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“What the bleeding hell are you doing here, dimwit?” Spike roared as Xander Harris waltzed into his crypt. The boy dared to smirk for a moment, before bowing his head demurely.

“Delivering your payment, Master,” the boy answered, with evident satisfaction, awaiting his new owner’s inevitable explosion.

“What?” Spike demanded. No. He wouldn’t be taken like this, not again. Bloody hell! He’d been promised retribution, damn it.

“I’m yours now, Master,” now his, apparently, Hawaiian-shirted fashion disaster informed him coolly.

“A deal was struck when I released that orb - a treaty signed. I held up my end of the bargain. The magicks will not allow you soddin’ so-called good guys to renege now. I was promised one of the girls for my efforts,” Spike howled. He would not be cheated again. Evil had made a bargain with the powers, providing him with the perfect opportunity to stick it to the slayer. Refute him would she? Use him; make him ache for her then toss him away like rubbish would she? Not bloody likely. He would console himself by plundering one of the witches or the ex-demon bint. Hell even Nibblet thought he would have made things easier on her and treated her like the princess she was. He was not going to end up losing again.

“No, the agreement was to get one of the slayerettes. You have one. Me,” doughnut boy answered smugly. Spike knew just what he was thinking. Even though, (dramatic sigh), his life was over, (tosser), Spike wouldn’t hurt the girls. He’d lost again, bugger. They had closed the portal and his so-called disgusting, dead hands (or other appendages for that matter) would not be getting near the saintly girls. They must have been livid upon finding out that he’d completed the ritual, sealing himself as Spike’s mate. The vampire felt the compulsive need to reach up and rub the railway spike shaped mark that had appeared on the mortal’s neck to commemorate the acceptance of Xander’s, well for lack of a better word, sacrifice. Idiot.

Spike howled enraged, then slapped the boy experimentally. The word of the agreement held, if not the spirit. He would be able to hurt his new toy enough at least for play and discipline. What in bloody Hell was he supposed to do with dork boy? Slap him around some, of course, and, distasteful as it may seem - it wasn't always human blood that tasted better than pig - feed off him to see if he really was a nummy treat. Blood, fresh warm living human blood at his disposal for the rest of the boy’s natural life, if he was careful not to accidentally kill him. Moving more quickly than Xander would have ever known was possible, Spike pinned him to the crypt’s dirty wall.

“You were right, boy. You are very bitable,” Spike laughed. He felt the boy go rigid under his grasp. Excellent. The fear that was radiating off the kid in waves made the blood so much sweeter. He took the boy with little finesse, forcing his head to the side and sinking his fangs into the tender flesh of his throat. Xander screamed at the brutal bite. Normally the vampire showed more subtlety, nibbling and licking his victim’s neck, allowing his healing saliva to anesthetize the wound and arouse his pray, making the bite a semi-erotic experience. When he wasn’t torturing them, that is. This first time, the boy felt no pleasure though - only sharp brutal pain.

The taste after being denied for so long was like ambrosia; it rejuvenated him in a way the animal blood and the older, bottled human blood he sometimes purchased from Willy’s could not. The sweet rich fear-laden taste - something that human taste buds could not distinguish - almost made his knees buckle. The boy’s flavor and the added sound of his faint whimpers made the vamp painfully hard. Damn the stupid child! He wasn’t a bloody poof like Angel! Fuck all he was horny. Sides, he thought, I don’t want to pick out soddin' china patterns with the boy; I just want a nice hot hole to fuck. Bet the wanker’s a virgin, nice and tight. He’d be humiliated, too. Spike smiled, withdrawing from the boy before the blood loss became dangerous.

“Mmm… very nice. Who would have thought you were so tasty?” Spike said happily. The boy was trembling as the vampire dabbed his tongue over the wounds, helping them scab over.

“You may just work out after all, Harris,” the vampire crooned, reaching around the boy and squeezing his arse. Oh yes, the little pillock definitely doesn’t like that idea, the blond thought. Well too bloody bad. He should have thought of that before he bolloxed up me plans. The vampire grabbed the human’s hips, grinding his erection into the lad’s still flaccid groin.

