Willows Penance

BY : Eagleblaze
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 Chapter five

Willow struggled to get up, but the hunger and thirst made her weak, adding her pain in, and it made it very hard. She wailed in horror as he bit into Taras neck, quickly beginning to feed. Soon, Tara went limp in his arms and Willow screamed in grief and horror, finally able to scramble forward. 

"No.. No.. Please no.. Tara..!" The vampire scoffed 

"Shes not dead, so shut up. Shes only unconscious, to make this easier." He barely finished before grabbed Willow by her arm harshly, pulling her up and dragging her behind him as he carried Tara over his shoulder. She struggled to keep up and not fall, not taking her eyes off of Tara. He led them back to the other room, putting Tara on the bed before starting toward the door, still holding her arm. To Willows relief, she saw there was actual food on the table for Tara, along with a large pitcher of water. When the door closed, she finally looked to him. She didnt know what he had planned for her, but as long as he didnt involve or hurt Tara anymore… She didnt care. He'd already tortured and raped her, she could take it. She had learned he wouldn't kill her, because then his fun would be over. So if she allowed his attention to stay on her.. Surely Tara would be okay. She could stand all the physical pain in the world if it meant keeping Tara safe. He threw her into a room with a single lightbulb that hung from the ceiling, and she immediately realized it wasn't the room with the window. She was slightly relieved that Tara wouldn't have to see or hear what he was about to do.. But at the same time, she was afraid of what he would do. Before she could register what was going on, he had already put the spell on her. She shrieked as her entire being seemed to clench and tighten painfully.. Almost like she was a rubber band that someone had stretched out and then let tighten back up. She fell weakly when it was over, her stomach lurching as two more vamps entered the room with smirks. The master grabbed her hair, pulling her back up. Before she knew what was happening, each vamp had positioned themselves at a hole, the lead one at her anus again. With a sudden horror, she realized what the spell was for. They had restored her virginity for both holes.. Well, as far as physically goes.. Her scream easily surpassed any she had in the future as two of the vamps thrust in fully, one into her vagina, the other in her anus. Her scream of agony was cut off short when the other thrust into her mouth, starting to face Fuck her quick and hard. They all started a painful rhythm, changing the angles every few seconds to make sure her pain didnt fade. She could feel tears wetting her cheeks as this happened. They had all came at some point, but still continued, not stopping until they had all came at least three times. She fell over in exhaustion and pain once it was over, shrieking raspily as they all started kicking her. At some point the master vamp stopped kicking and pulled out a switchblade, making her scream in pain as the blade cut into her flesh. Unable to help it, she passed out from the pain of it all. 


*Taras pov*

She was surprised that she had even woken up when she did, her hand going to her neck, which was sticky with dried blood. An amazing smell filled her nose and she moved towards it, rushing towards the table when she saw the food and Water, gratefully and quickly beginning to eat and drink until suddenly she remembered what had happened. She stumbled back, falling to her knees in guilt. The last thing she had seen was Willow struggling to get up, but falling in pain and exhaustion everytime, shrieking loudly… and then everything had gone dark. Her eyes darted around the room, starting to panic. {Oh goddess.. She isnt here.. Oh goddess… What happened to her..?} Her panicked thoughts were cut off by an ear-splitting scream of agony. Tears flowed from her eyes as she recognized the voice.. There was no other voice she knew better. She pulled her knees to her chest, sobbing silently as the screaming stopped. What if he had gotten bored of Willow and was killing her? Torturing her to death? What was the last thing she had said to Willow? {'Second best', that's what I said to her last.. Oh goddess.. She cant be dying.. When was the last time I told her I loved her? Does she know I love her? Does she know shes my whole world?} She winced at another shriek, pushing her face into her knees {Oh goddess.. We.. I practically told her I hated her.. That I wished she had died.. No.. She cant think..? She cant think I want her dead.. Is she fighting? Is she fighting death?} There were more high-pitched screams and Tara sobbed harder as they were cut off {No.. Oh goddess please.. Please dont let her be.. I.. I need her.. Please dont take her from me.. Please.. Oh goddess.. Oh Willow.. I love you so much..} The door opened after a while and Tara flinched. {Now hes coming for me.. At least I'll be able to join Willow..} She thought solemnly. She looked up reluctantly, her eyes widening in horror as she saw Willows limp body. {He came to show me her body.. I should have known he'd be that cruel…} A groan came from the limp girl and Tara jumped in shock. A groan. She was alive! The vampire put her body on the floor and walked out snickering. Tara rushed to Willow 

"Oh goddess.. What did he.. What did he do to you…?" She breathed in horror as she took in Willows body. There were different colored bruises covering her body, along with several cuts, differing on how deep they were. There was a bunch of cum on Willows cracked lips, and blood between her legs. Tara whispered an apology as she turned Willow to see the full extent of her injuries. When she saw the girls anus she had to swallow a sob, remembering how painful it had been for her last time. Other than that, there werent many visible injuries to her back, so she turned her back, wincing as she groaned in pain. She could see Willows ribs clearly and let out a small sob at the bags under her eyes.. Her skin was so pale, and looked as if it hung from her bones, the color from her beautiful red hair starting to fade from lack of sunlight, the soft locks tossed and knotted. Tara frowned as she looked at her own body. She was barely harmed. There was the bite on her neck, and the wound in her foot, which barely hurt anymore thanks to Willows help. She looked at the table guiltily "How could I have been eating while she was going through this..?" 

"T…" Taras eyes widened and she was immediately at Willows side. She could see that Willow was fighting unconsciousness in a losing battle and tried to reach her  

"Willow? Willow? I'm here.." She said softly, trying to not let her hear the tears in her voice

"Tara.." Willow muttered, her hand lifting shaking before falling back down

"Willow..? Can you hear me? Are you okay..?" She asked even though she knew it was a stupid question

"Under water… sleepy… heavy.. Cant…" Taras eyes widened in horror {Oh goddess.. Is she actually dying..?} She smiled weakly when Willows eyes opened to show the green eyes she loved so much. She forced herself to get up, frowning at Willows whimper as she went to the table, grabbing a glass of water then paused. She shouldnt get too much for Willow, since she may not be able to keep it down. She settled on grabbing a roll, trying to help Willow sit up, wincing at the pain and unshed tears in her eyes as she swayed. She brought the glass to her lips, tipping it back slowly and gently, watching Willows eyes close again as she drank, whining when Tara pulled the glass back and started to break up the roll. Willow grabbed the pieces hungrily, stuffing them into her mouth. Not soon after she finished eating, she passed out, going limp in Taras arms.


*Willows pov*

The sound of Taras voice reached her ears in an echo as she woke up. 

"T…" She muttered, finding it very hard to speak. Her mind felt all jumbled, like she was under water, and couldnt breathe or think. Everything hurt and she wondered solemnly if she was dying. She could hear Tara saying her name in the background and tried desperately to go back to her. "Tara.." She finally managed to choke out. When she tried to reach her hand up, it felt very heavy.

"Willow.. Hear me? ...Okay..?" Willow could tell that some of the words werent reaching her ears, since the ones she did hear didnt make much sense. She tried to tell Tara weakly how she felt

"Under water.. Sleepy.. Heavy… Cant…" She finally forced her heavy eyelids open, frowning at Taras horrified face. She whimpered softly when Tara got up and rushed away "No.. Dont.. Leave.." Tara came back with a roll and a glass of water, helping her to sit up. She tried to help Tara in the act, but the pain in her body was excruciating, and made her dizzy. She could see Taras lips moving as she moved the glass to her lips gently, tipping it back to allow the liquid to flow into her mouth. She drank it gratefully, not feeling fully satisfied when Tara pulled it back and deciding to let her know by whining. Her whining stopped when Tara started to break up the roll, and she ate it like a beast, unable to help it. After she finished, her stomach rolled and all her pain came back at once, darkness filling her gaze as she passed out again.


This time when she woke up, she was on the bed, and she couldnt see where Tara was. Her mind was thrown into a panic, thinking something bad had happened to her, and she sat up quickly in the bed. With a squeal of pain, she fell back down, breathing heavily. Tara came rushing out of the bathroom 

"What happened?!" Willow grimaced

"I tried sitting up.." Taras eyebrows furrowed and she came over slowly 

"Well.. You're gonna have to get up anyway.. I made you a bath… I thought it might help.." Willow nodded, trying again to sit up, groaning as she did. When she almost fell again, Tara put her arm around her back and grabbed her hand, helping her. She still whimpered as she helped her to her feet, feeling as if she'd fall back over. "I'm sorry Sweetie.. I.. I cant carry you very well.." Willow nodded, taking a small step forward 

"Just.. Go slow.." Tara nodded, taking a small step forward. Willow followed, whining softly as her legs rubbed together. When they did, it made the pain in her vagina and anus come back clearly, and she almost fell. Tara quickly caught her, muttering an apology. They continued this slow, painful process until they had reached the bathtub. Tara let go of her one hand to test the water temperature

"T-Test it with your f-foot.." Willow nodded, lifting her one foot with great effort, swaying slightly. She dipped her toes in, finding the temperature just right.. But she still feared how it would feel on her cuts and holes. She gulped audibly and Tara frowned, helping ease the rest of her body into the water. She squeaked as it touched her aching skin, but continued to lower herself into the water, gritting her teeth. Once she sat, pain shot up from her ass and she whimpered. Tara kept a hand on her back to keep her from falling, grabbing a washcloth with the other, and dipping it into the water. "Can you hold yourself up for a little bit..?" Willows lip quivered ad she nodded 

"Y-Yeah just… just hurry..?" Tara nodded, and she groaned when the hand supporting her was gone and she was forced to use her aching muscles to support her own weight while Tara lathered soap onto the washcloth as quickly as she could. When she set the soap back on the edge of the tub, she quickly replaced her grip on her back. 

"I'm sorry… this m-might s-sting a b-b-bit…" Willow gritted her teeth at the warning, wincing as the washcloth went over one of her cuts, stinging more than 'a bit' when the soap got in. She moaned in pain, her hands balling into fists. "S-Sorry…" Tara repeated, though she continued washing her "I'm-I'm trying to be g-gentle.." Willow nodded with another moan 

"You are.. It just.. Soap.. Stings.." When Tara finished on the rest of her body, many agonizing minutes later, she looked Willow in the eyes 

"I have t-to.." Willow felt like crying, but simply nodded, pressing her teeth together harder as Tara started to move to between her legs. She wasn't able to stop the hiss of pain when the washcloth moved over her core, seeming to scratch the damaged area, the soap stinging more in there then in the cuts. She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to stay quiet. That went out the window when the cloth moved to her anus, a full yelp being drawn from her mouth. "Sorry! I'm sorry!" Tara quickly yelped, finishing quickly. 

"It's.. Okay just.. Rinse it out.." She trailed off with a small whimper "Please…?" She forced her eyes open, regretting the involuntary cries when she saw the tears falling from Taras eyes. Tara nodded, putting the washcloth aside, starting to drain the water as she grabbed a small cup. Willow looked at her in confusion, shivering at the loss of warmth the water gave, everything still stinging with the soap 

"T-That wa-waters dirty.. I-I need to p-put new water.." Willow didnt even nod this time, settling for looking into Taras warm eyes, seeking comfort. Taras lip quivered and she moved closer, putting a kiss to her forehead "Its okay.. The soap will be out soon.. And then we only have your hair to do, okay Sweetie?" Willow nodded, laying her head on Taras shoulder, forgetting about the other girls formerly dry clothes. Tara didnt say anything about it, trying to comfort Willow. When all the water had drained, Tara started filling the tub with new water. She filled the cup and tipped it over Willows back gently. Willow smiled at the relief the water gave from the soap, seeming to massage her cuts and bruises. Tara did the same to her front, and soon, Willow was laying against her shoulder in contentment, most of the pain dull. "Sweetie.. I need to do your hair.." Willow whimpered stubbornly but sat up, smiling as the smell of lavender reached her nose when Tara squeezed shampoo into her hair, beginning to massage it in gently. Willow moaned in pleasure. This was much more relaxing than washing the cuts. Tara put her hand on her forehead to keep the shampoo from going into her eyes as she began to rinse it out, draining the water again once she finished, helping her out. She smiled as Tara began to dry her off gently, careful to not aggravate her cuts again. "Arms up…" She instructed softly, sliding one of the gowns onto her when she obeyed. "Better?" Willow grinned, nodding 

"Much… Thank you." Tara kissed her forehead gently 

"Of course.. Now go eat and go to bed, I'm going to take a bath too." Willow giggled, making her way to the door

"Yes Mom." She teased, closing the door gently before going to the table and grabbing a bowl of soup. As she began eating, she wondered why the vampire was suddenly giving them actually good food, and while in the bath, she had realised that there was bubble bath and different kinds of soap and Shampoo with nice smells. She shrugged, taking a drink of water. She didnt have to understand it, she should just enjoy it. Once she finished her soup and water, she cleaned up before going to the bed and climbing in, finding the sheets softer, and a bigger, softer comforter spread on the bed, along with new, fluffier pillows. She settled down with a content sigh, the smell of the lavender shampoo soothing her. The door to the bathroom soon opened and Tara came out, climbing in with her. "Mmm.. Snuggles?" Willow asked sleepily, causing Tara to smirk and move closer. 

"How could I say no?" Willow wrapped her arms around Tara, laying her head on her chest and listening to her breathing, smiling when Taras arms snaked around her gently, holding her close. 



"I missed you.."

"I missed you too.. Now get some sleep.."




When Willow woke up, the vampire was sitting in a chair at the end of the bed silently. When she noticed what she was looking at, she almost jumped off the bed in alarm, waking Tara in the process. Tara quickly sat up too, her eyes wide with fright. The two almost immediately grabbed each others hands, holding tightly. 

"Dont worry, I'm only here to talk." Willow huffed quietly 

"I've heard that one before.." The vampire chuckled 

"I bet you're wondering why I'm being so nice, right?" Willow shrugged 


"Ive gotten some advice from other master vampires on how to control and take care of human pets… turns out, torturing them constantly and not giving them breaks where they can relax leads to depression." Willow rolled her eyes 

"You dont say." Tara squeezed her hand as if asking her silently to stay quiet. 

"But, punishment is very important, as is letting them know who's boss… So I'll still be doing things to you for my enjoyment- theres no changing that- but in the breaks in between, you'll be able to relax… If you dont do something to make me take that away for a little while and put you back in that room." Willow frowned, wondering which room he meant. There were so many he had used to cause her suffering. "Now, I wont be back for a while, since I need to go.. Run some.. Errands.. So enjoy that time, because when I get back.. I want to try something out." Both girls tightened their grips, understanding what he meant by that. Without another word, He got up and left, locking the door firmly behind him. Willow glanced over at Tara, locking eyes with her, 

"I'm sure that… everything will be alright.." She muttered, uncertain.

"We.. We should get some more sleep.." Willow looked away with a frown

"I think I'm going to stay up a bit longer.. Maybe read.." Tara narrowed her eyes but nodded slowly, settling back down in the bed. Once she had fallen asleep, Willow got out of the bed, starting to check for any possible way of escape.. Obviously, she had done this before, but she was still desperate. She figured if Tara was unaware of this, she couldnt be blamed, or hurt for it. Looking at the window to the torture room, she narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. Surely that door wasn't locked, because he would figure neither of them would want to go in there willingly.. And he was right, but Willow wanted to get out. She picked up one of the chairs with some effort, smashing it into the window, shattering it easily. Tara sprung up in the bed, her eyes wide 

"Willow?! What are you doing?!" She yelped

"Stay here.. I'm gonna get the door unlocked.." 

"Willow! You shouldnt, you'll get yourself hurt!" Willow set her jaw 

"Maybe.. But we need to get out of here." She ducked through the window, wincing as a shard of glass scratched her shoulder. She landed on more shattered glass with bare feet, but pushed on, trying not to look around the horrid room as she limped to the door. Tara watched, frozen from the bed as she tried the doorknob. Finding it locked, Willow nearly screamed in frustration… but she wasn't giving up just yet. She looked around the room, grabbing a small knife from off the wall, shoving it into the keyhole. She twisted it around until she heard a snap, and pushed the door open, limping quickly to the door to the other room, unlocking it and pulling it open. Tara snapped out of her fear, scrambling from the bed and rushing to her. "Lets-" Her speech was cut off with a terrified squeal as strong arms grabbed her from behind. Tara rushed forward to help, but easily got slapped away, another vampire rushing to grab her too. Willow struggled harder, trying to get back to her lover, yelping when fangs sunk into her neck. She saw the other vampire do the same with Tara, and struggled weakly, their eyes meeting as they passed out. 




