Succubus in Sunnydale

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Giles.

Title: Succubus in Sunnidale Part 2
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy / 3 Vampires
Codes: MF, MMMF, Gangbang, Oral, Public
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Giles

Summary: Buffy is sharing her body with a succubus that was forced upon her. The two start to learn to work together as they are attacked and overpowered by a trio of vampire mercenaries hired by the Master (season 1 episode 7)

Buffy had a lot to think about. Not only did she have a new, and seemingly permanent roommate in her head, but she was responsible for the killing of a man. Sure, that man was a vile sorcerer who magically drugged, bound and attempted to throw her soul into Hell so a sex demon enslaved to him could occupy Buffy’s body. However, the death didn’t need to happen. Buffy panicked. She thought the succubus couldn’t be trusted despite showing no signs otherwise. And now that man was dead.

“He was a bad man,” the succubus told the 16 year old as they practically sprinted towards Sunnidale High.

“Killing is still wrong,” Buffy moped, taking another turn from the main street into a dark alley.

“I don’t mean to patronize but I’m old. Considerably so. And to borrow a saying I picked up from your memories: sometimes, you have to put down a rabid dog,” Morgana mentally replied.

The school came into view not long after that comment, giving Buffy something to mull over. It surprised Buffy as only 5 minutes ago they were on the other side of Sunnidale. Within minutes she had sprinted several miles, completely shattering her previous record time. Buffy did feel the sudden energy rush when Morgana had sex with that man and finished him. And if her endurance improved in leaps and bounds, then maybe her strength did as well. Which would definitely help with her Master vampire problem…

“Oh my. This is a place of learning?” the succubus interrupted her thoughts as she gawked at the size and beauty of the building.

“Sunnidale High?” Buffy couldn’t believe someone found it beautiful. “I guess if you squint real hard and forget it’s school then maybe.”

“Buffy, what or who is the Master?” Morgana asked after reading that name several times off Buffy’s surface thoughts throughout the night.

“Okay how about some quiet time until we get to my Watcher. Okay?” the snarky blonde mentally replied to the demon as she entered the school.

The two beings occupying the same body navigated the school hallways until they pushed open the dual swinging doors of the library. Well after dark, the school may have been empty but the library was fully lit. Upon hearing someone enter his lair, Giles came out of his office, nose in a book to greet his Slayer.

“Buffy. I was growing concerned. You were much longer than anticipated.” the Enlgishman explained.

“Boy, do I have a story for you,” Buffy replied before launching into her tale.

It took Buffy more than 10 minutes to recount everything, with half of that time being told via Morgana. Finally, when she was done, all Giles could think to say was: “Oh my.”

“That about sums it up perfectly,” Buffy replied with a forlorn look. “So, boss, can you get her out?” Buffy asked.

“Me? No.” Gillies stated. “Only the original warlock can reverse this. Where is he?”

“Uh-oh,” Buffy groaned, hanging her head low.

“Buffy? What is it?” Gillies asked, worried about his pupil.

“She...I...we kinda sorta…” Buffy stammered. “I think Morgana called it a Kiss of Death.”

“You, I mean she, killed the warlock?” Gillies asked in a worried tone.

“It was an accident. She told me not to interfere until she was ready. I panicked. She’s a demon and I thought she was double-crossing me so I wrestled back control at a bad time. Well, the worst time,” Buffy explained. “She lost control and drained him fully.”

“Oh. Oh dear,” the Watcher groaned. 

“Yeah,” Buffy agreed.

“Well nothing else can be gained tonight. It’s late, you have school in the morning. Head home, I’ll continue my research. In the morning, I’ll recruit Willow and Xander, mostly Willow, to help look into this,” Giles explained.

“I plan! I like plans! This is good,” Buffy replied, getting at least a tiny bit excited. “What else?”

“Well, I have contacts at the Watcher’s Council. I’ll have to make inquiries with discretion. I can’t imagine if words gets out a Slayer in infected with a demon that it was a good thing,” Giles added.

“Home, sleep, school, research,” Buffy recounted. “At least 2 of those sounds good.”

