Willows Penance

BY : Eagleblaze
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Chapter four


*Willows pov* 


It had been about a month before the day she got let out came, and Willow was glad to be leaving… They all treated her so fragile… it just reminded her of her time captive even more. Tara walked in with a bag and a great big smile. 

“Here’s the go bag!” Willow frowned 

“I.. Er… I don’t have anything to put in it…” Tara frowned 

“That’s not true.” Willow narrowed her eyes 

“Well.. I Uh… I came here naked… and I didn’t have anything where I was other than my clothes…” She stopped talking when Tara revealed a small cat plush that looked a bit like Miss Kitty. She smiled “Where did you get that?” Tara grinned 

“Gift shop. They gave me the go bag and.. I wanted you to have something to put in it.” Willow rushed up and hugged her. She was semi-surprised when Tara hugged back, but didn’t say anything, afraid she would stop if she did.  “Are you ready?” The blonde asked softly as she backed up. Willow looked down 

“I.. what if.. what if one of h-his minions got away? And they’re looking for me..?” Tara frowned 

“I don’t think that’s very likely.. if you killed their boss, they would be very afraid of you, and not look for you.” Willow narrowed her eyes 

“But I didn’t kill him… You and Buffy did. I… I did nothing..” Tara grabbed her hand gently and Willow looked up 

“Of course you did… you survived… and I’m glad you did.” Willow gulped and nodded slowly 

“Let’s go..” 

“Buffys going to meet us outside, but she had Giles take dawn home, and told Xander and Anya to go home too.” Willow glanced out the window and frowned 

“I really wish they would have let us go during the day..” She took a deep breath and followed Tara out of the room and down the hall into the elevator, then out the main door. Buffy stood up from the bench and smiled at them. Willow tried to give her a smile, but by the look on her face, she guessed it didn’t go as planned. 

“You ready Will?” Willow nodded. “Alright.. well this is the worst place to have a hospital, since we have to go down a deserted path to get out..” Willow moved closer to Tara, not noticing the glare she shot Buffy, “But luckily I’m the slayer… so everything will be fine. Come on.” Almost as soon as they started down the path, a rustling came from the trees. Buffy got in front of her and Tara as a vampire jumped out of the bushes, running the other way when he saw the stake. 

“Hang on guys, I’m gonna go dust this guy.. stay here..” Buffy paused, handing them a stake before running off. Willow looked at Tara, clutching her bag. Tara frowned over at her,

“She’ll be back soon…” Willow spun around when she heard a sound behind her, relieved to see nothing. She turned back to Tara and froze in fear. The other witch was staring behind her, “WILLOW! GET DOWN!” She tried to do as she said, but squeaked in fear as she was grabbed from behind, a hand holding her throat, just hard enough to cause slight pain, and not cut off her air. 

“Put the stake down.” A scruffy voice growled to Tara from behind her. Willow was breathing heavily, but locked eyes with Tara and took a small breath 

“Run..” The grip tightened on her throat and she squeezed her eyes shut, hoping silently that Tara ran as she told her too. 

“Drop it.” Her heart leapt. Tara was still there. 

“Tara.. g-go…” Suddenly her air was cut off as the grip tightened again, and her eyes flung open in fear. She tried to tell Tara to run again, but couldn’t manage it without breath. So instead, she mouthed it repeatedly. Tara didn’t move staring at her in terror before dropping the stake, and Willows stomach sank the hold on her throat lessened just enough to allow her small, raspy breaths and she quickly tried to tell Tara to run again "Run! Just go! I'll be f-fine!" Taras eyes showed her terror and pain as she turned to run, but quickly stopped as Willow squeaked in pain, the Vamp holding her twisting her wrist, but not breaking it yet. "G-Go.." She choked out, wincing as her wrist was twisted farther 

"Unless you want me to break all her bones before draining her, I recommend you stay where you are." Taras chest heaved in fear and Willows heart ached for her 

"Please! Please just go!" She yelled in pain as he gave her wrist a final quick twist, a snap sounding. Tara stared at her fearfully, tears streaming down her face 

"P-Please dont h-h-hurt h-her…" Willow was panting loudly, trying to breathe through the pain, silently pleading with Tara. 

"Kick the stake away from you." When Tara hesitated, he grabbed Willows other wrist, holding it tightly "Now." With a small sob, Tara kicked the stake away. "Good. Now, follow me. Dont try to yell for the slayer and dont try running, or this little Witch suffers a slow and painful death." Willow stumbled as he started walking, not letting go of her throat as he pushed her forward. Willow failed to choke back a sob as Tara followed, having picked up Willows bag before following. Soon, a black van came into sight, and the vampire opened the back doors quickly. "In." Tara moved towards the van reluctantly and Willow gasped as her air was cut off again "Quickly!" As soon as Tara was in the van, the Vamp tossed her in. She yelped as the hard floor of the van scrapped her arms, and the force of which she had been thrown, causing her to skid across it and her back on the wall with a torturous gasp. The doors slammed and Willow could hear shuffling as her eyes struggled to adjust to the dark. 

"Willow?!" She groaned softly, pushing herself up weakly 

"I'm here… Why didnt you run…?" She was thrown back to the ground as the van jumped to life, moving quickly. 

"I… I couldnt let you get hurt…" Willow struggled into a sitting position, her eyes adjusting to show, what a surprise, the back of an empty van. 

"But what if /you/ get hurt? I wouldn't be able to stand that!" 

"He said he was going to kill you!" Tara protested, crawling to where she was. 

"Then you should have let him!" Guilt rushed through Willow when she saw Taras stricken face "Tara… I didnt mean.." 

"You wanted me to let him k-kill you..?" Willow frowned, reaching for her hand 

"Thats not what… I dont want you to get hurt… If dying was what it took for you to be safe…" Tara pulled her hand back 

"Dont you know that would /destroy/ me?!" 

"Tara I.." 

"To be the reason you died?! To go back after finding Buffy, to find your broken body?! You think /I/ could stand that?!" 

"No!" She suddenly yelled "Of course I dont think that! But You'd still be alive! You wouldn't have to be put through whatever this guy has planned for us!" Her voice cracked but she continued "If I died, you'd find someone else eventually… I can be replaced… But your life.. It isnt worth keeping me alive. /you/ are irreplaceable." Taras prior anger faded and she took Willow into her arms, stroking her hair gently. 

"You could never be replaced… and.. No matter what happens now, we'll be together." 




It seemed like forever until the van jolted to a stop, and Willows stomach was begging for food. She glanced at Tara, who had fallen asleep in her lap, and frowned. She was sure the taller girl was hungry too, and she wished she could fix it. She flinched when the doors swung open, and carefully began to wake Tara up. Tara jolted awake, scrambling to sit up when the Vampire climbed in, grabbing Willow by her uninjured wrist. 

"Come on. Either of you tries to run, or get help, I kill the other." He rasped harshly, yanking Willow out the doors. Tara followed quickly, still blinking sleep out of her eyes. Willow took in their surroundings. He had brought them to a dingy Motel. He shoved a key into the lock of room number seven, shoving the door open and pulling her inside, slamming the door as soon as Tara was in, and finally releasing Willows wrist. She quickly cradled the other one, which started throbbing painfully when she had bumped it on the van door. The room was even dirtier than the outside, and Willow was sure she could smell mold somewhere. There were two double beds, and a small tv on the wall, and a small kitchen with a patio table and four chairs that looked ready to break. There was a door that Willow assumed led to a bathroom, the only Window next to the door. The vampire spun around to face them and she was able to get a good look at him. His whole body looked dirty, and didnt smell too good either. He was wearing jeans, a baggy shirt and a faded leather jacket, dirty black hair on his head, to match his eerie dark brown eyes. "Now, lucky for me, the deadbolt only locks and unlocks from the outside. I'm going to go hunting, and you two are going to stay here and be very good. We are only staying here a day, so dont get too comfy." He paused to snicker at the looks on their faces as they looked around "And before you think about it, I told the owner we are having sex all night, so dont try screaming… he wont care." Willow fought a whimper and moved closer to Tara, half in fear, half to protect her if he tried anything. "And… just for extra measures…" Willow yelped as he slammed a cuff around her ankle, and locked it to the metal bed frame. "This should reach to the bathroom, so dont shit on the beds." Willow reached down to pick up the chain, finding it really heavy. He looked at Tara and grinned "I'd lock you up too… except, I'm pretty sure you wont leave your little lover here… and if you do? I break all her bones, rape her, then kill her." Both girls' eyes widened in horror, and he snickered, leaving the room, a clicking sound coming from the door after he closed it. Willow sank down onto the bed, covering her face with her hands as the wall of tears broke. She felt the bed move when Tara sat next to her, rubbing soft circles on her back. She sniffled and sat up, wiping her tears away and looking to Tara. She got up and smoothed her clothes, limping over towards the kitchen area, the chain preventing fast movements, and seeming to weigh her foot down. 

"We should see if theres anything to eat 'cause I dont know if he intends on fe-" She stopped with a yelp as the chain ended, tripping her to the ground before she could reach the cupboards. She yelped and quickly cradled her injured wrist as it hit the ground, groaning softly. 

"Willow?! Are you okay?!" She swallowed heavily and looked up to Tara with a forced grin 

"Yup… you know me… just really clumsy…" Tara knelt beside her, staring at her wrist. 

"Oh sweetie… i'm so…" 

"Dont even say sorry… its not your fault." Tara frowned, getting up to get two wooden spoons, and then into the bathroom to get gauze. She knelt back down and Willow narrowed her eyes, a small grin growing on her face "Splint?" Tara nodded slowly 

"Except… for it too.. Too actually help… I…" Willow caught on and frowned 

"Set it?" 

"Yeah.. I.. If it's not in the right place…" Willow gritted her teeth 

"Do it." 

"Are you…?" Willow gulped, nodding 

"Do it." She gritted her teeth harder together when Tara took her wrist in her hands gently, getting ready. Her scream filled the tiny room when she finally did it, Panting in agony. 

"Sorry! I-Its over.." Willow nodded, not trusting herself to speak yet. Tara quickly went to work on the makeshift splint, and helped Willow up and to the bed. "I-I can l-look for food…" Willow nodded 

"Thank you.." She croaked out with a grimace, her wrist still throbbing. 

"Anytime… I'm.." Willow nodded

"Its fine.. Not your.. Fault.." Her voice faded off as she fell asleep.


