Balancing Spell

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Disclaimer: I have no ownership of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any intellectual property contained within this fan-made story from which no money has been made.

Note: This story takes place around the episode "The Zeppo".

During this story there are times where Xander is faced with answering prompts that change the world. This was done with a system of randomly drawing the prompts and then having readers offer suggestions. Thus when writing the chapters I did not know the ultimate direction of the story.

There were some rules for how the Balancing Spell works. I fudged with it over the course of the story because this was a trial run.

Lots of this story deals with specific plot elements within the first three seasons of Buffy. I don't rehash the plot lines, just jump to the part that have been changed.

Present 1

“Willow, is this such a good idea?” Xander asked nervously.

“You said you wanted to help.”

“I did. I do. But,” Xander paused as he gestured at the symbols on the floor and the candles around the room, “this seems like a pretty big step.”

“We’re dealing with an Apocalypse. The Sisters of Jhe are a match for Buffy and Faith. Once they awaken the Hellmouth there is no way we’ll be able to stop both.”

“Right, right,” Xander said. “It’s just, what did Giles say?”

Willow bit her lip as she focused on the spell.

“You didn’t tell him, did you?”

“He’s really busy right now. Trying to contact the spirit realm for advice. If he can do that, why can’t I cast a spell?”

A lot of reasons why ran through Xander’s head, but he decided to keep his mouth shut. “Why me?”

“The spell is very specific. The person who makes the changes has to be non-magical. Not a witch, not a Slayer, not a werewolf. So that leaves you...or Cordelia. Kind of an easy choice there.”

Xander sighed. He couldn’t believe he was the one standing up against the crazy plan. If the world wasn’t in such peril he might actually walk away. He really should have just gone and borrowed his Uncle Rory’s car as a way of finding his thing. Magic test experiment was apparently his thing now. “Let’s go through it one more time.”

“This is the Normality Spell. It is a version of what is called a Thy Will be Done. It allows you to speak things and for them to become normal. Like everyone will accept it as always being true. Except us, the wards will keep our memories of what was changed.”

“And you told me I can’t just say, ‘there are no more evil things’.”

“Right. That’s the mistake a lot of new witches make. If you push magic too far it breaks. Or worse, backlashes on you. There needs to be a balance,” Willow said as she pulled out a small scale and set it down. “We’re invoking this as a balance spell. You say some things that benefit you, and to balance it out you say some things that hurt you.”

“And if I just said ‘the Hellmouth doesn’t exist anymore’...”

“Then to keep it in balance you’d have to say you don’t exist anymore...or maybe even worse. Like if you didn’t balance it maybe the Hellmouth wouldn’t exist anymore because it had swallowed the entire world,” Willow said as she took a few deep breaths. “Which is what is going to happen if we don’t do something.”

Xander moved over to the center of the spell. “All right. Let’s do it. What’s the worst that could happen?”


Xander never knew what to expect from magic. Sometimes it was flashy, sometimes it just happened. He’d never seen everything just freeze before.

He stood up and Willow didn’t react. Her mouth was open and she was just ending the incantation. He thought about walking over to her, but then remembered her warnings about leaving the circle.

“Well, this is interesting.”

Xander turned around to see a woman he didn’t know. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out.

She seemed unconcerned with his trouble. “Changing the fabric of reality. Ambitious-oh, her protection wards aren’t set up right. Hmm, what to do? I can’t just let you do this without any consequence, that would set a very bad precedent. Though an Apocalypse also would not be a good outcome. Okay, let’s see what happens.”

Xander sat back down and faced Willow just as he had been. He didn’t have any control of his body as the woman moved behind him and whispered in his ear. “Here are the rules. You get to say one thing about a person or group and it will become normal. The more powerful the statement, the more you have to balance it with your next two statements. However, I get to choose the subject of the next two statements and…”

She leaned in close to his ear, “it has to be sexual and cause problems for your world saving efforts.”

“And if I refuse?” Xander managed to croak out.

“Too late for that, she’s already invoked the spell,” the woman said as she pointed to Willow. “Back out now and she’ll be blown to bits and then the Apocalypse will happen.”

Xander nodded his head, “Then make your statement,” she told him.

He took a moment to think it through. He just needed to nudge things in the right direction to give them a chance. If he asked for too much, he would have to give a lot in return. The problem was that the Hellmouth and the Sisters of Jhe were just too dangerous to deal with at once. “The Sisters of Jhe are incapable of approaching the vicinity of the Hellmouth.

“Ooh, I like that. You’re clever. You didn’t ask for too much, but gave yourself a fighting chance,” she said as she put a finger to her chin. “I’ll rate that a 2 out of 5.”

As she said this Xander saw the scale that Willow had set up on the other side of the room move to the right side. “Now, we need to balance it. Remember the rules: it has to be sexual, I choose the subject, and the harms and benefits of the three statements must balance out.”

“Your first subject is: Buffy Summers…”

Xander paused, sexual, but didn’t push it too far. “Buffy Summers has an intense need to make out with me.

She smiled at him. “I like that. It doesn’t push the sex too far, but does cause your group a lot of problems. I’m being generous for the moment. I’ll score that a 2. That means the following choice can be neutral. Your subject: In school…”

Xander swallowed as he thought how to limit the damage, “In school public displays of affection are allowed.”

The woman was gone and Xander was left facing Willow. She was sweating heavily and barely able to stand. “Did it work?”

Xander took a moment to think, “Let’s call Buffy over.”


“Hey, Will,” Buffy said as she entered the house. “I got your message to come over. Do you have an idea on how to stop the Apocalypse?”

Willow came out of the kitchen, “Hey, Buff, before we get to that, Xander is here.”

Buffy narrowed her eyes, “Why wouldn’t you tell me that?”

“Because…” Willow began as Xander stepped out from around the corner.

Buffy immediately rushed forward and grabbed a hold of him and pressed her lips to his. For a moment Xander resisted, before leaning into the kiss as their hands began to run over each other.

They made out for a full minute before Willow’s coughing finally broke them apart, “Sorry,” Buffy murmured.

Xander looked to Willow, “The spell didn’t work.”

“What spell?”

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