Succubus in Sunnydale

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Buffy wasn’t sure when the night had gone off the rails, but the feel of cold ground beneath her back made her realize it must have. The sky was dark through the curtain of leaves above, and the wind cutting through the trees bit at her bare arms and face. She idly wondered when she'd lost her jacket, and the question suddenly lit a series of memories. 

She’d been researching with Giles, Willow and Xander about the latest threat in Sunnydale. They didn’t think it was related to the Master vampire and his unfolding plans as the problem seemed too small-scale...and magical. Minor or lesser demons, real low power stuff had been popping up around town, causing a little mayhem before being put down by Buffy. The demons being summoned were getting slightly stronger, as if the conjurer was testing his or her limits, but they were nothing serious. Since the Master and vampires in general had been quiet for a week now, Buffy and the gang decided now was a good time to drop in on the summoner and rain on their parade. 

Back on the ground in the forest, Buffy tried moving again but to no avail. She cursed herself for always having to play the hero and coming alone. A dozen questions and fears tried to roll through Buffy at once, each one shouting for their own explanations or actions, but it all quickly gelled into a general panic that left her only with the single need to run. Her mind flashed ahead to envision standing, then to finding help, then to finding answers. Or better yet, stand, fight, win then get answers. But when she tried to sit up, something cut into her neck and yanked her painfully back down. She tried to reach up and grab it, but couldn't move her hands either...or her feet. The cords were tight and drawn taut to the ground. More than tight, they were magically embossed. Struggling did nothing but hurt.

“You shouldn't be awake yet,” a man said.

Buffy sucked in a terrified breath and tried to wrench her head around to find the speaker, but he saved her the effort and casually moved to where she could see. He was tall and slim with expensive-looking clothes and slate gray hair slicked back against his head. He almost looked “normal” despite the circumstances, and she enjoyed a flicker of hope that this might be some weird mistake or terrible joke she could talk her way out of. Plus, by the sounds of it, he didn’t know her to be the Slayer with all the physical benefits that it came with. 

The man crouched next to her and let the hammer he was holding thump to the dirt a few inches from her mouth. “That makes it harder,” he said. “Though I did want a special one. The process needs a sturdy constitution, and anyone able to fight through my geas certainly must be sturdy.” 

Buffy tried to speak but it felt like the muscles in her jaw and throat wouldn’t work. She was in trouble. Buffy could feel the scream waiting there in her chest, ready to burst out and loose some of the pressure of her panic. But it wouldn't come. The terror in her gut and the cord at her neck had already conspired to close her throat, and it took all her concentration just to keep breathing. She wouldn't get much more than that.

The man's laugh settled into a smile. “It didn't have to be this uncomfortable,” he said, then gestured with the hammer back to a massive house in a clearing beyond the trees. The front door was standing open, and a little light spilled out across the threshold into the night. “I could have firmed up the geas for you and marched you back inside. Finished this on a comfy bed.” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then sighed long and loud. “But now that we're out here, I can feel how much latent power the land has stored. Always a new surprise with magic. So I hope you don't mind if I save some work and skip straight to the main event.”

Buffy barely heard the words. She swallowed hard and sucked in a breath that burned all the way down, then tried to force herself to speak. She wanted to beg or cry or curse or do anything that might help, but all she managed was a weak sob that scarcely splashed across the man's amusement. She was the Goddamn Slayer and she was utterly powerless at the hands of this warlock. And it was at that moment Buffy realized he was going to kill her. The man watched her for a moment as she struggled with herself and her bonds, studying her like a project. Then, inexplicably, he began to sing.

Buffy felt tears spring from her eyes as she strained desperately against the cords, but even as the panic built, the music wormed its way in. There was no tune or words or even rhythm that she could follow, but it was loud, and it seemed to cut directly into her like nothing ever had. It sounded too rigid and layered for a human voice to produce, yet it flowed from the man like a clockwork lullaby, pulling her in and wrapping her up in its sharp edges.