*    *    *

“Nothing!?” Buffy said with shock. “Almost 24 hours and we have nothing.”

“Well, um, no. Nodda,” the normally optimistic Willow shared with Buffy. 

“Unless…” Xander piped up but Buffy shot him a look that shut him down immediately.

“I told you. Morgana may be a demon but she’s not evil. No killing her,” the blonde spoke.

“Got a real soft spot for non-evil demons,” Xander muttered, obviously referring to Buffy’s crush on the ‘good’ vampire Angel.

“It technically wouldn’t be killing her,” Willow voiced.

“Banishing her to the Ethereal world where there is a one-in-a-billion chance of being called again is more or less permanent death,” the Slayer rebuked. “And she hasn’t done anything bad. She’s not evil, therefore she doesn’t get killed.”

“Then the answer is no,” Giles interrupted the much younger gang. “Even if we wanted to rip her consciousness from inside you, there was no guarantee it would leave you uninjured. The mental scar could be catastrophic.”

“So it looks like you and I are roomies,” Buffy mentally spoke to the succubus.

“Roomies? Ah, roommates. Yes, it would appear,” Morgana replied. 

“I hate to bring this up, but vampire activity has been increasing with the Master’s presence in Sunnidale. Are you feeling well enough to patrol tonight?” Giles asked his pupil.

“Most definitely.”

*    *    *

“Man! I am on a roll tonight,” Buffy commented as her third vampire of the evening crumbled to dust.

“Is Sunnidale always” Morgana asked.

“Sometimes yes. Sometimes no,” the Slayer responded as she fixed her hair, brushing a few leaves and branches from it.

“Buffy! I sense trouble ahead,” the succubus communicated. 

“Oh goodie. I can break my one-night high for slaying!”

Buffy had found the night to thus far be exactly as she suspected. True to Giles’ thoughts, the vampire presence in Sunnidale was more active than normal as the Master called more and more of the fanged demons to town. However, she seemed to have a little more pep in her step than usual. Normally by the second kung-fu fighting vamp, Buffy was feeling fatigued, especially when fighting alone. However, after the third vampire, she still felt somewhat fresh, enough to go headlong into the dark alley to fight the vamp Morgana’s demon senses told her was lurking there. 

“It’s late. I’m tired. I don’t want to play games,” Buffy announced as she was halfway down the alley.

Suddenly a vampire donning armor dropped behind her. His face was already transformed into vampire mode, for lack of a better word. Buffy swivelled and drove her wooden spike against his chest, right overtop of where his heart would be, but the pointed wood bounced harmlessly off the chainmail he wore. As Buffy wore a shocked expression, the armored vampire clutched her arm in a steely embrace. As she went to swing her left fist into his face, a second vampire locked the arm, pinning it to his side. To make matters worse, a third vampire stalked towards her as the other two held her against the wall.

“Come on guys. I really don’t want to fight all three of you,” Buffy bantered, though she wasn’t able to keep the worry from her tone. “Unless I have to.”

Her arms may have been inaccessible but her legs certainly weren’t. Being a skilled fighter with all four limbs, Buffy swung her right leg straight upwards, her shin connecting with a crunch between the vampire’s legs. As he doubled over from the low blow, she felt the pressure on her left arm loosen. Taking advantage, she pulled it free, drove her elbow into the closest vamp’s face then punched the third in the face. However, the punch was telegraphed and lacking power, allowing the vampire to catch it with ease. Before Buffy could react, he drove his knee into Buffy's stomach, doubling her over. With a thud, both vampires threw her lithe body backwards, crashing against the brick wall. This time in addition to holding her arms, they each used their legs to wrap around Buffy’s ankles, taking all four limbs off the table as attack tools.

“Morgana! Help!” Buffy mentally shrieked.

“Do you trust me?” the succubus asked, as the third vampire closed towards her...and her bare neck.

“No choice. Have to. Do your magic-y, demon-y thing,” the 16 year old begged.

Just like last night, Buffy felt the odd and helpless sensation of becoming a passenger in her own body, able to see and feel but not be in control. Morgana the succubus was driving the bus now, well, for as long as they had before the three armored vamps bit into her major arteries, drained her dry and either left her for died in the dirty alleyway or turned her into one of the undead.

