Succubus in Sunnydale

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Giles.

Title: Succubus in Sunnydale Part 4
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy / Cordelia / Principal Snyder
Codes: MF, MFF, FF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Cordelia Chase and Principal Snyder

Summary: Buffy is summoned to Principal Snyder’s office, where she finds a surprise waiting for her.

“Miss Summers, please report to the principal’s office,” the overhead speaker in the classroom crackled.

“Oh! Someone’s in trouble,” the class shouted.

“Quiet now!” the biology teacher attempted to restore order. “Buffy, go ahead. Don’t keep principal Snyder waiting.”

Buffy was all too aware of the principal’s utter power within the school. Standing from her desk, instantly all eyes turned towards her as she started her slow march to the front of the class. From the front view of the 16 year old blonde, students were granted a view of her beautiful face framed by her golden locks, but it was as she passed each row of desks that all the boys really perked up for. The skirt length of the school uniform was used as a measure of a student’s behavior record. Given the fact that the blonde was hovering just above the expulsion from the school line, it meant Buffy’s skirt was as tiny as they got. Hell, even as she turned and exited the door, the teacher even watched as she left, her tanned globes of firm ass bouncing with each step.

“I guess I’m being summoned for a booty call...oh my God! Cordelia!?” Buffy exclaimed after the door was closed.

The scene in the office was close to what Buffy expected to find, with one notable exception. Principal Snyder and his sneering face was waiting for the blonde seated in his overly large chair. He had it pushed back enough from his desk to allow Cordelia Chase of all people to be on her knees in front of him. Her hand was currently holding his dick up so that her mouth could be used to suck on one of the principal’s nuts.

“Buffy!” Cordelia exclaimed. “You’re on Snyder’s hit list too?”

“Principal Snyder,” the bald man corrected.

“What are you wearing,” Buffy asked, more amazed by the piece of jewelry around Cordy’s neck than the fact she was sucking off the goblin-like man.

“Ah. A collar. I have one for you too,” Snyder stated.

The principal rose from his chair and instructed both the kneeling Cordelia and Buffy to face the back wall of his office. For good measure he locked his door, before informing the ladies the office had been recently soundproofed for occasions just like today. With their hands up on the wall at head height, the pair of teenage girls instinctively struck the sexy pose possible. Knowing what the sneering man would want, they kept their legs pressed together, pushed their asses backwards then arched their backs. All these little actions made their already impressive booties look even better, not that they needed the help.

Snyder took a moment to compare and contrast the two beautiful coeds he had managed to blackmail and coerce into being his personal sluts. Buffy was the more eager of the two, practically throwing herself at him last week. Since then he fucked the blonde twice in his office, and still he couldn’t stop staring at her. Petite girl barely 5 feet tall with shapely legs, a surprisingly bubbly booty and a schoolgirl skirt that was easily showing off half the tanned rump. Meanwhile Cordela was half a foot taller than Buffy, standing 5’7 and possessed a body no less sinful than the Slayer. Mile long legs, a wider and equally thick booty and tits that were a full C cup already despite her tender 16 years of age, the brunette was a real stunner. 

“I figure a proper slut puppy needs a collar,” Snyder’s hissing voice sounded in Buffy’s ear.

Moments later, Buffy felt the metallic click of the collar being snapped into place around her throat. It didn’t cut off airflow, but it was snug against her neck. At almost 2 inches in length, it was a smooth metal exterior with a single large loop in the front of it, presumably for an actual leash to loop through. Tilting to look at her friend, Buffy noted that the head cheerleader’s collar was a similar metal and size, but Cordy’s was spiked instead of smooth.

“Probably would be effective to ward off a majority of vampire bites,” Morgana mused within Buffy’s head.

“Maybe figure a way to run a little current through it. Just enough to stun the vamp for a second. Easy staking after that,” Buffy replied to the succubus sharing space in her mind.

“Definitely a schoolgirl dream come true,” Snyder complimented the pair from across the room.

Buffy hadn’t realized how similar she and Cordelia were dressed. Buffy didn’t know when Cordy started having to wear her schoolgirl kilt up as high as her’s, but the head cheerleader did indeed have the bottom half of her really nice ass hanging out. Not only that, but they each now wore the white knee-high socks, metal dog collar and a fairly plain white tank top that was cropped to show off their flat stomachs.

“Well, Principal Snyder, you’ll make every one of your dreams come true,” Cordy replied.

Cordelia was the aggressor for now, which told Buffy that the popular girl really needed a big favor from the horny authoritarian. Not actually caring what Cordelia needed, the Slayer was just happy to get to experiment with women. She had no practical knowledge herself, but when a sex demon was sharing space in your brain, a lot of memories bled through their tether. Spinning Buffy by placing her hands on the Slayer’s small but perky tits, the two girls were now face to face. Buffy was caught up in how beautiful the taller girl was, though in a competition Buffy would come out the victor between the two in terms of good looks. Cordelia looped her finger through the ringlet in Buffy’s collar and used it to pull the Slayer towards her until their lips smacked.

“Mhmmm,” the girls moaned as their tongues batted softly against one another.

