Willows Penance

BY : Eagleblaze
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Chapter one

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry…" She cried, looking up at Buffy pleadingly. Her friend looked down at her, her slim hope rising as she started to take a step forward… then stopped. Willow choked out another sob as the slayer looked from her to her sister, whose eyes were glaring hatefully at her, and turned to leave. 

"We'll see you at home." Willow tried pulling herself forward with her hands, only managing to scrape her fingers on the hard surface under her 

"I’m sorry…. so sorry… please…” She sobbed “Please Don't leave me… so sorry… sorry…” Her cries were unheard by her friends, who were already gone. 

“Looky what we have here…” Willow snapped her head up, scrambling away from the vampires in front of her. 

“Hey, isn’t that the slayers little friend?” One asked, large smirks on their faces. Willow whimpered quietly, crawling backwards weakly {I can’t cause even more trouble for Buffy,}

“Well would ya look at that. You’d be right, my boy.” Two of the vamps rushed behind her, pulling her up harshly by her arms with a squeak. What she guessed was the leader strolled forward, taking her chin in his hand and forcing her head up. “I’ve heard the slayer and her group are quite close… what better way to get back at her, then to have some fun with her friend?” Willow felt the magicks itching to be used, to protect her, pushing them down as Tara’s face flashed in her mind. She whimpered again {No more magic. I’ll just have to find another way…} She frowned, knowing that even if someone heard a scream, in a town like Sunnydale, they wouldn’t even try to help and turn the other cheek. {Maybe Buffy isn’t too far… maybe if she heard me…?} She pushed that thought away with a small sob {She wouldn’t even want to help me if she did hear me…} The vamp snickered, caressing her cheek “What’s the matter sweetheart?” She forced a glare to her tear stained face, staying silent. He laughed again, hitting her out of the lackeys grips and to the ground. She swallowed another whimper, backing away again as he kneeled in front of her, the minions stopping her again. 

“What do you think the slayer will think when she finds her body boss?” The boss snarled, hitting the minion 

“We aren’t gonna just drain her and dump her, no... we’re gonna torture her and send the slayer videos of it, maybe even bring her there to watch…” Dread dropped in Willows stomach and she tried squirming away again, only to have the foot on her back push harder. 

“S-She won’t care!” She finally spoke and the vamp grinned 

“Why’s that, sweetheart?” Willow gasped for air as the foot pressed harder still

“We had a fight… too much magic… I hurt her sister….” She gasped, flinching when he knelt down in front of her again 

“You? Magic?” She nodded, wondering if it would intimidate him, even if she didn’t use it. He burst into laughter, tapping her cheek roughly “Ha! Well then try it on me, save your skin…” She gulped, her hope quickly fading 

“Y-Yeah! I will! You… you won’t even know what hit you!” He shrugged, kicking her in the cheek, splitting her skin and causing her to yelp quietly

“Then go ahead. Try it.” She would be lying if she said she didn’t want to, if she said she didn’t want to blast these vamps away, but she didn’t want to hurt anyone… Tara had left her because of magic, she had hurt Dawnie because of magic… She wasn’t going to risk it. Not anymore. She gathered an ounce of courage, and spit in the vampires face. He growled, kicking her in the head and sending her unconscious. 


*Buffy's pov*


“Hey Dawnie… how's your arm?” She asked quietly, leaning against her sister's door frame. Dawn glared up at her 

“It doesn’t matter. Why do you suddenly care now?” Buffy winced, moving to sit on the bed beside her 

“Dawn… you know I care.” 

“Do I? If you had been here, this wouldn’t have happened!” Buffy frowned, but she continued “Just leave me alone.” She got up and left, stomping towards Willows room with a glare, sure her friend would be home by now, wallowing in her self pity. She slammed the door opened and looked on the bed. Seeing she wasn’t there, she headed for the bathroom, though the door was open. Feeling a twinge of worry, she rushed downstairs, checking all the rooms, and even the basement. She pushed the worry down {She’s probably just in the same place we left her. She’ll be fine, she’s strong.} Though she knew that even with Willows magic, if cornered by demons, she wouldn’t be able to get out of it unharmed… or at all even. She grabbed her coat and rushed out the door, sprinting to get Spike, then go to the place she had left Willow. 




