Succubus in Sunnydale

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Giles.

Title: Succubus in Sunnydale Part 6
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy / Jenny Calendar, Buffy / Xander, Buffy / Jonathan
Codes: MF, FF, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Jenny Calendar, Xander, Giles, and Jonathan

Summary: Buffy is severely weakened after her near (permanent) death with the Master. She needs her friends and allies to help restore her energy in the best way her succubus can feed - sex.

Buffy had big plans for the summer between her sophomore and junior years of high school. She was going to go back to Los Angeles, see some old friends and just hang in the big city. However, those plans were put on hold due to her dying at the hands of the Master. Sure, she was only technically dead for a minute, but it had an effect on her. Morgana, the succubus that was sharing her body due to a failed summoning last year, had saved her life, but at a cost. While Morgana was still alive, she had forced herself close to returning to the ethereal plane, or hell, in order to revive Buffy. Having pushed herself to her limit then beyond, the succubus was in bad shape, and as a result, so too was Buffy.

That wasn’t to say that there weren't things Buffy could do to help out the succubus. In fact, there was a lot of things she could do, namely have lots of sex. The only problem with that was Buffy had little to no energy to spare. The Slayer had encouraged Morgana to drain as much energy from her as she needed, which was a substantial amount. Luckily most of the vampire population had gone underground since she killed the Master, but it also meant Buffy didn’t have the ability to go out to the Bronze and score either. Plus school was out for summer, which would have been another easy way to meet guys and girls and fuck their brains out for energy.

“Buffy?” Joyce Summers, Buffy’s mom asked as she poked her head in her daughter’s door. Finding her awake but still laying in bed, she continued. “Oh good. Wanted to make sure you were awake.”

“Thanks mom. I know I have tutoring shortly,” Buffy replied after a stretch and a yawn.

“Okay good. I’m just so pleased that Ms Calendar agreed to tutor you from home,” Joyce commented as she pulled open the window blinds and filled the room with light.

“Yeah, she’s been super helpful,” Buffy replied before Morgana added in her head. “In more ways than one.”

“Agreed, Anyways, I’m off to work. I’ll see you later tonight. Dinner’s at 7:30 so make sure you’re home by then...if you go out.”

“Okay mom. Thanks,” Buffy replied as her mom left her room and walked downstairs. 

“Buffy! Ms Calendar’s here for tutoring,” Joyce called out on her way out the door. “Thank you so much for coming to the house to teach Buffy, Ms Calendar.”

“Oh it’s no trouble at all, Joyce. And please, just Jenny is fine.” Ms Calendar replied before thinking to herself. “After all, I’m fucking your daughter so the least I can do is have you call me by my first name.”

Jenny knew the layout of the house pretty well at this point, considering she’d be coming here every day for the past several weeks. Ever since Buffy’s big battle with the Master rendered her too weak to do much else than laz about her house. Luckily it coincided with the end of school and it was Giles idea to have Jenny attend to Buffy under the guise of a tutor.

“My boyfriend pimped me out to a 16 year old girl,” Jenny thought as she filled a glass of water in the kitchen.

In truth, it was a group decision. Being sensitive to the supernatural as a technopagan, Jenny was able to deduce that Buffy was in such a weakened state from Morgana overextending herself to revive Buffy. Thus, the succubus was leeching Buffy’s own energy. It was inefficient for the sex demon to fuel itself like that, but it was the only thing that stopped her from perishing, so Buffy was fine with it. All members of the Slayer’s closest friends that made up their own little squad convened to devise a plan. The answer was simple - Morgana needed sex to strengthen. The plan was more complicated. 

Giles saw himself as a father figure to Buffy so could never go through with sleeping with his pupil. Buffy readily agreed. The obvious choices were Angel and Xander considering they both had big wells of energy for the succubus to draw from since Xander was a teen and Angel a vampire. Plus they had both fucked Buffy already so no awkwardness. However, between family vacations and tracking down vampires throughout parts of the state, those two weren’t always available. In stepped Jenny. Though not a lesbian outright, the computer science expert was very fluid in her sexuality so after putting up a false front of needing time to think about her willingness to sleep with the gorgeous 16 year old to strengthen her, Jenny readily agreed. 

“So are we studying first or just getting right to it?” Jenny asked as she climbed the last of the steps and entered Buffy’s room.

“Why put off the fun part,” Buffy replied, kneeling at the edge of her bed in only a silk nightie she had put on just for Jenny to take off.

“That’s my vote too,” the older woman said as she put down her books on Buffy’s desk.

In the span of three strides Jenny had closed the distance from door to edge of the Buffy where Buffy was waiting for her. In preparation, the blonde teen had opened her arms wide and licked her lips in anticipation of their union. Jenny didn’t leave her waiting, stepping into the embrace, at which point the Slayer’s arms enveloped the teacher in a hug, securing them together. Jenny had time to lick her own lips, close her eyes and tilt her head ever so slightly to the right before their noses grazed in lieu of their lips touching.

“Holy crap,” Buffy said after a minute, their lips separated by an inch. “I just kissed Ms Calendar.”

Jenny gave the girl a playful kiss to match Buffy’s playful comment. “Says the girl who's been eating me out to daily orgasms for the last month.”