With Cordelia’s tongue an inch deep in her mouth, Buffy latched her lips around the taller girl’s slithering tongue and sucked on it. It was hot for both the watching principal, as well as the head cheerleader. Buffy was also able to confirm that it was the unmistakable taste of cum that was coating the brunette’s tongue. Given the fact that she had been on her knees under the desk when Buffy arrived, it told the blonde that it was Snyder’s jizz that had populated her mouth, and that the pair of girls were in for a long fuck session. Goodbye biology class and likely most of lunch...

“I’ve noticed the friction between the two of you, and well, I can’t have my two favorite slut puppies at each other’s throats.” Snyder explained. “So Buffy, I want you to show off Miss Chase’s body to me.”

Buffy reacted quicker and spun Cordy around with some gentle prompting. With her ass facing Snyder once more, Buffy rubbed down the taller girl’s body until the blonde found herself squating. “Well, for starters, look at these amazing long legs! She could be a supermodel!” Buffy grabbed her hands along the sock-clad calves then up the back of Cordelia’s thighs until reaching the brunette’s ass.

“Mmm. A great ass. Maybe not as firm as yours…” Snyder commented, maybe trying to test their newfound fondness for each other.

“But look how big and jiggly it is,” Buffy retorted.

First lightly slapping then going for a grope and shake technique that she had picked up from the boys in the hallway when they did it to her. When on the giving end of the move, Buffy understood why the jerks in the school performed it on her, as feeling Cordelia’s ass squish around her fingers was very arousing.

“How does it taste?” the goblin-like man asked.

“One way to find out,” Buffy replied. 

Pulling Cordelia’s considerably bulky cheeks apart, she extended her tongue and took several quick swipes at the puckered hole. Being the first time doing anything with a woman, she was thankful for Morgana gifting her some experience. The next lick of Cordy’s asshole was long, slow and lingered. This time it drew a moan of pleasure from the normally bitchy girl. Leaving a glob of spit behind, Buffy used her fingertips to massage the anal ring in tight circles. When she felt the sphincter relax just a little, Buffy dove back in, tongue first. Instead of a lick, Buffy used the tongue to pierce, successfully as she was now a good inch deep in Cordelia Chase’s asshole.

“Oh God, Buffy!” the head cheerleader screamed in pleasure. “You might be a freak but you can really toss a salad!”

Buffy wanted to really earn that compliment, though she was doing pretty darn well already. Thinking that she had just the idea, Buffy rolled a glob of spit from the back of her throat before depositing it right against the entrance of her quasi-friend, kinda-enemy’s asshole. Immediately the Slayer brought her index up to beginning rubbing it around the smooth muscular ring. With the spit well distributed, the Slayer eased the tip forward, slowly but easily piercing the popular girl’s backdoor.

“Jesus! Shit!” Cordelia groaned, though mostly from arousal than discomfort.

“Yes. Finger her ass,” Snyder encouraged from his position opposite the girls.

Buffy needed no prompting. Instead, she allowed the sphincter to give a reflexive squeeze against the digit invading it before pushing in further. Given how easy her finger initially went in and how Cordelia barely needed any time to adjust, Buffy correctly surmised that the cheerleader was far from a rookie when it came to anal sex. Using that to her advantage, Buffy’s Finger penetrated Cordelia’s rectum fully before backing out. The Slayer staked Cordelia’s ass several times with her index finger until she pulled out. With the gape left in the anal ring from the vigorous fingerblasting, Buffy’s tongue had an easy time driving deeper than ever before, lapping against previously untouched bowel walls.

What one finger could do, then surely two could do better. Or that was what Buffy felt. Rather than spit onto the hole like before, Buffy simply gave her index and middle finger a plunge to the back of her throat to spit up a good deal of saliva. Enriched in a slippery coating, Buffy began to finger Cordelia’s asshole with double the width but achieving the same result as the only thing stopping her fingers from going further was the knuckles of her hand. Starting to pull them back out, Buffy decided to put on a show by extending her tongue. As soon as her fingers cleared Cordy’s anal ring, Buffy’s tongue was there to lick, taste and savor the depth of flavor transferred from the deepest recesses of Cordelai Chase’s booty.

“Oh God, Buffy!” Cordy screamed at the treatment the blonde was giving her ass. “You are such a dirty girl!”

“I’m not the only dirty girl here,” Buffy replied, sticking the wet finger back into Cordelia’s ass before putting it back into her mouth for a noisy suck, throwing in a wink up at the brunette for good measure.

Cordelia didn’t know if the blonde teen was just being honest or just being sexy. In either case, Buffy’s actions worked as the leggy brunette both flushed red in the face while also growing so wet between the legs. It also had the same positive effect on the bald principal on the far side of the small office. 

“ off the tits,” Principal Snyder demanded, finding that he was stroking his cock a little too much for so early in the encounter.

Buffy let her tongue rummage inside Cordelia's poop chute a little longer, as it was effective in hiding her smile. It was rare for the principal to not be in tight control of his emotions, but when he demanded that the head cheerleader’s boobs come out, he seemed much too eager. After another two long presses of her tongue, tasting that the rich girl didn’t actually taste like roses like she probably claimed, Buffy stood from her squat. Already Cordy was flipped with her back against the wall, back arched so her already eye-catching tits were even more noticeable.

“What...big...boobs,” Buffy commented as she slid the crop-top higher until Cordelia’s wondrous globes flopped out.

