Succubus in Sunnydale

BY : TheChemist
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Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers and Giles.

Title: Succubus in Sunnidale Part 3
Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Author: The Chemist
Pairings: Buffy / Principal Snider
Codes: MF, Anal, Blackmail, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. Must be 18 years old to read. I do not own or have anything to do with Buffy The Vampire Slayer nor its characters especially Buffy Summers, Willow, Xander, Giles, Angel, Cordelia and Principal Snider

Summary: Buffy grows more powerful with her situation of sharing her body with a succubus. Uses her experience thus far to deal with her new nemesis - Principal Snider

“Morning Buffy. Good sleep,” Joyce greeted her daughter as the Slayer stood on their staircase.

“Like a log,” Buffy lied.

In reality, Buffy was only getting back in, rather than coming down after a rest. Vampire activity continued to escalate with the Master’s presence in Sunnidale. Luckily, with Morgana the succubus along for the ride inside Buffy, energy wasn’t a problem. With some sex, her batteries were recharged. It wouldn’t replace sleep, but pulling some all-nighters was considerably easier now, especially if kept to only once or twice a week.

“Your uniform is hanging in the bathroom upstairs. The steam is good for getting rid of those new clothes creases,” her attractive mother informed.

“What are you talking about?” the 16 year old asked confused.

“Buffy! Seriously. Do you never read any of the electronic or ‘snail’ mail we get from your school? Or listen to announcements?” Joyce lectured.

“Well...kinda...sorta...not really,” the Slayer admitted.

“So your new do know you have a new principal, correct?”

“Yeah, sure,” Buffy lied again. “Mr...what’s his name…”

“Principal Snider,” Joyce emphasized the name, hoping it would stick in her daughter’s beautiful head. “Has instituted a dress code. White tops. Kilts. Knee high socks. Very Catholic schoolgirl…”

“Uniform,” Buffy sulked. “But my fashion is so cute and hip!”

“I suggest a tank top with the kilt. It’s gonna be a hot one today.” Joyce said. “Now run up and change. Breakfast is ready in 10 minutes.”

*    *    *

“So why do all the guys get to be outside for a free period while the girls are needing to sit through an assembly?” Buffy complained as she slouched in her chair.

“I guess they had only a warning of what they can and can’t wear,” Willow, Buffy’s best friend explained to her. “Which boiled down to white shirt, black pants or shorts.”

“What makes ours so much more complicated,” Buffy pouted. 

Before she could complain further, a hush fellow over the crowd. Looking around to see the source of the quiet, the blonde noted a small man entering onto the stage. He wore what appeared to be a permanent scowl, sneering out at the student body in his cheap, slightly too large suit. He looked like a goblin with his short stature, pointed nose and cruel smile, but that was just Buffy’s opinion.

“Hello ladies. I see everyone is getting familiar with the new school uniform,” Principal Snider spoke into the microphone as he scanned the crowd. Buffy didn’t know why, but she found his eyes to have settled on her, and that gave her goosebumps. “The reason for this assembly is simple - to explain the use of the uniform to recognize troublemakers.”

“I don’t get it,” Buffy stated, much as a general buzz of confusion spread about the girls in attendance.

“Ah! Miss Summers.” Principal Snider said, speaking over the whispers. Instantly, every one of the 500 girls in the auditorium swung to the Slayer. “I believe demonstrating on you will be the most effective and efficient way of showcasing my discipline policy. Please come to the stage. You as well, Ms Rosenberg.”

“Me?” the blonde asked, though Willow was already raising to her feet, no questions asked.

“Yes, Buffy. Now,” the new principal snapped. As Buffy made her slow way to the stage, Snider continued. “I believe you all know Buffy Summers to be a troublemaker at the school, yes?” Instantly a wave of murmured agreement swept through the crowd. “Now, not every new student or faculty member or substitute teacher will be aware of this. I want to fix that.”

By the time best friends Buffy and Willow walked up the steps to the stage, they were joined up there by the head cheerleader and most popular girl in the school, Cordelia Chase. 

“Excellent. Now let’s start with Willow Rosenberg. She’s a straight A student, 4.0 GPA, volunteers, plays in the band and has absolutely no discipline history. For her, the skirt length will be worn at her knees.” Snider explained before telling Willow to stand at the end of the stage. “Ms Chase is also taking all academic courses, 3.6 GPA, head cheerleader and an excellent family. However, now I am shocked to discover this and will be looking into the matter since I can’t believe it, but Cordelia has a few blotches on her discipline record including several absences. I’m sure Mr. Flutie was mistaken, but for now, Cordelia will wear her skirt at a length just above her mid-thigh. Pay attention, as most of you young ladies will be wearing it at this height.”

“Here, Principal Snider?” Cordy asked, having rolled the kilt until it was only an inch away from showing the bottom curve of her well-rounded ass.

“Excellent, Miss Chase. Please take your spot next to Miss Rosenberg,” the bald man ordered before turning his gaze to the sheepish-looking Buffy. “And then there are your special cases, your trouble makers, your delinquents. Miss Summers is the perfect example of this low class of student. A GPA of 1.8, no extra-curriculars, averages more than 2 tardies a day and 4 adsenses a week. Frequently falls asleep in class when she can be bothered to attend. And did I mention she burned down the gymnasium of her previous high school, thus being expelled?”