If the first kiss could be described as soft then this time it was all passion. The moment their lips touched one another they were parting with their tongues rushing out to greet the other. Buffy was far and away the aggressor with her arms wrapped around the older woman’s neck, pulling Jenny towards herself and pushing her tongue into the teacher’s mouth with more urgency. However, Jenny was far from passive, in fact she was matching the Slayer’s intensity with her nimble tongue wiggling and probing inside Buffy’s mouth.

“You are too good a kisser than any 16 year old has any right to be,” Jenny Calendar told the younger girl as she brushed a loose strand of golden hair behind her ear.

“Thanks. But I hope you’re here for more than just kissing, Ms Calendar” the Slayer retorted with a horny glint in her eye.

“God I love and am so confused by how hot it is when you call me Ms Calendar as we make out,” the computer science teacher confessed. “And yes, we have way more intimate plans than just kissing.”

Buffy went to pull Jenny down to the bed but the teacher had other plans. Despite the younger girl being the Slayer, she was physically weakened, hence Jenny’s presence at the Summers residence. With hand placed between Buffy’s perky breasts, the computer science teacher lightly pushed the Slayer. Buffy understood the meaning, plus was too weak to do anything about it but she had the sense to roll with the force, landing flat on her back with her legs spread wide instead of being trapped beneath her.

As Buffy looked up with a confused expression, Jenny simply shrugged her shoulder. “What? It’s my only chance to push around the big, bad, scary Slayer.”

“You’ll pay for that,” Buffy said in a playful tone as she went to get up.

“You really are a slow learner,” the teacher retorted, leaning down and pressing her body weight against the teen.

Buffy was going to reply with something quippy but instead the only sound that escaped her mouth was a moan. That was to blame on Ms Calendar who had moved her kisses down lower onto the petite Slayer’s neck. Buffy granted her more access by tilting her head to the side and allowed her teacher to plant soft kisses along the sensitive skin of her neck that made the blonde writhe, pinned between Jenny’s body and the bed. 

“God, your body is perfect,” Jenny commented, her lips trailing kisses down Buffy’s neck, over her collarbone and onto her chest.

Using her fingers to pull away the thin straps of Buffy’s nightie from her shoulders, the Slayer helped by wriggling her lithe body underneath her teacher. With minimal effort the sexy lingerie pulled down the blonde’s body, pooling around her abdominals and exposing her perky teen tits. While not in the ballpark of Cordelia’s large globes, the Slayer’s boobs were a nice handful and capped with a small nipple, which was the target of Jenny’s affection. Zeroing in on one, the teacher opened her mouth before latching her lips around the hardened pink nub, giving it a lengthy suck.

“Yes, Ms Calendar!” Buffy moaned loudly.

While her approach for sucking on Buffy initially was all passion, by the time she kissed down one breast and up the next, her tactic had changed. She still created a seal around the nipple with her lips but she sucked with less power, focusing instead of dragging her tongue in tight circles around the areola. Though the technique was different, it got a similar response from the horny 16 year old as Buffy arched her back in an attempt to encourage more from the technopagan.

However, Jenny had more on her mind than just sucking Buffy’s nipples, as adorable as they were. Though the succubus needed others to orgasm in order to feed from them, Buffy herself was never required to cum, after all for Morgana to feed she needed the other party (or parties) to orgasm. However, that didn’t mean Jenny didn’t want to gift the gorgeous blonde teen a climax or two. Therefore she left Buffy’s chest as she slinked a little further back along the bed so she could pull down the younger girl’s thong before tossing it aside.

“Naughty girl! You can barely make it down the hall to the bathroom and yet you use your meager energy to shave your pussy bald,” Jenny commented with a shit-eating grin on her face, staring down at the pink lips made to stand out even more against the sun tanned skin.

“Girl has to have her priorities...ohh!” Once again Buffy’s reply was choked out in her throat and replaced only with a low groan as she felt fingers run on either side of her snatch without ever making contact. “Please Ms Calendar…eat me,” she pleaded.

The dark-haired woman lost her playfulness and got right to business now that her goal was in sight. Having scooted her petite ass back on the bed, Jenny bent at the hips and took a good long lick of the Slayer’s length. Buffy was already dripping wet from their brief but heated make-out session and the moisture that was collected by Jenny’s tongue was so sweet so one lick was immediately followed by a flurry of more.

“Ohhh,” Buffy moaned, voicing her appreciation.

Jenny surprised her lesbian conquest when Buffy felt small little kisses placed all over her sex. The technopagan’s lips started up at her clit, making Buffy gyrate atop the bed before traveling slowly downward until her mouth was directly over her opening. Jenny puckered again and kissed right above the opening, but this time she lingered and extended her tongue out until it had dipped inside Buffy’s snatch and lapped inside.

“Oh yes, Ms Calendar! Lick my pussy!”

The computer science teacher was still finding her rhythm when it came to making love with a woman as it was something she only dabbled in. However, based on Buffy’s pleads once more and her own desire to sink her figurative teeth into things, Jenny stopped teasing and got down to work. Jenny had no trouble fulfilling this request as inside the teen’s cunt tasted even better than the juices in her folds. Jenny pressed her face as hard into the girl’s groin as possible to drive her tongue even deeper, her nose squashed against Buffy’s bald patch over her pink slit where hair had once been.

