Willows Penance

BY : Eagleblaze
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Chapter Two

*Taras pov* 


"S...Sorry…." She scrambled towards the laptop as Willows body went limp 

"Willow! No!" She shrieked, Buffy having to hold her back from the screen. A bunch of vampires rushed into the room, pressing a button on the outside of the box that caused it to return to its normal size, and pulled Willows limp body out and into the stone floor. Tara focused on her chest, yelping in grief as she saw no movement "No! She cant be dead!" Xander started sobbing, and Anya pulled him into her arms, staring at the screen silently, though tears appeared in her eyes, and she ducked her face into his shoulder.

"No…" Buffy let go of her, slumping back into Giles awaiting arms, and hiding her tear streaked face in his chest. He hugged her tightly, looking down sadly. Tara didnt look away from the screen, praying to the goddess silently. 

"Shes not…?" Dawn sobbed quietly "She can't be…" Tara pulled the young girl closer, letting her cry into her shirt. {Goddess please.. Dont let her be gone…} She silently begged, staring numbly at the screen with tears streaming down her face. {Please… please no… not like this…} Another vampire rushed into the screen, pumping air into her mouth while another performed CPR on her. 

"Guys, look!" Tara yelped as Willow shot up with a gasp, panting loudly as the vampires backed away and left the room. She looked around wildly, her eyes wide with fear. 

"I-i'm alive… oh goddess…" Tara choked on a sob, her heart fluttering in relief. 

"Shes alive!" She breathed "Goddess… shes alive…" 


*Willows pov*


Her lungs burned and all of her muscles were stiff and aching, but she was alive.  She quickly checked for a pulse {Okay.. Not a vampire.} She realized they had left her unchained {And not in a shrinking box…} She crawled weakly towards the door, cursing quietly when her muscles started spasming again. As she crawled towards the door, she thought about what she felt while she was in that box. She felt guilty about all that she had done with the magick. She had remembered the innocent person she used to be in high school. She had thought about Jesse and his death. About her choice to devote her life to helping save people alongside Buffy and Xander. And most of all… her love for Tara. She knew in that moment that she would do anything for Tara, and hated what she had done to her. She wished she could see her again, and tell her how much she loved her… And how sorry she was about everything. But she knew that there was a slim chance that she would make it out of here alive… That she would probably never see Tara again. Never be able to tell her how much she loved her. So she had decided in the moment she had found herself alive, that she was going to try her best to make it out of here… no matter the consequences. She tried the door handle, pulling as hard as she could.  When it didn't move, she surveyed the room for any weakness, crawling towards a crack as quickly as she could. She tried pulling at it with her hands, snickering as she sat back {Like that was going to do anything…} She looked to the camera stand and removed the camera from it, taking the stand and crawling back to the crack. She didnt know why the camera was still on, as surely a tape couldnt be that long, but shrugged and stuck one of the legs of the stand in the crack, pushing it to the side in an effort to make the crack bigger, gasping when Daylight shimmered through. {I can do this! I'll be able to make it back to Tara!} She continued making it bigger, ignoring the stone chunks that fell at her bare feet. There was a good sized pool of light on the floor now, making Willow smile in triumph. She could almost fit her hand through! /SNAP!/ She grunted as the leg broke, and went to use the other one, though it quickly snapped too. She frowned. {I cant get out yet… and when the vamps come in, they'll know I was trying to escape, and probably chain me up again… or put me back in the box..} She shivered at the thought, remembering how it felt to have her last breath leave her, how cold it felt… how lonely.. She looked back at the hole and set her jaw. She wasn't going to let that happen again. She was going to make it back to Tara.. No matter what. She took a deep breath and started hitting the wall with her fists, gritting her teeth against the pain. Soon blood started showing in her knuckles, but she wasn't giving up. Her muscles spasmed, and the sweating chills started again, along with the shaking, but she continued. She couldnt- /Wouldn't/ let Tara down again. No matter how much her hands burned, no matter how much her spasming muscles hurt, and not even the nausea that caused her to dry heave multiple times. 