And the more she listened, the more she wanted to. She knew she was still in terrible danger, but the sound seemed to wedge in the cracks of her brain and spread the solid blocks of logic wide to let new thoughts grow up like weeds. Suddenly she wanted to stop fighting and listen. She wanted to stop being so unreasonable. She wanted to obey. A warm, pleasant fog was falling over her, and she wanted to sink into it and relax. There was no trouble. Everything was

Buffy felt her muscles go slack as the slow drip of music spread through her. Her throat opened to let the breath come easier, and the hard ground suddenly softened like a cradle. All her thoughts drifted apart and frayed away until there was nothing for her to hold onto and she was floating free within herself. She was coming undone, she knew, but that was good. Her consciousness was dissolving, but it was supposed to. It was the only way to make enough room for the door that had appeared in her mind, and for the new thing trying to get
through it.

When the moment finally came, when the music was to fill Buffy until it burst the seams of her psyche and cracked her whole self wide like an overripe fruit, it didn’t happen. The warlock was correct, she was made of strong willpower and constitution. She was the fucking Slayer! Though Buffy’s sense of self, her soul if you will, didn’t dissolve, it didn’t stop the door or wound in her mind from bursting open. And through that wound—that door—a dark worm slithered in. Buffy got the sense that the entity that was entering her mind was meant to gather up her memories as it entered. Buffy’s presence still there seemed to shock the demon, for that was what it was.

“You shouldn’t be here,” the female voice spoke to Buffy. “Your consciousness should have been completely purged! Ugh! Rank amateur warlock couldn’t even do that right!”

The new thing settled in her brain with tentacles and barbed hooks and an alien weight of intelligence, and Buffy was powerless to stop it. However, the demon entity was only settling into the portions of her brain she wasn’t using. If humans used only 10% of her brain or whatever her Bio teacher was telling the class yesterday, then the demon was taking up residence in the other 90%. And expanding her capacity as well, but Buffy didn’t quite know what that meant right now. 

“Oh? Did you glimpse that behind me?” the demon woman spoke to Buffy.

There was a way out through that open door, on to something vast and glorious beyond anything Buffy had ever dreamed. It was white and peaceful and calling to her. It was a light to go toward. So she did. Buffy Summers walked slowly towards that heavenly glow but stopped within a stride of the doorway. Her Slayer instincts or whatever you wanted to call them suddenly anchored Buffy to this plane, just like they had done when holding her consciousness together. Buffy suddenly realized that if she went through the door, she’d pass from reality and into the Ether, leaving her body behind. In her place, something much larger and much older would inhabit her body fully.

“Sorry babe. Not so fast,” Buffy replied, turning to face the demon.

“Hear that? The music is stopping and the warlock will be vulnerable. I know you think of me as an invader or worse, but the magic-user is our enemy. Do you understand?”

“That I get. You, I have no idea about. Got a name or something I can call you by now that we are roomies for the foreseeable future. Well, until Gillies can figure this out.” Buffy commented.

“You may call me Morgana. It is the closest your language can get to my true name,” the demon replied.

“And what are you? Like, what type or species of demon?” Buffy asked as the music dwindled.

“A succubus…” Morgana replied.

“Succubus?! As in…”

“Yes. I have access to your memories and your rather juvenile thoughts of what I am and how I get my power are simplistic but will serve for now,” the demon co-sharing Buffy’s mind explained.

“You can read my mind? What am I thinking then?” Buffy couldn’t help but ponder.

“What a sex demon will think of your body.” Morgana answered, drawing a shocked awe from the Slayer. “The answer to that is it is very pleasing. I can see why this perverted warlock would choose to draw a seductress forward inside of you as the vessel.”

“Speaking of the warlock...I need to deal with him,” Buffy snapped back into focus.