*Taras pov*


She sighed solemnly, watching Willow fall asleep. She pulled the blanket over the redhead, giving her a soft kiss on the forehead before heading to the kitchen. She searched the cupboards, frowning when she only found canned beans, paper bowls and plastic forks. 

"Guess its better than nothing.." She found a can opener and went to work on opening the beans, putting them in the bowl, then into the microwave to heat them up. She had been disappointed to find the cabinet in the bathroom didnt have any pain killers, since it was obvious Willow was in pain. She could hear the girl shifting on the bed in her sleep, and eerie creaking coming from the bed spring. {Why cant we catch a break? She only just got out of the hospital, only to be captured by another crazed vamp..} She frowned, seeing the grimace that covered Willows face as she slept {I wish I could tell her everything would be okay… but.. How can I? When it might not be? How can I promise her something I cant make happen?} She turned around when the microwave beeped, taking the bowl out carefully and putting it on the table, along with two forks and another bowl, distributing the food equally between the bowls, and sticking the forks in. She hated having to wake Willow up, but she needed to eat, and she didnt know if the vampire would be mad they ate when he got back. If they ate and cleaned up before then, he didnt have to know. Willow groaned when Tara tried to wake her up, muttering something that Tara wasn't sure was English. "Willow? Sweetie? You need to get up and eat.." Willow groaned again before her eyes fluttered open. 

"..Food..?" Tara giggled 

"Yes, food. Come eat." Willow nodded, swinging her feet over the edge and standing up slowly, then heading to the table, careful to see when the chain ended this time. She was able to sit in the closest chair, without the chain knocking her over or ending, and Tara moved her bowl towards her. Willow pouted 

"This is all there was?" 

"Sadly… but its better than nothing." Willow nodded and Tara watched as she started to eat, starting on her own bowl. Almost immediately after they finished eating, there was a click from the door. Tara jumped up, cleaning up everything they had used for food, finishing without a second to spare as the vampire stomped in. She could see Willow shift fearfully in her chair as the vampire looked around, locking the bottom lock slowly. 

"Hm. Just as I thought.." Tara gulped and moved to stand beside Willow, who slowly rose from her chair. "Restrain one of them, and the other wont leave." He snickered, stalking towards them. Tara felt Willows arm go in front of her protectively, and frowned. The vamp lunched forward, grabbing her uninjured wrist tightly and pulling her to him despite her yelp. Tara wanted to hit him, but knew he could easily hurt Willow if she did. Though Willow just looked him in the eyes, her resolve face falling into place. "And dont think I dont smell the food… Vampires have a great sense of smell." He shoved Willow back and Tara moved to catch her as her started walking around the room slowly. "It hurts that you didnt trust me to feed you… Of course I was going to, what use to me are you dead? Now… its not just that you ate without telling me.. Its that you tried to keep it secret." He grabbed Willow again, pulling her close to his game face "I dont like secrets." Tara rushed after him as he dragged Willow towards the bathroom kicking and screaming. He held her tightly as he began filling the bathtub. "Dont you try anything, or my earlier offer still stands." Tara panted in fear, locking eyes with Willow. The smaller girl mouthed 'Stay back. Dont get yourself hurt. I'll be fine' to her, though Tara could see the fear in her eyes. The vamp caused them both to gasp when he grabbed Willows injured wrist, pulling it up to examine the splint. 

"Hm, clever. Maybe you arent so useless after all." He growled to her. He turned off the bathtub, and threw Willow in. 


*Willows pov* 


She yelped as she was thrown into the freezing cold water with her clothes still on, the chain tugging on her ankle painfully. She heard Tara shriek when she was thrown in, but knew she hadn't tried to do anything, to Willows relief. She struggled to get up as the vampire pushed her head under water, holding her there. She held her breath as she struggled, trying to hit him as he submerged her in the cold water. The water seemed to sting her nerves, and her lungs cried out for air as he continued to hold her under. When she was sure she was going to pass out, he pulled her up, allowing her a few raspy breaths before shoving her back under. She didnt have time to close her eyes and the water rushed in, stinging them. From under the water, she could see Taras lips moving as she screamed at him to stop, though she didnt cross the doorway. He yanked her up again, and she gulped in the much needed air, gasping when he pushed her under again. This time, she had forgotten to hold her breath, and water rushed in her mouth and nose, causing her to cough and sputter under the water. He pulled her out of the tub this time, throwing her to the hard, cold ground and marching out. She could feel Tara hold back her soaked hair while she coughed up water, shivering. She thought her hair would turn to ice. She felt Tara leave and muttered a protest, the door being slammed just barely being heard by her water filled ears. There was still the faint sound of Tara yelling as she passed out. 


*Taras pov* 


As soon as the vamp had pulled Willow out of the tub and threw her on the ground, Tara was at her side, holding her wet hair while she choked up water. 

"Hey! Let her lay there! Get out of there!" Tara opened her mouth to protest but he didnt let her, pulling her away from Willow and out of the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it. "Now go sit down!" He commanded "Or I'll do that again!" Tara could feel tears wetting her cheeks as she did as he said, sitting on the bed the chain was attached to. There was a thud coming from the bathroom and Tara went to get up, stopped by his glare. 

"She'll get hypothermia!" She yelled at him "I thought you said you didnt want to kill her!" He scoffed and went to the door, unlocking it and pulling Willows limp body out. "Oh goddess.. Oh no.." He shot another glare at her 

"Shes not dead, shut up." He grabbed a towel and dried Willow off before putting her back in the bathroom and locking the door again. "She's going to stay in there until we leave. So if you need to use it, I'll take her out while you do and put her back in once you're done." He growled 

"B-But why..?" He snickered 

"It's like solitary confinement. Besides, being alone will probably scare the shit out of her." Taras heart flopped and she stared at the door. 

"Why did you only hurt her? Why havent you hurt me..?" The vamp rolled his eyes and turned the tv on 

"Got a thing for Redheads… besides, this is revenge.. As well as a way to get new pets."


"Word got out she killed my childer. One of my favorites. He was almost as ruthless as me." Taras eyes widened 

"The one who to-tortured her..?" He nodded 

"Yup. Heard from some minions of his. Said she was a screamer. Like that in pets." Tara shivered in fear 

"B-But why did you take m-me…?" 

"Heard shes got a thing for you. Heard you two were lovers at one point, and she never got over it." He looked her over "Seems you haven't either. Its a better way to control a human. If they know its a possibility I'll hurt someone they love, they comply easier." 

"S-So you're using me… To get her to listen..?" 

"Basically. Now dont think I /wont/ hurt you. I will if I need to, but i dont really like blondes." He snickered, tossing her a bag "You left this in the van. Cute stuffed animal." A sob left her as she opened the bag and pulled out the stuffed animal she had gotten for Willow in celebration of her being able to go home… She never even got to do that. Willow got taken right from the hospital. She hugged it close and pulled the covers over herself, crying herself to sleep. 


*Willows pov*


She coughed as she woke up, groaning at the feel of hard tile under her. She immediately looked for Tara, horrified to find she was still in the Motel Bathroom. What if the vamp had left her, and taken Tara? What if Tara was dead? She dragged herself to the door and started banging on it, yelling Taras name. Suddenly there was a growl and a pull on the chain, which fit under the hole in the door, pulling her forward and causing her to hit her head off the door. She could hear some sort of comotion in the background but it stopped. {Oh goddess… he killed her… no…} Her yelling turned to screams of grief, her body shaking with violent sobs 

"No! Tara!" The chain was yanked again and she groaned in pain, slumping to the ground with silent sobs.


*Taras pov*


She was woken up by the banging on the door, her heart aching to tell Willow everything was okay, tears streaming down her face as she realized what Willow was yelling. She was yelling her name. Fear made her stomach flip when the Vampire stomped over to the chain with a loud growl and yanked on it. 

"Stop!" She shrieked, hearing Willows body hit the door. The vampire growled at her, hus voice low

"Be very quiet, or I /will/ kill that annoying little shit." She clamped her mouth shut, her tears growing faster when Willow started wailing in grief, her muffled yell reaching her ears 

"No! Tara!" The vampire yanked the chain again, another thud sounded, followed by a small groan, and barely audible sobs. 

"Finally… some peace and quiet. You stay quiet until we leave. I want her to stay this way for a little while." Tara slumped down in the bed, clutching the cat plush closer, and trying to focus on the tv. 




After what seemed like forever of hearing Willow cry behind that door, the vampire looked at the clock and got up. 

"Now… i'm going to put you both back in the van, and I want you to be very quiet." Taras frown deepened 

"Y-You arent going to let her know I'm alive…?" He snickered 

"Not until we get to where we're going." He motioned her to go out the door, instructing her to get in the van, and stay on one side. She soon heard Willow shriek, and flinched. Then he came out, pushing Willow, who was blindfolded, into the van and moving to handcuff her to a handle. Taras heart broke at the tear stained face she saw, it broke at how little she was fighting now… how little she seemed to care, only wincing when he cuffed her injured wrist around the splint. She wanted so badly to go to her and tell her she was fine, but she didnt want to risk Willow getting hurt again. Even as the van started moving, all Willow did was groan in pain when the handcuffs were jolted, pulling on her wrist. Though, at one point, she started sobbing loudly, and moved her head towards the splint, seeming to nuzzle it. {She thinks.. She thinks thats the closest thing to being with me…} She never thought she would want to get where an evil vampire was taking them faster, but seeing Willow like this made her heart ache. 

"Sorry… Sorry… my fault.. Sorry..." Tara bit her lip to keep a sob in when she realized what Willow was muttering to herself over and over. Silently, she began to wonder what it would be like if she were in Willows position. If she thought Willow was dead, if she was the target of a vampires rage, if the only thing she thought she had left of the person she loved was a splint on her broken wrist… More tears poured out and she tried to think of something else. Taras heart seemed to stop when Willows mantra changed "Kill me already… kill me… why wont he kill me…" She wanted to crawl over there and take Willow in her arms and tell her that she was there, that Willow shouldnt think that… but she couldnt. Not without putting them both at risk. The van jerked to a stop and Willow groaned, her head lolling weakly to the side. 

"Aw, whats the matter little one?" The vampire cooed mockingly, climbing in to cup her cheek. 

"Kill me." Was all Tara heard from her. The vampire looked over at her and smirked, looking back to Willow. 

