Succubus in Sunnydale

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Giles.

Title: Succubus in Sunnydale Part 5
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy / Angel / Xander
Codes: MF, MMF, Anal, DP, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Willow, Xander, Giles, and Angel

Summary: Buffy learns of her prophecy of her being destined to die by the Master. Looking to avoid her responsibility as the Slayer, she stops patrolling, but that only endangers her friends. 

Buffy had a successful night of slaying thus far. Two vampires up, two vampires down. The only slight problem was her stake was damaged in the last fight. In truth, she had slammed the pointed wood so hard through the vampire’s chest that it blunted on the brick wall behind it. No problem though. She was only a few blocks from school where she kept a store of weapons hidden within the library.

The lone security guard the new principal had employed had finished his sweep of the east perimeter, which so happened to house the door leading directly into the library. She had a key for the door, as did Willow, allowing them to enter and exit the library as they willed. Slipping in through the locked door, Buffy took the access hallway that spit her out in the stacks - rows upon rows of books. She was about to call out to Giles but she heard talking so she kept silent and headed towards the noise. However, instead of making herself seen, she stayed tucked behind a stack when she saw the image of none other than her sorta boyfriend, Angel.

“’s clear that this is going to happen. It’s clear,” Giles finished his rant, handing a book to Angel.

“That can’t be right. You have to be wrong,” Angel stated.

Buffy was about to join the men in conversation but the next thing Giles said stopped her dead in her tracks. In an angered tone, something Giles rarely if ever used, he spoke words that sent a chill through the Slayer’s spine.

“I’ve checked it against all my other volumes. It’s real and accurate. She’s destined to die.” 

“You gotta be wrong,” Angel retorted

“Some prophecies are a bit dodgy. Hell, Buffy herself has thwarted them several different times. But this is the Codex! There is nothing in there that hasn’t come to pass.” Giles stated, some heat replaced with forlorn pain. 

“Then you’re reading it wrong,” Angel stated as if it was a fact.

“I wish to God I was,” Giles replied with rage. “The Codex is very clear. Tomorrow night, Buffy will face the Master...and she will die.”

“Well have you verified the text…” 

Angel began to ask but was soon cut off by the girlish sound of laughter. The vampire and Watcher exchanged a silent glance as they instantly recognized who the laughter belonged to. Exiting Giles’ office, the unlikely pair found the Slayer passing the floor of the library. Gone was her laughing and instead was plastered a worried look on her gorgeous teen face.

“So that’s it, huh?” Buffy said as she turned to face them. “But what about Morgana. She makes me stronger than any Slayer before me. That has to count for something your fucking Codex hasn’t factored.”

“Actually it states that none who accompany her, meaning you, will prevent the death. Whether it be physical or spiritual help,” Giles sadly had to inform his pupil.

“Fuck,” Buffy swore, running her hands through her shoulder-length golden hair. After a long silence, several tears streaked Buffy’s face. “Think it’ll hurt? Being killed.”


“Don’t,” Buffy shucked off Angel’s embrace before addressing Giles. “Were you even gonna tell me?”

“I was hoping I wasn’t going to have to,” Giles answered.

“I know how to stop it. I quit. Resign. You can find someone else to stop the Master from taking over,” Buffy ranted, rounding on her Watcher.

“I’m not sure anyone else can,” Giles replied. 

“Buffy,” Angel cut in. “We just need to figure out a way…”

“I already did,” the blonde snapped at the vampire. “I quit. Remember? Pay attention!”

“Buffy, if the Master rises…” Giles tried to reason with the distraught teen.

“I don’t care!” Buffy screamed before taking a few breaths to calm herself. “Giles, I’m 16 years old. I...I don’t want to die.”

With tears in her eyes, Buffy walked past the two men who wanted nothing more than to prevent that exact thing from happening. Giles made to follow her then thought better of it, as did Angel. They both knew she needed time to calm down, figure her situation out. And come to terms with her fate.

*    *    *

Willow and Cordelia of all pairings were walking the halls of school after hours. They had a few last things to finish up, Cordy for the dance and Willow for a computer course. Randomly bumping into each other on the stairwell, the two girls chatted as they came to the student lounge. 

“Look at that. Boys and their cartoons,” Cordelia said as she peered through the window, seeing the top of the boys heads on the other side of the sofa. “Actually, that looks like Kevin in there. The same Kevin who stood me up at the Bronze last night.”

“Mhmm,” Willow agreed. She was only there because her locker was the closest to that particular room.

“You know what, I will,” Cordelia said, entering the lounge.

Willow was glad for the silence, which lasted all of 5 seconds. It was at this point that a blood-curdling scream erupted from Cordelia…

*    *    *

“Willow! Are you okay?” Buffy asked as Mrs Rosenberg ushered the teen into her daughter’s room.

“Oh Buffy! It was gruesome,” Willow replied. “I know we’ve seen bad, but this. This was horrible. All those students...dead.”

Buffy stood and paced. Willow was a wreck and Buffy knew what she had to do. “Promise me you’ll stay in tonight.”

“Okay,” Willow croaked out. 

“Take care,” Buffy said, uttering though final words to her best friend before she went off to die.