*Taras pov*


Everyone else around her had fallen asleep soon after Willow woke up, the lack of sleep finally catching up to them. Of course she was also exhausted, but she wasn't going to leave Willow alone in this… even if she didnt know she was there. It was daytime, but the others didnt seem to notice as they slept soundly, Anya and Xander curled together, Giles in a separate chair, his tea cooling on the table beside him, and Dawn in Buffys arms. Spike had not come back, and she was glad for that, unsure if she would be able to control her temper if he said one more thing about Willow. She watched as Willow looked around the room, finally giving up on the obviously locked door. She looked closer as Willow started pulling on something, her breath catching when she realized it was a crack in the wall. She chuckled warmly when Willow realized her fingers alone wouldn't be able to expand the crack, and looked right at the camera. {Is she trying to tell me something..?} She chuckled {No, shes getting the camera stand you dork..} She smiled at her ex's smarts as she started making the crack bigger, her eyes shimmering at the light that showed {Shes going to get out!} She quickly turned, waking the others 

"Huh…?" Xander mumbled before sitting up quickly "Is she okay?!" Giles started cleaning his glasses as Buffy gasped quietly 

"Shes going to get out.." They all jumped when the first leg broke and Willow quickly went on to the other one, though it soon snapped. 

"Oh no.." Giles muttered, and Taras heart sunk. The hole wasn't big enough for Willow to crawl through. She was stuck. She shivered, her eyes drifting to the box that still remained in the room and turned back to the hole. Tara yelped as she started punching it

"Shes going to hurt herself!" She saw Dawn clutch onto Buffy tightly as blood trickled down from Willows knuckles.  Tara swallowed a whimper as she saw Willows body start to shake and spasm again, and how tight she was clenching her jaw. Tara gasped as the door slammed open and the boss vamp stomped towards Willow, who turned around wide eyes, and tried hiding in the safety of the pool of sunlight 

"Just what do you think you're doing?!" He growled, stopping short of the sunlight. Willows lip quivered but she turned and started punching the wall again, quicker than before. Tara wanted to yell out a warning as the vampire grabbed her shoulder roughly, pulling her out of the light with a hiss of pain, holding his hand "You'll pay for that you little bitch!" Tara whined quietly and squeezed her eyes shut fearfully. 


*Willows pov* 


Willow tried to go for the hole again and he kicked her so hard it sent her body skidding across the floor. She grunted in pain, struggling to get back up, only to be kicked again. {Get back to Tara…} She tried again, and this time the vamp pulled her up and attached her to the chains on the wall, using the ones for her ankles as well, making her spread eagle. She whimpered softly, struggling {Tara…} The vampire reached into his pocket and she felt her heart flutter in fear as he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it, putting it in his mouth and lazily taking a drag, blowing the smoke into her face and causing her to choke. He snickered and pulled the cigarette from his mouth, pain radiating from her as he pushed the lit end into the flesh on her arm, drawing a shriek. He smirked, putting it back in his mouth. She fought the tears that formed in her eyes as he turned away to look at the hole. She flinched as he snarled 

