Buffy's Bitch

BY : Oric13
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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS), nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Buffy's Bitch
Author: Oric13 (Oric13@xs4all.nl)
Universe: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Buffy/Cordelia
Rating: NC-17 (of course)
Keywords: f/f, teen, D/s, spank, humil, humor, TV-parody
Summary: Affected by the slime of a demon, Buffy has an unexpected reaction to Cordelia's usual taunting.
Notes: The story takes place shortly after season 2 episode "I Only Have Eyes For You" and is slightly AU, because unlike what happened in the series: Cordelia did NOT get back with Xander. Instead she clawed and bitched her way back as Queen of Sunnydale High.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy... I'm just having a little non-profit fun with them.

Warning: This story contains: lesbian sex, spanking, D/s, humiliation and a bit of S&M. If you don't like that kinda stuff or are too young for it, then don't read this.

Buffy's Bitch

by Oric13


Buffy Summers was busy patrolling one of Sunnydale's largest cemeteries and was also extremely bored. It had been more than an hour ago since she'd last spotted & slain a vamp and she was itching for some action.

"C'mon, guys! Show your ugly mugs!" she called out impatiently across the deadly quiet cemetery. "Yummy blonde teen here! All Alone and Helpless!"

She waited a few minutes, looking around hopefully, but not a single vamp showed up to take the proffered bait.

'Well, it was a worth a try,' the Slayer thought, shrugging. Having already staked six vampires that evening, she was about ready to call it a night and head home.

Strolling towards the entrance of the cemetery, she suddenly noticed something move by one of the larger crypts.

'Hey, *finally* something's happening! Let's check it out and see if I can make it seven dusted vamps this evening,' the blonde happily decided while sneaking towards the crypt.

"Here vampy, vampy. Come and get it!" she called out while rounding the corner of the crypt, suddenly coming face to face with the figure she was stalking. Instead of a vampire though, she was faced with an eight feet tall, green slimy monster. The... whatever-it-was had green glowing eyes and a sort of round mouth that looked like a hole with teeth.

"Ouch! You must be last year's winner in Sunnydale's ugliest monster competition," Buffy quipped while taking a step backwards. "I don't suppose you are willing to leave peacefully, so I can go home and prepare for my history test tomorrow and you can prepare for this year's ugliest monster competition?"

"GROAAAR!!" roared the beast while striking towards her with a big, clawed paw.

The Slayer quickly ducked, barely escaping the claw. "Hmmm, I'm going to assume that means a big fat NO?" the blonde commented. "Well "Groaaar" to you too, buddy!"

Leaping forward, she kicked hard into the monster's (supposed) stomach, which seemed to have little effect on the green creature since it immediately backhanded her with its paw, throwing her a good ten feet backwards. Quickly jumping up, she proceeded to unleash a series of kicks & punches upon the beast, who staggered back slightly under the onslaught but managed to deliver another quick strike with its clawed paw. Buffy swiftly ducked and grabbed the creature's arm; using a combination of her slayer-strength and the force of the monster's own strike, she managed to lift the creature off the ground, over her back and against the crypt wall.

Seeing the monster lying dazed on its back, Buffy pulled out a stake and jumped onto the beast. Who - with an unexpected speed for a creature that size - drew up a leg and kicked her in the stomach, throwing her back. Then the green monster let out another big roar and jumped back on its feet, charging towards the dazed Slayer, who was only just standing up herself.

"Damn! So this is going to be one of THOSE days again!" she muttered as she watched the creature rush towards her.

She punched the approaching monster hard in the face, who bellowed loudly and grabbed her in a tight bear hug. Buffy felt the air leaving her lungs as the beast crushed her against its chest with an enormous strength. Struggling, she managed to free her arm that was still holding the stake and quickly stabbed it into the creature's left eye. It let out a cry of pain and released her. Buffy stumbled backwards and looked up at the monster. The creature let out a screech and suddenly a fountain of green slime erupted from its mouth, hitting the blonde's face and chest. Blinded by the slime she quickly leaped backwards and started to wipe the slime from her eyes.

"Ewww, he slimed me!!" Cautious for another attack she looked up and was relieved to see the green monster running away.

"Great," she sighed. "Couldn't he have run away BEFORE spewing slime all over my face and clothes!"