“Since when do you swing this way Spike? I always knew all that trash about Deadboy was a cover. Talk about repressed. And the peroxide…big give away man…” the boy babbled desperately.

“Oh, most vampires are switch hitters as you yanks say, mate. I prefer pussy, but I’m willing to make concessions. Hmm…I wonder if that nasty little mouth of yours is good for anything useful? Let’s find out,” he chuckled, tracing a finger along his new toy’s lips. He had to use all the hard-earned control he’d learned under Angelus to withhold his laughter. It was a tired, cliché line, but the expression on the boy’s face was worth it. He was sure the brat would be hyperventilating in no time. He pushed down on the boy’s shoulders forcing him to his knees. “Blow me,” he ordered softly, undoing the front of his jeans and releasing his straining erection. He threaded his fingers through the scoobie’s hair, surprised at how silken it felt. It reminded him of his dark princess. He forced the boy towards his aching member. The youth was so pale the vampire thought he might actually faint. Maybe he should try to reassure his boy, before he had a panic attack. “It’s alright little one. Don’t expect you to be perfect the very first time. I guess you’ve never done this before.” Despite Spike’s grip on his hair, the boy managed to shake his head frantically. “That’s what I thought. Doesn’t matter. Just do yer best. That little demon bint of yours has sucked you off? Of course she has. Just try to do what feels good on you,” Spike instructed. He thought for a moment that the boy was going to resist, but then he opened his mouth. The sight of his boy’s soft pink tongue nervously flicking the tip of his cock was almost enough to send him over the edge.

He silently thanked the poof for the hard-won lessons in control that he had beaten into his grandchilde. He ran his fingers through the boy’s soft locks, petting him reassuringly. He restrained the impulse to simply grab the youth roughly and fuck his mouth without care or finesse. No ‘tis better to force the boy, my boy, to be an active participant, he thought just as Xander took the head of his penis into his mouth and started swirling his tongue around it. Spike gasped. He could not believe how much the youth’s timid fumbling was turning him on. If the demon taught him to do this, I’ll have to send her a thank you card, Spike thought, as the whelp started taking in the shaft, sucking it and licking the vein on the underside at the same time. His mouth was so warm and so wet. Spike continued stoking the brunette’s hair and face for a long time maintaining his rigid control until he finally allowed himself to come explosively into the now quietly sobbing boy’s throat. He thought for a moment that Harris was going to spit out his come, but he forced himself to swallow.

“That was very good for your first time kitten,” Spike complimented, using Dru’s old pet name for the boy. It suited him. And it was incredibly annoying. “Now lick me clean, tuck me back in and zip me up. There’s a good boy.” He reached down wiping away the human’s tears. He let him stay there on his knees for a moment before dragging him to his feet.

Now to really play with the twerp’s mind. A stroke of genius that poofter Angelus would be proud of.

“You bring your wallet with you, Kitten?” the vampire asked benignly enough. The human nodded. “Good. We need some supplies. Your arrival has given us some unexpected complications. So I think I’m going to send you out on an errand. I want you to go to the drugstore and buy us an economy size container of lubricant, and some of those handy wipes…oh, yeah, and a disposable enema kit. You can stop at a public loo on the way back and use it. Be back here in 1 hour; by then I’ll have gotten things ready downstairs and I’ll be ready for another go,” he told the blanching youth. Truth was he’d be ready again in another minute, especially with his boy looking all terrified and smelling delicious. “Go on and don’t be late.” He watched his completely humiliated new slave walk out, closing the crypt door behind him. He could hear his racing heartbeat just outside, as well as the sound of Alexander trying to hold back his terrorized sobs. Wasn’t as fun as making ‘im scream in agony, but he could see why his grandsire had always been into these mind games. He idly wondered if he could cause a nervous breakdown.

The vampire made his way downstairs to his recently cleaned sleeping quarters. He’d only just finished cleaning out all the debris left behind by the Slayer and Captain Cardboard. Fucking bint. How did she think he lived? Friendly butchers just delivered him their left-behinds out of the goodness of their hearts? The injured mercifully bled on him?

