Balancing Spell

BY : Archer
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"What's up?" Faith asked as she entered the library.

"Faith," the Mayor began slowly.

"Good evening everyone," Faith said as she plastered a fake smile on her face. "I hope you are doing well. Better?"

"I appreciate the effort."

"So what's is up?" she asked again. "New Big Bad on the loose?"

"No," Giles said, "And that is what has us worried."

"Not us," Buffy said. "You and the Mayor. I told you you're opening a whole box of jinxes."

"Superstitions aside," the Mayor said, "Mr. Giles is right. While I hope with every fiber of my being that peaceful days will come to Sunnydale, somethings wrong. Demons are fleeing the city. Literally running away. Ever since Balthazar was killed they've been heading out of the city. The power vacuum should be causing more of them to move in, not out."

"Maybe they realized they got tired of having their asses kicked," Buffy said. "We've got two Slayers, a Watcher, a century old wizard, and a trained demon fighter, we've been racking up the wins."

"Why does she get to say asses!" Faith complained.

While the Mayor explained things, Buffy took a moment to grab Xander and begin to make out with him. When the Mayor noticed he held up a hand to block his eyes, "Um, inappropriate."

"Kissing is perfectly normal in a school," Buffy said in defense.

"It's not the location I care about, it's the act."

Xander tried to get them back on track, "Maybe Balthazar was the Big Bad. Who says it has to come at the end of the school year?"

Giles held up his hands, "We can all agree that we hope for the best. However, it is better to be prepared. Let's do some training then a series of patrols."

There were some grumbles, but the students listened to him. They began to strip down off their clothing so they were in appropriate workout attire.

"Richard," Giles began, his voice low, "Are you sure?"

"I've spent a century following demons, Rupert. Demons hide from the forces of good, they don't run in terror. No, when demons are clearing out like this it's because they know something worse is coming.”

Rosenberg House

Willow sat in her room staring at her computer screen. She didn't know what to do. She was still the mousy girl in frumpy clothes that she had always been, but she had lost everything. No friends, no purpose, no magic. She didn't know what to do with her life.

She gasped as an arm circle around her grabbed her breast. For a moment it was surprise, then terror, but then arousal. The other hand quickly went between her legs and seemed to instantly find her clit through her jeans.

Willow let out a shriek as she came after just a few seconds of being touched.

"Oh, I can feel your power," a woman said in her ear. "They're all holding you back, aren't they? Having adventures, having sex, and yet leaving you out while it is going on. Don't you wish you could get revenge."

The woman effortlessly undid her jeans and moved her hand under the shirt. With hands directly touching her pussy and tits, Willow came again. But it wasn't just an orgasm this time. She felt power surging within her.

"Good! You love this, don't you? You need it. Nothing like orgasms and magic. They are so good, nothing else in the world matters!"

"Yes!" Willow screamed. "More! I want more!"

"Swear you'll help me! I'll give you everything you want. Sex, magic, purpose!"

A small parts of Willow's brain resisted, but most of her was too far gone. "Yes! What do I need to do?!"

"All you have to do is help me Ascend. My name is Anya. We're going to get along great!"

Anya History

Anya, once known as the woman Aud, then the demon Anyanka was one of the most powerful beings on Earth. She'd lived in Sweden over a 1000 years before, a minor witch, who's power grew every-time she had sex. Fortunately, she also found that she loved sex and frequently cheated on her husband, Olaf, with...well, everyone. Gangbangs, lesbian orgies, broken marriages, Aud brought trouble to the people of her village.

She likely would have grown and died a normal life, her ability to get stronger each time she had sex would have turned a minor witch into a strong witch, but not one who could have changed the course of history. That was until her husband summoned the demon D'Hoffryn and cursed Aud to live a life of working for the men she had harmed.

Thus she was reborn as the vengeance demon Anyanka, Patron Saint of Scorned Men. Her natural witch powers were bound by an amulet and she was limited to the powers of a vengeance demon. However, she frequently brought comfort as well as wishes to the scorned men. A normal lifetime would not be enough time to acquire power through sex to make a difference, but a thousand years of non-stop fucking?

Those powers though remained safely bound behind her amulet. That was until it was destroyed by Giles in the Wishverse.

Now she was loose on Sunnydale. The most powerful witch in the world, with a 1,000 years of knowledge, and a master of sex and seduction. And she had just recruited a future powerful witch to her side through dozens of mind numbing orgasms.

The Prom

Anya leaned back as Willow's tongue explored her pussy. She looked over at the clock 'the little slut's been going at it for over an hour, she's natural.'

As she looked down at the head of red hair between her thighs, she knew she was a natural in more ways than one. Certainly a lesbian who hadn't realized it yet. But the power she had plus the girl’s brilliant mind. It was a good thing Anya found her, she could have been a real force to be reckoned with in a few years.

Willow started to back away and Anya grabbed her head, "Not yet, slut. I've barely even cum."

That wasn't true, Anya had many wonderful orgasms. But the pleasurable moan she got from Willow told her she made the right move. The girl was a natural submissive desperately looking for acceptance.