For one, Buffy felt the breasts were too large for any 16 year old girl to possess. She shared Snyder’s opinion that Cordy was likely going to end up with a full D cup by the time she reached college, which was even more impressive by the fact she had barely any fat anywhere else on her body. In fact, with her long legs, hourglass figure and large perky tits, Cordelia Chase was essentially a walking, talking Barbie doll. Drawn to them like a moth to the flame, Buffy leaned in until her lips could close around the first of the nipples. With a quick suck and lap of the puffy cherry with her tongue, the nipple instantly hardened. Not forgetting the other, Buffy pivoted while in her partial squat to give the second nipple a suck, this time lasting longer to make up for getting to it last.

“You are some naughty schoolgirls,” the horrible little man exclaimed.

“You have no idea, sir,” Cordelia replied, using her long arms to reach down and grope Buffy’s perfect peach of an ass.

“You have a great body, Cordy,” Buffy complimented as her fingers rubbed lightly over the taller girl’s sex.

“Cordelia. Don’t you think you should get to know your new friend better,” Snyder prompted.

“I just figured that our little Buffy knew what hot stuff she is,” the cheerleader explained. Surprising Buffy with the speed, Cordelia pushed off the wall before spinning the Slayer around so she had her chest against the wall and booty pointed back at Snyder. “What a nice big booty for a tiny girl!”

“Agreed,” Snyder replied.

The toad of a man watched as the most popular girl in school took two palmfuls of Buffy’s ass and kneaded the firm flesh. While the blonde was petite with narrow hips, the Slayer training kept her body in top shape, including possessing strong but feminine legs and a ridiculously thick rump. Taking a page from the blonde’s book, Cordelia dropped onto her knees and buried her tongue in Buffy’s ass without hesitation.

“Oh shit!” Buffy cooed, growing to love the feel of something, especially a wet tongue, up her booty.

“Language,” the principal disciplined, all while lightly stroking his cock.

Buffy was a little disappointed when Cordelia pulled her tongue from her tight anus after such a short time, but it was only for the devilish girl to let a glob of spit drip from her mouth and slide down Buffy’s crack. Right when the bulk of the saliva was on the crinkled starfish, Cordelia pushed her tongue forward, piercing Buffy’s sphincter and punching the spit deep into her bowels.

“God, Cordy! You really can eat ass!” Buffy complimented.

Not done with the smaller girl, Cordy spun Buffy around and had the Slayer pull up her barely there skirt. While the rich girl opted for a neatly trimmed bush, Buffy was completely shaven smooth, which really made her adorable pink pussy stand out in vivid detail. Diving back in, Cordelia took several quick licks at Buffy’s clit, making the blonde moan and writhe against the principal’s wall. Of course Buffy helped her out by spreading her legs further apart, allowing Cordelia to absolutely feast on the inside of her cunt for several minutes.

“Your pussy is so sweet!” Cordelia beamed up at Buffy.

“I’m so wet,” Buffy cooed. “You’re really good.”

“I know,” the brunette smiled.

In order to keep Cordy using her mouth in the best possible way, Buffy leaned her back against the wall, shifted her weight onto one leg so the other sleek but strong peg could rest on Cordelia’s shoulder. This not only kept Cordelia from stopping her oral assault on the blonde’s hairless pussy, but also gave her better access. The cheerleader used the new positioning to great effect as her tongue licked from Buffy’s pink hole to clit. Cordy’s tongue was strong and surprisingly skilled, licking deep within her snatch to taste her flowing juices then would slice through her folds and lips.

“Taste so good,” Cordelia groaned into the Slayer’s cunt. “Like superhuman tasty.”

“Another Slayer blessing,” Buffy moaned below earshot.

Despite the fact that Buffy, under influence from the succubus at least most of the time, had been very sexually active of late, her conquests were rather reluctant to eat her out. She couldn’t necessarily blame them since they wanted to use her absurdly beautiful body for their own pleasure, but still, a girl loved a good tonguing to her downstair’s parts. Cordelia was certainly making up for that right now. Not just talented with cocks, Buffy was finding the leggy brunette to be rather talented with orally pleasing women just as much as men. Currently, she was using it to bury in the Slayer’s bald pussy as she used it to drag her screaming in the principal’s office towards a massive orgasm.

“Good thing I had the place sound-proofed,” Snyder commented.

Buffy had her arms resting above her head as her eyes threatened to spin to the back of her head. While being horny and looking for pleasure, she really hit the unexpecting jackpot in Cordelia of all people. The Slayer had no idea that the bitchiest girl in school would have such an appetite for pussy. Yet here Cordelia was, either on her own volition or via coercion by Snyder, expertly working Buffy’s clit with her thumb before changing tactics and replacing her skilled tongue deep in her cunt with two long fingers.

“Oh God that’s amazing,” Buffy shuddered loudly.

“Put the poor delinquent out of her misery, Miss Chase,” the principal demanded.

“Yes. Make me cum, Cordy,” Buffy eagerly agreed.

Cordelia had no trouble making that demand a reality. Being as skilled at all manners of sex than any 16 year old had a right to be, it likely came from dating a lot of high school seniors and a handful of college men. Shifting her technique into high gear, just when she was allowing Buffy to get used to the combination of her two hands working in harmony with each other, she changed it up. Buffy was putty in her hands, and the blonde began experiencing a new sensation. Getting her mouth back to work again, Cordelia used her tongue to dart back and forth at the petite blonde’s exposed clit to strum it to new levels of pleasure while continuing to explore the depths of her cunt with her digits. With a curl and drag, Cordy was rubbing against Buffy’s G-spot with each thrust into her pretty bald pussy, meanwhile her tongue was a non-stop source of pleasure by continuing it’s oral assault on Buffy’s clit.