Spike suddenly stopped Buffy, his eyes narrowing as he smelled the air. She looked around, hoping to see her friend

“Blood. Red’s blood..” Buffy felt her stomach flop and quickly followed Spike, slowing when she saw the sight in front of her. Blood was splattered all over, scuff marks all over the concrete where she had left Willow. She felt sick and turned to the side to expel her stomach contents. She felt Spikes hand on her back and quickly swatted it away. “Buffy… it’s not all hers. Most of it is vampire blood… only a small pool is hers.” Buffy sighed in relief 

“So she… she probably got away… right?” Spike looked down 

“There’s the scent of at least four vampires here… the blood.. it only belonged to one, and there’s no dust. Buffy, her fear scent is all over this area… All I’m saying is that she's not dead… not for sure.” Buffy shook her head slowly as he continued, “This much vamp blood… it was purposely put here.” 

“So she was taken because… because of me..?” Spike looked away


*Taras pov* 


She stared blankly at the television, not really caring about the images that crossed the screen. Willow had really messed up. She had gone too far this time, and hurt Dawn. She heard the ringing of her phone and reached over to grab it 


“Tara I…” Her eyes narrowed in concern and she clutched the phone closer 

“Buffy? Is something wrong? Did Willow…” Buffy interrupted in a meek voice 

“She’s missing.. She didn’t come home after last night and… Spike and I went to where we left her, just to check and… there was vamp blood all over and Spike could smell some of her blood and… He said she was afraid… oh god.. we think a group of vamps took her to… to get to me…” Tara felt her stomach flop with concern for her ex 

“She could have gotten away though… She… h-her Magic’s strong…” She heard Buffy pause briefly before responding 

“I got a picture in the mail… Tara.. Shes…” Tara felt a lump grow in her throat 

“I’ll be right over.” She squeaked out before hanging up and grabbing her coat.




She knocked on the door harshly, not wanting to wait for the answer. She hadn’t stopped knocking by the time the door opened, revealing Dawn. 

“Tara… She’s…” Tara swallowed her own tears, rushing forward to embrace the girl 

“I know… I know.. She’s alive..?” Dawn nodded, letting her through the door. Xander, Anya, Buffy and Giles sat on the couch, looking blankly at a picture on the coffee table. Tara rushed towards them, trying to brace herself for what she might see on the Polaroid. She wasn’t ready to see Willow chained up to a wall in only her bra and underwear, her cheek and nose bleeding, a bruise marking her forehead, with her head lolling limply to the side in her unconscious state. {Oh Willow…}


*Willows pov*


The first thing she noticed when she woke up was the blinding headache and the constant flash and click of a Polaroid camera. She groaned as she tried moving her head, only making it hurt worse, and making her nauseous. 

“Look who’s awake, Smile for the camera!” She groaned again in response, grimacing as she forced her eyelids open, just in time to have the flash go off in her face. 

“Ugh.. would you stop that…?” She murmured, turning her head away and swallowing the nausea.

“Aw, have a bit of a headache Sweetheart?” Willow glared at him as he snapped another photo before setting the camera down on a table and strolling towards her “You know… I’ve been waiting for you to wake up… So we can have some fun… That bruise up there looks so nice, I wonder what it would look like if they were all over your body…” She pulled her face away from him, forcing her glare to stay even. He chuckled and whistled, four vampires rushing in, one of them holding a video camera and standing off to the side while the other three stepped into line with the boss. Willow tried to ignore the stabbing fear that ran through her as he stepped forward and unchained her, making her gasp in pain as he kneed her in the stomach before letting her fall to the ground before all four of them started kicking and hitting her, only letting her manage squeaks of pain. She fought the urge to defend herself with magic, even though she knew she could easily blast these vamps away. She wasn't going to let her friends down again. She wasn't going to let /Tara/ down again. She would just have to tough it out. Most of the blows landed on her chest, stomach and lower back, the contrast of four different attacks making her struggle to catch her breath, shrieking in agony as something snapped in her ribs. It seemed like forever before they stopped, allowing the camera to take in all views of her bruised body, still focused on her as two of the vamps pulled her up and rechained her, despite her small whimpers. “This is only the beginning… enjoy the show slayer.” 


*Taras pov*


She had to rush out of the room after watching the tape, getting sick in the bathroom. {I have to help her!} She stopped, narrowing her eyes {Why didn't she just blast them away? Why didn't she fight back?} She slumped down, looking at the floor and trying to push the images of her former lovers beaten body away, and the small noises she made while they were kicking her. When she realized what the reason was, more tears sprang to her eyes. {She wasn't defending herself because she doesn't want to disappoint us…} She sighed, putting her head in her hands 

"Oh Willow… why now..?" 