“Stop,” Morgana spoke aloud. To Buffy’s astonishment, the vampire stopped his path that would have drop his fangs into the soft flesh of her neck. “Release me.”

“Holy crap! They did it. I can fight now if you hold them still until I find a weapon and kill 1 or 2 or all of them,” Buffy mentally shared with the demon.

“Can’t. Out of magic. Only had that one morsel last night and most of that energy went to keeping us alive versus his magic. I will refill my reserves then you will have the power to defeat them,” Morgana replied as she shrugged off the long jacket she was wearing.

“You can’t know…”

“Yes. I’m going to have sex with these creatures,” the succubus stated.

“Sex with vampires! You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me. They are my sworn enemy,” Buffy shrieked.

“Death or sex. Allow me to work and you live. Take back control to fight them and die,” the demoness explained in no uncertain terms. “Decide quickly, my magic is all used up.”

“Ohhhh,” Buffy whined. “I’m gonna need a really good shrink after this.”

“Not to treat you like a child but please…”

“Don’t interrupt,” Buffy finished the sentence. “I’ve learnt my lesson. I’ll be a good watcher, er, passenger. Voyeur, really.”

“Please be quiet now,” Morgana demanded.

“Shutting up,” the 16 year old stated, drawing pinched fingers across her lips in the sign of zipping them shut.

The conversation in her head between the Slayer and the succubus occurred in compressed mental time as barely any real time had elapsed. Morgana had only removed the jacket she wore but now was lowering herself down to her knees in the dark, dirty alley. It appeared that as soon as the Californian native kneeled, the vampires all smiled and started the process of undoing their pants, their dicks already out and hard.

“Holy crap,” Buffy commented to herself, seeing the pieces of meat she, or Morgana, well both of them had to deal with.

Morgana in Buffy’s body showed no hesitation, despite how the 16 year old herself was awed. Instead, the succubus grabbed the closest dick and after a pump or two of his full length, stuck it into her mouth. Buffy was calling this man Mickey on account of his big ears and pointy nose, but there was nothing mousy about his cock. As her mouth and lips bobbed along his length, Buffy roughly guessed his size to be a very healthy 7 inches long. Up and down she went, her wide mouth easily engulfing more than half his length before her mouth closed, allowing her plump lips to drag back until only his tip remained inside the wet confines of her mouth.

“Wow. I’m...Morgana...we are really good at blowjobs,” Buffy amazed herself.

“We. My natural sex demoness prowess but you have a decent amount of experience for one so young,” Morgana retorted as her tongue wagged at the vampire’s pee slit.

As Mickey’s hand came down and onto the back of her head, Buffy had to suppress every Slayer urge she had whenever a vamp touched her. She allowed the succubus to stay in control still, and she rolled expertly with her hair being held with aplomb. Over and over Morgana bobbed the 16 year old’s head forward and back, making half his length wet with her saliva while the other half was stroked smoothly in her small hand.

Obviously the pleasure Buffy was delivering to the first vamp didn’t go unnoticed by his friends. The second of the men came almost shoulder to shoulder with his colleague, and just like Mickey, this one had his dick out and hard. Buffy continued her sucking of Mickey though her free hand extended to corral the dick belonging to the vamp she would come to call Leather based on the leather pants and vest he wore. After two or three more bobs along Mickey’s dick, Buffy twisted to her left and engulfed Leather’s cock. He was shorter than his buddy, a still-respectable 6 inches, but considerably thicker. The Slayer treated him no differently as her lips were a blur on his cock, taking a healthy portion into her mouth. When the vampire’s cockhead poked the back of her throat, the blonde reversed course, leaving behind an ever-growing layer of spit which made her fist glide smoothly along.

“This is so hot,” Buffy cooed.

While the Slayer was impressed with the situation, so too were the dead men. Both had their dicks stroked off as Buffy took turns with her mouth. The succubus kept the men guessing, sometimes bobbing her lips only 3 or 4 times before twisting to the other vampire. Other times, Buffy would feel her lips gliding slowly but for almost a full minute as she tenderly sucked a veiny dick. 

