Willows Penance

BY : Eagleblaze
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Tara screamed in dismay when he sank his teeth into Willows soft neck, the girls eyes rolling back and fluttering as he sucked the blood from her body. 

"WILLOW!" She ran forward, seeing that this wasn't like the other times… it wasn't just a scare. He saw it hit her away, pain erupting in her ankle as it snapped. Despite the vampire that fed eagerly from her, Willow seemed to be trying to stay conscious. Her glazing eyes met hers, and the whole world seemed to stop as Willow mouthed 

'I love you, Tara Maclay…', before her eyes closed. Tara screamed again, trying to run to her again, but her ankle sent her back to the ground. {NO! Not now, not after everything!} She thought, trying to crawl towards Willows now limp body, her heart catching when the vampire cut his own wrist, putting it to the dying redheads mouth. Tara could see Willow fight the blood being forced down her throat, despite the grips of death nearing her quickly. After a couple minutes of forcing his blood down Willows throat, the vampire stood, ignoring the weak moan of pain and fear from Willow as he walked towards her. Tara pushed herself as far back as she could, her eyes widening in fear when he grabbed a set of large chains. However, he didn't make any move to harm her, simply hooking them to a pole. Tara dared a glance at Willow, wailing in grief when her stomach no longer rose and fell, her tear-stained eyelids closed. The blood on her neck seemed to stop falling and to Taras horror, she realized she was dead. Willow was dead. WILLOW was really DEAD! Tara broke down in sobs, her eyes not leaving the horrible sight of Willows pale, unmoving body. {No! Oh goddess, please no!} She pleaded silently, trying again to crawl towards Willow. Before she could reach, the vampire pulled the beaten body towards the pole, chaining Willows body to it, her arms pulled tightly behind her. At that moment, it dawned on Tara that he had fed Willow his blood. Her heart seemed to stop. He had sired Willow… Willow was going to be a vampire, and would probably torture her to death when she woke. The vampire glanced at her and snorted, 

"This is so she /doesnt/ try to kill you." He explained, gesturing to a chair he had brought it. She reluctantly sat down. With Willow dead now… She had nothing to fight for. He tied her to the chair before leaving. She looked at Willows limp and bleeding body on the pole, and burst into tears. 


*Willows pov*


Her eyes popped open, with only one thought in mind. Blood. She could smell the blonde before she saw her, growling hungrily. The girl looked at her with wide eyes, tears still slipping down her face. A small smirk grew on the young vampires face as she finally recognized the face. {Tara.} She sneered in her mind, {Oh.. This is going to be some fun..} 

"Taaarrraaa~" She sang, licking her lips eagerly. "Your heart is beating quite loud and fast… is something wrong?" Tara looked away, 

"You aren't her. You aren't Willow." The redhead grinned, faking an innocent smile, 

"Oh but I am.." She made her voice childish, pouting when Tara looked back at her. "Don't you love me anymore.. 'Baby'?" Her grin grew back at the sobs that shook the small blondes body, 

"I love Willow.. Not… Not the /thing/ thats wearing her face." Willow tried to pounce on the tied up girl, snarling in rage to find herself chained to a pole. 

"Don't think this will hold me, You little Bitch! I /will/ get out and taste your warm blood!" She quieted quickly, her newly strong sense of smell picking up the scent of her sire. Her yellow eyes turned towards the door as it opened, a growl coming from her to see the flailing human he brought in with him. She lunged against the chains again, needing to taste the blood.. To kill the puny mortal held. She whined when he didn't give it to her right away, watching her in amusement. 

"Before you eat, I would like to tell you something. You cannot eat that human over there," He growled, waving to Tara, grinning when she whined again. "She's still part of my plan." Willow whimpered again and he unchained her. She looked to Tara hungrily, then pouted, 

"Not even a taste, sire?" She whined with a pout. He smirked, holding the man to his side as it struggled. 

"Fine. After your meal you can have little taste, but no killing." Willow squealed in joy, pouncing on the man whose eyes were wide with horror. She heard the girl in the chair scream at her to stop as she clamped her fangs into the mans throat, feeding in large gulps. The man soon went limp and pale and she tossed the body aside, licking her lips before turning to Tara. The young blonde was obviously horrified at what she had witnessed, and Willow gave a smile of amusement as she stalked towards her. 