*Buffy's pov*


"Oh C'mon luv… it's not your fault she was taken, you couldn't have known." Buffy shook her head at him,

"Maybe not exactly… but I /do/ know that it's dangerous out there. I know that lots of demons have seen her with me to know she was my friend… I should have known to take her with me." Spike sighed and sat down next to her 

"Buffy, Reds made lots of mistakes lately… she hurt lil'bit. You were upset… understandably so. Maybe Red just needs to go through this little thing, so she can learn that she needs to be more careful." He shrugged "Maybe she deserves it." Buffy leaped to her feet 

"Are you telling me that Willow deserves to die for it?!" He quickly scrambled up 

"Not /die/ but…" She scoffed angrily 

"But she deserves to be tortured by the hand of a group of monsters until we eventually find her? If we even do?" Spike looked away 

"Some people have to learn the hard way pet." Buffy stomped a few steps away before turning back and pointing her finger at him 

"Oh yeah, how could I forget? You're a /vampire!/ You probably /want/ her to get hurt!" Spike opened his mouth to protest, but she continued "She's my /best friend/ Spike! She has helped me longer than you have! And so what if she made a mistake?! Everyone does! It doesn't mean she deserves this!" Spike narrowed his eyes 

"Your best friend, eh? The best friend you ignored while she was /making/ these mistakes, but we're all too happy to leave by the side of the road to be picked up by these vampires in the first place?" Tears shimmered unshed in her eyes and she turned away 

"You dont… You dont have the right." And with that, she stomped out of the room. 


*Willows pov*


She gritted her teeth as she felt another spasm coming on, her already weak muscles clenching painfully. From the chills, sweats and shakes that gripped her body, she guessed this was withdrawl from the magick. The longer it went on, the stronger the spasms got, and at one point she started throwing up the small contents of her stomach, whimpering as it landed on her body instead of the floor. She heard a chuckling from next to her and flinched 

"So you're a druggy, eh? Been a while since your last fix?" She only managed a small groan between the spasms "Too bad it's out of your bloodstream… That might have been fun…" She whimpered again as he smirked "You know… I'm sure the slayer wouldn't like to see that… Perhaps I should let you get your fix, and let her watch." He snickered "What's your drug of choice Sweetheart?" 

"Magick…" She hissed behind gritted teeth "You should… bac-urg...back… up.." He snickered, then gripped her hair tightly, pulling her sweating head towards him with a growl 

"If you didn't want to tell me, you could have just said so." He backed up, letting go of her scalp "Guess that means /I/ get to choose." Willow groaned 

"No…" He simply laughed before walking out, and leaving her still spasming. She whimpered as he shut the door she couldn't see "Please no…" 




"Guess who's back!" She shook her head weakly, glad the throwing up had stopped, though her bra was covered with it. "I got you something that should help with that Sweetheart.." She saw the vamp with the video camera walk in front of her before she saw the needle the boss vamp was flicking as he walked towards her. She whined in fear, squirming in the chains 


"Oh yes… you know, this drug has always been my favorite… but the tough part is, it has to be given through a needle, and I don't like needles much." She whimpered again 

"W-Well yo-you see… I dont li-like them either…" He chuckled 

"I didnt really think you would. But you know, I think this would be another great way to get back at the slayer for killing so many of my childer. Do you know that when a sires childer dusts, he feels an incredible amount of pain? Well soon, you'll get to know more about that, but… for now I think I'm going to let you take a little trip." She flinched as he tied a blindfold over her eyes, throwing her into complete darkness. She whimpered louder, squirming even more than before, the darkness adding to her fear. 

"No no no no no…." She breathed, hearing him flick the needle one last time. She squeaked in pain and terror as it was stuck roughly into her arm as she thrashed around "Leave me alone!" She shrieked, tears trickling out from under the blindfold as more hands grabbed her, holding her in place and allowing the boss to inject the drug into her bloodstream "No!"  She shrieked again as the vamp dug his fangs into her neck, drinking from her for a few seconds before patting her on the cheek 

"Have fun…" She couldn't tell if he was gone, from her side of darkness. She felt nauseous as the drug started to work. Her view was restored and she found herself staring at the room, the blindfold nowhere to be seen. She heard the door slam open and jumped {Its not enough for him to drug me?!}

"Willow!" Her heart leapt as she recognized the voice

"Tara! H-Help… He… theres a drug.." 

"Shhh… It's okay Sweetie…" Tara put her hand on Willows cheek and she relaxed into it gratefully. Then Tara fell limply to the ground and Willow shrieked at the blood that appeared at her neck. 