“It wasn’t my fault. At least that’s what the fire marshall said,” Buffy weakly protested. 

“Being rolling the skirt,” Snider barked. 

Buffy did as she was told and began to fold the waistband of the knee-length plaid skirt over and over. She didn’t slow down until she got to her mid-thigh. Continuing to fold it over, she now reached the length Cordelia had, then did one final roll. However, Principal Snider’s eyes kept watching her expectantly so she produced another fold, then another. Still, his eyes moved between her beautiful face and down at her athletic legs, so she did a final roll. With that, the bottom of her ass was exposed, not a lot, but enough that every step would make the skirt bounce and expose more of her tight, round booty.

“Why did you stop?” Snider asked with disdain.

“You can’t be serious,” Buffy scoffed before speaking in a lower tone. “My...butt will be out if I go any higher.”

“How else will the school population know how much of a trouble maker you are.” Snider sneered. “Now lift the skirt higher, Summers!”

Begrudgingly, Buffy produced one and then two rolles of the waistband. In total, the skirt was no more than 4 inches long, something most porn stars or prostitutes would deem too revealing to be seen walking about in. At that length, standing still meant that exactly half her fit rump was exposed, let alone when she started to walk or turn around, at which point everyone in sight would see every inch of her round booty. Luckily for Buffy, in addition to having a rock hard, bubbly ass that was one of, if not the best booties in school, she was wearing cute/sexy underwear that exposed a lot of her sun kissed skin. 

“And that, ladies, is the fate of those with a similar record to Buffy. Now, the rest of the assembly will be dictating the length each and every one of you young ladies will be wearing their uniform at.” Snider informed.

*    *    *

Buffy’s face was essentially as red as a tomato the rest of the day. She had begun getting whistled at when she was 14 living in Los Angeles on account of having a gorgeous face and a body that developed impressively at a young age. However, every guy in the school had a whistle, comment, ass graze or full on booty grab of her since it was literally hanging out. It was somewhat gratifying, but it was so much more embarrassing, especially since she was one of the few girls in the whole school subjected to this level of humiliation.

And if the skirt height wasn’t enough, she’d been forced to participate in the talent show of all things. After the assembly, that little troll of a man Snider had tracked down her, Willow and Xander. Reminding them that they didn’t have much school participation on their record, Snider volunteered them to the dorkiest of all events. Guaranteeing that the entire student body would laugh at their lack of talent.

“Grrr. I’m going to kill him,” Buffy huffed with rage as she pushed open the door, her backside still stinging from the fresh slap she just received from some big jock.

“Larry or Snider?” Xander asked. Once again, the goofy boy was trailing Buffy by a couple strides, his eyes constantly locked on her very exposed bottom. 

“Both,” Buffy growled in response, flopping down in a chair and thus breaking Xander’s trance on her bouncing cheeks.

“I know. The talent show! Even I think those people are dweebs,” Willow fumed...or the closest the sweetheart redhead got to upset.

“It really is a high school death sentence,” Xander agreed. “Social death, I mean. Though maybe you can die of embarrassment. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.”

“No! No! The skirt, the talent show. It’s too much,” Buffy roared in anger. “I’m gonna go talk to him!”

“Um, Buffy, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” Willow countered meekly.

“On account of the rage and punchy-punchy stuff,” Xander added.

“I’ll control myself. Or I won’t. He already thinks I’m a futureless delinquent so what do I have to lose?” Buffy cursed, raising from her seat before walking with a purpose out of the library.

“Hate when she leaves, but love watching her walk away,” Xander muttered louder than expected, his eyes glued to Buffy’s firm ass cheeks once more.

“Agreed,” Willow replied, softer than he could hear as she too appreciated the glorious ass belonging to their friend.

*    *    *

Buffy fumed from the library at a pace that was sustained by her Slayer powers. Luckily a good majority of her fellow students had retreated from the halls and were on their way to the buses or their cars. That wasn’t to say she didn’t get whistled at 10 times, receive a half-dozen crude remarks about her booty and one firm groping of the thick muscle in the 100 meter walk she had to the principal’s office. 

When she entered, the normally packed office was remarkably empty. The secretary had been allowed to leave right after the final bell since it was her birthday and only a few students sat on chairs waiting to be dealt with by the administration. Seeing the way past the front desk unbarred, the Slayer slipped past and down the hallway that had several doors branching off it. All the offices had their doors closed, presumably dealing with some student already, except the last door on the left was cracked an inch. She knew from her copious time spent here that it was the principal’s office. Buffy formed a fist and prepared to knock on the wood, but her Slayer reflexes kicked in and stopped her knuckles from rapping on the door with only a mere quarter-inch before contact.

“What the fuck,” Buffy swore silently as she peered inside.

Within his typical office was Principal Snider alone, staring at a file in front of him. Even from across the room Buffy could recognize her own photo. She remarked on how good of a hair day she was having the day that particular photo was taken, and how bronzed her skin looked in the short dress she wore. And how amazing those boots looked on her. Principal Snider must have agreed with how good Buffy looked, as he had his pants undone, dick in hand and was beating it like it owed him money!

