Willows Penance

BY : Eagleblaze
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*Taras pov* 


She woke up with a feeling of foreboding, something feeling off. She quickly realized that Willow was next to her anymore, and quickly sat up, her eyes searching the room. Her breath hitched at what she saw. Willow was slumped against the wall, blood covering her one arm, a shard of glass in the other. She practically flew from the bed, her heart seeming ready to beat out of her chest. 

"No no no no! Willow! Oh goddess..!" She shook Willows limp body, sobbing in horror. She tried to gather herself, her heart fluttering when she put her fingers to Willows neck. She had a pulse! A weak pulse, but a pulse nonetheless! She was still alive! Tara jumped into action, running into the bathroom to grab a towel, pressing it to where the blood seemed to be coming from as hard as she could. "HELP! GET DOWN HERE! WILLOWS HURT!" She screamed, hating that she had to yell for a vampires help. There was the loud clomping of boots and grumbling, the door slamming open 

"What the hell is going on in-" He stopped mid growl, his eyes landing on Willow "Damnit!" He ran over, checking for a pulse as she had a little while ago. He called out for minions before looking to her in his vamp face. "What the hell happened here?!" 

"I-I dont know! I woke up and found her like this!" Taras breath hitched with a sob as she looked at Willows eerily pale face. Three vampires rushed in, looking to the boss vamp, who started barking orders. 

"You- Go to the hospital and steal some blood- The kind that can be used for any type!" One of the minions nodded, running out of the room. "You- Get gauze and stuff for stitches! And you- Get lots of water. Now!" The remaining minions rushed out and he turned to her. "Keep pressure on it." The vampire looked at Willow, his teeth baring in a snarl "You're going to pay for this! You hear me?!" Tara closed her eyes, silently praying to the goddesses. {Oh goddess.. Thats why Willow said those things earlier.. She planned this!} Two of the minions came back in and the boss took the towel, tying it around Willows wound tightly before picking her up. Tara scrambled up to follow as he left the room, her heart seeming to stop when he locked her in. She banged on the door a couple of times before sliding down the wall. She hugged her knees up to her chest, tears making a steady stream down her face. Willow couldn't die. He'd come back in with her any moment, awake, aware, and most importantly, alive… right? Her eyes wandered to the bed then the nightstand, trying to get her mind off of what was happening. Her eyes narrowed as they landed on a piece of paper, urging her to her feet. The first thing she noticed was the handwriting. Willows handwriting. The letters were shaky, as if she had been crying while writing it. Before she even read it, she could tell it was a suicide note. 

"Dear Tara,

I want you to know this isn't your fault.. You're the reason I've made it this long. I've been trying to stay strong… To ignore the worthless feeling that's been tearing me apart. But the truth is.. There really isnt anything the world will lose if I die. You'll be safer without me and my reckless actions. There won't be any worry about relapse… No risk of me hurting you more. I'm so sorry for what i've put you through, and if I could, i'd make it all up to you… but there's no way to. I love you more than anything in the world, and wish you the best in life. I'm sorry it had to be this way… Goodbye. 



Tara breathed heavily, her hands balling up into fists, crumbling the paper with it. She collapsed on the bed, hugging her knees to her chest tightly as she cried. Willow had to survive this. It wasn't a question… If Willow died, she wasn't sure she could bare living. Her heart jumped when the door opened 

"Willow!" She yelped, scrambling up, the note falling to the ground in her rush. "No…" She breathed, her stomach sinking to see only the vampire. His hands were covered in blood, a scowl on his face. Her legs seemed to go numb, causing her to sink to the floor. He set a tray down in front of her. Only one portion. Willow was dead. The vampire left without a word, leaving her to cry out her numbing grief. 


*Willows pov*


When she woke up, she didnt want to open her eyes, afraid of what she might see. Would she be in Heaven… or Hell? She took a deep breath, fluttering her eyes open. Her heart leaped to her throat. She was in a room with all stone walls, on a hospital bed of sorts with her hands shackled to the safety rails. There was a table like last time, except the compartment under it was gone. She screamed in frustration, pulling at the shackles. 

"No!" She screeched. She hadnt been able to get away, and now there was no way he would allow anything that could be used to harm herself in the room. "Damnit! Just let me die!!" She quickly grew tired of her struggles and slumped against the pillow, tears streaming down her face. Dread ate at her stomach as she looked around. {Where's Tara? Oh goddess.. He didnt hurt her, did he?} She started to panic again, screaming and struggling. When she calmed down again, she noticed the IV in her hand. She narrowed her eyes, looking up at the bag of blood that was being pumped into her. She noticed the gauze on her wrist, covering what she had no doubt would scar. Now she understood why Buffy had been so upset when she brought her back. Death was peaceful. The world was not. The living world was full of suffering, fear and pain. She flinched as the door opened, revealing the scowling vampire. Her stomach flopped as he walked forward, sure he wasn't happy. He grabbed a plastic chair like you'd see in a school from the corner, pulling it up as close to the bed as he could get, sitting so his face was near hers. 

"You're a very dumb girl." He snarled, his vampire face emerging. She gulped, trying to move away from him. His arm shot out, grabbing her elbow and pulling her back, "You're going to pay for this. I'm not able to do anything at the moment, but believe me… When your body is better, you're going to regret this." She felt like crying. She had tried to escape this pain, but she had only made him mad, and the grip on her arm was starting to hurt. He sneered, letting go and getting up, throwing the chair across the room. She flinched, fear burning in her stomach as he went to the IV. He took a needle from a table, flicking it a couple times before starting to inject it into the IV. A burning pain flowed through her, drawing a screech. "Now this, this is a neat thing. I have a friend, was a doctor before he was turned… Knows all this stuff about herbs, medicine and witchcraft or what not." The pain intensified and began to spread throughout her, causing her to have a long high-pitched wail, her limbs shaking slightly. "This wont damage you at all… Which makes it perfect." Her wail continued, trying to curl up, but the cuffs making it impossible. It felt like she was being burned alive from the inside. It was agonizing. Somewhere in the background, she thought she could hear Tara yelling, but assumed she was hearing things. "The best part is.. I have the antidote. I could leave you like this for days- and it wouldn't harm your body. Isnt that just neat?" She whimpered at the idea, clenching her teeth tightly against the pain.  He scoffed, turning to leave 