“Oh...yes! Keep going! God, Cordy! Cumming!” Buffy screamed before releasing the sweetest tasting cum Cordelia had ever tasted.

“Wow Buffy,” Cordelia couldn’t help but exclaim as her tongue lapped up the Slayer’s tasty cum. “You taste insanely sweet.”

“God Cordy! Who knew you had such a pleasing nature about you,” Buffy cooed as Cordelia did a slow lick through her folds again.

“Speaking of which, I think our guest of honor needs in on the fun now,” the kneeling brunette suggested.

“Come over here and suck together.” Snyder remarked before adding. “Show me how well you two can work together.”

Both girls were on their feet, strutting the short way towards their master. Though neither of them thought he was much to look at, in fact they both found the principal repulsive in terms of attitude and physical appearance, except in one respect. As their high heels clicked on the tile floor, both sets of eyes were plastered on Snyder’s surprising 9-inch, thick cock that they both couldn’t wait to get their lips on. Once within arm’s reach, Snyder was reaching out to grope each of his students’ chests with a rough knead. Neither Cordelia nor the Slayer minded the rough treatment of their different but equally great tits. 

“Mmm...I remember this big cock,” Buffy cooed, her hand closing around his cock in a soft fist.

“Still slick in my spit from earlier,” Cordelia added as her hand aimed lower to softly cradle his nuts in her palm.

The girls descended to their knees on the office floor. Working together, along with a brief lifting of his hips off the desk, the two schoolgirls had their principal’s pants pulled down and around his ankles. Their hands were still in the same position as moments ago, which meant the Slayer had first crack at his dick, and she certainly seized the chance. Extending her tongue, Buffy delivered a long lick from base of his manhood to the tip, at which point she parted her lips and devoured the first 3 inches. 

While Buffy began to find her stride, bobbing her head up and down on the upper half of his 9-inch cock, Cordelia was finding ways of being involved as well. It seemed like the pair had lots of experience working together, though it was obviously their first time servicing a man or woman in a pair. Regardless, they found an easy rhythm as Cordelia’s left hand stroked the bottom portion of Snyder’s meat pole while her mouth was used further down. Opening her mouth wide, the leggy brunette swallowed one of his heavy balls, giving it a suck and tongue action before gently spitting it out so she could give a matching treatment to the other unattended one.

“Remember to share, Miss Summers,” the toad-like man said after another minute of her lightning quick blowjob.

Cordelia used his instruction to take control. Letting the slippery nut spill from her mouth, Cordelia ran her tongue up over the portion of his shaft she was previously massaging with her fist. As her tongue touched Buffy’s lips on her last descent, the pair moved up his pole with Buffy gliding her sealed lips over the veiny member and Cordelia licking the underbelly. Eventually Buffy ran out of real estate and her mouth came off Snyder’s cock with wet popping noise but Cordelia was there to catch the slobbery tool and had it steered into her mouth seamlessly.

“Yes Principal Snyder,” Buffy cooed, feeling his hand holding tightly onto her golden hair.

Getting her mouth back to work, Buffy waited to see the depth Cordelia was using her mouth on before acting. Since the large-breasted brunette was hovering up 4 inches of Snyder’s inhumanly large cock, Buffy aimed lower than her lips and delivered a sloppy, open mouthed kiss to the side of the principal’s shaft. With a wet smacking noise she did so again, this time lower until finally she was essentially french kissing the surprisingly sensitive portion where his dick met his pelvis.

“Ahhh God ladies,” Snyder shuddered in delight.

Buffy pulled off after a minute of her eager lip smacking and simply let Cordelia show off her oral skills, for which she was talented. Though not showing the energy Buffy did, likely due to the blonde having the dual advantage of being the Slayer and housing a succubus, but Cordelia was good. Building a good tempo, the brunette was non-stop in her bobs up and down the man’s epicly large dick

“Suck that cock, baby,” Buffy said tenderly, even tucking some loose strands of brown hair behind her former enemy’s ear.

Waiting wasn’t something Buffy particularly good at though. After another minute of being on the sidelines, the Slayer signalled her intent on being the headliner once more. Stroking her fist along the portion of cock Cordy wasn’t sucking, Buffy kept pushing it higher and higher, giving the brunette practically only the tip of Snyder’s dick to suck. Getting the hint, Cordelia eventually surfaced for air, but not before first pushing down one last time, taking a huge 6 inches of hard cock into her gullet. With his dickhead resting against the back of her throat, the cheerleader coughed up a good deal of phlegm onto his manhood before pulling away, a nice parting gift for Buffy to work with.

“Nothing better than a sloppy blowjob,” Snyder sneered down at his young prey.

A deep, wet blowjob was what the principal wanted then that was what Buffy would deliver. Taking possession of his dick again, Buffy didn’t bother going for speed, only depth. Pressing her adorable nose down, her lips descended inch after inch until the bulbous head was poking against the back of her mouth. Buffy’s gag reflex kicked in immediately but with Morgana’s help she suppressed it, but at the expense of spitting a good deal of saliva all over her master’s dick.