"That would be too merciful, don't you think?" Willows demeanor didnt change, nor her words 

"Kill me." The vampire snickered 

"Aw, are you still sad about your friend?" Willows jaw tightened, and Tara feared she was about to attack the vampire. 

"She was more than a friend. She was more than anything you could understand… you know why?" Willow spat, raising her head to be level with his, even though she couldnt see him. 


"Because nobody could ever love you. They could act like it. Sure, but on the side? There's some other guy they're sleeping with because you'll never be good enough for anyone-" She was cut off when he backhanded her so hard she would have been thrown across the van, if not for the handcuffs. When she looked back up, Tara could see Blood flowing from a cut in her lip. "What? Cant handle the truth? Just add coward to the reason nobody cou-" He hit her again, then kicked her in the ribs harshly, Willow groaning when something snapped. Tara was biting her lip so hard that it bled, wishing she could say something to stop this. {Shes already getting hurt! Shes trying to get him to kill her!} A voice inside her screamed, telling her to let Willow know she was alive so she would stop. Willow let out a low and pained laugh "Hits people weaker than him to make him feel strong.. Isnt that right?" He growled, grabbing her wrist with the splint so hard the spoons splintered, and Willow gasped in pain. 

"I see what you're doing… and it wont work. I'm not going to kill you. I have plans for you." Willow suddenly kicked him, her labored breathing echoing through the van 

"Just kill me already! Do it! Get it over with!" She screeched, struggling against the cuffs. The vampire got up and chuckled lowly, sending another kick to her ribs, causing her to yelp. 

"Oh, but then Blondie over here would be all alone.. And you dont want that, do you?" Willows face contorted in pain and confusion, her struggles stopping 

"T-Tara…?" She breathed "Shes.. She's al-alive..?" Tara looked to the vampire, who nodded evilly. 

"Why dont you ask her yourself?" Tara crawled towards Willow quickly, not caring as her knees scuffed on the floor. 

"Tara…?" Tara finally let out a small sob, cupping Willows cheek gently 

"Willow… sweetie… I'm so sorry.. He.." Willow leaned into her touch, her body shaking as she cried 

"Its okay… oh goddess… You arent gone… I thought…" 

"Aw, so sad." The vampire growled "Now lets get inside." He quickly uncuffed Willows hands and yanked her up, getting a yelp of pain and protest. Tara scrambled up to follow, wincing and rushing forward when Willow tripped onto the gravel, the blindfold still covering her eyes. The vampire opened a door to a large warehouse, shoving Willow inside. Tara rushed to her side and helped her up, looking at the remains of the splint solemnly, seeing that part of the splintered spoon was dug into the skin, a small trail of blood visible. "Come on." The vampire grabbed Willow again, pulling her towards what looked to be an office. But once they were inside, Tara could see a bed, a dresser, a door to a small bathroom, and a shelf. There was also a small table with two chairs in the middle of the room. Near the door was a hook with what looked to be a leash and two studded collars. She shivered in fear, and watched as he took Willows blindfold off, allowing her to look around the room. He pulled the collar off the hook and quickly put it on Willows neck, causing her to yelp in surprise. "Put this one on her." He demanded, looking at Tara, who backed up in fear. Willow grabbed it and looked at it carefully, and glancing at her, before tossing it across the room. He growled and pulled out a remote, pressing a button on it. Willow shrieked and shook before falling, and Tara rushed to her. 

"Willow?! What did you do to her?!" Willow groaned and lifted her head slowly 

"These are shock collars. If you two fail to follow directions, or disobey me in anyway… You will get shocked… As 'Willow' can tell you… it isnt pleasant." Willow just groaned again, pushing herself onto her knees slowly. "Now… go get that other collar, and put it on her." Willow looked at Tara and her heart sank. She slowly nodded her head, making a mental note to listen to him. Willow crawled to where she had thrown it, picking it up before heading back towards her. 

"Are you sure…? I can handle the shock.." Willow whispered, and Tara tensed as the vampire glared at her, putting his finger on the button again 

"I'll be fine… Do it…" Willow reluctantly put the collar around her neck, fastening it loosely in the back. A grin crossed the vampires face and he stepped closer to Willow 

"Good job… If you are both good, I'll reward you… if not…" Tara yelped as Willow shrieked again, shaking weakly. She quickly pulled Willows head into her lap, tearing up at the grimace on her face. 

"S-She didnt even do anything!" He smiled 

"It was an example… Would you have rathered I tested it on you instead?" Tara was about to say yes, but Willow cut her off with a groan

"No… I'm fine." The redhead said, sitting up. 

"Good. Now this is only one of the forms of punishment… for 'Willow' at least. For…" His eyes narrowed at her "You… I dont really care much for blondes… so.. If you do anything bad.. Willow will get the punishment." She bit her lip when she felt it start to quiver at the thought of Willow being hurt because of her. His grin widened and he chuckled before leaving, "Goodnight girls." 


*Willows pov* 


She struggled to find a comfy way to lay in the bed, her muscles still tingling from the shocks she had received. She felt Tara shift next to her and wondered if she was having as much trouble sleeping. She looked over, smiling at Taras sleeping face. Her smile faded slowly. She knew she should get some sleep. She knew the days ahead of her were probably going to be really long. She knew that if she thought Tara was in danger, she would make a stupid mistake that would likely lead to pain. But… She didnt think she /could/ sleep. She was jumping at every small sound, and fear of what was to come eating at her. She knew she probably didnt even have to make a 'mistake' to get punished- He had shown that with the shock collar. She moved closer to Tara carefully, and laid her head on the small pillow, attempting to sleep again. 




She jolted awake at the sound of the door opening, quickly shielding Taras body with her own… just in case. 

"Oh calm down… I just brought you two some food." Her stomach flopped at the undeniable smell of wet cat food. He snickered, setting the tray on the table before walking towards her. She glared at him, though noted that he had a remote in his pocket. 

"Thought you were just bringing us some food?" She snapped, part of her expecting a shock to go through her, and not the laugh the vampire gave. 

"Sassy.. Just the way I like my pets.." She tensed when he ran his fingers over her leg, laughing again when she jerked away. "Think you should wake her up… long day ahead." Willow narrowed her eyes warily

"What are we doing today..?" He smirked 

"Surprise. Wake her up." Willow hesitated, {Tara needs her sleep…} She shrieked as painful electricity flooded her body, causing her to shake and fall back on the bed. The bed moved as Tara shot up, her eyes widening when they landed on her. 

"Willow?!" Willow gritted her teeth, pushing herself up slowly 

"I'm fine.." 

"Now, I didnt want to do that… But you disobeyed me." Willow glared at him 

"I /hesitated/! I'm human, I tend to do that!" His eyes narrowed 

"I dont like hesitation." 

"What do you like then?" Willow muttered bitterly, gasping when he slapped her. 

"When you talk to me, I want to hear the words clearly." She bit back a bitter remark, and got a smile "Good girl… now both of you eat your food before I take it back." Willow got out of the bed weakly, being caught by Tara when she stumbled. Tara looked at the cat food with narrowed eyes, her nose wrinkling in disgust. At seeing this, Willow turned to glare at their captor. 

"You expect us to eat /this/?!" His eyes narrowed slowly

"Do you not want to eat?" 

"Of course I do… just not /cat food/!" He stood slowly and Willow gulped. 

"W-Willow.. Lets just e-eat it.." As soon as she turned her head to look at Tara, a jolt of electricity burst through her, knocking her to the ground with a shriek. "Willow!" She blinked her eyes rapidly, trying to stop the dizziness. She felt a hand grasp her hair before she was yanked up with a gasp. When the room stopped spinning, Willow found herself looking at the vampires crotch. She tried to scramble away, but he didnt let go. {Not again!} 

"You, Blondie, stay back. If you try to help her, I'll zap both of you." Dread sank in her stomach like rocks when she remembered Tara was in the room. Sure, with the other vamp, she would have seen it through the camera… but this was different. She was in the same /room/. While keeping on hand on her hair, the vampire unzipped his pants. "Pull them down." She swallowed a whimper back as she reached forward reluctantly, and started pulling his pants down, horrified to find he was commando. His penis was larger and longer than the other vamps, and had hair all over it… and like the rest of him, it smelled and looked as if it hadnt been washed in ages. She gagged at the sight of it, fighting bile back when she remembered what he was going to have her do in a couple seconds. "Now, I think its time for your first lesson. If I give you something to eat, you eat it.. And you eat /all/ of it." She squeezed her eyes shut as he started pushing his penis around her face, pressing down lightly. "Open wide.." He sang, pushing it against her lips. Remembering how the other vamp had gotten her to do this, she reluctantly opened her mouth, not opening her eyes. He shoved his full length into her mouth, making her choke multiple times. "Get to work, or I zap blondie." She could feel tears roll from her eyes as she started sucking and licking the thing in her mouth, gagging at the horrid taste and feel. Every few seconds he would thrust against her face hard, causing her to choke and groan in pain. Eventually his thrusts sped up and he commanded her to do the same, again threatening to zap Tara. She did as he said, crying the whole time. Finally his body shook and emptied into her mouth. He held the remote up for her to see, grinning wickedly "Swallow it all." Another sob shook her body as she forced herself to swallow, gagging as it ran down her throat. He let go of her hair and backed up, pulling his pants back up while she coughed. She stayed on the floor for a couple minutes, trying to gather her strength again. "You. Eat." She looked up with a small groan, pushing herself up slowly. The vampire was talking to Tara, who stared at her in horror. He rolled his eyes and grabbed one of the plates off the table, walking back to Willow. He commanded her to open her mouth, shovelling all the cat food into her mouth when she did. "Chew and Swallow." He growled, holding the remote up again. Willow reluctantly chewed the cat food and forced it down her throat, leaving a bad taste in her mouth. She could see that Tara had sat at the table, and was also eating, though she hadnt taken her eyes off of Willow. When he got up and left, Willow scrambled towards the bed weakly, climbing in and covering her head with the blanket before beginning to cry. 