When the third vampire came over, his dick also out and hard, Buffy was concerned about juggling all three. Morgana, however, was not. Erik, as the third and final vampire simply looked like an Erik, got the oral treatment from Buffy as she stood in line with the two others. Buffy felt her lips glide effortlessly on his veiny member for a half-dozen times before wrapping those pouty lips of hers around the middle man’s. Where before the sex demoness used variety, now the blonde was keeping things fair. After 10 bobs of her adorable face in towards Mickey’s pelvis while her hands stroked off the vamp on either side of him. Pivoting left, Leather got her oral attention, receiving his dozen glides with her lips before it was back to Erik’s cock for his turn. 

“Oh yes. Suck, suck, suck,” Erik grunted, rocking his hips to force Buffy to take more of his slim, 8-inch cock into her mouth with more speed.

“Very nice,” Mickey groaned as Buffy next held her head in his lap longer, a good 10 seconds with his all but 2 inches of his dick between her lips. 

“Fuck me,” Leather hissed as Buffy ran the flat of her tongue rapidly against the underbelly of his cock.

Just as Buffy was wondering if the dead men were gonna just want blowjobs, Erik pulled out of her arm’s reached. Helping Buffy to her feet, his hand went instantly to lifting her super short dress up onto her lower back. The Slayer normally wore pants while out on patrol for practicality reasons, but tonight opted for a short dress she normally only wore to school. That paid dividends immediately as it allowed her thong to be pulled down around her knees as she bent over. With her bubbly ass pushed back and nothing in the way now, Erik pushed his spit-covered dick to her teen pussy entrance than pushed half his member inside.

“Oh God! That’s so good,” Buffy moaned.

Though her enhanced Slayer abilities included balance, Mickey helped to counter the thrusting coming from behind her by standing directly in front of the 16 year old. As Erik began fucking her teen snatch with his slender pole, Buffy knew what Morgana and Mickey both wanted by opening her mouth and getting her lips back around the second vampire’s dick. With each passing stroke into her, Buffy felt Erik pushing more of his cock into her tight pussy, making her pink lips spread a little further. Within a dozen thrusts, the armor-wearing vampire was sinking all 8 inches into the gorgeous blonde.

Buffy didn’t know if these vamps were used to doing this with ambushed teens or if they were just improvising really well. She felt Mickey take a few shuffled steps to his left to allow the third vampire equal rights to Buffy’s face. Doing as before, Buffy stroked off Mickey as her mouth went to work on Leather’s cock. While Leather got sucked off and Erik rammed her pussy from behind, she felt a strong hand slap her ass as Mickey multitasked getting a handjob from her and spanking her, all at the same time.

“Nice thick ass for a skinny teenager,” Mickey complimented as she continued to get fucked in her pussy.

“Ahhh. So sweet,” Buffy cooed.

It seemed that after every 10 or so bobs on each vampire’s cock, Buffy found her mouth free and her body straightened up slightly. Though she knew it was the girl’s job in a threesome (or moresome in this case) to keep all dicks occupied and happy, Erik was simply hitting all her right buttons. The way his cock could get so deep in her pussy. How he was just wide enough to stretch out her pink walls. And, of course, the way she was bent over allowed his dickhead to poke and rub against her sensitive G-spot with each and every one of his rapid thrusts.

“Oh my God! A freaking vampire is gonna make me orgasm,” Buffy swore, feeling that familiar pressure building in herself.

“Judging by his erratic humping, so too is he,” the succubus accurately surmised. 

“So tight,” he hissed as Erik’s fingers dug tighter into the flesh of her hips.

Buffy was glad that her pussy was being as enjoyed by the man, even if he was a vampire. In fact, as the blood sucker continued to hammer into her, the blonde found that the fact he was a vampire made the whole situation hotter. Which made Buffy briefly wonder what was wrong with her? After all, one of her nemesis was fucking her senseless and she was getting off on it. All while continuing to suck off two other members of the undead trio.