*    *    *

She was headed to the graveyard. To fight the Master. To die. But instead she stumbled upon a fight. A fight to her friend Angel was holding his own in, which wasn’t a surprise. Apparently he had a similar idea as Buffy, but the Master had hired thugs to clear the way so it was only the Slayer that came into his underground prison. Alone. It appeared Angel was getting ready to deliver a stake through the heart of the vampire when a second man came from nowhere and tackled Angel to the ground. He recovered quick enough, but took a punch to the face before he was able to block. The first vamp recovered as well, joining his friend to stand opposite Angel.

“God! I can’t believe I’m coming to your rescue,” Xander said to Angel, coming to stand at his side.

“Xander,” both Angel and Buffy gaped in astonishment.

Suddenly, two vampires appeared behind Angel and Xander. “We never did like a fair fight.”

“Funny. I was about to say the same thing,” Buffy said to the group, emerging into the circle.

“Buffy!” Angel and Xander cried in relief. 

“Hugs later. Killing vamps first.”

Despite being at a numerical disadvantage, that didn’t matter as much when one of those members is the Slayer. Not only was she as strong as the vampires, she was better trained and more versed in working in a party, especially when it contained Angel. Xander was always a liability though his fighting was improving. In the end, the trio had taken little more than a few bruises, almost all to Xander’s face and ribs, and there were four piles of ash surrounding them.

“Hey boys. Any chance I could enlist your help in fighting the Master and saving Sunnydale,” Buffy asked, the trio still panting hard from the battle. 

“It’s why we’re here,” Xander replied before Angel added. “Always.”

“Good. Full plan back at the library after this,” Buffy said.

The two men exchanged a glance, wondering if the other knew what the blonde meant when she said ‘after this’. Despite being confused, they followed Buffy a short distance as the graveyard soon gave way to a playground. Why exactly a children’s playset complete with swings, teeter-totter, and slide was located right beside a graveyard was another one of those Sunnydale quirks. Regardless, Buffy led them to the vacated playground, more specifically the slide. 

“After what?” Xander asked, still following the petite blonde.

“After you lend me, well Morgana, your strength,” Buffy answered.

Both Xander and Angel were acutely aware of how gorgeous the Slayer was looking tonight. Despite intending to fight the Master vampire tonight, she wore her pure white dress that she was going to wear to the Spring Fling dance. Which meant the dress came just low enough to cover her booty, leaving both men with a gorgeous view of her shapely legs, which were made more impressive by her matching heels. As she climbed the handful of steps of the slide, she turned around at the flat, wide-open section and looked down at the two men she considered some of her closest friends.

“Buffy, are you sure about this?” Angel asked, knowing exactly what ‘lend Morgana strength’ meant..

“Yeah. I thought you didn’t want to do the whole fucky fucky situation with friends,” Xander added, though he was already throwing his coat off.

“Morgana needs more juice. You two are perfect. Young and a vampire. Loads of energy to power our girl up,” Buffy explained. “Now less talking and more, as Xander so elegantly put it, fucky fucky.”

“Do you really have time for this?” Angel asked.

“Good point. Probably just needs one of us.” Xander eagerly. “I volunteer. Bye Angel.”

“Morgana needs as much energy as possible. More than she can take from only one.” Buffy explained as she did like Xander and hung the leather jacket she wore over the banister. “Time is of the essence though. This needs to be quick and dirty.”

“I can certainly do quick,” Xander stated before flushing in embarrassment.

“I’ll do dirty,” Angel said, surprising and exciting Buffy.

Angel’s sexy comment really kicked the whole thing off. The vampire stepped closer to Buffy from behind, his erect cock pressing against his leather pants to rub against Buffy’s plump ass. He lowered his head towards her neck, a gesture that if performed by any other vampire on Earth would have led to teeth tearing into her flesh and bleeding Buffy dry. Instead, Angel pressed his lips against the supple skin, causing a moan from the centuries younger girl from the kisses. His hands were working as well, lowering down to the hem of Buffy’s white dress and lifting it up. With the short skirt out of the way, it allowed the much older man to knead the thick globes of Buffy’s taut ass. 

Not to be on the outside looking in, Xander mirrored the action of the other man by getting closer to the Slayer as well. Buffy already had her arm extended and reaching for him, her hand closing around the slit up the front of his button-up shirt to guide him towards her. Though Buffy didn’t have a bad physical feature, Xander had been tantalized by her ass. He, along with every other male or lesbian at Sunnydale High had by singing Principal Snyder’s bolctic of shortening the bad girl’s skirts as punishment. This meant Buffy, for the past several weeks, had been wearing a schoolgirls uniform at a height where half her ass was exposed. All day long. Xander had nearly dehydrated himself from jacking off so much that first week. So now that he had his shot with Buffy, his hand reached around and pawed one of her thick butt cheeks, while Angel did likewise with the other cheek. 

“No panties? How naughty, Buff,” Xander commented as he lightly smacked the tanned flesh of her booty and felt it jiggle as a result.

“Figured they would only get in the way,” Buffy replied as she gave her own plump ass a light spank.

“God, you’re the perfect woman,” Xander said before leaning in and kissing the Slayer forcefully on the lips.