He started quickly lighting the few candles he’d managed to pinch since his unfortunate remodel. Not too bad, he thought. Not as good as before, but not entirely horrid. The luminosity was low, but good enough to see what they were doing by. Not a problem for him, but he didn’t want the young man to use the darkness to disassociate what was happening. Spike cringed. ‘Disassociate’ was a word bloody William would use. He’d been having far too many of that git's words and thoughts spinning around his brain of late, since the chip and her. Bugger, his intent was evil! So evil master plans called for more complex internal monologues. Bloody ‘ell!

He looked around the room, clearing his mind of such thoughts. He’d already changed the sheets and turned them down, so he quickly stripped down, tossing his clothes unto a nearby chair he’d salvaged last garbage day. It was actually a nice piece, wicker, with just a little damage on the back. He’d managed to fix it up pretty good, even making it a new cushion out of some fat bird’s sundress he’d nabbed at the Laundromat. Not that he’d ever admit to anything as domestic as sewing, even if it was with pilfered fabric. He climbed into bed, making himself comfortable, reviewing exactly how he was going to proceed.

Just as he began to wonder if the boy had decided to renege and run off somewhere he heard the distinctive sound of the wooden door scraping stone, followed by the sound of hesitant footsteps. He must have been deep in thought, failing to notice his toy’s heartbeat the moment he got even close to his home. “Spi… Master,” the mortal’s insecure voice drifted down to him.

“Down here,” Spike screamed back, feeling giddy or rather a much more evil bloodthirsty. He grinned, watching the boy make his way down the ladder a plastic bag slug across his arm.

“Took you long enough. I thought you’d buggered off,” the vampire reproached softly.

“I had some trouble with that thing you know that you asked me to do. It’s awkward and I’d never done it before,” Harris admitted timidly.

“Did you manage to get everything without too much trouble? Good. Toss it here,” he ordered. He caught the boy’s horrible throw easily, thanks to vamperic reflexes. The lad’s nerves must be worse than I thought, Spike mused. I’ve seen him do better than that. He opened the bag, pretending to carefully examine its contents. The boy had gotten everything requested, plus a box of tissues. Spike suppressed a smile at that. The box was opened. Presumably, Droopy had stopped to wipe his tears or clear his sinuses on the way. He still radiated misery. The enema kit was missing, but since he saw it on the receipt, he presumed the boy had followed instructions. He almost wished he’d accompanied the boy. He could imagine his humiliation finding all the items on his shopping list. He was sure the human had gotten the wipes first. They were innocuous little items found in most American homes. Then he’d probably gone for the lube, since it was usually with the condoms, and his boy being the age he was, undoubtedly could find those like a pig after truffles. Prophylactics were the sort of things young human males took notice of. He would have had to search for his third requested purchase, too humiliated to ask a clerk, maybe even being approached by one and pretending he’d found what he was looking for. That could explain the tissues. Then again, his boy had been crying. Maybe he wanted to blow his nose. He’d probably wandered down all the aisles before he’d found what he was looking for.

He could picture the youth making his way to the checkout line: wanting to wait till he was alone, the purpose of his combined purchases obvious, but he’d have already wasted too much time wandering the aisles. He would still have had to find a deserted public restroom and do that “thing” Spike had wanted, as the boy had so eloquently put it. Spike really didn’t care, but he’d correctly guessed it would disgust the human.

He could see his boy rushing into the cubicle and reading the instructions, hoping no one would venture in, maybe having to wait for some blokes to leave so he could douche in private. Thinking about how the boy must have fumbled made him harder. How he would have liked to be a fly on the wall during the boy’s little outing.

He set the bag aside, putting it on the stool next to the bed. He allowed his eyes to linger over the human’s form, watching him try not to squirm. Enough, he decided, time to take a peak at his property. “Strip,” he ordered coolly. The kid had to have known it was coming, but he still turned bright red. “Wait. I’ve changed my mind,” the vampire interrupted as the boy’s trembling fingers went to unbutton his shirt. “Come here,” Spike continued tapping the bed beside himself. Harris nervously complied, sitting next to him, but refusing to meet his eyes. “I want to unwrap my prezzie myself,” Spike drawled, running a gentle finger along the mortal’s cheek, finally tracing his lips with a butterfly-soft touch. He took each of the young man’s hands in turn, undoing the cuffs and spreading feathery kisses along the underside of his boy’s wrists, nibbling and licking at the veins. The human shuddered as the vampire undid the buttons along his shirtfront, pausing at each one to caress the newly revealed flesh. Nuzzling his pet’s neck, he pushed the shirt off the boy’s shoulders almost reverently. Kissing and nibbling the whelps left shoulder, Spike began toying with each of his dusky nipples in turn. At first just circling them with light, almost tickling touches, then flicking his fingers over the nubs, then pinching them, gradually increasing the force until they had hardened to firm little peaks, which he twisted gently. Somewhere through the process, the boy had begun to squirm.