"NO!" She shrieked, struggling against the chains as hard as she could, until they cut into her wrists, blood trickling out "NO NO NO NO! GODDESS PLEASE! NO!" 

"All your fault… its all your fault…" Willow ignored the voice she heard, still trying to get to Taras paling body. 

"TARA! TARA! PLEASE BABY, WAKE UP! NO!" Her voice dropped in despair "No… no…" 

"If you hadnt done that magick you wouldn't have been here… She wouldn't have been here… She'd be alive…" Willow let herself listen to the voice, let the sobs of grief take over her body. 


*Taras pov*


As she watched the needle go into Willows arm, her stomach dropped. 

"Now the withdrawl will be twice as bad." Anya stated blankly, and Xander elbowed her gently 

"Not now Ahn…" Anya frowned 

“It’s true… Besides, I’m concerned. You tell me I should act more human!” She whined. Tara tried holding her tears back as Willow thrashed around, shrieking as the vampire drank from her. After he left, it wasn't long before Willow jumped as if startled, then said her name and asked for help, looking somewhere as if talking to someone. /The drugs are making her see me…  oh goddess../ Her shriek made Tara jump, and it took a while before it clicked in Taras mind that Willow thought she had died… And thought she was staring right at her body 

"Oh god…" Buffy breathed as Willow started to sob. Tara couldnt keep her tears back and she continued to watch the woman she loved struggle with horrible things the drug was making her see and feel. Willow eventually stopped thrashing, only making small whimpers and slumping down helplessly. The vampire came in shortly after she had calmed, snickering as he saw her.

“Didn’t have fun? Shame.” Willow whimpered softly and Tara felt a burning hatred towards the vampire holding her captive. “I know I sure did. Mmm yes, we’ll have to do this again sometime.” He strolled up to her and snatched the blindfold off, chuckling at her small gasp. 

“S-So she’s not..?” Tara felt her heart ache for her ex, wishing she could hold her in her arms. 

“Oh yes, I forget, you probably saw the body of someone you loved, eh?” Willow nodded meekly 

“Is she..?” He shrugged 

“In a town like sunnydale, it’s always possible.” Tara narrowed her eyes angrily /He can’t give her a / little /comfort?!/

“So she’s alive…?” The vampire snarled and backhanded her 

“You annoying shit! I already gave you an answer!” Willow whimpered again and he growled, “You know, I won’t put up with this whining! It’s not even that bad yet.” He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her closer “I think it’s about time it’s gets a little worse.” He turned to his minion, shoving Willows head back harshly “Send this tape. It’s time to make a new one.” Tara swallowed a whimper as it shut off. Normally, when she would get upset like this, she would turn to Willow… but Willow wasn’t here. She couldn’t find comfort in her arms, so she had to tough it up. Buffy touched her arm 

“Tara… I’m so sorry..” Tara sniffled

“It’s not your fault. There’s no way you could have known.” She got up and left the room, going up to the room she and Willow had shared before the magicks took over their lives. She sat down on the bed and sighed, breathing in the leftover scent of her ex-lover.


*Willows pov* 


The vampire had been gone for what seemed like forever, letting her fear grow. /That’s probably the point./ She thought bitterly, another thought slipping into her mind. /Are any of them watching these? Do any of them even care?/ She looked down, feeling more tears trickle down her face /Did they call Tara? Is Tara there?/ Her lip quivered as she imagined her Is she proud of me…?/

“I hope you’ve had time to think about what you’ve done.”  She jumped in shock /Shit, I didn’t hear him come in…/ She narrowed her eyes upon seeing the chair he carried in, along with a camera stand. He set the camera stand up and set the chair down in front of it, facing the camera after he turned it on. “Your friend has been a naughty girl, isn’t that right little one?” Willow gulped, but didn’t answer. He growled “See? She’s doing it right now. For that I think I’m going to add more to her punishment.” Willow felt a shiver down her spine but stayed silent as he turned back to the camera. “Enjoy the show.” He quickly unchained her, dragging her over to the chair and sitting before pulling her across his lap and pulled her panties down. Fear ate at Willows stomach /Oh goddess…/ she couldn’t expand on her thoughts any more than that, as he struck the first blow, making her gasp in pain. He didnt delay, causing her to miss count at how many times he hit her, though by what she guessed was ten, she was yelping with each hit, only feeling his this grow harder and faster, changing her yelps to shrieks and sobs. By the time he seemed done, she was a mess of sobs

“Please.. no.. no more…” He snickered, taking his belt off despite her pained cries. “Please.. I-I’ll be g-good…” She knew she probably wouldn’t keep to this, as she was sure she would struggle and talk back. She knew she would most likely ask stupid questions as she did earlier, which led to this, but she wanted it to be over. The pain in her back side was incredible, much worse than anything she had ever felt, though she was sure it wasn’t as bad as it could get. She whimpered again when he pushed her to the ground, getting up from the chair. 