Jenny took a quick second to swallow the juice her tongue had collected before pressing her lips back against Buffy’s pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. The technopagan took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn’t done it in a few years, which meant that this seduction of the gorgeous teen was a long time coming.

“Damn you taste good,” the older woman commented. “Like insanely so.”

No sooner had the words left her mouth had Jenny dived right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Buffy’s sweet honey pot. The teacher was keeping her young student off guard by the constant change in her strategy. While starting off with the deep drilling, Jenny was now deploying a slow and methodical approach in a two-fold approach as her two fingers were plunged knuckle-deep into Buffy’s waiting cunt while her tongue made light taps and sucks to her clit.

“Oh God,” Buffy screamed after Jenny started to deploy a faster pace with both hand and tongue.

Jenny had to pull her mouth away from Buffy’s slit so she could finger-fuck the petite teen with greater speed. Having been practicing and honing her technique on the Slayer for the past few weeks, Jenny was repeatedly tapping Buffy’s G spot while she placed long kisses along the Slayer’s inner thigh, surely leaving hickeys. However Buffy had no complaints, in fact at the present moment she had her head tossed back with a massive arch in her back, using her hands to rub and lightly pinch her own nipples as her mound went from being teased to being alternatively crammed full of Jenny’s tongue or digits.

“You are way hotter than any 16 year old should ever be,” Jenny complemented.

Despite a few kind words, Jenny wasn’t letting up whatsoever. Her nimble fingers were naturally skilled and her tongue had the accuracy to repeatedly tickle the younger girl’s clit. However, Jenny wanted another taste of her prey and this time it would be sampled deeper as the dark-haired teacher used both hands to get in tight and hooked a finger from each into her opening. Buffy howled in pleasure again as her pussy was now filled with two digits rather than the tongue, but they were only used to hook right at the entrance and pull her apart as far as she could go. Despite the copious amounts of sex the blonde had been having since been joined with the succubus, Buffy was still insanely tight, her tiny stature and being a teenager aiding that.

“Oh my God…oh my God,” Buffy screamed.

The Slayer was on cloud nine as the older woman proved to her student time after time how well she knew her way around a pussy. Over and over Jenny made Buffy cry out in utter delight but the teenager wasn’t the only one enjoying themselves. The technopagan was thriving working on her knees and licking out her twat, which was making her pussy soaking wet, and Buffy was more than happy to reap the benefit. The teacher continued to dive her tongue deep into Buffy and scoop out more of her essence all while her wet muscle found all the right spots inside the Slayer. Buffy was now a constant series of moans and screams, but they fell on deaf ears luckily since Joyce was already away to work. 

“You like that,” Jenny asked, coming out mumbled with lips pressed against velvety folds. “You like my tongue licking deep in your tight pussy?”

Jenny knew that the younger girl didn’t need to reply as she continued to work from between her tanned thighs. Buffy was close and the technopagan knew it. Though she was enjoying herself thoroughly, Jenny knew the Slayer was still weak and Buffy would still need to derive an orgasm from the teacher. Therefore, rather than prolong and play with her food, Jenny would deliver the Slayer her orgasm, though she still wanted to impart as much pleasure into the lesbian tryst as she could before allowing the orgasm Buffy was on a one-way path towards. Jenny could feel her teen lover’s hands running through her hair as she aimed slightly higher and darted her skilled tongue against her clit. This released another torrent of audible appreciation from Buffy, who had now used her free hand to run it through her own hair as well.

The computer science teacher focused her attention to the task at hand like never before as she pulled her wet digits from her snatch. Jenny’s tongue licked up and down Buffy's pretty pink pussy before she ultimately settled her lips on the clit. Screams followed but a whole louder and more urgent stream was released when she combined sucking and licking the sensitive nub with working her two fingers bank in and out of her tight twat.

“Fuck yes,” Buffy screamed again, thrashing her tiny body atop the couch.

Jenny always beamed with pride hearing her lover’s intense cries of pleasure. With Buffy’s clit still locked between her lips with suction, she inserted a third finger into her extremely wet love canal without losing any of the speed or depth. The Slayer’s athletic body squirmed in response as the digits pumped into her super-sensitive pussy.

“Cum for me baby. Right on my tongue so I can lick you all up,” Jenny encouraged.

Knowing that Buffy wasn’t going to last much longer and not wanting to miss a drop of her delicious flavor, Jenny switched up her mouth and hand so that her tongue was now buried deep in her opening while her fingers diddled her engorged clitoris. She couldn’t take the risk in not sampling her cum if her regular pussy juices taste that good.

“I’m cumming,” Buffy shrieked. “Oh God YESSSSS!” 

Jenny waited for her just rewards after hearing the scream and feeling the hands on her head tighten. Sure enough a tide of gooey honey came like a typhoon, coating the teacher’s tongue. Jenny was right on hand to lap it up and devour the cum before going right back inside Buffy for more of the delicious cum.

“Maybe it’s you being the Slayer or the succubus riding in your mind but damn! You are delicious beyond belief,” Jenny said, rocking back onto her heels.

Looking over the beautiful structure that was Buffy's body, Jenny’s already wet panties were soaked through at this point. They were just a barrier at this point so Jenny pushed back onto her feet before reaching under her long dress and pulling the damp underwear from herself. Throwing them onto the desk with the rest of her books, by the time the teacher turned back around, inspiration had struck the technopagan.