"N-No.. Please…" She whimpered, tears leaking from her eyes. He looked back with a scowl 

"Maybe you should have thought of the consequences before pulling your little stunt." He started back towards her, grabbing another needle off the table. She gasped in relief, thinking it was the antidote. But when he injected it into her iv, the pain got ten times worse, causing another gut wrenching scream as her body shook, unable to handle the strain being put on her body. He grinned "That can happen, but it wont physically hurt you. I added a little extra something to keep you awake, so you cant pass out to escape it.” She cried harder, clutching the rails like a lifeline. He turned and left, leaving her crying in agony and shaking, tears wetting the pillow under her. 


*Taras pov*


After she had picked at her food, her grief making her stomach roll at the thought of eating more than a few small bites, she had tried to sleep, but couldn't, crying as she thought of Willow. She flinched at a screech, her eyes widening in shock. 

"Willow?!" She jumped up, going to the door. A wail of pain. She cried even harder than before. Maybe he knew Willow wouldn't survive, so he was torturing her until she /did/ die. The thought made her cry harder, The next wail that pierced the air making her flinch. {What is he doing to her?!} She banged on the door, “Stop! Leave her alone!” She screamed, continuing to bang on the door until her hands started to hurt from it. She flinched at the next scream, which was loud, high, and filled with agony. She slumped down the wall, hugging her knees to her chest. 


*Willows pov*


From the clock on the wall, she could tell how many hours she had been like this, stuck in her pain filled body. It seemed he stayed true to his word, as the clock went fully around enough times for 3 days of excruciating pain. She thought, when it started, that eventually, the pain would dull… But she was wrong. There were certain moments when the pain would be worse than before, ripping a scream from her already sore throat… But it was never better than before. There was either more, or the same pain, the entire time. By time he had come back in, her body was slumped against the bed, soaked with sweat. Her muscles still twitched, though they were too weak to fully shake. The pain was still all she felt, but she turned her tired gaze to him. The drug he had used to keep her awake worked, and she was not only in pain, she was sleep deprived and hadnt eaten for days. He laughed loudly at her distress, grabbing a syringe off the table as he had done before. She didnt allow herself to feel relieved, remembering what had happened the last time. She instead prepared herself, just in case. He injected it into her and she gritted her teeth, afraid the pain was going to get worse. But the pain started to fade away slowly, and she allowed her body to relax, sucking in lots of air, relieved to be almost pain-free. He set the syringe back down, picking the chair up from its place on the floor and sitting beside her. 

“You look great right now,” He teased “Pale, sweaty and bags under the eyes… Just what I like to see.” She swallowed the remaining tears, glaring at him 

“Fuck you.” He laughed, his hands starting to wander down the blanket that was wrapped around her, pulling it off. She gritted her teeth, curling her hands into tight fists as he started to touch her, making her weak muscles buck when he flicked her clit. She whimpered softly, trying to make the building arousal go away. He stopped, putting the blanket back and licking his finger, looking her right in the eyes as he did. She wanted to spit in his face but resisted, fearing he would use the drug again. He laughed at her squirming, getting up to grab a syringe off the table. She whimpered, trying weakly to move away. He rolled his eyes, pushing the content of the syringe into her. She expected pain again, not the cool sensation. 

“Its water.” He explained, hanging a bag up next to the blood and grabbing another syringe. She watched warily as he injected this one in, her body tense just in case. “I remember my childe… the one you killed… talk about starving you… well.. Not really, but making it feel like it.” She bit her lip, staying quiet “The real food will be better for your health… but i doubt a couple days will do much, dont you think?” He went to the door, grabbing something before coming back over. He set it on the table, pulling the blanket off of her again. He reached in, her eyes widening in fear as he pulled a frog out. She squirmed, voicing her protest with screams as he set it on her bare flesh. She screamed louder, trying to move away, but still unable to. The frogs moist feet left a sticky feeling as it hopped around, 

“Take it back! Take it back!” She begged, sobbing in fear. He laughed, simply putting something on the outsides of the bed so the frog couldnt get out, 

“He said you said you were afraid of frogs… I just thought you were messing with him.” She shrieked as it made a sound, its chin bulging out in a disturbing manner. 

“Please! Please get it off!” The vampire grinned, reaching into the box again, pulling out another one. She screamed louder, still trying to get away even though she knew it was no use. He placed the second one closer to her face, laughing harder as she shrieked, straining her neck to get away from it. He clapped his hands together, heading for the door. “No! Take them off! P-Please!” He ignored her, leaving the room. She cried in fear, trying to push her body away from the monsters on her body. 


*Taras pov*


The screams continued for a while, not allowing her to sleep. When they finally stopped for a while, she had assumed Willow was dead or unconscious. But they started again, this time filled with fear instead of pain. She crawled back towards the bed, inspecting the new tray that had been brought for her. It was a simple meal, Pb&J with some green beans and a glass of water, but what really got to her, was that there was still only one serving… still none for Willow. She assumed that meant he intended on killing her… And with how long the screams had lasted, she doubted Willow /could/ survive whatever he was putting her through. As she started picking at her food, she started trying to think of what he could be doing. Perhaps he was slowly cutting all of Willows limbs off, or cutting her up until there would be no skin left. Maybe he had stabbed her, and was letting the blood drain out. Or maybe breaking all the bones in her body before draining her. Maybe he was beating her to death… or burning her. She started feeling sick thinking about it, pushing it out of her mind and forcing herself to eat half the sandwich and some of the vegetables, the only thing she finished all of was the water. She went back to the bed, curling into the fetal position and pulling the blanket over her. 