"You broke the fucking stand?! That means the slayer didnt see that…" He whistled and another vamp came in "Hold that camera, point it at her." Willow struggled against the chains, but found she couldnt move much in her position. The boss went closer to her, blowing more smoke in her face and grabbing her chin and pulling her face closer to his horrible breath. "You thought trying to break out was such a good idea? Making me burn my hand?" He let go of her and shoved the cigarette into her stomach, causing her to shriek in pain. She panted, looking down to see the mark it left. He quickly moved it to her thigh and pushed the burning end hard into her skin, eliciting another shriek. "This next one is for the work my minions will have to do to repair that.." He shoved it against her right side, bringing another shriek. "This is for the stand…" This time it was against on of her bleeding knuckles, getting a larger shriek. He unhooked her bra, pulling the fabric down while she shrieked, letting it hang there as he took in her breasts, waving the vampire with the camera to get a good shot of them. She sobbed in embarrassment and pain as he looked her in the eye "And this one… is for fun." She screeched loudly as the hot tip burned into the soft skin of her nipple, causing even more pain than the others. When he took it away, stomping it out, she slumped against the chains in exhaustion. "Oh no, we arent done." She whimpered softly, then, remembering her promise that she would get back to Tara, she straightened up and glared at him. "You see, I had already planned to do this before I had to punish you… and I'm not going to let you ruin my fun." Another vampire came in, rolling a metal cart in front of him. Willow fought a whimper, looking away from it and to the camera, imagining she was back home, imagining she was in Taras arms, and then tried to send a message through her expression, tried to tell anyone watching that she would be okay. She gulped and looked back to the boss vamp and gritted her teeth, glaring at him. Her resolve almost vanished when she saw the whip in his hands, but she thought of Tara again, and continued to glare. He smirked and brought his arm back. She heard the crack in the air before she felt the pain. She could hear screaming, but wasn't aware it was hers until her mind refocused. "Count." She choked back a sob, unsure how she would be able to make it through any more lashes. 

"O-One…" He snickered, striking her again in the same place, her scream even louder than the last as the whip broke skin. She fought to gather her strength, though her body was weak with pain. "Tw-Two…" He struck again, against her legs, her scream quieter, though it was still there. "Three.." He lashed her stomach, getting a louder scream again "F...four.. Please… no more.. No more…" He only laughed, striking her hard against her breasts. Her mind fogged from pain, her scream echoing through the small room as her neck fell weakly 


"What's wrong sweetheart?" She swallowed roughly, her voice scratchy from screaming 

"Five…" She muttered, glaring up at him. He smirked 

"I'm sure we'll do this again soon, but I can see you cant handle any more of this right now…" He snickered "But not bad enough for a trip. How does that sound to you?" She gulped again, lifting her head to be level with his 

"Go to hell." He chuckled, patting her cheek roughly 

"Oh I think you'll feel like you're there soon enough… just be patient." She spat in his face, getting slapped right after. He grabbed a needle from a minion, stabbing it into her vein without warning and injecting the drug in while another minion came up and blindfolded her. She tried to bite the minion as he came close, panting heavily {Tara Tara Tara… focus on Tara… get back to Tara…} She got slapped again as the needle left her arm, a cool sensation flowing through her veins. {Tara… Get back to Tara… dont let go…} She narrowed her eyes as her vision was restored, knowing it was part of the drug, but shrieking in fear anyway when she saw Rack in front of her. 

"No! I wont do it again!" Rack strolled towards her, drawing his hand down her still exposed breasts and making her whimper 

"Why not Strawberry? You're so powerful… you could destroy this world so easily.." 

"I'd never!" He chuckled in his raspy voice 

"What if you could make all those pesky 'friends' go away… There'd be nothing in your way…" Her lip quivered 

"I'd never hurt them! I love them!" 

"Oh… I never said you had to do it Strawberry…" 

"Leave them alone!" She shrieked, her stomach flopping when Tara was floated in by his magicks, her eyes wide with fear "No! Let her go!" She struggled against the chains, ignoring the pain she felt as her wounds started bleeding again "Me! Take me instead!" Deep in her mind, she knew this was part of the drug, but her rational thoughts were thrown out the window at the prospect of Tara being in danger… being in Racks grasp. He trailed his finger around her nipple, causing her to gasp softly 

"No no, I think you need to see this… Just wait your turn…" She shrieked again as Taras eyes rolled back, Racks hand pressing to her chest and pushing dark magick into her, her body shaking. 