Pulling a handkerchief from her pocket, she began wiping away the slime as best as she could... Then she suddenly noticed a strange sensation on the parts of skin that had been covered with the slime, and let out a second sigh. 'I better report this to Giles; maybe this slime has some kind of weird side effect. If that's the case I better find out sooner than later... like suddenly turning green in the middle of class tomorrow. That would be just what I needed to make my rep as the school's freak complete!'

She proceeded to walk home, meanwhile contemplating the unfairness of it all and feeling very sorry for herself. 'As if it isn't enough that I have to spend my - probably very short - life hunting vampires and have a boyfriend who turned into a psycho-killer after I had sex with him, I also get slimed and almost killed by a big green ugly monster... Ohhh, the joys of being a Slayer...' As she passed the Bronze, Buffy felt a twinge of jealousy as she thought about all the girls and boys her age having a great time inside while she had to be busy outside: trying to make Sunnydale a safer place to live in.

Chapter 1

Looking at the Bronze, Buffy saw Cordelia Chase coming out with some of her friends. While gazing at the beautiful, well-dressed brunette, she recalled how much her life used to be like Cordelia's until she became the Slayer. 'I really wish Cordelia and I could've been friends; she can actually be kinda fun if she isn't too busy worrying about her clothes and/or reputation.'

When Buffy came to Sunnydale High for the first time she and Cordelia almost instantly hit it off but her hanging out with persons far below Cordelia's social standing (Xander and Willow to be precise) soon put a stop to that... and almost staking Cordelia the very same day, didn't help much either.

On the other hand, she had saved the cheerleader's life several times... that should count for something, shouldn't it? Unfortunately, things hadn't become any easier between them lately... The main reason for this were the very hot, erotic dreams she kept having about the beautiful brunette, which made any encounter with Cordelia during the day at school kinda awkward, even when the brunette wasn't being hostile for a change.

These disconcerting dreams started a few months after she had come to Sunnydale and she kept having them on a regular basis... it was really starting to bother her! Sure, she had sex dreams about classmates before, so that part didn't trouble her. She even had some definite erotic dreams about Willow and about some of her cheerleader friends from her previous school, so dreaming about doing sexy things with a girl wasn't new either. But at least she LIKED these other people she dreamed about... but Cordelia Chase?! Sure, the cheerleader was unquestionably beautiful and gorgeous, and somehow always managed to look her best, but she was also an elitist bitch with about as much tact and sensitivity as a stampeding herd of buffalos.

Sighing loudly, Buffy contemplated her mixed feelings for Cordelia: sometimes she wanted to kiss the girl but most of the time she wanted to kick her -gorgeous- ass after yet another putdown against Willow, Xander or herself. While looking at and thinking about Cordelia, she suddenly felt a tingling sensation emanating from the slime on her skin.


Talking animatedly with her - once again - friends, Cordelia Chase strolled out of the Bronze. She felt great! With the use of some handy manipulation and gossip she managed to drag that little usurper Harmony down below her in the Sunnydale High social order (where that wannabe belonged) thereby reinstating herself once again as reigning social queen of Sunnydale High (it's a dirty job but someone's got to do it). After that it wasn't hard to get Aura, Amber, Ebony and the other Cordettes back in-line.

Having just ended a successful night of prick-teasing boys and dissing those girls who dared to make fun of her when she was dating Xander, she now finally felt like she had recovered fully from the social downfall of dating Alexander Lavelle (can you believe it!) Harris.

It felt especially good to socially crush the numerous upstarts who took advantage of her popularity dip while she went out with Xander. 'That will teach those little bitches not to mess with Cordelia Chase! Even when I am dating a social nobody like Xander Harris.'

"Well, time to get home and go to bed. I can't be expected to look this good without getting at least 8 hours sleep." Cordelia commented to her friends while saying goodbye to them.

"Goodnight, Cordy! I'll see you tomorrow at school. It was great going bronzing with the whole group again, I really missed that," Aura said while waving goodbye and walking with Amber to her car.

"Yeah, Cordy," Harmony spoke hesitantly. "It's nice to go out together again... Well, goodnight."

"Goodnight, Harm... Oh, and by the way?" Cordelia said; raising an eyebrow and shooting a pointed look at Harmony's white pumps. "Never, ever, wear white shoes after Labour Day, hon."

