad daddy! You know that even mentioning that mean old man gives me nightmares…” For a moment the female vamp pouted, then her eyes narrowed. “As punishment, daddy will get no tea and crumpets for an entire week.”

Angelus rolled his eyes and was about to retort when Spike suddenly spoke up.

“Keep your eyes on the game, mates… I think our lil’ kettle is starting to stew.”

The surface of the brew began to shimmer… Slowly, the silhouette of a person could be made out.

As the vision improved, the three vampires got a clear view of the Slayer running down the streets of a posh neighbourhood.


Buffy’s quick jog came to a screeching halt when she reached the entrance to the Chase’s property and saw several new signs planted near the gate – the lightning bolt and warning on them indicating that the fence was now under heavy electrical current.

The Slayer’s mouth fell open when she noticed a separate sign on the gate itself. It had a life-sized picture of her face on it. There was a red circle around her head and through it ran a red diagonal bar, underneath it was the text: “No Buffys allowed here!”


Cordelia Chase leisurely leaned back in her comfy lawn chair. ‘Ahhhh, this is the life! Just what I need in these times of stress,’ the cheerleader happily thought. ‘Relaxing in a comfortable chair while picking up some rays, accompanied with the occasional dip in the swimming pool… And best of all: no fake blondes around demanding sexual favours!’

‘The only thing missing is a nice cold drink.’ Cordelia was about to ring for the maid, when she remembered that Rosita was currently in Mexico, visiting her relatives, and wouldn’t be back for another week.

‘Looks like I’ll have to get my own drink.’

Sighing, she stood up and walked to the house.


Carrying a small tray that held a glass and an ice-cold bottle of Diet Coke, Cordelia returned to the terrace and walked back to her chair. Then she saw something that caused her to halt to a complete stop.

In her previously occupied chair sat the familiar form of Buffy Summers, wearing a tank top, tight shorts, a pair of sunglasses and not much else… and on the table next to the Slayer lay the beat up, crumbled, but still recognizable form of the Sentinel 2000 control box.

The cheerleader let out a small gasp as she stared at what remained of her high-priced alarm system. “Well, that certainly was money well spend!” Cordelia sarcastically spat out, while giving the battered box a scornful glare. ‘I really should have gone for the alligator filled moat!’ she sadly considered.

Cordy looked at Buffy again, and the blonde returned her look with an obvious smirk. ‘On the other hand, if I’d gone for the alligators: Superbitch would now probably be sitting there wearing a pair of brand-spanking-new alligator-leather boots with a matching purse beside her.’

However, any thoughts about her alarm system or the Slayer’s attire were quickly forgotten when she anxiously noted that Buffy was giving her a little signal to come nearer. The Slayer didn’t say anything, but still had that annoying little smirk on her face as she beckoned her closer with her index finger.

With feet that suddenly seemed to be made out of lead, Cordelia shuffled towards the other girl until she was standing right next to the blonde Slayer.

Buffy looked at the drink Cordelia was still holding and held out her hand. With a resigned look on her face, the cheerleader put down the tray and handed her Coke to the grinning girl.

The smiling blonde teasingly licked her lips, put the bottle at her mouth, and emptied the entire bottle in one long draught.

Putting the bottle on the small table next to her, Buffy let out the first sound she’d made so far: a satisfied sounding “Ahhhhhh!”

The Slayer then took off her sunglasses, shot the cheerleader a pointed look and invitingly patted her lap.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. Letting out a weary little sigh, she leaned over and laid herself across Buffy’s lap. ‘Here we go again.’


It didn’t take long for the cheerleader’s punishment to start. With a determined look, Buffy let her hand crash down on Cordy’s barely covered buttocks.


There was a sharp intake of breath from the brunette, but that was Cordelia’s only response. ‘Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get more of a reaction very quickly,’ the Slayer silently predicted, and followed with a quick series of spanks.


“Ow! Ow! Owwww!!” the cheerleader cried out.


“That was very naughty of you, Cordy,” Buffy calmly told the brunette while letting more spanks rain down on the girl’s upturned buttocks. “Putting in a high-tech alarm system while I was away…”



“It would almost make me feel a bit unwelcome.”

“No, really?!” Cordelia sarcastically bit out. “What tipped you off? That picture of you on the gate, saying: “No Buffys allowed here!” maybe?” The brunette’s snide remark was quickly followed by another cry as Buffy landed a couple of particular hard spanks on the cheerleader’s rosy-red buttocks.


“I have to admit… that was pretty funny,” the Slayer replied, a touch of admiration sounding in her voice.


“Owwww!! Ouch!!!”

“I was sorta wondering how you got that sign made so quickly,” Buffy continued thoughtfully; she let her hand rest on the cheerleader’s behind and gently stroked the warm, silky skin.

“Actually… I had that sign made more than a month ago,” Cordelia replied, a smile on her face despite her painful behind. “together with a “No Xanders allowed!” and a “No Willows allowed!” sign… they were just lying around in my closet ever since, waiting for the perfect time to be used… I was hoping to surprise you and the other scoobies with them when you showed up for the prom, but this was nice too.”

For a long moment Buffy stared down in disbelief at the beautiful, but oh-so-infuriating girl on her lap. “Thanks for sharing, Cordy!” she told the brunette. “Only a bitch like you could come up with something like that! I suddenly feel a whole lot less guilty for tanning your ass.”


“Yeah, right!” Cordelia grunted. “Like you feel anything resembling guilt when you spank my bare behind… I think you’re confusing lust with guilt here, Bunny… and just for the record: I’m not the only bitch around here!”

SMACK!!! “First of all, it’s Buffy NOT Bunny!” SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACKK!!!!

“But you make a pretty good point,” Buffy conceded with a smirk. “I do enjoy spanking that cute ass of yours…” the blonde halted the spanking and placed her hand between the cheerleader’s spread legs. Pulling aside the string, she rubbed a finger across Cordy’s wet entrance and stuck it inside. “Almost as much as you seem to enjoy lying naked across my lap, getting your butt blistered.”

Cordelia moaned softy as Buffy started fingering her dripping slot. Then, when the blonde’s words sunk in, quickly stifled the moan. “No, I DON’T!!” she protested hotly.

“You don’t?” Buffy asked mockingly surprised. “Hmmm, then explain this to me, Cordy… why does your pussy always get wet when I spank you?”

Cordelia felt a mixture of embarrassment and arousal at the Slayer’s words.

