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Xander nervously fumbled with his keys. His hands were shaking so badly that he’d managed to drop them twice already. He didn’t know what the Hell was wrong with him. There was no reason for him to feel so anxious. He’d been a bundle of nerves all day. The closer it got to quitting time the worse it seemed to get. He couldn’t help but be tantalized by what his Master had promised they’d do when he got home, which was weird because for once he knew what Spike had planned for him. It wasn’t anything they hadn’t already done before. Yet he couldn’t seem to stop his heart from racing.

It was no wonder he was all frazzled considering the day he’d had yesterday. First seeing Willow again, then coming home to find his Master drunk and furious, snarling at him. Spike forcing him to admit he was enjoying all the kinky little games that he was being forced to play and last, but not least finding out firsthand how brutally painful Spike’s chip actually was. Xander didn’t think he’d ever felt anything that agonizing. It had felt like... he couldn’t really think of words to describe it. In that one instant his entire world had become pain. There had been no conscious thought, just hurt. He hoped he’d never have to feel anything like that again.

The past few days had managed to turn his world from a simplistic black and white, to one full of different shades of gray. He wasn’t some infatuated teenager, he was still fully aware of who and what Spike was. The only difference was that he could finally start to acknowledge that the hyper vamp did have some redeeming qualities. To be fair, there were some things about Spike that were downright admirable. The Peroxide Menace was loyal, tenacious and probably one of the most perceptive people that he’d ever met.

Of course none of that negated all the horrible things that Spike had done over the years. Which he knew, deep down, made him a hypocrite. He’d loved Anya, he still did really. He’d almost married the woman. Yet she’d been a vengeance demon for a millennium. The trail of misery that she’d left behind had been just as bad as Spike’s, if not worse. But suddenly because she was human the slate was clean? He’d never felt this confused in his life. Had he only been willing to overlook Anya’s past because she’d been trapped in a pretty young female package? He’d like to think that he wasn’t that shallow. But he couldn’t really deny his reaction to his Master and he’d only really started seeing things from Spike’s point of view since they’d started having sex. He wasn’t sure how he felt about his Master anymore, but he really hoped he wasn’t that much of a self-centered ass. Of course right now he was finding it extremely difficult to think about anything beyond his own arousal.

It probably hadn’t helped that he’d gone to bed incredibly turned on last night. He turned bright scarlet remembering the events of the previous night. God, he knelt in front of Spike and begged him to wash his mouth out with soap like he was some little kid. Well okay, so that part had sucked. He definitely didn’t want to go through that again. He’d seriously thought he was going to gag. Really it was a miracle that he hadn’t hurled again. But when his Master had taken him out into the living room and whipped him with his belt, holy crap. The fact that he’d already come twice that night was the only thing that had kept him from getting instantly hard. At that point even holding the soap in his mouth had somehow become kinky, the knowledge that if he dropped it he’d have to start the whole thing over again had been exciting as Hell. And, oh God, holding himself open so that his Master could lash him, there! And then afterwards, kneeling and exposing himself. He hadn’t been able to stop himself from getting half hard from it.

Then of course Spike had ordered him to jack himself off, to put on some kinky peepshow on the off chance that he might glance in Xander’s direction. When his Master told him that he’d have to keep doing it while he was hand fed, he hadn’t known it was possible to be so mortified and turned on at the same time. By the time they’d cleared off his dinner tray he’d been excruciatingly hard and desperate to come.

His Master had whispered all kinds of dirty explicit things to him, told him how beautiful he looked erect and spread out for him. The Victorian vampire had promised that eventually he’d be trained to spend hours like that, just so Spike could enjoy how pretty he looked. That for some strange reason had managed to send the old Harris libido into overdrive.

By the time Spike had shepherded him into the bedroom he’d been ready to explode. He still wasn’t sure how he’d managed to not come on the spot when his owner had pointed toward the bed and briskly said: “Submission”. He’d scrabbled up onto the bed and clumsily forced his limbs into the newly learned pose. His forehead resting against the mattress, it hadn’t really been possible to see what was going on, at least not without breaking form. He’d heard the muffled sounds of his Master kicking off his jeans from somewhere behind him and then more felt than saw Spike walk towards the night table, before he’d heard the drawer slide open and closed. It seemed to take forever before he felt the mattress dip behind him.

“Don’t move. I want you to keep position while I shag you, Kitten,” Spike had taunted luridly, as he’d quickly worked a moist finger into him. He’d hissed at the first contact to the still tender flesh of his anus, but hadn’t managed to suppress an embarrassing yelp when the vampire had teased the sensitive bundle of nerves deep inside of him. Spike had just chuckled and continued fingering him. “Does my wicked boy like that? Hmmm?”

