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Xander almost dropped the four bags he’d somehow managed to precariously juggle all the way from the car to the building as soon as he stepped out of the elevator. He could hear his Master’s furious voice echoing down the empty hallway. Damn it, what now? Thank God the only neighbour on this floor who wasn’t at work right now was eighty-one years old and deaf as a post, or he suspected he might have arrived home to find one of Sunnydale’s finest parked out front. Great, how exactly did you have the “you don’t live in a cemetery anymore” conversation with the irritable vampire that now owned you? He was pretty sure Ann Landers had never covered that one.

“If you think he’s spending any time alone with you and your lot, you are absolutely delusional,” he heard Spike snarl angrily as he reached the front door and awkwardly slipped his key into the lock. Wondering if he might not be better off just waiting out in the hall, he finally decided that hiding would be pointless and would likely just focus the vampire’s obvious anger on him. “I have never hurt her. Trusted me to look after her, didn’t you? She’d be perfectly safe here. You wanted someone to be able to speak to the boy? Well, I’m willing to allow it.”

“Those are my terms, you stupid bint. Take them or leave them,” Spike snapped into the phone, just as Xander pushed open the front door and slipped inside the apartment. Whatever the person on the other end was saying in response only served to make his owner angrier.

 “Fine, then I don’t want to hear any more about how I’m keeping him away from those he loves. That’s all on you, Slayer.” The vampire finished, slamming the handset back into the cradle with so much force that Xander was surprised the old blue plastic phone hadn’t split in two.

Buffy, he thought with a pang. The Scooby gang had been incommunicado for over a month and a half. As far as Xander was aware, they hadn’t been in contact since the first week of his enslavement. It wasn’t as though he could ask: “Hey Master, heard from the old gang lately? Yeah, I know, but I was wondering if they’d given you a progress report on their futile efforts to get me out of this?”

Why would they be reaching out now? Had they found something? No, that didn’t make sense. If Buffy had a way of safely severing his bond to Spike, she would just do it and then knock down their door, stake in hand. Xander sighed, depositing the groceries on the counter. Fantastic, Spike was snarling and slipping in and out of game-face. Good times! Dealing with his owner when he was in this state was never fun. He wished that whatever had possessed G-man and the girls to do this hadn’t happened on a Friday. At least if it had been a weekday, he would have been able to hide out at work the next day while Spike retouched his roots or whatever it was peroxide-addicted vamps did to cool off. Now he would be trapped in the apartment with the angry creature for the next 60 some odd hours. Fortunately, or not depending on how you looked at things, he wasn’t inexperienced in dealing with “Angry Spike.” At the very least, it looked like the booze had stayed in the liquor cabinet, or so the lack of empty bottles everywhere would indicate. Hesitating only a moment over the bags of food left on the counter, Xander decided that they could wait until he undressed and quickly knelt to remove his work boots before heading towards the bathroom. 

Spike didn’t acknowledge Xander’s arrival. He just leaned against the counter and lit a cigarette. Xander quickly stripped out of his clothes, tossing them in the hamper. It was weird how walking around their apartment naked had become second nature to him. Now he’d just need to wait on his Master to remove the plug and harness he was wearing. Spike generally didn’t leave him plugged when he was home unless it was part of some game, and as a general rule, he’d never use a plug as small as the one Xander was currently fitted with.

Even though the plug was on the small side, it had done an effective job keeping him half-hard all day. It was gently curved in just the right way to press against his prostate. Going over plans, work orders and scheduling for the site had been sweet torture today. He’d caught himself rocking back and forth in his chair a couple of times during the day in an unconscious effort to stimulate himself and had had to force himself still. Even so, he’d been at half-mast for most of the day. The trip to the grocery store had been its own unique form of sensual agony, with his every movement causing the toy inside him to shift and stroke his sweet spot. That, and the knowledge that it was Friday and he likely wouldn’t be allowed to come for another whole two days, had left him hard by the time he’d pulled out of the grocery store’s parking lot.