Erik was fucking her hard, there was no two ways about it. With each thrust forward his cock head guided back into her pussy, tunneling all the way in while the front of Buffy’s thighs pressed harder against the metal garbage can. His hands were busy, one hand usually around her ass to either separate to allow him to watch his cock spearing into her or simply kneading the curvy flesh. The other one was rubbing her back and occasionally using it to slap her bottom, using it to ripple and leave a red handprint.

“Fuck me,” the succubus in the blonde 16 year old’s body begged. Reading the Slayer’s surface thoughts, Morgana added. “Make me cum you big vamp bastard!”

Buffy was amazed that Morgana was handling everything smoothly. Not solely just the relentless fucking, but she was still delivering a talented blowjob to not one, but two other men. Even more impressive, while her right or left hand would be stroking one cock while her mouth bobbed on the other vampire, she used her free hand to push back towards Erik behind her to meet his thrusts. The Slayer was pleased that the armor-wearing undead wasn’t being gentle with her, like so many high school boys did based solely on the fact her body was so damn tiny. Rather than only use half his shaft on her, Erik had no qualms repeatedly driving the whole thing deep inside her time after time.

Buffy didn’t think he could, but Erik surprised her and ramped up the speed even more and she was all the happier for it. She’d only been sexually active for less than two years, losing her virginity her first week of high school to a senior no less, but in that time Buffy had grown really sexual frustrated. High school boys weren’t known for their attention to detail with their female counterparts, with most of them lasting less than 5 minutes. Therefore, with only partial releases through small orgasms from the odd competent guy, not to mention centuries for Morgana, it wasn’t taking long before Buffy and the succubus exploded in a climax worthy of any porn set. 

“Yeah? Like this,” he hissed, doing several slow but extremely hard thrusts.

“Ughhh…yes…awwhh…please,” Buffy and the succubus grunted.

Sweat was already developing a thin layer on her pretty face and she seriously worried that his fucking was actually going to break the trash can she was resting on. Banishing that from her mind, she continued meeting his thrusts with as much force as she could while both his hands seized on her narrow waist to help rear her backwards. All while hovering up one cock then the other in what the 16 year old could only describe as an otherworldly blowjob. Well, blowjobs.

“Make me cum! Cum all over your huge dick,” Buffy begged.

“Such language from one so young and innocent,” Morgana mocked.

“Innocent? I’ve had sex with 8 boys and one girl already. And that’s in barely the last year!” the Slayer retorted. “Whoa. That doesn’t make me sound good.”

Erik didn’t change his approach too much as he maintained pounding into the simply gorgeous blonde teenager with everything he had. The big vamp was nearing his own climax and he had not a care in the world if the Slayer had an orgasm. They were immortal and mortal enemies, but even with that he had to admit the Slayer’s pussy was heaven on Earth. Though he preferred if the Slayer didn’t cum, he didn’t get his wish as the teenager beat him to the finish line, even if only by seconds.

“OOHHHHH GGOODDDDDDD! YESSSS,” Buffy and the succubus both screamed as they came.

The Slayer’s pussy gripped so tight onto Erik’s undead cock that it was clearly supernatural. The vampire had to grit his pointy teeth from the death grip it was giving his pistoning cock, but it was a lost cause. With a few last hard thrusts, the vampire was at the end of his race, but wat a glorious journey it was!

“Needed that…so badly,” Buffy and Morgana agreed.

“Quick! Outta the way,” Erik shouted at his fellow vampire mercenaries.

The other two vampires listened to Erik and stepped back out of Buffy’s reach. The Slayer felt as Erik’s hands on her hips swung her around, at which point the blonde was aware enough to drop to her knees immediately. She was kneeling in a puddle, hopefully of water only but her nose let her know that she wasn’t so fortunate. However, before she could dwell on that disgusting fact the biggest of the undead broke her thought.

“Ugh! Fuck!” 

Buffy had just enough time to wrap her plump lips around his dick when she felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his loud groan. It didn’t take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but Buffy was equal to the task. She collected every drop of the frigid cold cum he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny teen swallowed down his cold undead load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat. Meanwhile, as Buffy swallowed the cum, the succubus was swallowing down something more. Namely, she was drinking as much of his energy as she could. While teenage boys typically were the best source of sexual energy due to the sheer amount they could give without dying and rebounding quickly, vampires turned out to best even teenagers.