“Buffy!” Cordelia shrieked.

Buffy pulled back off the cock and noted the thick strands of spit now populating the veiny tool. Looking down, Buffy soon realized what Cordy’s scream was about, as the blonde’s spit wasn’t only on principal Snyder’s dick. As she gagged herself on the bald man, not only had her saliva landed on him, but some had spilled over and splashed right onto Cordelia’s beautiful face, as she had resumed sucking on Snyder’s balls.

“No need to fight ladies,” Principal Snyder commented. “In fact, show me how good of friends you are by working together to suck my dick.”

Out of some instinct both gorgeous women possessed, both girls now found themselves occupying half of his shaft with their lips at the same time. They craned their necks to the side so that they were looking into each other’s eyes with their noses touching as they pressed their open mouths along his dick sideways. With noses and lips now touching as well, they moved as a well drilled team to slide up and down his lengthy shaft while massaging the underbelly of his manhood with their tongues.

After a couple dozen seconds of the well-timed lip rubbing, their timing broke, but in a good way. This time as Cordelia bent down and used her tongue on the lower portion of Snyder’s manhood, Buffy was at the other end but opposite her. Together they each licked one side of his penis, mirroring one another until they arrived at his purple-colored head. Buffy used her tongue to glide all the way to the pee slit before allowing Cordelia the same chance. However, their timing was off and they got there at the same time and immediately began another passionate makeout session while their sloppy tongues occasionally spilled from their lips and slobbered on Snyder’s waiting cock.

“See! I knew you young ladies would make an excellent team,” Snyder finally commented with a wide grin.

“Principal Snyder, do you think it would be okay if you fucked us now?” Cordelia asked while looking up at him with big, pleading eyes.

“Mmhmm. I’d love that too, sir,” Buffy agreed, bending low to give his nut suck another long suck.

“You two have earned it. Come up off the floor and lean over the desk,” the bald man decreed.

Snyder pushed himself off the edge of his desk and stepped back, though he did reach out for Cordelia’s arm. Buffy was just fine getting to her high heeled feet by herself, and Snyder’s preference of helping the leggy brunette told the Slayer that he wanted a piece of her former enemy first. Once Cordelia butted the front of her thighs against the wooden desk, she bent over so her tits were pressed against the wooden top and her nice ass pointed right back at Snyder’s saliva-dripping cock. Cordy made her pussy a little more accessible by lifting one of her legs on the desk, while Buffy did her part by lobbing a spit drool down onto the brunette’s ass crack. Using her fingers to push it down, Buffy gave the other girl’s snatch a thorough rub before dipping two fingers inside. With her pussy drench in juices and spit, Buffy clutched the goblin-like man’s dick and steered it right into the pink hole and her velvety warmth surrounded him.

“God I love fucking teenagers,” Snyder hissed in elation.

Even though Cordelia was far from a virgin, in fact she had been deflowered dozens of times by multiple teens and college men, but she was 16. That meant her pussy was tighter than it had any right to be. Snyder didn’t mind, though it did mean his cock could rip into her at the speed or depth she wanted. However, the older man had learned patience was a virtue, and in a threesome with two insanely hot teenagers, it would serve him well. With each stroke of his manhood into Cordelia’s pussy, he could feel her loosening her death grip. Of course, Buffy was proving invaluable in her service to him. Though not normally a team player or good at being a subordinate, the blonde teen was using her fingers to rub Cordy’s clit, making the leggy brunette cry out in pleasure and loosen even faster.

“Oh God, Principal Snyder!” Cordy screamed. “You feel so good stretching out my little pussy!”

“And it looks so hot,” Buffy commented.

Buffy was still dancing her fingers through her friend’s folds, feeling the pistoning cock in its travels in and out of the leggy girl. The Slayer was resting her bed on Cordy’s pillowy ass, getting a bird’s eye view of the fucking as well. However, the principal soon took a break from his vigorous thrusting and pulled out of the pink slit. Whether it was knowing how his mind worked from their sex earlier in the week or Morgana’s experience, but Buffy had her mouth open and was taking his veiny dick into her gullet within a heartbeat of his pulling out. 

“Glllggg….gglllggg...ggwwkk,” Buffy coughed and sputtered as the back of her mouth took a battering.

After a quick blowjob, well facefuck was the better descriptor, Snyder was back into Cordy’s waiting cunt. Getting even closer to the action, Buffy squeezed her head lower down the leggy girl’s backside so that when she extended her tongue, she could lash out at Cordelia’s puckered asshole. It meant her face took a little battering from Snyder’s swollen stomach, but she was the Slayer, thus unfazed.

“Like having your ass licked while getting a big dick in your pussy?” Buffy asked as she took a brief break from her tongueing so she could spit a glob of saliva onto Snyder’s thrusting manhood.

“It’s so damn good,” Cordelia squealed in delight.