"Please.. Willow.. There must be some part of you in there.." Tara pleaded tearfully. Willow stopped in front of her, tilting her head as she looked at the beautiful woman. She cupped her cheek tenderly, 

"Oh sweet Tara.. You always have been very naive." She teased before pouncing, pulling the shrieking girls neck to her fangs. She latched on, delighting in her wail of pain and dismay as she started to feed, shivering in ecstasy as the sweet, warm liquid coated her tongue. When the girl started to go limp from weakness, Willow forced herself to pull away, drawing her tongue over the leftover blood on her lips. Tara sobbed weakly, her eyes squeezed shut. Willow tilted her head with a fake frown of sympathy before turning back to her sire. Her eyes lit up in joy to see the next body he brought in. Before she pounced, she sneered, "Hello, Mother." 


*Taras pov*


She still felt very weak from the blood Willow had taken from her, but that wasn't the part that got to her the most. She had watched her love kill that man and then break her mother's bones before finally draining her. She just wished they would get it over with and kill her, but her mind told her the master vampire had more in store for them. He had chained Willow back to the pole to make sure she didn't kill her, and had been gone for a while. When the door finally opened, both hers and Willows eyes shot to it. Willow tilted her head at the herbs and spell book he held, then something dawned on her and the vampiress screeched in rage. The master vampire did the spell quickly, though with the blood loss, Tara couldn't piece together what he was doing until a light flashed in Willows eyes. It took no more than a second for the redheaded vampire to start wailing in disbelief and guilt, slumping against the chains. 

"No.. Oh goddess no.. Please no..! What have I done…?" The master vamp smirked, 

"See, when I heard about the great Angelus getting cursed with a soul… I was quite amused. But the other day, I was thinking… I can inflict so many more tortures on you while you're a vampire… But without a soul.. You probably would have enjoyed it. So I searched for the spell, and figured out a nice version thats permanent." Willow continued crying and Taras heart skipped. If Willow had a soul again.. 

"Oh goddess.." She whispered, her heart going out to the tortured girl. Willow had killed a man, tortured her mother to death and fed from and teased her… And she had felt guilty about things before. Willows tortured eyes shot to her upon hearing her voice, her eyes widening even wider in horror. 

"Oh Goddess! Tara! Oh no.. Oh god.. I'm so sorry!" Tara found herself unable to respond, her mouth opening and closing soundlessly. The master vamp unchained Willow and she fell to the ground with shaky sobs. The sobs turned to anger and she jumped up, flinging herself at her sire with flying fists. "You bastard!!" He easily grabbed her and threw her across the room, glaring at her as she groaned. 

"Try that again and I'll take it out of your girl, got it?" Willow returned the glare, nodding shakily. "Ive been a vampire for much longer than you, and I'm much stronger and experienced. Even with your new strength, you couldn't beat me in a fight, and I recommend you dont try to." Willow continued to glare, tears running down her face still. A grin grew on the masters face and Taras heart fell. She could see the cross he held with his heavily gloved hand, hidden behind his back. He yanked Willow up by her knotted hair before Tara could yell a warning, her heart dropping as he thrust the cross towards her exposed skin.


*Willows pov*


She screeched in pain as the cross seared her, a small sizzle heard as her skin burned. She thrashed in his grip, morphing out and trying to attack him. She heard Tara gasp in horror and turned, going back to her human face in concern. He took the chance to pin her under him, her arms pinned tightly at her sides by his knees, his hand on her throat. She bared her teeth in a small growl, squealing as he burned her cheek with the cross, pressing it down harshly as she writhed underneath him. 

"Get away from me you bastard-!" The older vampire simply laughed, dragging her to her feet. He threw her to the wall with chains, growling in annoyance as she struggled, making it hard for him to chain her. Once he had though, he stepped back to watch with a smirk as she yanked at the chains with all her strength. 