*Taras pov* 


She got a bad feeling in her stomach when Willow started arguing with the vampire 

"W-Willow.. Lets just e-eat it.." She said fearfully, relieved when Willow looked back at her. Then the redhead shrieked and fell to the ground, shaking slightly. "Willow!" She screeched, fighting the urge to go to her when the Vamp showed her the remote, glaring. She stood frozen as he pulled Willow up to her knees, so her face was right in front of the crouch of his jeans. Tears leaked from her eyes when she saw Willow try to get away, but fail, and she took a step forward

"You, Blondie, stay back. If you try to help her, I'll zap both of you." She stopped at the idea of causing Willow more pain. She frowned as he unzipped his pants and commanded Willow to pull them down. Taras tears grew faster as she did, and she saw the horrified look on her face as she took in the sight. She felt her stomach flip. It was… dirty… And… really big. Tara almost ran to Willows side when she gagged, but fought it. "Now, I think its time for your first lesson. If I give you something to eat, you eat it.. And you eat /all/ of it." Tara closed her eyes upon seeing him drag it along Willows face. "Open wide.." She heard Willow start to choke, and brought her hands up to her eyes "Get to work, or I zap blondie." Part of her wished that Willow didn't, and that she got zapped instead of Willow having to do… That. But she knew Willow wouldn't risk it. She could hear choking, groaning and gagging and almost broke down in sobs. "Mmm… yeah… faster! Go faster or I zap her!" Tara felt her tears gather at her chin and fall off, knowing that the only reason Willow was doing this.. Was because she wanted to protect /her/. She could hear Willows soft cries as she did what he said. She opened her eyes slowly, regretting it when she got to see him empty his cum into Willows mouth. He held the remote up to Willows face, grinning "Swallow it all." Taras heart seemed to break even more when Willows body shook with a silent sob, and she swallowed, gagging loudly. He let go of her and she fell to the ground, coughing. Tara took a small step forward but stopped herself. She wasn't sure if he would still zap them if she tried to go to Willows aid. The vampire looked to her, as if knowing what she was about to do. "You. Eat." Tara didnt take her eyes off of Willow, watching her lift her head to look at her, groaning as she pushed herself up. The vampire pushed past her and grabbed one of the plates, rolling his eyes as he went back to Willow. She dragged herself to one of the chairs reluctantly, not able to look away as he forced the food into Willows mouth, and told her to chew and swallow it, holding the remote up in a silent threat. As soon as she did that, he got up and left the room. Willow looked at her briefly before rushing to the bed and started to cry. As Tara watched this, she felt her heart break a little more. When she finished her own disgusting 'food' she got up to put the paper plate in the garbage. She looked over at Willow, and saw she had cried herself to sleep. Tara slowly made her way across the room, to roll Willow onto her back so her face wasn't in the pillow, and pull the covers up. She sighed sadly, turning away to examine the room more. She walked over to the dresser, wondering if there was actually anything in it. The drawer squeaked as she opened it, and she looked over to make sure she hadnt woken Willow. There were light grey t-shirts and sweatpants in the first two drawers, and Tara frowned upon seeing there was no underwear or bras. She took a small breath, moving onto the last drawer. There was only what looked to be hospital gowns, though Tara guessed they were meant to be nightgowns. She closed the drawers carefully, after grabbing a t-shirt and sweatpants for Willow, seeing her clothes were still wet from the Motel. She folded them nicely and placed them on the top of the dresser. There was nothing on the shelves, and Tara wondered silently if that was where the 'rewards' would go. Her eyes narrowed {I wonder what his idea of a reward is..} She sighed again, and walked towards a window. Her breath hitched when she looked inside of it. It led to another room, a room which walls were lined with many different tools used for torturing someone. There was a plastic looking table at one end, with a machine next to it, wires hanging off. There were chains on one of the walls, two higher ones, which Tara guessed were for someone's wrists, and two lower ones probably for ankles. She teared up at the thought of anything in that room being used on Willow. She forced herself to look away, making her way back to the bed. She climbed in carefully, and laid next to Willow. Her face was already beginning to bruise, and the wood was still in her wrist, the tattered remains of the splint hanging off her wrist. Her hair was still matted and messy from what happened at the Motel, as well as what just happened. The door slammed open and Tara jumped in fear, quickly trying to wake Willow up before the vampire got there first. 

"...wha…?" The redhead groaned, her eyes fluttering open. She stiffened when she saw the vampire, and moved closer to Tara. 

"I think it's about time you find out what the surprise is." 


*Willows pov*


She yelped in fear and pain when he grabbed her hair, pulling her off of the bed 

"Willow!" She tried to look at Tara to reassure her she would be fine, but her smile came as more of a grimace. 

"Now, today, we are going to be working on Training." Willow swallowed her fear and looked up, into his eyes. "I'm going to ask- tell you to do something, and if you get it right… you'll be rewarded, if not… I zap you. Everytime you get something wrong, I'll turn the setting up. Understand?" Willow nodded slowly, shrieking as she got zapped. "When I ask you a question, you use your words." She groaned softly, frowning when she saw him turn the setting up. "Understand?" 

"Yes." He held the remote up 

"Yes what?" She gulped 

"Yes, I understand." A smile crossed his face

"Good job…" He reached behind him, into a bag she hadnt realized was there. Her eyes narrowed when he pulled out a chocolate bar, and handed it to her. She looked at it warily 

"Is this a trick..?" He chuckled 

"No. I'm a man of my word. Go ahead, test it." She opened the packaging slowly, snapping off a little and putting it into her mouth. When she didnt feel anything bad, she chewed it, then swallowed. Satisfied it was actually chocolate, she looked behind her, and handed the rest to Tara. "Aw, how sweet. Next." He kneeled in front of her "Now, I know /your/ name, but whats hers?" She gulped, looking back at Tara, who was testing the chocolate for herself. Tara looked at her and nodded slowly. 

"Tara.. Her names Tara." He grinned wider 

"Willow and Tara… Sounds nice together, dont you think?" Willow nodded, shrieking louder when he pushed the button. "Tsk tsk tsk… Words." She panted, looking back up at him

"Yes. I think they go well together." She spat bitterly. 

"Good. Now, you did pass the last test, even if you did slip up after…" He reached back into his bag, pulling out a book, 'The Wizard of Oz' She grabbed it carefully, reaching back to set it on the shelf. His grin widened again "Now, this is the last for today…" He placed a plate in front of her. Her nose wrinkled. Chicken Liver. "Go ahead. Eat it." She gulped and moved closer to the plate, examining it. She closed her eyes, shoving it in her mouth quickly, gagging as she chewed it. She swallowed it, gagging again. "Good girl… Didnt think you'd do it." He knelt in front of her, lifting her chin so she was looking him in the eye "I've heard those taste pretty nasty. What did you think?" She glared at him 

"Disgusting." He chuckled, getting up and tossing another chocolate bar at her. 

"See you later… ive got something planned for later… to keep us… entertained." She frowned fearfully {I'm not so sure i'm going to like what he has planned…} 

"Willow..? Are you o-okay..?" Willow forced a smile to her face, rubbing her neck 

"Yup… just a bit crispy." Tara frowned "Not funny?" 

"No… how can you make a joke out of whats happening?" She sighed, letting the other girl pull her into a hug 

"Gotta keep the mood light? I dont know… it kinda just… Makes it seem less.. Real." She sighed, forcing another smile "Hows the chocolate?" Tara chuckled involuntarily

"Its chocolate.. Though I still expect it to be poison." Willow laughed softly 

"I know what you mean.." Willow grabbed the other chocolate bar "Hmm should I eat this now to get the nastiness out of my mouth? Or save it for later?" Tara smiled, handing her the other half of the first one 

"You didnt think I'd eat it all, did you?" She smiled back and ate her share, putting the other one on the shelf. Willow pushed herself up with a small groan, looking around the room. 

"Wonder what he expects us to do in here?" She paused with a frown "Guess a beds a bit more generous than the other vamps set up.." 

"Well I.. Your clothes are still kinda wet.. And your wrist.. I thought maybe we could look to see if there's a bathtub in the bathroom.. And maybe you could clean up?" Willow nodded slowly, staggering towards the bathroom door, her legs feeling like jelly. She opened the door warily, half expecting something nasty to jump out at her. When nothing jumped out, she walked in, ready to turn and knock Tara out of the way if something was hiding. "Willow, Sweetie, its just a bathroom." Willow frowned

"You dont know that… it could be an /evil/ bathroom." Taras face twisted in amusement and Willow giggled, realizing how ridiculous she sounded, and continuing into the room. There was a small, dingy bathtub, a rusty looking toilet and sink, and a small roll of toilet paper on a trash can. There were no mirrors, {Well duh, vampires cant use them.} She thought with a small giggle. Tara looked at her solemnly, and Willow followed her eyes to her wrist. {Oh.. yeah.. guess that wood had to go away eventually…} She nodded at Tara, and yelped as she pulled it out of her wrist as quick as she could. Willow examined her wrist with a grimace, but lowered it back to her side.

"I uh.. I got some clothes together for you while you were sleeping but.. There's no underwear or bras, so I guess we're going commando for our stay." Willow frowned

"Guess so…" Tara placed the clothes on the sink and turned to leave "You.. You dont have to leave if you dont want to.." Willow dared to say, frowning when Tara didnt look back 

"I… I cant… not yet." The door closed with a creaking noise, and Willow prepared her bath with tears in her eyes. 


*Taras pov*


Tara looked up from her book constantly, wondering why Willow was in there for so long {Maybe it /is/ an evil bathroom} She mused silently. Her eyes narrowed when steam started to come from under the door. 

"Willow?" She put the book down slowly and got up, making her way towards the door "Willow, are you okay?" When no response came, she opened the door slowly, coughing as steam surrounded her. She pushed past it, surprised to see Willow sitting in the tub, staring off blankly as tears streamed down her face. "Willow..?" She put a hand on her shoulder and Willow jumped to her senses in alarm 

"Huh? Oh.. Uh.. Sorry.." Tara frowned 

"Are you okay? You've been here a while.." 

"Yeah uh.. Just tired.." Tara knew it was a lie, but didnt press any further, helping Willow out of the tub, and handing her a towel. Willow started drying herself off mechanically, not seeming to actually realize what she was doing. Tara frowned, sliding the t-shirt over the redheads head once she had finished, and helping her into her pants. Willow slowly came out of her daze, and looked at her pruney fingers. 

"I'm a raisin." She chuckled softly, seemingly to herself. They both jumped in alarm when they heard the door slam open, the sound of boots heard as the vampire stomped in. 

"Oh Wiiiilllooow!" He sang, “Where arrreee youuu?” Tara backed up as Willow did, hearing the redhead squeak behind her when the vampire jumped in the doorway “Hello Sweetheart… Why don’t you come over here?” Both girls could clearly see a syringe in his hand, which answered his question silently. Taras heart jumped in fear when she felt his hand grasp her arm and pull her towards him. “Get over here, or I take Goldie locks instead… you don’t want that, do you?” Tara saw as Willows fear was hidden, her resolve face filling it in. 