“Your titties are very sensitive aren’t they, kitten? We are going to have so much fun with that,” Spike smirked, reaching down to echo his previous ministrations with his lips and tongue. His boy actually arched his back involuntarily. Spike stored away how responsive the boy was to nipple stimulation for future reference. He would definitely have to abuse those lovely little tits. Idly he wondered if the bypass this agreement provided him over the chip’s intended purpose would allow him to pierce his boy’s nipples himself or if he would have to take him to a parlor. Hmmm…maybe get a tattoo done too: property of Spike across his boy’s bum perhaps.

He ran his hands down the boy’s stiffly clenched arms, as his mouth continued to worship the tanned chest. The boy gasped in shock as one of the vampire’s hands rubbed his thigh, working its way to the waistband and unfastening the snaps of the boy’s fly. Spike let his fingers ghost over the fabric of the boxer briefs he’d just revealed, caressing the slight hardness beneath. Hmmm…nipple play made his pet half-hard, a feat, considering how the young man felt about his new master. “Up,” Spike instructed. After his boy silently complied he carefully pulled down the worn jeans. “Take off your shoes and socks and step out of those,” the vampire ordered, watching without comment as Harris obeyed. Finally he stood, clad only in his underwear, staring rigidly straight ahead. Spike softly ran a finger under the edge of the fabric, touching a firm young thigh. Reaching around him, Spike cupped both of the boy’s cheeks, laying a sloppy kiss on the boy’s belly. The brick layer was far more muscular than he’d previously thought. All that hard work he put in at the construction job must be paying off, though he could stand to loose maybe ten to fifteen pounds; he was a little chunky around the face and neck.

Enough, Spike decided, impatiently releasing the whelp’s bottom and hooking his fingers around the elastic waistband of his boy’s shorts. He pulled them down without further warning. He whistled and his boy got even redder - if that were possible. His pet had nothing to be ashamed of, as far as he could see, aside maybe from being at half-mast. Harris had a fair-sized, nicely shaped, cut cock. What was it with these damned Yanks and mutilating their son’s pricks anyway?

“This is a bloody pleasant surprise, Kitten. I like what I see, I do,” Spike complemented, hand grazing his boy’s nude flank. Grasping his wrists, Spike pulled the youth down unto his lap. Despite the sheets separating their bodies, he knew the young man could feel his master’s hardness under him. Swiftly grabbing hold of the boy’s waist, he flipped them over so that he was on top. He could hear his boy’s heart beating furiously. Oh this is fun, Spike thought, running a light finger down the human’s chest. The mortal lay absolutely rigid at his side.

Nipping on Harris’ earlobe, his hands skirted his slave’s most intimate places: ghosting over his thighs and belly, the soft folds were legs and body meets, never quite touching his exposed knackers and cock. Leaning down, he took the boy’s teat between his teeth, biting it playfully while taking the other between his forefinger and thumb. He wanted the boy aroused for this. He wanted him hard and aching when he took him. He wanted his boy absolutely ashamed and mortified with the reactions of his own body. Xander Harris was going to learn to love nothing more in the world than dancing on his cock.

He ran his free hand in small teasing circles along the downy flesh of his boy’s inner thighs, working his way up slowly till he reached the boy’s lightly haired balls. He heard the boy’s strangled gasp as he gently began rolling his testis in their sack. Wonder how sensitive he is elsewhere, the vamp thought, reaching back down between his boy’s legs and prying them apart. The whelp’s breath started coming in quick little pants. Sod it. The boy’s almost hyperventilating, he thought as he tried reaching behind the boy’s balls. He’d better do something before the kid passed out.