*Taras pov*


She had gotten sick again after watching the vampire burn and whip Willow until she begged. She stumbled down the stairs weakly, trying not to think of how much pain Willow must have been in. She moved quicker when she heard Willow shriek, her heart flopping when she saw she was blindfolded again. 

"Did he…?" Xander balled up his fists

"The bastard drugged her again." 

"No! I wont do it again!" Tara sat down slowly, clutching her shirt tightly as Willow whimpered. {What is it making her see this time?!} "I'd never!" Tara narrowed her eyes

"This one sided conversation is very confusing." Anya whined, though Tara ignored it 

"I'd never hurt them! I love them!" Tara didnt know who Willow thought she was talking to, though she didnt like the way it was going. This hallucination was obviously making Willow very distressed, and she was sure it was only going to get worse. "Leave them alone!" Willows posture changed to fear "No! Let her go!" A whine got stuck in her throat as her ex started struggling, reopening her wounds and causing them to bleed freely. "Me! Take me instead!" There was a slight pause before Willow gasped uncomfortably, shrieking shortly after "No!" Willow struggled even harder, the banging of the chains well heard from the laptop "Leave her alone! Please! Please don't hurt her! Stop! I'll do anything you want!" Tara gulped as she stopped struggling, her body shaking slightly "Anything… Just dont hurt her.." 


*Willows pov*


"Heh, I knew you'd come around Strawberry…" He stalked towards her slowly, sniffing her hair before placing his hand between her breasts. She gritted her teeth and braced herself. She knew this was going to hurt like hell if she made her body fight it… but she wasn't going to give in, especially in front of Tara, who was left in the air 

"Willow no!" Willow looked to her and gulped 

"I'm sorry…" She felt the magicks enter her body, but didnt let herself accept it. Wasn't going to let herself use it. She threw back her head and screamed in agony, her body shaking violently. She felt like the magick was filling her whole body, trying to push its way out, trying to /destroy/ her. Everything in her screamed in pain, but she wouldn't let herself give in. {Back to Tara… Back to Tara…}

"Come on.. You know it wouldn't hurt if you accepted it… let it flow through you… give you that nice high… feel the power…" She shook her head, grunting in pain 

"Ne...Never again…" He shrugged, and pushed more magick into her, getting another scream.


*Taras pov*


It seemed like forever until Willow stopped screaming, seeming to be passed out from exhaustion. 

"She seemed like she was in… pain.. A Dr-drug couldnt do that… could it..?" Dawn whined, and Tara blinked sadly. 

"It can trick her mind into thinking she is… but no, once the… once it wears off she should be fine… well… with that at least.." The vampire walked back into the room, snickering and taking the blindfold off of Willow, revealing her tear stained face. Her eyes were closed and she looked peaceful, Taras heart aching for her. The vampire left after that, leaving Willow to sleep, still in the chains. Tara set her jaw and stood up, facing the gang. "Thats /it/! We are going to find her, and save her before this lunatic can hurt her again!" Everyone looked up slowly "Dawn needs to sleep so she can go to school tomorrow- no buts- Someone needs to stay here and watch over Willow.. Who's willing to do that?" Anya looked from her to Xander and then back 

"I can do it." Xander smiled weakly at her and Tara nodded. 

"The rest of us need to look around, find information about where she might be." 

"I can go question Willy." Buffy said, grabbing her coat and heading out. Normally Tara would frown upon her idea of 'questioning' Willy, but not now. Not when Willow was in trouble. Xander stood up 

"I can ask my construction buddys to see if there are any isolated buildings that might be abandoned." Tara nodded

"And I'll do a locator spell." When the light appeared, she stood up to follow it, though it vanished shortly after. Her heart sank. She knew Willow was alive… the tape showed that. She got a sick feeling, quickly sitting down. {Unless the tape isnt live and… it was taken long before now..} She pushed that thought away. Willow was okay… she /had/ to be alive. But why would her spell fail? Willow couldnt be in another dimension, or the tape wouldn't work. She narrowed her eyes, quickly doing the spell again. She sighed in relief as the little light started moving, her following. She was suddenly stopped by an arm before she could leave the house.