Snyder used one hand to grip Cordelia’s wide hips and the other to hold tightly onto the back of Buffy’s head. He was worried about giving the blonde a concussion from the constant barrage his stomach was producing on the side of her gorgeous face, but if Buffy was affected she wasn’t showing it. In fact, it seemed the harder the principal thrust into Cordy, the more vigor her rimming of the brunette’s asshole got. In fact, Snyder got so wrapped up in his rapid fucking of the teen pussy that he pushed himself a little too hard, thus needed a break. The moment his bulbous head pulled free of Cordelia’s drenched pussy, Buffy’s lips were wrapped around him, choking down his manhood down her gullet. It wasn’t the break he was quite expecting but as the gorgeous blonde’s lips rubbed against his shaft while she tasted her friend’s pussy juices, he wasn’t in any position to complain.

“Your turn,” Snyder said after a minute of a great blowjob.

“Yes please!” Buffy gleefully replied, thick strings of spit dribbling down her chin and onto her perky tits.

Moving like a well-oiled machine, As Buffy took the bent-over position on the large wooden desk, Cordelia pivoted out of the way and leant over Buffy’s smaller but thicker ass. The Slayer didn’t quite know which of her holes the principal was going to plunder, but Cordelia made the choice by steering the slippery pole into her pussy. Between Buffy being extremely wet, having had a lot of sex lately and Cordy pulling her cheeks apart, Snyder was going balls deep in her cunt with the first thrust, and every one there after.

“Ah yes!” Buffy moaned as her pussy was stretched.

“Can I taste my new friend,” Cordy practically begged the older man.

Snyder relented to her request though he did delay it. He wanted to make sure the brunette got the full experience of every inch of the Slayer’s pussy as she tasted it from his dick. Grabbing tightly onto Buffy’s shapely thighs, the principal gave the blonde a half dozen of his hardest, deepest thrusts into her teen womb before pulling out of her. Buffy groaned from his dick leaving her, and before his cock had more than a moment of being out of Buffy it was back into a different orifice of another girl.

“Does this rebellious girl taste good,” Snyder asked after being on the receiving end of 20 or 30 bobs into Cordelia’s mouth.

“She may seem a little trashy but my God is she yummy,” the rich girl answered.

“Speaking of trashy…” Snyder commented as he slid a dry finger easily 2 inches deep into Buffy’s asshole.

“Please sir, my ass wants you,” the Slayer cooed after a few more pushes into her backside.

Buffy climbed onto the desk, kneeling and lowered her booty so it was resting on her knee-high socks. Not only was it made to look even plumper, she made it the perfect height for the short man. Pulling his slippery member right from Cordelia’s mouth, he had it at the entrance of Buffy’s anal ring then was pushing it. It gave the barest resistance before admitting him back inside, his bulbous head penetrating her anus before her backdoor gave the instinctive slamming shut. 

“Ah fuck!” Buffy yelled, not from pain but from the opening of a new hole.

“Holy crap Buffy,” Cordelia exclaimed after the principal worked another several inches into her booty in only a few quick thrusts. “Didn’t know you had it in you.”

“Like watching your friend have her tiny asshole spread open,” Snyder sneered down without slowing his thrusts.

“It’s so hot, sir,” Cordelia answered, her hands returning to spreading Buffy’s thick cheeks.

For Principal Snyder, the sight of looking down and seeing Buffy’s shapely ass being penetrated by a dick the size of a baseball bat was only made better by seeing Cordelia’s face right above it. Pushing forward as much as he could, Snyder succeeded in getting roughly a third of his huge cock into the blonde’s ass before backing out. Once only his head remained, he began to thrust back in, gathering speed with each and every rearing of his hips. He may have only been using a little better than half his length, but the bald man was sodomizing Buffy at a blistering pace.

“Fuck fuck fuck,” Buffy swore, though loving every minute of it.

Snyder didn’t realize that his hands were gripped around Buffy’s petite waist, squeezing so strongly that he was more or less using the golden haired girl as a fuck toy. Apart from Buffy’s moans, the sounds of grunting and skin-on-skin slapping filled the tiny space of his soundproofed office. Despite her petite size, it turned out Buffy could really take a dicking in the ass, of course neither of them knew she was the Slayer. It also didn’t hurt that she had a sex demon in her mind feeding her advise, or the fact her asshole was getting used to taking a pummeling, or that Cordelia was helping gape her ass. However, that didn’t make the fact that a manhood the size of her forearm was slamming into her tiny caboose and she was begging for more.

With Buffy’s bowels stretching that little bit further to accommodate the huge cock the principal possessed, more of his baseball bat-sized dick was pounding into her ass. It also helped that Cordelai kept adding more and more lube by doing the un-ladylike action of spitting down on his throbbing member. However, between time gradually loosened Buffy up and all the extra lubricant, Snyder was now fucking the Slayer as the anal queen she was swiftly becoming, and not some princess who needed to be taken lightly.

“Such a...mhmmm...good cock,” Buffy cooed, her hand reaching down between her thighs to diddle her clit.

“Jesus,” Snyder grunted, feeling his pubes grind against the small curves of Buffy’s tanned ass. 

“This is so hot.” Cordelia added before continuing her observations. “You must be into your stomach.”

“I think it’s your turn now, Miss Chase,” Principal Snyder suggested, already pulling out of Buffy’s ass.

Buffy felt a great emptying, and for good reason as her asshole was left with the opening a size of a golf ball. Regardless, Buffy kept down her disappointment of no longer being fucked, especially since she was going to see the rich bitchy girl get sodomized. Sliding backwards off the desk, Buffy’s feet didn’t hit the ground as instead she stayed kneeling. Cordelia understood and so she climbed onto the desk but so her back was laying down on the cool wood, her legs bent and spread wide and her ass just off the edge. 