“Calm down, Kitten. Look at me,” Spike reassured, grasping the youth’s chin and looking into his fear filled eyes. “Breathe for me, take deep breaths for me. In and out. Inhale, exhale. Good boy. Again. Good, that better little one?” the vampire reassured stroking his hair. The gentleness seemed to undo the youth, and silent tears started flowing down his cheeks.

“Why are you doing this,” he cried in a tiny voice.

“ You made that decision for your own self Kitten. I doubt the Slayer and the others decided to sacrifice little old Xander to the big bad vampire. Knowing you, I’d bet my last fag you went and did it behind the bints’ backs,” Spike grinned as he noticed the boy blush.

“I know why I’m here,” the whelp replied defiantly. “But why are you being like this?” he continued.

“Like what, Kitten?” he asked, quirking a scared eyebrow.

“Like that, all gentle with me…and why do you keep calling me that ridiculous pet name?” his boy demanded.

“It was what Dru used to call you, her kitten…after that spell on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you remember, right? Angelus was right bloody pissed. Every time you were mentioned after that it was ‘my kitten this’ or ‘my kitten that.’ I think it suits you,” the vamp replied. “As for the rest…what did you expect? For me to beat you for fun or to rip your clothes and force myself into you?” the vampire asked chucking.

“Well, yeah,” the boy admitted.

“Why? So you could stay here with me and be all noble and self-sacrificing? Sorry, Captain Courageous. ‘Sides now that I’ve had a taste, I fancy keeping you around for as long as possible. You have no idea how fantastic you taste after two years of pig’s blood. You’re how old now, Kitten?” he smirked as the boy frowned at the nickname.

“Twenty-one,” he responded in an annoyed voice. Before the young man could say another word, he was quickly flipped onto his front. The sound of the slaps reverberated through the hollow chamber. The vampire grinned, happily admiring the reddened handprints on each pale cheek of his boy’s bottom. I’ll get back to that later, he thought, flipping the boy back onto his back as if he were no heavier than Dru’s Miss Edith.

“You will not talk to me in that tone of voice, Kitten. Not ever. Now, I could have taken a belt to you for that, but I realize that you’re upset. I’m willing to let it go this time with a couple of swats on your lovely bum, but I will not be sassed. Next time it will be a strap or a switch. Do I make myself clear, Kitten?” the vampire demanded, putting extra inflection on the pet name. He thought for a moment that his boy was going to protest, but he just nodded. Spike would have had to strain to hear the quiet “Yes, Sir,” had he been human.

“Now as I was saying. Given that you’re barely fully grown, with proper care I can keep you for a good long thirty, maybe even forty years. Since I have no clue when this soddin’ chip will give out, and seeing as you offer a nice supply of tasty blood, all fresh and warm, I intend to keep you as long as possible. I also intend to make full use of you and that, Kitten, includes buggering you. Although vamps prefer rough bed sports, I’m well aware of how fragile a human being can be, so we’ll keep things nice and slow until you’re more used to havin’ me in ya,” Spike continued, answering his boy’s previous question. Now that the mortal had calmed, he began gently tweaking his nipples, as well as stroking his thighs. Better keep talking to the brat, he thought.

“I have to admit that I’m impressed with you. That last little spot aside, you’ve been takin’ this rather well. Now we’re going to spread your legs again. Calm down. We’re still just at the touching stage. Draw your legs up, so your feet are flat on the bed. That’s good. OK. Now I’m going to run my finger along your perineum, that’s the flesh we’re your knackers and hole meet. It’s very sensitive,” the vampire said in a calm even tone. He let his fingertips brush against the tender skin, using the rest of his palm to cup the boy’s balls. “Just go with it, Kitten. Forget about you and me, and the blimey bargain. Concentrate on the sensations. Does it tickle? Is it sending nice little shivers through your body? It’s all right for it to feel good. It’s supposed to.” He was surprised at how pleased he felt when some of the boy’s tension melted away. Reaching with his other hand, he finally touched his pet’s cock, teasing it to firmness with surprisingly little effort.