“Your turn,” Buffy cooed, her perfect body nude and glistening with the faint layer of sweat.

The Slayer was only now stirring and as she opened her eyes she was greeted by quite the surprise. Jenny had stepped right beside her smaller student and at the words she lifted her leg and began to lower herself until she was literally sitting on Buffy’s pretty face. She didn’t rest all her weight, not that the slender teacher weighed that much, but her pussy was most definitely resting right on Buffy’s mouth with her thin strip of bush tickling Buffy’s nose. Jenny essentially treated her sitting on Buffy’s face like she was riding a Rupert’s dick. With her hands holding herself up by using the headboard, Jenny pivoted her hips back and forth with Buffy being on her same wavelength by extending her tongue and licking along her slit. Jenny had left her flowing dress, which now ran down her body but at least Buffy’s perky tits were visible.

“Mmm…awhh! God! Never get tired of that magical tongue...or those yummy boobs,” Jenny moaned.

“Thank you, Ms Calendar,” Buffy mumbled, or at least that’s what Jenny thought she said. After all, it was hard to make out the words since Buffy had a pussy resting on her mouth.

As Jenny continued swiveling her hips forwards and backwards, grinding her pink slit into Buffy’s face, she did more than compliment the petite girl’s rack. Sitting up straighter allowed the technopagan to reach down and grope one of her boobs, giving it a hearty squeeze before tweaking the nipple and making it erect.

“Mmphh…ahhhh,” Buffy’s sharp muffled cry escaped from between Jenny’s thighs.

Buffy was rather limited given her positioning so was reduced to stiffening her tongue as strong as possible and using it to rummage through Jenny’s slit as she grinded her face. It wasn’t so bad and more often than not the teacher would thrust her pelvis down harder as her tongue lined up with her hole as it dipped deeply. That also came with the added bonus of Buffy’s nose grinding hard against Jenny’s sensitive clit, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by the horny teacher.

Despite the waves of pleasure crashing through Jenny’s brain, she was still cognitive enough to remember the supine girl still needed to breathe. After fucking herself with Buffy’s tongue for a handful of seconds, the dark-haired teacher would tilt her hips and bring her clit down for the petite Slayer to lap at, which she did with vigor. However, though the tongue wagging either deep in her pussy or at her clit felt amazing, Jenny was having trouble getting over the edge until a thought hit her.

“Put a finger in my ass,” Jenny demanded. When she heard a questioning muffled groan from beneath her, she ordered again. “Do it Buffy! Finger my ass!”

This time Buffy didn’t hesitate. The petite blonde was using her hands to rub Jenny’s curvy bottom so it didn’t take long before her right hand went under her dress and nestled in the crack of her ass. She wasn’t in a position to suck on her finger to get it wet but the next time Jenny shifted her hips backwards she seized the chance and quickly shoved it in her pussy, drenching it in her juices.

Jenny wasn’t 100% sure that having her ass played with would push her over the edge but the second a dainty finger began rubbing over her crinkled rosebud Jenny knew it was what she needed. Only a few months ago it would have taken more effort and relaxing on her part to let something breach her bowels, but now she was more experienced courtesy of a surprisingly frisky Rupert Giles, which meant Buffy’s finger pushed easily past her sphincter.

“Oh! Awhh! Yes!” Jenny screamed, her orgasm within sight.

That fact was known to Buffy as well, even with milky white thighs pressing firmly against her ears. Buffy pushed more of her finger into her teacher’s ass causing Jenny to lift her booty to give the Slayer a better target. Jenny moaned again when her fuck buddy wiggled the finger in her back door, but it wasn’t until Buffy combined that with a tongue in Jenny’s pussy and nose flicking her clit did it all become too great of pleasure for the slender teacher.

“Ooooooohhhh!!!” Jenny screamed in unbridled delight, throwing her head back as she arched her back as she came.

Though they’d been sleeping together for weeks now, it still surprised Jenny that she could go from the height of sexual energy to feeling drained utterly. At least today she expected the drain from the succubus so leaned forward to rest her head and upper body against the wall. Jenny wasn’t sure how long she stayed sitting on top of Buffy’s face as her body spasmed and gyrated, but when her brain started working again she pressed herself up. Getting to wobbly feet, Jenny picked both pairs of panties off the ground, lifting hers up her legs while tossing the teen her own.

“God I needed that,” Buffy cooed, her beautiful face still covered in Jenny’s juices and cum.

“Just doing my part,” Ms Calendar replied, feeling exhausted and starving. “Why don’t I go make us some food. I think we could both use some and I don’t think your next...suitor is expected for another hour.”

“Right you are,” Buffy agreed. “Okay so why don’t you go make us something yummy while I should probably touch up my makeup, right?”

“Most definitely.”

*    *    *

Jenny was true to her word and made Buffy food, which the Slayer ravishly devoured. Since her deadly encounter with the Master, Buffy hadn’t had much of an appetite at all, but today she found herself eating 2 full grilled cheese sandwiches. This represented more than 3 times as much she’d eaten for lunch in the past week. If that wasn’t a sign of Morgana, and therefore Buffy herself, getting stronger and healthier, then nothing would.  However, as she sat eating on the sofa, her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knock on her front door before it started to swing open.