*Willows pov*


She had cried until no more tears came, shaking in fear and misery. Her body was cold without the blanket, and moist from the frogs that continued to hop about. At one point, the bigger one hopped over to her face, putting a slimy foot on her mouth. She pressed her lips together tightly, her eyes wide. It jumped again, getting a loud squeal from her as it landed on her face, it's back feet on her lips, and her front on her upper cheeks, near her eyes, which she squeezed tightly shut. After what seemed like hours, she heard the door open. The frogs were lifted off of her, putting them back into the box as she continued to shake. The covers on the bed were taken off, and more from a syringe was injected into her. It wasn't the pain inducing one, which she was grateful for. It wasn't a cool sensation like the water, so she assumed it was the liquid nourishment. He then got another syringe and she whimpered. 

"My friend is quite good with these.. He knows just how to simulate certain pains… Without harming the weak human body." He injected it in, looking her in the eyes as it took effect. She screamed in agony, feeling as if all her limbs had been ripped from her body. The pain didnt fade, staying just as strong, as if she was in a cycle. He put the antidote in after a little while, watching her slump weakly. "See, some of them I cant keep you in for days… Since there are some ingredients in them that could be harmful if not reversed within two hours… Pity." Her eyelids felt heavy, but she couldnt keep them closed… couldnt fall asleep. Her stomach hurt from hunger and she whined at it, wondering how much longer he was going to keep her in this dreadful room. He snickered at her, pulling a plastic bag from his pocket, opening it without looking away from her. He smirked, laughing at her struggles when he put it over her head, holding it shut at the bottom. She wanted to scream in fear as she started to lose air, but knew it would take away more air. She could see her own breath fogging up the plastic, adding to her fear. Her lungs started to hurt, begging for the air she was being denied. On instinct, she took a deep breath, coughing at the plastic that filled her mouth and nostrils, taking more air away. She started flailing, trying to hit him. Her vision started to blur and spot as she started to pass out, still struggling from fear. "I thought you wanted to sleep" He taunted as she attempted to get air, her struggles slowing. "When you wake up, we have a big day ahead of us.." And the world went black. 


*Taras pov* 


She jumped when the door opened, but didnt look up, assuming he was back with food again. The bed squeaked at sudden weight and her eyes widened at the small moan. She froze. She knew that voice anywhere, even if it was only from a moan… After all, she had been with Willow for years, and knew all her sounds. She was afraid to look, afraid of what she would see. She heard a ladder placed on the floor and frowned, finally forcing herself to look up. Her eyes still didnt fall onto the body next to her, fearing the worst. The vampire was setting a camera up in the top corner of the room, getting down and taking the ladder back when he finished. He raised an eyebrow at her, his eyes drifting to the other body on the bed and forming a smirk before he left. She finally looked over, not surprised to find Willow naked and unconscious. She started to look her over, relieved to see there didnt seem to be much damage, and she was alive. There was a bruise on her elbow, and a red mark around her neck, which slightly concerned her, but not much more… Other than the fact that any time she moved, Willow groaned in pain. Just because there wasn't any visible damage, it didnt mean he hadnt done anything. Part of her wanted to wake Willow up, to make sure she was okay, but part of her knew the vampire wasn't done 'punishing' her, and would probably be back when she woke up. So she simply moved Willow carefully so her head was on the pillow, wincing at her quiet moans of pain. She brought the blanket over her before laying next to her, starting to stroke her hair gently, not looking away from her. She was really alive… And not dying a slow, painful death… From what she saw. She planted a kiss to Willows forehead, snuggling up to her. She hadnt been able to sleep in the time she had thought she was dead, staring at the stone ceiling for hours on end… But now.. Now that she knew Willow was alive, all her exhaustion hit her. And for the first time in days, both girls slept, laying against the other. 


*Willows pov* 


When she woke up, the first thing she noticed was pain. Her body ached all over, and she had a pounding headache. She was still horribly hungry, but when she woke, she got hit by a wave of nausea, scrambling to the edge of the bed to dry heave, her head off the edge of the bed. There was a small gasp behind her before her hair was pulled away from her face, held back as her stomach continued to demand it empty its contents. Though her stomach was empty, she continued to gag and cough, her body heaving painfully. Her hair was transferred to one hand, the other rubbing circles on her back. 

"Shh.. Its alright.." The voice soothed her as she gagged, her mind relaxing from its fear. Tara was there. Tara would protect her. She was safe. Her stomach finally finished heaving and she groaned, laying back on the bed. A weak smile graced her face when Taras face came into view, her eyes filled with concern. 

"'m okay.. Stomach just decided to do some acrobatics…" Tara seemed to choke on tears, pulling her close, holding her tightly and not letting go as she sobbed into her shoulder. {Oh goddess.. How could I even think of doing this to her…? She must have been so scared.. And I.. And its all my fault..} Her own tears surfaced and she wrapped her arms around her lover, holding her tightly. "Its okay… I'm here.. I'm okay…" The movement hurt her achy body, but she didn't try to pull away… No, she owed it to Tara to hold her close. 

"I-I thou-thought…" The broken sound of Taras voice seemed to stab her heart and she had to choke back her own sob. 

"I know.. I'm so.. So sorry.." They sat in silence except for the soft sound of their crying, not daring to let the other go. And then the door opened, and the moment was shattered. She was pulled off the bed by her hair, still trying to hold onto Tara, who screamed for him to let her go. When she realized that by holding onto Tara, she was going to pull her to the ground too, she let go, grunting as she hit the ground. He lifted her up by her damaged throat, glaring into her eyes as she groaned, trying to suck in the air he was cutting off. She saw Tara rushing to try and attack him and tried to tell her not to, a silent scream trying to be freed as he slapped Tara, grabbing her by her arm and pulling her from the room, still holding her by her throat. Her vision was spotted by time he entered a room, coughing and gasping when he finally dropped her, restraining Tara to a chair. She tried to get up, grunting as he kicked her in the ribs. He didnt wait more than a second to kick her again, so hard it launched her across the room and into the wall. She could hear a snap before crying out in pain, trying to push herself up, only getting kicked again. After that kick, he sent one to her crotch, smirking as she cried out. He did it again, and again, and when he finally stopped kicking her bruised body, he straddled her, pulling out a shard of broken glass. She swallowed a whimper as he started talking 