“I understand you are the Slayer. After all, that is the only reason your body wasn’t an empty husk for me to have full volition of. However, this warlock is a creature of magic. Breakable and soft as a mortal, but of respectable power. Enough to have overpowered you. No offense,” the succubus explained.

“But..well...yeah,” Buffy mentally deflated. “But now that I know it’s magic…”

“You still don’t know who to see through the geas or defeat him. Understand this Slayer, I can sense your distrust of me since I’m from the Ethereal Plane, but not all demons are evil. I’ve been given a chance of life again. If we die, I go back to the Ethereal Plane, or Hell as you commonly call it in this age. I haven’t been summoned in 700 years and at that time I was, pardon my colorful words, fucked silly for a year then died of the Great Famine,” Morgana explained.

“Whoa. Really tough break.” Buffy honestly commented. “But how do I know if I give you control of my body that you’ll give it back after?”

“I doubt I can say anything that you’d believe right now. The truth - it’s your body, your mind and thus your consciousness is in control. It can hand it over to me for a turn but you can resume yourself whenever you decide.” the succubus explained. “However, trust this. I have no death wish. This mortal wields magic. I’m more powerful than he. I can win this fight whereas you cannot.”

“That’s a pretty compelling argument.” Buffy conceded. 

“I will need your trust. Please do not interfere. I’m freshly summoned. Weak. I’ll have enough energy to overpower him then will need to feed. No one will be hurt...permanently. He’ll recover. But I’ll need to use your body for...strength.” Morgana stated.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” Buffy mentally shrieked. “You’re talking!”

“I am a succubus.” Morgana mentally shrugged. “But decided quickly. He’s preparing to stop.”

“Ugh. Gross. He’s like 50! No other way?” Buffy tried one last time.

“Not with what we have,” the succubus answered.

“So gross. Fine. Free us, feed just enough then I take back. Deal?” Buffy reasoned.

“Deal. But no panicking. I’ll have only fledging control and won’t be able to control both my own magics and stop you from interfering and harming us.” Morgana agreed.

The music stopped and Morgana in control of Buffy’s body took a deep breath. She struggled briefly with the sensation of flesh after so long apart from it, but that first bite of air - cold and painful and gloriously real - filled her with a pleasure unlike anything else.

“Now, succubus, we can have some fun,” a man said nearby.

A binding spell brushed across her, and Morgana looked to find its source even as she shattered it with the barest portion of her strength. The man, a magic-wielding sorcerer or warlock or whatever precise flavor of mortal he was, fell back with eyes gone hard and bright before gathering himself to try again. This time Morgana let his spell linger for a moment before shredding it, and the recoil of the snapped magic slammed into the man to throw him back with a screech of pain. 

Morgana wasn’t lying to Buffy when she said she had only minimal power. Already she had used a good deal of it to fight off with binding spells, and now she used even more to break both the magical and physical bonds that trapped Buffy to the ground. Essentially running on fumes at this point, the succubus pulled herself up, ripping the cords from her wrists and dropped them in pieces to either side, then stepped forward to loom over her prize.

“What? How? But…”

“Shhh,” Morgana cooed, bending over him to press a finger against his lips. “You didn’t want some timid sex doll.”

“I didn’t?” the man asked.

“No, no you didn’t,” the sex demon explained. “You summoned forth a powerful seductress for a reason. Let me show you what you’re getting.”

Buffy felt the experience odd. She was able to watch through her eyes but was powerless to do anything. Morgana the succubus did say Buffy could seize control at any time, and as Morgana got used to the physical surroundings, Buffy did likewise with the mental ones. With Morgana standing and rubbing her hands up and down Buffy’s body, feeling her small but perky tits, flat stomach, surprisingly bubbly ass and toned muscular yet feminine legs, Buffy found what she considered to be the brain’s control switch. For now, she’d let Morgana...energize but Buffy’s figurative hand would remain on the switch, ready to flip it at a moment's notice.