“Oh my God! Oh I’m going to be sick!” Buffy, luckily, only thought instead of screamed aloud. 

“Take it as a compliment. And an opportunity,” Morgana the succubus residing in her mind explained.

“You mean…”

“You want out of this treacherous talent show and he can make that happen,” the succubus continued. “Exploit this little...scene to your advantage.”

“Oh well this should be easy,” Buffy thought to Morgana.

“Maybe you’d care to seduce him without my influence,” the succubus suggested.

“What? Really?” 

“I believe you enjoyed yourself quite thoroughly last week when we had sex with the three vampires in the alleyway,” Morgana explained. “In fact, I frequently let you control things. I merely made sure I was back when it came time to collect our hard earned rewards.”

“Wow. Okay. I guess you’re rubbing off on me,” Buffy concluded, impressed with herself for undergoing a foursome. “And with Snider?”

“Use catching him in the act as an easy seduction technique. I don’t think the bald man will respond well to blackmail, but a sexual bribe on the other hand…” the succubus explained before trailing off.

“Understood,” Buffy replied before checking herself out in the mirror hung on the far wall. Her skirt was still rolled super high, showing off half her ass cheeks. “God, at least I have a great ass to pull off this super skimpy skirt.”

Entering the office with barely a rap of knuckles on the door, Buffy pretended she hadn’t been spying on the much older man. “Principal Snider I hope you’re free...oh my God!”

“Buffy!” Snider shrieked. He went to stand then thought better of it since his was dick was out yet sheltered by the desk. “Didn’t your mother ever teach you to Goddamn knock!”

“ she I didn’t see anything,” Buffy stammered, stepping further into the office so she could shut the door behind her.

“Well of course you didn’t. There was nothing to see,” the principal agreed while pulling up his pants and latching his belt as discreetly and fast in the circumstance.

“Of course, sir,” Buffy agreed, lowering her head to act meek.

“What the hell caused you to burst into my office anyway,” Snider asked, calming somewhat but still smouldering in rage.

“Well I was hoping we could discuss a few things. Namely the skirt length and enforced entry into the talent show,” Buffy said.

“One,” the bald man replied. When Buffy’s face contorted in confusion, he went on to clarify. “You may discuss one item with me. But make it fast.”

“Shit,” Buffy murmured under her breath before Morgana offered her advice. Buffy agreed with the near immortal sex goddess since it did indeed seem the principal was steadfast on the skirt-as-punishment idea. “Is there any wiggle room on the talent show? Because me, Xander and Willow are what you would call talentless from a performing arts standpoint.”

“I meant what I said about you three, especially you, needing more volunteerism.” Snider countered.

As the man walked out from behind his desk, he came to lean against the front of the large wooden furniture. With him no more than a few feet away, Buffy couldn’t help but look him up and down quickly. Principal Snider truly was a horrible man. Terrible attitude, bad breath she could smell from this far away. Meanwhile, his physical appearance wasn’t any better. Buffy was the same height as he was, albeit while she was in 3-inch heels. He was short, bald, and wore a sneer like it was a hat. 

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I was hoping I could volunteer for another school activity. Maybe one where I won’t be laughed off the stage and have my ass embarrassed,” Buffy stated.

It wasn’t the smoothest comment in the world but Buffy was desperate to mention the word ass in her negotiations. For one, there was no way that a man who was forcing schoolgirls to show more and more of their booties in the school-mandated uniform wasn’t an assman. And for two, she was trying to stimulate his imagination. Which was also why she was standing on an angle to him, in almost a side profile view. That way her very exposed ass, which in her opinion was one of if not the best asses in the whole school, was perfectly in his line of sight and made her look as peachy as possible.

At the mention of her ass and her sad story, the wheels in Snider’s head started to churn. Desperation was a very powerful motivating factor and as a manager of people, the new principal knew it was something to always take advantage of. Also, the mention of ass did exactly what Buffy hoped it would do. Having masturbated to completion a few minutes ago, the reminder of her perfect backside, which was far and away a top 5 choice he'd ever seen in his nearly 30 years working in schools, made him flash his eyes down at the blonde’s booty. 

"Okay so you want out of the talent show. I can potentially grant that request, but I think I need to see some type of good faith on your part," the principal suggested, his mood and posture a complete reversal then what it was one at the beginning of their conversation.

"Sounds completely fair, sir," Buffy said excitedly, her and the succubus’ plan coming together nicely. Were all perverts this easy to manipulate?

Buffy could feel his eyes on her as they once again worked their way down her fantastically fit body all the way to her black high heels then back up her white knee-high socks. She was pretty sure of his motives but she didn’t want to assume just based on a suggestive comment and him admiring her body. Further proof was coming though, as the bald man began walking around her body to now settle behind the blonde teenager. However, as the new principal pressed his chest against her back and inhaled a deep breath through his nose to sniff the scent of her shiny golden hair, she knew for a fact she had landed him. As if to prove she was correct, his arms wrapped around her body and his hands instantly clutched her medium sized tits, squeezing them firmly.