Willow was in and out of consciousness, her eyes fluttering at the sound of growls and fighting. She was shocked to see the master vampire fighting the other two, a sharp piece of wood in his hands. 


The next time her eyes fluttered, she saw the master vampire dust both of the other vampires, growling something about staying away from his pets. 


She tried moving this time, fear filling her when she found herself tied tightly to a chair. She immediately searched for Tara, worry striking her when she couldnt see her. 


The next time she regained consciousness, the vampire was there, growling at her

"I try to make things better, and you dare try to escape?!" She groaned softly, looking around again. 

"Tara…?" The vampire scoffed, grabbing her chin and forcing her to look at him 

"Shes already being punished," Willows eyes widened in horror and she started struggling

"If you dare hurt her-" He quieted her with a slap to the face.

"What will you do?! Yell at me?! /you/ are not in control here! I am!" He growled, walking to a table and picking up a pair of of pliers, holding them into a nearby furnace until the metal was nearly red before turning to her. She looked at the pliers with growing terror as he secured them around the nail of her pointer finger, burning the top of her finger, drawing a screech from her. When he started pulling the pliers back slowly, yet forcefully, still clamped around her nail, her screech grew louder until it turned into a full scream as the nail was pulled fully from her finger. When he finished with that nail, he set the pliers down, picking up a small needle. "You see, there are many different ways to extract ones nails… and I often learn hands on.. So we are going to try all of them." She whimpered, flinching as he moved closer. She shrieked when he pushed the needle under the nail of her middle finger, poking it around harshly, drawing squeals of pain. After a while, he picked the pliers back up and she whimpered as he closed them over the nail with a smirk, starting to pull it again slowly. She started to screech again, screaming like before when he ripped it fully off. He grabbed her chin again, holding it tightly, forcing her to look him in the eye "Do you think you're so sly now? Trying to break out?" She groaned when he shoved her head back again, going back over to the table. She squirmed with whines when he came back with a wooden wedge and a hammer, sticking the edge of the wedge at the start of her nail, getting the hammer ready. She screamed in agony when the hammer hit, shoving the wedge deeper into her nail, pushing it up. But he must have decided it wasn't deep enough, as he did it again, drawing more screams, until he finally put the hammer back on the table. He picked the pliers back up, heating them again before pulling the wedge out slowly, smiling at her moans of pain. He then clamped the pliers down again, burning her very sensitive skin as he did, drawing another shriek, which quickly turned to a scream as he pulled the nail out the rest of the way harshly. When he pulled the next nail off the same way, she passed out from pain. 


*Taras pov* 


She woke up in the dark room with only the bucket again, shivering when she found the room was even colder than before, and the blanket was long gone. She noticed a speaker from the ceiling, far out of reach, and frowned. When she heard the vampires voice boom from the speaker loudly, she flinched, the voice seeming to echo of the walls.  

"I try to make things better, and you dare try to escape?!" {Oh goddess.. Dont be speaking to Willow.. Dont be-} When she heard the groan, she felt herself tearing up. 

"Tara…?" She heard the vampire scoff, and then a rusling noise, frowning in concern. He could be doing anything to Willow right now, and she had no idea what.

"Shes already being punished," {So thats what this is… my punishment..} She thought solemnly. She could hear when Willow started struggling, 

"If you dare hurt her-" She could sense that Willow was trying to be strong, but she could hear the defeat in her voice, and it made her heart break. She winced when she heard his hand connect with her skin, cutting her off

"What will you do?! Yell at me?! /you/ are not in control here! I am!" There was almost silence, other than a shuffle, and the sound of Willows fearful breathing, then a screech from Willow, causing her to flinch and whimper softly, wondering again what he was doing to her. The screeches grew louder, to Taras horror, until Willow was screaming in agony, that echoed off the walls of the tiny room. "You see, there are many different ways to extract ones nails… and I often learn hands on.. So we are going to try all of them." She whimpered {Oh goddess… Oh Willow…} Her heart went out to her lover, aching because she couldnt do anything to soothe her pain. She flinched and sobbed at every sound of pain that came from Willow, covering her ears with a loud whine when the screams grew louder, showing that Willow was in even more pain than before. The sounds still got through, and she was sobbing loudly by time the noises stopped, and she wondered if he had stopped… Or if Willow had passed out. Her eyelids grew heavy from all the crying, and she fell into a fitful sleep.


*Willows pov*


She woke up with her arms above her head, her toes barely touching the ground from her place in the middle of the room, the only light a dim candle. The first thing she saw was Tara strapped to a chair, with her forehead also strapped, so she was forced to look in her direction. The blonde was still asleep, though her expression was one of misery. She tried looking around, finding the task painful as her arms were supporting most of her weight, and where her nails used to be still very painful. Though there was a rack of torture instruments laid out on the wall for her to see clearly. She gulped as she took them in. There was what appeared to be a bunch of twigs tied together, which confused her.. But she wasn't sure she wanted to know what it was used for. There was a cat o' nine tails, which made her visibly shudder, what looked to be a bunch of metal plates near a furnace, which she was sure she didnt want to be used on her, even though she didnt know exactly what it was. There were different means of restraint, though she didnt know how they worked. The machine from the other room seemed to be moved here, and she wondered if this was the new torture room… Since she figured out a way to escape the other. She heard a groan from the chair and quickly turned to look, regretting it when the chains rubbed the nailless fingers. 

"Willow..? Where are we…?" Tara asked, her voice meek like a little child's would be. 

"Shh.. Everythings okay Baby… I'm not sure where we are.. But.. When the vampire comes in, I want you to close your eyes.. Can you do that for me..?" Taras eyes narrowed in concern 

"Why…? Wh-whats happening..?" Willow was about to try and comfort her when she heard a door open, and boots stomping towards her from behind 

"Shh.. Just close your eyes Baby.." She watched fearfully as the vampire strolled over to the rack of tools, seeming to be trying to choose

"...Willow…? You're going to be o-okay… right?" 

"Yeah.. Just close your eyes…" She said softly, glaring at the vampire with newly found hatred. Whatever had happened to Tars clearly traumatized her, into a child like state. Even though she was sure Tara would go back to the way she was eventually, even the fact that he had put her through whatever he had, made her want to turn the tables and torture /him/, but she knew that even if she got the upper hand… doing that would only make her.. Almost as bad as him.. And terrify Tara even more in the process. He finally picked up the bundle of sticks, going to her back. She tried to brace herself, glad that Tara had closed her eyes… but mow, she had to try and be quiet for her sake. There was almost a swishing sound as he struck her bare buttocks harshly, causing her to yelp in surprise. She bit her lip after that, trying not to scream as he continued to beat her, talking to her as he did 

"This, is called birching, little Willow… except this isnt birch… no, Hazel rod tends to cause the most pain, wouldn't you agree?, He taunted, striking her once again before hanging the 'Hazel rod' back up, and pulling the cat o' nine tails down with a smirk. "I will make you scream tonight, Willow." He promised before striking her back without warning, as each of the nine knots struck her skin, breaking it, she did as he had promised, screaming in pain. Taras eyes snapped open at that, opening her mouth for what Willow guessed would have been a warning, but it was too late as the next strike hit, drawing another scream. He apparently switched hands since the lashes criss-crossed, drawing an extra loud scream. He continued to do two on each side of the cross-crossed pattern until he had reached 12, and finally hung it back up. Willow was a sobbing mess, her back screaming in agony. "Why, I think thats all for tonight, sadly.. Since I want you to stay sane and all.." Tara was whining softly from the chair, her eyes squeezed shut. The vampire chuckled, unchaining Willow, slinging her over his shoulder before getting Tara out of the chair, putting her on the other shoulder. Willow moaned in pain as he walked, causing her to bounce on his shoulder. When he reached their room, he tossed them both onto the bed before leaving, ignoring Willows squeal of pain as her back hit the bed. 


*Taras pov*


She was in a daze when he had finished with Willow, her heart seeming to be shattered when she watched that, hearing Willows horrible screams. When he tossed them onto the bed, she was drawn out of her daze by Willow squeal, which soon dissolved to sobs. She sat up quickly, going to her side and helping her to sit up despite her protests, apologizing when she groaned in pain. She looked at Willows back and was horrified by the picture the lashes had made on her soft, pale skin. It was red and gushing blood, though she was relieved that there was only bruising from the 'birching'. 

"Willow, we need to wash that out.. It'll get infected.." Willow whimpered in protest, but Tara brought her to her feet gently, leading her to the bathroom, and starting to run a bath, with her sitting on the toilet seat as she waited, and opened the medicine cabinet. She looked for painkillers, even though she knew there would be none. She grabbed a big roll of gauze, peroxide, and antiseptic cream before walking back over. Willow saw the peroxide and whimpered "Sweetie.. It needs to be cleaned out.." 

"But.. Wont the bath be enough..?" Tara frowned solemnly "It wont take all the germs out.. Or clean the wound fully. Willow whimpered again, but soon, after Tara finished helping her bathe, she instructed her to stay in the tub, once the water was drained. Tara took the bottle of peroxide, and poured some onto a washcloth, running in gently over the nasty lashes. As it started to bubble, showing it was working, Willow shrieked and clung to Tara shirt like a child. "Shh.. Its over.. Just the cream and gauze now Sweetie.." Willow whimpered again when she had to move to apply the cream and put the gauze on, smiling when Willow relaxed after the cream, guessing it gave some relief. She stroked Willows hair gently "Its over.. I'm going get you some new clothes, okay Sweetie?" Willow nodded

"I really like the lavender smell… oh! And bubbles! I love bubbles!" Tara grinned, seeing part of the old Willow emerge, and kissed her gently 

"Stay in here while I get you some clothes, I dont want you walking alone.. You've lost more blood and your body is weak." {I just hope he brings in food and water soon.. She's lost a lot of blood.. It cant be healthy.} Tara scolded at her thoughts as she went to the dresser {Shes paler than normal and very lethargic… Could there already be infection? Is she sick? Is he planning on getting her a doctor..? And if not.. Will he expect me to help her? I know some stuff about medical things but… I'm no doctor..} She grabbed one of the gowns before returning to the bathroom, relieved to find Willow where she left her, and that she was still conscious. Willow lifted her head from where it was resting on the wall, smirking at her 

"Are you gonna dress me?" She teased, a smirk that Tara knew very well plastered on her face 

"I'm going to help, but after that you're gonna lay on the bed and relax." Willows smirk widened 

"I know something thats very relaxing.." Tara couldnt help but smirk, bringing the gown over Willows head. 

"You need to /rest/, Besides.. I-I dont want to risk hurting you.." Willow nodded in understanding as Tara helped her stand, leading her towards the bed. 

"Do I have to sleep…? I wanna read…" Willow whined as Tara covered her with the blanket. 

"I guess not- Oh!" Willow looked on in confusion while she rushed to the shelf, grabbing both the book and the chocolate bar from before, which had been forgotten about in all the stress. She went back to Willow, climbing in beside her, handing her the items. Willow grinned a childish at them, unwrapping the chocolate, breaking half of it off and handing it to her. Tara frowned "Willow.. You don't have to…" 

"Just take it." Tara smiled, accepting it, and they ate in silence


*Willows pov*


She was woken up when a rough hand grabbed her ankles, yanking her down off the bed. She yelped, trying to grab onto the bed, only managing to pull the blanket off as she hit the ground with a thud. 

"Will…?" Tara squeaked from the bed when she squealed at the impact to her back. It had been a couple days since he last came in, letting Willow and Tara have a break.. But it seems he decided that break was over. He clipped the leash to her shock collar, surprising her since she had forgotten it had even existed. He pulled her up, handcuffing Tara to her. The two girls exchanged a fearful glance. 

"The slayer and your bunch of idiots have found this place." Willows eyes widened 

"They're here?!" He growled, clapping a hand over her mouth to shut her up. 

"They're entering the building right now. We're going out the back way." She was about to scream to alert Buffy, but he put duct tape over her mouth. She whimpered when he put some on Tara too before getting up and starting to drag them out of the room by the leash. Willow could just barely see her friends as he pulled them towards the back door. Buffy, Xander, Giles and even Spike were walking in cautiously, armed to the brim with stakes and crosses. She guessed that Anya was watching Dawn, and wondered sadly how the young girl was doing. She wasn't sure how they had found them, probably from Willies.. But she wished she could call out to them. She sighed as they disappeared from sight, being pulled from the building. The vampire popped the trunk of a small car, gesturing towards it "In. Now." Tara started climbing in with a sad look and she followed, glaring at the vampire. He looked behind him before closing the trunk tightly, locking them in darkness. She looked over at Tara, grabbing her hand when a tear made its way down her girlfriends face. The car jumped to a start, jerking into motion. Willow and Tara didnt look away from each other as they were forced away from the people who could save them. 


*Buffys pov*


She nodded to her friends when they spotted the first closed door with locks. She kicked it open and rushed in, frowning to find it empty. There was a large bed that looked recently slept in, and the blanket on the floor, showing a struggle. She cursed loudly, 

"They were here! He saw us!" Everyone looked around the room solemnly, seeing a well used book on a shelf, a beat up dresser, and a table. Xander picked something up from near the shelf, his eyes full of tears as he showed it to them. It was Willows go bag. 

"We.. Should look around to see if theres any clues as to where he took them…" Giles said, taking his glasses off and holding his forehead in a look of defeat. Buffy took the lead, going to the door right next to the room and opening the door slowly. The group looked at the contents in horror. There were many tools for torture, and chains on the wall. There was dried blood on the floor and wall, and Spike took a deep breath 

"Smells of blood and sex… and Red." There was a loud noise as Xander punched a wall 

"The bastard.. That bastard…" Buffy and Giles nodded their silent agreement, and Buffy felt, once again, that she had let her best friend down.


*Willows pov*


At almost every bump, Willows head hit the top of the trunk, but she didnt look away from Taras gaze. Without a word, she moved closer, shifting onto her side, wrapping her free arm over her. It was even more uncomfortable to lay on her side, but she wanted to hold Tara. She snuggled her head into Taras neck, listening to her steady pulse. The sound comforted her, and despite being trapped in a trunk, she smiled. She could tell when Tara fell asleep when her pulse slowed, and her head slumped to lay on top of hers. She, however, couldnt sleep. While the sound of Taras pulse, as well as breathing in her sweet smell calmed her, she couldnt sleep. She was sure that the vampire was going to be mad, and probably take it out on her… and while she was trying to be brave for Tara.. The whole thing terrified her. She had always thought that being Buffys friend and fighting evil had made her stronger.. But the truth was, no matter how she tried to hide it, she was the same girl she had always been. The girl who had been picked on for her entire life, the girl who tried so much to impress her parents, the girl who loved school so much it freaked other people out, the same girl who was afraid of Frogs, the same girl who feared that everyone she ever loved would leave… the girl who thought she was never enough… Unless she was in Taras arms. With Tara, she had always felt like in some way, she was perfect. And she hated that she had caused so much pain and suffering on the woman she loved with all her heart. Had been so caught up in the magicks that she hadnt realized her goal of keeping people safe and happy… Was in fact, doing exactly the opposite, and had chased away the person that would always hold a special place in her heart. She took a deep breath, the smell of Taras neck comforting her. Losing Tara had made her realize she didnt need the magicks to make her happy, or make her a better person… All she needed was the girl next to her. The car suddenly came to a jerking stop, sending Willow crashing into the trunk door with a grunt, attempting to move to cushion Tara with her own body. Taras eyes were suddenly wide with panic and Willow gave her hand a squeeze, her own fear sparking as the trunk opened. The vampire reached over her with a small key, unlocking Taras wrist before pulling Willow out harshly, tossing her to the ground. She could hear Taras muffled protests and struggled to get up, but the trunk was already closed again. 

"I made sure we're a while away from any civilization, so you can scream all you want… it wont matter. You can try to run.. But i'm sure theres some other creature dying to get their hands on a pretty girl like you." Willow frowned, looking at the surroundings. They were in a forest that looked very eerie in the moonlight, though there was a small clearing with a river with a small, peaceful waterfall. "We're going to be staying here for a while until I find a new place to hold you and your girl.. So in the time being, you'll be doing all the work to get us set up." She frowned, getting up slowly and he ripped the tape off. "I'm going to follow you while you do this, so dont try anything stupid." She rubbed where the tape had been with a bitter nod 

"And if I dont?" He bared his teeth at her with a growl 

"If you dont, your little lover will pay for it." She bit her lip 

"Fine. What do I do first?" 