"You like cutting yourself with glass so much?" He growled, pressing the tip into the sensitive skin of her stomach. She cried out, but he ignored her, "If you move and mess this up, I'll cut something off to match your finger there." She forced herself to be still, screeching in pain as he started moving the glass, not taking it out of her skin. She gritted her teeth, focusing on keeping still as he continued. He seemed to be writing something, but she was too focused on keeping still so he didnt cut one of her limbs off that she couldnt comprehend what he was writing. It took him a while to finish, but she had successfully kept from moving. He threw the glass aside, getting off of her to grab a needle and thread from a table. He returned, smirking at her shrieks as he stitched up what he drew. Once finished, he ripped his pants off, smirking at her whimper. He grabbed her hips, turning her onto her hands and knees. She whimpered again, trying to get away even though she knew she couldnt… And it hurt her ribs. She screamed as he plunged his whole length into her, hammering into her mercilessly. She screamed and cried as he continued, squeezing her breasts. When he finished there, he threw her weak body to the side, turning her back onto her back and starting to do the same to her cunt. Even once he finished there, he didnt seem to be done, as he grabbed something off a table. She whined upon seeing the cattle prod, not getting time to brace herself before he used it, sending her body convulsing from the shock, her eyes rolling back at the pain, unable to even scream. When he stopped, she slumped, breathing heavily. He snickered, kicking her side, causing her to grunt in pain. “Now, do you regret what you did?” She groaned, licking her dry lips 

“Mhm..” Her mouth opened in a silent scream as he used the prod again, beads of sweat growing on her forehead when he allowed her to slump again. 

“If given the chance, would you do it again?” She glared up at him weakly “And dont lie… Or i’ll give your girl a shock.” She bit her lip, taking a shaky breath. 

“Yes… I would…” Her back arched from the electricity this time, her limbs convulsing. He stopped again, waiting as her eyes fluttered back open. 

“Then you dont regret it.” She grunted as he kicked her again, causing her to cough and gasp. “Now, tell me again, do you regret what you did?” She glared at him, releasing that no matter what answer she gave him, he was going to punish her… but at least if she told the truth, it would be /her/ getting hurt instead of Tara. 

“No. I dont.” She forced her voice to be steady, grunting as he stepped down on her ribs, putting slight pressure, making breathing harder. He slowly put more pressure over time, getting a groan as he pressed down on her broken ribs. He finally took his boot off her chest, laughing at her gasps for air. 

“Now.. I think i’ll give you a chance for either reward… or punishment.” She looked at him warily. “If you go and break one of your girlfriends fingers, I’ll reward you. If not… I’ll punish you.” Her breath hitched and she looked over to Tara, who’s eyes had widened. 

“J-Just do it!” The blonde witch yelped, though her eyes were wide with fear. Willow set her jaw, gritting her teeth as she struggled to her feet, watching as Tara squeezed her eyes shut, awaiting the pain she expected was to come. Her eyes narrowed in anger and she turned, jumping on the vampire, starting to hit him as hard as she could. She heard Tara gasp from behind her right before her arm was grabbed tightly, and the vampire shoved her off, pinning her with his knees on her ribs. He snarled in her face, causing a wince, though she didnt show her fear other than that. He grabbed both of her wrists with one hand, holding them above her head as he used his other finger to put pressure directly on one of her broken ribs. She yelped, trying to stay strong. He snarled at her defiance, pulling her to a rope and pulley system. He tied her to one end with her hands behind her back, going to a crank. Her eyes widened in fear, realizing what he was about to do. He slowly started cranking it, lifting the rope that was tied to her wrists, pulling her arms up backwards slowly. She whined in pain, screaming when her arms were finally snapped out of their sockets, leaving her hanging off the ground by just her injured arms. It caused a searing pain that made her vision blur, but he didnt seem to be done, as he grabbed a whip, striking it against her breasts and stomach. She screamed at the combined pain of the whip and the strain it added on her arms, her world seeming to spin. He started hitting her with the whip as quickly as he could, getting in as many hits as he could before she passed out from pain, slumping limply from the place she hung. 


*Taras pov*


She watched Willow go limp, staring in horror at the damage that had been caused to her body. Her arms didnt look right from where they supported the unconscious girl, Bruises and burns covered her body, along with what the vampire had carved into her stomach. ‘Property of Slade’, and the welts from the whip. He let her body down from where it hung, snapping her arms back into place before picking her up. He looked at her and grinned, gesturing to the limp Willow in his arms. 

“She must really care about you, eh?” He asked, laughing when tears fell from her eyes. He let her down, nodding his head towards the door. “If you try to run off, Remember i have your girlfriend.” She gulped, nodding slowly
“I-I wont r-run..” She smirked, starting to walk down the hall, moving Willows body to one arm, unlocking the door and swinging it open. She was relieved it was the room he’d been keeping them in, and not another torture room. He dropped Willow on the bed and left briefly, not even caring to shut the door since she was too focused on WIllow. He came back with a tray of food and she frowned, only seeing one portion still. He grinned, grabbing Willow again before she could protest. When she tried to follow, he hit her away, leaving and shutting the door. “No!” She cried out, slumping down the wall in tears. 