"You cant go without Buffy, there will be a bunch of vampires there. You wont do Willow any good if you're dead… and they could just torture her even more by showing her your body.. Or even turn you and make you do the torturing!" Tara frowned at Anya, knowing she was right. {I’ll just have to hope she’ll see it.. and know we’re coming for her…} She sat down next to Anya, sighing in defeat. 


*Willows pov*


She woke up with a gasp, immediately looking for Rack, sighing when she didn’t see him, {It was all the drugs… He’s not here… Taras okay…} She tried to move, and found herself still chained, groaning in pain as the numbness of sleep wore off. Everything burned, but she knew it wasn’t from the fake magick she had thought was put into her body. It was more likely from the burns and lashes she had endured shortly before. She sighed solemnly, seeing the hole she had managed to make was gone. Everything that had just happened… was for nothing. She wasn’t any closer to escape. She struggled against the chains, moaning when it only caused her more pain. She slumped back weakly, grimacing as her stomach flopped and growled with hunger. She wasn’t sure how long she had been here, but she knew she needed food and Water… soon. Not only had the vampire drank from her, taking her own nutrients, but she had screamed her throat dry, and feared it would be scratchy if she were to talk. She let her head droop, feeling nauseous with hunger. She thought she saw a flicker of light out of the corner of her eye and narrowed her eyes, glancing up. When she didnt see anything, she shrugged and looked down again. {There it is again!} She looked up again, glaring at the empty room. {Hes probably just messing with me.. Or maybe it was the camera light.} This time when she looked back down, a ball of light flew right in front of her eyes, causing her to gasp. She felt a tearful lump grow in her throat as she stared at it. {Tara…} She tried reaching out, grunting in pain and deciding to only move her head forward, to try and be closer to Taras light. {She doesnt hate me… Shes coming for me! I'm going to see her again… oh goddess.. Shes coming..} She jumped in fear as the door slammed open and the boss vamp stomped in

"I /thought/ I saw something!" He snarled, crushing the light despite her yelp of protest 

"No!" He fixed her with a glare and she quieted, unsure she would be able to take more pain yet, and sniffled sadly. She had felt close to Tara with that light… and now… it was gone. Her little bit of happiness crushed, yet again, by him. 

"Guess you werent lying about the magic eh? Well I know some too. How about I cloak this place? No magic in or out. You wont be able to show the slayer where you are that easily." He backhanded her hard enough to rattle the chains painfully, receiving a small yelp. "Yeah.. I think that's what I'll do. What about you do the cloak, Sweetheart? Get the fix you're so badly needing… Feel that amazing feeling go through you…" Willow whimpered and looked away, gritting her teeth as she got the familiar urge. "Stop the withdrawl… protect yourself from the pain…" It would be so easy… to give in.. She shook her head violently back and forth, ignoring the nausea it caused 

"No… I won't…" He snickered, caressing her cheek gently, sending tingles of discomfort through her. 

"I bet you're hungry.. You havent eaten for two days… do me a little magic trick, and I'll get you some food.." His hand started moving down, hooking her bra back with a disturbingly gentle touch. Her stomach growled loudly at the mention of food but she swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat 

"No… I'm d-done.." His hand wandered down further still, trailing lazily over her stomach 

"I bet you'd love a juicy cheeseburger… Or some fries… a nice cold soda…" She swallowed the growing saliva in her mouth, Trying to think of something other than the idea of food. "Just a little spark… and you can have some food…" She shook her head again, squeezing her eyes shut and thinking of Tara. {Shes looking for me. She'll find me.} His hand drifted over her panties and she gasped in shock, squirming 