“Xander Harris, reporting for duty,” the boy said with a massive shit-eating grin on his face.

“You’re late, stud,” Buffy said, beckoning one of her best friends to join her in the living room. “My mom is going to be home in like 10 minutes.”

“Don’t worry Buff. I work quick,” Xander replied with a grin.

“Don’t I know it,” the Slayer replied with a playful roll of her eyes.

“I guess I walked into that one,” Xander shucked. “So do we head up upstairs?”

“Can’t risk it. Alone at home with a boy is one thing, but caught upstairs with him would be bad,” Buffy reasoned. 

“So we hop on the good foot and do the bad thing on the sofa?” Xander said, undoing his pants.

“See! I knew you were smart,” Buffy laughed, rolling up her skirt and pulling off her panties. “Now get over here and fuck me.”

Xander nearly fell over in his haste to close the distance to Buffy on account of his pants still being around his ankles. After he kicked off his shoes, the pants came off and he was free to engage with the gorgeous blonde. However, as he went to lean in for a kiss, Buffy turned her back to him and descended to her knees. Understanding that they needed to get to things right away as time was of the essence, Xander knelt behind Buffy as they each applied their own spit to their hand to rub around their own sexes.

The cold shoulder Buffy gave Xander was for a purpose. Though she needed him to donate his youthful energy in the form of orgasms, which he gladly agreed to, Buffy didn’t want Xander confused as to what this was. This was an arrangement between friends, and only friends. Buffy needed to get stronger and Xander was a perfect candidate for this purpose. But Buffy didn’t see the goofy guy as anything other than a friend and energy giver, not boyfriend or anything along those lines.

“Ready Buff?” Xander asked, rubbing his saliva-slick cockhead through her folds.

“Give it to me, Xander,” Buffy uttered, feeling him running up and down her slit a few times to gather extra moisture before pushing forward.

"Ahhh," both groaned in satisfaction as Xander pushed half his length into her snatch.

Within a few slow, probing thrusts, the teenage boy was sawing his entire 7 inch member into the vampire slayer. Just as he had grown accustomed to over the last few weeks, Buffy felt amazing, her wet velvety folds completely hugging his dick from every angle. Though Xander knew that Sunnydale needed the Slayer back to full capacity, he secretly hoped that Buffy would be reliant on his cock, needing to milk him of his cum for as long as possible because Buffy’s cunt was heaven on Earth. Even though the Slayer was loosening and getting wetter with each thrust, Xander still took a slow measured approach, exploring her pussy and getting as much pleasure as he could from there encounter.

"Feel so good," he grunted as most of his dick eased in and out of her.

“Yes Xander...” Buffy hissed. Wanting to encourage him further, she planted her hands firmly on the sofa, bracing herself for her next demand of the boy. “Fuck me...fuck me till you cum...that's what I want...what I need.”

Xander heard and processed the words, and he was ready to give Buffy exactly what she'd demanded of him. His hips started to pump into the gorgeous vampire slayer faster, little by little but his hands were working overtime. Originally both were groping her cushiony ass, which made the tanned flesh turn red in short order. However, he didn't forget her other quality feature; those perky tits that were a perfect handful and capped with a bright pink nipple that poked into the center of his palm as he kneaded them. 

“Fuck yes,” he growled, taking her pussy with a storm of rapid thrusts. 

Needing to feel them once more, Xander ran one hand up her back and onto the back of her head. Once more he got a good grip of her thick golden hair before pulling back sharply. Buffy hissed, but more in pleasure than actually pain, as her head snapped back. With her chest heaved up in the air, the teenage boy reached around and roughly kneaded her chest all while fucking her even harder.

"Yes...pull my fucking hair," Buffy cooed as he crushed her firm boobs with his hands. "And so deep."

They had become such regular fuck buddies in the last month that Xander knew when it was a quickie, he could go hard and rough with the dainty-looking girl. Her slutty words only encouraged him to fuck her harder and faster. Rearing back his hips he spiked them forward until the fleshy sound of skin slapping skin rang around the living room. By the time he smacked against her ass he was already retreating back to deliver another blow once only his tip remained in her wet inferno, her firm ass in constant rippling from his heavy blows.

" like my dick wrecking your tight pussy?" Xander hissed, lost in the pleasure and also in being used only for his dick...and energy-giving cum.

"Yeah. Keep going, just like that," the blonde pleaded, using her arms to shove back onto his cock.

Content to do just that, Xander brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into Buffy's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy girl, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response. To his delight, the harder he fucked her, the more Buffy seemed to respond. Whether he was jabbing his cock as deep as possible into her, mauling her tits or slapping the hell out of her great ass, the blonde girl moaned all the louder because of it.

"Shit, shit, shit," Xander murmured to himself, trying in vain to slow his orgasm.

Apparently having read his mind, Buffy thumped back against him. “Don’t hold out on me Xander! Keep going...faster...give it to me...and I need that cum deep inside me!”

Between his torrid pace, knowing that Joyce would be home any minute and now Buffy’s encouraging words, there was no holding back his climax. Despite the fact he came once already this morning, not to mention had been fucking Buffy daily for awhile now, he was past the point of cumming within 5 minutes of his dick entering the Slayer’s snatch. 

“Oh fuck...oh God, Buff...” gasped Xander. He was beyond the point of no return now. “Gonna cum...oh...yup...cumming!”