*Willows pov*


When she woke up, everything still hurt, but she still attempted to sit, groaning as she did, her heat hitting against a ceiling of some sort. She was confused when Tara wasn't immediately at her side. She opened her eyes, her stomach dropping to see a small room, hardly more than a closest, without anything in it other than a tiny bucket and a small blanket that didnt fully fit over her. After seeing the blanket, she noticed just how cold the room was. She grabbed the blanket, doing her best to cover herself as the shivering started. Her stomach growled loudly, reminding her that she hadnt eaten or drinken anything for a couple of days. Was he going to leave her in her to slowly die of hunger and thirst? Or freeze to death? Her stomach suddenly did a flip-flop, making her really nauseous and she gagged, dry heaving on her hands and knees until her chest and head hurt and her arms gave out. She curled up, her stomach still heaving painfully as tears leaked onto the cold stone. When it finally settled down, her eyelids started to flutter closed. She suddenly jumped in fear and shock as a loud buzzer like sound, taking away her sleep. She heard a swishing sound and narrowed her eyes, shrieking as something struck her side and swung away as if it was part of a swingset. She panted, scrambling up only to be struck against her shoulder by moving position, getting thrown to the ground by the impact. She covered her head with her hands, curling into a ball, bracing herself for the pain that never came. She gulped, lifting her head warily, straining to see in the dark room. There didnt seem to be any movement to her relief, so she guessed the buzzer was to release whatever it was that struck her. It felt leather and flexible, so she guessed it was either a whip or a belt… Either way it hurt, and she guessed she wasn't going to be able to sleep anytime soon. She pulled the blanket towards her again, deciding to go into a corner… Maybe she wouldn't get struck there since it had struck about the same place last time… in matters of where in the room. She knew there was barely any room in there and it would be a tight fit to not be hit, but scrambled to a corner anyway, covering herself with the blanket as well as she could. She found that her shivering only got worse as some sort of breeze came from the corner, and decided to move to another one. She found that all the corners had the same breeze and bit her lip gently. He was making her choose. Either freeze, or get struck by something constantly. She didnt know how far he would let her go with the freezing, and knew at some point she could be hallucinating and her body could get the pins and needles feeling. She guessed she wouldn't be able to sleep to escape it either, since the buzzer would no doubt still be loud, but decided that it would be better than getting struck with something however many times he set it to. So she forced herself into the corner, pulling her knees to her chest to keep them from getting hit, and to preserve as much heat as she could, covering herself the best she could with the blanket. Her body started shaking violently after some point, her teeth chattering so hard her head started to hurt, and the constant loud buzzing and the swishing sound followed by something slapping the ground made it worse, driving her to the point where she covered her ears with her hands as best she could, still unable to stop her shivering. Her body had reached the pins and needles feeling along with a stinging that caused her to constantly flex her hands, blowing on them to try and get some heat, only managing to make her throat even drier than before. Her body kept getting weaker from the constant shivering and the cold, but anytime her eyes would flutter shut, the buzzer would go off, causing her to jump, letting cold air under her blanket unintentionally. The cold eventually got to her and she scrambled back to the middle, sighing at the slightly warmer air. She covered herself with the blanket again, her shivering calming to be slightly bearable. The buzzer sounded again, followed by something lashing her side and sending her to her stomach, her back getting hit as it came back. She shrieked at both, but stayed in the middle… She hated the cold. At some point, she realized she needed to pee, but wanted to wait and hold it, seeing if he would bring her out in time for her to do it in a suitable place instead of a bucket. The buzzer added to her pounding headache, and the leather thing slapped her back onto her side, her arms limply above her head weakly from her lying position. It came back and struck her right against her lower stomach, her body demanding she pee as soon as possible. She scrambled up, barely making it to the bucket before it happened, the sound irritating her. When she finished, she returned to her blanket, groaning as the nausea came again. She turned, her stomach heaving, causing her to gag, supporting her body with weak arms, her back pressing against the low hanging ceiling. Dread filled her stomach as the buzzer sounded before her stomach was done, slapping right against her ass and sending her to the ground. When it swung back, it slapped against her forehead, intensifying her headache. Her throat felt like sandpaper, and she was sure her going to the bathroom had dehydrated her further. She had heard of people drinking their own pee at a certain point and gagged, but decided that would only happen as a last resort. 




It had been what Willow assumed was hours, and her body was covered in welts and bruises from the leather thing, her stomach constantly begging for food, as well as her mouth being void of moisture. She sniffled, her nose becoming stuffy from the cold, but she still smelled the unmistakable scent of meat. Her mouth somehow generated the slightest bit of saliva and she pushed her aching body up, her heart leaping happily upon seeing a tray by the door. She didnt remember the vampire ever coming in, but didnt care, scrambling towards it. She reached for a piece of chicken, her body shaking in dismay when it faded away along with the whole tray. She desperately tried to grab onto something- anything, on the tray, sobbing at the view of the floor. She spun around, thinking she heard Taras voice. The whispers were so quiet she couldnt make out the words, but knew Taras voice by heart. 

“Tara…?” She rasped, surprised at how scratchy and crackly it was. The whispers turned into screams and she looked around wildly, needing to go to Tara, to make it stop. To protect her from whatever was bringing the horrid sound from her. The screaming occupied her mind so much that she didnt notice the buzzer, screaming in surprise and pain as she was struck across her breasts and face, tossing her farther into the room, but she continued trying to find Tara, yelping as her back was struck, making her hit her face off the ground. The screaming went away as she was knocked out.


*Taras pov*


She could hear a buzzer and screaming outside the door and it seemed to drive her insane. After all he had done to Willow, it wasn't enough? She wished she could at least know what was happening… Know what to expect when she was brought back… or if she wasn't coming back. She could tell by the clock on the wall that she had recently noticed, that it had been almost three days. Three days…. And the screaming and buzzing hadnt stopped. On the first day, near the end, there had been extra dismay in some of the yells, until they stopped abruptly and until the next morning. In that time, Tara had thought Willow was dead and sobbed for the entire night. She felt bad at being comforted by hearing her scream again, because that meant she was distressed in some way, but it also meant she was still alive. The screams got quieter and quieter, sounding very raspy and weak. Today, there were barely any noises other than buzzing and weak yelps. She bit her fingernail, chewing on it while she worried about Willow. The cries of distress seemed to come right after the buzzer. That probably meant that something was programmed to happen wherever Willow was at the times the buzzer rang, and there were normally two after each buzz, sometimes more, but those were normally that of dismay or fear, and not pain. She had learned over the time they had been trapped here what each scream signalled. Whether it be pleasure - which she hadnt heard that one in a long time - pain, dismay, anger, shock or fear. She nibbled at the sandwich she had been given, wondering if Willow was being fed too. 