After that weekend almost a month ago, that Xander kept catching himself mentally referring to as their third week anniversary despite several promises to himself to stop that epically romanticized stupidity, the vampire had decided that he liked having a horny, desperate slave. Xander had to admit the orgasms he’d had that weekend had been incredibly intense. The idea of his Master putting his entire hand inside him had been terrifying, but once he’d surrendered and let Spike into his body, it had been intensely arousing too. The pleasure when he’d finally come had been overwhelming enough to make him blackout. His second orgasm of the night had been a shock. He thought his heart would stop when he’d woken to feel his Master gently licking him… God, it had felt so good! Even now, he couldn’t help blushing at the thought. Even though he’d just had a massive orgasm, the feel of Spike’s tongue softly lapping inside him had brought him back to arousal more quickly than he would have thought possible. Well, outside of those seventeen-year-old turned on by building supplies days which it was fortunate he’d gotten over given his current line of work. Anyway, he’d almost wanted to cry when the vampire had stopped. “Did that feel nice, Kitten?” his Master had quietly asked. Xander had expected that would be the end of it that he’d be untied and told to go to bed with his cock still fully erect.

Given that that’s precisely what he’d been forced to do for the previous two nights, he wasn’t sure why the idea had been upsetting. Little Xander had still been very much wide awake when Xander had been sent to bed the night before, and despite the evident frustration and physical discomfort, he really hadn’t been upset about it. Maybe it was because he’d known from the start that he wasn’t going to get off that night. That and it seemed to give the vampire some sort of pervy little thrill watching him try to slow down his breathing and wiggle in some kind of mythical comfortable position where his pulsating hard-on wasn’t complete and total agony.

His Master had surprised him, though and continued tonging him until he’d come undone entirely for a second time that night. As good as that orgasm had felt, and after having just finished three days on edge, it had felt pretty damn fantastic; almost as soon as it was over, he’d started to feel an almost unbearable sense of emptiness. It was difficult to explain. He’d felt stupidly miserable, like crying, and he’d had no idea why. He’d had a minor meltdown in the first couple of days after he’d completed the bonding ritual, but he’d put that down to nerves over the whole becoming Spike’s slave thing. Hey, he was sure a few tears were perfectly acceptable when dealing with becoming your former sworn enemy’s butt monkey. He’d look it up some time. He’d gotten over it, mostly. The truth was that Spike could have been a lot more awful than he had been. Once he’d accepted that being Spike’s slave also meant he’d be having lots and lots of kinky sex with Blondie, things had settled down between them. Touchy-feely unmanly feelings stuff aside, the sex was good. He’d even gradually come to accept that he definitely wasn’t straight. Sometimes when they lay spent next to one another, Xander could almost let himself forget that he didn’t have any choice. Invariably though, something would happen, the spell would be broken, and Spike would become the creature he’d bargained away his freedom to so he could stop the apocalypse, again.

At that moment, though, he’d wanted him near. His Master had been touching him almost continuously for hours, and all of a sudden, he hadn’t been anymore, and Xander had just felt lost. Then Spike’s hands had been back on him, and the world had been right again. The vampire had untied him, taking the time to carefully massage each limb before helping him up and putting him in a warm bath to help soothe his aching muscles. When Spike had eventually put him to bed, he’d settled willingly into the vampire’s arms. He’d fallen asleep that night nestled beside Spike, almost afraid to let him out of his sight as the older creature rubbed a soothing hand up and down his back.

He’d woken the next morning just before the alarm was set to go off, still snuggled against his Master. “Morning, luv,” his Master had greeted.

“Good morning, Master,” he’d whispered, feeling that strange sort of contentment he sometimes found himself drifting into. As always, in retrospect, he supposed he should have been worried about his feelings towards the fangtastic one, but right then, he’d felt good, and he’d wanted to hold onto that feeling.

“Not feeling too sore?” Spike had smiled, idly running a finger down the small of his back. It had sent little shivers down Xander’s spine.