“Oh God! The power,” Buffy shouted in her own mind as the power Morgana was inhaling from the first vampire’s orgasm. “This is...wonderful.”

“I know, young one,” Morgana responded, turning to face the other two vamps.

“Do we slay now?” Buffy wondered.

“Not yet. Need more. I have to repair the damage to myself that I sustained during the summoning,” Morgana explained.

Buffy stayed silent, letting the succubus’ knowledge of herself prevail. Looking around, the two remaining vampires were eyeing up her perfect and perky teenage body as the one she called Leather sat down on a sturdy looking wooden box. He extended his hand and the succubus stepped towards him before the other vampire left standing spun her around. In this new position, she had to bend her knees until her ass was practically sitting in Leather’s lap while Mickey stood in front of her, his dick at face height. Before Leather slipped into her pink slit, Buffy caught sight of the other member of the vampire threesome, the spent Erik, who was a crumpled heap of exhaustion leaning against a wall.

“Holy moly Leather!” Buffy moaned.

While the nearly comatose was lengthy but slim, Leather’s cock was considerably shorter but much, much wider. It stretched the teenager’s cunt out in the best way, adding a new pleasure as she began riding his dick. With his legs pressed together on the low box, Buffy used her strong legs to propel her small but thick ass up and down his girthy member. Her mouth was open in a wide O, doing nothing but potentially catching flies, but big-earred Mickey saw it as the perfect shape for his own dick to fit in. 

“That cock for little ol’ me?” Buffy quipped, fully into the threesome like she never thought she would be.

Buffy had no idea how the succubus was handling everything with such...ease. The two remaining vampires would agree with the Slayer’s assessment as well. The blonde teenage girl was timing her blowjob and fucking in rhythm with each other. While it made for a medium speed ride for the Leather in her pussy, it meant a rapid blowjob for Mickey. Her fist was butted right against her lips as she worked his entire 7-inch cock with the combo. This occurred while her cheerleader and vampire slaying trained legs powered her cunt up and down the seated vamp’s cock.

The succubus knew that Leather was getting the slightly raw end of the deal, despite the fact he was the one actually fucking her tight teen pussy. Regardless, to make it up to him for taking it a little slower than either would have liked, she pulled away from Mickey’s cock. With her mouth free of dick for the first time in several minutes, Buffy used the added freedom to sit tall and really bounce on the vampire’s lap. The wooden box he sat on was surely reinforced or else it would have shattered into sawdust with the way the enhanced girl was throwing herself down on his cock. All 6 inches of hard dick stretched out her cunt as it sheathed and unsheathed itself inside her flooded hole.

“The Master should have hired us to capture instead of kill for him if he knew how good she was,” Leather hissed to his fellow unliving mercenary.

“Ahhh,” Buffy replied. “You’re making me blush.”

After another round of bending back over to rapidly suck on Mickey’s hard, lengthy cock, the succubus focused solely again on the seated man inside her. It seemed to Buffy that the succubus was allowing the teen more and more influence on matters, sharing the consciousness. Morgana was coming to trust Buffy more, for several reasons. For one, Buffy was disgusted or fighting the succubus like she did the other night with the warlock. And for two, the Slayer was enjoying herself. In fact, the teenager was currently working herself into a light sweat as she rode the seated undead before dropping fully into his lap. Not just sitting there, Buffy began to grind her firm ass in tight circles on his pelvis, whipping his cock all about. However, once she combined that maneuver with actually rising and falling back on his manhood was when Leather reached his limit.

“Oh holy undead,” the mercenary howled.

Buffy felt his hands move down from groping roughly on her perky teen tits and down to her hips. They weren’t there for long, only to throw him up and off his throbbing member. Buffy had remembered her kneeling experience earlier and didn’t want more urine and feces coating her skin so she simply bent down in a deep squat so her face was still eye-level with her. Buffy opened her mouth and sucked on his dick, making herself even hornier as the result of tasting her sweet as dessert pussy juice on his shaft.