"Wow...Principal Snider! This is super inappropriate," Buffy said, putting on an act. After all, she kept her voice low so as to not draw anyone running to check on the scene unfolding in the office, while also trying extremely weakly to pull his hands from her. "I’m only a 16 year old student."

"Yes you are," he grinned.

Buffy let his one hand fall from her grip as he moved it to her flat stomach, however it didn't remain there for long. Drawing it down her tummy, he scooped under her barely-there school skirt and found her mound through her panties. She was already wet just from his touch seconds before and was instantly moaning as he rubbed the damp patch.

"That’s why this is so hot, Miss Summers," he hissed in her ear while she felt his finger friction her slit overtop her thong.

Her other hand had stopped pretending to pull him away from her body so Snider once again took up his firm grip of her breast. Not the largest set in the world, they did fit Buffy perfectly both in terms of size and perkiness as they matched her personality in that regard. And despite being only 16 years old, Buffy’s tits were already a respectable B cup. He doubted they would grow any more, but having such a healthy pair at such a young age was a tremendous honor. True, she was no Cordelia Chase but it was more than enough for the pervert.

"But...this is..."

"You want you and your friends out of the talent show, don't you?"

"I do," Buffy said, her face going serious before his finger rubbed her clit once more. Despite herself, Buffy found herself moaning from the fondling.

"How does a volunteer credit for the talent show without participation required sound?" Snider asked while groping her boob.

"Amazing," her face contorting in a mixture of shock and pleasure.

“Told you it would be so easy. Men in every era are so predictable,” the succubus spoke in Buffy’s mind.

With her answer, Snider took his hand out from under her skirt and off her tit in order to find the hem of her tank top. Finding the teen to have gone still and accept her fate, Snider lifted the bottom of her shirt up and over her head, her golden hair falling back down as he threw the top aside. Next to go was the micro-skirt as he tugged it down and the kilt dropped down her toned legs to bunch around her heeled shoes. This time when his hands went back to her body it was on skin, sending jolts of electricity coursing through her sexually charged body.

"Just to reiterate, you are now my little whore. Understood," he asked while kneading her bra-clad breasts.

Grabbing her firmly by her upper arm, Snider spun the Slayer back around so her perky tits pressed against his chest. He clutched her chin roughly in his grubby little hands before devouring her mouth with his lips, his tongue slicing into her's immediately with the blonde giving up no resistance. Morgana had coached up Buffy pretty quickly about how to find pleasure even when the man you were with was grotesque, and apparently the Slayer was a quick study in this regard.

As Snider's hands closed around her rounded ass and began pawing it, Buffy felt a wealth of emotions. She was essentially lowering herself to being a personal prostitute to this man. And despite the fact that she had fucked 4 different partners since Morgana took residence in her brain, including 3 vamps, this time it was all Buffy doing the deed. 

"Come on, up on the desk," Snider instructed.

Buffy had gotten wrapped up in the kissing, ass kneading and her own thoughts that she needed his words to prompt her to climb up on the desk. He had cleared the wood surface with a swipe of the arm already so as he helped her get to her knees there was no mess. A hand between the shoulder blades with some pressure told her all she needed to know about what he wanted.

"Like the view," Buffy said coolly after glancing over her shoulder to see her principal staring at her ass once more.

Snider didn't answer right away; instead he used the chance to run his hands over the smooth, rounded surface of her perfect ass. Despite her petite frame, the booty she possessed was quite well developed; thick and round for such a skinny white teen to possess, but there was still one, very small obstacle in his way. Peeling away her thong left him with the view he was after, that of her pink pussy and tightly puckered asshole flanked on either side by a firm cheek.

"Ever since I saw you stuttering around in the halls, I could just tell how good your asshole must taste," he said before parting her cheeks before leaning in and licking from her pussy, over her taint and finally on her ass. "And like always, I was right."

Despite the fact her snatch tasted sweet and flavorful on his first pass, as only a teenager could, he only had eyes for one hole. Pressing his face deep into the crevice her awesome ass made, the bald-headed man repeatedly lapped at the crinkled surface of her asshole. Snider was pleased that the Los Angeles native kept her private parts cleaned, not that it would have deterred him in the slightest from rimming the gorgeous blonde.

"Oh...sweet Lord, that's good," Buffy moaned in response to each of his tongue's lashings. 

She hated to admit it but the disgusting troll of a man was a talented lover thus far. Though the majority of the time was spent with his tongue poking against her anal ring and trying to drive as deep into her butthole as possible, he would change it up frequently. Going lower he would lap through her pink slit, give a little suck on her clit then drag the tongue all the way back up to do a nice long, wet lick over her asshole. Finally, for the first time in minutes, Snider finally surfaced and allowed both of them to catch their breath once more. The principal bit her rounded cheeks playfully while the horny girl kept wiggling and pushing her ass back towards him to get more of his oral assault. 

She got what she wanted as Buffy felt his tongue press back against her asshole, but only for a moment. Continuing up, Snider licked up her crack and along her spine, moving over to her flanks to kiss her flesh there as she straightened up against him. With a hand on each of her hips he rolled her over, the blonde spinning over via his guiding hand until she was seated on the edge of his large desk.

