Balancing Spell

BY : Archer
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Xander shook his head as grabbed the piece of paper with the commands he meant to speak.

1: Faith follows the lead of Buffy, Giles, and Xander.

2: Giles doesn't worry about books being late.

3: Xander Harris gives up Twinkies.

"Yeah, I don't think it worked," Xander said. "Still craving a Twinky."

"And I'm aghast of the idea of someone returning a library book late," Giles replied.

"Wait why are you..." Xander began.

"Something wrong?" Giles asked.

"No, just for a moment I thought someone else was the one who cast the spell."

"Like who?"

For a moment he thought about Willow, but that was crazy, "I don't know."


"Want, Take, Have," Buffy said as she grabbed the knife. "I think I'm getting it."

"Speaking of that..." Faith said, "I want Xander and I'm taking Xander."

"Uhm, what?" Buffy asked, completely thrown off guard. She was not made any more comfortable by how Faith was holding the crossbow.

"Xander is mine," Faith stated. "I understand the spell. I'm not going to do anything about that or your fake relationship. It's not like the two of you need to bone anymore. But when you aren't at school, he's mine."

"I mean he kind of get's a say in..." Buffy began, but stopped given the look Faith shot her.

"Mine," Faith growled angrily.

"Stop, freeze, police!"

Buffy actually breathed a sigh of relief.


"Hello, Faith," Xander said as she opened her door.


"We'd need to talk."

"No, we don't," she said as he came inside.

"Faith, I was there. With you and Buffy fighting those vamps."

"He came out of nowhere," Faith defended.

"He did, it wasn't your fault," Xander said as he grabbed her arms. "That doesn't mean you don't need to process this."

"I don't need to process anything, I'm fine," she claimed as she grabbed hold of his hand. "I know what you are here for."

"Faith, no."

She squeezed tighter, "You said you'd go longer than an hour. I've got all day."

Xander used her momentum against her and flipped her onto the bed. "Ooh, rough, I like it," she said.

He began to back up towards the door. "This was a bad idea. We're too close. We should have a conversation as a group. You, me, Giles, Buffy..."

A dagger suddenly buried itself into the door beside his head, "Don't you mention that cumslut's name again."

He grabbed hold of the door handle, but she was out of the bed and on top of him. Even with his skill, he wasn't willing to hurt her, and couldn't match her supernatural abilities.

She pushed him back onto the bed as she straddled him. "I'm never letting you go. You were rough, you were gentle, fuck even your cum tasted delicious. I'm just going to keep you in this room, my own personal fuck toy. Get ready because I plan to be drenched in your cum by the time the night is done."


When Wesley led the Watcher's into Faith's room he was not expecting the scene. Faith naked, Xander handcuffed to the bed, also naked, Faith covered in...fluids. Fortunately the Watchers he had brought with him were more experienced and not thrown off by the sights. Faith was currently riding Xander, her back to the door, so they had the advantage of surprise in taking her down.

Wesley looked over to the window as the Watchers forced some clothing onto Faith. He could have sworn when they were approaching he saw Angel. But why would the vampire just be standing outside?

He didn't have time for that. He had a Slayer that he needed to get back to the Watcher's Council.


"Oh this isn't good at all," Mr. Trick said as he turned to dust.

Buffy was stunned to see Faith standing in front of her. They didn't say anything. For a moment Buffy was worried Faith was just there because she wanted to be the one to finish off Buffy.

Instead, the dark haired Slayer turned and walked away.

"What you did to Xander..." Buffy yelled after her, "it can't be forgiven."

Faith just briefly glanced back at her, "I don't regret it at all," she said before she kept walking.


Mayor Wilkins was only mildly surprised to see someone waiting outside for him. "I heard you lost your top guy tonight."

He looked the girl over, "That's right."

"Sounds to me like you have a job opening."

"Come right in," he said as he opened the door wider. "Miss Rosenberg."


"We need to try again," Xander argued.

