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The weather had been miserable for the last few days. Spike didn't envy the boy having to work in the nearly constant wind and rain. Even though Xander had insisted that he and his team would mostly be working on installing cabinetry today, he'd come home completely drenched. Once the boy had stripped, he'd pulled him over his knee and helped him warm up by spanking him until his backside was bright red and radiating heat. Afterwards, they'd spent a quiet evening in front of the telly watching old horror movies. Xander had spent most of that time silently lying on his side wrapped in a soft fleece throw with his head pillowed in the vampire's lap, silent except for the occasional snicker at Spike's indignant diatribes about each film's gross inaccuracies. Now, as the second film, The Wolfman, wrapped up, Spike smiled idly, running his fingers through his pet's hair. Xander looked about ready to nod off; he really should put the human to bed but the vampire wanted to enjoy this for a few minutes longer. While Spike might have appreciated the idea of nonstop play conceptually, it wasn't realistic. And truth be told,  it was nice sometimes just having the boy cuddle up to him.

It wasn't surprising how exhausted the young man was, given how much effort the older creature had put into wearing him out over the last few weeks. He'd kept his promise and had teased the young man relentlessly for days on end, only letting Xander climax once a week for a month. He'd been slightly disappointed when the time allocated for the boy's punishment was up. He was quickly becoming addicted to watching his pet come from having his knackers beaten, not to mention the sight of him squirming and desperately pleading for the vampire to stop tormenting his spent member after each orgasm.

They had made the most of the last week of Xander's "punishment," shagging almost every moment the boy wasn't sleeping or at work until even the vampire was exhausted. As a bonus, his Kitten had become quite amorous. The boy had been unusually forward that week, going as far as rubbing his cheek against Spike and pressing his almost perpetual erection against him. It had given the vampire a lovely excuse to punish Xander for his impertinence. He'd spanked the whelp, of course, which they had both thoroughly enjoyed. At first, he'd been going to leave it at, but after seeing the pre-cum leaking freely from the boy's erection, he'd imperiously informed his slave that it hadn't really been a punishment since the boy had obviously enjoyed it too much. So, Spike had left their bedroom in search of inspiration and finally returned with some toothpaste. Xander had given him a speculative look as he'd coated the brunet's cockhead. It had been apparent when he'd applied it that his Kitten had no idea what was about to happen. All too soon, though, the mint had started doing its work, and the human had begun whimpering beautifully as his cockhead had started to tingle, then burn  before finally settling into what Xander would later describe as a not entirely unpleasant throbbing sensation. The entire experience had left the human shaking and sobbing with frustrating pain and arousal. The young man had confessed that the treatment had left him even more aware of his already sore and aching cock and balls. Xander had spent the next half hour bouncing up and down on his owner's cock until he'd brought the vampire to a shattering orgasm. Spike had finally taken pity on the boy and held an ice pack to the human's testicles until his erection had flagged. Despite this,  the boy had nestled quite happily in his Master's arms to sleep. And the next night, he'd eagerly wanked at Spike's command, teasing himself until his poor neglected cock had started leaking copious amounts of pre-cum again, as the older creature  had sat at the foot of the bed and watched him. He had made Xander bring himself to the very edge of climax and stop and repeat the process five times before he had finally been unable to stand his own painfully throbbing erection any longer and had shagged the boy enthusiastically. He still smiled, remembering how the boy had whimpered in frustration when he'd pulled his spent cock out of his trembling body.

That last weekend had been fantastic. Spike had used his pet's mouth as soon as the young man had returned from work on Friday night, just to take the edge off. He'd, of course, ordered the boy to tease his own cock while he brought his Master off. Spike had spent the rest of the night alternating between spanking Xander, torturing his nipples and forcing the slave to bring himself to the brink of ejaculating over and over. By the time he'd finished giving his Kitten one last spanking before bedtime, the brunet's ass and thighs were a lovely deep, almost purple shades of crimson. It was shocking the amount of abuse the youth could take and even masochistically enjoy so long as Spike didn't cock things up and made sure he built the pain gradually. Though his bottom had to be aching, the younger man had continued to moan and only started to beg prettily when Spike had tied him to the bed and slipped a modest plug into his arse. The vampire had warned of dire consequences if Xander came in the night, but he'd chuckled darkly as he'd turned on the vibrator inside the toy on the lowest setting.   