"N-No.." He snickered 

"I guess no food for you then…. Nothing to settle the rumbling in your stomach. She glared over at him as he left, jumping when he came in soon after, holding a needle. She started squirming {not again! Not this!} She squeaked when he injected the liquid into her vein, snickering again "Dont worry Sweetheart.. This just makes it so you'll stay alive and get the nutrients you need without food.. That rumbing isnt going to go away anytime soon…" She whined quietly as he left {Taras coming… Wait for Tara…}


*Taras pov*


Anya patted her back awkwardly as she cried. She had thought she was helping Willow, but all she did was make the vampire mad.. And now he was going to make it so she couldnt do the spell again. And even worse… the vampire had figured out a way to torture Willow while he was giving her body a chance to heal so she wouldn't die. She had started crying when her spell made the vampire realize that Willow wasn't lying, and began using her addiction to magick to torture her mentally, even using her undoubtedly bad hunger against her. {I wish I could tell her how proud I am…} She had started crying even harder when the vampire had touched her ex sexually, fearing what might be to come. Willow was whining and squirming in her chains, and Tara frowned. {Another nightmare? Cant she catch a break?}

"No! Help! Tara help me! /Tara!/" Tara let out another sob as Willow woke up in tears, looking around wildly, then slouched back with a groan. {I wish I could help you Willow…} Willow blinked as she looked towards the camera, seeming to lock eyes with her. Buffy suddenly crashed through the door, breaking Taras trance. 

"Willys useless. Though when I mentioned Willow, a couple vamps ran out… How'd your spell go?" Tara frowned and looked back into Willows teary eyes

"I couldnt follow it.. Too dangerous without you." Buffy cracked her knuckles, narrowing her eyes. 

"Then do it again. I'd love to kill a couple vamps right now." Tara sniffled and Anya slouched down

"The lead vamp saw the light. He assumed it was Willows but… He's cloaking the place from magic. None in or out…" Buffy frowned 

"What did he think about Willows magic? I mean, he should be scared, right?" 

"He… He used it to t-taunt her… He sa-said he would give her food i-if she did magic for him…" Buffy clenched her fists 

"Did she…?" Tara shook her head slowly, putting her head in her hands. 

"Nope, he even molested her." Anya added

"...Molested?" Tara clenched her fingers in her hair 

"C-can we not talk a-about this..?" She asked softly. Anya and Buffy exchanged guilty glances. Xander came in and slammed the door, throwing his hands in the air. 

"Who would have thought there would be so many abandoned and secluded buildings in Sunnydale?" Tara choked on a sob, burying her head further in her hands. {How much longer will Willow have to deal with this…}


*Willows pov* 


She lifted her head quickly as the door slammed open 

"You know, I cant torture you more physically without risking death, which you know? Not really wanting that…" He moved closer to her, running his hands down her side's slowly "I like my girls warm." Willow blanched at what that implied, fighting a whimper of fear "So what I think I'm gonna do.. Is try my hand at some nice /mental/ torture… cant be that hard, right?" Willow gulped as he left, not even bothering to close or lock the door, there was no reason too. She couldnt get out of these chains. He came back with a metal table, placing it firmly on the ground and placing a black duffel bag on top of it. He pulled out a small metal contraption and walked towards her, placing the middle on her nose, holding her chin in a bruising grip to stop her struggling. There were clips on each side with a small thing to twist that made them open further. He attached them to her eyelids and she whimpered as he twisted the thing until her eyes were wide open, and she was unable to close them. "I know, I know, this is a bit physical.. But it won't damage your health so it doesn't count, dont you think?" She whimpered in response, feeling her eyes already start to dry out. He went back to the bag and pulled out a cheeseburger and fries from a fast food place, causing her breath to hitch. He placed them on the table, right in her sight, and then picked the bag back up. Willow whimpered again, her stomach growling loudly as the smell reached her nose. She fought to close her eyes, having to look at food she couldnt have getting to her. She settled for moving her head to the side, staring at the wall. {So I dont even get a break… my body does… but not me..} After a couple minutes of her eyes staying open, tears started leaking out, the nausea of her hunger making her feel sick. Of course, she could just do a spell, free her eyes… get rid of the tempting food… even get out of here. She opened her mouth to do just that, but quickly squeezed it shut. {For Tara. Wait for Tara.} 