"No," Giles said firmly. "The Sisters of Jhe was a desperate circumstance. I don't know how you talked me into it with Faith. These are powerful magics. We should count ourselves lucky that it hasn't worked."


"Under no circumstances will I..." Giles paused as the doors opened and Willow walked in.

"Am I interrupting?" she asked.

"Not at all, can I help you?"

"I know I have been distant. But...I heard about what happened with Faith," she said as she put a hand on Xander's arm to comfort him. "But I'm here."

"Thanks, but...not now," Xander said as he headed out of the library.

"Okay, later," she said as she turned back to Giles. "Could you update me on where we are with the Mayor? I know we've had our problems, but maybe you could use some tech help."


Xander opened the broom closet door and slowly peaked out. He glanced back to Cordelia who was putting her clothing back together. They had never progressed beyond the broom closet stage. Cordelia certainly wasn't going to make things official and have a sex tape shown in front of the school and ruin her reputation. But that didn't mean she wasn't up for some fun from time to time. It helped relieve the stress of being Queen of the School (a position she had never lost), and at the moment Xander just needed any kind of distraction.

"Xander, I've been looking for you."

Xander slammed the door shut. "Hi, I was just...who are you?"

"My name's Anya," she said as she introduced herself. "And I hear there is a spell that you are trying to cast. I think I can help."


Xander watched as Anya read the spell. Something was up with her. He could tell she had an ulterior motive. But he needed this spell. Things were breaking apart. Buffy and Angel’s relationship was obviously in trouble, Giles was cut off by the council, Wesley was useless, Cordelia was happy to just be the school queen, and Faith was...a big problem. That Willow might be ready to reconnect was the first good sign he'd had in a while. He didn't think she was ever going to get over the sex tapes, or Cordelia, or that he had taken on a bigger role in the Slaying since Halloween without her.

He'd worry about that another time. He could tell the spell was working.

A woman appeared in front of him, "Wow, that was a good one."

He looked her over. "Wolfram and Heart."

She smiled back at him, "Yes, I see you've become well informed know, it doesn't matter. The name is Eve. I'm just here to monitor and make judgments on the spell."

"I can't believe it worked this time," he said relieved.

She just smiled back at him, "You know how it works?"

"I do," he said, though he wasn't sure how he knew all of the particulars. "Faith..."


"What, I get to choose one."

"You don't get to choose the same subject twice."

It took him a moment, "The spell has always been working. None of us remember the changes."

"You always are clever. You won’t remember this either, but no backing out now. The spell is already in play."

It didn't take Xander long to figure out what the most important thing after Faith was. "Mayor Wilkens..."

"Interesting," she said. "Here are your other two."

"Training and exercise..."


"Mayor Wilkens has the city's best interests in mind.

"Hmm, getting straight to the heart of the matter," Eve said. "Turning a villain into a good guy. I could play around with that, have the Mayor think that only Sunnydale matters and all other cities will suffer, but honestly the Mayor is a problem. We estimated that your group had only a 32% chance of stopping his ascension. That's a 5 out of 5, let's see how to balance it."

"Training and exercise are done in revealing clothes."

"Not a big change at all. Sure, embarrassing for the girls, which means the Slayers train less, but that is a minor switch. 1 out of 5. We need something big to balance this out."

Xander looked at Anya. He barely knew her. She was suspicious, sure, but a 4 out of 5 was going to be extreme and he wasn't sure what he could do. "Anya is addicted to sex."

"Not even close," Eve told him. "Try again."

"Anya is addicted to sex and every time she does she gets a little bit weaker."

"Nope, going in the wrong direction."

Xander paused as he looked at her. He needed it to be negative. Her getting weaker wasn't a negative? "Anya loves sex with men and women and every time she has sex she gets a little bit stronger."

"Done," Eve responded.

'Not so bad,' Xander thought. 'Even if she is a bad person she only gets a little stronger each time. How much power could she have built as a High School senior?'

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