“Two teen assholes today,” Snyder said, looking down at Cordelia’s pink snatch and crinkled butthole immediately beneath it. “Must be my lucky day. Or my new Tuesday lunch routine.”

“Yes, Mr Snyder,” both girls agreed before Buffy was struck by a naughty idea. “Sir, your dick is looking a little dry. My I?”

Both Principal Snyder and Cordelia looked down in utter shock and amazement as Buffy leaned her head closer and closer towards the man’s dick. As she neared the blonde parted her lips wide and took her principal’s dick as far into her mouth as possible. The very dick that moments before had been balls deep in her asshole. Buffy showed no ill effects from that fact as the gorgeous blonde shoved the first half into her mouth and started to noisily suck on my offering. While not the first time tasting something from her own bowels, it still took the kneeling Slayer a moment to adjust to the taste, which was becoming more pleasurable by each bob of her head down onto his cock.

“Ah God!” Snyder shuddered, the feel of his orgasm taking a lightspeed leap forward.

Watching such a beautiful girl with a face of an angel do something so nasty sent a surge through not only Snyder, but Cordelia as well. They watched her shiny golden-haired head bob up and down in his lap, her tongue slathering his cock with saliva and cleaning him up. Her appetite was insatiable as she gave the goblin-like man the sloppiest and probably loudest blowjob he could have imagined. Only able to bob on half my length at most, she emitted loud gurgling noise with more spit decorating his dick each time she bobbed downward, all for Cordelia’s eventual benefit.

"Mmm," Buffy moaned from around his dick, getting a strong taste of her own ass.

“God Buffy! Gross, much?” Cordelia spat in disgust before her resolve softened. “How does it taste?”

“Not quite a strawberry smoothie but not bad at all,” Buffy replied, marking her sluttiness by extending her tongue and running it along the side of the dick from root to tip. “And it’s so warm!”

“Stop hogging him and share, would you,” Cordelia commented before looking up at the bald man. “I want you to put your cock in my ass, sir.”

“Spread it open for me.” Snyder demanded.

With his dick now slick in Buffy’s spit, Snyder clutched himself tightly and brought it towards his target. As he looked down he saw Cordelia following his instructions by using her hands to grip her meaty ass and pull the cheeks apart. Even this simple gesture helped gap her ass nearly an inch wide, showing a transition of color from her sun kissed skin to a purple ring before ending in the darkness of her bowels. Buffy watched from her front row seat as her principal ignored her new friend’s pink cunt and instead placed the tip of his cock against her anal sphincter. As he slowly pushed forward, his head disappeared into Cordelia’s rectum before she saw the brunette’s asshole grip onto his shaft. 

“Ah God! That cock feels so good in my ass,” Cordelia cooed, though clearly in slight discomfort from the forced opening of her rectum.

Knowing Snyder had the good sense and enough practice with anal sex, he chose this moment to only make slow shallow strokes with only the first 2 inches. Buffy noted this and decided to help increase his pleasure from having to choke back on how fast he could sodomize the rich girl. Dipping her head low, Buffy opened her mouth wide before capturing one of the older man’s nuts. Latching her lips in a snug seal, the Slayer sucked on his balls one at a time, all while Cordy was softly sodomized. Once Snyder completed a couple dozen thrusts, each one going slightly faster, Snyder decided to push another 2 inches into her rectum at the consequence of Buffy’s mouth popping off his sack.

"Such a tight bum," he grunted as Cordelia pulled hard on her cheeks to aid in taking more of his cock into her asshole.

"Very tight," Cordy agreed, wiggling her ass to help his dick's passage.

"And so...God! It looks amazing," Buffy chirped in as she watched the man double her age stroke half his length into her friend’s ass.

“Here. More spit,” Snyder said.

The principal drove forward until half his length slid into Cordelia’s much tighter asshole before pulling out. Buffy was ready and waiting, her lips already parted. Buffy didn’t use her hands at all, for fear of scrubbing away some of Cordy’s taste. Instead she simply bobbed her head along his shaft, her tongue licking the bottom of his tool while her lips formed a sealed O around him. After a good dozen bobs along the majority of his length, Buffy pulled away, knowing Cordelia was due more of an assfucking. 

Snyder had other ideas. The encounter had been going on for quite some time, and even though he came down Cordelia’s throat moments before Buffy’s arrival, his stamina was dwindling. Seeking to starve off his orgasm as long as he could, the impish man took his dick rich in Buffy’s salvia and drove it most of the way into Cordelia’s ass. Buffy went to suck on his nuts again, but Snyder was already pulling all the way out of the leggy girl’s booty. Sliding his soiled member all down the blonde’s face, Buffy got the hint, spitting the nut she was sucking on out of her mouth and instead getting his member back between her lips. The moment his tip poked the back of her mouth, producing more spit on his tool, Snyder pulled out of her mouth and pushed back into Cordy’s ass. 

"Fuck me,” Cordelia screamed, taking the principal balls deep in her ass for the first time.