"Wonderful breasts," he commented after Buffy pulled her bra off before flinging it into her ever-growing pile of clothes.

The principal didn’t bother to look into Buffy’s gorgeous face, instead he only had eyes on her tits. Her boobs were perfect for her slender upper body, each capped with a small pink nipple that stood at attention even before his lips closed around them. Aiming first at her left mound, Snider swirled his tongue crudely around her hardened nipple while his hand reached over to the Slayer’s free boob to grope it roughly. 

"Mhmm...yes," the former cheerleader screamed.

His mouth and hand worked in unison so while he sucked and smacked his lips on one of her boobs he was pawing at the other. Buffy would give a sharp cry every time he pinched her erect nipple, but he had the sense it was from surprise not pain. Finally he broke away from her perky twins and leaned her back down to the desk and spread her legs.

"Let's see how good you taste here," Snider said, staring into her blue eyes while swiping his tongue threw her puffy slit.

Buffy's head instantly started swimming as she layed on her goblin-like principal’s desk as he ate her out with surprising expert ability. His tongue was well versed in the act as it lapped deep within her snatch one instant then would repeatedly flick her clit while his lips formed an air-tight seal around it.

In truth, Snider had bedded dozens of former students in his 30 years of being a principal so he had his routine down pat, especially for what he wanted with his bought-for whore. First using two fingers in her twat, Snider blasted her pink hole while swiping her sensitive nub. As she got lost in his effort he pulled her legs further apart and slid one of his pussy juice-lathered fingers and placed it against her well-licked asshole.

"Listen to your master and relax, understood?" he told her. It wasn't a question but a statement to the younger woman as he pushed his finger into her backdoor which yielded without much effort. 

" are..." Buffy went to say before being cut off.

"Rub this," Snider demanded as he placed her hand at her clit. 

Instantly Buffy heeded his suggestion and did as her principal told her, flicking at her sensitive bean. Morgana chose that moment to flood her brain with just some of the eternity-long experience she had with anal sex. Just as the succubus could take memories from Buffy’s experience, so too could the demon pass on her memories to the teenager. In this instance, she shared with the aroused blonde a handful of positive anal sexual encounters, and almost instantly the succubus felt calm wash through the Slayer’s mind.

"I...keep going," Buffy begged.

She was probably confused when he slowed down his thrusting but it was for a reason. Pulling out so only his tip remained keeping her backdoor open, Snider pressed a second digit against the first then pushed forward. It wasn't as easy with two given how small the blonde was and her lack of assfucking experience, but they fit and she was soon moaning once more as his tongue dipped deep in her cunt.

"Oh fuck," Buffy surprised both herself and Snider by screaming in pleasure.

"Language,” the authoritarian disciplined. 

“Oh little one, you are going to orgasm, aren’t you?” Morgana thought. 

Meanwhile, Snider chose that moment to pick up the pace with his fingers as her rather tight sphincter pushed open to accommodate. Based on the frequency of her moans and how her strong thighs would press tighter against her bald head, Snider too realized the teen was close to cumming. As if to confirm his suspicion, Snider looked up at Buffy and she flashed him her devilish grin that he had never seen from a student before. He pulled his mouth away and watched her face as Buffy continued moaning with her plump lips in a wide O. Buffy's hand kept up her rapid diddling of her clit while Snider was nearly matching her pace with his finger thrusting in her booty.

"I think...ohh...that I'm...awwhhh...cuuummmmiiinnngggg!"

That was at least what Buffy would have screamed if it wasn’t for the pair of panties she had worn all day being stuffed in her mouth. Though it was after school, there were always staff milling about and Snider didn’t want them coming into his office due to the orgasmic screams he produced from the teenage girl. Continuing exactly what he was doing, his fingers kept pushing and pulling inside her as her own hand was a blur. Finally Snider felt her dumper clamp down on his fingers and he stopped blasting her backdoor.

"Oh my God! I’ve legit never done this before," Buffy told him as she basked in her post-orgasm bliss.

"And you obviously like it," he asked with his wry sneer on his goblin face.

"Honestly...I've never felt anything so strong before," the blonde answered. 

“Frankly, Miss Summers, that was a show of good faith on my part.” Snider explained. “Now I believe it’s time for you to earn that pardon from the talent show.”

As soon as Buffy felt his two digits leave her rectum she lifted herself off the desk to sit at the edge and bring him in for a kiss again. His passion was running strong as he dragged her off the desk by holding his hands on her head. The pair continued to kiss as Buffy stepped the much older man backwards, bringing her principal to the sofa she noted when she first entered the office.

"Ah. Smart enough to realize what the sofa in a private office was meant for," Snider hissed as they stood in front of it.

With one hand resting on her shoulder, Snider took the teen girl by the wrist and lowered her arm towards his crotch. Buffy took his less-than-subtle meaning by opening her hand as he placed her palm on the bulge in his pants. Taking the hint, Buffy squeezed around his cock through the dress pants he wore, outlining his dick to be a very surprising 6 inches long and it didn't even feel fully hard yet. Fixing that problem, the teenage Slayer essentially gave him a handjob through his pants while his lips kissed on the soft flesh of her neck and his hands grabbed the thick meat of her ass.