*Willows pov*


It felt like she had been in that room for years, but knew that wasn't possible, as she would starve or die of thirst. Her entire body felt like one big bruise, her pale skin covered in welts and bruises, and in some places, blood from where the skin had broken, along with the blood from her split lip. She was sure she looked horrible, since she hadnt been able to sleep at all… unless you count the times she had passed out, but those werent restful. She was sure there were bags under her eyes, and knew her ribs were showing since she could feel them any time she laid down or sat wrong. She knew the vibrant color of her hair had probably faded from lack of sun, and wondered solemnly, if she would see it again before she died. Perhaps she should ask him. She knew vampires couldnt be in sunlight, but surely, he had human or sun-resistant demons that could watch over them while they went outside? She sighed, knowing it wasn't likely. The only way she had kept any sanity during the time in this miserable room was by fantasizing or thinking of Tara… and a couple times, listing off all the prime numbers or calculating a math problem in her head. But recently, the hallucinations had gotten worse, and it was slowly tearing down her walls. She glanced at the bucket, which had been overfilled, some of the ground wet with her own urine. The smell was horrible, but she knew she couldnt do anything about that. She had found that every now and again, a warm breeze would be sent into the room, giving her temporary relief from the numbing cold, though she knew it was probably to keep her body functioning and to keep her from dying of hypothermia, and the warmth would bring her bladder to life. She slapped her dry lips together, groaning as she pushed herself onto her hands and knees. She gagged at the thought of what she was about to do, but knew the hallucinations would only get worse over time if she didnt. She grabbed the bucket, gagging at the smell. She closed her nose with one hand, forcing her hesitant jaws open and dumping the horrid liquid down her throat. She nearly puked when it touched her tongue, gagging at the horrible taste, but forcing herself to swallow. She set the bucket down with shaky hands, crawling back to her place with tears in her eyes. How would Tara ever want to be near her after this? After what she did? She had been so ready to just abandon Tara, and wished she could let the girl punish her, as she knew she deserved it. Deep down, she knew that after what she did to Tara with her attempt to free herself, that she deserved any torture he inflicted on her, and worse. She deserved to die slowly and painfully in this room, having to draw her death out by drinking her own urine. The buzzer sounded, but she barely reacted to the hits anymore, only grunting softly. She was relieved to see the hallucinations had tapered off, though her mind started to go blank as she laid there, her ears assaulted by the buzzer and her body beaten. The horrible hunger was still there, as well as the need to sleep, but she couldnt fix it. She was struck again, not fighting as darkness swarmed her sight. 


*Taras pov*


The door opened and her eyes narrowed. He came with food at noon. Always noon. It was 9. He entered, a limp body slung over his shoulder. Her eyes widened and she scrambled to the edge of the bed, reaching out as he dropped the body on the end. The frail body was covered in welts, bruises, burns and something carved into her stomach, though it had been stitched. The dull red hair was full of knots, large angry bags under her closed eyes. The ribs of the girl showed clearly, the worst welts and bruises accompanied by cuts. Her pale skin seemed to hang from her bones, she looked… Horrible, near death… worse than death. The vampire went into the bathroom, taking all the glass containers out before leaving. She could see that Willows body was still shivering and grabbed the blanket, wrapping her in it tightly, running a gentle hand through her dull hair as the shivering slowed to a stop. She frowned, putting the softest pillow under Willows head. She got up careful, as to not disturb her, and grabbed a soft washcloth, running it under warm water, wringing it out before going back, setting it on Willows bruised forehead. She decided with a frown that she would help Willow with a bath once she woke up. Even though the blanket covered the worst of it, she could still clearly see the bruises and welts on Willows face, along with dirt, and she stunk horribly. She stiffened as the girl stirred, groaning softly as her eyes fluttered open. The green eyes moved to her and filled with sadness. 

“Is this another hallucination..?” She asked brokenly, squeezing her eyes shut “Get out of my head…” Tara teared up, putting her hand to Willows bruised cheek carefully. 

“No, Sweetie.. Its me.. Its Tara…” Willow looked back at her, her eyes narrowing in confusion. 

“Why would you help me..? Comfort me…?” Taras eyes narrowed, 

“What?” Willow started to try and sit up, but Tara kept her laying down.
“You should be punishing me…” Taras eyes widened. She really thought she wanted to /punish/ her?! Tara could see Willows eyes were still slightly clouded, and unwrapped her from the blanket, ignoring her whimper. She took the washcloth off, setting it on the table before picking Willow up, frowning at how light she was. She set her down on the toilet seat before turning the cold water in the tub up. She picked her up again, supporting her weight with her chest as she used her hands to move Willows feet under the cold water. Willow shrieked, gasping and shooting up, groaning and falling back against her. Tara quickly turned the water to warm, closing the drain. As the tub filled up, she held Willow close to her, feeling her body shake with sobs. Willow didnt try to say anything as they sat there, and she decided to do the same, testing the water every now and then. Once she thought it was a good temperature, she nudged Willow gently. Willow raised her head and looked at the water, lowering her foot into it slowly and then the other. Tara moved to help her lower herself in, tears building in her eyes at Willows small hisses of pain as her welts, bruises and cuts hit the water. But once she was fully submerged, her body seemed to relax. 

"Better..?" Willow looked over wordlessly, her head tilting slightly as her eyes narrowed. Tara frowned, reaching out to grab a washcloth. Willow flinched away and it seemed like she had gotten a knee to the stomach. "Will… I'm not going to hurt you sweetie…" Willow gulped, looking back with teary eyes, 

"Why not..? I know what I did must have hurt /you/, so why dont you want to hurt me…?" Tara narrowed her eyes,

"I would never want to hurt you." 

"But I.. I deserve it.." Tara bit her lip, starting to lather soap onto the washcloth. 