“Let her go, and I’ll come over.” 

“Oh, no, you are in no place to make demands. Now I am a man of my word, as you’ve seen, and my word is, that if you come over here, I will, let her go unharmed… if not, I promise I will make her suffer, and make you watch.” Fear slithered up Taras spine, though either way it went, went badly in her mind. Either Willow hurt or her hurt… she’d prefer herself, but knew Willow wouldn’t let that happen. Her thoughts were confirmed when Willow came forward, allowing the vampire to get a rough grip on her arm before he let her go, 

“W-Willow..” Willow looked at her, obviously still fighting to hide her fear, and losing, and mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’ before the syringe was stuck into her neck. Tara winced at the sound of her squeak, watching in horror as her eyes rolled back in her head before her body went limp, only held up by the vampire. He winked at her before slinging Willow over his shoulder and carrying her out of their small room, the door slamming locked behind him. Tara could see movement in the room behind the window she had seen earlier, and felt her heart sink. She made her way over in time to see the vampire chain Willow up with her belly to the wall. Taras stomach flopped when she realized that even from where she was, in another room, she could hear the slightest noise, including the small groan that came from Willow as she was chained. The vampire looked up at the window, grinning at her as he took out a knife, and cut Willows clothes off. He then pulled something from his pocket, waving it by Willows nose, and she woke with a start, breathing heavily. 


*Willows pov*


She woke up with a gasp as a strong scent assaulted her nose, her breathing growing heavy when she found herself chained to a wall. 

“Now, I’ve heard that acupuncture is quite relaxing…” She tensed, hearing the vampires taunting voice “And I want you to be very relaxed for what we are going to do later… I couldn’t find any of the needles you’re actually supposed to use for it, of course, but I’m sure any pointy object will work just fine, don’t you think?” She swallowed a whimper as he waved a thumbtack in front of her eyes “I’m sure these will work…” She couldn’t help the yelp of pain that escaped her as he stabbed it into her back, right below the shoulder blade. He didn’t waste any time with the next one, putting it in slowly, causing her to moan in pain. He varied how quickly he put them in, sometimes stabbing them in quickly, sometimes slowly. She found that with the slower ones, it seemed to hurt more, as the pain lasted longer. Her yelp came louder in shock and pain as he stabbed one into her right butt cheek harshly, wiggling it once it was in as far as it could go. She Gritted her teeth against the pain, wondering if Tara was okay. She felt weak as he started pulling them out, licking each hole roughly, moaning as the blood touched his tongue. She yelped uncomfortably when he reached the one on her buttcheek, squirming as he paid more attention there. She groaned as he uncuffed her, thinking it was over. When he simply changed it so her back was to the wall, her wounds stinging worse when they pressed against the harsh stone, she realized she was wrong. Her fear rose when he started taking his pants off, and renewed her struggles, finally allowing small whimpers out. 

“No.. no…” He kicked the rest of his jeans off, smirking 

“Oh yes… you didn’t think I was going to pass a chance like this up? No.. I think this will be one of my favorite things to do..” Tears stung her eyes as she struggled weakly 

“No…” He snickered, running his hands down her side's 

"Do you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?" He cooed. She whimpered, wondering if she could trick him. {But if it fails…} "The easy way.. I can let you enjoy it… the hard way…" He pinched her nipple harshly, causing her to squeak "What do you say?" She swallowed her fears 

"E-Easy.." He smirked

"That's what I thought.." He slowly began to uncuff her, kissing her neck softly. She gritted her teeth uncomfortably, {Just wait until he finishes taking the cuffs off…} Once all the cuffs were off, he pulled her away from the wall, lowering them to the ground and rubbing his penis over hole. She looked around the room for wood of some kind that she could use as a stake. When she saw none, she decided she would just have to be quick. She brought her knee up quickly, shoving him off as soon as he groaned in pain. She ran from the room, sprinting to the door her and Tara were put in when he brought them here and swung it open. 

"Tara! We have to go!" Tara looked away from a window, her eyes wide. Willow could see she was frozen to the spot, and rushed over, grabbing her hand and pulling her after her. Hearing a door slam open, she quickly pushed the blonde in front of her, and quickly unlatching the collar, throwing it behind her "Go! Dont look back!" 


*Taras pov*


Hearing Willows words, she knew something was wrong. She turned in time to see Willow be knocked down by the vampire. He glared up at her, grabbing Willows injured wrist, causing the small girl to squeak. 

"G-Go!" Taras heart was pounding. Should she go, to obey Willows wishes, and have her get hurt or killed, or to stay to keep her safe… Well… sort of.. She snapped out of her thoughts when Willow shrieked in agony, a loud crack echoing off the walls. 

"Get. Over. Here." The vampire growled, moving to Willows next finger. 

"P-Ple-Please…" Willow pleaded, locking eyes with her as another one of her fingers was broken, her shriek filling Taras ears

"I.. Willow.." 

"Get over here, or I break the rest of them and rape her hard." Tara felt tears fall from her eyes as she looked into Willows. She suddenly understood. Turning around to run, she squeezed her eyes shut and blocked out Willows screams. While looking into Willows eyes, she realized that to Willow, it would be worse than any torture, for her have to watch her get hurt. She had felt the same, having to watch Willow get hurt, and wanted to protect her from that. She burst out the door, gulping as she saw the seemingly endless plains in front of her. {Its day.. I can still get away. I can find Buffy and lead her here.. Willow.. Just hold on until then..} She gulped, and started running as fast as she could, away from the sound of Willows screams. 


*Willows pov* 


Her relief when Tara ran was cut short with a scream as the vampire thrust himself inside of her, breaking another one of her fingers as he did. He didnt show any mercy, breaking the other two fingers as he thrust out and in hard, pulling scream after scream from her. She sobbed helplessly when he moved onto her other hand, though she knew the one thing that would truly destroy her, he couldnt do. He couldnt hurt Tara. She was safe. He broke four of her fingers at the same time, scratching her breast with his fingernails as he continued. After breaking her last finger, he moved his hands to her throat, cutting off her air and continuing his thrusts. She started thrashing, her lungs burning with the rest of her body. There was no part of her body that didnt hurt. Her back stung from the holes, her hands were throbbing, her neck ached from the pressure on it, and she felt she was being ripped apart from the inside, her privates in constant agony. When she was sure she was about to die, he emptied his sperm into her, and let go of her throat, snickering as she gasped for air between choppy sobs. 

"Now… I suppose I should give you some medical attention.. I dont want you dying on me." Her screams came out as more of squeaks when he set all her fingers back into place, and picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder. He brought her to a bigger bathroom, and flopped her onto the cold tile, going over to a large cabinet. She stared at the ceiling blankly as he put her hands into casts, then flipped her over to put bandages on her back. Tara was safe. Nothing else mattered. She forced herself back into reality with a grimace. She had to stay alive and aware for Tara. She couldnt let herself fade away. 

"You thought you were so smart, didnt you? Pulling that stunt and letting your girlfriend get away? I'll find her." Willow glared at him 

"She'll find Buffy.. And then you'll be dust." 

"I doubt it.. We're miles away from civilization. As soon as it gets dark… I'm going to find her… and you'll regret it." She gulped, wondering with a start if she had put Tara in even more danger than she was in before. As if reading her mind, he snickered "Oh, I wont hurt her. Its not her fault she made the mistake of loving a waste like you… no, i'm going to do this again.. And make her watch… or maybe.. Maybe I'll strip you naked, and hang you from the ceiling… or make you enjoy It.. Oh.. I'm sure that would be a great way to punish you. Make you enjoy me inside you.." He snickered and filled a cup with water, shoving it towards her face "Drink. You've lost a lot of blood." She obeyed silently, still glaring at him. "I think as part of your punishment, you'll go to bed without food tonight." She still didnt say anything and he laughed, picking her up again. Once in her room, he brought her to the bed, dropping her on it before walking away quickly. Unable to do much with the casts, she laid there, staring at the ceiling again. {Tara… please be safe..} 


*Taras pov*


When night had fallen, she had been reminded of how ill prepared she had been for her escape. She had felt like she had been running for hours, and yet, her surroundings still looked all the same. At every sound, she checked her surroundings. She wondered solemnly as she ran, if Willow was dead. At that thought, it seemed as if all her fatigue hit her at the same time, and she stopped running, sitting down on the cool grass. Surely Willow couldnt be dead.. She'd feel it. But what if she was worse than dead..? What if she was beaten and bleeding? What if she was in pain and suffering, but the vampire was keeping her just barely alive? This time, when she heard a sound behind her, she ignored it. The last couple of times it had only been a squirrel or something… besides.. She was too busy trying to convince herself that Willow was fine. 

"And she was so sure you'd get away… Pity, really." She tensed up, fear rising from her stomach "Now, if you get up and come with me willingly, Things might be better for Willow. If not… I'll still bring you back… but her punishment will be worse."

"So shes not dead..?" She asked, getting up slowly. 

"No… That would be a waste… she's quite a good Fuck." She winced, turning towards him slowly. "She's alive.. Though i'm sure she wishes she wasn't." Tara gulped 

"I.. I'll come with you willingly.." He smirked and picked her up, running back the way they had come. 


*Willows pov* 


She snapped out of her daze when the door opened, lifting her head slowly. Her heart sank when she saw Tara standing in the doorway with her head down, the collar back on her neck.

"Hope you got some rest… Cause we are about to have some fun." The vampire taunted, pushing Tara the rest of the way in. Tara looked at her solemnly

"I'm.. Willow I'm sorry.." She breathed, obviously looking her over. Willow opened her mouth to tell her it wasn't her fault, but the vampire advanced on her quickly, plucking her from the bed and walking swiftly from the room, slamming the door behind him. He went into the room of torture- which was what she named it- and chained her to the wall spread eagle. She finally noticed the window. Her heart sank. Whenever he wanted to torture her… Tara could see it. Whatever he was planning on doing now… Tara could see it. She yelped in surprise as a hand caressed her breasts, tracing a finger around her nipple, making a small pit grow in her stomach despite her feelings of hatred. 

"No.. Don't touch me!" She spat, lashing out against the cuffs, wincing at the pain it caused her fingers. 