The high school boy had never been more right in his life. The golden-haired girl had her hair cascading down over her shoulders down to her mid back with the light breeze showing it’s silky shine and volume. Her face looked as model-esque as ever, with her big blue eyes and her pouty lips. Her tits were a solid B-cup and hung perfectly suspended in front of her chest without the hint of sag. Her midsection was flat without an ounce of fat, but she had enough meat on her bones so that no ribs were exposed. Her waistline bellowed back out for her womanly hips, which accommodated her shapely plump ass. Though just barely in sight from Angel lifting her dress up, Buffy’s pussy was shaven, a trend she’d been on since she first became sexually active over a year ago. The Slayer just found that the bald snatch really accentuated her bright pink glistening sex. And of course her legs, while not very long due to her 5’1 stature, were still fairly lengthy and very shapely from years of cheerleading and now Slayer training, made to look even more arousing with a perfect tan.

“Seriously Buffy, you are beautiful,” the more stoic but equally horny vampire added.

“Now how can I ever repay your boys’ compliments,” the Slayer said with her best mischievous grin.

Reaching down, Buffy boldly used each of her hands to target the groin region of her two suitors. They were both sporting half erections at just the sight of the Slayer in her sexy dress and light rubbing so with the friction from her hand they both were now throbbing against their pants. Buffy turned her head to kiss Angel deeply from over her shoulder while Xander was left with using his hands to paw at the blonde girl’s glorious tits. Though not the size of Cordelia’s, they were still a perfect handful and incredibly perky. He was in the middle of puzzling out how to get the boobs freed from her dress when the Slayer crouched out of his reach. Hands a blur, Buffy had Xander’s pants undone and cock out in the blink of an eye, all while Angel helped by pulling her golden locks back over her shoulder and out of her face.

“Is this what you’ve been fantasizing about all year?” Buffy asked as she stroked his cock, looking up into his eyes.

“Ever since I met you,” Xander panted, his heart beating a mile a minute. “Wanted to watch you suck my dick. Lose my virginity to you too.”

“All in good time,” Buffy smiled up at him.

Buffy wrapped her left hand around the horny boy’s dick and gave it several pumps of her fist to get him all worked up. Fully erect and even leaking some pre-cum already, Buffy knew it would take very little to get her best friend to climax. That fact didn’t stop the Slayer from eyeing up his cock as she leaned in and ran her tongue along his shaft from base to tip. Though she had been taking a lot of cock lately, Xander’s measured up nicely. Better than average, her guess was a more-than-serviceable 6.5 inches. By the time her tongue had run all the way back to his bulbous head, Buffy parted her lips and gave Xander his early Christmas gift.

“Ahhh! I can die a happy man now,” Xander groaned.

The dark-haired teen was in utter happiness as Buffy freaking Summers wrapped her lips around his cock and moved her head up and down along his length. For a 16 year old girl, the Slayer had more skill and confidence with a dick in her mouth than anyone deserved to have, not that any of her previous or current suitors could complain. Combining her head bobs with extending her tongue to lick the underbelly of his shaft, Buffy and the succubus put on a dick sucking clinic. The unused portion of Xander’s cock that Buffy couldn’t fit into her mouth was still being stimulated, only with her fist instead of her lips.

“Better slow down with him Buff,” Angel said, moving to stand to the blonde’s immediate right. “Keep going like that and he’ll pop before you can have more fun with the kid.”

“Oh? Have an idea how I can split my attention?” Buffy asked with a wicked grin, staring straight at the bulge in Angel’s leather pants.

Xander was going to argue about the comment from the vampire, but Angel did have a fair point. The moment Buffy’s lips left his cock, Xander felt how close he was to cumming mere minutes into a blowjob by the Slayer. As Buffy pivoted so that the metal handrail of the slide structure was at her back for added support, her hand never stopped stroking Xander’s member, which slid effortlessly due to the sheer amount of spit she left behind on his member. Turning her focus to the much older vampire, Buffy opened her mouth and used her tongue to give Angel’s dick a sloppy lick before wrapping her lips around him.

“Fuck, that’s divine,” the vampire swore.

The Slayer continued to earn the grunts and praise of the vampire she was crushing on, all while her right hand stroked off her best friend. Unable to compare the two dicks, Angel’s was longer and thicker. In fact, Buffy couldn’t believe the sheer size of the vampire’s dick. An inhuman 10 inches long made it the longest dick Buffy had ever been with, meanwhile his thickness wouldn’t allow for her dainty hand to completely encircle his girth. 

After her initial lick and suck of his tip, Buffy wanted to get more of his dick wet with her saliva so she freed his dickhead from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it’s moistened surface down one side of his baseball bat-thick member until she reached his base. The Slayer was able to do this while still stroking Xander’s cock with her free hand, getting grunts of approval from her friend. With her hands and mouth working at the same time, Buffy licked down one side of Angel’s cock before taking turns open-mouth kissing his equally large nuts before returning to the base and licking up the other side of the vampire’s member.

“God, you’re good,” Angel told the 16 year old as she released a salvo of a dozen bobs on the first 4 inches of his dick.

“I love sucking cock,” Buffy stated, giving Angel’s cock a sloppy French kiss to his head.