“Admit it, little Miss May Queen… you love my hands on your body, even when I’m using said hands to redden your behind.” Buffy added a second finger and started finger-fucking the brunette at a rapid pace.

“No, I don’t.” Cordelia repeated, slightly breathless from her growing arousal.

“Come on, Cordy… Say it!” Buffy encouraged the cheerleader, her fingers moving faster. “Tell me how much you love me touching you… playing with those big tits and this tight little cunt.”

“In your -pant- dreams, mega-slut!”

The Slayer’s eyes narrowed at this latest insult. “Suit yourself, Cordy.” Buffy said, her voice cheerful even though she felt mildly disappointed about the cheerleader’s continuing denial. “In that case, I’ll just get to work on your butt again.” She pulled her fingers from the cheerleader’s snatch and resumed the spanking.



Buffy looked down at the brunette’s glowing red behind and smiled. To borrow an expression from her mom: the cheerleader was now one well-punished young lady…

Lying quietly across her lap, and allowing the Slayer to stroke her painful bottom and play with her dangling breasts without any objections or the usual snide remarks, Cordelia seemed chastised and obedient (well, for the moment at least).

‘Better take advantage of this rare situation,’ Buffy told herself. Helping Cordy off of her lap, she stood the cheerleader in front of her and issued the brunette a bright smile.

“Stand there, put your hands behind your neck and slowly turn around,” she ordered.

Buffy noticed the cheerleader giving her a dirty look, but Cordelia nonetheless did as she was told: putting her hands behind her neck she made a slow twirl.

“Nice!” Buffy complimented, while raking her eyes across Cordelia’s tanned, trim body.

The beautiful brunette was dressed in nothing more then a skimpy, emerald-green bikini. The bottom consisted of a small piece of cloth in the front (that was only barely adequate to conceal the cheerleader’s triangle of hair) and a string in the back, which seemed to be specially designed to show off Cordy’s perfect round buttocks. Meanwhile, the bikini-top, which was filled to the bursting point, was fighting a losing battle with constraining Cordelia’s ample bosom. It seemed like the brunette’s big breasts were going to be falling out of those too small cups at any moment now… something to which Buffy was most eager to lend a helping hand.

The Slayer’s mouth turned dry as her eyes fully took in this picture of perfection, and the familiar, intense feeling of desire for the cheerleader rose up again.

Very nice!” Buffy finally concluded in an almost worshipful tone.

Cordelia smirked at the blonde’s comment but didn’t say anything.

With a slightly trembling hand, Buffy reached out for the string that held the skimpy top together, noting with satisfaction that Cordy obediently kept her hands in place, even though she was about to expose her tits. Savouring the heady mix of power and lust she felt, she untied the top and let it slide down.

Instantly, the cheerleader’s breasts sprang free, lightly bouncing as the top dropped to the ground.

The Slayer took the newly freed mammaries in her hand and happily played with the brunette’s bouncy twins for a while… Looking straight into the cheerleader’s eyes, she gave each of the erect nipples a quick pinch & pull, listening with delight at the small grunt coming from Cordelia’s lips… Buffy lightly tugged and twisted the brunette’s nipples some more and noticed a deep red flush appearing on Cordy’s face.

After having her way with the brunette’s boobs, Buffy moved her hands down to the cheerleader’s slim waist. A few seconds later, the green bikini bottom joins the green top on the ground.

Buffy felt a sense of completeness now that she has Cordelia completely naked in front of her again. With her eyes fixated on the brunette’s neat triangle of brown curls, she played her hands across the cheerleader’s firm, beautiful body…

The blonde’s roving hands slowly but surely made their way down towards the May Queen’s centre… Finally meeting there, they petted and played with the brunette’s soft patch of fur.

Buffy got up from the chair and, after moving the cheerleader a few steps backwards, kneeled in front of her and moved her face only inches away from Cordy’s slit. Almost tentatively, she stroked and caressed the cheerleader’s pussy.

After a few minutes of playing with Cordy’s cunt, she used the fingers of both hands to part the brunette’s labia-lips and peered inside the well-exposed opening.

Utilizing her eyes, fingers and mouth, the Slayer took her sweet time to study and explore every inch of the scrumptious pussy before her, enjoying the tasty nectar that flowed from the cheerleader’s tight tunnel…

She interrupted her investigation of Cordelia’s private parts to look at the cheerleader’s face and saw the brunette glaring down at her; Cordy’s glare seemed to hold a mixture of annoyance, incredulity and arousal.

Giving the brunette a wink, Buffy moved her hands to the girl’s waist and slowly turned her round ‘till she was looking straight at the cheerleader’s beautiful behind.

She placed her hands on Cordy’s round buttocks and started stroking the two well-defined, firm globes.

“You’ve got such a wonderful round tight ass, Cordy,” Buffy commented to the cheerleader. “It’s a shame that I’ve got to spank it so often.”

Cordelia ignored the compliment and the little jibe, standing stoically while the blonde Slayer fondled her from behind.

“Let me see that beautiful butt a little better… bend over and touch your toes.”

Buffy wasn’t entirely sure but she thought she saw Cordelia make an obscene gesture her way. Maybe she just imagined it, because the brunette obediently leaned over and presented her ass… On the other hand, Cordy did seem a bit more pissed off, and also quieter, than usual.

Maybe a refreshing dive in the pool would improve the cheerleader’s bad mood, the Slayer considered. It would certainly cool off Cordy’s red butt… She also could use a nice, cool swim herself since she was feeling plenty hot right now… first though, she wanted to play a little more with Cordelia’s magnificent body.

“Mmmm… very good,” Buffy told the brunette while patting her on the butt. It was better then good actually, bending over like this the cheerleader’s round butt resembled a delicious looking, juicy red apple… one that she would love to sink her teeth in.

She gazed deferentially at this spectacular sight before issuing her next command, “Now I want you to reach back and spread your cheeks, so I can get a better look.”

“God! Could you possible be a bigger perv?!” the cheerleader called back over her shoulder.


After this bit of “encouragement” from Buffy, Cordelia bowed her head down again and - without any further commentary - reached back and pried apart her buttocks.

Buffy felt an increasing heat in her groin as she stared at both of the cheerleader’s exposed openings. It’s already incredibly arousing to see all of Cordy’s charms uncovered and up-close, but to have Sunnydale High’s most popular girl hold herself open like this made the whole experience almost unworldly…

Hastily unbuttoning her cut-offs, she slipped a hand inside and placed it on her throbbing centre. After giving her clit a few gentle rubs she inserted a finger into her dripping pussy and started fingering herself, meanwhile inspecting the brown-haired beauty’s cunt and asshole.