His pet had woken adorably frustrated and understandably stiff the next day. Ultimately, Spike had decided to take pity on Xander, kneading the week's kinks out of the boy's back, shoulders and legs before rubbing lotion all over his sore, tender bottom and removing the toy from his ass. Spike's fingers had, of course, ended up between the youth's firm cheeks, and the massage had ended with a solid half-hour of prostate play. After letting the boy bathe and feeding him, he'd tied him back to the bed and spent the remainder of the day tormenting the human's hole with his fingers, various toys, and his cock. He'd even introduced the poor thing to ginger play. Much like his previous experience with the toothpaste, the mortal hadn't known what to expect as Spike slipped the cold, moist root inside of his arse. The blond had smiled fondly as he sat back and watched the ginger root take effect. Xander had squirmed so violently when it started to burn that Spike had been momentarily concerned that the bound man would injure himself. When he'd reached beneath his prisoner, though, he'd found that the man's erection had not flagged in the slightest.

By Sunday, Xander had been so exhausted that Spike had decided to let the boy sleep for a couple of hours after their morning shag. He had spent the time preparing a lovely brunch for the two of them. When the boy had eventually awoken, Spike had secured his hand behind his back with a soft silk scarf and stuffed the freshly charged vibrating plug back up his ass, switching it on and turning it to a much more exciting setting. He'd then dragged Xander after him into the kitchen, taken a seat at the table and pulled him onto his lap. Spike had fed the boy that way, using his free had to either toy with his pet's nipples or play with his cock. He'd untied his charge after the human had finished his meal, bent him over the dining room table, turned the vibrator up to the highest setting and given him a light spanking before sending him off to the kitchen to clean up and do the dishes. By the time he had been done, the boy had been unable to stop kept clenching and unclenching his fists rhythmically as he'd tried to calm his breathing. "You've been doing so well. Been such a good boy for me. Just a few more hours, Kitten, and then I'll spank all of that nasty cum out of those big heavy balls," he'd whispered, taking  Xander into his arms, half-mocking him and half cajoling him. "Won't that feel good?". To his credit, Xander had only snuggled in and nodded.

So, after letting the boy use the loo, he'd led him back to the bedroom and tied him to the bed with his legs drawn up and spread, much the same way he'd bound the human the night he'd fisted him. He then spent the next two hours tormenting him. He'd alternated between using gentle torments like sucking on Xander's nipples or using feathers to tickle his cock and balls until fluid was weeping from his over-sensitive slit. He'd also indulged in more intense impact play like taking a flogger to Xanders inner thighs or nipples or smacking the tip of his erect penis with a riding crop. He'd managed to get Harris so worked up that the boy had started to whine and whimper almost continuously.  

"My poor, sweet boy," the vampire had smiled fondly. "I think you might just be ready for your first orgasm. What do you think? Have you had enough teasing?"

"Please," his pet had beseeched.

"Please, what Kitten?" the vampire had coaxed, "What would you like me to do?"

"Please, please let me cum, Master." Xander had begged.

"You know the rules. You know there's only one way you are allowed to cum today. If that's what you want, you only have to ask, Kitten," Spike had prompted.

"Please," the bound mortal had cried again, futilely tugging against his bonds.

"Please, what?" Spike had insisted, reaching down and pinching one of the confined man's nipples hard.

"Please… spank... Spank my balls," his human had finally pled.

Spike had snickered but happily acquiesced. He'd reached across Xander and picked up the small crop he'd just finished slapping the mortal's tits with. He then wrapped his free hand around his Kitten's gorgeously erect prick and began lightly stroking it before bringing the crop down squarely against his slave's right testicle.

"Oh fuck," the human had squealed. Spike had ignored the boy, continuing to spank his knackers with the crop, careful to keep the blows light. When they'd done this before, he'd switch between wanking his pet and beating his knackers. This time though, Spike had decided to try doing both continuously. It hadn't seemed to damped Xander's arousal any. Excited as the mortal had been, it hadn't taken long for him to tip over the edge. Quickly grabbing the lube from the nightstand, he had poured a generous amount over the bound man's reddened cockhead. The boy had whimpered, knowing by now what was coming, but knowing better than to protest. Spike had smiled firmly, grabbing the boy's shaft just below the flange with his left hand and starting to rub the palm of his right hand in steady circles over the mortal's sensitive glans.