Buffy’s attention was snatched back to the forest scene as the scared wizard’s voice spoke. “What are you doing?”

Buffy realized that the frightened summoner had a valid question, as the 16 year old girl also wanted to know what was happening. In the moments Buffy took to look around her new, expanded mind, her demoness roommate had reached under their dress and pulled down the panties she was wearing. The succubus pulled the thong from her body, the thin fabric freeing itself from her butt cheeks before bringing them to her face. With a deep inhale, Morgana sniffed the panties she had only just pulled from herself.

“Mmmhmmm. Hells below! 16 year old pussy smells so...delicious,” the succubus cooed before snapping her attention back to the task at hand. “And the better question is why aren’t you getting naked?”

Buffy assessed the situation. The sorcerer was clearly scared that his summoning was too powerful for him to control. How in the world did the succubus expect him to just whip off his pants and have sex with her? Especially after she took a big old sniff of her panties. It made no sense. 

Yet as soon as the very inexperienced Buffy had those thoughts, a different mood settled on the face of the middle aged man. Gone was the fear and in its place was...something. He was still confused and innately knew something wasn’t quite right, however he was also looking at the 16 year old with what could only be lust. Though she was young, Buffy lived up in LA so grew up fast. Though far from reaching the thousands of sexual partners the succubus had under her belt, Buffy was no slouch when it came to men. Well, boys. Regardless, just by removing her thong from under her tiny dress and asking the man to get naked, Buffy was stunned to find the terrified man whipping down his pants in record time.

“Much better,” Morgana said with Buffy’s mouth.

“Are you sure we have to do this?” Buffy mentally asked the question to the seductress.

Morgana at least mentally if not physically rolled her eyes before shifting control of the teenage body back to the original occupant. Buffy immediately felt the bone-deep weariness and only her Slayer-trained muscles caught her from literally falling over. Buffy barely had the strength to remain upright let alone trying to run from the warlock. Getting all the way back to the library at the school for Giles to help was completely out of the question. 

“Point taken,” Buffy retorted as she passed control back to the demon.

In the few heartbeats that the women took in organizing who was in command of their body, the warlock acted. Though his pants were around his ankles and he was past physical peak fitness, the magic wielder showed a burst of speed to roll from his supine position on the dirty. On his feet, the man didn’t stay upright for long, only long enough to clutch the teenager and pull her back down. 

“Condom,” Buffy mentally screamed, trying to will Morgana to listen to her.

“Dear. I’m a sex goddess. I can control my biology to not get pregnant,” the succubus retorted.

Buffy meant to follow-up about the protecting from STDs as well, but the feel of his hard dick pushing into her pussy negated that thought.

“Oh yes,” all three souls groaned at the same time.

“Need to fuck you so badly,” the man said as he pushed forward and buried half of his cock inside her in one thrust.

“God, yes” Morgana hissed, lifting Buffy’s hips to try to get even more inside her.

Morgana had a curvier body when she was last summoned 700 years ago, but this new body was tremendous. Apparently being the Slayer meant you had perfect fitness with a narrow waist, flat stomach, strong legs and a surprisingly thick ass for such a small girl. Though she remembered liking bigger tits, Morgana agreed that Buffy’s small tits fit her body perfectly. Plus, despite her tiny stature, Buffy’s vagina was rather responsive. Though it was only a few thrusts into her first fuck in centuries, Buffy was drenching wet and loosening each time the dick rammed into her.

Buffy was simply sitting back, watching and feeling everything. Putting his hands behind the backs of her knees, the warlock pulled back and watched the journey his cock made the entire time. The scene was made all the better by the fact that the blonde high school girl had a complete bare pussy so he could view even better the passage of his smooth, veiny cock ram into her bright pink pussy. When just the head was still inside, the older man immediately pushed forward and slammed the rest of his cock into her, drawing a grunt of elation from Morgana.

“Enjoying oneself?” Morgana asked.