“Yes, yes it Xander...cum for me...fill me!”

Holding her hips tightly, Xander slowed his thrusting from his neck-breaking pace but what he gave up in speed he compensated for with depth and power. By the fourth powerful spike of his manhood into her snatch, the teenage boy thrust deep into Buffy’s snatch one last time before his seed exploded out of his tip and painted the walls of Buffy's pussy. Knowing the massive drain of energy from the succubus was upon him, the feeling was so intense Xander leaned down to bury his face in her back, moaning and gasping into her flesh while his cock pulsed and spewed his cum inside of her.

“Mmm good job Xander,” Buffy cooed sweetly after Morgana finished safely draining as much energy as she could from him. “Shit! My mom just pulled in. Pull out, pants up!”

Xander was drained but weakly moved his face up from Buffy’s back to her shoulder. With Buffy scooting forward, Xander’s softening cock fell from her teen pussy, a thin stream of warm jizz starting to leak. Xander flopped up onto the sofa and haphazardly pulled his pants up with him. Buffy, buoyed by drinking deep from Xander’s energy reserves, hunted down her panties and pulled them back up her legs. Noting the cum leakage, she used her fingers to scoop it off her inner thigh and brought it to her mouth to drink down. Lastly, she flipped open some books before throwing a notebook into Xander’s hand as she started doodling with a pencil in her own. 

“Xander! Didn’t know you were going to be here,” Joyce greeted the boy as she entered her house.

“Hope you don’t mind,” Xander said, still having enough energy to get up and take the grocery bag from the older woman.

“Staying for dinner?”

“Actually he can’t. Plans with Willow, right Xander?” Buffy said, answering the question for him.

“That’s right. I was just going, Ms Summers,” Xander replied, heading to the door. “Same time tomorrow, Buff?”

“You bet.”

*    *    *

“Okay Buffy, you can do this,” the Slayer spoke into her mirror.

“Pep talk going well,” Morgana asked with the mental equivalent of a wry smile.

“We’re about to find out,” Buffy answered the succubus.

“Do my eyes deceive me or is my daughter leaving the house?” Joyce commented as Buffy descended the stairs.

Her mother was accurate on both. Though Buffy commonly told the lie that she was hanging out with Willow or Xander or volunteering with Giles during the summer, it was only ever while Joyce was at work that her daughter made these claims. Joyce had never seen her daughter physically outside the house, and her normally bronzed skin was growing paler by the day. However, today Buffy had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and was dressed in form-fitting workout gear that hugged all her curves in just the right way.

“That’s right, mom. Going for a run.”

This was a white lie as well. That or just very wishful thinking. Especially for a girl who was winded lately from simply descending the staircase for dinner. However, after Morgana had fed richly on both Jenny Calendar and Xander, Buffy was feeling...normal. Not up to Slayer standards but something resembling how she felt prior to having a Watcher and being the one force stopping vampires from running wild.

Stepping outside for the first time in...way too long, Buffy let the rays of the sun wash over her. It felt good to be outdoors again. Starting with a walk, Buffy found that she was already at the corner of the street and turning the corner. Feeling good, Buffy started to bring herself out of a lazy stroll and into something that resembled a normal gait. 

“Okay Buff, here we go,” the blonde gave herself a mental pep talk.

Putting her head down, Buffy started to accelerate. Not by much, but definitely in what any observer would call a jog. It wasn’t brisk by any stretch of the imagination, but the Slayer was definitely running. Well, until she wasn’t. After running several blocks, Buffy felt like she hit a wall. Her energy felt drained and she became light-headed. At one of the few bridges in town, Buffy stumbled her last few steps until she could take a seat on the cement barrier that stopped cars from driving down the hill and into the creek. Of course, that didn’t stop an exhausted teenage girl from spilling over the barcade and rolling down the grassy hill, narrowly going for a dip in the water.

“Crap,” Buffy said, using the limited energy she had left to roll onto her back and press herself up into a sitting position.

“Miss! Miss! Are you okay,” a male voice shouted from the road.

“Oh great. Someone saw that embarrassment,” Buffy thought before replying. “Just dying of humiliation.”

“Buffy?” the somewhat familiar voice said as he poked his head over the barcade and looked down at her.

“Jonathan?” Buffy replied, squinting up but being reasonably sure that it was one of Sunnydale High’s brightest but nerdiest.

“Yeah!” the boy replied, excited that the gorgeous blonde knew his name. “Need a hand?”

“I really, really would,” the Slayer answered.

Not known for being athletic, Buffy was amazed that Jonathan didn’t come tumbling down the hill and landing beside her. Yet the nerdy boy traversed the landscape and came to rest in front of her. 

“My hero,” Buffy said, offering him her hand.

“Oh, well, I don’t know about that,” Jonathan blushed, taking her hand and helping her to her feet.

“Whoa,” Buffy cried as her legs attempted to give out on her. Luckily, Jonathan was there to support her meager body weight long enough for her to get her legs working again.

“You sure you’re okay?” Jonathan asked.

“Just short on energy,” Buffy said before the idea wormed its way into her mind, courtesy of Morgana. “Say Jonny, how can I make this up to you?”