"Oh, God…. Oh, please… I can't… Oh, God…" Xander had squealed, squirming ineffectually in his bonds.

"Now, now," Spike had admonished. "We've been through this enough times that this can't be a surprise, Kitten. You knew very well what price you'd have to pay when you asked for release. Your pleasure isn't free, sweetheart. You need to let Master enjoy your suffering in return."

"Oh, God, Oh God… Yes… Master," Xander had gasped.

The blond had continued the sensual torture for several long minutes, only occasionally pausing to add lube so he could maintain a smooth, slick glide over the boy's hypersensitive cockhead. Despite his best intentions, the slave had started futilely trying to squirm away, desperate to escape the sensation, but restrained as he was, he had been unable to close his legs or do much to avoid his Master's tormenting hands. Xander had laid panting and exhausted on the bed, eyes closed, dripping with sweat, when his cock had finally mercifully stopped being so sensitive.

"Looks like the sensation is finally bearable again. Just breathe. I'll let you rest for a minute before we can start work on getting the next load out of those big sore balls. Won't that feel good?" The vampire had taunted.

"What???" the boy yelped. panicked. "Master, please, I can't…."

"Oh, of course, you can. You're still young. I'm sure we can get a few orgasms out of you without too much effort," the blond had smiled.

"Please, Master… please don't do this to me," Xander had cried, shaking his head.

"But Kitten, I enjoy playing with your body. I know you don't want to deny me that. You don't do you?" Spike had smiled, reaching for the lube and spreading a generous amount over his fingers. Xander had just tearfully shaken his head while Spike's fingers breached his hole and found his prostate. His pet had ended up having another four orgasms that night, each more intense than the last until his spend had become little more than a dribble. He could probably have wrung another couple of climaxes from the young mortal but ultimately had decided to have mercy on the sobbing and clearly exhausted man.  In retrospect, spanking, the boy's bollox through 5 orgasms in one night had been a little much.

He had spent quite a while caring for his pet after they had finished playing, forcing the boy to ice his tender genitals and rubbing the sensation back into his limbs before putting him in a warm bath. Even after all of that, though, the boy had had to call in sick, too sore to be able to walk around comfortably the next day. The vampire had spent most of that day anxious and worried that he'd taken things too far. He had dreaded when his pet had finally asked to speak to him, sure that he was going to be told that he'd fallen short of his promise not to exceed Harris' physical boundaries. His pet, however, had simply asked that they start at the beginning of the weekend the next time Spike wanted to play that forcefully so that Xander would have the rest of the weekend to recover.

Spike had nearly fallen off the side of the bed. "You want to do that again?" he'd exclaimed in disbelief.

"Well, yeah.. don't you? Uh… Master," his pet had asked shyly.

"Of course, I do. I just can't believe that you do. You were crying and begging me to stop nearly the entire time. And you've been walking like a 90-year-old man all day," Spike pointed out.

"Well, yeah. I'm really, really sore. I'm hoping it's something you'll only want us to do every once in a while, like rarely since… you know… It was very intense. And I'm going to need some recovery time, but it was… hot... And I wouldn't mind trying it again some time," Xander had admitted biting his lip in a way that had very much made Spike want to ravage him. They hadn't precisely repeated that night's activities yet, though Spike had given Xander's cock and balls a few teasing slaps since then. The boy had reacted to those quite enthusiastically each time. However, he'd been somewhat less enthused about restricting the frequency of his release to once a week, but he had grudgingly accepted it. He'd also quickly taken to bringing himself to the edge of orgasm under his owner's watchful eye at least once a night. The mortal seemed, at least to some degree, to enjoy the sexual teasing.

The past weekend had been a marathon of teasing, shagging and various new and titillating bondage positions, which had left the boy nearly insensate. By the end of the weekend, the human had been knackered. Even this morning at breakfast, his slave had looked about ready to fall over. So, yes, Spike had decided that a quiet night in was in order. We'd initially written it off to the pitfalls of owning a human, but much to his surprise, Spike had immensely enjoyed the evening spent snuggling with his pet. Now though, Xander couldn't stifle a yawn.

