Willows Penance

BY : Eagleblaze
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It was almost daylight when Willow reached the summers house, and Tara was passed out in her arms, exhausted. Willow shifted the sleeping blonde into one arm to knock on the door. 

"I'll get it!" Willow smiled at the sound of Buffys voice, the smile fading as she remembered what she had done. The door soon swung open, the woman behind it freezing. "Oh god…" Willow looked at the quickly rising sun, 

"May I come in-?" 

"Willow..? How.. Of course you can come in!" Willow slipped in quickly, closing the door. "We.. We thought you both were dead.." Willow was teary eyed at seeing her best friend again, 

"One of us is." Buffys eyes widened and locked on Tara. Willow quickly shook her head, her own eyes widening, "No No, not her." 

"Then you.." Buffys demeanor quickly turned to alarm. Willow was sad, but not shocked when she went into a defensive pose. 

"Buffy who is-" Dawn almost ran into her sisters back, Buffy quickly shielded her with her arm. 

"Dawn stay back-" Dawn stubbornly peeked over her shoulder and froze. 

"Willow-?! Tara?!" 

"This isnt Willow, Dawn.." Buffy hissed, "You know what I can do.. Hand Tara over.. Or is she like you?" Dawns face fell with realization and she stepped back a bit. 

"Buffy.. I understand why you'd think that but I promise.. I'm not here to hurt you.." 

"Because demons always keep their promises." 

"I don't have time for this - You can kick me out if you want but - Tara - she needs.. I dont know how she - she lost a lot of blood… Shes alive though- but- I cant remember the last time she had anything to eat or drink and add in blood loss-" 

"And just how did she lose this blood?" Buffy sneered, not dropping her guard. "..Set her on the couch then don't move, got it? I see so much as a step and you're dust." Willow nodded solemnly, laying Tara carefully on the couch. She ached to kiss her on the forehead but knew she didn't deserve to.. Didn't have the right. Buffy watched her carefully as she went over to check Taras pulse, nodding to Dawn. 

"Get some food and water from the kitchen, quick." Dawn nodded with another glance to Willow before rushing away. Buffy paused, looking back to Willow. "Why would you bring her here for help? Is this some sort of trick?" Willow ducked her head solemnly, 

"No, it isn't. I understand if you want me to leave.. Just.. Take care of her, please.." Buffy thought at that, shaking her head after a bit. 

"We'll wait until Tara wakes up, see what she says. But you still stay there." It took only a little bit before Tara woke up, and by then Dawn was back with food and water. Tara groggily sat up, accepting the food and water gratefully, but looking for Willow right away. Willow offered a solemn smile, nodding to the food. Tara ate, looking between her and the tense summer girls. 

"Oh goddess.. Do they-?" Willow nodded, still staying silent. Tara quickly turned to Buffy and Dawn, "Its not - shes not - well she is.. But - the vampire gave her a soul." Buffy narrowed her eyes sceptically. 

"Why would he do that?" Tara ducked her head. 

"..to.. To add to her.. S-Suffering.. He.. Made her f-feed and.." Buffys face softened and she looked to Willow. 

"Will.." Willow shook her head as guilt washed over her again. 

"Can.. Can i go clean up..?" Buffy nodded, still stunned. 

"I.. I need to call Xander and Giles.." Willow looked at her feet solemnly at the names, her heart aching as she climbed the stairs. Tara looked to want to follow her, then decided to give her some time alone, turning to talk to Dawn. Willow knew what she had to do. It might hurt Tara for a little.. But it would protect her in the long run. The vampire had said the soul was permanent, but how could she trust that? How could she trust herself? She grabbed a pad of paper and a pen from her room, then a stake from Buffys, examining the wood quietly. She wondered dully how it felt to turn to dust. 

"Guess there's only one way to find out.." She whispered, going to sit on the bed. She scratched a note onto paper, ignoring the tears that rolled down her face. It had to be done, and she knew it. It took a while since she put lots of thought into it, but once the note was done, she set it on the bed next to her, standing and moving away from the bed as to not get it dusty, raising the stake slowly. With not so much as a second of hesitation, she imagined Taras face.. And plunged the stake into her chest. It hurt briefly, and she could hear the stake clatter to the floor when she pulled it out of her chest and it rolled from her hand. But the darkness swallowed her quickly. Tara was safe.. She could finally rest. 




Tara shifted nervously, listening dimly as Buffy explained what happened to Xander, Anya and Giles. It had been a while since Willow had gone upstairs.. Had something happened? Then a clatter from upstairs made Tara's heart shatter. Everyone else in the room startled, looking upstairs. 