"I had a good idea. You’re so big," Buffy complimented as she dropped to her knees. 

"Yes. Yes I am," he grinned while his hands undid his belt while Buffy busied herself by massaging his hardening cock.

"This is so wrong," Buffy said but with a wry smile. "I could get in so much trouble if we get caught. We could both."

"You have no idea," he smirked as she withdrew his cock from his pants.

"Wow! Like seriously. Wow," Buffy said, staring at a dick no man 5’4” tall should possess.

Her hand automatically picked it up and began to stroke it gently as she observed it more closely. His smooth shaft was decorated with some small veins, while his cut manhood with exposed pink head looked so inviting to suck on. He was also both longer and bigger then anyone she had ever been with, measuring a full 10 inches when at full size.

With a wicked grin on her pretty face that she couldn't hide, Buffy licked her lips before guiding his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The goblin-like man couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. Snider had pulled this power move on many helpless students over his 3 decades as a principal however the young blonde on her knees could handle herself against the best of them he thought as she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

"Yes. Suck it," he moaned in delight towards the skilled cocksucker.

"Mmmmm," she moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

"Fuck. So good with your little mouth. I bet my little whore loves swallowing cocks and guzzling cum," Snider sneered down at her while holding her hair as he bucked his hips.

"Didn't know I was that easy to read," Buffy bantered back as she licked the side of his pole.

Unfortunately she had to pull her mouth off his manhood to return his dirty talk, but he welcomed the break even if it only lasted a moment. The second after giving her reply, the lips of the horny girl were wrapped back around his glistening cock, already dripping wet in her copious amount of saliva.

"I find troublesome teens with bad behaviors need a good, hard fucking the most. But don't worry, I won't be cumming for a long time," he bragged. “I masturbated to your pretty picture while thinking about your tight ass in that small schoolgirl skirt before you came in.”

Buffy parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before, Snider moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her golden head. The Slayer enjoyed the effect she was having on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. 

"Mhm...shit," the principal groaned. "Definitely worth the pardon so far."

"Right. Thanks," Buffy replied, strand of spit connecting her lips to his cock.

Snider loved the fact the girl seemed to love giving head based on her very enthusiastic performance thus far. Through previous experience, when he blackmailed students in the past it could go one of two ways; either they half-assed out of spite, or would do the best possible job. Buffy fell into the latter category as the bald man got to be on the receiving end of her divine oral skills whenever he wished.

Whereas Morgana had gifted Buffy positive anal memories when her booty was being fingerblasted, the Slayer needed no help from her in the blowjob department. In truth, Buffy had picked up some skills and ideas watching the succubus at work the last few weeks, but she also had a wealth of personal experience as well. The blonde pulled her mouth from his dick, now slick with her saliva and used her hand to feverishly beat his meat. She did this so that she could use her tongue to help corral his heavy sack to bring it into her mouth. 

"Oh good," Snider grunted, gripping her head tighter.

Buffy took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

"Thought you'd like that," the Slayer said while grinning up at him.

"Come here."

Buffy found herself helped off her knees with her mouth making an audible popping noise as her lips broke the tight seal around his cock. After giving her a deep kiss, Snider eased them both down onto the sofa so they were laying on their sides, his back up against the upright of the couch while Buffy's youthful body pressed back against him. 

"Um...are you gonna put a condom on," the teen asked, feeling his head rubbing through her folds.

"Absolutely not," he answered as he thrust inside her.

"Mhmm...ohhh...kay," Buffy moaned as he started pumping inside her.

He fucked her steadily, neither too hard or fast or slowly. Though he wanted to just go balls deep and pound her like a jackhammer, Snider knew that wasn’t possible yet given how tight a 16 year old’s cunt was. Though she had much more sexual experience than the average teen her age, Buffy’s Slayer ability more than compensated for that. Using half his length, the principal pushed in and out of her gushing mound, feeling her pussy spreading and relenting with each passing thrust. Finally he felt his base get fully sheathed in her wetness with his bulging stomach pressed firmly against her amazingly rounded ass.

Taking off the training wheels now, Snider held little back. Rearing back before spearing into her at full force, both of them moaned in delight. The principal ran his top hand up from her smooth hips, over her flat tummy and finally to grab a hold of her bouncing tit while his mouth worked on kissing the nape of her neck. 

"Fuck! You have such a great body," Snider complimented as their sweaty bodies thudded against each other.

"Thank you, master," Buffy replied while moaning, the boob not held by the educator jiggling about.

"Tell me. Tell me what you are," Snider demanded.

"Mhmm...I'm your personal little whore," Buffy screamed, her firm ass rippling with every thrust. 

"Is my nasty slut gonna cum again for me," Snider asked, his free hand strumming over her clit now.

"Pphh....uccckkk yes," the Slayer answered, nearing her climax by the second.

"Squirt all over my cock like the bad girl you are," he added, his thrusting and rubbing reaching a fever pitch.