"Time to get ready for bed, I think," Spike decided. Harris just nodded, not moving to get up. "Pull down the blanket and get yourself hard. Xander wordlessly obeyed, rolling onto his back and lowering the blanket until his cock and balls were exposed in one fluid motion.

"Such a good boy," the vampire praised. "that's right, get that pretty cock nice and hard for Master. I think two will do nicely, don't you?"

"Yes, Master," the brunet agreed. It still shocked Spike how eager the mortal could be. He watched greedily as Xander ran his warm, calloused hand over his erection, pausing to tease his cockhead every few strokes. His pet continued slowly building the pleasure until his cock was weeping pre-cum. Finally, the boy's hips started moving of their own volition, and he gasped. Spike opened his mouth to order the man to stop but then realized Xander had already done so on his own. The young man groaned, moving his fist away from his engorged penis and back to his side.

"Sweet pet, you are so perfect like this," Spike cajoled, carding his fingers affectionately through the mortal's hair. "So hard for Master. Take some nice deep breaths for me. Just relax. That's my good boy. You may start again."

Xander whimpered endearingly but began obediently stroking again. Spike continued toying with his boy's hair, trying to decide if he would use the boy's tight ass or just his mouth. A blowjob would be nice, but if he buggered the boy, Spike'd get to torment him again by working his prostate until the vampire got his end away. Maybe he'd do both, Have the boy start him off in his mouth and then finish in his arse.

The vampire took a deep breath, enjoying the scent of his slave's arousal. Suddenly Spike growled, and his head shot up. He'd been so enraptured watching his boy that he'd somehow failed to register their visitor's approach until he'd been nearly at their front door.

"Kitten, go to the bedroom right now and close the door. Do not come out until morning or until I tell you that you may do so, understood?" Spike ordered.

"What…" Xander answered, dazed.

"I said, now," The vampire snapped.

"Yes, Master," Xander nodded, jumping up and dashing to the bedroom, just as their uninvited guest knocked. Bugger, best open the door before the stupid wanker did something rash, Spike decided. Though admittedly, the knock was more far more civilized than the Slayer's had been.

The vampire crossed the room, sighing, took a longing look towards the bedroom and opened the door.

"Should I feel honoured, you came all this way to see little old me? Or is Los Angeles just no longer able to contain your brooding?" the blond vampire sniped.

"Hello, Spike," Angel calmly greeted him, refusing to fall for the bait. "I just want to talk."

"To me?" Spike scoffed. "That would be a first."

"Well, I wasn't my first instinct," the taller vampire admitted, pushing past Spike and into the room. "So it's true. You'll need to be careful now that his threshold is no longer protected."

"Sunnydale, riffraff wouldn't dare touch what's mine," Spike snapped back.

"You're right. Most wouldn't. But don't forget, you've been working with the Slayer and the Scoobies for a long while now. That won't have won you any praise amongst the demon community. Most are smart enough not to cross you, but all it would take is one stupid or brash young upstart," Angel replied.  

"Boy's been dusting fledges since he was 15 years old," Spike dismissed the older vampire's concerns.

"True, but he wasn't alone then, and he's not exactly at the top of his game now, is he?" the elder vampire pointed out him.

"Your sudden concern for Harris's wellbeing is touching. Didn't you try to feed the welp to me once?" Spike spitefully reminded his GrandSire. Angel at least had the decency to look moderately ashamed of that. He'd never liked the young man, so obviously, his erstwhile Juliette had made a tear-filled call to the great vamp detective to get the poof here. Well, why waste an opportunity to irk the nonce? "Did her voice tremble on the phone? Did she tell you you were her only hope, Oh-be-One To-Mope-He? What was the brilliant plan? Have you come down here and order me to give him up? Sorry, not going to work."

"Oh, I'm aware. Unfortunately, you never were very good at following orders. Admittedly my first instinct was to rip your head off your shoulders or at least beat you into submission. Only way I could ever get you to obey me, boy. But, alas, we both know that neither plan is an option. My team researched the bond very thoroughly. I'm well aware that you can't be forced or compelled to break it, "Angel snarled before shaking his head and taking a deep unneeded breath. "Which is why I want to talk. Just talk, Wi… Spike"

"I can't see what you could possibly add that hasn't already been said," Spike answered dismissively.