“So much,” Buffy nodded, at the same time the warlock replied as well. “You could say that.”

Neither the man nor the women had time for anything more than a quickie. Morgana was only using the wizard for his energy, and though she preferred younger men because they bounced back from her energy siphoning faster and easier, this perverted summoner would serve. Meanwhile, with the way it felt to be sheathing his flesh pole in Buffy’s snatch with reckless abandon, it was clear the warlock wanted to get off ASAP as well. So rather than draw it out and make it last like Jason normally would, he just went right after it.

“Oh holy fucking shit,” the warlock hissed as he slammed down into Buffy’s teen snatch.

"Yes...mhmmm....ohhh," Morgana moaned.

Her screams were cut short when the man covered her mouth with his own and stuffed his tongue back inside. The move surprised the petite Slayer for a moment before she regained composure and returned the sloppy but appropriate kiss with as much vigor as he was using. He ended the kiss shortly thereafter, pressing up with his arms to plank above her to allow his hips to thrust harder and deeper.

Morgana in Buffy’s body squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso as the warlock continued to pound his hard cock into her. Buffy didn't think she was a fan of such intense fucking but apparently either she was wrong or Morgana’s influence was clouding her thoughts. Regardless, Buffy’s mind was being flooded in pleasure and the teenager didn’t mind that at all. His member was on the slightly slimmer side, especially when compared to Buffy’s last boyfriend from L.A., but it was still thick enough to stretch her tiny hole and plunge deep enough, making it feel amazing as his movements were hitting all the right spots.

"Keep going..." Morgana breathed, urging him on.

“Yeah?” the man asked, using one hand to roughly grope Buffy’s boob over her dress. “Tell me how you want it?”

“Hard,” Morgana with Buffy’s mouth begged. “Give it to me hard.”

Morgana dropped her arms from being wrapped around the middle-aged man’s body so that she could reach above her head. Finding the tree trunk, the athletic Slayer pushed against the bark, helping to meet the man’s thrusts into her snatch. Taking a leaf from her book on leverage, the warlock leaned over the slender teen, resting both hands on the dirt just outside of her shoulder to help generate more thrusting power.

“Fucking take it! Ugh!” the older man groaned. “Get used to this. This is your new future. Ahhh!”

This was how the next several minutes went. No words other than the guttural moan or incoherent begging for harder or more. Buffy and Morgana were alternating between begging for more, leaving her mouth hanging wide open in a large O or biting her bottom lip. While Morgana enjoyed her first sexual encounter in over 7 centuries, Buffy was on the receiving end of an enjoyable fuck. Meanwhile, the man was a bit more one-note in his expression, opting for what could be described as a snarl as he used his arms and hips to thrust down and up into Buffy’s wet snatch. Of course, he was aided by the tiny teen, who was using her aforementioned arms to push back against him, as well as her heels digging into his glutes with her legs squeezing tightly around his waist.

Morgana continued to arch her back and squirm in pleasure beneath his torso as the man continued to pound his hard cock into her. His erect cock slid effortlessly into Buffy’s smooth pussy, her moist juices coating him and making his relentless thrusting effortless. Moaning as her summoner pushed harder into her, the slender high schooler pulled an arm from pushing against the tree and used it to reach down between their bodies. As his lengthy cock continued stretching her hole and rubbing against her G spot, Morgana added a third stimulus by using her deft fingers to grind her clit.

"Just like that," Morgana purred with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," the man asked with a tone of superiority for outlasting her.

The warlock didn't bother listening to her reply as he knew what it would be, instead choosing to focus on plunging his entire length into Buffy’s pussy. He made sure to keep his body lifted off her athletic frame just enough for her hand to continue its strumming on her clit. Not just thinking of herself, the succubus multitasked by raising her hips off the grass beneath her bubbly bare ass while the much older man could also feel her heels dig against his backside to spur him deeper.