“Your passion for it is clear to see,” Angel said, fully enjoying her oral talents.

“And the only thing better than sucking one cock is sucking two cocks,” Xander added as she shifted her body back towards the teen boy.

“Don’t worry Xander, I didn’t forget about you,” she said with her adorable smile.

Turning her attention back to Xander, Buffy started back on him with her signature lick and bob technique. She was instantly flooded with the taste of salty pre-cum that was oozing from the slit of her best friend. Focusing purely on Xander, she bobbed her head towards his groin until his head reached the back of her throat. Having been practicing this technique with Principal Snyder, though he was too big to succeed with it yet, Buffy pushed her head even further forward. Having learnt to suppress her gag reflex with the help of Morgana and hours spent practicing on her knees, the blonde teen succeeded in forcing Xander’s shaft down her throat. Fighting the urge to gag she kept forcing more of his member into her gullet until her lips were now pressed firmly against the short curly pubic hair above his cock.

“Oh my God!” Xander cried in bliss.

“Careful Buff,” Angel warned with a wry grin. “Your boy’s not able to handle that.”

“,” Xander grunted out as Buffy slowly withdrew his dick from her throat, dragging her amazing lips down his very slippery cock.

Despite Xander’s bravado, he was happy when Buffy pulled off his cock and went back to sucking off Angel. The sheer excitement of having Buffy on her knees before him was enough to get Xander halfway to his orgasm. When she started sucking him off, maintaining eye contact as her lips pistoned along his length even though for only a few minutes was heavenly. But with her deep throating him, that was nearly too much despite only performing the trick once. He could have blown his load right then and there, so maybe he shouldn’t have lashed out at the vampire for speaking the truth. However, his reprieve was only shortly lived. After Buffy energetically, and with a smile on her face the whole time, bobbed along Angel for another minute, she turned back to Xander.

“Oh shit,” Xander crooked as Buffy turned her attention back to him.

Xander plastered his eyes shut, doing his best to counter the strong waves of needing to cum in order to last longer. As Buffy’s lips closed back onto his cock and began sucking, Xander was unaware of Angel reaching down and taking two handfuls of her golden hair, his fingers pressing into the back of her skull. The Slayer used the pushing the vampire was performing on her head in order to deliver a faster and wetter blowjob to Xander. All three of them knew that the teenage boy wouldn’t last much longer, which wasn’t a bad thing since the night was going to be a long one. Shortening her strokes with her mouth so that she was only sucking on the first 4 inches, the less distance meant a much faster blowjob. With all the spit covering his shaft, his pecker was practically frictionless which meant Buffy’s lips could go that much swifter as a result. Using her peripheral vision to spy his hands tightening on the metal handrail, Buffy used one last trick and took him all the way, deep throating him once again before pulling off and resuming her half-cock length bobs.

“Jesus, Buff! I can’t...I’m gonna...” Xander grunted frantically.

“Mhmm,” Buffy encouraged, her mouth never leaving his cock.

The moment Buffy felt the first squirt of man gravy against the roof of her mouth she treated her friend to shooting the rest of his load directly into her stomach. Shoving her face forward, Buffy deep throated him for the last time so that his next blast of semen was in her throat immediately. The sudden balls deep sucking made the climaxing Xander press back harder against the metal support from pleasure overload, yet the kneeling blonde kept his dick firmly in her gullet. Knowing she wanted to be taking his semen right down her throat, Xander reached down with both hands and held the back of her head in place, making a retreat for Buffy impossible. Of course, the Slayer had no intention of going anywhere, content taking stream after stream of warm cum into her throat and into her tummy. 

“How much is this one needed for the upcoming fight?” Morgana asked while she sipped tentatively at Xander’s energy.

“Point and shoot a crossbow,” Buffy mentally thought as she swallowed down her best friend’s load of jizz.

“I’ll pull only some for now. Given his attraction for you and his youth, he’ll be back for more with little to no recovery time required,” the succubus explained as she took more of Xander’s essence but stopped well short.

Buffy allowed Morgana her time to drink Xander’s energy as she knew the teen boy was done cumming. For one, it had been a few seconds since any more of his sperm shot down her throat. Secondly, the iron grip that he had on the back of her head with both hands had fallen away. Third, his grunts had turned to shudders as the succubus in Buffy’s body continued stimulating his hyper sensitive cock. And even if she missed all those signs, the fact he wasn’t bucking his ass off the metal handrail anymore to essentially fuck her face as he came was another sign. Therefore the Slayer slowly pulled her mouth from his cock, eye contact the whole time, until her lips pulled away from his manhood for the final time.

“Wow,” was all Xander could find the words to say as he stumbled back a step or two to lean against the entrance of the slide..

“Thanks for the big reward,” Buffy replied, sliding on her knees back from him. “That was seriously a lot of cum!”

“Hopefully it didn’t fill you up,” Angel said from beside her, helping the Slayer to her feet.

 “I think I can still take a ride on a full stomach,” Buffy bantered back.