"Maybe so, but that doesnt mean i want to hurt you." She started to run the washcloth over Willows damaged skin, her gaze solemn as she saw the rise and fall of the girls shoulders as she cried. When she finished, No more tears fell from Willows eyes, but her face was still filled with misery. Tara got up to leave the room, but was startled by the desperate whisper.

"Please.." Tara turned her head, blinking the tears from her eyes at the sight of Willow, trying to get out of the tub, falling back down weakly. She moved back, going to help Willow when the redhead put her hand up to stop her, finally getting out of the tub onto shaky legs. "Please.. I.. I need to be punished.. You need to… I need you to…" Taras eyes narrowed, 

"I wont hurt you, Willow." Willow whimpered softly, letting herself fall back to her knees. 

"Please… I hurt you… Its my fault you're here.. My fault…" Tara started to object, but the door to the room slammed open, nearly shaking the room. The vampire strolled forward, laughing. Fear made her stomach flop as he headed towards her and she scrambled out of the way, fear making her forget about the other girl in the room. Her heart sank like a rock in a lake as a gasp and yelp made her remember. She turned around as quickly as she could, seeing the vampire had grabbed Willows arm in a tight grip and was pulling her out of the bathroom, ignoring her cries of pain as she struggled to follow. He didnt bother to grab her too, seeming to know she would follow. He brought them to a room with a circle of herbs, placing Willow in it. Tara bit her lip, knowing it was for some sort of spell. 

"Stay back. Back against the wall." He commanded her, tightening his grip on Willows arm, pulling a whimper when she didnt obey right away. "Listen, or she gets it worse than it already will be." She tried to keep her tears at bay as she did as he said, watching warily as he walked back towards Willow. "Criss-crossed and sitting up." Willow whimpered but did as he said, swaying slightly. Tara didnt take her eyes off of him as he drew a line on Willows forehead with some substance from a bowl, starting to chant something from a book. She saw Willow bite her lip as he started, guessing she knew what this was. Taras eyes widened as her body started floating up, her heart thudding with fear. Her breath caught at the scream of agony that came from Willow, her wounds starting to disappear. The screaming and floating continued until the vampire stopped chanting, and Willows body fell to the ground with a thud. She rushed forward, only to be stopped by the vampire. “I told you to stay back.” He snarled, shoving her back against the wall before grabbing Willow by the hair, yanking her out of the circle. Tara wanted to follow, but didnt know if the vampire was okay with that yet, gnawing at her lip anxiously. He looked at her with a scoff “You can follow now.” She gulped, rushing after him as he walked into the hall, bringing them back to one of the torture rooms. She sobbed quietly as he secured Willows arms above her, her body held high enough so only her toes touched the ground. Willow groaned, glaring at him as he moved to her. He grinned at her, “Now, Miss Willow…” He started, turning on his toes. “I heard you asking blondie to punish you?” Dread sank in Taras stomach. Willow looked at him, her eyes glazed with exhaustion. 

“Mhm…” He snickered, grabbing Taras hand. She gulped as he led her over to Willow. He grabbed a bull whip off the wall, looking at her as he walked back, 

“Put your hands out..” She didnt do as he said, her heart sinking. His eyes narrowed, “If you dont do it, I will… And i do believe i would be worse.” She bit her lip to keep tears at bay as she put her hands out, letting him put the heavy whip in them. He went over to an armchair, sitting down with his hands behind his head. “Go ahead, I’ll give you some tips along the way… And dont be too gentle, or i’ll take over.” Her stomach churned as she walked towards Willow, putting the whip into one hand to stroke the girls cheek with the other. Willows expression was blank and unwavering, 

“Do you really want this…?” Tara asked softly, her voice cracking. Willows eyes finally held emotion, but not fear… Concern… For her. 

“I deserve to be punished by you… but.. But if you cant do it.. He can..” She gulped, trying to kiss Willows cheek, tearing up when she pulled away, looking down. 

“I-I can do it..” She breathed, trying to convince herself more than she was Willow. She took a deep breath, moving to stand behind Willow. She examined the girls back, surprised that it was clear of the welts from before. She took another deep breath, lifting the arm with the whip. 

“Dont hesitate. It’ll make it harder for you.” The vampire explained from his seat, his eyes looking her over. She gulped, nodding slowly. She finally struck the whip against Willows back, not allowing herself to think about it before she did. Willow screamed as it connected, her back arching in pain. Tara struggled to keep her tears back, seeing the line of a cut the whip left on her lover's skin. She could see that Willow was breathing heavily, and looked to the vampire. He raised an eyebrow, “She decided she wanted to be punished, she can decide when shes had enough.” Tara sighed in relief at one thing, that Willow could stop it when she wanted. Tara moved to stand in front of her again, seeing the tears that slipped out of the girls bloodshot green eyes. 

“Do you want to stop…?” She asked her softly, hoping with all her heart that Willow would say yes. But Willow shook her head, looking her right in the eyes. 

“No… I.. It isnt enough..” She panted, then frowned at her, “I can take it… If you dont want to do it, ask him too… I'm sure he would be delighted…” Tara bit her lip. {If he starts, he might not want to stop.. He might not stop when she wants him too, or push it…} Tara gulped, cupping her cheek gently, 

“No, I can do it.. Just… just stop me when its too much…” Willow nodded, seeming to want to press against her hand, though she didnt. She went back to her back, wincing at the angry mark there. She raised her arm again, about to strike when the vampire spoke up. 

“Flick your wrist, it’ll make it hurt more.” She fought back tears, nodding. She struck again, flicking her wrist as he said. He must have been right, as Willow screamed louder, clenching her fingers around the chains above her. Tara saw it and hesitated, giving her time to tell her to stop. When she didnt, she raised her arm again, reminding herself not to hesitate, and struck, wincing at her loud scream. She could hear Willows labored breathing and waiting, giving her time to stop it again. She took a deep breath, striking again, cowering from the scream. She heard Willow trying to say something and moved closer, hope rising in her.