Leaning closer, the Slayer stroked her left hand across the cheerleader’s upturned buttocks while her right hand remained busy between her legs…

Slowly she moved her hand lower until it was caressing Cordy’s slit. She then stuck out a finger and dipped it inside Cordelia’s moist little cunt.

A gasp came from the cheerleader and a grin appeared on the Slayer’s lips when she noticed just how wet her reluctant lover already is. ‘Despite Cordelia’s many protests, she always seems to be soaking wet when I feel her up.’

In the same pace that she used to finger-fuck herself, Buffy started sliding her finger in and out the cheerleader’s sopping slot.

She waited until they were both pretty worked up, then pulled out the finger covered with Cordy’s juices. Buffy circled the well-lubricated digit around the brunette’s little pink asshole a couple of times, then pushed it inside.

“HEY!!!” Cordelia cried out, when with one quick thrust the blonde stuck an entire finger up her ass.

The cheerleader leapt forwards, dislodging Buffy’s finger from her butt. Turning around, she shot a glare at the infuriating blonde. “Keep your fingers out of my ass, bitch! That’s where I draw the line.”

Buffy smirked at the annoyed brunette and stood up. “I think we both need to cool off a bit,” she told the cheerleader while pulling her hand from her cut-offs. “Let’s take a quick dip in the pool.”

Cordelia looked down at her own nudity, then - with a look of uncertainty - eyed the few pieces of clothing which the Slayer was still wearing. “It looks to me like you’re wearing a bit much for swimming.”

Buffy shot back a smile. “You may undress me,” she said with a haughty voice that sounded remarkably much like Cordelia’s.

The cheerleader’s eyes narrowed as she glared at the blonde. “What am I? Your slave?”

Instead of responding, Buffy just smirked and stared at the brunette.

Cordelia got her “bitch” on and stared back with full intensity… However, she soon got tired of this staring contest and felt herself becoming flustered. The knowledge that the Slayer could kick, or spank, her ass anytime she wanted made her a bit uncomfortable and feel like this whole staring match was pretty much meaningless: If Buffy really wanted her assistance in undressing then she hadn’t have much choice but to do what the blonde wanted… either that or probably get another spanking, and she certainly wasn’t in the mood for that.

Issuing the smirking girl a look of utter disgust, Cordelia stepped closer and began removing the blonde’s tight tank top. Buffy didn’t help a whole lot, but with a lot of tugging she managed to pull it off over the Slayer’s head, thereby freeing the other girl’s firm, apple-sized breasts.

‘She obviously changed before coming over here,’ Cordelia silently observed. ‘Because I certainly would have remembered if she wore this outfit to school.’

For a few seconds the cheerleader stared at her adversary’s pink-tipped tits, then quickly kneeled down and tugged at the Slayer’s shorts, trying to complete her task as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

With a hard pull she yanked the cut-offs down to the blonde’s knees, and found herself staring straight at Buffy’s bald snatch. Glancing up, she saw the Slayer smiling down at her.

“I’ve a feeling this ain’t gonna be the last time you’ll be down on your knees staring at my cunt, Cordy.”

Cordelia’s cheeks and ears turned a bright red. Looking down again, she pretended to cough in her hand, “Ugh-Bitch-ughhh!”

“Very smooth, Cordy,” Buffy chuckled from above her. “Now get to work again on getting these cut-offs off of me.”

The brunette started tugging on the shorts again and managed to quickly pull them down the blonde’s legs. Lifting the other girl’s feet one by one, she removed the cut-offs and laid them on the table.

Having completed her task, Cordelia glanced up again at the smiling Slayer.

“That’s a good girl,” Buffy told the cheerleader while giving her a little pat on the head. “As a reward I’ll make you cum after our little swim.”

With a fluid motion, the cheerleader got up on her feet. Straightening to her full length, she folded her arms across her chest and scowled at the smaller blonde. “You know, Buffy… It’s one thing that you spank my ass and make me lick your pussy, but I could really do without those little pats and the condescending remarks – I’m not your fuckin’ bitch!”

The Slayer’s eyes sparkled angrily and she folded her arms in front of her, mimicking the cheerleader’s pose. “I don’t think YOU of all people should complain about condescending remarks, Cordy… NOT when you’re the Queen of condescending remarks in Sunnydale High --and possibly of the entire state of California,” Buffy heatedly retorted. “As for not being my bitch… well, wrong again!” With those three words, the Slayer put one hand on Cordy’s backside and placed the other behind her head, and drew the stunned brunette in for a kiss.

Conquering the cheerleader’s lips, Buffy put all the passion, anger, lust and love she felt for Cordelia in this one kiss. The lip-lock lasted for several minutes and it didn’t take long before Buffy felt the tall brunette starting to respond and return the kiss. Encouraged by the cheerleader’s response, the Slayer removed the hand that was holding the other girl’s head and lowered it to join with the hand on Cordy’s butt.

With both hands conveniently on the brunette’s behind, Buffy began kneading Cordy’s firm, round buttocks, immensely enjoying the feel of those well-muscled globes in her hands combined with the sensation of the cheerleader’s soft lips pressing against her own.

When their lips finally parted they were swollen from the kiss and the bewildered brunette had to hold on to the Slayer due to her trembling legs.

Once Cordelia had regained some of her strength and could stand on her own again, Buffy took a step back and watched the confused cheerleader with a somewhat smug smile on her face.

Still a bit dazed from the Slayer’s words and the subsequent kiss, Cordelia silently gazed at the blonde’s exposed body. ‘At least Buffy is as naked as me for a change,’ she pondered absently while studying her nemesis’ nude form. ‘She may be a bitch queen from hell, but she’s also got one hell of a body,’ Cordelia grudgingly admitted to herself. ‘I have to give her credit for that.’

Meanwhile, Buffy was performing her own little study of Cordy’s naked body and thinking the exact same thing. The blonde’s smile grew bigger when she noticed the brunette’s distracted look.

Cordelia squealed in surprise when the Slayer suddenly scooped her up and carried her to the pool.

With the cheerleader in her arms, Buffy leaped into the pool, shouting: “GERONIMO!!”

The brunette only just managed to call the Slayer something that questioned the blonde’s parents’ marital status at the time that Buffy was born, before both their heads were submerged.


About the same time, a blonde and a brown-haired head popped up from beneath the water’s surface; the blonde was smiling while the dark-haired girl coughed and spit out a mouthful of water.