Taking Angel by the hand, the Slayer led him back down two steps before she halted and climbed one higher. Using just some of her flexibility, Buffy hoisted one of her muscular legs up onto the metal railing, thus opening her hips for the vampire. Angel may seem reserved, but the vampire had a ravinish sexual appetite that he was pleased to find the 16 year old would be able to match given the succubus in her head now. Taking his spit-covered cock, Angel steered it towards Buffy’s bald pussy before effortlessly driving half his length inside. After retreating most of the way, Angel bucked forward and drove another several inches deep. Finally after one more backing out and thrust forward, Angel was proud to find his hips bumping up against Buffy’s fit ass with all 10 inches of his thick manhood in her snatch.

“Ahhh,” both Buffy and Angel moaned at the same time.

Despite the fact her one leg was lifted up on the railing and all her weight was resting on one high heel on a metal step, Buffy was still managing to rock her firm ass back to meet Angel thrusts. In truth, the action on the Slayer’s part was more a gesture of her horniness as it was the vampire behind her easily generating enough force. With hands on her hips to help rock her back against him, Angel thrust his hips forward in what could only be described as a thumping fashion.

“Oh God! Fuck me Angel,” Buffy cried out.

Noting the dress strap already falling off her shoulder, Angel aided it on it’s way before doing likewise to the other strap. Buffy understood instantly what he wanted so helped the vampire push her dress down off her chest so it was bunched up around her waist. With her tits now free, Angel used one hand to continue pulling her back onto his dick via her rounded hip, while his other went to her newly revealed breasts. Always having preferred a shapely ass and gorgeous face over big tits, Buffy was essentially Angel’s dream girl. With enough heft in her chest to be far from flat, Buffy’s perky tits were a perfect fit in his hand as he kneaded the bouncing flesh while fucking her on the stairs of a child’s slide. Buffy used her own hand to overlap his, allowing the vampire to squeeze as hard as he wanted before she reached behind her to grab his ass, encouraging him to fuck harder. Angel had no qualms giving into that request, reorganizing his feet on the stairwell in order to generate more power.

“That’s it. Fuck me,” Buffy begged.

With each passing moment, the playset creaked and swayed with the vigorous fucking between the vampire and Slayer. Angel couldn’t decide where his hands could do the most good, so he varied their targets with regularity. At times he used both to grip Buffy’s hips to fuck her as hard as possible, then the next they were both on her tits, which required a softer thrust. He never forgot to give her small but perfectly round ass a hearty squeeze or light spank. Even at times he would just rub down the shapely leg she had hoisted up on the railing, clutching her slim calf as he fucked the blonde teenager.

“I believe our other plaything is stirring to life,” Morgana the succubus commented to Buffy.

“Hey Xander, get over here,” Buffy spoke to her friend.

The teenage boy had no complaints as he peeled himself off the wall and took the two steps to reach the blonde. Pressing himself towards her, Xander had his semi-flaccid dick in hand as an offering to the Slayer. Buffy had other ideas as she pushed his arm away so that it brought his cock higher up and exposed the balls beneath. All while still having her pussy relentlessly hammered into by the vampire, the blonde teen parted her lips wide before latching them around half his nutsack. 

“Shit Buffy! Give a guy a heart attack,” Xander grunted.

By the time Buffy had socked on the first nut for a dozen heartbeats and switched it out for the other, Xander’s cock was fully inflated once more. The teen had no issue stroking it to life as Buffy continued to suck and tongue his balls. Realizing that her friend was ready again for her, Buffy softly spat the sack from her mouth and extended her tongue, running it the length of the underbelly of his cock. By the time she reached his tip, her mouth encircled his dick and she was bobbing on it like it was the most natural thing in the world.

With Xander re-emerging from his brief break, Angel knew the teenage boy would be eager to fuck his long-time crush. This wasn’t terrible timing by any stretch since the vampire had worked himself close to his own orgasm, though he had much more control than the much younger man and wouldn’t have danced too close to the climax that he couldn’t come back down from. Knowing his time behind Buffy was limited, Angel made it count. Rather than go balls-to-the-wall and fuck her savagely, Angel used his remaining time to plant a seed for later in the tryst. 

Spiking his hips one last time, Angel held himself deep in Buffy’s womb for several seconds. With a playful swat at her plump ass, the vampire earned himself a look and smile over the Slayer’s shoulder. This foreshadows his withdrawal from her pussy, but as the Slayer tried to turn to face the vampire, he pulled her steady. Buffy was confused but took the hint, and soon her crush’s intentions came clear as he bent low behind her and leaned forward so his face pressed against her tanned cheeks.

“Oh! Ohhhhh!” Buffy first moaned from surprise as his tongue licked her asshole, then a moan of pleasure from the tonguing.

Diving in and pressing his mouth to the target like he did when a vampire who fed directly from a human’s neck, Angel attacked Buffy’s asshole with his tongue with a frenzy. As previously stated, the older man was a booty fan, and Buffy’s checked all the boxes. Slim and yet with plenty of heft, the 16 year old had a great backside, and given her moans, an asshole that was very pleasurable. Over and over his tongue danced over the crinkled surface before occasionally piercing forward and penetrating a good inch deep into Buffy’s colon. Instantly the vampire knew Buffy was far from an anal virgin with how gaped her anus but he didnt care. In fact, it was all the better.