"I suggest making a fire and a shelter.. But this is all up to you." She bit down harder to keep from snapping at him, starting to look for firewood. She had soon gathered some big logs, and different sized sticks, alone with some rocks to line the fire with. She made a circle, starting the fire with some effort, and even then, it was small and pathetic. The vampire snickered at her, sitting on a tree stump and watching. {Shelter.. How am I supposed to make a shelter out here?!} She looked for more logs, making sure they were sturdy enough, setting them against a large oak tree and adding ferns on the gaps. By time she was done, she was breathing heavily from all the heavy lifting. The vampire blinked at her with an amused smile. "Nice job… we'll see how well it holds up in the storm tonight." She glared at him and he laughed harder, grabbing one cuff, sliding it around a thick root that was deeply embedded in the ground under her shelter, getting Tara from the trunk and putting it around her wrist. 

"I need to go to the store. Rest well girls.." As if on cue, thunder sounded. He got in the car and sped off, leaving them in the dark, cold forest. Willow took her free hand to Taras face, wiping a small tear off with a gentle finger 

"I'm gonna take the tape off, okay?" Tara nodded meekly and Willow ripped the taped off as fast as she could to get it over with. 

"Do you think hes going to k-kill us..?" Tara breathed fearfully. Willow frowned, grabbing her hand 

"I dont know.. But if he did, I think he would've done it already." Tara nodded slowly

"What do you think he's getting from the store?" Willow shrugged 

"I'm not sure, he had to leave all his stuff when Buffy showed up, and i doubt he'll go back… maybe some food for us." Tara frowned, brushing a finger over her forehead sadly 

"You have a bruise.." Willow shrugged again 

"It doesn't really hurt all that much.." Her voice faded off as it started pouring, her 'shelter' quickly falling apart. Willow snuggled up to Tara, resting against the tree. Tara kissed her forehead gently and she smiled "Much better.." Tara laid her head on top of hers, their arms wrapping around each other, somehow falling asleep. 



~She smiled as she looked around at the flower covered meadow, her red hair shining in the warm sunlight. But it wasn't the nature that made the scene completely beautiful to her. It was the blonde that walked beside her, their hands clasped together. She picked a rose up gently, putting it in her lovers hair, smiling happily. Tara moved to kiss her and she gratefully accepted, but the sun suddenly disappeared, the flowers wilting. Tara skin was suddenly ice cold, a horrified, grief filled screech escaping her mouth at the vampire that wore her lovers face. Tara grabbed her hair, pulling her into a fangy kiss before biting into her neck. She didnt fight back, tears streaming down her face as the only thing that truly made her life worth anything, killed her…~


She woke up with a screech, sweat pouring down her face.. Or maybe it was rain.. Or tears..? She felt arms on her and panicked

"Willow! Its just me!" At that beautiful voice, she relaxed, hugging her tightly and crying into her shoulder. 

"Tara.. Oh thank you.. It was only a dream…" Tara kissed her lovingly on the lips

"Its okay Sweetie.. I'm right here… Did the frogs invade again?" Willow let out a fearful huff of laughter

"Not this time.. Much worse.. You were a vampire and you killed me.." Tara tensed 

"Oh Sweetie.. Look at me." Willow obeyed, calming as she looked into the beautiful blue eyes "See? No bumps." Willow smiled, kissing her again 

"No bumps.." She suddenly noticed that the car was back, the windows covered from the harmful sunlight. "Its morning already..?" Tara nodded 

"Yup.. Well.. More like mid-day.." 

"Geez.. Why did you let me sleep so long..?" Tara smiled

"You looked so cute… besides.. I'm pretty sure we're stuck here until the sun goes down.." Willow glanced at the car with a pout

"Cant he decide to be a vampire when I'm /not/ hungry?" Tara giggled 

"I don't think thats how it works Sweetie.." 

"Fine.. Might as well sleep some more.." 


She was woken up by a sharp slap to her face, groaning when she saw the vampire smirking at her. She felt Tara start to wake up beside her and glanced over. 

"Ive found us a place. Its nice and secluded.. With a neat little basement. Got it off a buddy of mine who well… lets say.. Is 'gone with the wind'" he snickered

"So you staked him?" The vampire nodded 

"He's got all these nice little toys in his basement for us to enjoy later, and a nice little cell for you two. Now.. Since the slayer ruined my last place.. I figure its only fair to make your living conditions a bit worse. There's a tiny room with a small bathroom and thats it." Her glare didnt waver and he snickered, uncuffing Taras wrist long enough to pull the end out before putting it back, hauling them up by their shirts. Tara whimpered softly and Willow spat in the vampires face, his amusement quickly turning to anger. He pulled them towards the car, opening the back door to put Tara in, and Willow noted it was probably an old police car due to the chain wall that seperated the front seats from the back. She heard Tara call out to her as he slammed the door, popping the trunk open. 

"I just picked this up, and figured you two would prefer riding in the back seats.. But now, you get another night in the trunk." He growled before shoving her in, slamming the top. This time, there was no Tara to comfort her from the darkness and fear.. She was alone, surrounded by what she assumed was what the vampire had bought the night before. The car jerked into motion and she gasped, her forehead hitting the top on every bump. Her position in the cramped trunk was very uncomfortable, and she had no Tara to snuggle this time, trapped in a scary trunk with only her own fears. A screech escaped her when she felt another human hand that seemed frozen. Her eyes a bit more adjusted, she realized it was a dead body, blood pouring from its neck. She screamed again, trying to scramble away unsuccessfully. 


*Taras pov*


She had heard the trunk shut and guessed he had put Willow back in it, confused at why he didnt put her back there too. Hearing a screech from behind her, she jumped, concern for Willow seeming to make her heart stop. There was another scream as she felt her lip quiver. 

"H-How far away is this p-place..?" The vampire scoffed 

"A couple hours. You should sleep.. I'm gonna put on a show later tonight." A tear snaked its way down her face as she curled up on the back seat. 


*Willows pov*


She wasn't sure how long it had been until the car stopped.. She hadnt slept at all, staring at the body and shaking in horror the entire way. She was still shaking, looking into the dull brown eyes. The trunk opened and she looked back meekly, met by the vampires face, Tara standing behind him, a gasp coming from her when her eyes landed on the body. 

"Gotta hate when people leave their food in the car.." The vampire growled, pulling her out before doing the same with the body, tossing it out into the forest that surrounded them. She was still shaking, traumatized by her time stuck in a trunk with a dead body. Tara was at her side in an instant, pulling her shaking form into her lap. "Oh, get up you little wimp!" The vampire growled, shoving Tara out of the way to pull her to her feet harshly "Its just a body, you're lucky it wasn't your own!" He snarled, grabbing the end of her leash, yanking it as he started walking, pulling her with him. They were heading towards a two story log cabin, all the windows covered by black out curtains. The vampire reached into the pot of a plant, pulling out an ominous key, shoving it in the lock, twisting until there was a click. He pushed the door open, pulling her inside. She tripped down the small step, nearly falling. She could hear Tara following quickly as he led her to a door with at least three different locks, pulling it open to reveal seemingly endless stairs that went down into the dark. He picked a lantern up off a shelf before heading down, still pulling her. She guessed the lantern was more for them to make sure they didnt miss a step and break something… since vampires could see quite well in the dark. When the stairs ended, there was a long hallway with lots of metal doors, all of which had their own set of locks. He took them into the closest to the stairs, Willows heart dropping when she noticed the many tools for torture. He tied Tara to a chair, still holding her leash as he did, making her strip before bringing her to what looked like a metal bed frame, securing her to it with tight leather straps, each wrist at one end, same with her ankles, leaving her spread to her. When she tried to move, she found the tight straps made that impossible. The vampire came towards her with an electric razor, making her whimper when she saw where his eyes were fixed. He started shaving her pupic hair off slowly, adding to her humiliation. She calmed briefly when he stopped, the relief disappearing when she saw him pick up an electrode of which the other end was clamped to a box like thing that he turned a knob, noticing he had gloves on as he stalked towards her. He had a blindfold in one hand, which he secured around her eyes with his one hand surprisingly easily, leaving her unaware of where he was. "The slayer taking over my place is all your fault… She was looking for your worthless ass in the first place." She suddenly screamed in shock and agony as the electrode was touched to her stomach, sending electricity through her, her muscles contracting as it flowed through her. If she didnt know better, she'd think she was on fire. He pulled it away and she gasped for air, slumping against the frame as he continued. "I quite liked that place… It was a nice set up." She screamed louder when he pressed it to her nipple, even more pain rippling through her. She could tell her body was shaking, and wondered if this would kill her. "All of that work setting up the room.. All the money I spent on you…" There was a similar scream, only louder, as he did the other nipple, the setting seemed to be turned up considerably. "And of course… I had lots of plans of what to do to you…" She flinched, expecting more pain as he paused, relieved when none came, "But I suppose this new place will do… after all.. I couldnt do what I'm about to with the stuff at the old place.. Wouldn't be able to do… This-" She knew she was screaming, but everything but the agony he caused by shoving the electrode up her vagina was foggy. Her body shook on the frame violently, the sound of Tara screaming barely reaching her. After what seemed like forever, he took it away, leaving her muscles still contracting as he pulled the blindfold off. She still felt nothing but pain, sure that even if the world was ending, she wouldn't notice in her current state. She didnt notice when unstrapped her and picked her up. She didnt notice when they entered another room, nor when he set her down on a sleeping bag. Her eyes fluttered as she fought unconsciousness, the sound of Taras pleading voice just barely reaching her mind. She had trouble moving, but managed to move her head to Look at Taras tear filled eyes. She was unable to fight the darkness any longer, her body slumping as she passed out. 


*Taras pov*


She watched Willow pass out, her last remaining walls she had built during the torture, breaking as she sobbed, images of Willow being tortured plaguing her mind. The horrible scream that had come from her lover when he had violated her with the instrument of torture, the horrible look of pain on Willows face, the violent way her body shook. Her sobs grew louder when she looked at the burns to Willows pale skin, the scars and bruises from past tortures.. The stressed expression she still wore on her sleeping face. Her hair was a mess, sticking up and tossed about. Tara moved a lock of red hair out of her face, stroking her cheek solemnly. If she could, she would take Willows place… Take the pain away from her.. But she had tried before.. And it only caused the redhead /more/ pain. She swallowed some of her tears, moving Willow gently, wincing at the soft moans of pain, Pulling the sleeping bags cover over her, laying down beside her, not caring that the sleeping bag wasn't big enough for both of them, putting an arm over her. The floor was cold and uncomfortable, but she knew it would be worse for Willow, which was why she didnt care that she didnt get to be in the sleeping bag. She only cared about what would make Willow more comfortable. She slowly fell asleep, resting her head on Willows arm. 


*Willows pov*


Part of her thought that when she woke up, the pain would be gone, or at least not as bad… Boy was she wrong. Her entire body still felt like it was on fire, her muscles weak and achy from contracting. She groaned when she tried to lift her head, only noticing the arm on her, and the weight on her own arm when she fell back down. She forced her head to the side, smiling weakly when she saw Tara sleeping peacefully next to her. Tara moved with a small yawn, her eyes fluttering open. 

"Hey.. How are you feeling..?" Tara asked sleepily. 

"Like I was just tortured by a psychotic vampire.." Tara frowned, kissing her cheek gently. Willow grinned, forcing her body to move closer to Taras "Mm.. Much better.." It was only half a lie… She always felt much better when she was with Tara.. But of course, it couldnt take away the physical pain. She stiffened when the door opened, cowering towards Tara. She heard an amused snicker, followed by the sound of a tray clanking on the ground. 

"Just food for now. I understand you're probably quite… traumatized right now. You'll need your strength. You're going to help me set this place up." He snickered again before leaving. Tara got up to get the tray, setting it down before helping her in the painful process of sitting up, letting her lean on the wall. Tara picked up a medium sized bowl with a spoon, blowing on the contents of the spoon before bringing it towards her mouth. She noticed it was chicken noodle soup and smiled, opening her mouth weakly. She slurped the broth and noodles off gratefully when she put it in her mouth, savoring the taste on her tongue. 

"Is it good?" Tara teased with a smirk, returning the spoon to the bowl to get more. Willow finally swallowed it, grinning at the warmth it spread through her body. 

"Mhm… Very yummy and warm.." Tara giggled, bringing more towards her lips. She accepted it with a smile. After she finished two more spoonfuls, Tara set the bowl back down. She whined pitifully "That was all?" Tara chuckled, picking up a sandwich, offering it to her. Willow frowned 

"You should have it.. I shouldnt have eaten all the soup.." She said guiltily. Tara smiled 

"There's another bowl, and another sandwich.. Now, eat." Willow obeyed, smiling at the taste of PB&J, eating it quickly. Tara paused from where she was eating her soup, setting it down to pick up a glass of water, bringing it to her lips. She accepted it silently, frowning when Tara didnt let her chug it all. She grinned {Thats probably so you actually notice its there.} When the water was gone too, Willow slumped against the wall while Tara finished her own food and drink. Tara shuffled closer, helping her back down into the sleeping bag. She narrowed her eyes. 

"Why dont you have one?" Tara shrugged 

"I dont know, that was the only one in here.." 

"And you gave it to me..?" Tara looked down 

"You're the naked one-" Willow winced at the bluntness of the statement, but stayed silent, "You'd get the worst of the cold… Besides, you're hurt." She huffed, playing with her hands

"'Hurt' is an understatement.." Tara frowned 

"I wasn't trying to upset you." 

"No.. I'm not.. I'm not upset.. Just.." She sighed, running her fingernails along the creases in her hand "Just… It.." She bit her bottom lip, not finishing her sentence. Taras frown deepened

"Just what?" 

"I.. Nevermind.." 

"No. What were you saying?" 

"I just.. The.. It.. Tara.. I dont want to talk about this.." 

"Then why did you start talking about it?" Willow flinched at the anger she heard in her girlfriends voice "Is there really anything you dont think you can trust me with?! Are you afraid I'm going to hate you?! The only thing I'm hating right now, is that you think so little of me!" Willows head shot up 

"Tara I didnt mean-" Tara scoffed, scrambling up, kicking the tray and its contents as she did

"Of /course/ you didn't!" She threw her hands up in the air, turning her back to her. "Because then I wouldn't baby you! How horrible! For you to have to take care of yourself for once!" Willow knew it was only the stress causing her to say these things… but it still hurt… a lot. 

"I'm… Tara I'm sorry.." Tara laughed, though it was void of humor or happiness. 

"Sorry! You're always sorry! But that word doesnt really make anything better, now does it?!" Willows frame shook with a silent sob, both of them becoming silent and stiff when the door slammed open. Willow scrambled towards Tara, who was closest to the door. She slipped due to the sleeping bag, screeching when the vampire grabbed Tara, drawing a sharp gasp from her. 

"Let her go!" She shrieked, struggling to be free of the sleeping bag. 

"I heard yelling, and its getting annoying. I think separating you too should solve that.." He had pulled Tara from the room before she could even protest, her heart seeming to stop as the door slammed. 


*Taras pov*


She struggled against the vampires grip as he slammed the door. 

"NO! YOU BASTARD! BRING HER BA-!" Willows yells were got off by a shriek as he pulled out a remote, pressing the button twice. Tara felt ready to cry, part of her knowing that was the button to shock Willow. Her mind screamed at her, telling her it was all her fault. The vampire brought her to another room, shoving her in with a smirk. She saw a tv screen on the wall, along with a sleeping bag on the floor. There were more screams from the hallway and she flinched, going to a corner. She flinched when the screen came to life, light filling the small room. Dread filled her when she saw Willows small room. The redhead was curled in a corner similar to she was, shaking visibly. The things from the tray were still scattered around the room and she frowned. "If anything happens to Willow.. Its my fault…" She muttered to herself solemnly, "What if she dies..? The last thing we did was fight.." Her heart skid to a stop when the vampire grabbed the smaller girl, dragging her from the room. The image on the screen changed to a room with a large wooden rack with what looked to be wheels on each end, a table of knives and lemons at one side of the room. Willow was thrown onto the rack, her ankles secured at one end, her wrists at the other. 