“Hm..” He walked around her slowly “Are you sure you’ll be a good pet?” 


*Taras pov* 


Willow narrowed her eyes slightly, pushing herself onto her knees and pulling her panties up, wincing as she did. /Not anything I haven’t seen…/ Tara blushes at the thought, Not the time. 

“W-Well what woul-would I have to d-do?” He grinned, pulling her the rest of the way up by her elbow harshly. 

“Do everything I tell you… as simple as that.. and perhaps I’ll give you a better room to stay in. After all, this room isn’t going to be nice and warm during the winter." Willow frowned and slowly nodded "Now, for the first command…" Taras heart lurched, afraid of what this 'command' might be. What he said next made her fears be confirmed "Pleasure me." He unzipped his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers, exposing his large penis. Tara heard Willows small intake of breath as she backed away. The vampire growled, grabbing her hair and pulling her closer to him. "I knew you wouldn't be good… but that doesn't mean you're getting out of this." Tara choked back a sob at Willows horrified expression, not sure if she could watch this. 


*Willows pov*


She gritted her teeth to keep her mouth closed as he pulled her closer to his erection, her heart pounding in fear and embarrassment. /The cameras on! They'll see this! How will they ever forgive me if I do this?!/ She whined softly and struggled to get away, only making him tighten his grip on her hair, increasing the pain in her scalp. He moved his other hand to grip her jaw, squeezing it tightly to get her mouth to open despite her protests. He quickly shoved his penis in with a hard thrust, hitting her face with his pelvis as she choked. He shoved it in as deep as he could get it before squeezing her nose shut, cutting off her air supply. She whined as her lungs started to burn from lack of air. 

"Either you start sucking, or you'll pass out, and I'll take you right here." Willow whined again as he thrusted against her again, causing her to choke again "Yeah… just like that…" She turned get eyes towards the camera as her vision started to blur, and she slumped down, only held up by the punishing grip to her hair. He thrusted again, moaning as she choked. "Oh how i'd love to be in that pussy right now… the screams are the best part, but I suppose that won't happen if you're passed out…" She whimpered as she reluctantly started sucking, not wanting her body to be at his mercy if she were to pass out. He released her nose, allowing her to take in large shaky breaths through it, though each only made her lungs burn and beg for more oxygen. He grabbed her nose again as she stopped sucking, held up in her desperate breaths. She whined as she started again, making sure not to forget to keep sucking as she breathed in the much needed air. She looked to the camera again, her heart aching to be back with her friends. She wished she were at home with Dawn and Buffy. She wished her and Tara had never broken up.. And most of all… she wished she had never gotten herself in the damned magick that landed her in this situation. Guilt flowed through her as she continued, gagging when he thrusted against her harder and more often, her face starting to hurt from the ongoing assault. {Its not the /magick/ that got me here… it was /me/. I got into the magicks… I depended on it… I drove Tara away, and got myself in this situation… Maybe I even deserve it… I hurt everyone I loved.. And now they probably hate me.. With good reason.} She grunted in pain as he thrusted even harder against her face, making her choke up bile, causing her to swallow on reflex. He moaned harder, thrusting three more times before shooting his dead seed in her mouth. She didnt swallow it, glaring up at him defiantly. He snickered and squeezed her nose shut again. She whimpered but didnt swallow his cum, even though it tasted terrible on her tongue. She didnt expect the slap to her cheek, gasping. She started choking on the substance and he shoved her away with a growl "Serves you right." When her back hit the floor, the cum she was choking on came back up and she swallowed it without thinking. He walked out and slammed the door, leaving her gasping for air and gagging on the taste in her mouth. {Maybe I dont deserve to be saved…} She struggled towards the door, banging on it when she found it locked. 