“What do you mean,” Jonathan asked, not knowing her meaning.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but in those fantasy novels you read, when the knight saves the damsel in distress, doesn’t she owe him a boon or something along those lines,” Buffy said, lowering her head but looking up at him so her gorgeous green eyes appear bigger and more transfixing.

“Um, well, yes. I suppose in many instances…” Jonathan crooked, his voice breaking several times, especially as her finger started to lightly graze along his forearm.

“Good! Then it’s decided,” Buffy exclaimed cheerfully, sliding her hand into his. “Come.”

“Where are we going,” Jonathan asked.

The short blonde took Jonathan by the hand and led him luckily only a short distance, as that was all her legs had left in them. Completely out of view of any bystanders or cars above, Buffy pulled them into the short but secluded tunnel that followed the creek under the bridge. As soon as they were far enough in, Buffy saved her strength by immediately dropping to her knees and landing them on the grass beneath.

"Are you sure Buff? You don't have to do this out of obligation," Jonathan said with a mix of confusion and excitement. 

Jonathan had seen enough porn, including two sessions to completion just today, to know what was happening. His assumption was turning into reality with each passing second as Buffy reached up and began undoing his belt, followed by his pants. As the petite blonde hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants and underwear, Jonathan couldn't believe that his dick was mere seconds from being sucked by the hottest girl in Sunnydale High’s sophomore class.

"Yes Jonathan. More than anything I’m sure I want to suck on your cock until you bust in my mouth. Now stop talking and just enjoy," she said to the horny teenager who was already sporting a stiffy in his slacks. “Now let me show you how thankful I am to my knight in shining armor.”

“Okay Buffy,” the nerdy boy said, unable to hide his ear-to-ear smile.

Pulling his pants down over his ass and down to his knees, Buffy was unable to use any of her Slayer speed to avoid the already rock hard cock from snapping out of his pants and smacking her square in the face. The gorgeous blonde was stunned by the sudden thudding against her cheek but she recovered quickly enough to simply giggle before seizing Jonathan’s cock in her fist and lightly stroking him.

“Jonny, Jonny, Jonny. You’ve been holding out on me,” Buffy commented, working his smooth shaft with her expert hand.

Jonathan didn’t exactly have the longest cock in the world, not that 6 inches was anything to be ashamed of. In fact, it was probably above average, albeit slightly. However, the nerd who had a skinny build had an unexpected girthy cock. The type of cock the 16 year old girl was beginning to treasure as it was lovely to have a nice thick dick stretching her pussy as it ravaged deep within her. Wanting to show her appreciation, Buffy extended her tongue and gave the head of his hard cock a long, slow and sensual lick, making Jonathan squeak out a groan. 

Jonathan nearly blew his load right away when she licked his tip, but luckily he had masturbated several times today or else he very may well have. Instead, his hands balled into fists at his sides and he screwed his eye closed, which actually helped. Since Buffy had no time or desire for foreplay with Xander earlier, Jonathan was going to be the lucky recipient of her playful nature now. The Slayer started by tilting his cock up so her mouth and tongue could begin playing with his balls. As her tongue rolled along each testicle in turn, her hand never stopped lightly stroking his cock. Her talented tongue felt great as she took turns taking one of his large testicles in her mouth at a time, her cheeks hollowing as she applied a sensual amount of suction then  moved to the next ball. 

"Holy Moses," Jonathan exclaimed in true and utter delight as he received his first ever blowjob. 

"Your cock is so hard Jonathan," Buffy stated, straightening her head so her face was staring straight at his cock. "Is it all for me?"

"Ye...yes," he groaned, voice cracking again. "I mean, if you want it then yes, it is all definitely for you.”

“Oh I want it,” Buffy replied. Moving closer, the Slayer touched her lips to only the very edge of his bulbous tip, just enough to suck up the clear pre-cum that she milked from him. “Tell me what you want, big boy.”

“I would, um, really like it if you would, ahh, suck my penis. Please,” Jonathan added in his sweet, polite but excited tone.

"Yes, sir." She gazed up at him with her green eyes and winked before slowly taking his hard dick in her mouth. 

Buffy moaned as she maintained lip contact with his rod as she pushed forward. Inch by inch she fit into her mouth until roughly half his cock was occupying the wet confines of her mouth, her tongue working to stimulate the nerdy boy further by snaking under his hard form. Backing off, her lips never broke contact as they glided up and down, spreading more of her saliva as she treated her hero to the first, and potentially best blowjob of his whole life.

“Oh my! Oh golly!” Jonathan moaned, his voice fluctuation. 

The nerdy boy didn’t know what to do with his arms or eyes, but luckily he had a great teacher. As Buffy continued to move her mouth up and down his pole, she reached up and took his hands in hers. Opening his fists, the Slayer placed both his sweaty palms onto the top of her head, instantly his fingers digging into her golden head like talons as pleasure ripped through his body. Then there was where to look as he didn’t know if it was impolite to watch as a woman had your dick in their mouth. Unable to resist though, Jonathan looked down and was happy to find her bright green eyes staring back up at him. Despite his cock in her mouth, Buffy still wore a smile on her lips as she happily sucked, her face showing nothing but pure glee in servicing his dick.

“Enjoying yourself,” Buffy asked, knowing the answer.

“So much Buffy,” Jonathan groaned.