“Kinda took my eye off the prize Xander,” Buffy said, her mouth only being used for moaning in the previous half minute as Angel ate her ass out.

“I can think of a way you can make it up to me,” the eager teenager replied with a goofy smile.

“Let me guess…” Buffy retorted as she made a ring with her thumb and forefinger. Bringing it over to Xander’s hand, she cinched the ring around one of his fingers and moved it up and down. “Get it?”

“Sex with you would be an honor,” Xander exclaimed, his voice cracking with excitement.

“Awh,” the Slayer sighed from his sweetness. “Then sit down. I feel like working off some post-slaying energy.”

The trio quickly rearranged themselves on the tight confines of the children’s playset but within seconds they were in proper spots. Xander found himself seated at the top of the staircase so he could recline and rest his back on the metal walkway. Buffy had done as she mentioned by climbing atop the horny teen that lusted after her all year, lowering herself so her bare knees were on the metal surface on either side of him. She took a moment to reach behind her and guide Xander’s spit-coated dick to the entrance of her pussy before sitting down fully on it, thus taking the goofy boy’s virginity. 

“Oh God! Greatest night of my life!” Xander moaned as the entirety of his shaft was implanted in Buffy’s pussy.

“You really are a sweet boy,” Buffy told her friend before bending low and kissing him deeply.

Done with the platitudes, Buffy straightened back up, sitting fully on Xander’s cock again. The Slayer wasn’t lying when she mentioned needing to burn some pent-up energy and the goofy boy was now the lucky recipient. Raising up onto her knees, Buffy was a stream of motion as she constantly lifted her fit ass up from his lap then drove it back down. Once more the play structure swayed and creaked from Buffy’s energetically fucking. For his part, Xander was giving just as good as he was getting from the Slayer as he was lifting his hips to meet her downward momentum, spearing her harder and deeper in a thumping collision.

“Yes Xander! Fuck me, fuck me, fucke me,” Buffy vocally urged.

Xander did just that. His hands were up groping Buffy’s tits ever since she lifted them from his chest. Despite being very much a boob man and finding Cordelia’s to be the best in Sunnydale, Xander could still appreciate Buffy’s peaks. They were small, but at 16 years old and still having a B cup was an accomplishment. They fit her perfectly, were perky beyond belief and the small pink nipple was the cherry on top of the sundae. However, hearing Buffy beg for more made Xander shift his hands down lower to grab two handfuls of ass, allowing the teenager to ram up into Buffy’s pussy with greater force.

“God you’re perfect,” Xander huffed.

Buffy was unable to reply to his compliment though, given the fact she had a vampire’s dick occupying her oral orifice. The blonde teenage girl was timing her blowjob and fucking in rhythm with each other, though both men were making it easier for her. With Buffy now blowing Angel and being distracted from only riding Xander, the teenage boy was thrusting upwards to help maintain a rapid fucking as she was only able to do a medium speed ride. Meanwhile Angel was having his stamina taxed by what could only be described as a frantic blowjob. Buffy’s fist was working right against her lips as she serviced his entire 10-inch cock with the combo. 

“Give me a little break, Buffy,” Angel commented after the Slayer had recorded another dozen bobs along his shaft in short order.

Using his vampiric strength and speed, Angel jumped off the playset and landed on the ground below. Having no intention of leaving, the vampire climbed the few steps until he was directly behind the fucking teens. Buffy had used the added freedom of not multitasking of having a dick in her mouth to sit tall and really bounce on her friend’s lap. All 6 inches of hard dick stretched out her cunt as it sheathed and unsheathed itself inside her flooded hole. However, when Buffy felt an icy hand on her back she instinctively bent forward until her perky tits were pressed against Xander’s chest and her ass was made to look even plumper. Angel gave his fingers a quick lick then used the applied spit to ring Buffy’s puckered asshole. 

“Naughty boy,” Buffy smiled back at him from over her shoulder.

“You have no idea,” Angel grinned back.

Finding little resistance, Angel pushed his middle finger past her anal ring and buried it fully in her rectum. Buffy barely moaned from the anal intrusion, confirming to the vampire that she was well used to taking a cock up the dumper. Pumping the digit in and out of her asshole, Angel was pleased as Buffy showed her eagerness but rocking her firm ass back to not only impale her booty on his digit, but her pussy on Xander’s cock. 

As Angel pulled her hand away to add more saliva, he felt his dick stir with even more passion as the Slayer brought her arm back behind her so she could loudly smack her own ass in excitement. With more spit acting as makeshift lube, Angel found a snugger fit of forcing two fingers into the Slayer’s ass, but she took them all the same and continued her energetic ride of her best friend. Before long, the vampire was pulling his two fingers out of her booty as he prepared to stuff something much bigger up her bowels.

“Done this before,” Angel asked as she stepped higher up the stairwell.

“Never. But I’m a quick study,” Buffy said with confidence.

“Good girl,” Angel grinned as he crutched down low behind her. “Just stay relaxed.”

“What is happening,” Xander asked, opening his eyes to find Angel standing behind Buffy and looking like he was about to fuck her doggy style. Except he couldn’t since Xander was already having sex with her.