“You know? Kinda bored with this…” She winced, glaring at him 

“Back so soon? Mental torture not working for you?” She spat. He smiled 

“Maybe not this kind… But there are many different ways my dear.” He left briefly, dragging a screaming girl into the room. Willow felt her stomach drop 

“W-Wait!” She yelped as he chained the girl to the wall in front of her. Willow recognized the girl as someone she had gone to school with. She hadn’t been necessarily close to her, but knew her all the same. He had a different bag, and reached into it, pulling out a drill.  “Don’t hurt her! T-There are other ways! Do the other ways!” He grinned at her before turning the drill on, and pushing it right into the other girls hand, receiving a piercing scream. Willow struggled, tears leaking unnoticed from her eyes “Stop!” To her surprise, he did stop, walking towards her and leaving the other girl sobbing. The drill was still on as he walked towards her, and she shook slightly from fear. She hadn’t noticed that he carried the bag with him, and he pulled out a leather strap and screws, attaching it to her forehead and drilling the ends into the wall, forcing her eyes to stay on the girl he intended on torturing in front of her. He grinned, winking at her before heading back over to the other girl, and pushing the drill into her arm. Willow shook with sobs as she watched the girl get tortured harshly, until she eventually stopped moving, and the vampire drained her. He grinned over at her, licking the blood off before setting his tools back in the bag. Willows face was stained with tears, though her eyes seemed dry, and stung. He walked up to her, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand, leaving a trail of blood. 

“Enjoy the show?” Willow swallowed her tears and spat at him, her body still shaking. He growled and shook her chains in anger, before gathering himself and calming down. "What are you afraid of my dear?" {Lets see… almost everything.} She stayed silent and he shook her again "Tell me, or I'll /give/ you something to be afraid of… or just find another girl to-" 

"Frogs!" She yelped, cutting off his sentence. He grinned, laughing 

"Frogs? I thought you were so tough!" She continued glaring at him, wondering if she should have told him something she /wasn't/ afraid of, because then he couldnt use it against her… but to be fair, she didnt think of that before she said something. "You know, I have been thinking of getting a pet- other than you of course- and I'm sure a frog would be great… or even a bunch of them… think of it." She gritted her teeth {Hes bluffing. He wont get Frogs.} "A bunch of slimy frogs hopping around at your feet…" {Bluffing.} He snickered, rattling her chains again, causing her to gasp in fear. “However, it’s daytime right now, so I don’t think that’ll work… yet. But I’m still bored… how to pass the time…” Willow swallowed a whine as he went back to the bag, pulling out a blindfold and large headphones, putting them on her. Fear took over her as he sight and hearing was cut off. She didn’t know if he was still in the room, causing her to jump and Yelp when a hand caressed her cheek. She wished she could do something, /anything/ to protect herself from his touch. The abstraction of her senses adding to her fear greatly as his hands wandered around. He varied his touches from gentle to harsh, not allowing her to get used to what he was doing. First his hands wandered across her collarbone, sending a shiver down her spine, and then he reached into her bra, pinching the sensitive skin, causing her to squeak in pain. His hands wandered down her sides and then he started nibbling on the skin of her neck, not enough to break the skin, but enough for it to hurt. She shivered uncomfortably, yelping when his hand reached into her panties, stroking her clit. Her body responded despite her disgust and she squirmed. 