Though only 16 years old, Buffy was a talent. Sure, having the succubus tagging along helped but Buffy was also an oral sex phenom in her own right. Despite her exhaustion she still was using mouth and hand in perfect consort to stimulate every inch of the nerd’s cock. Buffy’s wet sucking noises echoed around the concrete walls of the bridge underpass as she sucked fast. Needing to catch her breath, Buffy pulled her mouth back but her hand was still jerking Jonathan’s rod, slick with saliva. The teen boy shivered from the expert handjob and as he glanced down at the blonde, Buffy added a bit of a show, slowly licking her lips before moving down a bit to suck his balls again. This time it wasn’t for as long as initially, only giving the nerd a short treatment, just a taste before she went back to his cock. 

“Such a nice dick Jonathan,” Buffy cooed as she licked his cock on one side from root to tip. “I can’t wait to make you cum.”

With those slutty words out of her mouth, Buffy took him back inside her. This time, Buffy was done playing with her food and wanted to deliver on her promise. Using hand and mouth together would make it too easy, and besides, Jonathan was helping her out of a jam. Therefore she wanted to give him a great show so only used her mouth. Over and over her mouth jetted up and down his pole as the nerdy boy rocked his hips slowly forward and back in time with her head bobs. One hand remained nestled in Buffy’s golden locks while the other was planted against the cement wall for support. Truly a talented cocksucker, Buffy bobbed along the majority of his length mostly, though every half dozen times she would only descend to suck his bulbous tip before resuming the deep suck.

“Ughh...Buffy...I…” Jonathan started to croak.

“Where do you want to cum, baby,” Buffy asked, looking up at him with her beautiful green eyes. “Face or in my mouth?”

“I, well, would love…” the nerdy boy started to say through clenched teeth.

“Face?” Buffy had learnt enough about sex to know that boys wanted to emulate porn and blow on a woman’s face.

“Yes please,” Jonathan quickly replied.

“Then cum for me, Jonny. All over my face. Cover me in your…”

“Uggghhhh! Cumming!” Jonathan interrupted.

Knowing she was about to be covered in his hot jizz, Buffy closed her eyes and waited. She wasn’t waiting long as the moment her green eyes shut, she felt the first streak of cum splash on her nose, over one eye and onto her forehead. The second, thicker shot was almost identical but straighter, coating her face from lips, up her nose and up her forehead to her golden hairline. The next few shots were wild, one landing over the left eye, eyebrow and hair while the other coated her right eye and ear. Right as Buffy thought she was safe to open her eyes, Jonathan lashed out with a final streak that smacked her square in the forehead. Opening her eyes, Buffy felt the salty jizz running down her face and onto her sports bra, but all she cared about was steering Jonathan’s cock back into her mouth to drink the last few droplets from the source.

“Uhhh...aaaahhhh,” the boy shuddered from the Slayer sucking his hyper-sensitive tip.

Suddenly Jonathan felt very faint and it took all his effort not to fall onto of the blowing Slayer. Resting all his weight against the wall, Jonathan felt Buffy’s lips pull away from his cock. He didn’t remember slumping down to sit on the grass, but there he was, sitting and watching as Buffy used the creek water to splash the cum from her gorgeous face. His cum. His cum that he shot there after the best (and only) blowjob of his life. By Buffy Summers! 

“Andrew and Warren are never gonna believe this,” Jonathan thought before deciding now was the perfect time for a nap.

*    *    *

“Morning Ms Calendar,” Rupert Giles greeted his kinda, sorta girlfriend.

“Mr Giles,” Jenny replied with a warm smile to the stuffy Brit. 

“Not that I’m unamused by you turning up in the library first thing in the morning, I can’t help but think there is an air of business about this meeting,” Giles assumed.

“A little long winded but yes, you are correct,” the computer science teacher confirmed. “It’s about Buffy.”

“Is she okay,” Giles asked in a rushed, worried tone.

“Yes, yes. Definitely stronger when I left yesterday then when I arrived,” the dark-haired woman said, a knowing smile spreading on her lips as she thought back to Buffy’s tongue running through her slit…

“Jenny! Focus!”

“Oh, right. Sorry. Well when I was with Buffy yesterday, I accidentally lost control of some of my pagan abilities,” she explained.

“Go on,” Giles said, urging her forward.

“It was probably her death, as brief as it was, but from what I gleamed Morgana’s succubus...hungers are bleeding over into Buffy’s mind,” Jenny stated. “And vice versa. Buffy’s virtue and spunk is going the other way as well.”

“Wait. So you’re saying Buffy is becoming, what, more…” Giles asked, unable to say the words.

“Sexually adventurous. To borrow modern slang horny, or slutty if you listen to words slung about in the halls,” Jenny finished for him.

“Oh dear. Well can we fix it?” the Watcher asked.

“I don’t think anyone wants it fixed,” Jenny thought before answering without having any idea of it’s truth. “Nope.”

“Okay well I guess that isn’t terrible,” Giles admitted. 

“There is also the possibility that Buffy, as a mortal, won’t be able to contain the influence. She will likely start to leak Morgana’s...let’s call it pheromones,” Jenny continued. “Time will tell if that’s true, and if so, to what effect. Will it simply be an area of effect around Buffy? Will it be more like whoever she contacts will be affected. Likely it’ll only be temporary.”

“I see I have homework ahead of me,” Giles commented.

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