“I’ll be okay,” he’d answered. He certainly hadn’t been up for anything too strenuous, but he hadn’t been in any pain. “It’s not bad.” Even if it had been, at that moment, Xander wasn’t sure it would have mattered to him. At the time keeping his owner’s approval was all he’d cared about. He’d kissed the vampire’s shoulder and slowly made his way down the creature’s pale chest, licking and nipping as he went, knowing what his owner expected first thing in the morning.  

“Mmmmm, that’s good. You have such a wonderful mouth, Pet,” the vampire had encouraged, idly running his fingers through Xander’s hair. “You are being a very good boy this morning, sucking Master’s cock so enthusiastically. May need to keep you randy more often if this is the result. Hmmm. Would you like that? I bet you would. From now on, that lovely prick of yours doesn’t get any relief on Fridays or Saturdays.” And dammit, he should have been furious. He should have told Spike where he could stick his naughty little idea. And as much as Xander would have loved to blame the bond and the fact that he couldn’t refuse Spike, he couldn’t help remembering the wave of pure arousal that had washed through him when Spike had said those words. The idea of spending his weekends aroused without any hope of satisfaction had made him instantly hard.

And now here he was again on a Friday night with another long, frustrating weekend ahead of him and an angry bloodsucker to boot. Spike didn’t say anything as Xander made his way back into the kitchen and started putting the groceries away; he just leaned against the counter, silently watching him as he finished his smoke.

“Bend over the counter when you’re done, “the blond finally instructed, pointing to the breakfast bar as he addressed Xander for the first time.

“Yes, Master,” Xander swallowed nervously. It took a few minutes, but finally, everything was put away, and the empty bags were hung on the front door handle so he’d remember to put them back into his car the next time he went out. Taking a deep breath, he awkwardly bent and arranged himself over the two levelled counter, pressing the top of his chest against the cool laminate.

“Clasp the edge and spread your legs,” Spike ordered. Xander obeyed, reaching up to grasp the edge of the upper counter.

“Wider,” Spike demanded, roughly kicking Xander’s legs further apart, forcing him to stand on his toes to touch the ground.

“Hold position, move, and you’ll regret it,” Spike snapped. He heard the vampire efficiently undo his belt and roughly pull it through the loops.

Spike didn’t give him any further warning before the first blow came down hard. It hurt. The sound seemed ridiculously loud in the otherwise quiet apartment. The vampire didn’t give him any time to adjust between blows, and soon the pain seemed unbearable, which was silly. It wasn’t like Spike hadn’t hit him this hard before. It was just that usually Spike took his time slowly building the pleasure and the pain until Xander had a hard time separating where one ended and the other began. Generally, by the time his backside started hurting this much, his cock would be so erect that the hammering pulse between his legs would almost be worse than the sting of his Master’s blows. Spike was hitting him with enough force that he was pretty sure his belly was going to be bruised from impacting the counter over and over. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Normally when Spike used the crop or a paddle on him, it made him hard as a rock. Added to that, the stimulation of the blows jolting the toy inside him should have guaranteed an agonizing erection.  But the longer the strapping went on, the more flaccid Xander became.

His knuckles turned white as he gripped the counter harder. The belt came down brutally against his thighs, causing angry welts to bloom. He whimpered, screwing his eyes shut. The punishing blows seemed to go on forever. His ass and thighs felt like they were on fire.

He was shaking by the time Spike finally tossed the belt aside and started unbuckling the black leather which was still holding the plug inside him. The plug was yanked out and left to dangle between his legs from the still partially attached harness. Xander barely had time to register the sound of his Master pulling down his zipper before he felt the vampire’s cock enter him in one swift motion. There was some lube left from when the toy was inserted that morning, but it didn’t feel like nearly enough, and Xander couldn’t suppress his gasp of pain. Spike didn’t seem to notice and pumped in and out of him at a punishing pace. It seemed like hours before the vampire finally stiffened behind him and collapsed on top of him.

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