*Willows pov* 


She screamed while he secured her to the wooden rack, struggling as hard as she could, needing to see Tara. She gasped when the vampire started cranking something on the side of the rack, making it expand horizontally, pulling her limbs painfully. He continued, and she started to whimper as her muscles were stretched. Her whimpers turned to yelps, then screeches, then a high pitched scream of agony when her limbs were pulled from their sockets. The vampire snickered, going to a table she hadnt seen before. He pulled out a small scalpel, drawing the cool metal over her skin with a smirk. She screamed when he pressed down on her arm, drawing it down slowly, the cut only deep enough to draw blood. He did this to her other arm, to both her legs, then moved onto her stomach, making her scream even louder. Her scream was loudest when he did both of her breasts before stopping, grabbing a lemon instead. He cut the lemon in half, then began rubbing it over her cuts, squeezing the juice out of it. She shrieked at the new burning pain it caused, wanting to struggle, but knowing it would only hurt her limbs more. Once he was done squeezing lemon juice into those cuts, he started making more until her body was covered in them, screaming in pain as he ran the lemons over them again. She was shaking when he finished, and he finally released her ankles and wrists from the rack, letting her drop to the ground. She yelped in pain when all her new injuries hit the ground. He came up to her and grabbed her arm, popping it back into place, causing her to scream. He did the rest of her limbs, and then picked her up. He set her in another chair, causing her to groan. He tied all but one arm to the chair, taking that arm and putting her hand on a metal table with a drain that went into a bucket. She whimpered when he pulled out a cleaver, holding her hand down, with her middle finger isolated from the rest, holding it in place. 

"No!" She yelped, understanding what was about to happen. She struggled as much as she could, whining loudly. 

"Now, you've been very disobedient lately, very stubborn. You seem to not remember who's in charge here.. So ive decided to give you a reminder… One you wont be able to forget so easily." She whimpered, struggling harder. "The more you struggle, the more it will hurt.. So yeah, keep struggling." He snickered, raising the cleaver. 

"No no no no no- AHH!" She screamed in agony when he brought it down, cutting up to the knuckle off. The last thing she saw before passing out, was the blood that covered the table… and the piece he had cut off, laying to the side.


*Taras pov* 


She watched with growing horror while he cut Willow, using the lemons to increase her pain. When he let her off the rack and set her limbs back into place, she felt relieved.. Until he put her in the other chair, making his intentions very clear. {Oh goddess! Hes going to cut off her finger!} The scream that came from the screen when he finally did, made Tara throw up, along with the blood, and the missing part of her finger. When she finished throwing up the contents of her stomach, she continued to dry heave. She looked up in time to see the vampire lick the top of Willows hurt finger after she passed out, sucking it until the blood stopped, and he wrapped it with gauze. He took the cut off finger in his hands, licking it clean of blood, causing Tara to dry heave again. He looked to Willow with a smirk, leaving the room and coming back with wrapping paper, wrapping the finger up. Tara whimpered, begging silently for him not to do what she thought he was. He untied the unconscious redhead from the chair, pressing a button on a remote that changed the camera back to the room Willow was staying in, in time to see him put Willow on the ground, a groan coming from the limp form. He set the wrapped finger on the sleeping bag, grinning at the camera.


*Willows pov* 


The first thing she noticed as she returned to consciousness, was the horrible pain all over her whole body. The next thing was how weak she was, and the pounding headache. She forced herself into her hands and knees, yelping and falling back when the middle finger on her left hand hit the ground.. Or what was left of it. The gauze on it was colored red with her blood, and she gagged, remembering what had happened. She managed to keep it together, keeping her stomach contents down… How, she had no clue. She felt ready to pass out again, but forced herself to stay awake, forcing her eyes to stay open. She saw something on the sleeping bag and shuffled over, keeping her left hand off the ground. She sat back on her heels, grabbing the small package with her right hand, opening it warily. No amount of preparation could have prepared her for what was inside though. She shrieked, throwing the detached part of her finger, this time, unable to keep herself from vomiting. When she finished, she fell to the clean side of the floor, fainting again. 




She was woken up when a bucket of cold water fell upon her. She gasped, sitting up with a start, regretting it when her sight went dizzy. She fell back onto her back, breathing heavily. 

"You've lost a lot of blood." She groaned at the sound of the vampires voice, Flinching when he reached for her. "For fucks sake, i'm sitting you up so you can drink this." She gritted her teeth when he pulled her up into a sitting position, putting a straw in her mouth. She started drinking reluctantly, glaring at him. She wrinkled her nose at the taste, but didnt stop, figuring it was to help her body heal, and give her strength. Probably lots of vitamins. When she finished, he pulled it away, and she shot another glare at him. 

"Wouldn't have killed you to flavor it.." He raised an eyebrow 

"In case you've forgotten, I'm already dead.. And evil for that matter… Besides, I dont think I /could/ have made it taste better." She narrowed her eyes 

"What was in it..?" 

"Vitamins," {I knew it!} "Orange juice and soup broth." She made a disgusted face 


"Vitamins are supposed to be good for humans, Orange juice is given to humans who lose a lot of blood, and Soup broth will help with strength." 

"So the best option was to throw them all together in one barf-worthy smoothie?" He shrugged 

"Dont really care for how you 'like' it. I only made it because you've lost blood and are probably really weak, and I want you to do all the work of setting this new place up." She rolled her eyes, letting him lower her back down. "Once you can stand, you're going to clean the barf in this room, and the other room." 

"Other room..? Who..?" Her eyes widened and she sat up, this time able to keep herself up "Tara! What did you do to her, you bastard?!" He snickered, getting up and easily stepping out of the way of her weak attacks. She had fallen back down, glaring at him 

"Name calling isnt very nice.." He teased, kneeling in front of her. 

"What did you do?!" She demanded again, trying to hit him again. 

"Keep this up, and you'll have another 'reminder' to be good." She gulped, stopping her attacks with a glance to her gaused knuckle. She bit her lip, taking a shaky breath 

"Please.. What did you do..?" He simply smiled and walked away, slamming the door. Her body shook in fear of what could have happened to Tara "It'd be my fault… I.. I should have just told her the end of the sentence.." She whimpered, letting her exhaustion take over again.




When she woke up, she was still in a bunch of pain, but didnt feel as weak, and the headache had eased off. As if on que, the vampire came in with a large roll of paper towels. He set them in front of her. 

"Get to it." She felt bile rise in her throat as she took the roll and looked at the pile of her vomit. She forced herself forward, ripping off some paper towels, gagging at the feel of it picking up the vomit. "If you throw up again, you're cleaning that up too." She gritted her teeth, focusing on the cleaning. When she had finished, the vampire held a bin out to her, letting her put the soiled paper towels in it. He smirked "Now onto the other room." He grabbed her right wrist, pulling her once she had picked the paper towels back he took her to another metal door, unlocking it and pushing it open, shoving her in. She stumbled, trying to catch herself out of instinct, yelping as her injured finger hit the ground. A figure in the corner gasped, sitting up quickly 

"Willow?!" She teared up, recognizing the voice in a second. 

"Tara!" She started forward, but the vampire grabbed her elbow, pulling her to a pile of puke. Tara moved towards her too, but the vampire growled at her. Willow knelt with a sniffle, starting to clean. When she had finished, the vampire shoved the bin towards her again. She put the paper towels in it, shuffling towards Tara again. He grabbed her again, pulling her out of the room again. "No! Please! Please let me see her!" She begged, struggling. She stopped with a scream when he pressed her injured finger harshly, sending a bunch of pain signals to her brain. Her knees buckled at it and he slung her over his shoulder like nothing, slamming the door to the room with Tara. When she started crying, he sent a sharp slap to her buttcheek, making her yelp. 

"Shut up, I told you I have work for you." She forced herself not to cry, hoping once she did all he wanted her to that he'd take her back to Tara. He brought her up stairs, finally setting her down. The cabin was run down, dust and garbage all over. "Clean. Make it quick." She swallowed a whimper, grabbing a garbage bag he had handed her, starting to pick the trash that littered the room up, then found a duster, dusting everything before looking back to him, her entire being in pain again at the work. She could feel blood trickling out of her cuts again, and her stub of a finger hurt like hell. He smirked, seeming to know she was in pain. He shoved a large box towards her, that had the picture of a metal bed frame on the front. She gestured towards the stairs with a smirk. She gulped, squeaking in pain as she picked the heavy box up, starting down the stairs, stumbling the whole way. When she reached the bottom, she set the box down, breathing shakily. He walked in front of her, glaring. "Keep moving." She had to hold in another whimper, gritting her teeth as she picked the box up again, following him until he unlocked a door, looking at her. She stumbled in the room, setting the box down in time for her legs to give out from all the pain radiating through her body, mostly her stub. He grabbed her arm, yanking her up again. "Put it together." She did as he said, struggling the entire time. When she finished, he smirked, pulling a mattress that she didnt see from by the wall, putting it on the frame. He attached shackles to the frame, slapping one around her wrist. He snickered as she collapsed on the bed, leaving the room, the door open. When she heard a shriek from Tara, she struggled as hard as she could, not paying attention to the pain of her current wounds, or the new one the shackle was making on her wrist. The vampire came back into sight, this time, carrying Tara wedding-style. Tara was looking down in embarrassment at this, but when she looked up and saw Willow, she practically jumped from his arms, rushing to the bed. Willow teared up, reaching for her. They hugged and kissed for what seemed like an eternity of heaven when the vampire came back into sight, breaking it. Tara and Willow looked at each other in confusion, seeing the tray he held… Neither of them had noticed him leave to get it. Willow giggled at that, Tara shushing her when the vampire glared at them. He set the tray of food down, giving a bucket to Tara. Willow narrowed her eyes warily, moving closer to Tara- if that was even possible at this point. He scoffed at them, grabbing Willows left hand and pulling it towards him. She whimpered, starting to struggle. “Will you quit it? I'm just changing the bandages..” She gulped, calming when Tara grabbed the hand in the shackle, giving it a small squeeze. He pulled the gauze of quickly, opening a first aid kit he had brought down along with the tray. Willows stomach flipped at the sight of the edge of the stub, and she threw up into the bucket he had given Tara. When she finished, Tara started to. The edge where the finger had been cut was a horrible mess of blood and visible muscle, making for a very horrifying sight. He pulled out a disinfectant and she whimpered. He ignored it, pouring some onto a washcloth, rubbing it against the wound. She shrieked as it touched, trying to pull her hand away, but he had a tight grip, continuing. She turned to bury her face in Taras shoulder, whimpering loudly. When he finished, he wrapped on fresh gauze, getting off the bed. Willow felt weak from pain, leaning against Tara as he uncuffed her hand, leaving the room and closing the door, the sound of multiple locks clicking filling her ears. Tara stroked her fingers through her hair, giving her hand another squeeze. When she finally lifted her head, Tara brought the tray closer,  examining the contents. There were two small plates of pasta, mixed vegetables on the side, and water. Tara picked up one of the plates of pasta, bringing a fork full to her mouth. She frowned, remembering in their fight how she had talked about not babying her anymore. She reached her right hand forward, keeping her left one to the side, taking the fork for herself. Tara frowned guiltily 

“Will… About that fight… I.. I didnt mean anything i said..” Willow frowned, her lip quivering

“But.. But you /did/… Its just one of those things you wouldn't say ‘cause you're too nice.. But you were right… I-I make you baby me too much..” 


“No.. I.. I just.. Just expect you t-to bounce back after everything i put you through just because i said ‘Sorry’? How.. How could you even still…” Her voice started to crack, so she shoved the food in her mouth, not looking at Tara while she chewed. 

“You’re right.” She winced, continuing to chew her food “I /do/ baby you too much… but I choose to. You dont /make/ me do anything. But.. I think this time, i do need to… back off a little.” She swallowed the pasta in her mouth, looking back in confusion. “I… Goddess.. I dont know how to word this…” Willow frowned 

“Just say it.. Dont worry about being too blunt” Tara raised an eyebrow, but didnt protest “With you missing part of your finger, its going to make things that used to be easy, harder. Like holding something.. A plate, for example.” Tara pushed the plate towards her and her eyes widened “Here, Hold it.. But.. With only your left hand.” Willow gulped, reaching for it. Tara watched as she took it in her hand shakily. She immediately went to put her middle finger under it for support, pulling back when the stub touched. Had Tara not grabbed it back, the pasta would have been in her lap. “We’ll uh… We’ll try again when there /isnt/ food on it..” Tara held the plate for her, reaching for the fork, but she shook her head, feeding herself. When she finished with that, Tara grabbed the small bowl of mixed vegetables, letting her do the same. While Tara ate her own food, Willow picked the glass of water up with her right hand, bringing it shakily to her mouth, drinking it slowly. Tara looked at her with a sigh, picking the plate up again. Willow gulped, reaching for it. This time, when she grabbed it, she made sure not to jump when her stub touched it, though, she couldnt hold back the wince. “D-Does it hurt…?” She turned to look at Tara, her heart aching at the stricken look on her face.

“No,” She lied in a gentle tone “It just feels weird..” Tara nodded slowly, watching the plate wobble in her unsteady grip. The truth was, holding the plate /did/ hurt… But what was the point of making Tara feel bad by telling her that? She was only trying to help. 

“I-I'm gonna put so-some pressure on it, okay..?” Willow bit her lip, guessing it would hurt more when she did that “J-Just ‘cause if there's stuff on it.. I-it’ll be a b-bit uneven..” 

“Makes sense.. Go ahead..” She tried to prepare herself, gritting her teeth when Tara pushed down on the plate, the bottom pushing against her stub. She looked up at Tara, smiling at the proud look on her face 

“Good job!” Willow giggled 

“Now i can do what any four year old can!” She joked. Tara took the plate back, putting it on the tray. She suddenly cast her eyes down, away from Taras. “About the day we fought..” Tara put her hand over hers 

“We dont have too…”

“No.. I-I wanna explain..” She took a small breath “The reason i didnt want to finish my sentence is because.. I-I was going to say..” She felt her hand start to shake under Taras “That the.. The electric thingy… being… up..” She squeezed her eyes shut “It.. It hurt more than.. Than even the r-r-ra…” 

“Oh Willow i didnt… I didnt know thats what you…” Willow tried to get the coming tears at bay, 

“I-I didnt wa-want t-to upset you or.. Or.. b-bring /it/ up..” 

“And i got mad…” Willow looked up silently, meeting her eyes finally.

“I didnt mean to make you feel guilty, I just.. I wanted you to know that I /do/ trust you enough to tell you everything i just… i dont want to see you upset.. T-the look you get when.. The.. it comes up…” 

“Look..?” Willow brought her right hand up to her cheek 

“Like the one you have right now.. I know it.. It must hurt…” Tara brought one of her own hands to put it on the one on her cheek 

"If I could take all of this away from you I would…" Willow opened her mouth the tell Tara she didnt want her to take the pain, but the door slammed open. The vampire grabbed her, slinging her over his shoulder again, ignoring her squeal. 

"You're coming too." He growled to Tara, grabbing her wrist and taking them both from the room. Once they entered a new room, he tied Tara to a chair before putting her face up on a table, lifting her feet and securing them so she couldnt move them no matter how much she tried. He strapped the rest of her body down to the table before grabbing a bull whip from the wall. Fear quickly grew in her and she struggled as hard as she could, though wasn't able to move much, not able to move her feet at all. The vampire grinned, circling her "Normally, this method is used for punishment… but… I just thought it would be a nice way to spend the day." He tapped a finger on the arch of her soles, smiling when she attempted to jerk away. She whimpered when he raised the whip, aiming right where he had touched. She cried out in agony when the whip struck both arches on the soles of her feet. He didnt delay, landing at least ten more in the same place before allowing her a breather. She was breathing heavily, her feet still sending searing pain signals to her brain. "See, the good thing about this, is its /very/ painful, yet, doesnt leave any injuries, so we can do something else right after." She whimpered again, her voice already hoarse from screaming. She cried out even louder as he started again, not showing any mercy. After they had reached at least twenty, her damaged throat couldnt manage more than squeaks of pain, as he continued until Thirty. When he finally stopped, her body was weak with pain, her body shaking with silent sobs. He took her feet down, pressing his thumbs into them harshly, getting another tortured cry. Willow could hear Tara crying from her chair, her face saturated with tears. Willows own cheeks were soaked with the tears she had cried during her torture. She felt him unstrapping her, but still didnt move, too paralysed, still, with agony. He sat her up and brought a cup to her lips, which she accepted without a second thought, drinking the water greedily, whining when it was gone. He laid her back down and she started crying again

"P-Please… I c-cant take a-anymore…" She sobbed quietly. He didnt listen, strapping her arms above her head, then securing each ankle at a different side of the table, leaving her spread to him. He grabbed a paddle from the wall, putting the whip back. The paddle was wooden, with holes throughout it, thin in width, as to fit between things. As he walked back, she whimpered, not wanting to know where it was going to be used. He raised it and she squeezed her eyes shut, hoping he was faking it to cause fear. Her eyes sprang open, a fresh scream being ripped from her raspy throat as the paddle struck her pussy, which was wide open due to the position of her legs. He struck again, causing her to cry out loudly, trying again to struggle. He only laughed at her efforts, continuing his brutal torture for at least five minutes before stopping, leaving her a sobbing mess. She struggled to keep consciousness as he unstrapped her, yanking her up harshly, but not carrying her. 