Smirking as a red-faced Harmony walked away with the proverbial tail between her legs, Cordelia turned to walk to her car when she suddenly spotted Buffy Summers on the other side of the street staring at her.

Being the fashion-obsessed person that she is, Cordelia immediately noticed Buffy's rather rumpled appearance (which she considered to be a *really* polite description for someone who's wearing torn clothes and is covered with some kind of goo). At first she felt concern for the girl who obviously had a rough night, but that was quickly replaced with a feeling of anger and a touch of jealousy.

She couldn't help but feel that most of the problems she had to face the last couple of years were all because of Buffy Summers. Hadn't the attacks on her life started when Buffy appeared? And wasn't her social fall caused because she had been foolish enough to date Xander Harris -- something she would never have even *considered* if he hadn't been hanging around with Buffy Summers, since it's only because of his association with Buffy that he'd become worthy of her attention. Yep, little Miss "Stake-Happy" Summers was surely to blame for most of the misfortune that had befallen her lately, and here she was presented with the perfect opportunity to get back at her... Narrowing her eyes at her target, she started walking towards the Slayer.


Buffy was shaken out of her musings about Cordelia when she suddenly saw the subject of her thoughts heading towards her. The brunette cheerleader walked right up to her, standing very close.

"Dear, oh dear, oh dear..." Cordelia mockingly muttered as she raked her gaze up and down Buffy's body with her patented bitchy "take no prisoners" look.

A smirk appeared on the cheerleader's lips. "Well Buffy, as outfits go, this is even sad by YOUR standards!" Cordelia observed, as her smirk grew bigger by the second. "Torn halter-top and mini skirt -- obviously aiming for the "skanky-ho, going through bad times" look -- combined with a pair of black sneakers, which don't even match the rest of your white-trash outfit... and to complete it all: a topping of "green slime ala big loser". On a scale from 1 to 10, I'm gonna have to give this outfit a -6."

The tingling sensation from the green slime suddenly increased, as did Buffy's anger and frustration. What the Hell is Cordelia's problem?! She'd saved the cheerleader's life several times and tried her best to become friends, and in return Cordelia insulted and shunned her! She also suspected the cheerleader had spread some vicious rumours about her shortly after she came to Sunnydale... Well, she had taken more then enough of Cordelia's crap!

Not seeing the dangerous glint in Buffy's eyes, Cordelia (who felt she was on a roll tonight) continued her verbal attack. "So what's next? Wearing a big purple moo-moo, a pair of plastic slippers, and then covering yourself in garlic sauce? I never thought I would say this... to anyone! But I think you just surpassed Willow in the bad taste outfits department, and if that isn't bad enough you--"

Cordelia's speech was abruptly interrupted by Buffy grabbing the front of Cordy's - very expensive Gucci - dress. "That's it!" Buffy growled, "even though I saved your life more times that I can count, you constantly insult me any chance you get, and now you also insult Willow!?" Pulling Cordelia closer, she continued, "I've had it with your put-downs, you spoiled brat! I want to hear two apologies right now: one for insulting Willow and one for insulting me, and after that I want to hear a polite "thank you for saving my life so many times, Buffy" from you!"

Cordelia, though initially a bit shocked by Buffy's reaction, quickly recovered. "Well, Buffy, it seems that living on the Hellmouth can be handy on at least some occasions, such as this one."

"And why is that?" the Slayer inquired.

After removing Buffy's hands and carefully inspecting her dress for any damage, Cordelia looked up and continued, "Because now it won't be so hard for you to find out when it's freezing in Hell, at which time I will apologize to you and Willow!"

Buffy folded her arms in front of her and shot the cheerleader a little smirk. "Nice one Cordy, but you ARE going to apologize... right now!"

"And if I don't?" Cordelia replied while taking a nail file out of her purse. Shooting Buffy a haughty look, she calmly started to work on her nails.

Taking in Cordelia's nail-filing activities through narrowed eyes, the Slayer answered, "And if you don't... I'm going to take you into that alley over there, put you over my knee and spank your little Gucci-clad ass until you do!"

At that point, unnoticed by the bickering women, the last bits of green slime on Buffy's skin glowed and disappeared.