Buffy paddled merrily around the coughing brunette while the cheerleader regained her bearings. “Did you say something to me right before we went under?” she inquired once Cordelia was breathing normally again.

Cordelia responded to the blonde’s question with an innocent look. “Nope, nothing.”

Buffy smirked at the cheerleader. “Hmmm, I must have imagined it then.”

The brunette smirked back and began to swim a lap around the pool. The Slayer followed closely behind her, and soon they were swimming side-by-side…

When they completed their twentieth lap, Buffy slowed down and nodded at the diving board that was installed at the far end of the pool. “Do you use that often?”

Cordelia followed the Slayer’s look and managed to shrug while keep on swimming. “Not really, I usually just swim laps… besides, diving results in bad hair.”

Buffy giggled and started making her way to the end of the pool.

Pulling herself from the water, the Slayer climbed on the diving board and walked to the end.

Cordelia stared in amazement as the blonde jumped up and down on the diving board, going higher and higher, then propelled herself up. After doing a triple somersault in the air, the Slayer dived straight down into the cool water.

“Show off!” the cheerleader muttered, feeling both jealous and awed at the same time. Looking around, she waited for Buffy to pop her bottle-blonde head above the water…

Cordelia started scanning the pool a bit more anxiously when a minute later the Slayer still hadn’t surfaced.

The brunette let out a startled yelp when she suddenly felt a hand between her legs goosing her from behind. Wide-eyed she turned her head and wasn’t really surprised to find herself looking straight into Buffy’s smiling face.

“Why you little…” Cordelia pounced on the smirking blonde and used the only weapon available to her: tickling. With impressive skill she tickled the other girl’s sides, belly and armpits, turning the mighty Slayer into a giggling schoolgirl.

When Buffy finally got a small pause to catch her breath, she quickly dived under and swam behind Cordelia, then retaliated in much the same manner; the only difference was that besides tickling her she also took the opportunity to feel up the cheerleader whenever she could.

At first Cordelia put up some token resistance, tickling the Slayer back and splashing water in the blonde’s face. She also escaped Buffy’s arms a couple of times (with a little help from Buffy herself) and swam around the pool while the other girl chased her… Gradually she resisted the blonde’s advances less and less… then when Buffy caught her for the third time, she allowed the Slayer to have her way with her (she was getting horny herself and figured the blonde had earned it by now).

With her arms spread out she floated in the water while her classmate’s naked body pressed against her back and Buffy’s small, yet strong hands were busy at her front – the blonde’s left hand playing with her tits while the other one diddled her slit…

Cordelia was really getting worked up now and was close to cumming when the Slayer suddenly decided she wanted to continue somewhere dryer.

“Let’s get out of the pool,” Buffy whispered while reluctantly moving her hands away from the brunette’s big breasts and tight little slit she’d so happily been fondling. Without waiting for a reply, she took the cheerleader’s hand and swam towards the pool stairs.

“There are towels in there,” Cordelia mentioned as she climbed out off the pool, pointing at a small closet that was cleverly build into the terrace.

“Nice,” the blonde observed, while retrieving two large white towels from the cupboard. “and handy as well.”

Walking back to the dripping cheerleader, Buffy handed her a towel and shot the brunette an impish smile. “I do you and you do me,” she told her while rubbing the soft cotton across Cordy’s very appealing curves.

“Are we talking about drying each other off here, or getting each other off?” Cordelia questioned with a smirk.

The Slayer’s smile grew bigger and she gave the cheerleader a wink. “One thing at a time, Cordy.”

After they towelled each other dry, Buffy sat down on one of the comfy lawn chairs and pulled the naked cheerleader down on her lap. She put her arms around the beautiful brunette and pulled her in for a kiss.

The cheerleader seemed remarkably pliant and accepted the kiss without any objection. When Buffy returned her hand between Cordelia’s legs and slid a finger inside her, she discovered why: the brunette was soaking wet, and Buffy didn’t think it was because of the pool water. ‘Mmmm, it seems our playtime in the pool did more than just improve Cordy’s mood,’ the blonde noted appreciatively. ‘It also made her horny as hell.’

With one hand busy between the cheerleader’s legs, the Slayer moved her other hand to the brunette’s breasts and fondled each of them in turn. ‘I really love playing with Cordy’s nice big titties,’ Buffy thought for at least the twentieth time this week. ‘You’d think that just about anything would get boring when doing it lots of times, but I seriously doubt that’s true in this case,’ she considered while she kneaded the firm flesh and rolled the cheerleader’s stiff, swollen nipples between her fingers.

While lowering her head, Buffy raised the brunette’s right breast until her mouth could reach the rock-hard nipple. She swirled her tongue around it a couple of times, and then took the red knob into her mouth, lightly biting down on it. Hearing a moan of pleasure coming from the cheerleader, she sucked the entire nipple into her mouth and hungrily sucked and nibbled on the stiff nubbin.

Cordelia groaned in reaction to the combined stimulation of Buffy’s mouth on her breasts and the Slayer’s finger in her slit. “Ohhhh, Mmm-Mmmmm… OH!!! Ohhh yessss!!” Arching her back, she pushed her breast further into the blonde’s devouring mouth.

“Godddd!!” Cordelia cried out as the Slayer abruptly added a second finger in her pussy, while at the same time rubbing her clit. “Mmmmm… Ohhhhhh… that feels soooo good,” the brunette delightfully purred. With a blissful smile on her lips, she closed her eyes and let the blonde’s thrusting fingers and skilful mouth bring her closer and closer to a very much-needed orgasm. ‘I suppose that being Buffy’s bitch has its perks… Not that I’m going to let Dominina over there get away with treating me like her bitch, of course,’ she quickly told herself. ‘But for now, there’s now harm in letting her have her wicked way with me… It’s not like I have much of a choice anyway.’

While her fingers fucked Cordelia’s cunt at a steadily increasing pace, Buffy started stroking her thumb across the cheerleader’s clit, making the brunette shake on her lap.

“Ohhhhh GOD!!!” ‘…and she’s certainly wicked,’ the cheerleader silently added. Unable and unwilling to hold her orgasm back any longer, she started humping the Slayer’s fingers in earnest.

The Slayer let Cordy’s nipple slip from her lips when the brunette started riding her fingers. She replaced her mouth with her hand and watched with relish as the normally haughty cheerleader bounced uninhibitedly up and down her lap, the brunette’s big tits bouncing in sync as she enthusiastically fucked herself on Buffy’s fingers.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhh! Ungh!! OH! OH! Ohhhhhh!!!!” Cordelia panted loudly as she started to cum.