"Fuck you! When i get out of these you're dead!" He cocked an eyebrow, not seeming to mind the threat. 

"I'm already dead." He picked up the cross again, strolling back towards her. Willow bit back a whimper of fear. Her skin had felt like it was on fire when the cross had touched her. She almost pitied the vamps she had used a cross on in the past. "Besides, you wouldn't want to harm your daddy, right?" She growled at that, the growl turning to a screech as he burned her stomach with the cross. He pulled it away when smoke appeared, continuing speaking. "You already killed your mother, after all. She screamed quite loud, don't you remember?" Emotional pain took over the physical, even as he burned her again. He continued again after taking the cross back, "Begging you to stop, to spare her.. To remember who she was… Remember that she was your mother. But you continued without a hint of mercy, scolding her like a child for every time she had mistreated you.. How the tables had turned." He burned her again, but her whimper was one of pain from inside. Even if her mother was never there for her, had never shown interest in her or anything she had done, Willow had loved her. Had strived for her approval and return of love her entire life. The memory of what she had done was overwhelming. The guilt and grief was overwhelming.. And there was no escape. No way to turn back time to take it back. The vampire continued cruely, "If you don't want me as your daddy, I could bring your real one here - would you like that? I wonder if his screams would be as loud.. I wonder if his screams would be louder when I showed him the body of his wife.. The wife his own daughter had so brutally killed in cold blood. The daughter that would cause his death too.." Willow whimpered again, the sound a pleading squeak, 

"Please no.." 

"No.. I think it would be better to let him live his miserable life without his beloved daughter and wife." Willow squeezed her eyes shut, barely flinching this time when he burned her. 

"Stop this!" Tara suddenly hissed loudly, "It wasn't her!" The vampire purred, 

"Oh it was little girl, it was her.. Simply without a conscience weighing her down. She made her own decisions.. It was still her brain, my dear." 

"Her conscience is what makes her herself! The real Willow is kind and caring - The monster you created wasn't Willow." Even though Tara was defending her and Willow knew it, the word 'Monster' still echoed in her mind. That was what she was, right? Even if she had some stupid soul, she was still a vampire. She was still a demon now, nothing could change that, right? She didn't deserve Tara defending her - no - she didn't deserve Tara at all. Tara should be wishing for her to become a pile of dust that blows away in the wind. Tara should be wishing that she would end up in hell - thats where she belonged now. As if echoing her thoughts, the vampire responded, 

"Still defending her? Even after what you've seen her do.. Even after she tormented you? She would have killed you if I had let her. If she truely loved you.. Would she have done that, even as a 'monster'?" That blow seemed to hit Tara hard, her face falling as her mind spun. Willow saw it and whimpered again, shuddering in misery. She wished to burn up in flames. The vampire turned back to her, putting the cross over where her heart would be. Willow welcomed the pain, knowing full well that she deserved it. "The heart thats in there isn't even beating anymore… The blood is cold and still. Your girl is dead, and shes never coming back. But the question is.. Was she ever really your girl?" Tara sobbed out a small whimper, a fire seeming to grow in Willow when she heard it. Even if she deserved this pain - even if she deserved to suffer and rot here.. Tara didn't. Willows eyes snapped to yellow, burning in rage. The vampire was relishing in Taras misery, his back turned. The new fire burning in Willow powered her enough to yank the chains from the wall. She barely noticed the pain of it, springing at the vampire before he could even turn. They rolled to the ground with Willow on top, snarling at him. 

"I was always hers.. Always am." He grinned until Willow grabbed the sides of his head, tearing it from his body ruthlessly. She was up and rushing to Tara before he had completely turned to dust. Tara was stunned, unable to move even after Willow had torn the restraints from the chair. Hearing thudding footsteps, Willow scooped Tara into her arms, shocked when Tara buried her head in her shoulder. She shoved the shock down, crashing out the door, shielding Tara from the blow with her own body. The vampires rushing at her suddenly stopped, fear filling their eyes when she bared her teeth to snarl at them. Realization had dawned on their faces when she had come out, not followed by their boss. She easily pushed through them. She had a destination now, and nothing would stop her from reaching it. 

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