Balancing Spell

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Graduation Day

Willow stood with the crowd as she watched the sex tape that was playing. Xander and Cordelia. Not even a blowjob or pussy eating. Both of them completely naked, she was on her back, while he plowed her pussy. Apparently, Cordelia had decided a dramatic statement at the end of the year was the best way to leave Sunnydale.

It was an intense tape. Guys were impressed, girls were jealous. Xander had built up quite a reputation with Buffy and he was adding to it now.

Willow felt nothing while watching it. The main things that crossed her mind was idle curiosity if Cordelia would be able to walk across the stage. Buffy and Faith had Slayer healing, Cordelia did not.

Faith. Willow briefly thought about her. This might cause problems. Faith assaulting Cordelia wasn’t out of the question.

But Willow didn't care. About any of it. The first time she had seen a Xander Buffy sex tape she had been angry. Now, nothing. Not anger, not desire, just nothing.


"Okay, Xander, you are kind of key to this plan," Buffy said.

Angel let out a moan, "No need to rub it in, Buff," Xander said.

"I mean, he doesn't even have anything to rub," Buffy pointed out. "It's actually so small it's hard to find."

Xander took a moment for Angel to compose himself. Buffy was being especially cruel to Angel today to build him up for the fight. He looked around the room. Buffy, Giles, Faith, Jenny, and Angel. They had left a spot for where Wilkens would normally stand.

He laid out a map on the table. "Anya will wait until Graduation Begins. She wants all the students in one place. She's looking for a buffet. Her Ascension will also trigger an eclipse."

"That means I can be of use," Angel said.

"That would be a first," Buffy murmured.

"I've talked to Harmony and Cordelia. We've organized the students. Wesley has even found some of the parents who are in the know enough to help out. Let me go over everyone's positions."

"Is this really possible?" Jenny asked. "Isn't an Ascended Demon supposed to be more powerful than anything we've fought."

"Yes. It'll be hard," Xander said as he looked at the group. "But she made one big mistake. She's all alone."


"Willow," Xander called out as he spotted his old friend. "You're okay!"

She looked at him, her eyes mostly vacant, "Xander, that was crazy."

"Yeah, sorry about ruining your valedictorian speech," he admitted. "But..."

"Giant snake demon, I get it," she said as she moved away from him.

"I just..." Xander began, but not sure how to continue. They had been distant for so long he didn't know what to say. "Be well, Will."


Willow sat alone in the distance as she looked at the ruins of the old school. Of course it had been destroyed. School was one of the few things she liked. Now it was gone as well.

A car door opened behind her and she heard the click of high heels. She didn't know who they were and she didn't care, "What do you want?"

"The question is, what do you want?"

Willow looked at the town and felt nothing. "Xander. I loved him. Wanted him. I've never felt that with anyone else."

"You loved him first. That led to desire. It's not going to happen for you again."

"What else is there?" Willow asked.

"Lots of things. Knowledge. Helping others. Friendship. Laughter. Kittens."

"Bored now," Willow mumbled.

"Magic and power. More than you can dream of."

"Just tell me where to sign, and what to sign away," Willow said without hesitation as she headed for the limo.

Eve watched her walk away. Angel would stay in Sunnydale. Wolfram and Heart now had Willow at their disposal. All of the threats that endangered the world were currently taken care of. The Senior Partner's would be very pleased with how she had manipulated things. "I am so getting a promotion."


The End

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