"Get moving. Down the hall." She yelped as her damaged feet touched the ground, causing fresh pain. "Go. Or I zap her." She looked to Tara, starting to stumble forward, groaning in pain as her feet touched the ground, and as her damaged pussy lips rubbed together. He unlocked a door, shoving her in. She was semi-relieved to find it was the room with the bed. She didnt even make it to the bed before her legs gave out from the pain of everything, causing her to collapse onto the hard ground. She hadnt noticed the vampire had left until he came back with Tara, pushing her inside before locking the door again. 


*Taras pov*


She rushed to her lover as soon as she was in the room, her heart thumping rapidly. The screams Willow had made caused her to almost be sick, the sound still terrorizing her mind. Willow seemed to be barely conscious, her eyes fluttering weakly. Tara gathered her in her arms, wincing at her pitiful moan. From the position she was in, she could see Willows pussy, horrified to find it swollen. She teared up at the sight, kissing Willows forehead gently, stroking her hair gently, murmuring words of comfort, of how strong she had been, how proud she was of her, that she was there. Willows shaky hands reached to clutch her shirt, whining. Tara could feel another tear snake its way down her cheeks and she pulled Willow closer. 

"Shh.. I'm here… it's okay.." She forced out, "I'm gonna carry you to bed now, okay?" Willows response was another tortured groan. Tara picked her up carefully, wincing at the squeaks of whines that came from the woman she loved as she walked towards the bed. Willow was light, too light, and she worried he was underfeeding them. She could see Willows ribs sticking from the skin that seemed to hang from her, marked with evidence of past tortures and beatings. She had deep circles under her eyes, and her skin was drained of color. Tara bit her lip as she set Willow down on the bed carefully, covering them both with the blanket before pulling Willow close to her, smiling sadly when Willow snuggled up to her, laying her head on her breast. She wasn't sure how much longer Willow would survive this treatment. The thought of Willow suffering until her body was unable to fight death anymore, sent tears flowing down her cheeks, and her hands to shake. She hugged Willow close, taking a deep breath as she laid her nose in the red hair she loved so much. 




She was woken up by the door opening, frowning as she felt Willow gasp awake and stiffen beside her. The vampire was carrying another tray, along with a first aid kit again, setting the tray on the floor near the wall and sitting on the edge of the bed near Willow, pulling her away from her. Willow squeaked, grabbing her shirt again. Tara quickly moved closer, turning Willows chin so they were looking each other in the eye as the vampire unwrapped the gauze on her stub, causing Willow to squeak again as he started to wash it. Tara held her gaze, holding her other hand, trying to offer comfort. 

"Done. Now eat." The vampire growled, taking the first aid kit and the soiled stuff, leaving the room. 

"Here.. Just lean against the wall and I'll get the food.." Tara instructed in a soothing tone, getting up to grab the tray before returning, looking at the contents. She guessed it was around morning since there were scrambled eggs with orange juice and bacon. She was glad the food was more nutritious, hoping it would bring some more color back to Willow. She brought a fork full to Willow, who this time, didnt protest, in too much of a pained daze to do much more than accept it. When she finished feeding Willow the eggs on the first plate, she bit her lip and, hoping Willow wouldn't notice, began to feed her half of what was on her own plate before feeding her the bacon and helping her to drink the juice. Willow seemed to still be in too much pain to notice, breathing heavily and looking off into nowhere. Tara frowned, eating the half of the food that was left, drinking the juice quickly before getting up to set the tray by the door, getting back into the bed to help Willow lay back down onto her chest. 




When the door opened again, they both stiffened. Tara pulled Willow tighter to her, seeing the vampire had neither a tray, nor a first aid kit. She guessed he was coming in planning on torturing Willow more. Tara set her jaw. Willow was still far too exhausted from her last torture session, unable to make more than groans from her damaged throat, her eyes fogged with pain. The vampire raised his eyebrows at her 

"Move away from her. Now." 

"Look, she hasnt even recovered from the last time!" The vampire scowled at her, stalking towards the bed, not letting go of eye-contact with her until she eventually looked down. She didnt let go of Willow, who was cowering into her body. She rubbed small circles into her back, trying to offer some comfort. Willow yelped when he grabbed her arm, yanking her out of Taras grasp. Tara scrambled forward, ending up falling to the ground when the blanket got tangled around her. The vampire left the room, slamming the door as Willow protested weakly. Tara finally got free of the blanket and hurried to her feet, yelping when the vampire reappeared to grab her. He brought her to a room with a treadmill, Which Willow was already restrained on, her arms chained above her, near the front of the machine. The vampire brought her to a chair, strapping her down in it before heading back towards the treadmill. Willows eyes seemed to plead with him silently, full of fear. The vampires face held an unreadable expression as he brought his finger to the power button. Tara could see Willows lip tremble in the moments before he pressed it, forcing Willow to start moving, small gasps of pain escaping her as her bare feet hit the surface of the machine, rubbing her already undeniable hurting feet, forcing her to put all her weight on them or fall. The vampire stayed silent, turning the speed up and up, forcing the tortured girl to move quicker, her feet slapping the rough surface, causing exhales of pain. Tara wondered if Willow had lost her voice from the ear-splitting screams she had produced the last time. The vampire continued to turn the setting up until Willows legs finally gave out, causing the outside layer of skin on her knees to be scrapped off, a silent scream opening her mouth before her eyes rolled back, her body slumping as she finally passed out. Only then did the vampire turn the treadmill off, untying the limp redhead and picking her up. Taras mouth hung slack as tears fell from her eyes. "W-Why…?" She asked shakily, seeing that even in sleep, Willows body was tense with pain. The vampire looked at her with a glare 

"If shes going to survive the trials i'm going to put her through in the future.. She needs a higher pain tolerance." 

"T-tr-trials..?" He simply smirked at that, carrying Willow from the room. She was beyond concerned for Willow when he came back, leading her back to the room he kept them in. Willow was shackled to the bed with little to no slack on her legs, her head laying limp to one side, sweat covering her forehead, her hands tied tightly to a bar above her head. If not for the slight rise and fall of her chest, Tara would have thought she was dead. She heard squeaky wheels behind her and jumped, relaxing when it was only a cart with trays of food. 

"There's more this time. She'll need her strength. But don't get used to it." She was only able to nod, wishing she could prevent whatever 'trials' he planned to perform on Willow. She pulled the cart over to the bed, sitting beside Willow with soft sobs. She put her hand to Willows forehead, pulling away from the heat. Her heart ached for her. Her body was fighting to heal itself, a fever being caused by the strain. Willow woke up with a gasp, her chest heaving quickly. 

"Shh.. Sweetie.. Its okay now.." Willows eyes fluttered open with some effort, landing on her. Tara moved the rope down the bar to help her sit up, grabbing one of the trays. There was Chicken, Rice and green beans, along with lots of water. She had to feed Willow in her state, frowning when Willow shook her head to the last bits of food, looking at the water. Tara helped her to drink it, calming when she finally spoke 

"Damn.. Hes suddenly concerned with exercise?" Tara looked down, beginning on her own food. Willows eyes narrowed in concern "He didnt hurt you, did he?" Tara swallowed a piece of chicken before answering 

"No.. I'm.. I'm fine.." Willow didnt give up, even more concerned after that 

"Whats wrong baby?" 

"You mean other than you being tortured?" Willow winced slightly at that and she frowned, quickly eating a fork full of rice, "He said… Hes planning some sort of.. Trials.. He said.. You would need a better.. P-pain tolerance for them.." Willow looked down, fear sparkling in her eyes briefly. 

"Whatever they are… I'll be okay. Ive gotten this far, and I'm not giving up.." Tara sniffled, moving closer to her, helping her to lay back down. 




She hadnt realized the door had been opened until she was yanked from the bed, her gasp waking Willow. Willow started struggling, trying to get to her. 

"Let her go!" Her demand was ignored as the vampire pulled her from the room, bringing her back to the room with the TV, this time, strapping her to a chair, facing the TV. 

"You're going to get to enjoy the show as well… You see.. Ive got some buddies who've had to deal with that little bitch of yours, and would love to see her in pain.. So ive created a game. I set up a bunch of trials, none of which will be pleasant for your friend. She can give up at anytime, except theres a bit of a twist there.. If she gives up, you get the punishment." Tara stayed silent, her teeth clenched together. "Enjoy the show.. Ive got to go get her ready.." 


*Willows pov* 


She was still struggling by the time he got back, glaring at him while he untied her, grabbing her wrist to pull her from the bed to her feet. She winced when she started walking after him. He brought her to a long room, a camera hooked to the wall on a track that seemed able to move. 

"There are many things you must endure to get to the end of the room… You can give up at anytime.. But if you do, Blondie gets it." She continued to glare at him, hoping the concern she felt didnt show. "Have fun." He snickered before leaving, closing the metal door behind him. She took a deep breath, looking down the hall. The first thing she saw was a line of red, steaming coals. 

["Theres a speaker so I can tell you just how I want things done. For the coals, I want you to walk slowly across them."] She bit her lip, taking the first step. A searing pain flowed through her as her already beaten feet stepped on the burning surface. She took another step, forcing herself to keep going despite the nauseating pain that plagued her. When she reached the end, she nearly collapsed, groaning when she saw a trail of broken glass layed out in front of her. ["Keep going… or do you give up?"] She forced herself to start walking, whining in pain as she felt the sharp glass stab into her feet. She kept going, each step more painful than the last. When she reached the end of it, she actually did fall, trying to breath through the pain. She lifted a foot to inspect it, grimacing at the blood and burns. Glass shards still stuck out and she forced herself to pull them out, moaning in pain. ["This ones a bit different.. I'm letting a friend of mine do it. Listen to everything he tells you, or I cut your girlfriend."] She looked up in time to see a bulky vampire walk up to her, pushing her flat on the ground. 

"Stay still… I'm going to have some fun, and you're going to be real quiet, do you understand?" She nodded, biting down harder on her lip. She forced herself to stay still as he started feeling her body up. He pulled out a switchblade, cutting a thin line above her breasts. She had to bit even harder to not make any noise, squeezing her eyes shut in misery as he licked the blood off, changing into his vamp-face and biting one of her breasts harshly. She still didnt make any noise or try to get away, focusing on protecting Tara. Her breath hitched when he spread her legs, guiding his cock to her opening. Her lip started to bleed from how hard she bit down when he thrust into her. Her pussy still hurt from the paddling, the hard object that was thrust in and out causing her vision to blur. When he finally finished, her mouth tasted of her blood, her lip split. He climbed off of her, sending a kick to her crotch before moving away. She stumbled up, swaying on her feet. She continued down the hall, a sudden high pitched screeching noise filled the space. She stumbled as it caused a splitting headache. Her brain seemed to start to go blank, having more and more trouble focusing. She had trouble remembering where she was, or what she was doing. She forgot why she was pushing forward, towards the door at the end of the hall. She started to let herself relax and stop pushing forward, but the image of a beautiful blonde flashed in her mind. She didnt know why… but she felt this girl would be in danger if she didnt reach that door… and the thought made her nearly sick. She forced herself forward again, her will quickly fading from the sound that was making her brain go blank. She almost gave up again, but the unknown blonde came back to her mind, this time with a name. 

"Tara…? Who…?" She started moving again, feeling the need to protect her. She reached up to the doorknob weakly, twisting it and shoving it open before dragging herself in. She managed to close the door before passing out. 




She woke up tied in a chair, a blonde tied in front of her. 

"Willow? Willow are you okay?!" She groaned in pain, her memory flooding back to her. 

"Tara…? What…" She remembered the 'trials', her heart seeming to stop when she remembered what the vamp had said would happen if she failed. She started struggling weakly "I made it through! I got through it! I did all you said!" The vampire laughed loudly, walking into view. 

"Oh.. I know you did.. You did quite well. And your reward is that your girl wont be harmed… But.. I never said nothing would happen to /you/.." She frowned, 

"W-What are you going to do then..?" He smirked, moving closer. He started to untie her, yanking her out of the chair, securing her wrists above her, a little ways apart and her ankles to chains on the ground, restraining her completely spread, every part of her open to him. Tara watched silently, her eyes moving back and forth. Two more vamps entered the room, eyeing her with smirks. Her whimper was barely audible, but from the stricken look on her face, Tara heard it. The main vamp pulled out a knife, slicing her stomach, drawing a long groan from her. He took a finger, pressing it into the cut, intensifying the pain, causing her to squeak. He started drawing on her with her own blood, making a warm, sticky feeling. He licked it off slowly, keeping eye-contact with her as he did. When he finished, he licked the wound directly, making it hurt more, but stopping the blood from dripping out. He vamped out, kissing her harshly, licking the cut on her lip until it opened again. He sucked on it until blood stopped coming out, pulling away with a low growl, his yellow eyes staring right at her. He moved down her body, drawing his tongue around her nipple, sending a shiver through her. She screamed in shock and fear and he bit down on her breast, starting sucking blood from her. Soon after, fangs sunk into her right arm and left thigh at the same time, drinking hungrily. Everything seemed to slow, all sounds fogging up. Her vision started blacking out, her eyes focusing on Taras horrified face before the darkness took over.




She woke up to a beeping sound, the air smelling how a hospital would. She smiled slightly. It was all a dream. She was still in the hospital. She was safe. Tara was safe. She opened her eyes slowly, her relief disappearing when she noticed it was simply a room with a hospital bed, machines for vitals, and a rolling table like you’d have in a real hospital. There was a sound from one side of the room and she turned to see Tara sleeping on some sort of cot, like someone from the military would sleep on. She tried to get up, but found her wrist was shackled to the guards on the sides of the bed. The clanging sound woke Tara, who nearly jumped off the cot, the blanket she had falling to the ground. 

“Willow! Oh thanks goddess! I thought.. I thought you were dying!” Willow forced a small smile, groaning when she tried to sit up. “Oh- here..” Tara rushed over, raising the head of the bed. Willow was made aware of the headache she had as she woke up further, groaning and bringing her hand to her head. 

“What happened…?” Tara pulled her tiny cot over to the edge of the bed, sitting on it and grabbing her hand. 

“You dont remember..?” She narrowed her eyes in thought, sighing when the memory came back. 

“Oh… yeah.. Trials and then i was made a buffet for vamps…” Tara looked down 

“You should have just given up on the trials.. I-I would have been fine…” Willow frowned sadly, looking up again 

“You know i couldnt do that.. We dont even know what he would have done if i had… her could’ve planned to…” She bit her lip, looking down. Tara stayed silent, both their eyes focused on the floor. 

“D-Do you think he plans on.. On doing more of those trials..?” Willows heart ached at the scared tone of voice Tara held. 