"I'll do what I want to do… you can't stop me." He responded, though it was a tease, he said it as if it was a term of endearment. He kissed down her body, starting from the top of her neck and ending just above her crotch. 

"Let me out of these chains and I'll show you that I /can/ stop you." She hissed, gritting her teeth against the sensations he was sending through her. 

"Oh.. Feisty… I like it.." She yelped in protest when he moved his hand to her outer lips, moving them apart with one finger, and allowing the other ones to explore her most private area. A shock wave of unwanted pleasure ripped through her, causing her hips to buck as he pressed down on her clit, then began to slowly stroke it. She felt the pit grow bigger, and her physical need become more urgent, the blood from her brain leaving quickly. As he continued on her clit, he used his other hand to pay attention to her left nipple while his mouth occupied the other. Her mission to stay strong became harder, wanting desperately to beg for her release, the teasing nearing painful. "Do you need something baby..?" He taunted, stopping everything he was doing at once and backing away. She whimpered in frustration, her resolve quickly disappearing. 

"P-please…" She forced out, finding speaking very difficult. 

"Please what?" She whined softly

"Please.. I need to…" She risked a pained glance at the window, her heart aching when she saw Tara watching with a heart broken stare, tears leaving her eyes in a river. With what little strength was left in her at that moment, she turned back to the vampire, glaring right into his mocking smirk. 

"Just tell me.. And I'll give it to you.." She jumped when he pressed down harshly on her clit, but took his finger away far too soon, only making her need increase. She gulped, glancing back up at Tara before her resolve fell into place, and she looked to him, forcing a strong 

"No." From her mouth. The vampire growled and uncuffed her, not even trying to catch her as she fell, her legs not able to hold her up. She grunted as she hit the hard ground, the air knocked out of her. He grabbed her hair harshly, and dragged her out of the room. She didnt even try to fight back, hoping he was bringing her back to Tara. When he walked past the door, her heart sunk. {Oh goddess.. Hes going to kill me… What will happen to Tara..? Oh goddess.. I dont want to die… I dont want to leave her..} She finally began struggling, hissing in pain when he sent a strong kick to her side. He dragged her into another room with a cell, and tossed her in. He grabbed a shirt and pants and put them on her quickly and cuffing her arms through a bar before stomping out. He slammed the cell door and went to an area with an electric heater, cranking the number all the way up. The heater lit up and the room became warmer. He smirked at her before stomping out and slamming the door. It didnt take long for the room to become so hot the clothes stuck to her, and her mouth seemed drier than it was before. Her heart rate seemed to speed up with fear at the thought that creeped into her mind {Is he going to /fry/ me to death?!} The throbbing between her legs was making it hard to focus on staying awake. But she had to. Stay awake, stay alive. Stay alive, protect Tara.


*Taras pov*


She watched as Willow was dragged from the room, and quickly looked to the door, needing to see her. As time went on, her fear increased {Oh goddess… Oh goddess he killed her… No… She cant be dead.. I'd feel it… but where is she..?} She started to pace the room, clutching her t-shirt in her hands out of concern. {What if he /is/ killing her.. But slowly? What if this is to get back at me for running? What if shes dying and..} She spun around to face the door as it opened, her heart sinking when the vampire entered without Willow. He set a paper bowl, fork and cup on the table before turning to leave

"W-Wait!" He turned around and narrowed his eyes


"W-Wheres.. Wheres Willow..?" A grin grew on his face

"Oh.. Shes just resting in a nice warm room." 

"S-Shes a-alive..?" He snickered

"Death would be too easy." He left with a smirk, leaving her alone. She bit her quivering lip and walked over to the table slowly, frowning at the cat food and cup of water. She sighed softly before eating the cat food quickly, gagging on the taste, before downing the water to wash the taste away. Looking at the shelf, she noticed something on top of it. She walked over cautiously, and reached for it, tears forming when she saw what it was. The day he took them.. He brought Willows go bag in. He must have hid it from them on the shelf… or just forgotten to give it to them. She opened the bag and pulled out the stuffed animal with a small sniffle, and hugged it to her chest. She stumbled over to the bed and curled around it, and started to cry. 


*Willows pov*


Her eyes had long since dried out, and she was pretty sure most of the water in her body was on her skin in the form of sweat. She was convinced she was melting. With loud, labored breaths, she ducked her head and grabbed the fabric of her soaked shirt between her teeth, and desperately tried to rip it off of herself. She grunted in frustration, pushing her head up against the bars, trying to gulp in the air she was having trouble getting. Her lungs seemed to be tightening by the minute, and her heart seemed to beat faster than a heart should. If possible, she started to sweat more, the urge to pass out growing stronger. {Protect Tara.. Protect Tara.. Protect Tara..} She repeated in her head, struggling to lift her head to stay conscious. She could feel her body seem to grow heavier. As her head fell back, and her eyes started to roll back in her head, her fear grew even stronger, her mind slowing down {Tara…}




"Willow! Willow… Oh goddess.. Oh please wake up.." She groaned softly and turned her head to the side. 


"Oh goddess.. Willow! Are you okay?!" 

"Toasty.." She mumbled, reaching an arm up towards Tara and fluttering her eyes open. "Thirsty… need.." She felt a cup press against her lips and opened them gratefully, drinking the refreshing liquid thristily. When the cup was pulled away she whimpered, her mouth still feeling dry. 

"I'm sorry thats.. That's all he gave…" 

"Tara… I'm not dead…" There was a small choked cry from above her 

"It would appear that way, wouldn't it?" 

"Sorry…" She muttered, looking right into Taras eyes 

"F-For what?" She ran her tongue over her lips absently, trying to wet them

"For telling you to run.. I know it must have been really hard and.. And you couldve gotten hurt and.." Her starting babble was cut off with a finger on her lips 

"I understand why you did it. You wanted to protect me. I… I wish I could protect you." Willow frowned, still trying to keep herself awake despite the exhaustion that still lingered in her system. 

"Tara.. Baby, you know that nothing that happens.. Or has happened, is your fault, right?"

"I.. You're doing all you can to protect me and I cant.. I cant do anything without getting you even more hurt…" Willow half smiled

"And thats good enough for me… That you care enough to obey to keep me as safe as you possibly can… I.. I really appreciate it Tara… I just…" Her smile faded "I just wish you didnt have to see all this…" Tara pushed a lock of hair away from her eyes carefully, cupping her cheek 

"And I'm just glad you arent doing this alone." Willow smiled and leaned into the touch before her exhaustion took over, forcing her to sleep.




Willow woke with a gasp as the door slammed open 

"I think its about time we do some more training, don't you?" The vampire growled, gesturing at the ground in front of him. "Blondie, stay on the bed." Tara, who had also just woken up, frowned at her as she got up reluctantly. "Now, I think since you've already had one training session, the stakes will be higher, and the commands more of something you wouldn't want to do." She warily stood in front of him, narrowing her eyes 

"Raise the stakes? How?" He smirked, pressing two buttons. As she fell with her own shriek, she could hear Taras behind her, and stumbled to get up and go to her "Tara!" The vampire snickered as she checked Tara over. The blonde was breathing heavily, her eyebrows creased in pain. 

"That.. Thats what you've felt…?" Willow choked back tears and cupped her cheek 

"I.. I didnt want you to have to know what it.." 

"Alright, moment over. Get over here, or I do it again." Willow glared at him, getting off of the bed quickly, not wanting to risk Tara being shocked again. "First command.. Pull my pants down." Her heart sank and she gulped, reluctantly pulling his pants down, gritting her teeth at the sight of his penis. He snickered, rubbing it a view times to get it hard "You know what to do now." She swallowed her growing tears and took it in her mouth, gagging again at the taste before beginning to suck on it. He moaned from above her, wrapping his fingers in her hair and pushing her face closer. She fought the urge to bite down, knowing it would get Tara hurt. After a little bit he started thrusting against her face hard and fast, choking her repeatedly. She sped up her own pace, guessing this meant he was close. As if on cue, he came into her mouth. She forced herself to swallow, gagging as she did. He laughed lowly and pulled out of her mouth, pushing her down onto her back slowly. Her eyes widened in disbelief as he started kissing down her body again, manipulating her clit as he teased one of her nipples. She felt the pit return to her stomach, and felt like crying. He was going to tease her… again. By the time a few minutes had passed, she was writhing under him, her breathing choppy. She was trying her hardest to fight the sensations that tormented her body, but almost all the blood from her brain had moved.. Downstairs. The throbbing in her body was almost unbearable, the vampires words only barely making way to her mind. "Tell me what you need." She felt tears leak from her eyes as she fought to regulate her breathing. "That wasn't a question, that was a command." She felt disgust for herself rise and she realized she would have to say it, or Tara would get hurt again. 

"I..I n..ne..need…" She choked out "I need… t...to… come.." He smirked, pushing down on her clit painfully, but not enough for her release. 

"What's the magic word?" 

"P..ple…" Her words were choked off by a mixture of disgust and need, and she had to force herself to continue "Please…" He continued to tease her mercilessly, leaning to nibble her ear

"Please what?" She almost broke down to tears, but fought to stay collected for Tara. 

"Please.. I need.. Please make me.. Make me c-come.." He snickered 

"Hmm… Survey says.. No." He got up with a laugh, watching her squirm in disbelief 

"B-But.. I.." 

"Have fun girls…" He teased as he left, leaving her writhing with painful need on the ground. 

"Oh goddess.. Willow i'm so…" She whimpered softly, trying to crawl away from Tara, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

"Don't.. D-Dont lo-look at me…" 

"Willow please don't.." Had Tara not been watching her, she would have brought herself to release, anything to get rid of the painful throbbing of her unwanted need. 

"I… I'm… di-disgusting.. I let him… I.." Suddenly Tara was at her side, cupping her cheek gently, and lifting her chin to look at her. Her tears were wet with tears, and Willows heart ached with guilt. 

"Sweetie… you didnt /let/ him do anything." 