Buffy sensed the brunette’s impending orgasm and pinched her clit and nipple just as she came.

“AHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Cordy climaxed with a loud yell and shot her juices all over the blonde’s hand; if it hadn’t been for Buffy’s other hand (and quick reaction) she probably would’ve fallen off of the Slayer’s lap. She moaned softly as the blonde’s fingers continued to slide in and out her slit (though thankfully, a lot slower and gentler then a minute ago). With a smile of total gratification on her face, she snuggled into the Slayer’s lap and enjoyed the blonde’s tender ministrations.


In a mansion about a mile away, loud cheering, whistling and applauding could be heard.

“The Slayer really did that bitch good,” was the general consensus among the vampires as they excitedly talked about the incredible show they’re watching.

“ENOUGH!!” a booming voice suddenly interrupted their chatter.

The gossiping group of vamps became instantly silent and they gazed nervously at their irate leader.

“This spell is supposed to be about information gathering,” Angelus angrily berated his clan. “This is NOT a fucking peepshow!”

The entire group did a quick step back as Angelus demonic features replaced his human face. “Now get the fuck out of my sight!!”

The vampires shuffled their feet uneasily, looking at each other and then back at the master vampire.

“NOW!!!” Angelus roared.

The group instantly recoiled and scampered up the stairs.

Five seconds later, Angelus and his two kin were the only ones left in the basement.

“Alone at last,” Spike chuckled. “You sure know how to clear a room, Angelus… What happened to your great idea to include the other members of the clan in your campaign against the Slayer?”

“My plan didn’t entail that bunch of louts gawking at my ex-girlfriend,” the dark-haired vamp sneered.

“And your ex-girlfriend’s girlfriend,” the bleach-blonde vampire grinned. “Let’s not forget about her.”

Druscilla stopped any reply of Angelus by letting out a tired moan. “Ohhhhh… it’s getting harder to keep a hold on the magic, my darlin’ boys… Can I let the vision of these naughty, naughty girls go now?”

“Uhm, can you hold on just a little bit longer, Dru?” Spike asked. “I think we could use a bit more information.”

“I believe you may be right for once, William,” Angelus said with a smile, deep in thought while staring in the cauldron. “We’re learning all sorts of… interesting things about dear, innocent Buffy.”

“Yeah, like that bit when she spanked the cheerleader’s arse. Who knew the little bint could be such a dominatrix.” Spike smirked at the older vampire. “I guess we now know who wore the pants in your relationship with the Slayer, eh peaches?”

Angelus drew his eyes away from the two naked girls in the cauldron’s reflection and glared at his impudent Childe. “Maybe it’s time I give you another lesson about showing your Sire the proper respect, Spikey.”

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist, mate,” Spike said with a grin. “Take a peak at Dru’s Technicolor Slayer Special instead, it looks like the action is about to continue.


Buffy smiled at the comfortably resting young woman on her lap. Cordelia lay cuddled in her arms with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face. Looking like this, the cheerleader didn’t seem very bitchy.

The brunette opened her eyes and gazed back at the blonde. “So… anymore depraved activities planned for today, or was this it?” she sniped at the Slayer.

Buffy smirked. Of course, once Cordelia opens her mouth, any doubts about her bitchiness instantly disappeared.

“There’s still more to come, Cordy,” Buffy informed the brunette. “Like myself for instance,” she added with a grin. Cradling the naked girl in her arms, she slowly stood up and walked towards the nearby sunning bed (she had her eye on that bed for almost an hour now, and could hardy wait to try it out with the cheerleader).

With a glint in her eyes that showed the anticipation she was feeling, Buffy laid the still somewhat dazed brunette down on the stretcher.

“And now what?” Cordelia curiously asked.

Buffy issued the brunette a wicked smile. “Just lie still for now, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

The Slayer took a step back to get a good view of the stretched out cheerleader… After considering Cordy’s pose for a moment, she stepped closer again and leaned down. Putting her hands on the brunette’s thighs, she spread the cheerleader’s legs until each of the girl’s feet were dangling down the sides of the sunning bed.

Stepping back a pace, the blonde surveyed her work. The eye-catching scene before her made her mouth water. What a picture Cordelia made, lying there totally naked with her legs spread apart – the cheerleader’s glistening cunt clearly visible between her widespread legs.

Still, there was room for improvement. Retrieving another towel from the hidden cabinet, she walked back to Cordelia, made her lift her ass up and put the folded towel underneath.

She took a step back again and judged the effect of the towel beneath the brunette’s butt. Absolute perfection! The towel lifted Cordelia slightly up, making her pelvis jut out and making it appear like the cheerleader was being presented for sex… which, of course, she was.

Buffy crawled on the stretcher and kneeled between the brunette’s widely-spread legs. Dipping her head down, she buried her face in the cheerleader’s snatch and licked up the leftover juices of Cordy’s previous orgasm.

“OH!!!” Cordelia exclaimed in surprise and pleasure as the blonde started eating her out. “I… Ohhh! I thought it was-- Mmmm… your turn to cum now?”

The Slayer lifted her head from the scrumptious pussy she was enjoying; she stared at the cheerleader through intense green eyes and slowly, sensually licked her lips – resembling very much a feline predator.

Cordelia swallowed nervously when confronted with the hungry look the Slayer was sending her.

Seeing this brought a roguish smile to the blonde’s lips.

Raising herself up on all fours, Buffy slowly crawled across the cheerleader’s nude body ‘till she came face to face with the anxious brunette. She lowered her face until their noses touched. The May Queen closed her eyes and let out a tiny whimper, which made a surge of lust shoot through the Slayer’s body.

“I’m getting to that now, Cordy,” she whispered in the brunette’s ear. Buffy lowered herself until she was on top of the cheerleader -missionary-style- and rubbed her clit against Cordy’s cunt.

The Slayer closed her eyes as she enjoyed the wonderful friction against her clitoris, each movement sending sparks of lust to her brain.

The sudden chafing against her crotch caused the cheerleader to open her eyes and stare with amazement at the unbelievable sight of Buffy Summers humping her pussy. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all,” she muttered to herself.

Buffy opened her eyes and glared down at the brunette. “No commentary please, it’s kinda distracting.”

The cheerleader seemed just about to say something, but instead closed her mouth and silently watched as the blonde rubbed up against her. She’s the one riding me like a horny dog, and I’m suppose to be the bitch in this relationship?!’ she thought indignantly. Cordelia, however, was wise enough to keep this observation to herself.