“Things are about to get a little tight,” Angel told the other man as his cockhead pressed gainst Buffy’s asshole.

“Ugh! Oh! So much cock in me,” Buffy screamed as Angel pushed the first several inches of his manhood into her backdoor.

“Is it too much? Angel could always pull out,” Xander suggested.

“No. Just needed a second. Now give me both those cocks,” Buffy said with renewed confidence.

“It appears I have corrupted you completely,” Morgana the succubus said as the two men tentatively made sawing motions into their respective holes.

“And I get to reap the benefits,” Buffy responded to the sex demon in her head.

For Buffy, the act of having two cocks in her simultaneously made her feel full beyond belief, but it was manageable. The two men were considerate as they thought she might need a minute to adapt so Angel only resorted to fucking her slowly with the first 2 inches of his impressive cock while Xander laid still beneath her. Both men had to fight their animalistic instincts by not just thrusting without regard, especially Angel. Though he was far from a virgin, it had been decades since he last had sex, especially his favorite style of anal. Therefore he had to really suppress the urge to just plow full steam ahead into Buffy’s tight ass and impale the gorgeous blonde on his cock in one quick motion. It was a challenge but he held that side of him at bay as he carefully only worked a small amount of himself into her booty, but even that felt amazing. Her asshole was snug, but not painful as it clamped around the neck of his cock.

“Can’t believe you are both inside me at the same time,” Buffy exclaimed with glee.

It took less than a minute for the Slayer to have grown accustomed to having a cock in both her ass and pussy at the same time. It was no longer causing even a hint of discomfort, in fact she was actually growing to like the feeling of being full of dicks. Using her hands on Xander’s strong chest, she began to push back into both their meat poles and started fucking them with more power. With Xander laying on the floor fucking up into her twat and Angel standing behind her with his strokes lengthening into her asshole, Buffy was somehow blissful. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “Just like that!”

“I really did help you along the path of becoming a complete sexual fiend,” the succubus continued her commentary as Angel and Xander thrusted more wildly into their respective holes.

“That’s it,” Xander hissed through clenched teeth. “In and out. In and out.”

Buffy assumed the dorky boy meant that when he pushed in, Angel pulled out and vice versa. At least, that’s how the vampire behind her was taking it and the consistent rhythm was allowing Angel to ease more of his massive dick further into her ass. In fact, after another dozen of slow thrusts, Buffy found the centuries-old vampire not only fucking her ass faster, but trying to get more leverage to go harder by placing his foot up on the railing and leaning further forward.

Considering the men seemed to be in control of the double fucking and the fact she had an epic fight coming up that night, Buffy decided to save her arm strength. Instead of using her hands on Xander’s chest to constantly push herself backwards to match Angel’s increasingly faster and powerful thrusts, she instead loosened her muscles and lowered herself down towards Xander’s chest. The dorky boy took advantage of Buffy's new position by grabbing both of her swaying tits and bringing them towards his mouth. He didn’t know which nipple he preferred sucking on more so the horny man took turns with each between his lips, and sometimes teeth.

“God! Keep going,” Buffy hissed her demand.

Neither man knew who the comment was directed at so both continued doing what they were doing. Angel’s thrusting into her well-used asshole somehow got faster, and to his credit, Xander’s upward bucking stayed in rhythm with the much older vampire. It had taken a few minutes but eventually both men got to the point where they were impaling the girl with a shapely ass and fit body with their entire pole. They were working together making it a smooth motion with that idle sawing motion, not jerky and uncomfortable. And once Buffy stopped propelling her body backwards and instead focused on tilting her hips back and forth to meet each of their thrusts, she found the unexpected bonus of her clit rubbing against Xander. Between being double fucked and now the clit massage, it proved too much for Buffy to handle.

“Of God! Yes…shit,” Buffy exclaimed at the top of her lungs when her clit grinded once again against Xander.

Buffy relaxed down onto the fairly muscular teen completely and let Xander and Angel pummel her body with their hard tools. She figured she may as well since they were doing great, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. While still tilting and rocking her hips, she continued to friction her clit on Xander all while able to bask in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and pussy, bringing her rapidly towards a strong orgasm.

“OH YYEESSS,” she swore as an orgasm ripped through her curvy body.

Buffy cumming started a chain reaction for the two other men. Angel and Xander’s hard thrusting was finally catching up with them. As the Slayer came, her pussy and asshole reflexively clamped down even harder around the throbbing cocks occupying her respective holes, trying desperately to milk him of his jizz. Despite having already cum less than 30 minutes ago, Xander found that the extra grip from Buffy’s bald pussy was too great of pleasure to overcome. 

“Oh God. Cumming again.” Xander exclaimed.

“Cum in me Xander. Let me feel you fill me up,” Buffy cooed into her ear as she basked in the after effects of her own climax. 

“I’m there too, Buff,” Angel warned about his own pending orgasm.

“I want your seed in me too, Angel,” the horny blonde instructed.

Just as they had been fucking her in tune with one another, both men came within moments of each other. Buffy first felt the vampire’s seed, the icy cool blast of his cum splashing against her inner walls. This contrasted sharply with Xander’s cum, because after a final grunt, the teen boy gave in and Buffy felt the warm flow of his jizz plaster her womb. Back and forth they went, a cold splash in the ass followed by a warm spray in her snatch until both men ran dry finally. 