“Very pretty, Kitten, lovely in fact. You should see the picture you make all flushed and hard. Yummy. Bloody hell, Kitten, it makes me want to eat you up or bugger you silly,” the blond drawled, as he continued teasing his boy’s cock. He could smell the pheromones pouring off his pet as his arousal grew. He hoped his soft play with the boy’s spongy knob would distract the mortal as he reached into the bag for the lube.

‘We’ll continue on now, real nice and slow. I’m just going to lube up my finger and play with your opening,’ the vampire explained as he went, just teasing the virgin flesh. The boy shook with little tremors as the vampire tormented him. Spike could read the confusion in the mortal’s eyes as his fear turned to lust. Had the slayer’s pet known a bit more about vampire physiology, he’d have realized that all the vampire’s licking and kissing was releasing aphrodisiacs into his system. Even the great and mighty Watcher’s Council knew virtually nothing about the true nature of the undead or their social structures and rituals. It was amazing the slayers lasted as long as they did, considering how little they knew about their prey.

The boy gasped as a finger breached his tight opening, working its way into him. Harris gritted his teeth in pain, seemingly wondering why anyone would voluntarily do this.

“Relax. Stop fighting and let me in. Nothing to be afraid of,” Spike soothed waiting for the boy to adjust. After feeling the human relax around him, he began slowly working more of his finger inside. The vampire began purring unconsciously, making the sounds a master uses to pacify a frightened fledge.

“How does that feel? Am I hurting you, young one?” the vampire prompted.

“It hurt at first, but now it’s more like uncomfortable and a little weird,” the slayer’s friend babbled in response.

Finally, the vampire worked most of his finger in, moving it gently getting the brunette man used to the idea. He could see from the boy’s eyes that he was no longer in pain. Time to answer his silent question, the master vampire thought as he crooked his finger and quickly found the gland inside his boy. He could not suppress a grin at his toy’s low moan of pleasure.

“Like that do you? Shall I do that again?” the bleached blond asked repeating the gesture several times in rapid succession. His boy actually started to pant. Taking advantage of his good fortune, the vampire quickly lubed and inserted a second finger and began finger fucking his pet in earnest. Someday he would make him come just like this, just from his master’s fingers up his hole. He scissored his fingers, stretching the youth carefully. Using more lube and adding a third finger he set in a harsh thrusting motion. His slave’s cock was actually weeping now. The boy was as ready as he could make him, the vampire decided.

He did not hold back his laughter when the whelp stopped himself mid-mewl as he took his fingers away. “Don’t worry, Kitten, we’re not done yet,” he teased, slicking up his shaft and positioning himself at the boy’s now wet anus. He entered his virgin boy with far more care than was his custom, making sure he gave the previously untouched man plenty of time to adjust to his thick length. His boy hissed in pain, but following his master’s previous instructions, he forced himself to relax. Bugger, Spike thought, he’s so tight. This had to be as close to heaven as a demon could get. He set an easy pace, not wanting to end things too soon.

“Oh, Kitten, you feel bloody fantastic, so hot and tight. Does it feel good? Do you like feeling me inside you?” he asked, loosely fisting the brunette’s cock and stroking it in rhythm with his thrusts. His boy moaned, his head lulling from side to side, as he was hit with wave after wave of pleasure, his master’s cock brushing his prostate on each stroke. The vampire finally tired of the tortuously slow pace and began slamming into the youth with much more force and speed. The mortal was squirming beneath him as he increased the speed of his hand on the slave's throbbing member.

“Come for me, Kitten,” Spike whispered as he gently bit the boy’s ear. It provoked an immediate response. The brunette arched beneath him, shooting ribbons of warm cum between their bodies. The exquisite feeling of his boy’s muscles clamping around him as he climaxed sent the vampire over the edge right after his mortal. Sated, he collapsed on top of the boy. He could smell the salty tang of tears in the air and lifted his gaze to shinning beautiful brown eyes.

“Hush,” he whispered, putting a finger to soft warm lips. Extricating himself from the upset mortal, he reached for the wipes, cleaning them both up.

Dragging the cover back over them both, the vampire pulled the sobbing mortal into his arms, shushing him and rubbing his back until he calmed. Both physically and emotionally exhausted by the events of the evening, the boy fell into a deep sleep cuddled against his new master’s side. Spike couldn’t help but smile at the unexpected turn of events, absently stroking thick sable locks.

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