Closing her eyes again, the Slayer let out a contented little sigh as the constant stimulus against her clit brought her swiftly to a much-needed orgasm… A smile appeared on the blonde’s lips as she imagined that she’s fucking Cordelia right now – giving the stuck-up, funny, tactless, beautiful brunette a good, hard fucking with a strap-on dildo… ‘Which is exactly what my beautiful, yet snobbish little bitch needs.’

While picturing herself ploughing the cheerleader’s virgin cunt with the biggest fake cock she could get her hands on, Buffy felt her orgasm approaching. A deep-red flush crept on the Slayer’s cheeks, and she started humping the brunette’s bush more urgently.

“Oh! Oh! Oh God!! Ohhhh!! Oh yes!! YES! YES!! OHHHHHHH!!!!”

After shouting out her climax, Buffy gradually moved slower, drawing out her orgasm as long as she could.

Feeling a lot more fulfilled then she did fifteen minutes ago, the blonde sat up and stretched her arms, a lazy smile on her face as she gazed into the cheerleader’s eyes. “Mmmmm… that’s one.”

The Slayer slid a hand between her legs and pushed two of her digits inside her still dripping slit, moving them around while Cordelia watched her with wide-open eyes. Giving the cheerleader a little wink, she pulled the girl-cum covered fingers back out and brought them to her mouth; her face a picture of enjoyment as she carefully licked and sucked every drop of her own secretions from her fingers… She smacked her lips after she finished with her little “snack” and put her fingers back in her pussy… pulling them out again she this time offered her cum-drenched digits to the cheerleader’s mouth.

After a slight hesitation, Cordelia took the Slayer’s fingers into her mouth and licked them clean. She watched somewhat amazed as the blonde fingered her slot again and lapped up the juices.

Having cleaned her fingers, Buffy stuck them in her cunt once more, but this time returned the sticky digits to Cordy’s mouth instead of her own. She really got off on the depravity of the situation: switching between drinking her own pussy-juice (which she never done before) and feeding her juices to the cheerleader.

What an incredible turn on to watch lil Miss May Queen lick her fingers clean!

She repeated the process several times until the two of them had drank most of her juices and she was getting in the mood for another kink.

Buffy crawled up Cordelia’s naked body again and squatted above the brunette’s breasts. She slowly lowered herself… Twisting a little to the side, she managed to bring her pussy down directly onto Cordy’s left nipple.

A shudder of delight went through the Slayer as the thick nipple slipped inside her slit. With careful movements, she moved her cunt up and down the erect nubbin and started riding the cheerleader’s left tit.

Feeling both shocked and aroused by the wickedness of this scene, Cordelia simply watched in wonder as the blonde used one of her breasts to get herself off. “This just gets better and better, doesn’t it?” she couldn’t help but comment.

“Not for you, it won’t,” answered the slightly annoyed Slayer, “because one more wisecrack and you’ll be across my lap again, getting another spanking.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Cordelia hastily exclaimed, not in the mood for a second spanking on her still somewhat sore behind.

“That’s good,” Buffy moaned while fucking herself faster on the cheerleader’s hard nipple. “Because your mouth will be plenty busy, soon enough.”

Cordelia swallowed nervously while pondering the Slayer’s words.

The expression on her face was one of total rapture as the Slayer grinded her little butt on the brunette’s breast, moaning with delight each time the stiff nubbin penetrated her deeper. She slid a hand down her belly till it reached her clit, rubbing her little love-button as she rode the cheerleader’s tit.

Within five minutes of frigging her clit and riding Cordy’s left tit, Buffy felt another orgasm rapidly approaching. She moved her free hand to her breasts and pinched her rock-hard nipples. With one hand stroking her clit and the other playing with her tits, she used her strong legs to push herself up and down on the brunette’s large nipple.

“Mmmmm…. Yesssssss!!” she hissed excitedly and started humping the cheerleader faster, franticly rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples at the same time.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! YES!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!” With one final loud yell, Buffy slumped down on the naked brunette, panting heavily as she recovered from her orgasm.

“That’s two,” the Slayer groaned, and wasted little time in parking her butt on the cheerleader’s pretty face.

“Now eat me.” She firmly ordered.

Cordelia silently stared at the Slayer’s glistening snatch for a moment, and then got to work. She stuck out her tongue and began lapping up the blonde’s sweet secretions.

Swiping her tongue across every inch of Buffy’s bald little cunt, and even across her thighs, Cordelia did a thorough job of cleaning up every drop of the girl’s delectable juices she could find.

Drinking down the last few drops of pussy-juice, the cheerleader smacked her lips. Buffy’s pussy tasted pretty good, she had to give the blonde bitca credit for that as well. Sticking out her tongue she flicked it a few times against the Slayer’s stiff clit, making the blonde groan in response. Then she circled around the taut button and plunged deep inside Buffy’s wet, hot hole.

“Ohhhhh!! Soooo good!” Buffy happily crooned.

Cordelia let the tip of her tongue vibrate and probed every inch of the Slayer’s tight channel, absently noticing that the blonde seemed to like this (judging by the way she was humping her face).

With the use of her expert tongue, it took the brunette less then five minutes to transform the Mighty Slayer into a panting, moaning and shaking girl…

“Oh Fuckkk! YES!!! Eat my cunt!” Buffy cried out in ecstasy and pressed the cheerleader’s face against her crotch.

Having suddenly a little trouble breathing (due to her face being firmly wedged in Buffy’s snatch), Cordelia decided that bringing the blonde off was now one of her top priorities. She started thrusting her tongue in and out the Slayer’s slit as quickly as she could while rubbing the blonde’s clit with her nose.

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhh! Godddd!! I’m coming again!! I’M GOING TO CUM FOR THE THIRD FUCKING TIME!!!!” Buffy loudly announced.

‘Great! Thanks for sharing that with me,’ Cordy absently thought, while shuddering from the incredible sound volume of the blonde’s passionate exclamation. ‘For such a small girl, she sure makes one hell of a racket! It’s a good thing there’s plenty of distance between us and our neighbours’ property…’

Thinking back to earlier, it suddenly occurred to the cheerleader what she needed to bring Buffy over the edge. She grabbed the Slayer’s firm buttocks in each hand, pried them apart, and with one quick push: inserted her right middle finger all the way inside the blonde’s tight asshole.

“I’M CUMMINGGGGG!!!!!” the Slayer shrieked instantly.