“S-S-Stop…” She could barely hear what she choked out, only getting a smirk in response as he continued, gripping her clit between his fingers and starting to rub circles in it, making her groan. He started nibbling above her collarbone, adding to her unease and unwanted arousal. “P….Pl…” She wished so much that she could use her magic, but she wouldn’t let her friends down again. So she endured it as he continued his touching, squealing in protest when he shoved a finger inside her, scraping her insides with his nails. She pushed her back as far against the wall as she could, trying to get away from him. He pulled his finger out, leaving her left with the uncomfortable, unwanted feeling of arousal. She squirmed in the chains with a whimper, trying to find a more comfortable position. She felt him lift one of the headphones up, his cold breath tickling her ear 

“You want me, Dont you baby? To tear off those clothes and slam you on the ground… make you scream in pain… mmm… can’t wait…” Willow thrashed against the chains wildly, her fear pushed over the edge at that statement, confirming her greatest fears. He was planning on raping her. “But now isn’t the time… no no… not yet… you're arousal would make you enjoy it too much… wouldn't want that..” 

“Please no… no…” he took the headphones off the rest of the way, tearing the blindfold off harshly. She yelped, sobbing silently. 

“What’s the matter Sweetheart? Miss your little girlfriend?” When he mentioned Tara, she started thrashing again, this time to try and attack him 

“Stay away from her!” She screamed, her frustration growing when he simply laughed at her 

“Oh wait… I heard from some of my men that you being a junkie ruined that.. poor little dyke…” She panted loudly, glaring at him 

“Leave her out of this…” 

“You scared everyone away and landed yourself here… and nobody is coming to save you.. why would they? You ruined their lives..” Willow teared up, but tried again to attack the vampire, the chains holding her back by biting into her skin harshly. 


“They’re probably glad you're gone. Can’t imagine how anyone would want to be /your/ lover.. out of all people… Sure she regrets it now..”

“S-Shut up…” 

“I’m sure she enjoys seeing you in pain… Probably wants me to take you right here… to tear you apart from inside and push you over the edge of your sanity..” 

“Shut up.” 

“To hear your screams of agony, and wonder why she ever tolerated a waste like you.” 

“Shut up!” She screamed, throwing herself against the chains again. He tapped her cheek with a snicker 

“Sweet dreams..” As soon as the door shut she started sobbing, curling into herself as far as she could in the chains 



*Taras pov*


Tara stared blankly at the screen. How would Willow survive this, at the rate it was going? He was going to torture her into insanity. She had been horrified at the way he had been touching Willow, and that she didn’t do what Tara knew she could have done to defend herself. She hadn’t been able to hear what he had whispered to Willow that made her thrash against the chains like that at first, though she had been slightly surprised at Willows reaction when he mentioned her. She was the one being molested by this monster, but she had been angry when he mentioned her, as if he could hurt her. And then he dared to tell Willow that she probably wanted him to /rape/ her. That was the /last/ thing she would want. She was having enough trouble watching what he had done so far… felt sick when she saw her being hurt like that.  Willow was limp against the chains, though Tara could tell she was awake. Her eyes were open and exploring the room slowly, her shoulders rising and falling the only movement besides her eyes. {Does she still have any sanity now..? Is she… gone already?} The door opened and Tara winced. She looked to Anya, who, again, was the only one watching with her. Buffy and Xander had gone looking for where Willow might be being held, and insisted she shouldnt come, and if they found where Willow was, they would get her before going in. Anya nodded to her slowly 

"It'll be okay." She said, patting her shoulder awkwardly. Tara nodded, looking back at the screen. The vampire walked up Willow, who looked up in confusion as he started unchaining her. Tara couldnt help but let out a sigh of relief when she did, it meant she was still there. Willow gasped when he threw her to the ground on her back, straddling her. Taras relief went away quickly as he kissed her harshly, making her start struggling. If he was about to do what she thought.. It would be better if Willows mind was in a different place… She felt her body shake in a restricted sob as he reached for her bra. At the same moment, Buffy and Xander burst into the house. 

"We found her!" Tara leaped up 

"We need to hurry!" Buffy looked at the screen and nodded, her eyes widening in horror. 

"Come on!" 

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