“The Slayer is such a slut!” Mickie excitedly hissed as he watched the blonde teen suck his buddy’s dick while seeing Buffy still diddling herself.

Rather than reply to the armor vamp, Buffy kept her focus on Leather as she moaned and urged him on with her mouth. With each thrust she could feel his desire and urgency grow. Finally he growled and yanked his cock out of her mouth just before the first burst of cum erupted from the end of his cock, striking her on her nose and upper lip.

“Fuck,” Leather grunted, jerking his cock as he emptied his balls onto Buffy’s face.

Buffy didn’t know if this vampire was special or if they all possessed this much cum. She closed her eyes when she felt the first jet of that shivering cold cum strike her lip. Aiming higher with the next half-dozen streaks, Buffy felt as though a hose was taken to her rather than a dick spewing semen. By the time he had finely emptied his supernatural balls, the entirety of Buffy’s face glistened. His cum dripped down her face as she grinned and tried to keep his jizz from dripping off her and all over her clothes. 

“Ahhhh! Such strength,” Morgana rang out in Buffy’s skull, drinking deep from the vampire’s energy stores.

“Then there was one, pretty Slayer,” Mickey smiled.

Standing up and stepping backwards until she was pressed against the brick wall, Buffy called to him. “Come fuck the little Slayer, Mr mean vampire.”

Buffy leaned against the wall and waited for him to approach. Her golden blonde hair and shoulder were up against the wall, her shoes nearly a foot away. As the vampire was within striking distance, Buffy lifted her left leg and bent it at the knee. With her legs spread, Mickey focused first on using his left hand to steer his dick forward and up into her pink slit. With the third vampire that night in the Slayer’s pussy, Mickey hooked his right arm under her leg so it cradled the blonde under her knee. 

“Yes! Fuck me,” Buffy howled.

Buffy and the succubus were so wrapped up in the feel of cock plundering her body that the Slayer forgot about her primary job. After sucking the second vampire of part of his essence a few minutes ago, Buffy was so focused on fucking the third and final member of the vampire mercenaries that she didn’t realize she had the required strength to do so. Instead, all she could think about was another dick filling her cunt, pounding up into her teenage womb and making him cum.

This one was especially handsy, with the object of his affection was her tight teen ass. In the armored vampire’s opinion, the Slayer had the quintessential ass. Through cheerleading and daily training as part of being the Chosen One, Buffy had a perfectly round, firm ass that really stretched out her pants despite having narrow hips. A skinny blonde with a plump or bubbly ass. Which was now in a vampire’s two hands, the flesh of each cheek spilling into his cold hands while his cock repeatedly thrust up into her stretched pink hole.

“That’s it, big man. Give me that dick,” Buffy and the succubus begged.

As if to encourage that line of thinking, the blonde heightened herself by balancing up on her toes. This was an impressive feat given the slippery puddle she was standing in, but the last remaining vampire gladly took advantage. With a better angle, Mickey unloaded two dozen thrusts into the teenage vampire slayer that had them both rocketing towards Buffy second and his first orgasms. While his thrusting slowed slightly, Buffy was surprised when the vamp could briefly remove his hands from groping her sweet tush. His hands grabbed the hem of her shirt, and despite her brief protest, Mickey tore the top open before doing likewise to Buffy’s favorite bra. His hands returned to her plump ass, his cock started thrusting hard again. Not done yet, the vampire dipped his head low so that he could capture the Slayer’s right nipple between his lips and latched on. Buffy was briefly worried about him using his fangs to bite her, instead he only applied suction and leaning his head back, her tit followed for several inches until it dropped back down, jiggling all the while. Buffy couldn’t help but moan with the nipple play, prompting the horny undead man to do the exact same move to her other tit.

“I can say this having occupied several women’s bodies throughout my life, but you have great breasts, Elizabeth,” Morgana mentally spoke to the Slayer.

“Mmm...just Buffy...ahh,” the Slayer corrected while moaning from the deep dicking she was taking.