"Well, for one, I understand in a way that Buffy and the children can't. They only see you making off with their friend in the night. But, on the other hand, I can certainly see the appeal of putting the Harris boy in his place. Not to mention the attraction of having someone at your beck and call, of being the one in control again," Angel purred.

"Lovely, so since we're all copacetic, feel free to get into the Angel Mobile and bugger back off to the lonely sods hotel," the younger vampire waved his sire's maker off brattily.

"That being said, have you thought about this long-term?" Angel groaned, rubbing his eye and then looking up as if asking a higher power for patience. "You know you won't be able to keep going like this indefinitely, don't you?"

"Oh for… He's fine," Spike shouted, gesturing towards the sky himself. "He wasn't what I initially hoped for, but I've grown fond of the welp. He's worked out just lovely, wouldn't harm a hair on his pretty head. Cross my un-beating dead heart."

"I can smell that he isn't hurt. If anything, he smelled… enthusiastic when I got here. It's probably for the best that he enjoys playing with you. But Spike, how long do you think he'll thrive in isolation? With only his owner for company? Humans are social creatures. There's a reason they use solitary confinement as a punishment," Angel appealed softly.

"He's not alone. He has me," Spike snapped back.

"You know as well as I do that that isn't enough. He needs other people in his life. You've stripped away his entire support system," Angel admonished. "Isolation isn't just a punishment. It's a form of torture. You know that better than most, Spike," Angel reminded him.  

"I'm sorry, princess, but the lad needs to learn his lesson. We'll see if he's feeling more cooperative next month. Assuming we haven't decided, he's too much of a bother and moved on," Angelus had laughed before sliding the heavy lid closed on the tomb. William had pounded his fists against the thick stone ineffectually as he'd listened to the sound of heavy rocks being piled atop. But, it was fine; the young vampire had reminded himself,  he no longer needed to breathe. It wasn't as though he needed to be afraid of the dark. He was one of the things that went bump in the night. His grandsire was just making a point. The elder vampire wouldn't leave him. It wasn't until he 'd heard the carriage start to pull away from the isolated mausoleum that he'd started to really panic.

"Will?" Angel asked softly, pulling him back to the present.

"Don't call me that," Spike screamed.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking. But, Spike, my point still stands. The boy is a lot like you. He won't do well alone." Angel continued.

"He has me," Spike growled.

"He needs others of his own kind," Angel insisted.

"You seem to do just fine," the shorter vampire countered.

"There aren't any others of my kind. You're probably starting to understand what that's like now, too, unfortunately. And no one ever said I was fine," Angel confessed. "Besides, we're talking about Harris, not either one of us. We'll have eternity to recover. He won't. His entire life is making you happy now. He needs someone he's not entirely beholden to. Do you really think he'll be okay with only you in his life for the next fifty years? How long before he starts to buckle under the strain?" Angel insisted.

"Look, I tried, alright? I gave him permission to see Dawn, but the Slayer and the Watcher refused. Did she tell you that?" Spike tried to defend himself.

"She didn't. I assume they don't want you around the girl unsupervised?" Angel hedged.

"Listen, you judgmental arse. You don't know a damned thing about my relationship with the Little Bit. I would never hurt her," Spike spat. "I was trustworthy enough to look after her for months when Buffy was… gone."

"You're right; I don't.  I assume that she's important to you, though, if you're allowing her access to your pet. If it was for Harris' sake, you would have picked Willow." Angel conceded. "Look, I know better than to expect you to let him go. But, if you want this arrangement with him to work long-term, you'll need to see to both his physical and emotional wellbeing. He's already dealing with the loss of his freedom and his agency. I know you won't be persuaded to change that. I'm not even going to try. But why not make things easier on both of you? Let the boy have some emotional support. People who can comfort him when you can't. Just think about it, please. I'll try talking to Buffy, but I can't promise miracles. I've said my piece. I won't impose on you any further. Here," Angel said, handing him a white business card. "I case you need me to mediate with Buffy, or you know you want to talk about this some more. You could you know… call… me… on the phone."

"Is that a butterfly?" Spike asked, skeptically raising an eyebrow.

"No," Angel muttered, walking out the door. "It's an angel."

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