Cordelia was well aware of that; because the moment Buffy came her pussy started spilling a flow of juices. ‘My God! Where does it all come from?’ the cheerleader thought amazed. ‘Well, at least now I don’t have to get myself another Coke,’ she considered while drinking down the stream of secretions.

“And that’s three,” Buffy sighed with a satisfied smile. Climbing down from the cheerleader (which -in turn- brought a sigh of relief from Cordelia), she laid beside the brunette and started stroking Cordy’s long beautiful hair while gazing down at her.

Cordelia raised an eyebrow at the Slayer’s somewhat strange behaviour, which brought a grin to the blonde’s face.

“You were wonderful, Cordy,” Buffy smiled. “Now aren’t you happy that I helped you discover your hidden talent at eatin’ pussy?” she teased the brunette.

Cordelia responded with a grimace. “You mean like I seemed to have helped you bring out your inner bitch?” she retorted wryly.

The Slayer smirked and playfully tapped the brunette’s nose. “Tsk! Remember, Cordy: You are the bitch here.”

The cheerleader narrowed her eyes, which only seemed to increase Buffy’s mirth. “Do I need to give you another reminder who’s in charge here, sweetie?” she inquired innocently.

Cordelia sighed in defeat and shook her head.

“Good,” Buffy smiled while stroking her hand across the brunette’s naked form. “Because it would be a shame if I had to smack your little butt so soon again.”

‘Yeah, I’m sure you’d feel really sad about that,’ Cordelia thought to herself.

“Sooo, are you ready for the next round?” Buffy asked with a grin.

The cheerleader’s eyes widened in alarm.

“Don’t worry, Cordy,” the Slayer reassured her. “It’s just that since you did me so well, you deserve a little reward.”

Cordelia looked on curiously as the blonde grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion from the nearby table and poured a generous amount of lotion in her hand.

“Just lie back and relax,” Buffy said soothingly and started rubbing the cream all over the cheerleader’s tanned skin – making sure to pay extra attention to Cordy’s big breasts and her slit, which she coated with a triple layer of the vanilla-scented lotion.

Cordelia moaned from all the stimulation the Slayer was giving her tits and pussy and spread her legs a bit further apart, inviting Buffy’s hand between them.

The silent invitation didn’t go unnoticed by the Slayer. A second later, her hand was on top of the cheerleader’s cunt and without delay she slipped two fingers inside.

The brunette grunted at the abrupt invasion but spread her legs even wider to accommodate the Slayer’s hand.

Buffy grinned at the cheerleader’s obvious enjoyment. Her grin grew bigger when she noticed Cordelia looking at her from under her eyelashes.

She gave the brunette a little wink. “Play with your tits for me, Cordy,” she ordered her.

Cordelia obediently brought her hands to her chest and began fondling her breasts while the Slayer diddled her slit.

This erotic sight made Buffy bring her free hand to her own pussy. She played with Cordy’s cunt and her own for a while, before issuing another command. “Turn around, sweetie.”

The cheerleader looked at her a bit puzzled, but after only a moments hesitation turned around onto her belly.

“Good girl,” Buffy teasingly praised the brunette and gave her a playful smack on the bottom.

Instead of protesting, the cheerleader just moaned in response.

Grabbing the bottle of suntan lotion again, she squirted another dose of the cream on her hand and started applying it to Cordelia’s back, legs and buttocks.

She rubbed the oily substance in ‘till every inch of the brunette’s beautiful body was glistening with the lotion.

Once that task was completed, the Slayer lifted Cordy up and positioned the naked, tan girl on her hands and knees on top of the stretcher. With a smile she surveyed the cheerleader’s unintentionally lustful pose: totally naked, on all fours, her trim body glistening from the suntan oil… ‘Mmmm! Could there possibly be anything more appealing than this?’

Buffy kneeled down behind the brunette. While staring between the other girl’s legs at her dangling breasts, she started fingering both their pussies again.

The cheerleader’s big breasts had quickly become her two most favourite toys, and it wasn’t long before Buffy couldn’t control herself any longer and just had to feel those two perfect tits in her hands again.

Lying on the brunette’s back, she reached around and took both the dangling globes in her hands, softly squeezing the firm flesh between her fingers.

Cordelia felt the stiff pebbles of Buffy’s nipples press against her back while the Slayer fondled her tits, and let out a low moan.

“You like that, do ya?” the blonde grinned, then started toying with the cheerleader’s rock-hard nipples: rolling the taut buttons between her thumb and forefinger and giving them a little pinch.

Feeling incredibly horny now, Cordelia moaned with appreciation while the gentle torture of her tits continued.

While fondling Cordy’s boobs, Buffy rubbed her pussy against the brunette’s slick buttocks and humped the girl’s ass until she’d worked up a sexual frenzy in both herself and the cheerleader.

Panting heavily, Buffy let herself slide down Cordy’s back until she was kneeling behind her again. She immediately reinserted her fingers into the cheerleader’s snatch and continued finger fucking the beautiful brunette.

Her lotion-lubricated fingers slid in and out Cordelia cunt like a pair of well-oiled pistons, which - in combination with staring straight at the brunette’s round little butt - reminded her of something else she had planned for the cheerleader.

Placing her free hand on Cordy’s firm buttocks, she started stroking the cheerleader’s ass. Making sure to keep the brunette distracted by diddling her slit. After continuing this for a minute she slowly let a finger slide inside Cordy’s crack, moving it closer and closer to the cheerleader’s tight little asshole… then, with one quick push, she shoved the oily digit all the way inside the brunette’s back entrance.

Cordelia drew in her breath at this unexpected invasion.

Buffy got herself ready to grab the brunette in case she planned to bolt, but the cheerleader just shuddered and moaned a little, and kept her position.

The Slayer smiled with satisfaction and started moving her finger back and forth, going gradually faster.

When it seemed like the cheerleader had adapted to the finger inside her butt, Buffy pulled it out and then pushed two fingers back instead.

Cordelia grunted in surprise and tried to dislodge the blonde’s digits. But Buffy had anticipated that move and swiftly moved her hand from Cordy’s pussy and wrapped it around the cheerleader’s thighs, keeping her in place.

The brunette groaned as the Slayer pushed her fingers deeper inside her but didn’t try to move away again.

Buffy smiled and released Cordy’s legs. Her smile grew bigger when she moved her hand back to the cheerleader’s pussy and discovered just how wet and aroused her classmate already is because of her.

“Mmmmm, you’re so wet, Cordy…” Buffy purred while slowly sliding her index and middle fingers in and out the brunette’s bunghole. “And so incredibly tight.”