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH," Morgana screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock. 

Though being a succubus and absorbing energy didn’t require her to orgasm, when it had been 700 years since she last had sex, Morgana treated herself to a climax. The succubus savored the orgasm 7 centuries in the making, but only barely missed a beat. Morgana opened her eyes and stared the man up in his lined face. 

“Cum in me, big boy.”

“Morgana! I’m only 16! As fertile as it gets!” Buffy mentally shrieked. “Make him pull out!”

Morgana ignored the tiny blonde in her head and focused on preparing for the hard part to come. This, of course, required her target to cum. The man kissed her lips forcefully and pushed his cock hard into her, his balls starting to tighten. He pushed his entire length into her waiting pussy as his load started to shoot inside her. Morgana gripped his hips tightly as she felt the cream of the random guy that plucked her from the Ether to be his personal sex doll started to fill her up. He continued to thrust into the teenager as his balls emptied, his eyes remaining locked on her stunning set of green eyes.

After all of his cum had emptied into her, Morgana’s face shifted. Instead of looking like a sultry teenage temptress, the succubus now donned a look that sent a chill through the warlock. This was despite the fact that the man had just cum inside a beautiful blonde 16 year old cheerleader of utter flawless beauty.

“What...what’s happening,” the warlock groaned, feeling weaker all of a sudden.

Morgana took up the offered orgasm and breathed deeply. Buffy could sense something happening and she was along for the ride as she started feeling...really, really good. Both Buffy and the succubus were elated to feel the old familiar pulse of energy enter her like a lover. While Buffy was familiar that vampires fed on blood, succubi became empowered by the carnal sort of energy. She got the sense that a kiss was like consuming a grape while sex was the greatest steak dinner. 

Morgana continued to pull at the energy thread that linked the warlock’s older body to the succubus. She was starting to bathe in the afterglow as the power burned through her like an inferno in an abandoned mine. It cleared cobwebs from corners and shed light in the dark places after almost an eternity in Hell. Her weary muscles were strengthening, her mind sharpening.

The man hadn’t realized that when he drew forth Morgana, he’d drawn much deeper into the Ether than he’d intended. He was skilled in sorcery, but he wasn’t anywhere near the succubi’s level, even in her fledgling state. He wanted something minor to dominate, but had used far too much power and found her instead. No simple succubus. Not by a longshot. 

“That’s too much, Morgana!” Buffy screamed.

“Buffy! Stopped distracting me,” the succubus warned.

“You’re draining him. Gonna kill him,” Buffy warned.

“Stop, young one. Losing...control. Nooo!” Morgana shrieked as both she and Buffy lost control in their struggle against one another.

Morgana was still tethered to the warlock’s soul as she and Buffy wrestled for control. Though the succubus wasn’t lying when she said the Slayer could take back her body when she wanted, that didn’t mean the demon wouldn’t or couldn’t put up a fight. Which is exactly what the succubus was doing. Not because she wanted to be at the driver’s wheel, so to speak, but because the draining of energy from a donor was a delicate art. 

Buffy stopped fighting when a look of utter shock bloomed on the man's face, only to be smothered by horrified realization. It was as though the warlock aged decades in that moment, going from a very alive middle-aged man to a husk. By the time Morgana regained some semblance of full control, the warlock’s soul was lost to the Ether and his body was nothing more than dust on the wind.

“Did you…” Buffy started to ask then stopped.

Morgana wanted to snap at the 16 year old but she sensed that was the wrong play here. Though a veteran at dozens of vampire slayings, this was the first time a mortal died on her watch. Not only in front of her, by partially her fault. 

“Your body is restored, at least with some energy. I suggest we make haste,” the succubus stated, trying to act with authority to help get Buffy out of her trance.

“Giles. Giles can help us.” Buffy stammered as this time she smoothly took control of her body. 

Buffy didn’t know what was happening, but she hoped her Watcher did...

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