Buffy could tell the vampire was more focused on his own pleasure and feeling up Buffy then on her comfort. Since he didn’t give a shit if she came, Buffy would have to make that happen. Her leg was still coiled on his side, but the former cheerleader turned Slayer showed her stuff by straightening her leg and placing her calf up on the vamp’s shoulder. It was really straining the limits of her flexibility but it meant Mickey had more room to operate. He didn’t waste the chance. Instead of holding onto her leg, he rearranged his hands so that one was pressed against the wall Buffy was using to balance on, while his left hand went to grip the Slayer’s perfect ass. A spank and knead got matching moans of pleasure from the horny teen, as did when his thrusting into her wide open pussy got harder, faster and most importantly, deeper.

“Fuck! That’s it! Fuck me like that,” Buffy, who normally never swore, cursed up a storm. 

In the vampire’s lengthy sexual experience, when a woman’s pitch went that high, that quickly, it meant only one thing. The undead creature that Buffy thought of as Mickey was also aware that if the Slayer was fucked to her orgasm, which she was obviously hurtling towards, it would likely bring him filling her womb with his undead seed. Seeing as he and his fellow mercenaries had been fucking the Slayer senseless for the past hour and they had to meet the Master soon, that wasn’t such a bad thing. With the vampire willing to make that trade, an orgasm for an orgasm, he willed himself to keep fucking the insanely fit teenager with all the energy he had.

“I’m close,” Buffy announced. “Gonna cum! Yes! Fuck! Yes! I’m cumming!”

As Buffy screamed and came all over his dick, Mickey was preparing to do likewise. Another half dozen thrusts and he felt the familiar tightening of his balls and the semen started to make it flow from sack to shaft. With one final thrust deep into her teenage pussy, Buffy erupted his lifeless seed into her, coating the walls of her pink cunt in bone-chillingly cold cum. 

“Feel the power, Eliz...Buffy,” the succubus commented as she drained the third vampire of his energy just as he filled the teen with his jizz.

“It’s so much! We’re even stronger.” Buffy laughed. “I could...I could destroy the Master with this type of strength.”

“But first these three scourge of the underworld. Hell’s vermin, for lack of a better word,” Morgana said about the vampires.

“You magic them into holding still and I’ll find a way through the armor.” Buffy laid out her simple plan.

“Actually, you should see the power we possess. That discarded red octagon will do nicely,” Morgana beamed in excitement.

Buffy looked down the alley and saw what Morgana meant. Walking a short distance down as Mickey rocked back and forth on his feet, she picked up a massive 2-foot long stop sign, still attached to a wooden post 10 feet high. Seeing that the bottom was blunt, Buffy leaned it against the brick wall on an angle then drove her foot down, splintering the post halfway down. Wanting to test the power levels she now had, Buffy hefted the smaller wooden slab, which was roughly 3 feet long with a flat end and a very pointed end from her breaking it in half. Looking down the alley and taking aim, Buffy did as Morgana suggested and threw the wooden post at Mickey’s back. The wood launched from her hand as if by a ballista, punching through the metal chainmail he wore and ripping straight through his heart. 

“What the fu…” Mickey cried before turning to ash.

Erik reacted fastest of the two remaining vampires, but he didn't stand a chance. He had risen to his feet after seeing his fellow mercenary turned to ash, but the Slayer was already on him after sprinting the 40 feet to him in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Erik didn’t even have a chance to lift his arms in defense as Buffy swung the end of the post that had the massive stop sign attached at him. The leading end of the stop sign cleaved his head from his broad shoulders as easily if Buffy was using a hot knife through butter. 

“You. No,” Leather shouted as he went to stand.

“Don’t bother,” Buffy said. 

Jumping high, aimed the heel of her boot at his heart as she descended back down. Her aim was true and the power she generated from the enhanced leap was sufficient enough to treat his armor as if it was a silk shirt. Moments later, a third pile of ash was decorating the alleyway.

“Don’t worry, Leather. At least you went out with a bang,” Buffy smiled from her own quip.

“If the crude punchline required with vampire slaying,” Morgana asked her bodymate.

“No but it’s so fun!” Buffy replied. “Now I think we should tell Giles about this. He’ll want to run experiments and trials but this is a huge twist in the battle versus the Master.”

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