He’d found himself gasping, readily agreeing when the shorter creature had reached under him with his free hand and given his cock a few gentle teasing strokes. When Spike had finally pulled his fingers out of him, Xander had found himself subconsciously pushing back against the hard cock that had brushed against his hole. It had simply brought more mocking laughter from his owner, quickly followed by a stinging slap to his backside.

“Stay still, let me use you. Be my toy,” the pale haired demon had commanded. It shouldn’t have set his blood on fire. Being objectified like that shouldn’t have made him shake and shudder, but it had. Spike had proceeded to take him with agonizing slowness, using shallow barely there thrusts. It seemed to go on forever. His owner had draped himself over his back and started kissing and nibbling his neck and his earlobe like a lover. He was pretty sure he’d actually squeaked when Spike had reached under him and started delicately caressing his nipples with soft touches from the pads of his fingers. He’d started begging shortly after that.

“Hush, Kitten, I’m enjoying myself. You feel so nice, so warm around my cock. Could bugger you like this all night,” His Master had sighed. “All you need to worry about is staying in position for me. Well that and making sure that that gorgeous cock stays nice and stiff and full of blood. You don’t need to concern yourself with your own pleasure, pet. I’ve been more than generous don’t you think? I’ve allowed you to orgasm twice already. You’re not going to be allowed to come again tonight.”

He hadn’t either. And in some twisted way it had felt almost right. His Master had almost made him feel selfish for wanting it again. By the time Spike had finally sped up his movements, Xander had felt like he was drowning in sensation. The hands that had been softly brushing his chest became cruel, pinching and twisting his peaked nipples.

By the time the punk vampire had finally come, thrusting brutally into him one last time, Xander had been a shuddering mess, every nerve ending in his body screaming out in frustrated arousal. The evil undead had sworn under his breath chuckling, laying his head on Xander’s sweaty shoulder.

Brushing his claim mark with a feather light kiss his Master had carefully pulled out of him. “You can relax now. Just lay back and calm down, pet,” Spike had soothed, helping him roll over on his side. Spike had curled around him just holding him and rubbing his arm as Xander had tried to calm his racing heart. “You are a treasure, Kitten. You have no idea how erotic it is holding you like this, feeling you shaking with need, but knowing that you’ll suffer through it, just to please me. My lovely sweet boy.”

It had felt like he’d lain there erect and painfully aroused for hours, but eventually he’d managed to drift off to sleep cuddled up next to his sated Master.

This morning it had been more of the same. He’d been awoken by roaming grabby hands that had worked him to hardness in no time only to leave him horny and desperate. Spike had had no such difficulties. He’d simply ordered his slave to suck him off. And that in and of itself had been an aphrodisiac, kneeling between the vampire’s splayed legs licking and sucking him to climax, while his own cock stayed hard and unsatisfied.

The rest of their morning had pretty much followed the events of the previous day. Well except for the fact that he’d been ordered to play with himself in the shower. It still made his cock throb remembering it. He’d been ordered to pinch and twist his nipples with one hand and to fondle himself with the other for fifteen minutes. Spike’s instructions had been very explicit. He was to pay particular attention to his circumcision scar, his piss slit and the horribly sensitive vein that ran on the underside of his cock. He’d of course been unequivocally forbidden to come. “I want you hard enough to cut bloody diamonds when you come out of the shower,” his Master had breathed into his ear, handing him the timer from the kitchen. His lips had been bruised and swollen from biting them by the time he’d left the bathroom, all in an effort to stave off his climax.

Spike of course had continued periodically groping him as he’d spoon fed him his oatmeal. He’d also had to endure sporadic fondling of his nipples, cock and balls while Spike paddled him and then fitted him with a plug again. His Master had gleefully reminded him of the spanking they’d agreed to the previous night, telling him he would be receiving it as soon as he got home. By the time Xander had actually made it out the door he was panting, his erection agonizingly constricted by the tight jeans his owner had selected for him. That pretty much resembled his current state actually.

Taking a deep steadying breath, he finally managed to open the door. Whatever he’d been expecting to find when he got home it certainly hadn’t been this. There were candles everywhere. Okay, well not everywhere, but there had to be dozens scattered all over the kitchen and dining area of the apartment, giving the open space a soft warm glow. The young man swallowed nervously looking around for his Master. He almost jumped out of his skin when Spike appeared silently beside him.

“Did you have a good day at work, Kitten?” the vampire whispered, reaching to cup him through his jeans.

“Yes, Master. Thank you,” he gulped. Honestly wasn’t really sure as the whole day had been a nervous blur. Since he was still employed he assumed it had gone reasonably well.

“Good. Take your boots off and then go put your clothing in the hamper in the bedroom. When you’re done come back and wait in the center of the living room facing the telly,” his Master ordered calmly.