This time Buffy was ready. As soon as Snyder drove fully into Cordy’s asshole, he instantly started to retreat. Leaning forward, the Slayer wrapped her lips in a semicircle around the bottom of his shaft, massaged him and tasted her friend until Snyder pulled all the out of the leggy girl. Buffy had her chance to taste the deepest recesses of Cordelia’s rectum for a single suck before Snyder went balls deep back into the brunette. Snyder did this a few more times before deciding to give the rich girl the assfucking he was craving.

“How did asshole taste, Miss Summers,” Snyder couldn’t help but ask as he worked up to a frenzied pace sodomizing the leggy brunette.

“Her dirty booty tastes amazing,” Buffy answered without hesitation. “How does her asshole feel?”

“So tight,” Snyder hissed through clenched teeth.

Holding her hips tightly, the goblin-like man pulled Cordelia’s curvy body back towards him as his hips went thudding against her. Her perfect and large tits jiggled under the force of the collision and she groaned after each and every one of his more aggressive thrusts, but quickly got used to them. Plus, Cordy had been around the block enough times to know he wouldn't be keeping this turid pace up for long. Maybe because she was sure that his time absolutely savaging her asshole was almost at a conclusion, Cordy felt her asshole relenting more and allowing the principal to go even faster now as well.

“Need…to cum,” he snarled, face contorting.

“Cum inside her,” Buffy instructed from the floor.

With a free pass into her rectum, the horny man jerked his hips forward all the way until his pelvis slammed against Cordelia’s well-formed butt cheeks. With time of the essence he reared back his hip until his dick was completely removed from her ass then slammed it inside of her fully. He did this a few times until he could feel the cum in his balls start to boil. He thrust into her one last time then held himself completely inside her ass as he shot his load deep up into her large intestines. The moment he stayed planted in Cordelia’s rectum, Buffy leaned back in and started her glorious sucking of his nuts, which only made the principal’s shoot his load harder, deeper and more voluminous. Finally, after the last string dripped from his head, Snyder’s muscles slackened and he went to pull out and collapse for a lunchtime nap.

“Don’t pull out yet,” Buffy told the older man, seeing that he was about to withdraw.

Despite wanting to bite back at the student that he was the principal and thus the one to give the orders, Snyder relented. Staying still, he waited and watched as Buffy shuffled in her kneeling position until her face was right beneath Cordelia’s thick bottom. The Slayer gave the goblin-like man a nod, the non-verbal cue of permission to pull out. The moment his dick left Cordelia’s ass, Buffy rose up so that her mouth was now lined up directly beneath the leggy teen’s gaping tush.

“Push it out Cordy. Give me all the cum,” Buffy instructed.

Knowing what she wanted, Cordelia did as she was told. The rich girl thought the mere idea of this was disgusting, but Buffy had shown herself to have no limits sexually. Pushing out like she was asked, Cordy risked making a complete mess as it appeared Buffy knew the risks involved and deemed the reward worthy enough. Within seconds Cordelia felt a large dollop of fluid drip out of her asshole and a moment later heard it splatter against Buffy’s outstretched tongue.

“Mmhmmm,” Buffy cooed as she tasted the cum which was a perfect blend of two tastes she had grown used to - Snyder’s salty jizz and Cordelia’s ass. “More. Keep going.”

Clearly not going to be happy until every last drop of Principal Snyder’s load was shot from her asshole into Buffy’s mouth, the rich girl continued to strain and push. She felt several more puddles of the man’s cum push out of her rectum and land right into Buffy’s mouth before she gave up and exhaustedly collapsed down onto the desk.

“Thanks babe,” Buffy said, already having swallowed roughly half the cum. 

However, Buffy was trying to be a team player so she quickly popped off from her knees and found herself straddling Cordelia, leaning right over top of her face. 

“Buffy?” Cordelia asked out of shock.

The gorgeous Slayer seized the chance now that Cordelia’s mouth was open. Buffy pressed forward until their lips were smacked against each other again, drawing them together for yet another kiss. Cordelia was just as exhausted as Principal was, but the feel of the sexy girl on her lips again seemed to energize Cordy once again. However, Buffy wasn’t trying to get her going again. As Cordelia mimicked the Slayer’s action and parted her lips, she received a surprise. Not only did the sexy blonde shove her tongue into her mouth but along with it came the mouthful of jizz that Principal Snyder had deposited in her asshole mere seconds before.

“Mmhm…ughhh,” Cordelia grunted in surprise as the salty liquid was spat into her mouth.

The rich girl’s first reflex was to cough the thick fluid from her mouth, but she suppressed that urge. Instead, the beautiful brunette steadied herself, regaining her normal pristine composure then fixed her eyes over at Principal Snyder. The goblin-like man was exhausted after being put through his paces by the two energetic lovers, but he still had his eyes open and was watching for how Cordelia handled Buffy snowballing his cum into her mouth.

“Yum,” Cordelia said after she swallowed down the mix of Snyder’s cum, Buffy’s spit and the faint trace of what was surely her own anal juices. 

“That…was…incredible ladies,” Snyder huffed out, already reclined on his sofa. “I expect you two can see yourself out.”

*    *    *

“God Buffy, you’re filthy. You know that?” Cordelia asked, their heels clicking down the hall as they walked together to the cafeteria.

“Yeah. Guess I am,” Buffy acknowledged the statement as truth.

“It makes me like you so much more,” Cordelia stated with a smile. “ Let’s go out drinking some time together.”

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