“I won’t be tight for long if you keep this up,” Cordelia managed to get out between groans. ‘Damn! I swear that bitch is getting more depraved by the second,’ the cheerleader thought amazed.

The Slayer snickered in response.

With quick, hard thrusts she moved her fingers in and out the cheerleader’s rosette while using her other hand to play with Cordelia’s clit. ‘Cordy’s getting close now,’ Buffy observed as she listened to the brunette’s rapid breathing and felt her increased wetness. ‘Time to try for three,’ she decided with a wicked smile.

Cordelia mewled in protest when a third finger was abruptly shoved into her ass. She tried to move away but Buffy held her firmly in her grasp again and pushed the three fingers deeper inside.

“Loosen up those ass-muscles, Cordelia… I know you can take it!” she encouraged the cheerleader, and pushed her fingers in half an inch deeper.

Cordelia shuddered as her tiny asshole was stretched further open by the Slayer’s probing digits and tried to relax.

“That’s it, Cordy! Relax that ass!!” the Slayer cheered, moving her hand away from the cheerleader’s pussy to her give her an encouraging pat on the butt.

“Almost there, baby. Just a little bit further…” With that, Buffy plunged her fingers all the way inside.

“Fuck!!” The cheerleader whipped up her head and grunted in discomfort as the Slayer’s digits mercilessly invaded her ass. Beads of sweat rolled off of her forehead, but as Buffy placed a hand on her pussy again and started stroking her clit, the pain of those three fingers up her butt slowly transformed into pleasure.

Her body shook with a combination of lust and discomfort when Buffy’s fingers began fucking her again.

“It’s a shame you can’t see my fingers filling up your ass, Cordy,” the Slayer exclaimed with obvious satisfaction in her voice. “It’s really an amazing sight to behold.”

At another mansion, the three vampires who were watching the proceedings with a combination of awe and arousal totally agreed with the Slayer’s words.

“Ohhh FUCK!!” Cordelia grunted again, as the blonde’s triple digits inside her asshole started really fucking her hard and fast… ‘I can’t believe that fucking bitch is actually finger-fucking my ass with three fuckin’ fingers!’ A moan of pleasure unwillingly escaped her lips.

“Yeah! You like that, don’t ya?” Buffy growled as she plunged her fingers in and out the cheerleader’s butt. She sat back a bit and watched with delight as Cordelia pushed her butt backwards and fucked her fingers.

“That’s it!! Take my fingers up your ass, you little slut!” Buffy panted excitedly. “God!! I love seeing ya like this, Cordy! On all fours, like a bitch in heat, getting fucked in your tiny asshole… I only wish I could record this moment.”

“So do I,” a certain bleached-blonde vampire muttered to himself.

Buffy’s words only made the May Queen push her ass back harder and faster against the blonde’s thrusting fingers, grunting and groaning loudly, totally overcome with lust as an incredible orgasm was almost upon her.

“Your ass is MINE, bitch!” she heard the Slayer say just before she screamed out her orgasm.


The image in the cauldron abruptly blinked out as Druscilla suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor.

Still dazed by the amazing show they just witnessed, the two master vampires were unable to move and stared in shock at their fallen kin.

Spike let out an -unnecessary- breath of relief as his princess lifted her head and groggily looked around. “Couldn’t hold the magic any longer,” she mumbled. Moaning and muttering to herself the exhausted vamp closed her eyes again.

He wheeled towards his fallen goddess to help her up when his path was suddenly blocked by his Sire, who - he noticed - was looking even more full of himself than usual (if such a thing is vampirely possible).

“Don’t you bother, Spikey,” Angelus smirked while lifting Druscilla up in his arms. “I’ll take care of Dru while you can make yourself useful somewhere else… I think the boys need someone to help them sort the dirty laundry into whites and coloured.”

Ignoring the look of pure hatred Spike was sending him, Angelus turned his back on the disabled vampire and carried his other Childe up the stairs. “Have fun alone in the basement working on the laundry, my boy!” he called back over his shoulder. “I’ll be upstairs in my room, entertaining myself with your dark goddess; watching Buffy and the cheerleader together has given me some ideas.”

“Mmmm, that sounds naughty, daddy!” Druscilla delightfully replied, clapping her hands together like an excited child.

Spike could hear his Sire chuckle while he carried his burden to his room, undoubtedly laughing at him. The blonde vampire’s demonic face sprang to the surface and he slowly rose to his feet.

‘No, not yet,’ he told himself and dropped back into the wheelchair. Holding back the overwhelming urge to jump up the stairs and throttle the smug git. ‘I’m not strong enough to take him on yet… Sure, I can walk again and I’ve got a lot of my old strength back, but it will take a while longer before I’m fully recovered and ready to kick His Royal Bastard’s butt… And then I will have my Dru back!’

Putting his asshole of a Sire out of his mind, Spike steered his wheelchair back to the cauldron and glanced inside it. A wicked smile appeared on his face as he thought about the display he had witnessed here. ‘That was some show the Slayer and her girlfriend put on… If not for the presence of the ponce and the others, I’d have given them a standing ovation!’

The bleached-blonde vampire stroked his hand across the thick bulge in his trousers while replaying the images in his mind. ‘The spanking, the fondling and the fucking… It’s given me a whole new level of respect for the Slayer.’

He wondered what the blonde was doing now, and if she’s still busy shagging the cheerleader.


“I take it there’s nobody else in the house?” Buffy questioned while playing with the brunette’s big nipples.

Cordelia shook her head.

“No parents, no maid?”

“No… neither my parents nor the maid will be back for at least another week.”

“Excellent timing,” Buffy smiled. She gave Cordelia another quick kiss, and lifted the cheerleader up in her arms again. “I’ve got some great ideas how we can spend the week together,” she told the brunette while carrying her to the manor. “For instance: we still have to think of a way in which you can make it up to me for having that new alarm system installed AND for that sign with my picture you put on the gate.”

“How about we just forget about that?” Cordelia suggested.

The Slayer smirked and ignored the cheerleader’s sour reply. “I think we’re gonna have lots of fun together while coming up with some “favours” you can do for me to make up for that little stunt you pulled.” Unknown to the May Queen, a wicked smile formed on Buffy’s lips. “For example: I’ve always wanted a lapdance, which seems like a pretty good place to start… Whaddaya think, Cordy?” the blonde cheerfully asked.

The cheerleader just whimpered in response.

To be continued in Chapter 7

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