"Oh my God," Buffy said, running a hand through her golden hair with her eyes squeezed shut and breathing more ragged. "I'm cumming. Don't stop. YYEESSSSSSS!"

Snider kept his pace going with both hips and hand until he was sure that the blonde girl had ridden out her second orgasm of the afternoon. Just like the first, she was a screamer and came hard, coating his cock in a thick layer of her juices in the process. He slowed his thrusting until he finally pulled free of her velvety grip, smoothly getting to his feet and rolling her onto her back.

After back to back orgasms, Snider was willing to bet Buffy wouldn't get in a more subdued mood than this, which would suit his future actions perfectly. Though not the strongest man in the world, Snider was able to position the petite blonde on the sofa with her thick booty barely hanging over the edge and her legs spread wide. As he pushed them backwards, Buffy had the wherewithal to wrap her arms around her legs, holding her ankles so that her principal had full access to her completely bare sex. 

“Such a cute little hole,” Snider commented as he rubbed his pussy-drenched cock against Buffy’s puckered asshole. “I’m going to fuck it now. Really make you earn that pardon.”

Buffy had the measure of the pervert and knew that this was where today was always headed, especially after eating out her ass and then fingerbanging it. Inwardly she remained calm, but she also figured that Snider wanted to see the rebellious teen brought to her knees so she put on a nervous face. Besides, any of her actual worry or doubt about being sodomized by a dick as large as Snider’s was washed away by Morgana’s reassuring attitude inside her mind.

"I don't think you'll fit back there," Buffy said with an edge of nervousness.

"Do you want that pardon? Or do you want to participate in the talent show? Making a fool of yourself," Snider asked, his tip never leaving her crinkled surface.

"It's just that I haven't done...this...ever," the blonde informed him.

"Oh Miss Summers...I don’t care. Now spread your ass," Snider demanded.

Buffy didn't use words instead responded to his demand with action. Knowing Snider liked how subservient she was becoming to him in only a short amount of time, aided greatly by the fact she was powerless to him. Running her arms through her spread legs, Buffy grabbed a handful of each of her firm cheeks and pulled them apart. With a little added steel from her Slayer strength, her still tight backdoor now had a gape in it, albeit only a small one. 

Snider didn't hesitate further as he pushed forward firmly yet without malice. The combination of the wetness of his shaft, relaxed attitude of his blackmailed student and how he had loosened her with his fingers earlier had helped significantly. Buffy still grunted as his tip disappeared into her dirt road, but it was minimal with all things considered.

"Oh God. It's so big," she grimaced.

Not only had he fucked the gorgeous Buffy Summers on his first day at Sunnidale High, but he was now stuffing his dick in her tight teenage ass. He pushed in just enough to feel her sphincter give away and permit the bulbous tip of his cock inside then reversed course all the way. He toyed with the Slayer like this for three or four more times, fucking her ass just enough to spread it wide before backing out all the way. Finally, Snider got the reaction from Buffy that he hoped for. His little anal tease had made the girl want a proper backdoor fucking, causing the 16 year old high school sophomore to rock her fit body side to side in a gesture for him to take the reins and give her more.

By achieving his goal of making Buffy practically beg to be assfucked, the principal gave in and did what they both wanted. With two hands now holding onto her hips to still her motion, the goblin-like man began making more progress into the depths of her anus. Though it was slow goings given the tightness of her anal ring, Snider didn't mind as his small strokes kept getting more of his fat cock inside her. Plus, nothing could beat the view as he watched his thick cock going in and out of the gorgeous Buffy Summers’ asshole.

"Goddamn tight," he grunted.

Always thinking of more, Snider started to push more inside and go faster almost at the same time. This caused the slender blonde to groan more and he noted the tendons of the back of her hands tighten. He figured that it may be too much too soon so he slowed his thrusting down but kept it so that it was three-quarters of his length sliding in and out of the Slayer’s ass.

"I bet this is how you like it getting fucked in the ass," he asked confidently.

"Yeah...just like that," Buffy replied in a soft tone. "I like that."

"You like my big cock in your tiny asshole," Snider asked, testing the water by going faster once more.

"I really do," Buffy answered, surprising them both with honesty. 

Even with 6 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, the high school sophomore turned prostitute continued to voice her satisfaction which became muffled when she began biting her plump lower lip. Over and over again her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate the older man’s eager probing. The smile on her face and the way she looked up at him while he drilled into her only helped to elevate the lust he felt for the submissive girl.

If she was in pain from the relentless ass fucking he was doling out to her, Snider could never have known it. With each time the full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was balls deep, she moaned. In fact, when she wasn't biting her lip the blonde demandingly urged him to keep fucking her ass. As he held steadfast onto the curves of her hips where her narrow waist bellowed out to create the modest curves, she wiggled her booty enticingly for him. Snider took up the invitation each time by rearing back before spiking her on his spear in her rectum without fail.

"Holy crap! You are so wet," the principal said as he reached down to rub her snatch.

"I really love this," Buffy answered. 