“I dont know… maybe? But.. If he does, i can handle them… But.. i.. I couldnt handle it if /you/ got hurt..” Tara chuckled humorlessly 

“Imagine how i feel..” The breath seemed to be stolen from Willow, her chest constricting. She thought she had been /protecting/  Tara this whole time.. But she wasn't… Not truly. Tara was still suffering, even if not physically… even more than she was probably, because she had to watch the vamp do all these things to her and not be able to help. Willow knew it would destroy her if Tara got hurt… It would cause her more pain than what she was already in… But Tara was in that position.. Having to watch her get hurt, watch her suffer. The only way Willow could truly protect Tara, was to help her escape.. To get away, for real. But even then, she was sure Tara would be worried sick about her… because if she had even the smallest chance of getting Tara out… She would have to sacrifice herself for it. Use herself as the distraction… They wouldn't both be able to get out, and she knew that. She would be willing to give up anything to stop Taras suffering. A sickening thought came to her mind… If Tara were dead, then she wouldn't suffer anymore.. She wouldn't have to worry about her anymore, or be in danger… She slapped her own arm, startling Tara. “Willow…?” How could a thought like that even exist in her mind?! She wouldn't- Couldnt ever harm Tara, Let alone /kill/ her! “Willow I didnt even think.. I-I'm sorry..” Willow shook her head 

“No.. Its not.. Its not you'r fault, I'm just… i should have /known/.. This entire time i thought…” She scoffed, digging her nails into her skin. Tara looked horrified, her eyes wide 

“Willow.. I dont expect..” 

“God.. I'm so selfish..” 


“I'm not protecting /you/, I'm protecting /myself/! I'm worried about you getting hurt cause that would hurt me but i didnt think to..” She didnt even notice the tears falling down her face until Tara whipped them away carefully. 

“Willow, you cant always protect me… Sometimes… Sometimes, i need to protect you..” She calmed within a second when Tara kissed her. She wrapped her arms around Taras back, not letting go, holding her close. The door opened and both girls nearly jumped out of their skin. 

“Feeling better?” The vampire sneered, looking at the vital machine. “You seem to be doing fine… however, i dont think we should have anymore fun for at least an hour..” The vampire snickered “Thats gonna disappoint the boys… But we can always make up for it… What do you think we should do when that time comes?” She flinched when he sat on the bed {Is he really going to ask me what torture i want?! Sick bastard…} “We could of course pull some of those teeth out, after all, you dont need all of them.” She gulped, gritting her teeth as he continued “Maybe dunk your hand into some boiling water? Brand my mark on you? Pour some burning wax onto your… most… sensitive spots..” She shuddered at that one, squeezing Taras hand tighter. “Hmm… Which one of those do you like best?” She nibbled her lip, wondering if he was actually going to do the one she picked. 

“None of them..?” He chuckled, tickling her cheek with his finger 

“Pick one, or i’ll choose myself… or come up with something worse…” She was fairily sure this was a mental torture, telling her to choose which torture her would put her through. All of them sounded horrible, and she tried desperately to think which would be least painful, though all of them made her stomach flop. {Taking teeth out will make it harder to eat and.. Ouch… Hand in boiling water? For how long? Which hand? Branding? No thanks. Hot wax on sensitive spots? Big nope..}

“T-The.. Boiling water one..” He grinned 

“Hand in boiling water? Nice choice. We’ll do that in a little bit, you two should eat.” She noticed the tray of food on the table, though couldnt take her mind off of what she knew was to come. She ate blankly, staring off into nowhere. 

“Willow..?” She bit her lip, turning to Tara. “Do you think hes going to… kill us eventually…?” She looked down. He seemed not to take much pleasure in Taras suffering, so if did end up deciding to kill them, her death would probably be quick. But with her… If he decided he didnt want her alive anymore, she was sure he would draw her death out as long as he could, and make it as painful as possible. She forced a smile, turning to Tara.

“Buffy will find us soon… She almost did a little bit ago.. Its only a matter of time before we’re free.” Part of that was a lie. She didnt know for sure if Buffy would /ever/ find them… But the vampire would surely get bored of them at some point. So one way or another… they’d be free at some point. Part of her didnt know if she would prefer he keep them alive, or if she wanted him to just kill them already. She sighed, squeezing Taras hand. “Lets just eat… okay?” Tara looked down, not responding in any way other than pulling the table over. There was some sort of stew divided into two bowls and two small cups of water. Willow frowned at it, pushing one of the bowls towards Tara. 

“Willow, Maybe you should eat some of mine..? I dont need it all that much.. I mean.. He kept us without food for longer..” Willow narrowed her eyes at Tara 

“No way! You need to eat too! I wont eat your share even if you try to shove it down my throat.” Tara looked down but didnt say anything else, starting to eat. Willow started to eat her own, smiling at the warm feeling the stew made in her stomach. Both the stew and the water seemed to be gone way too soon, but she didnt say anything to Tara about it. She pushed the table a little ways away, looking down at her hands. Her hands seemed to be one of the least abused part of her body, but she knew that wasn't going to last long. She bit her lip, looking at the stub on her left hand. That was probably one of the only things on her hands that really left any mark.. Though she was sure that wouldn't last. She wondered with a grimace if he was going to do each hand with the water, or just one. Her eyes drifted back to Tara, who hadnt looked up. {Theres really nothing i can do to make things better for her in this situation, is there?} She moved her other hand on top of Taras, not missing the small smile that it caused. {How have i even survived this long?} She wondered with a frown, rubbing her thumb on Taras hand. {Its obvious he has more torture methods he can use, but i already feel so defeated by what hes done. Is there any way i can convince him to not make Tara watch it? Or is that another part of the torture? That i cant truly protect her, that shes still suffering because of what happened with the other vampire? Because I wasn't able to fight that other vampire off by myself? Because… Because I didnt die? Should i be wishing i /did/ die? If i did die… Would it make Tara safer?} Of course, it would hurt Tara if she did die, but it would end both of their suffering for the most part. Eventually, Tara would be able to move on… Be able to live an actual life. To have a different lover, maybe even adopt some children. {Maybe i should make another distraction so she can get away… Tara still has a chance at a semi-normal life… I’ll never be left alone by this vampire… Hes going to make me suffer until my last breath- That i'm sure of… But it doesnt have to be like that for Tara.} She tried to focus her mind on when she had been taken upstairs, trying to remember where the car keys had been. On the counter? By the door? If Tara could get to the keys and then to the car, she could make it far away before the vampire even had a chance to look for her. She looked at the table, pulling the small tray under it out. There wasn't anything in it she could use as a stake as she had hoped, but it seemed heavy enough. She could hit the vampire when he got back. {But he said there were other vamps…} She pulled out what /was/ in the drawer, A bobby pin. She shoved it into the lock on the shackle, twisting it about in a bunch of different ways until she heard a click. Tara finally looked up at that, her eyes widening 

“Willow, dont…” Willow looked back to her, holding her hand tightly 

“Listen to me.. I can probably distract the others upstairs long enough for you to find the keys to the car and-” 

“This again?! I'm /not/ going to leave you! If one of us leaves, /both/ of us leave, and thats final!” Willow looked away, {If i start the plan, she’ll either have to run or stay and watch me get hurt… She’d probably choose to go look for Buffy.. So she’d get away..} “Dont you even /start/ to think if you do this anyway that i’ll go! If you try this… I’ll hit you myself!” Willow didnt respond. Her mind was already made up. She made it look as if the Shackle was still on her wrist, hiding the tray under the blanket. She pushed the table away, hoping that Tara wouldn't realize she was going to do it until it was too late. She heard the sound of boots in the hallway and braced herself. The door opened to reveal the vampire, who was smirking at her as he moved closer. She tightened her grip on the hidden drawer, not looking away from him. 

“Are you ready for some fun?” She shifted herself so she could jump up 

“Actually… I think i am.” She spat, jumping off the bed, landing a strong blow of the drawer to his head. 

“Willow! What did i say?!” She looked back with a grimace
“Are you really gonna hit me?” Tara looked down, shaking her head. She could hear the other vampires already headed down the stairs and rushed forward, stumbling over her own feet briefly. She took Taras hand, leading her to the door. The vampires snarled at her, sprinting towards them. She pushed Tara back before attempting to jump at them, yelping in shock when she felt arms hold her back by her waist. “Tara..?!” She heard a crash from in the room before the main vamp charged out, knocking her out with a backhand to her head. 


*Taras pov*


She shocked herself when she held Willow back, but didnt back down. If Willow continued this plan, she’d dig her hole even deeper, put herself in even more danger. She yelped when the vampire knocked Willow out, Struggling to hold the now limp form. Her heart caught in her chest 

“Willow?!” The vampire growled, wiping blood from his head. 

“Shes just knocked out… When did you change sides all of a sudden?” Taras stomach flopped in guilt 

“I didnt… Didnt c-change sides..” The vampire scoffed, grabbing Willow from her roughly. 

“Well, You stopped her little escape plan… Seems you're on /my/ side now.” Taras eyes widened 

“No i wouldn't… I'm not betraying Willow, I'm just.. I dont want her to get even more hurt..” The vampire snickered, slinging Willow over his shoulder. 

“Well thats not gonna work out in your favor- Well, Not entirely. Shes still got to be punished… You cant stop that- No, Shes going to regret this... I just wont make you watch.” Her heart sank. {I didnt help Willow at all! I made things worse for her!} “Follow me back to your actual room.” He demanded, starting down the hall. She followed with her head down, tears springing to her eyes. {I'm so sorry Willow..} He pushed a door open, revealing the room with the bed he had made Willow set up. “Maybe you’ll even get a bit of a reward for this.” The vampire snickered before pushing her in and closing the door.


*Willows pov*


She woke up tied to a chair by her waist and legs, her hands cuffed to the arms. She gasped at the sudden blow to the back of her head, turning her head to try and find where her attacker was. 

"That was an interesting stunt you pulled…" She bit her lip in fear, her heart sinking when she remembered why her plan had failed. She had been held back by someone… and not just any person.. By Tara, the person she trusted most in the world. 

"What sick tricks did you play on her?" She demanded, her glare finally finding their target. He grinned, running a hand through her hair slowly as he circled her 

"I have no clue what you're talking about." She made a sound like a growl, jerking away from him. “I didnt tell her to stop you… She did it on her own.” Willow looked down briefly, horrified at the thought of Tara betraying her on purpose. She brought her glare back, directing it at him 

“Thats a bunch of bull. She’d never do anything to hurt me.” The vampires booming laughter seemed to echo in the room, causing her to flinch. 

“Oh, She did it for quite the opposite reason. She said she was trying to protect you… Stupid way of doing it, if you ask me..” Willow bit her lip, trying to calm her rising fear 

“Well, nobody /did/ ask you.” He laughed again, walking away. She couldnt see where he had gone, only adding to her fear. 

“But shes going to get a reward for it… If i’ve got her on my side that’ll prove handy, dont you think?”


“Sure… I'm not sure what it will be yet, but shes already getting part of it now… Since she doesnt have to watch me punish you.” She jumped when a blindfold was put over her eyes, her heart speeding up. 

“W-What are you going to.. to do..?” He snickered 

“Wheres the fun in telling?” He teased, uncuffing her left hand. Her breath caught when the chair started to turn, her hand bumping against some sort of Metal tub. She bit her lip {Of course.. Boiling water i assume..?} She winced when he started to take the gauze off her finger. “You see, This isnt part of the punishment- its just fun.. And it will help to keep your finger healthy…” She gritted her teeth just in time for him to shove her hand into the scalding water, a muffled screech coming from inside her tightly shut mouth at the burning pain. It seemed like forever before he took her hand out, leaving her chest heaving. She yelped in shock when the heat and burns were replaced by a stinging cold when he shoved her hand into a tub of ice, holding it there for about a minute. He untied the rest of her from the chair, bringing to her a flat surface. Once she was secured to it, he put some sort of cuffs around her breasts, keeping them painfully tight and in place. {Oh goddess… What now…?} She found she couldnt move much, and with her eyes still covered, she was left mostly unaware of where he was. A high-pitched wail escaped her throat when he shoved a searing hot needle into one of her restrained nipples, her head tossing back against the surface she was restrained on. He let it stay for a couple seconds before pulling it out slowly, putting some sort of tape over the holes. She whimpered when feeling one start to enter her other nipple at an agonizing pace. She failed to keep the scream in when he shoved it in the rest of the way, pulling it back out slowly. She was shaking, her body reacting to the pain. “Aw, Dont go into shock on me now… We still have much to do..” She took a shaky breath, swallowing the tears that threatened to surface 

“Fuck you..” 

“Oh.. I was already planning on doing that my dear..” She screeched as he untied her, tossing her roughly to the floor. He ripped the blindfold off, holding her chin so she couldnt look away from his face as his hand traveled down. She shuddered with a small whine as he grabbed her clit between his fingers roughly, twisting it. She struggled to stop her terrified shaking, clenching her teeth. He started to explore her core roughly, pinching the sensitive skin. She whimpered again, trying to struggle away when he held her open to him, stroking his length with a smirk. He shoved himself into her without hesitation, ripping a fresh scream from her. He pounded into her hard, shaking her weak body with each thrust. She screeched the whole time, trying to look away from him. He forced her to keep eye-contact with him as he did, slapping her if she tried closing her eyes. After emptying himself at least five times, after which she was incredibly sore, he pulled out, going to work on her backside despite her pitiful whine. He continued with this treatment until she made no more than gasps of pain. Even once he stopped with that, he got a paddle, starting to spank her pussy harshly, drawing more squeals from her damaged throat. When he finished with that, he grabbed her burnt arm, breaking it above the elbow. She screamed again at this, her head tossing back. He still didnt seem satisfied, as he started to kick her. He started by kicking her sides, then onto her back and stomach, then her breasts and vagina, drawing especially distressed cries. She tried to curl up to protect her fragile parts, but he’d simply grab her hair and yank it back. When he finished kicking her, he backed up, laughing as she curled up with tortured sobs. “Now, do you think trying to escape was such a good idea?” She shook her head, still sobbing at the horrible, different types of pain all over her body. She yelped when he kicked her chest again, sending her skidding across the floor. “Answer me!” He demanded, grabbing her throat and lifting her to look him in the eyes. She started struggling at the loss of air, her eyes wide. She struggled to form words, though without the air to do it, she just moved her lips silently. He tossed her back to the ground, kicking her crouch again. She whimpered, tears escaping her eyes. 

“N-No…” He knelt next to her, grabbing her broken arm tightly, causing her to cry out weakly. 

“Then why did you?! Just to get on my fucking nerves?!” She could smell the alcohol on his breath and shook in fear, remembering when Spike had taken her so many years ago. He smacked her across the face again, letting her fall to the ground. “Is it too much to ask that someone fucking /listens/ to me?!” She whimpered, not even trying to push herself up anymore. “I'm a master vampire! People should /fear/ me! But instead i have minions who talk back and fucking idiotic human pets who dont obey me!” As if to back up his point, he kicked her again, charging forward when her skinny body moved from the impact. He reached into his jacket, pulling out a box of matches. She whimpered again, weak with pain. “You know the good thing about humans? The skin itself isnt flammable- no, Its the clothes and hair.” He struck a match, watching the fire intently before throwing it on her stomach. She screeched, writhing in pain. He held her down, keeping her hair out of the way. “You and your group of slayer minions think that burning us vampires with crosses and holy water is so amusing?! So fun?! Well how does it feel?!” She feared that if she didnt reply that he’d hit her again, but she was in too much pain to do anything more than whine. She was panting loudly by time the match went out, her body in constant agony. She didnt have time to catch her breath before he lit another match, tossing it on her body like he did the last one, holding her down as she screamed. Before the match was even half-way burnt out, her eyes rolled back, her body going limp as she passed out from pain. 


*Taras pov*


She sat on the bed with her legs pulled up to her chest, rocking herself back and forth, trying to calm the concern that pulsed through her entire being. She could tell the walls werent very well built in the way of soundproof as she could hear every scream, every cry of pain from Willow. Surely things would be worse if she hadnt stopped Willow? The latest scream was the loudest, her body shaking with violent sobs. There was another scream similar to it a little while later, though it didnt last nearly as long, all the sound disappearing.  She could hear a door slam open and shut, her eyes immediately focused on the door. The body the vampire carried in was limp, the red hair hanging down from behind his arm. 

“Oh my… Willow..!” She yelped, scrambling off the bed as the vampire threw the beaten body to the ground, looking at her through narrowed eyes. 

“Tell her that this isnt over. If she wasn't passed out, i’d continue for much longer.” Tara didnt respond, her eyes locked on Willows limp body. She didnt even notice when the vampire left the room, her wide eyes taking in the severity of Willows wounds. Her left hand was red with burns, the arm bent out of shape. There was almost no part of her body left without bruises, the imprint of a hand on her throat and face. Tara nearly got sick when she saw the see through tape that covered two small holes on the redheads nipples, dots of blood showing. There were twin burns on Willows stomach, and Tara shook again, not wanting to know what they were caused by. But the thing that worried her the most, was the sight of Willows privates. They were red, bruised and swelled, slick with blood. 