Dropping down onto all fours without giving it much thought, he hurried to the bedroom and quickly stripped out of his clothes. Xander breathed a sigh of relief as he shimmied out of his skin tight jeans, the stupid things had been digging into rather sensitive areas of his body for hours. Once he’d put everything away as instructed, the now mostly nude man quickly made his way back to the living room and arranged his long limbs into the formal waiting position.

“Well done, Kitten. Now I know Master promised you a special treat, but before we get to that I want to quickly review what we’ve learned over the past couple of days. Attention,” Spike said crisply, snapping his fingers. Xander moved into position almost without thinking. “Lovely,” His Master praised, crouching down beside him and reaching to play with his slave’s unprotected nipples for a few moments. The vampire ran his index finger lightly around the edge of the harness that Xander had been wearing all day. Spike’s finger followed the black leather circling his waist and then down the connecting strap that went down between his legs and held the plug that he’d been sporting since the early morning hours firmly in place.

“Doggy,” his owner whispered. Xander took a deep breath and assumed the position spreading his legs like he’d been taught. “Very nice,” his Master complimented, as he started unbuckling the harness. The Scooby moaned as the small anal toy was slid in and out of his body a few dozen times before finally being removed.

“Such a good slave. Show Master Submission now,” the still fully clothed vampire purred. The mortal couldn’t help a small shiver remembering the previous night, but managed to obey. Moist fingers penetrated him, working their way in and out of him. He whined helplessly as his prostate was stimulated. “Good boy, so responsive and obedient. Time to learn something new now,” the blue eyed creature encouraged, slipping his fingers out of his pet. It left Xander feeling strangely empty.

“Roll onto your back. Now draw your knees up, that’s good. Wrap your hands around your ankles and leave them there. Now spread your legs a little and pull your knees further apart, wonderful. This position is called Presentation. Now Kitten, I want you to list all the positions you learned so far for me,” Spike instructed, leaning over him and fisting his slave’s cock. God and he’d thought he’d felt exposed kneeling at attention. At least then he hadn’t been spread out with all his goodies laid out for Spike’s inspection.

“Wait, Attention, Doggy, Submission and Presentation, Master,” he gasped, fighting the urge to squirm under the blonde’s caresses.

“Good boy. I think it’s time to play now. Are you ready Kitten?” Spike asked, standing up and walking over to the couch.

“Yes, Master,” he nodded.

“Good, then come here and lay yourself over my lap,” Spike grinned, sitting down in the center of the sofa patting his thigh.

Feeling a nervous little flutter in the pit of his stomach Xander rolled onto his side before righting himself and crawling over to where his owner sat waiting. The vampire beamed down at him, took his arm and helped him arrange himself over his lap.

“Spread your legs a little. Yeah, like that, pet. Arch your back and lift your bum up a little. Good boy,” his Master nodded approvingly, gently rubbing his upturned ass. Spike laid his other hand on the small of his back. “Relax. I’ve been looking forward to this all day,” the vampire revealed, running a gentle finger across his exposed anus. He mewled at the sensation, feeling totally over stimulated. “I know, precious. Gotten you all wound up haven’t I? You’ve learned your lessons very well and I have a special reward for you. You have my permission to come at anytime during your spanking.”

“Thank you, Master,” he panted, surprised he didn’t spill himself over Spike’s lap right then and there.

“You’re welcome, Kitten. Ready?” the older creature asked, gently kneading his bare cheeks.

“Yes, Master,” he agreed, dipping his head and closing his eyes.

The first blow was a barely there tap, immediately followed by another only slightly harder one that landed dead center on his right cheek. The smacks hardly stung and were almost more caresses than actual smacks. Spike stopped after he’d hit him a couple of dozen times and took a moment to massage his backside again.

“Please, Master,” he begged, trying to grind himself against the vampire’s denim clad thighs needing more stimulation.

“Stop that, Kitten or I’ll revoke your permission to come,” his Master warned, teasing just the tip of a finger into him. He knew he was whining, wordlessly pleading for more but he couldn’t seem to stop. “Hush now, we’re not in a hurry. We’ve only just begun, pet.”

The next round of slaps was slightly harsher, leaving him tingling between the blows. This time when he stopped Spike reached between his legs to gently tease his perineum, before reaching further down to massage his balls. When Spike started the spanking again the blows were a little more forceful and Xander was silently grateful. He found himself pushing back to meet the blows.

They quickly settled into a rhythm, swats escalating in intensity broken every once in a while when his Master stopped to fondle his ass, cock or balls. Xander was so close now, the friction of rubbing against Spike’s jeans with the ever increasing momentum of the spanks almost enough to send him over the edge, but not quite. His Master was hitting him pretty hard now. It hurt, but not really. He felt more... floaty than anything else.