*Taras pov*


She was sobbing by time the vampire left, Buffy and Anya trying to calm her as Willow continued banging on the door, screaming for them to let her out. {Willow… why wont you defend yourself?} She sniffled {I cant stand to see her like this…}

"We have to find her." She stated as she wiped her tears away and turned to her friends

"Why?" Her head snapped towards Spike angrily


"Shes gotten herself into this mess. She hurt niblet by getting herself bloody addicted to that magick. Maybe this will teach her a lesson." Tara jumped up, ignoring Buffys protests 

"In case you havent noticed, she hasnt used the magick at all! Shes enduring this to try and make it up to us!" She yelled "Did you think of that?!" He shrugged 

"Of course I did. But who's to say shes not only doing that to get us to forgive and save her? Who's to say she wont jump right back into it once she gets home?" Tara clenched her jaw, forcing herself to turn away 

"Get out." She hissed, her hands balled into fists

"And what if I'm right?" She tried to push the burning anger down 

"Get out of my sight before I do something." He snickered

"I'm just so scared…" Buffy stepped forward, grabbing his jacket and dragging him out the door 

"Unless you are going to help us find Willow, stay out." She snapped, slamming the door in his face. 

"W-Wa-Wait!" A shriek from the tape caught their attention, and Tara rushed over in time to see the vampire kick Willow across the room and placed a see through box with a small hole in the top on the ground in front of the camera. 

"You see, this may look like glass, but no mortal- other than perhaps the slayer- can break out.. I thought it would be a nice place for me to keep you until I think of another way to pass the time.." 

"I-I wo-Wont fit.." Willow whimpered as he stalked towards her as she pushed herself away 

"Sure you will.. It'll just be a bit of a squeeze." Willow whimpered again as he grabbed her arm roughly, and pulled her to the box. He lifted her up to put her in, but her foot swung back and hit him in the crouch. Tara mentally cheered for her, leaning forward. The vamp dropped her with a hiss of pain, and Willow rang towards the door, her fingers barely touching the doorknob before the vamp pulled her down by her ankle, causing her to hit her head with a grunt. There was a trickle of blood from where she had hit, and Tara feared she was dead, looking closer to see if she was breathing, letting out a sigh of relief when she saw her sides rise and fall. The vamp pulled her up and shoved her into the box, having slight trouble getting her to fit, facing her face towards the hole and folding her knees up, crossing her arms over her chest before slamming the top closed. He smirked at the sight and turned to the camera "We've found a way to broadcast this live to her laptop, Now you can watch all of this live, how lucky you are." Then the tape ended and Tara swallowed her concern and rushed upstairs despite the protests behind her 

"Tara! What if there's something bad on there?!" Buffy called, rushing after her "You shouldnt see it alone!" Tara rushed into the room, opening the laptop quickly, her heart sinking as she saw the video feed from the room Willow was trapped in, her body crushed tightly into the small glass box. That means she hadn't woken up since being knocked out God knows how long ago… {What if he gave her brain damage?! What if she got a concussion and wont ever wake up?!} She jumped when someone touched her shoulder, sighing when she saw it was only Buffy. 

"She'll be okay…" Tara nodded slowly and looked back to the screen, wondering if she said that to calm herself just as much as to calm her. Taras heart lurched when Willow started to groan softly, and picked up the laptop to bring it downstairs to the others. 

"Shes waking up!" 


*Willows pov* 


She groaned and tried to move her head, only to bang it on a cool surface, the same thing happening when she moved to the other side. She started to panic as she remembered what had happened 

"No no no no…" She whimpered, pushing her hands against the top of the box, ignoring the way her elbows stabbed into her ribs. {I cant breath! Goddess help me! I'm going to suffocate in a damn box!} Tried to struggle, grunting at the ache in her muscles. She felt her breathing grow rapid, and knew she was hyperventilating. {Goddess please! I cant die like this!} Thats when she saw the air hole. She moved her mouth to it, gulping in as much air as she could as she continued trying to escape, shrieking when she felt the box's sides push closer. {Its going to crush me!} She pushed against the top again, feeling it grow tighter as she did. She narrowed her eyes in thought despite the panic that flowed through her. {Does it only contract when I try to escape or move?} She stopped all movement except her breathing, and let out a sigh of relief as the sides stayed where they were. Staying still became harder as the spasms started again {Not now!} Her arm shot out to the side as her muscles contracted, causing the sides to move closer again. "Goddess… help me…" She whimpered as the space got tighter sell, making it harder for her to breath. Her body spasmed again, this time her leg kicking out. "No!" This time, along with the sides, the top pressed down, pushing her knees further into her chest. "Cant… Cant br… breath…" She rasped, the box still shrinking. She looked towards the camera as spots started dancing in her vision "S...Sorry…."

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