Balancing Spell

BY : Archer
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It had all started years ago. As a way to try and keep Buffy off the cheerleading squad, Amy’s mother had cast a spell to make Buffy feel an intense desire to makeout with Xander. Being seen with the school loser was sure to damage her reputation. This desire was always present, but really manifested itself when they saw each other and would build the more time passed. Even after Amy had been restored to her body, the spell had remained, seemingly impossible to get rid of.

Fortunately, there was no rule preventing students from being close to each other during school. So if Buffy wanted to make out with Xander before class, or even during if the teacher was lax (making out was now equivalent to daydreaming), then she could do it without a problem. They had spent many science labs with their hands all over each other.

It never went farther than that, though Xander’s hands had brushed against Buffy’s tits and ass (over clothing) many times. The farthest it had gone was grinding against each other. And while it was still known that Xander wanted more from Buffy, she had always said that they were just friends. Sure, her moans and visible signs off arousal gave an indication that she was into the kissing, but she said she hoped the spell would be broken one day.

Publicly it was a different story. As far the regular population of Sunnydale was concerned, Xander and Buffy had been dating basically since she arrived. There was no way to explain, ‘magic made me do it’, so they just went with the story they were a couple. They were always hanging out together, which made it an easy lie to pull off.

This did have a lot of effects on their other relationships. Buffy and Angel still got together, though the conflict between Xander and Angel was much greater. It wasn’t helped that when Buffy came back from LA (When She was Bad) she’d come close to ripping Xander’s clothing off during the Bronze. That had gotten them kicked out. Such behavior might be appropriate in a school, but it was going too far for a club.

But Angel understood magic and was able to work around it. Cordelia was more difficult.

They still had their first kiss. And then many more. Still in secret. While there were no rules against making out, there were still social consequences. They kept the relationship considerably more low key until Buffy ran away after Angel was sent to hell.

They even managed to keep it going after Buffy returned. This made Xander something of a legend, or a despised villain, among the rest of the school for dating two super hot girls, publicly, at the same time. Rumors circulated widely about how he could manage such a feat, though it was frequently chalked up to their group being freaks.

His reputation only grew when it was learned that he had also been cheating with Willow, while Cordelia’s had cratered. Being the girl who was kicked out of a multi-partner relationship shattered her reputation even more than dating Xander Harris.

All in all, the world was mostly the same. Angel and Buffy’s relationship was even more tenuous, the spell just one more roadblock to the idea that they could ever make it work. Cordelia was a complete loner with no friends or connections. And the group continued their Slaying as normal, except for the necessary breaks for Buffy and Xander to make out.

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