“Feeling good, Kitten?” his Master’s voice drifted down to him.

“Hmmm, yes Master” he murmured contentedly. Spike snorted and gave him a few more hard swats. God he was close.

“Good, I’m going to shag you now,” the vampire announced, almost casually rubbing his slave’s reddened bottom. “Can you kneel up and straddle me, pet?”

He nodded shakily. His entire body felt like a wet noodle, but with his Master steadying him he managed to obey. His Master didn’t even bother to fully undress, he just undid his jeans and pushed them down far enough to fully free his erect penis.

“Get my cock ready,” his Master ordered, handing him the lube.

“Yes, Master,” he squeaked in shock when he felt his Master’s hand slam down hard on his ass again, but managed to get the cap off the bottle of lubricant. He arched his back slightly almost without thinking, giving his Master a better target as he carefully prepared the vampire’s erection.

“That’s good, Kitten. Now reach into the right pocket of my jeans. Got a little something for you in there,” his Master rumbled softly, a small catch in his unneeded breath the only hint how deeply this was affecting him as well.

Xander reached behind them into the Spike’s front pocket, his fingers wrapping around a bunched up chain. He couldn’t suppress an excited little groan when he realized exactly what he was holding. He shivered when he noticed the small weights that were now attached.

“Hand them here, pet,” his Master ordered. Xander’s mouth went dry as he deposited the nipple clamps into his Masters outstretched hand. He shuddered as his Master quickly attached the toy to his tits, unable to suppress a small pained whimper. His Master laughed and chose that moment to spank him again, jostling the weighted alligator clamps. “Want you to ride me now, Kitten,” his master growled.

Sucking in a shaky breath, the bigger man scooted forward; drawing himself up before slowly sinking back onto his Master’s slick cock. Each movement caused the weights to pull excruciatingly at his tender chest.

“Oh, fuck,” he cried, as his Master’s hand slammed down onto his ass again with a loud crack.

“That’s the idea. Fuck yourself on my cock,” his Master ordered impatiently.

Closing his eyes, Xander drew himself up again almost pulling off of his Master, before slowly lowering himself back down. The movement caused the heavy clamps to tug at his nipples viciously. Xander gritted his teeth against the sensation and kept going. His Master’s punishing slaps only seemed to spur him on. He wiggled a bit until he found the right angle, making a little keening sound.

“Having fun?” his Master groaned.

“Yes, oh God, Master,” he sobbed latching onto the smaller creature’s shoulders.

“Are you close, baby?” the soft British voice asked tauntingly.

“Yes, ah, ah, ah, Master,” he shrieked. He howled as the blood flowed back to his poor nipples, after nimble fingers removed the clamps without any warning. “Oh God, oh God please. Harder, Master, spank me harder. Please!”

He was obliged and for a moment he just hung there completely inundated with sweet pleasure-pain. When his orgasm washed over him it was almost a shock. He was pretty sure he screamed, everything seemed to go blinding white for a few seconds, so he couldn’t be entirely sure. When he finally came back to himself, he realized he was holding onto Spike with a death grip. It was actually a good thing his Master wasn’t human, if he had been he’d have been sporting bruises for days.

“Sorry,” Xander blushed, loosening his grip. He felt almost giddy.

‘S’all right,” the vampire grunted, thrusting up into him. Still feeling pleasantly light headed, Xander just let himself enjoy it. Then suddenly without a word he found himself flipped onto his back.

“That was bloody hot, Kitten. Such a sight watching you come while you rode me. Hmmm... God you feel nice. So warm, that bottom of yours is scalding hot. Love buggering you. You’re so beautiful when you’re submitting to me,” his Master crooned. The praise made him feel ridiculously nice for some reason. He was happy that his Master was well... happy. He did his best to thrust back against his Master. It wasn’t long before the vampire stiffened calling out ‘Kitten’.

They lay like that for a couple of minutes, Spike idly drawing patterns along his inner thighs with his finger tips.

“How do you feel?” the vampire asked, looking down at him.

“Hmmm... Floaty?” was the only reasonable answer he could seem to come up with.

“Floaty?” His Master arched an eyebrow, but didn’t seem mad though. Finally he just laughed. “You’re high as a kite, luv.”

“Kind of feels like it, I guess,” he sighed happily.

“It’s the endorphin rush,” his Master explained stroking his hair. “Sadly it’s not going to last. How does a nice warm bath sound?”

“Hmmm, nice?” he answered.

“Very eloquent, Kitten,” his Master mocked, covering him with a blanket before getting up and seeing to their bath. Xander pouted at him for just a second, before burrowing further under the blanket.

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