"Thats not true.. I.. I didnt.. I didn't fight back.." She sniffled. Tara leaned down to plant a kiss on her forehead, and Willow whined, craving to keep the contact. Tara seemed to sense this, and moved closer, pulling her into an embrace

"He threatened to hurt me. Had I been in your position.." Willow got her meaning and moved closer, silently thanking her. She felt a hand moving down towards her core and stiffened, fearing her was back until Taras soft voice filled her ears "Sh… its okay.. Just relax Sweetie.." She did her best to obey, leaning into Taras touch. Tara didnt delay, making a fast rhythm on her clit and stimulating her breasts with her free hand. All it took to push her over the edge was the taller girl claiming her lips with her own, stifling her cry of release. Willow whined softly, begging Tara to go /inside/. Taras fingers entered her easily, her rhythm slowing to a stop as her body stopped contracting. Willows eyes fluttered in exhaustion and Tara kissed her again softly. "Better?" Willow muttered her thanks weakly, narrowing her eyes 

"Why did you…?" The twos eyes met and Tara grinned warmly, moving a lock of red hair behind her ear. Willows eyes widened "You mean..?" Tara planted another kiss to her lips and nodded 

"I mean." The blonde started to get up and Willow moaned in protest "If we're going to sleep, we should probably do it on the bed Sweetie." A chuckle kept them from climbing onto to bed 

"Oh yes, why don't we go to bed, Willow." Willows eyes widened in fear. She could feel Tara stifen behind her, becoming eerily silent. The vampire moved closer, setting two bowls on the table, along with two small cups of water. "Luckily for you, I'm in the mood for something else right now… A different type of fun." Her stomach twisted, part of her glad he wasn't going to rape her again.. For now at least, the other part of her knowing he still meant to bring her pain. "I'd recommend eating /afterwards/ though.. Wouldn't want you throwing up your food, would we?" She stayed silent 

"Oh, because /that/ would be so tragic, considering what you've done…" Tara muttered. Out of protective instinct, she inched closer to her when the vampire snarled. 

"What was that?" Willow gulped and glanced at Tara, then back to him, wincing when she repeated what she had said. "I dont very much appreciate your snark, girly." He growled, stomping towards them. Willow immediately stepped in front of Tara, glaring fire at him. 

"What are you gonna do? Zap me? Torture /me/ next?" Willow took a second to look back at Tara pleadingly

"Tara please…" 

"No, I think thats a very good question… What am I going to do?" He taunted, a stab of pain striking through Willows scalp as he grabbed a chunk of her hair and pulled her flush with him. Tara immediately clenched her fists and stepped forward 

"It was me.. Leave her alone.." The vampire snickered, his chest moving against Willows back. 

"I told you… I dont like blondes." Tears appeared in Taras eyes 

"Pl-Please.. I-I t-take it b-back.. I-I ap-apologize…" 

"Well then.. Maybe.. I'll just settle for watching the two of-" Without thinking, Willow struck behind her with her elbow, and he groaned in pain as she started to rush to Tara. With a growl, his hand wrapped around her ankle and sent her flying to the ground, grunting in pain as he nose hit the ground. "You little bitch! I was going to let you two have some fun while I only watched! But now.. Now…" He pulled her up and towards him, holding her throat with one hand, while the other grabbed Taras wrist. He started walking quickly, causing Willow to stumble in an effort to not be choked. He went into the other room and threw her to the floor before quickly chaining Tara to the wall. Willow quickly stumbled to her feet to launch an attack, fearing he was going to hurt her. He simply knocked her to the ground, kneeling down behind her. He shoved her back down when she tried to get up, and held her butt to him as he ripped off his own jeans. Her heart thudded painfully when she realized what was happening. She tried desperately to claw her way away, and heard Tara screaming at him, begging him not to. He didnt delay, and with one harsh thrust, she felt her cherry pop, erupting an agonizing pain in her as his hard penis stretched her anus. Her scream of agony echoed off the walls, drowning out Taras scream, telling him to stop, her voice full of tears. She tried harder to get away, the pain in her backside more than anything she had felt before, and he continued mercilessly, pulling out fully before thrusting back in, going as deeply as he could, using her own blood as a lubricant. She continued her screaming sobs, realizing after a while that he was taking his time, holding back his own release to prolong her suffering. A while after her screams had turned to raw throated squeals, and her eyes stung from tears, she felt his sperm fill her throbbing anus. He pulled out before shoving her away, into a sobbing mess.

"Willow! Willow! Let me go to her!" Tara screamed as the vampire snickered, grabbing Willow and pulling her back up. She whimpered, dizzy from the pain she had felt. He didnt give her time to protest before shoving his cock into her mouth, forcing her to taste her own blood, mixed with his sperm. 

"That, Willow, That just came from up your tight little ass. Mm.. Nothing feels better then feeling an anal virgins cherry pop.. Your screams.. Oh the screams…" Another sob shook her body as she tried to pull away from him. "Clean it. Clean all the blood and cum off of there.. Or I'll take your little girlfriend for a ride." She gave another choked sob as she started doing as he said, shuddering at the metal tang of her own blood. "She had to watch that… She had to suffer through seeing- and hearing- that… Because of the stunt you pulled… I'm sure the chains have bitten into her wrists by now… She struggled with all she had, trying to save you." The last sentence raised an occative as he came again. She forced herself to swallow it, hoping he would let her lay down… curl up.. And sleep for as long as she could. Sure enough, he pulled away and let go, letting her collapse back to the ground. Her broken gaze turned to look at Tara, wishing she could be in her embrace. Wishing that they were anywhere but here. Taras eyes were soaked with tears, her eyes puffy and red. 

"..Tara..?" The girl looked at her with down turned lips that quivered again when their eyes met. 


"You know, i think I should leave you naked for tonight… let your sore asshole rub against every surface it touches. If I find you with clothes on, this'll happen again… and ive found a new spell that will prove mighty fun and useful.." She whined softly and he snickered, unchaining Tara and picking Willow up harshly by her arms. He dragged her limp form back to the room, tossing her backside down onto the floor, smirking at her squeak of pain. Tara rushed in right before he slammed the door, taking Willow into her arms. 

"Oh goddess.. Oh Willow…" Willow whined again, reaching for Taras shirt. "You.. You.. L-lost a lot of b-b-blood… y-you need.."

"Water.." She finished raspily, letting Tara help her up onto her unsteady legs, leading her to the table. 

"Hold on to me.. Th-Those seats wont do you any.." She finished with a shake of her head, picking up one of the glasses of water. Willow opened her mouth when it was brought to her lips, accepting it gratefully. All too soon, it was gone, leaving her still very thirsty. Tara set that one down and picked up her own, bringing it towards Willow. She shut her lips tightly, shaking her head. "You need it more.. I'll… I'm sure I'll get more…" Willow reluctantly gave in, accepting the water. Once that cup had been emptied, she thanked Tara quietly. "Lets get you into bed, okay?" She pouted, imagining with a wince, how the rough surface of the bed would feel against her aching hole. 

"It.. Will it hurt..?" Tara frowned, kissing her softly. 

"We'll put you on your stomach, okay?" Willow nodded, letting herself be led to the bed. Tara pulled back the small blanket, helping Willow climb in and lay down face first, before pulling it over her gently, careful not to hit her damaged asshole. Willow felt the bed shift when Tara joined her on the bed, and moved her head to the side to look at her, yawning weakly 

"Thank you…" Tara kissed her forehead gently 

"Get some sleep." Willow frowned suddenly 

"Stay with me..?" Tara blinked warmly

"I'm not going anywhere." Willow yawned again, closing her eyes slowly 

"I love you.." She muttered as sleep claimed her. A few seconds later, even though Willow couldnt hear her, the reply came

"I love you too."




Willows eyelids fluttered sleepily as she heard large footsteps approaching the bed. From her place on her stomach, she couldnt see who it was, but assumed it was Tara, since the vampire had spent the day torturing her, and probably was out hunting. The thought made her stomach flop, flashbacks from her time as the first vamps hostage, when he tortured that other girl and made her watch, plaguing her mind. Seeking out comfort, she burrowed her face deeper into what she thought was a pillow, alarm stinging her nerves when she realized it was Tara, from her even breathing. She shot up in the bed, her eyes widening in fear when she realized it was, in fact, the vampire, looking at her with a smile. She turned to wake Tara but he lunched at her, putting a cloth over her mouth and nose. With a muffled yelp, she realized it was chloroform, and held her breath. She struck at him with her fists weakly as her lungs screamed for air, but she tried to hold it in as long as she could, launching weak attacked at him when he picked Tara up, slinging her over his shoulder. She gave a muffled protest, gasping for air as the strong smell assaulted her nose, and sent her into darkness. 


*Taras pov*


She woke with a small yawn, the first thing she noticed being that Willow wasn't at her side. As she came more to her senses, she realized that she wasn't in the bed, or in the same room, anymore. The room she was in was dark, the only light being the crack under the door, though her eyes began to adjust. She looked around once she could see a basic outline, finding the tiny room empty all except for a bucket in the corner and a… Her heart hammered in her chest, her horror growing. A limp body. She scrambled towards it. Even though she couldnt see the face or even the hair clearly, her mind told her it was Willow. There were no sounds or movement coming from the body besides the slight rise and fall, which was barely visible, but gave Tara some relief anyway. She shook her slowly and gently at first, but it quickly grew quick and panicked. Even if she was breathing, there could still be something really wrong with her… she could be in the /process/ of dying, and Tara felt like she had been struck when she realized even if she was.. She couldnt do anything to help. She fell back onto her heels weakly. Had they gotten taken by an even worse freak? She reached her hand up, feeling for the collar, wondering if she should be relieved, or just as afraid to find it was still there. The body beside her began to groan and she moved closer, taking her hand. 

"Willow?! Are you awake?!" She asked fearfully. Willow shot up quickly, groaning and grabbing her head as she did 

"He didnt hurt you, did he? I saw him in the room but he had a cloth.. I was too late and I saw him pick you up and…" Taras expression softened in relief 

"No, he didnt hurt me… Did he hurt you..?" Willow shook her head, taking in the room as she had a little before. 

"Bastard just chloroformed me before I could stop him… My head hurts…" Tara placed a kiss on the redheads cheek softly 

"I er.. I dont know how long we've been in this new room but.." Willow sighed 

"Its pretty.. Empty." She finished solemnly "I wonder what his new fucked up torture plan is this time.." Tara felt a pit of fear grow in her stomach at that, and Willow looked up with wide eyes "I didnt mean to… I just.." Tara nodded silently and heard Willow climb to her feet with some effort, and start to bang on the metal door "YOU BASTARD! SHE ISNT PART OF THIS, LET HER GO!" Taras eyes widened as her lover started screeching as she hit the door "YOU WANNA TORTURE ME? FINE! BUT LEAVE HER OUT OF IT!" Tara scrambled to her feet to stop Willow when the girl spasmed with a yell of pain. Tara rushed to her side, watching as Willow shook for longer than usual, her eyes wide with pain and terror. Just as Willows eyes started to close, the obvious pain she was in finally trying to claim her in unconsciousness, it stopped. Willow slumped back with shallow gasps "Geez.. I didnt mean.." She rasped, looking up at Tara. 