“Oh goddess.. Oh Willow.. I'm so sorry..” She sobbed quietly, wanting to pull the unconscious girl into her arms and not let go, but forced herself not to, afraid she would hurt her even more. She got up shakily, grabbing the blanket off the bed and covering Willow with it gently, setting the small pillow under her head, wincing when she groaned at the slightest of movement. She could see that the gauze was off Willows finger, and even though burnt, it looked better than the first couple days after it happened. She looked at Willow sadly, wondering if she would ever forgive her for what she had done. She brushed a piece of hair away from her forehead, laying a soft kiss in its place. Willow seemed to be out cold, not responding to anything with more than a whine. {Should i be glad she passed out..? Because she gets a break..? Or horrified that she was in enough pain to cause her to pass out..?} She wondered, tears rolling down her face again. She looked at Willows broken arm, biting her lip. He hadnt set it back into place, which meant the job would be left to her. {Should i do it while shes still passed out? Or wait?} She took a deep breath, deciding it would be easier on Willow if she wasn't fully aware when she did it, taking it in her hands gently, wincing at the moan of pain. She took another deep breath, snapping it back into place quickly. She scrambled back in horror at the screech from Willow, more tears coming as her eyes flew open. Willow tried to sit up, falling back with a yelp. 

“T-Tara…?” Tara rushed back, taking Willows uninjured hand carefully 

“I'm here.. I'm so sorry…” Willow looked up with lidded eyes, seeking hers out,

“Not your fault… You tried to warn me…” It almost seemed to feel worse that Willow didnt blame her for what happened, that she blamed herself. “Was a stupid plan… Should’ve just stayed.. ‘Sides.. Over now..” Tara sobbed again, remembering that the vampire had said it wasn't over. 

“I.. He..” Willows eyes, though still foggy and unfocused, narrowed into slits 

“Did he hurt you..?” 

“No he.. He said he was gonna r-reward me.. But he said he.. He said he wasn't done..” Willows eyes lit up with fear, though Tara could tell she was trying to hide it. “W-What did he..?” Willow looked down 

“He was drunk.. I could smell it on his breath… Hes mad that no ones listening to him and i guess.. I guess i was his human punching bag for tonight..” Willow frowned at her and Tara could tell her face gave away her feelings “Its not as bad as it looks..” Tara looked down, knowing she was lying 

“I'm.. I.. I'm sorry i..” Willow quieted her with a kiss, pulling her into a hug, Tara not missing the wince. 

“You were trying to protect me… I understand. You were worried… It was the right thing to do… If you hadnt.. He probably would have killed me..” Even the thought made Tara gag, finally throwing up. She felt Willow holding her hair back, wondering sadly how she seemed to stay so tough through this. As if reading her mind, Willow used her free hand to rub circles on her back as she continued dry heaving “Shh.. Its okay… Everythings going to be okay… I'm not going to leave you..” When she was finally able to stop gagging, she turned, pulling Willow into a tight hug, burying her face in her lovers neck. They sat like that, holding each other with tears running down their faces until they both fell asleep, as close together as they could possibly be. 


*Willows pov*


She woke up in Taras arms, and despite all the pain she was in, it seemed to make it better somehow. She could hear Taras steady breathing that gave away that she was still asleep. She looked at her sleeping face, a small smile growing on her own. How had she been so close to losing her because of her dumb magick addiction? Tara was the best thing that had ever happened to her, and she had almost thrown it all away for something as dumb as power. Part of her tried to convince her it was because she wanted to help the world as much as she could… But deep down, she knew the real reason. It would be her worst nightmare if something happened to Tara, or any of her friends… But especially Tara. She had almost lost her before with Glory, and only her magick had been able to bring her back. Without power she felt helpless, always afraid she was going to lose Tara for good. Always afraid that the reason she smiled every day would be taken away from her, and she wouldn't be able to help… Just like she hadnt been able to help with Jesse or Mrs.Calender or Joyce. She had watched so many people she loved die, and she wasn't sure she would be able to live without Tara. She couldnt even sleep without constant nightmares without her. If she was gone… Willow was sure she wouldn't have the will to even get out of bed, it would hurt too much. But by using the magicks to try and make it safer for Tara… She had driven her away, and hurt her. She heard a small whimper from Tara and leaned over, kissing her gently 

“Shh.. Its okay baby.. I'm right here.” Taras smile returned as she snuggled closer, and at that moment, for the first time since the magick, she felt content, her heart warming as she looked at the woman she loved with her entire being. All the pain seemed to gone, the only thing that mattered in that moment was Tara. She snuggled closer to Tara, taking a deep breath of her essence, a scent that could calm her instantly. In that exact moment, Willow decided that if they made it out of this, she would ask Tara to marry her. There would never be another person she wanted to spend her life with other than the woman next to. She allowed her eyes to drift shut, listening to the gentle beating of Taras heart.




When the door opened, Willow woke up, but tried not to show it, trying to keep her breathing even. 

“I'm not dumb you little Bitch!” She squeaked when he yanked her up by her hair, Startling Tara awake. Willow could see Taras eyes widen while he pulled her towards the door and tried to hide her fear, But Tara still scrambled up, 

“Wait! Please dont hurt her!” She was shocked when the vampire stopped, but still didnt take away the rough grip on her scalp. 

“And why wouldn't I? Its fun to hear her screams…” He teased, making her flinch when he stroked her cheek almost tenderly. Willow narrowed her eyes in anger, not missing the quiver to Taras lip at that 

“I-I…” The vampire laughed loudly, the movement jerking her pained hair around. She gasped when he started moving again, tossing her into the wall at the other side of the hall before slamming the door. She grunted as her back collided with the hard wall, but didnt attempt to get up. 

“Aw, have you finally learned who’s boss?” The vampire sneered, pulling her face towards him. Remembering the scared look he had put into Taras eyes on more than one occasion, she took a deep breath… And spat into his left eye. “BITCH! HOW /dare/ YOU?!” He screamed, sending her back against the wall with a strong punch to her jaw. She continued to glare at him, attempting to calm her heavy breathing. He growled at her, grabbing her arm, which wasn't fully healed. She bit her lip, keeping the yelp at bay. He swung open the door to one of his torture rooms, dragging her in. She groaned when he yanked her to her feet, cuffing both her hands to the ceiling, leaving her toes barely touching the ground. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her fear. He walked behind her and she tried to look, squeaking at the pain it caused on her arms. He didnt come back into sight before the pain started, caused by the item that slammed against the back of her knees, causing them to buckle on instinct, putting her weight on only her arms until she struggled to set her toes back on the ground, the scream he caused from both shock and pain. She could tell whatever the instrument of pain was metal, at the sound it made when he tapped it on the ground. She shrieked when it hit again, the blow aimed at one of her feet. Which, Had her arms not been restrained above her, would have sent her to the ground. As it was, it sent her off balance, causing one of her toes to break with a loud crack. She screamed, trying to right her weight again, but not getting the chance as he sent the next blow to one of her shoulder blades, causing another shriek. After that, he walked in front of her, letting her look at what he had been hitting her with- A metal baseball bat. He obviously hadnt put too much strength into the hits, or it would have caused more damage, but however much strength he /did/ put in, hurt like hell. He allowed her to take it in fully, letting the fear build up before landing the final blow on her kneecap. She screamed again, crying out when all her weight was put on her arms again. It didnt take him more than a second to uncuff her, letting her drop to the ground with a yelp. She curled up, cradling her now broken knee to her chest, sobbing silently. “And /that/ was only a punishment for the hallway- we havent even started my real fun yet.” She clenched her teeth again, forcing her eyes to meet his. His eyes blazed with rage at this, and he stomped right on her knee, making her wail. “You still dont know who’s in charge, do you, you little bitch?!” She yelped when he started dragging her again, throwing her against the wall roughly before sending a kick to her crouch like he had done earlier, earning another shriek. He grabbed her ankles and wrists, tying them behind her back in a painful position. She whimpered, shutting her mouth tightly when he grabbed a ring-gag. He growled, slapping her, yanking her tied limbs when she still didnt respond, forcing a squeal. He took the opportunity to force the gag into her mouth, smirking at her distressed look. He went out of her sight briefly, appearing with a small leather whip, throwing his pants down at his ankles carelessly. She whimpered softly, understanding his intentions. He shoved his entire cock into her mouth without a second thought, whipping her back when she didnt start sucking immediately. He continued this treatment until his release came, staring her right in the eye. Her vision was blurred with tears, humiliated at her current position. He took the gag out quickly, slapping his hand over her mouth and nose before she could attempt to rid her mouth of his semen. She forced it down, gagging quietly. He snickered at her, going out of sight again. He came back with a branding tool, 

“Wait! No!” She yelped, squirming as he came closer. He grabbed under her arm, turning her onto her side, putting his legs on either side of her to keep her still, using one of his hands to pull one of her breasts out of the way. “No! Please Dont!” She had barely finished the last letter before he shoved the brand hard against the skin between her breasts. She screamed in agony, her body shaking at the searing pain. He held it there until the heat simmered down, leaving her sobbing in pain. He started to untie her, pulling her chin towards his face

"You now have my mark, and it wont come off easily, so dont try. You think you're so smart, acting all tough? You keep it up and we'll have many more 'lessons' in the future. As it is… I believe we need to do something more before I bring you back.. Since you've been very naughty." She shuddered at his choice of words, staying silent. He grabbed her arm, pulling her with him as he walked to a table, tossing her in it roughly. She grunted when her broken bones hit, sending ripples of pain through her. He quickly strapped her down, grabbing what looked to be a kitchen knife out of steaming water. She bit her lip, trying to send her mind to a different place. He approached her slowly, pressing his fingers against her skin in a probing matter, as if looking for something. “See, the human body is quite neat… If you do your research, you'll find there and many things you can do to it without causing death. Such as…” His voice trailed off as he slowly pushed the tip into her skin. She cried out in pain, clenching her fists tightly. “..Stabbing, for example. When most people think of stabbing a human, they think death or permanent damage, right?” She felt tears trickle down her face as she squeezed her eyes shut, trying to keep in her cries. “But i've been in the torturing business for a while now.. I've experimented enough to know where i can stab that /doesnt/ cause lethal or permanent damage- There are many places.. And of course, i wouldn't know, but from what ive heard.. It hurts like hell.” Her vision started to blur as he took the knife out as slow as he had put it in, taking in her expressions of pain with a wide smile. Almost as soon as the object was out, he started stabbing it somewhere else. She moaned in pain, feeling the blood stick to her skin unpleasantly. “What do you think?” He teased, pulling the tip out again. She swallowed the lump of tears in her throat, glaring at him. He snickered at it, pressing the tip against her skin slowly, causing another small cry. When he pulled it out again, he set it aside, grabbing a thread and needle. She whimpered softly, unable to keep it in. He smirked, stabbing the tip of the needle into her damaged flesh slowly. “You know, when i was a human, people used to say i’d grow up to be an amazing doctor… With practice of course…” He said, deep in thought as he continued to stitch her stab wounds, a glint in his eyes at her groans and whines. “Oh- Oops!” He chuckled as he stabbed the needle further in than needed, causing a squeak. “Gee, thats in there pretty deep, isnt it?” He taunted, wiggling the needle around. She passed out before he could even stitch the next wound. 


*Taras pov*


Tara watched the door closely, something that had seemed to become one of her favorite pass times recently. She wondered if it was better when he could see what he was doing to her… Because at least then, she knew what shape Willow was in. This way, she just had to wait, not knowing if this would be the time she didnt return. Not knowing if it would be better if she didnt. There was a thud against the wall and she jumped up, eyes wide as he brought Willow in. 

“What was that?!” He looked at Willow with a small frown 

“...Her head.” Tara opened her mouth to say something, but he tossed Willow onto the bed carelessly and left. She rushed over, looking her over. Her knee was in an odd position and she winced, knowing just by eye that it was broken… And that she would need to put it back into place. One of her toes was bent out of shape and purple, swollen badly. Her face was bruised, some white substance dried on her cracked lips. She inhaled sharply upon realizing what it was, her breath hitching again when she saw the mark burned into the skin at the valley of her breasts. 

“O-Oh goddess he..” She nibbled her lip, brushing some of Willows hair back gently, her eyes drifting down to the injuries she couldnt match with anything. They were stitched clumsily, though to Taras relief, they didnt seem infected. She wasn't sure if she wanted to turn her over or just settle with worrying about these wounds. She didnt have time to decide before Willow groaned, her eyelids fluttering. 

“Oh…. Ow…” The redhead wheezed, her hands going to the stitched wounds. Tara grabbed her hand 

“What happened..? What did he do..?” She could see Willows teeth dig into her lip as if she was debating telling her or not. 

“Well… First he decided to practice his baseball skills on me…” Taras eyes widened 


“Oh it… it wasn't that big of a deal.. He only hit me with the bat a couple times-” 

“He hit you with a /bat/?!” She squeaked in horror, 

“It.. I'm fine.” She took a deep breath, 

“What else did he do..?” Willows breath hitched and she looked away. Tara frowned “He didnt..?” 

“Not.. Not really…?” Tara forced her lip to stay still, fearing what she meant by ‘not really’. She gasped softly when she got it, remembering the substance on her lips. 

“Oh..” Willow nodded slowly 

“Not like last time though.. He..” Taras mouth opened in dismay at her small sniffle, realizing just how much of her pain Willow was hiding from her. 

“Willow… Its okay, its only me..” She squeezed Willows hand gently, noticing the slight shaking of her form. {How long have i failed to see how broken he has made her…?} 

“He t-tied my arms and legs b-behind my back and had me laying on my stomach and.. And he.. W-Whipped me the whole time..” Taras hand went to her mouth, thinking about how horrible it must have been for Willow… How.. Humiliating.. How painful. “Then he got the.. I.. I dont know what its called… brander? I… He flipped me onto my side and kept me tied and then…” Willow winced as if feeling the pain all over again. Tara fought to keep her own tears in, knowing that Willow needed to talk about what happened to her.. Not keep it inside like she has been.  “After that he took me to a table.. Thing.. And..” Willow laughed humorlessly “Did you know you can stab someone without causing any real damage..?” Taras breath hitched, realizing the stitched wounds were stab wounds. “But he was right… it did hurt like hell… Then he decided to show me his ‘Doctor’ skills… Bastard..” 

“Oh goddess.. Willow.. I…” Willow sniffled, taking her hand back to wipe her eyes. 

“It was my own fault… I /knew/ that escape plan was stupid, and i still tried.. And now, hes really fricking angry with me…” 

“Hes still..? About…?” Willow seemed to hear the guilt in her voice since she turned to her, grabbing her hand back. 

“Its not your fault, Tara… If you hadnt.. If my plan had gone any further than it already had…” Willow shook her head “Its not entirely that either, hes apparently having some trouble controlling his minions or whatever, and needs to take it out of me… I'm sorry i shouldnt have…” Taras eyes widened 

“No, No i want you to tell me what happens… its not good for you to keep it all to yourself.” Willow didnt say anything else, looking away. “I uh…” Willow sighed deeply, gesturing to her knee 

“I know… probably the toe too, right?” Tara nodded sadly, trying to make it as quick as possible. The sound of Willows scream from her knee made her hair stand on end, tears springing to her eyes. Once she finished, Willow was breathing heavily, her eyes closed. Tara moved closer to her, helping her to lay down. 

"Try to get some sleep?" Willow nodded weakly, her breathing becoming steady within a few seconds. 


*Willows pov*


~She guessed she was dreaming, since she was back in the bedroom she had shared with Tara, sunlight coming through the window to warm the floor. She had no control of her own body, simply having to watch from what she guessed were her own eyes. Dream her turned away from the dresser towards Tara, who wore a blue long-sleeved shirt and jeans, looking at her with a smile. 

"Hey, Clothes." Dream-Willow exclaimed happily. Willow internally smirked, imagining this could only be the morning after a night of making love. 

"Better not get used to 'em." Dream-Tara responded with the half smile of hers that made Willows heart flop happily. 

"Mm.. Yes Ma'am." Dream-Willow pulled Tara into a kiss by her belt loop, the kiss ending with a loving hug.

"Xander.." Dream-Willow turned away with a smirk, walking towards the dresser. 