Buffy was under him and loving every passing second of the sodomy. With help from the long-lived succubus, Buffy had learnt the secrets of pain-free anal sex so was happy to offer her cute butt up to any man she wanted, Snider being no exception. Though his thrusts were getting harder, they were not painful to her, especially with his two fingers probing her cunt at the same time.

"Roll over. I need to see that tight ass shaking as a fuck your tight little dumper," Snider so elegantly stated.

The high school sophomore only smiled as he withdrew from her well-used asshole. He was far from the first man obsessed with her wonderful ass, nor would he be the last. As Buffy flipped over and rose up onto her hands and knees Snider was compelled to raise his hand then crash it down hard against her fit booty, watching the thick muscle ripple and redden from the spank. Looking down and seeing her asshole pitched wide open, Snider leaned down and found no resistance from her anal ring as his tongue slid as far into her rectum as he could.

“Oh Mr Snider!” Buffy screamed from the surprised rimjob. “You’re tongue is so deep in my bum.”

“I bet those other delinquent boys you run around with don’t eat your ass like I do,” the impish man commented as he surfaced for air.

“Absolutely not,” Buffy answered before countering with her own question. “How does this feel so good?”

“Could ask how such a young, small girl’s ass can spread so wide,” the principal stated as he rose to his full height, the urge to get back inside her growing too strong.

"Ffuucckkkk," the principal hissed as he pushed back into her ass.

This time Snider didn't need to start slow since they had already loosened her up from their first round. Picking it back up where they left off, Snider was stroking his entire length into Buffy’s boundless ass within seconds. Over and over her ass rippled as his hips smacked against the curvy muscle, pitching the Slayer forward only for his arms to rear her back simultaneously.

Unfortunately, the principal could feel his balls start to ache with the need to cum growing stronger by the thrust. However, he knew his body well enough to know his race wasn’t done just yet. Easing off his throttle, the older man demanded the younger girl to take control and use her body to fuck him. Buffy took up the challenge, using her arms on the backrest of the sofa to push her ass backwards. The blonde groaned as she impaled herself on his fleshy pole before pulling forward until only a few inches were in her bowels. She repeated this technique at length, even working a side-to-side swivel of her hips for added stimulation.

“Yes, yes! Oh my God! I’m fucking my ass with your dick,” Buffy screamed in delight.

Allowing the teen to fuck herself in the ass with his dick worked, as it bought him a few extra minutes of sodomizing the gorgeous blonde. However, he needed to cum and there was no longer any denying that fact. Resting a hand on her lower back, Snider simultaneously slowed the girl’s rocking at the same time he started thrusting harder and deeper into her rectum then ever before.

"Yes Snider. Go for you," she implored, her asshole being used for his pleasure.

"Gonna...cum...soon," Snider warned between thrusts, each one stronger and feeling more penetrative than the last.

"Mhmm...oh...cum right on my ass," Buffy begged, feeling him becoming more erratic which signalled his imminent orgasm.

" your ass," he groaned, not able to withstand any more of her vice-like booty.

Rearing back one last time Snider plunged as deep into her rectum as he possibly could. Holding himself pressed inside her, the principal howled as he released his seed, pumping his thick cum against the deepest walls of her bowels. His entire body tensed as his dick twitched in tune with each eruption of cum until he was finally spent.

Buffy felt the last stab of his cock and knew what was coming. She could actually feel his load splashing inside her anus, coating her with the oddly warm fluid. The sensation alone was almost enough to bring her to a third orgasm, but she was too exhausted from their lengthy romp to climax once more. With an understanding with Morgana already established, the succubus briefly took control of the 16 year old body in order to absorb power from the climaxing man. Unlike what she did with the vampires, who had a large reserve of sexual energy, Morgana only took a minimal amount from the principal since it took the older men much longer and effort to recover. 

"Wow," Buffy moaned as Snider pulled his deflating cock from her ass for the last time.

"I would have to agree with you," Snider replied as he flopped onto the sofa, completely exhausted. 

"So this means I’ll be watching the talent show instead of an active participant?" the adorable blonde asked once she was back in her own clothes.

"A deal is a deal. Though, I believe a blowjob tomorrow morning will solidify my mind on that subject, don't you," he asked with a wicked grin.

"Yes sir," Buffy agreed, the realization of her new life finally dawning on her as she left the office with Snider already passed out into a deep nap.

*    *    *

Several hours later, night had fallen on Sunnidale. As she usually did, Buffy was out patrolling the town resting overtop the Hellmouth after a strategy session with her Watcher. As usual, Giles stayed behind in his office, researching for the inevitable clash between his Slayer versus the Master vampire. However, he was soon joined by another.

“Angel! You frightened me,” Giles said as the vampire with a soul appeared in the library.

“Sorry,” the vampire replied, holding out a book.

“Is that...the Codex?” the Watcher asked in disbelief.

“The original Pergamum Codex…”

“Thought lost in the 15th century,” Giles added.

“More misplaced than lost,” Angel corrected. “You said this will have information on Buffy’s clash with the Master?”

“Yes. It was originally written in demonic tongue, but translated to Latin. I’ll have Willow use that computer program to further translate into English,” Giles explained. “Thank you Angel.”

“Anything to help Buffy.”

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