"Oh god - I should've.. Willow-!" Buffy gasped, running up the stairs. Tara snapped from her daze, following her and the others, her heart thudding in her ears. She almost ran into Dawns back when all the scoobies stopped abruptly. Tara shoved past them, breaking down into sobs when she saw Buffy standing over a pile of dust and a stake on the floor, her mouth gaping in disbelief. 

"No! Oh goddess no - no please no!" Tara sank to her knees by the dust and stake, her ears roaring. Her body went numb and cold with grief and disbelief. Willow couldn't be gone - she had just gotten her back! Her mind raced with things she had never said.. Never done. She cursed herself for ever leaving Willow - for not spending every waking hour with her. Next to her, Buffy stumbled over to the bed, picking up a piece of paper shakily. 

"Dear Scoobies and Tara,

I know this will be hard to accept. Death always is.. But I was already dead. This had to be done.. There was no telling what I could have done in the future, and I couldn't put life's at risk… Couldn't put /your/ life's at risk. I wish Xander and Anya the best with the marriage, and there better be some Harris babies in the future. They'll grow into wonderful people with Xander and Anya as parents, I have no doubt. Well.. Anya, actually.. No, I'm just kidding. You have a great heart deep down, so don't let anyone tell you different. Take care of Xander for me - don't let him get into too much trouble. Make sure to teach those babies the snoopy dance too, Xand. Just imagine how adorable and dorky they'd be… Taking after their goof of a dad." 

Xander broke down in sobs. He would've fallen to the ground if Anya hadn't caught him, cradling him close like a scared child as he cried for his lost friend. Anya buried her face in his hair, trying to hide her own grief. 

"Giles, Never stop being the father everyone not only wants, but needs. Without you, Buffy might not have become what she is today. Never stop obsessing over books or become like us ignorant Americans." 

Giles turned his head to the side, taking his glasses off to clean the tears from them. 

"Dawnie, I'm sorry for everything ive done. I think its safe to say ive royally screwed up as a role model and a friend. I know life is hard, but keep you'r chin up and stay with good people and you'll be fine. Try not to give Buffy too much of a hard time, she really is trying her best. I've never seen her love anyone as much as she loves you.. Dont you two ever let go of eachother." 

Dawn was frozen in grief, her chest heaving with sobs that failed to surface. 

"Buffy, you were the best friend anyone could hope for. You never gave up when you set your mind to something, and you took care of your friends and family even if it put your own wellbeing in jeopardy. I wasn't lying when i said i don't think you do it because you have to - you're love for others and this messed up world is why you do what you do, and the world is lucky to have you.. Especially since without you, it would cease to exist. Oh.. And one last thing.. Try not to die again, alright? We prefer you alive. They need you alive." 

Buffy went to Dawn, stumbling as she pulled her sister into her arms, tears tracking down her face. Dawn finally sobbed, holding onto Buffy tightly. Buffy held her just as tight, staring at the dust that used to be her best friend in silent but great grief. 

"Tara.. My dear Tara.. I'm so sorry it had to go like this. But don't let it drag you down. Dont let this ruin you. Move on and live your life happily because you only get that chance once. Adopt a child for me, I always knew you'd be a great mother and any kid would be blessed to have you. Stick close to Buffy and the others, because no matter what they'll be there for you. Ever since I first saw you in the Wicca group.. I knew you were special. But i never knew just how much. You lit my life up, and I'm not sure ive ever thanked you for that. Even if I have, it would never be enough. I never knew i could love someone as much as I love you, and i'm so glad I had the chance to experience life with you. I'm not sure I would have made it without you. I once said you were my everything, and that was an understatement. I wish this could have gone differently.. I wish I could've seen you flourish. I wish I could've grown old with you, adopted kids and taught them just how great love can be. And I wish.. I wish I had gotten the courage to ask you to marry me, because there's no other person for me. You are everything to me, and that will never change. I'll wait till the end of time for you my love." Tara fell the rest of the way to the ground, consumed with unimaginable grief, her heart torn apart. She promised silently that she would life her life for Willow, that she would be happy.. That she would adopt a girl and name her after the most amazing person she had ever met.. And she did. 

"Love Always, Willow."




((So I'm pretty sure I'm evil with this ending. I'm not sure why I was compelled to give this story such a depressing ending instead of a happy one, but uh, here it is. They say the journeys better than the destination, right? Haha, neither were good here! For some reason I wanted an emotional, depressing ending. But I might have been doing Willow a slight mercy? She won't have to suffer having a soul after torturing her mother to death, right? I dont know. Dont hate me please! But on a better note, I actually finished something! Woohoo! I promise they wont all end this badly..))

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