Anya gave that to her. Willow would, quite literally, follow her into hell for a pat on the head. The assfucking she was going to give her later was just an added bonus.

Not all was good though. The Mayor was a problem. The Slayers a less serious problem. The Mayor could actually disrupt her magics. She had over a 1,000 years of experience on him, but he was good. Good enough that he could throw a wrench into her plans for the Ascension.

She glanced at a calendar on the wall and a plan began to form. She pushed Willow and acted like she'd barely been pleased, "Are you familiar with the comedy film Carrie?"


Mayor Wilkens dashed into the dance hall, "Everyone out! In an orderly manner, please, chaos and yelling is just going to bring more danger."

The students ran by him, but it was the one who came after them who he was most concerned about, "Miss Rosenberg, I'm so sorry this is the path you ended up taking."

"You tried to keep this from!" Willow yelled. Her eyes were black and her anger caused tables near her to go flying. "I'm more powerful than you could ever be!"

"That's actually true," he admitted.

She stuck her hand out at him and shot an orb of fire in his direction. It was stronger than he could have managed, but sloppy. He cast a quick counterspell, focusing on only the key parts of her spell. It was like taking out the foundation of a building to make it collapse. In Willow's case it was a massive building, but a very weak foundation.

He turned the fire back on her and encircled her with it. "Now, just stay like that young lady. I'm going to seal your magics and I don't want to accidentally..."

He gasped as he looked down at a sword that had been jammed through his torso, "Phew, I had to wait for your focus to go away. Your defenses were amazing. But I knew you'd never risk hurting a resident of Sunnydale."

Mayor Wilkens, Mayor and Defender of Sunnydale, gasped a few more times before collapsing to the floor, dead.


"What are you going?" Xander asked Faith.

"We need to make this right," Faith said as she laid out the components. "He was researching this spell. A Balancing Spell. I heard you brought it up with him."

"Yes, he didn't want us to use it. Too dangerous."

"I don't fucking care!" Faith screamed at him. "He's...he's gone Xander. And we weren't there to help him."

"Faith, don't..."

"Just look at how ridiculous this is!" she said as she ripped at the formal dress she was wearing. "Why was I worried about this? Why did I say that things were safe?"

"He would have wanted you to have a normal life. He said that, many times," Xander said with a sigh. "He was happy we were going on a date."

"Are you with me on this or not? Just make it normal that Wilkens always has a backup plan or something. Then we're back together and we'll track down those cunts and end them."

Xander couldn't believe he was thinking about fighting Willow, but that was somehow on the table, "Yes, Faith, I'm with you on this."


"Mayor Wilkens..." Xander said as the woman appeared in front of him.

"Is unavailable. No do overs."

He nodded his head.

"You don't seem surprised."

"This isn't the first time," he said. "Things feel oddly familiar and there is something in the back of my mind telling me what the rules are. Anya."

"Is unavailable," Eve said again. "No do overs."

Xander sighed, how much had been changed? "Willow Rosenberg..."

"Is acceptable. Now, for your other two choices."

"The Souled Vampire..."

"Being scared..."

Xander didn't know for sure what was going on with Willow. However, he had a pretty good idea on what might be making the connection, given Anya's history. "Willow has no sexual interest in women."

Eve leaned forward with a predatory smile, "Negative three."

"That hurts us?" Xander asked. "How?"

She just leaned back without an answer.

He began to think on what to do. How could Willow not being sexually interested in women hurt them? How? 

He couldn't worry about that. He had to think about other things. He still had to deal with Anya.

He thought over the 'Being scared' option. Was there a way to turn it to their advantage? It was a tricky one. Buffy rarely got scared, sometimes their enemies did get scared, so anything he did there could backfire.

He went with what he originally wanted to go with. "Being scared makes women horny."

"Hmm, it kind of does already, but let's say we're amping it up," Eve said. "Negative two."

Five points, Xander thought. But five points to spend on Angel. He'd been sure he was going to be giving his rival a negative.

"How long can my answer be?" he asked.

"Don't be a jerk about it."

"That's the rule? Don't be a jerk about it?"

She snapped her fingers and beside her a stack of papers three feet high appeared. "Would you like to go through the lawyerly details?"

"I guess not, okay, here goes: The Souled Vampire's soul is permanently bound to him and the more in love he is, the more powerful he becomes."

Xander didn't like saying it, but he was certain that Angel loved Buffy and she loved him in return. Giving them their happiness would also save the world.

"The selfless option," Eve said with a smile. "The Powers that Be would be pleased with you. It's not going to turn out to be selfless, but it's the intent that matters."

"What do you mean?" Xander asked, but instead of Eve, he was talking to Faith.

"What was that?" she asked, not catching what he had said. "Did it work?"

"Faith, you know it..."

"Maybe it takes time!"

He let out a sigh, "It didn't work Faith."

She fell to her knees and began to sob.

He moved over and wrapped an arm around her, "It'll be okay. We'll get those bitches."

"Bitches?" she asked between sobs.

"Bitch," he said, wondering why he had been plural. "We'll take down Anya. Trust me."

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