As soon as the men climaxed, Buffy permitted the succubus control and Morgana instantly started drinking their energy down. This had become such a commonplace occurance whenever they had sex that the pair had a seemless transition. This time Morgana drank deeply, especially since Buffy instructed they could be well below their physical best in the upcoming fight. The vampire had more to give, though Xander and his youth meant he had a substantial well for the succubus to drink from as well. 

“That was incredible Buffy,” Angel spoke as he bent down to kiss her bare shoulder before withdrawing from her ass, already a thin stream of his vampire cum beginning to leak out.

“Yeah. What he said,” Xander groaned in a near comatose state under her.

“Okay studs, let’s go,” Buffy said, taking a few moments to straighten her tousled hair.

“Again?!” Xander panted from the ground, already his wilted dick starting to stir.

“No silly. It would probably kill you,” the blonde laughed.

“But what a way to go,” Xander smiled in response.

“Library to share the plan with Giles. We have a Master to slay.”

*    *    *

“You really are going to fight him,” Morgana stated, amazed at the resolve of the 16 year old.

“I have to,” Buffy replied. “You saw it. If I can’t stop him, things will only get worse. Those boys dying at school. If Willow and Cordy were 5 minutes earlier they’d be vamp food too. And you saw Angel and Xander. Hopelessly outmatched and yet they fought.”

“But the prophecy…”

“That’s the thing about me...I like to break rules. What’s a prophecy but a predicted rule?” Buffy countered with a mental shrug of the shoulders.

“You truly are remarkable,” the succubus complimented. “Buffy, do you trust me?”

“Do I trust you? With my body, of course,” the Slayer responded.

“What about with your life?”

*    *    *

“Buffy! No! It is too risky,” Giles shot down the plan.

“It can work,” Buffy said, optimistic about her battle with the Master for the first time.

“Your plan is to die!” 

“It’ll happen regardless, according to your fancy ancient fortune-telling book,” Buffy shot back.

“Have you thought that this has been the succubi’s plan all along?” Giles asked. “To have you willingly give her possession of your body.”

“Giles, much like I’ve grown to trust Morgana, you have to trust me.” Buffy explained. “She said that the soul remains anchored in the body for minutes after death. She’ll be able to heal a lot of injuries in that amount of time.”

“Barring your head being removed from your body,” Morgana added. “Or any major rupturing of organs as well.”

“Your plan comes down to the Master killing you in a humane way, as well as Morgana keeping your soul in your body,” Giles lectured. “It’ll be so easy for her to kick you out after the initial death. Or just waiting too long to heal the injuries will accomplish that same purpose as well.”

“You’re right. It’s not foolproof. But I’m relying on Morgana, just like I’m relying on you, Xander and Angel to perform your parts in this battle. Like it or not, the succubus is part of this team, part of me. We all have a job to do. So let’s all do our jobs!”

*    *    *

“You do have enough magical juice for the resurrection, right?” Buffy asked her succubus.

“After a threesome with a vampire and teenage boy? More than enough,” Morgana practically crackled with power.

“Good girl. Let’s go slay a vampire Master!”

*    *    *

It was as predicted. Buffy fought but even being the Slayer with her physical powers were not enough against the Master. He made easy work of her and then it was the moment Buffy feared. Her neck was tilted to the side as she saw and prevented so many times with lesser vampires with their prey. The fangs hurt as they pierced the soft flesh of her neck and she let loose an audible groan. The sensation of her blood being drained was odd, to say the least. It was hard to judge time, especially as more than half her blood was drunk due to the lightheadedness, but it couldn’t have lasted any longer than 10 seconds. And once the Master had his fill, he threw Buffy to the dirt floor and stepped over her now deceased body on the way to the surface for the first time in centuries.

In truth, Morgana had no thoughts of double-crossing Buffy. However, if it was any other mortal, she likely would have. Buffy was different. She showed herself to be a champion of valor and honor. Though Morgana was demon, she could respect those virtues, especially in one so young. Buffy had earned her respect through action, and so Morgana would keep her word. Regenerating blood was difficult, but not outside her abilities. She poured all her energy into the task, not worrying about tapping her reserves. After all, she’d have time to recover her own injuries. Finally, the body stirred to life, which was good because Morgana had used up all her magical stores plus some. In fact, Morgana had pushed well past her limits and would reap the cost of that later, however it was a bill she’d gladly pay.

“How do you feel?” and exhausted Morgana asked.

“A little faint...and pissed!” the Slayer replied with fiery intensity.

The rest of the plan went off without a hitch. The Master only had a few minutes headstart on her, but she knew his destination. After all, where else would a vampire who’d been stuck underground for centuries go if not the high school dance? Luckily, armed with crossbows, Xander, Giles and Angel took out the Master’s minions. By the time Buffy caught up to the Master, she gave his bald ass the beating it deserved. Shocked from seeing her alive, the Master doubted himself. Buffy may have been without any help from the succubus in the fight, not to mention weakened from blood loss, but her rage and superior fighting skill won out. The Master became ash and Sunnydale was safe...for now.

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