"Okay, Not quite the response I was fishing for." She teased 

"No, hes here." Dream-Tara explained as she opened a dresser drawer

"Think they're making up?" {Making up?} Willow thought {For what?} Dream-Tara looked away from the window with a beautiful smile that made Willow forget her suspicions, her heart warming

"I hope so, thats the best part." Then a gunshot. Shattering glass. Blood splattering over her white top. Blood on Taras chest. Tara frowned in confusion, "Your shirt…" Willow heart sank with dread and horror as Tara fell to the ground, dream her rushing forward 

"Tara?" Willow willed her body to move, to do something, to help Tara, but she was stuck in the mold of herself, watching as Dream her sobbed, trying desperately to wake Tara up. Then all she saw… was red.~


"Tara!" Willow woke with a scream, shooting into a sitting position, her vision blurred with stinging tears. She felt a body shoot up beside her, grabbing her shoulders

"Willow?! Sweetie? Whats wrong?" Willows heart skipped in relief and she turned to hug Tara, holding her tightly 

"Oh thank the goddess.. It was only a dream.. Only a dream.." 

"What was a dream? Sweetie, look at me.." Willow obeyed, unable to keep herself from kissing Tara. "Did you have a nightmare?" Willow felt her grief from her dream fade further into relief, and she sat back, holding Taras hand tightly 

"Yeah… I saw my worst nightmare." 

"Oh, Sweetie.. It was only a dream.. What was it about? The frogs again?" Willow sniffled, snuggling as close to her as she could get 

"So much worse.. Y-You got shot.. I couldnt… you died right in my arms.." She smiled as Taras arms wrapped about her tightly, hugging her close 

"Shh.. Its okay.. I'm right here, and I'm never leaving you.." 

"I… I dont know what I would do if…" Tara quieted her with a gentle kiss. 

"I'm never leaving you." 




"Guess what time it is!" The vampire sang, walking in with a smile. Willow bit her lip, Taking Taras hand carefully. "Either you get up, or I drag you." Her and Tara looked at each other sadly before Willow struggled to get her legs off the side of the bed, gritting her teeth at the pain it caused. She pushed herself to her feet, yelping as her injured knee gave out, throwing her to the ground. She looked up at the vampire, tears of pain slipping down her cheeks. 

"I… I dont think I can walk.." The vampire scoffed, picking her up roughly. She looked at Tara as he carried her out, silently apologizing. She winced as he slammed the door with his foot, taking her to a room where the door was already open. There was a circle made of some sort of magic herbs which he set her down in. 

"Hold yourself up. Sit criss-crossed." He commanded, turning to grab a dusty book from a shelf, flipping through the pages. She did as he said, having trouble staying sitting up, still weak. But she managed, watching him warily as he grabbed a bowl of some sort, dipping a finger in before kneeling in front of her, drawing a line with the substance that had been in the bowl on her forehead. She wrinkled her nose at the smell, but forced herself not to jerk away. He stood back up, setting the bowl down on a table, starting to chant something from the book. A tingling sensation started from her toes, working its way through her body as it lifted off the ground. She was breathing heavily, terrified of what he could be doing. The tingling grew into a stinging, then to a searing pain, causing her to scream, her head throwing back. The vampire continued chanting, the pain continuing as her injuries healed quickly from the spell. When the chanting stopped, so did the pain- and unfortunately, the floating, sending her body slamming against the ground. Her breathing was ragged, trying to calm herself. "Neat thing there eh? Now I dont have to wait for your body to heal before I can have more fun." She glared at him, pushing herself up slowly 

"Woo freaking hoo..” She grumbled, getting a laugh in response. 

“Hmm, ‘Freaking’ is indeed a good idea of a way to spend our time together…” Her heart sank, understanding what he meant by that. He grabbed her arm roughly, yanking her to her feet which, now, thanks to the spell, could support her. He pulled her out of the spell-room, bringing her to one with a metal bed frame, restraints at each corner of it. She gulped, yelping as he threw her on it, the hard surface slamming against her back and knocking the air from her. He grabbed her wrists before she could gather herself, strapping one to each corner at the head of the bed, straining her muscles in doing so. She groaned, starting to kick out at him. One of her blows landed on his crotch and he snarled, backhanding her hard enough to split her lip. Her head swung to the side from the impact, making her slightly dizzy and making her cheek bang against the frame. “Ive tried to warn you!” He yelled, punching her in the stomach, nearly causing her to throw up. She groaned, fighting to regain the breath he had stolen from her. “But women never fucking listen!” He strapped her ankles down roughly, the straps biting into her skin from how tight he made them. He had his belt off before she could tell what was happening, striking her with it. She shrieked, welts raising on her skin as he continued beating her with it, the metal part causing even more pain as it hit her breast. He threw it aside along with his pants, climbing on her quickly. She screeched in protest, trying her best to buck him off. He laughed at her efforts, slamming into her as hard as he could. She screamed in pain, still trying to get away. She would have thought that after all the times he had done this, it would hurt less, both mentally and physically, but she was wrong. There was a voice in the back of her mind telling her that she could prevent this. If she used her magick. [“Or maybe you /want/ this.’] The voice snickered harshly, causing more tears to fall from her eyes as the vampire continued with frenzied grunts. {How could i possibly want /this/?!} She screamed at the voice in her mind, a sob rising in her throat. [“Then stop it… You know you can, and then you and Tara will both be free..”] The idea made her stomach flop- even more than it already was- the familiar need for magick rising up again. {No! I wont! Tara wouldn't want that! I-I cant betray her again!} [“Even more than you already have?”] The sobs finally broke through, shaking her body. The vampire seemed to take joy in it, as he moaned and increased his speed, clamping his hands around her throat. She started struggling harder, her lungs screaming for the air he was cutting off. [“You deserve it, you whore.”] The voice sneered, seeming to also enjoy her pain. The vampire finally finished with a yell, biting into her breast as he came. She shrieked at it, shaking in misery. He climbed off, a smile growing on his face as she gulped in the needed air. She yelped at the feeling of something between her legs, shrieking in protest when she noticed it was his tongue. 

“NO! GET AWAY!” He ignored her, flicking her clit with his tongue. She cried harder as the unwelcome arousal built inside her. [“Whore.”] He picked up his pace, tweaking her nipples at the same time. She was soon writhing under him, whimpering. He brought her to the brink of an orgasm before backing away, stopping all contact, making her nearly scream in frustration. [“You /want/ him! Hes a monster, and you /want/ him! You're a dirty slut. Whore. Nothing but a worthless bitch. You deserve the torture. You deserve to die a slow, painful death.”] The voice did this every time something like this happened, but it seemed to be worse today… And… She believed it. Except… The voice wasn't random… It was her own. Her own self-hatred. She jumped at the feeling of him between her legs again, wishing he would just kill her. This time, he actually brought the orgasm, making her shake with the intensity. She screamed at it. Screamed at the unwanted pleasure he brought. Screamed at the tortures he put her through. Screamed her own self-hate… Screamed for him to kill her. He continued to bring on unwelcome orgasms until she was sure there was no moisture left in her. She stared at the ceiling as he unstrapped her, ignoring the stinging of blood returning to her wrists and ankles. 

“Up.” She looked at him with a thoughtful frown, wondering if she made him angry enough, if he would kill her. She knew her mental strength was fading quickly… Was sure she was already far into a stage of depression. He snarled, grabbing her hair and yanking her up. Her legs felt like jelly and she fell, making no move to get back up. He kicked her chest, only getting a weak shriek as a rib snapped. “You disobedient bitch!” He grabbed her by her hair, pulling her face towards his. She simply glared at him, staying silent. She screeched when the first punch fell on her nose, blood spraying onto his face as it broke. He didnt wait, continuing to punch her as she whined softly. “You still dont seem to know who’s boss here!” He screamed, landing another punch on her already swollen cheek, “Well i have no problem in giving you more lessons!” The next punch caused a cut on her swollen cheek, adding more blood to her face. “How about i fuck you some more?! Until you cant even speak?!” Punch to her chin, tossing her head back. “Or cut out that mouthy tongue of yours and shove it down your damn throat?!” She whimpered, still waiting for the blow that would end all the pain. “Or whip your ass until its a whole new shape, then fuck you up it?! You wouldn't be able to sit for /months/!” She had gone limp in his grip, though still conscious and aware of the pain he was causing. He suddenly tossed her away, snarling loudly “I get it now! You're trying to get me mad, arent you? So i’ll end your suffering?!” She whimpered, curling into the fetal position. “Well tough luck! I'm not going to be killing you any time soon! You’ve still got a life full of pain ahead of you! And i'm going to take pleasure in every. Single. Scream.” He kicked her side again before grabbing her hair, dragging her back out into the hall. He slammed the door to their room open, tossing her in before closing the door tightly. All Willow could taste was her own blood. She was unsure she even had two eyes under all the swelling. 

“Willow?! Oh goddess.. Oh my… what did he do… your… your face…” She groaned, curling tighter when Tara tried to pull her arms away from her head, hiding her face in her knees with shaky sobs. {Now Taras is going to be worried! How bad does my face even look?! She shouldnt have to see me like this!} “Let me see… Sweetie.. Let me see..” She moaned in protest, feeling her own blood wet her hands when she covered her face. 

“Fine… ‘M fine…” She choked out, cringing as she swallowed a mouthful of blood. She didnt expect Tara to forcefully pull her arms away from her face, holding her out of her curled position. The grip her lover held on her wrists was slightly painful and she squirmed, but Tara didnt let go, examining her face with a horrified look. 

“Oh goddess… Will… I-I think theres a c-closet or b-bathroom attached to the room.. I-i'm gonna c-ch-check and then get you c-cleaned up… o-okay?” The stutter to Taras voice made her heart ache, and she forced herself to sit up, wincing at the combined pain of between her legs, her face and the welts from the belt. 

“I'm… I'm fine, Tara… really..” Tara shook her head, letting go of her wrists 

“No, You arent. I dont like when you lie to me, Willow.” Willow shut her swollen eyes with some effort, lowering her head 

“I'm sorry..” 

“Now. I'm going to look in that door, and you’re going to stay right here until i say different, got it?” The commanding tone of voice Tara used made Willow smile weakly. 

“Yes Ma’am…” She looked up, catching the small smile as Tara turned away, going to the door at the back of the room. She turned the handle cautiously, opening it to reveal a small bathroom. She could see a shelf with towels, washcloths, soaps, shampoos and other things that Willow didnt have the energy to try and define. Tara grabbed a washcloth, the sound of running water reaching her ears as she filled a small bowl, pouring some soap in before heading back towards her. 

“We’ll take care of the rest of you later… for now i'm just mostly worried about your face..” Tara went over to a nightstand Willow hadnt noticed was there, setting the bowl and washcloth down before coming back over to her. “...Do you want me to carry you over?” Willow frowned. Tara had told her not to lie to her. 

“If you can… please..” She muttered, not meeting her eyes. She felt Taras arms wrap around her and relaxed slightly, leaning into the touch. Tara lifted her as if she weighed nothing, and she wondered with a frown, if she really /did/ weigh much any more. She was laid on the bed carefully, the pillow fluffed under her head. Tara pulled the blanket over her before sitting on the edge, grabbing the washcloth and dipping it into the bowl. She squeezed excess water out before bringing the cloth to her face, wiping it against her forehead gently. It hurt a little, but at the same time, felt good. She closed her eyes again, smiling when Tara started to hum to her. Tara was gentle with her touches, but Willow was sure she was cleaning her face thoroughly. After a little while, Tara had to get fresh water and a fresh washcloth, the other washcloth covered with blood. She didnt know how much her face had bled, but guessed it was quite a bit since she felt really weak. Tara finally set the washcloth aside and Willow felt a kiss on her forehead before the weight on the edge of the bed left. She opened her eyes slowly, wincing at the light of a candle next to her. She frowned in confusion, remembering the room having been totally dark before. 

"I found them in the bathroom." Tara explained softly, coming back from putting the cloth and bowl away. She carried a box of bandaids, sitting next to her again. "Geez.. He got your nose good.." Tara mumbled sadly. 

"Heh… feels like it.." Taras brow furrowed as she applied the bandaids to the cuts on her face, 

"What made him so angry anyway?" Willow frowned, closing her eyes again. Tara wanted the truth, but the truth would upset her. How could she tell her she had been trying to get him to kill her? But Tara wanted her to talk to her about stuff… But she couldnt… Not about this. How could she tell her she felt so worthless? How could she tell her she didnt want to even open her eyes every day? How could she tell the woman who loved a waste like her that she wanted her life to end? She couldnt. She opened her eyes slowly

"I dont know.. He was going on about disobedience again." It wasn't technically a lie… Just not the whole truth. Tara frowned, glancing at her,

"Hm.. Weird." Tara got up again, taking care of the bandaids. "But what can you expect from a crazy vampire?" Willow looked away as Tara blew out the candle,  feeling guilty about not telling her. The bed shifted as Tara climbed in next to her, snuggling up against her chest. Willow looked down at her, blinking sadly. 

"You know I love you, right?" Tara smiled, kissing her. 

"Of course I do. I love you too," Willow felt tears welling in her eyes and forced them away, 

"And I always will… No matter what, okay?" Taras eyes narrowed in concern, 

"Willow, are you alright?" Willow sniffled, kissing her before snuggling her head on her forehead. 

"Just.. Wanted you to know." 

"Okay.." Willow could tell she wasn't convinced, but knowing she knew she loved her was important to her at the moment. "Goodnight Sweetie.. I love you." More tears built in her eyes 

"Goodnight Tara… I love you too… With all my heart." 




She couldnt sleep that night, kept up by thoughts of self-loathing. Tara had fallen asleep a while ago, snuggled peacefully against her. Willow looked down at her, frowning. The urge to end her worthless life was becoming too much to bare, and she knew she couldnt fight it much longer… And she didnt want to drag Tara down with her. She knew the vampire had little to no interest in Tara, so he wouldn't get off on her pain or suffering, which meant if she was gone, Tara would be safe from that. Maybe, if she were dead, he'd even release Tara… Thinking it would be worse if she had to live with her death. But the thing was, Tara could move on, find Buffy, and get over her. And even if he did kill her, Which the thought made Willows stomach flip, it would probably be quick. Willows mind was made up. She moved Tara off of her chest carefully, getting off the bed as quiet as possible, and heading to the bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet first, looking for anything sharp. She frowned, only finding toothbrushes and things you might find in a first aid kit. She went to the cabinet next, biting her lip upon finding little glass jars with what looked like Vaseline. She took one of the jars carefully, glancing out at Taras sleeping form with a frown. She hit the jar against the sink as quick as possible, wincing at the noise it made, checking to make sure Tara hadnt woken up. Relieved to find Tara had barely stirred, she grabbed one of the shards of glass, moving the others aside before rinsing it off. She didnt know why she bothered to rinse the Vaseline off the shard… It was just habit. She took a deep breath, going out into the main room to look at Taras beautiful face one last time. She bent down to kiss her, a tear slipping out. 

"I love you so much Tara.." She breathed shakily, "I'm sorry I have to do this.. I hope you understand.." She moved away from the bed, going to sit against one of the walls, still looking at Tara. The only thing she would miss out of this dreadful world, was Tara. But Tara would be happier… Safer, if she was gone. She wished she could write a note… To explain to Tara why she had to do this… But there were no pens… No paper. She frowned. If using her own blood to write a note wouldn't be too traumatizing for Tara, she would be all willing to do it. To draw out her death to give some sort of peace to Tara.. But that would be horrifying for her. She got up again, going back into the bathroom. Surely, there was /something/ she could use to write something for Tara. After looking for a little while, she gave up, heading back to where she planned to end it. Her eyes caught on the nightstand, narrowing. Was that a…? It was! Goddess, she was so stupid! There was a notebook and pen right on the nightstand! She rushed over to grab it, starting to write her note. Once she finished, she ripped the page out, laying it on the nightstand before heading back to the wall. She looked down at her arm, bringing the sharp part of the glass to the skin at her wrist. She pushed the tip down until blood showed, wincing slightly at the pain… But it wasn't anything she hadn't already felt the past months. With a deep breath, she pulled the shard across her wrist, watching as the blood started rushing out. As she got weaker, she looked back over at Tara, who was sleeping, unaware of what was happening. A tear slid down her face as her vision blurred, "I'm sorry… I love you.." 



***Note- It has come to my attention that with all Willow has been through in this story, she would be more mentally damaged than ive displayed her as. And rape victims often are disgusted with, and blame themselves, (Even though it is never their fault!), so I tried to touch on that more in this chapter.

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