Halting her nail filing for the moment, Cordelia looked at Buffy with a mixture of shock, surprise and disbelief. "You're bluffing!" she replied in a challenging tone of voice.

Flashing the cheerleader a toothy grin, Buffy said, "I was so hoping you would say that, Cordy."

The next thing Cordelia knew, she was draped across Buffy's shoulders and taken into the alley.

The young slayer lifted the brunette from her shoulder and sat down on a garbage can. As she draped the pretty cheerleader across her lap, Cordelia finally recovered from her shocked silence and shrieked in indignation. "Let me go this instant, you bottle-blonde freak!"

Buffy listened to the agitated woman's ranting for a moment and shook her head in disbelief. "You REALLY should learn when to keep your mouth shut, Cordy."

Raising the girl's skirt, an aroused and angry Buffy revealed the cheerleader's perfect, round globes, which were separated by a small thong. "Nice thong, Cordelia!" she grinned.

"What the Hell do you think you're doing, you perverted little vampire floozy?!" Cordelia cried out as she tried (in vain) to wrestle out of the Slayer's grip.

Narrowing her eyes at her intended target, Buffy replied, "Something someone should have done a long time ago!" and let her hand crash down on the invitingly, uplifted buttocks.


"Yowww!!" the cheerleader cried out in shock.

"This is going to hurt you more than me," Buffy quipped.


"OW!! Stop it, you little bitch!"

Licking her lips as she studied the - now pink - globes with a hungry look, Buffy started Cordelia's spanking in earnest, letting down a swift volley of spanks.


"Ow! Ow! Ow! Owwwww!!!"

"Perhaps this will teach you to be a bit kinder and more tactful in the future!" Buffy chastised the young woman as she continued the punishment.



"And not treat your fellow classmates like dirt!"




"Well? How about it, Cordy?" Buffy asked the now sobbing brunette.

"I-I'm s-sorry," Cordelia sniffed, as she hung limply across the young blonde's lap.


"A-and I apologize for my behaviour towards you and Willow," she quickly added.

"That's better!" Buffy said with a satisfied voice. After patting Cordy's bottom one last time, she allowed the chastised cheerleader to crawl off her lap.

Standing up, Cordelia quickly rubbed her red butt-cheeks while giving Buffy a chagrined yet apprehensive look.

Buffy issued the annoyed brunette a pleased look. "I hope you learned your lesson, Cordy?"

"Yes, I have..." Cordelia pulled her dress down and straightened it in the most dignified manner she could manage after just receiving a bare bottomed spanking like a naughty 8-year old.

Having composed herself, Cordelia's usual haughty expression returned to her face and she raised a questioning eyebrow at Buffy. "Are you quite finished with me now?"

Buffy grinned and gave her a "with-my-leave" gesture.

Cordelia turned and gingerly walked away. As she reached the end of the alley she turned back and shouted, "The lesson I learned was: do not give fashion tips to trailer-trash when you're still within their reach!" Having said this, she quickly ran off.

For a few moments, Buffy sat as frozen; astounded that Cordelia would have the nerve to insult her again, right after the spanking she just got! Recovering from the shock, she swiftly leapt up and ran after the cheerleader, utilizing her Slayer-speed.

Running out of the alley, she sprinted towards Cordelia's car and was just in time... to see Cordelia flip her the bird as the cheerleader drove away.

Buffy couldn't help being somewhat impressed by the brunette's daring... there weren't a whole lot of people who would have the guts to insult an angry Slayer AND flip her off.

A feral smile appeared on the Slayer's face as she watched the "Queen C" mobile disappear in the distance. 'I guess Cordelia still needs to be taught a few lessons... which I'll be more then happy to teach her!' she silently considered. 'And perhaps while I'm providing Cordelia with some much needed discipline, I will have the opportunity to make some of the dreams I've been having come true. After all, she still owes me for saving her life... and letting me play with those nice big tits of hers, seems like a small price to pay.'

Feeling a lot more cheerful then she did twenty minutes ago, Buffy started walking home... whistling a jaunty tune while happily fantasizing about having her way with Cordy's gorgeous body.

Absentmindedly she decided that tomorrow was soon enough to tell Giles about the slime monster... after all, if she feels this good, what could possibly be wrong?

To be continued in Chapter 2

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