“Hard… Harder…” Her hope was shattered, a few tears finally slipping out. She backed up, willing herself to raise her arm again, though it was starting to get tired, and pushed her hesitation away, striking as hard as she could, more tears falling at Willows ear-splitting scream. The redhead finally slumped a bit, breathing in labored pants. Tara bit her lip at the five horrible lashes on her back, “No… No more whip…” Willow rasped, and Tara sighed in relief, rushing to her front side again, glad to be away from the marks. Willows face was streaked with tears, and she looked at her. The self-loathing look in her eyes seemed to have faded a bit, but not all the way. “Something… else…” She finally finished and Taras relief faded. The vampire got up, taking the whip back from her and hanging it up. He grabbed a large knife next, handing it to her with raised eyebrows. She frowned, taking a deep breath and going back to Willow. Willow looked her in the eyes and frowned “Can.. make him do it… you dont have to..” It was obvious the redhead was in pain, and the fact that she was about to cause more broke her heart. But she didnt want to turn it over to the vampire… He might go too far. She took a deep breath, putting the knife to Willows arm, biting her lip before pressing it into the skin, frowning at the blood. Willow hissed softly and she paused, but her lover nodded to her. She brought the knife down, her stomach flopping at the sight of it cutting through Willows skin. Willow didnt seem satisfied at it “Different thing.. This isnt working.. It doesnt hurt enough..” She looked back at the vampire and saw him shrug, getting back up. He walked over to his tools, examining them. He grabbed a metal thing, going over to a furnace and sticking it in, leaving it there for a bit and he grabbed gloves, handing them to her. Tara gulped 

“Y-You wa-want me to b-burn her…?” She smirked 

“Unless you want me to-” 

“No.. No i can..” She put the gloves on, taking a deep breath before grabbing the metal stick. She went back to Willow, concerned to still see no fear, only remorse. She pressed the red-hot iron against her lower thigh, shaking at her scream. Seeing the mark it made, she finally broke down. “I cant! I'm sorry, I cant!” The vampire scoffed, grabbing the gloves and metal back from her. He went back to the furnace as she cried, heating the metal even more before going to Willow, Pressing it against her nipple as hard as he could, pushing her back so she couldnt try to get away, pressing against the marks from the whip as he did. Willow screamed even louder than before, finally trying to struggle away from the pain. 

“N-No more!” She screamed as it continued, her legs flailing under her “S-Stop!” He ignored her pleas and Tara scrambled up 

“She said stop! She’s done!” She yelped, shrieking as Willow went limp. He snickered, putting the metal and gloves back and glancing at her. 

“With /you/ i said she could decide when she was done… Not with me.” He released Willow, carrying her as he headed for the door. She rushed after, still crying as she realized she had been right. It would have been better for Willow if she had just done it.


*Willows pov*


When she came back to, she was on her stomach, a soft, cool washcloth stroking gently against her back. It hurt a bit more, but even when nothing was touching, she was sure she was dying from the pain. Her nipple really hurt too, but not as much, and there were pillows to cushion it. 

"Hey Sweetie…" A familiar voice greeted sweetly from behind her. She attempted to turn to look at her, groaning as the pain intensified. A gentle hand pushed her back down before continuing to wash her. "Dont try to get up, you'll hurt yourself more.." Willow frowned, realizing now that her mind had forgotten some of its guilt, that she had probably upset Tara by making her punish her. Tara probably felt really guilty now, and it was her fault. The washcloth caught on one of the marks and she hissed in pain, trying to stay quiet for Tara. "Shh.. Its okay.." Willow forced her body to relax, focusing her mind on Tara, smiling slightly as she heard her start to hum to her. After a little while, the water started to feel relieving, the cool soothing her cuts. She frowned despite the comfort. She had put both of them in this situation, and Tara was comforting her, while she was probably feeling guilty. She shifted slightly, hissing as the skin stretched. She looked at Tara the best she could, her heart lurching at the tears she saw there. 

"I… I'm sorry.." She finally forced out, her voice cracking as tears threatened to resurface. Tara frowned, letting her roll onto her back. She gritted her teeth as she did, the movement hurting her. She sighed, turning to put the bloody washcloth into a bowl of dirty water,

“For what? You're in a rough situation, you did what you thought you had to..” Willow frowned as her guilt from before came rushing back, 

“I'm sorry for… for trying to /leave/ you.. My situation is… its no excuse, you're here too. I shouldnt have…” 

“It’s different.” Tara said softly, getting up to empty the dirty water into the bathroom sink, “Hes constantly…” Tara paused, not finishing that sentence “All i do is stay in this room, or i'm forced to watch. You’re the one going through it all.” Willow frowned as she started to wash the bowl out, then wash the blood out of the washcloth the best she could. She hung the washcloth up and set the bowl aside, coming back to her. “I dont blame you.” Willows lip quivered as she pulled her closer, not struggling away this time. She finally allowed herself to bury her face in Taras shoulder, sobbing out her pain. 




The vampire had left them alone for a couple days, the clock helping them to actually tell time. He had been giving them slightly better portions, though she was still very skinny. One day he stormed in, a riding crop in his hand as he approached. She sat up straight on the bed, pushing Tara out of the way as he struck, the strength of the blow nearly knocking her off the bed. She shrieked in pain, the crop easily cutting into her fair skin. Tara stared in shock from where Willow had pushed her, her eyes wide as he struck again. This time the blow /did/ knock Willow off the bed, a thud sounding as she hit the hard ground. She screamed when he hit her again, curling into a shaking, shrieking ball of a person as he beat her. 

"That damned slayer of yours just killed one of my strongest childer!" He yelled, striking her particularly hard. She screamed in pain, incoherent pleads coming from her. He beat her until she was barely conscious before throwing the crop aside and yanking her up. She whined in pain, her throat too sore to think of screaming again. He smirked, sniffing her with a small growl, "Guess I'll just have to make a new one.." Once she understood, another scream flew from her mouth as she started to struggle. Pain struck her when he sank his fangs into her neck deeply, starting to suck her blood with big gulps as she got weaker… 

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