"A-Are you o-okay..?" She asked, horrified at what she had just seen. Willow nodded, squeezing her eyes shut 

"I think he raised the settings.." Tara felt like being sick. Willow had only yelled because she was there too.. To experience whatever the vampire had planned alongside her.. And because of that yelling, Willow had gone through more pain. As if reading her mind, A shaky hand cupped her cheek gently "Baby, it isnt your fault.. I probably should have thought that out better…" Her sentence ended with a soft chuckle "Or at all.." Tara whipped her tears away, but saw Willow frown. 

"Whats..?" Willow looked down to fiddle with her hands

"I.. I have to pee.." Both girls gazes turned to the bucket uncomfortably. 


*Willows pov*


She crawled towards the bucket shamefully, having nothing to pull down to use it, since he had forbidden her to put any clothes on last night, just having to hover over it… which was a tough task with her weak and achy muscles, and at first, she missed. After a little bit, she moved away from the bucket, looking for toilet paper, her stomach sinking when she couldnt find any. 

"I'm.. I'm done.." Tara turned back and Willow guessed she was blushing. "You didnt have to.." Tara shrugged

"I-I thought I-it would make y-you f-feel a b-bit more c-comfortable.." With a start, Willow realized that Tara was shaking. She rushed over, her embarrassment forgotten, and took her into her arms carefully 

"Tara, Baby, whats wrong..?" She winced at the choice of words {Perhaps that we are the captives of an insane, torture happy vampire? Whats wrong..} 

"I-I.. I know t-that yo-youve gone through a-a lot la-lately b-bu-but.. I-I'm scared.." Willow pulled Tara closer and stroked her hair gently 

"I know.. And I wouldn't expect you not to be." Tara nodded, her shoulders shaking as she cried. Willow felt a burning hatred towards the vampire that held them there. Not because he had tortured her, not even because he had raped her… Because he made Tara scared.. Made her cry. Had she not wanted to scare Tara again by banging on the door and yelling.. And probably getting shocked again… she would have given that no-good vamp a piece of her mind. So instead, she simply stroked Taras hair, and whispered loving words to her until she fell asleep. 




It had been a while since they had any food or water, and it was only adding to their fear, and making them both grumpy. They had even gotten into a fight that made them sleep at different sides of the room and it still wasn't over. As she shivered in her corner of the small room, she thought over why they were here. Of course, she didnt actually know, but she had some theories. Either this was another part of his sick torture, to seperate the only reason she was clinging onto her sanity, her only will to live… or he was just deciding to starve them both to death. But if he wanted them dead, wouldn't he have just drained them? Or maybe that was too 'merciful' of a death for him. She decided not to think too hard about it, since she couldnt do anything about it. Her shivering had gotten more violent, and she curled up. The rooms temperature had dropped considerably, leaving both girls shivering, though Willow got the worst of it in her nude state. The air stank of the smell of both of their urine, though the bucket had not overflowed since a couple mornings- or what she thought were mornings- they had woken to find it had been emptied. Willow tried to stop her chattering teeth as she glanced over at Tara, who was shivering in her sleep. The door suddenly squeaked open and Willow leaped up, rushing towards it. As something was thrown at her, she tried to duck, falling with a thud, squeaking in pain and shock as her still aching ass hit the freezing cold ground. The door was closed again before she could get up, and she hissed under her breath, slamming her fists into her thighs in frustration. She quieted down when she heard Tara start to stir. After a couple seconds, the blonde was sleeping quietly again, and Willow began to inspect the object that had been thrown at her warily. She started to yell at herself silently when she realized it was a small, yet scratchy blanket. {/thats/ what you cowered from?! A /blanket/?! That was the reason you couldnt get to the door before it closed?! Why you and Tara are still stuck in this room?! Coward!} She glanced over at Tara solemnly. They hadnt spoken since their fight, when their unhealthy state got to Tara, and she had said some harsh things to Willow. 



~"Had you not went on your little high with the magicks, this would've never happened! We wouldn't be starving to death in a dumb, cold room, held hostage by a vampire!" Tara yelled, her eyes glazed with anger, hunger and thirst. Willow flinched, tears stinging her eyes 

"T-Tara I…" Tara flung her hands up in the air 

"You /what/?! Are /sorry/ that your stupidity is getting us both killed?! Goddess, I should've just hung up that damn call! If I had, I wouldn't be here!" Willows chest tightened as she fought the urge to break down 

"I.. I would've still been with the first vampire if you had.. I.. I probably would've died…" Taras gaze softened briefly, but returned to the hard glare 

"Youre probably going to die now too! But now, it isnt just you! You're the reason i'm going to die, the reason my life is going to get cut short before it ever really begins!" Willows eyes widened in horror 

"Tara I.. Look, we're both hungry and tired-" 

"And whose fault is that, Willow?" The way Tara spat her name like poison made her walls collapse, her knees buckling under her. For a moment, for a hopeful moment, it looked like maybe Tara was going to embrace her.. But she turned away, curling up in the corner farthest from her "Just.. Just stay over there." Willow sobbed harder, pulling herself into her own corner, her heart breaking at the sound of Taras own crying. She had put that misery there. Tara was right. It was all her fault. She should have just died before anyone could save her. With that miserable thought, Willow fell into a fitful sleep.~

[End of flashback]

Willow looked over at Tara at the memory. She was sure that Tara was feeling bad about it, even if Willow deserved it… She even knew she did. What she didnt deserve was Taras love… {or even the blanket for that matter.} She thought with strong self-hate. She made her way over to Tara, settling the blanket over her, making sure there were no holes for cold air to slip through, smiling sadly as Taras shivering stopped, a smile forming on her face. She was heading for her corner when she realized a half-empty glass of water had been set in the room as well. She picked it up carefully, taking only a small sip to test for anything harmful before going to set it by Tara, fighting the urge to break the glass and stab it into her wrist.. That would be unfair to Tara. After setting the glass down, she went back to her corner, shivering harshly as she struggled for sleep. When it didnt come, she stared at the wall in a daze, startled when Tara yelped. She sat up quickly, ready to attack the vampire when she realized Tara was just sitting up with wide eyes, and guessed she had a nightmare. She watched as Tara looked at the blanket in confusion 

"He uh.. He brought it in a little bit ago.." Willow muttered, just barely above a whisper, though Tara must have heard it because she nodded, looking next to the water "That too.." Tara looked up at her with a small groan, eyebrows furrowed 

"Did you..?" 

"I er.. I drank half.." She lied. Tara nodded again, picking the glass up carefully, her hands shaking as she drank it. Willow watched, her own thirst making itself known again. She looked away with great effort, hearing the glass be set down again. 

"...Willow..?" Tara breathed 


"I'm sorry.. I didnt mean what I said.." Willow felt her tears begin again, and wondered idly, how she had any water left in her body. 

"Its fine.. I.. Its true.. I deserved it.." She began scratching at her arm, something she had started doing the night they had fought. 

"No I was.." Taras voice faded to a horrified stare as she looked at Willows arm "Willow! Stop that!" Willow looked down at her arm with a frown. It was bleeding from the deep scratches that covered her pale skin. 

"Huh." She said with almost fascination. Tara scrambled over to her, knocking the glass over and breaking it in her rush, seeming not to notice as a piece buried itself in her foot. When she grabbed Willows wrist to pull it away from the arm she was scratching, Willow grunted in protest, struggling to continue. 

"Stop!" Tara shrieked, pulling harder on her wrist. Willow didn't stop until there was a sharp slap to her cheek, her eyes widening in shock as her hand went to her cheek, which was now warm. "Willow I.." She pushed her shock down, blinking tears away 

"Its.. It's fine.. I.." Tara frowned, looking down

"I.. I had t-to s-stop you.. Y-you were.. You were hurting yourself.." Willow nodded, her throat tight. Tara had just /hit/ her. She had done it to stop her from hurting herself but it.. It still shocked her. She knew Tara hadnt done it to hurt her.. The opposite. "Willow.." 

"I'm fine.. I just.. Shocked is all.." Her eyes went to Taras foot, her eyes widening in horror "Tara.. Your.. Your foot.. You're hurt.." Tara followed her gaze, wincing when she tried to pull the glass out. Willow took Taras hand away from the wound gently. "Let me.. It.. It'll be easier if you dont look…" Willow examined it carefully, "C-Can I take a bit of your sleeve..? I'd take a bit of my own except.. Kinda.. Naked.." Tara nodded and Willow ripped a piece off. Getting it ready as she got her hand ready on the glass. "Just breathe.. In and out.. In and out.." She said softly, "How'd you sleep?" Tara narrowed her eyes in confusion, still looking away 

"Not too good.. Its cold in here. Though I was warmer when I woke up.. Did you put the blanket on me?" 

"Yup. When he opened the door, I charged it, believe it or not," When Tara giggled, Willow pulled the piece of glass out quickly, continuing to speak as she did, and as she wrapped the piece of sleeve around the wound tight enough to stop the bleeding, but not to tight as to cut off circulation. "Then he threw the blanket in and I jumped away as if it was a bunch of knives! I fell of course, 'cause I'm clumsy, and when I got over the shock of the cold floor, the door was closed. I didnt even notice the water at first! Imagine my surprise when I found out my attacker was a blanket!" Tara continued to giggle and Willow smiled. The giggling stopped and Tara looked at her with a small frown 

"Are you gonna take it out…?" Willows smile widened 

"Its already done." Taras eyes widened and she struggled to look 

"No way! I didnt even.." Her jaw hung open when she saw the cloth wrapped around her foot, and the piece of glass off to the side. "How did you get me to not notice that?" Willow fought the urge to kiss her forehead, not knowing if that would be overstepping

"Laughing is the best medicine." Tara smirked slyly 

"Second best." Willows eyes widened, softening into a smile. The moment was interrupted when the door slammed open. The vampire went straight for them, Willow screaming and launching herself at him when he grabbed Taras arm. He easily threw her into the wall, causing her to shriek in pain when her back hit. He pulled Tara up again, the blonde shrieking as he bit into her neck.

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