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Spike looked down at his dozing boy fondly. He’d need to make sure his pet got to bed earlier tonight, it wouldn’t do to have the boy working around heavy machinery half-asleep. He almost hated waking the mortal, who was slumbering peacefully, his arms wrapped tightly around his pillow. Wanker, next you’ll be talking about how adorable he looks.

“Oi, Kitten, time to wake up now,” the master vampire whispered into his inert boy’s ear. The brunet just grumbled and buried his face into his pillow. Spike quickly tickled his ribs, making the brunet squirm. “Kitten, time to get ready for work.” the blond insisted, pressing against the boy’s turned back. He reached in front of his boy and cupped his bollocks, gently fondling them.

“Mmm,” his slave murmured groggily. He wiggled enticingly against his master, as Spike grasped his cock and began slowly stroking his morning erection. The vampire noted the mortal’s heartbeat and breathing speed up announcing his return to full consciousness, before a quiet gasp, “Master.”

“Time to get up, pet,” the platinum haired demon grumbled.

“Yes, Master,” his boy replied drowsily, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand like a small child.

“Go shower while I make your breakfast. When you’re done, come find me in the kitchen. We’ll see about dressing you after you’ve eaten,” he instructed quickly. His pet stretched languidly as he got out of bed. The British creature opened his mouth to chastise the human, but the boy remembered himself and fell to his knees. The vampire had to readjust himself in his trousers as he watched the boy crawl towards the door.

“ You may stand for your shower, Kitten,” he authorized.

“Thank you, Master,” Xander reddened, looking over his shoulder as he retreated from the bedroom.

The blond shook himself making his way to the kitchen. He absently listened to the mortal go through his morning routine, satisfied the boy wasn’t getting himself into any trouble. Humming to himself, he quickly set about making the boy something to eat. He took his time, knowing his pet would be in the loo a while. He’d just finished making up his boy’s plate when the young man crawled back into the room a half hour later.

“Go wait next to the stool by the counter, Kitten,” he commanded. Wordlessly, his slave did as instructed, assuming the proper position.

“Very good, my sweet,” the blond praised, as he carried the boy's plate to the breakfast counter and sat down. Now, to test his boy’s resolve.

“You learned that position very well,” he applauded.

“Thank you, Master,” the brunet replied under his breath, keeping his chocolate coloured eyes downcast as his master nudged his erect sex with his foot.

“Know it’s time to learn a new position. Rise up on your knees, Kitten. Good. Now chin up, stare straight ahead. Perfect, now clasp your hands behind your neck. That’s a good boy. Now, this position is kneeling at attention, Kitten. For the time being this will be the position you will assume when I feed you. Understood?” the vampire smiled, giving each of his slave’s defenceless nipples a proper twist.

“Yes, Master,” his dark haired boy grated out between clenched teeth.

“Now, Kitten, Don’t be upset at me because you’ve lost privileges, like sitting at the counter. It’s your own fault for misbehaving,” Spike scolded.

“I’m sorry, Master” the young man apologized, his cheeks coloring.

“That’s alright, you’ve been a good boy this morning so I won’t hold a little early morning grumpiness against you, but don’t let it happen again or you will be punished,” the blond chided.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master,” the boy murmured.

“Hungry, Kitten?” Spike asked his boy playfully. Already starting to cut the light omelette he’d prepared into small pieces.

“Yes, Master,” his pup nodded. Spike immediately brought a forkful of eggs to his plaything’s lips.

“Would you like a little coffee, Kitten?” the vampire offered reaching for the mug.

“Yes, Master, please,” the whelp signalled, nodding his head. Spike brought the porcelain to his toy’s soft pink lips, letting him take a long drink. The vampire continued to tend his pet, alternating between feeding him pieces of omelette, toast and fruit. The blond enjoyed the disgruntled look on the boy’s face as he ate the whole-wheat toast, but not nearly as much as he enjoyed feeling the brunet lick the fruits juices off his fingers, when he fed him orange and melon slices.

“All done. Now go wait for me by the bed, Kitten. We need to get you ready for work,” Spike smirked, anticipating the abasement he had planned for his boy. After putting the dishes in the sink for his slave to do later, he followed the mortal into their darkened bedroom. Instead of turning on the main light, he flicked one of the bedside table lamps. The mortal as commanded was waiting nervously in position beside the bed.

“Climb up on the bed for me, Kitten. I want you on all fours on the center of the mattress, in the doggie position. Your legs should always be spread for me, pet. Master should always have easy access to his toy. Excellent. Now my Kitten knows what to do if he’s told to wait, kneel at attention, or assume the doggie position,” Spike praised, caressing his Xander’s exposed genitals. He managed to quickly work the boy into a mild state of needy arousal.

Leaving the mortal panting, Spike made his way to the closet and selected a red flannel shirt and a well-worn pair of work jeans for his boy. He pulled a pair of heavy socks and a tight white t-shirt out of a drawer, before placing the garments on the bed beside the waiting human. Walking around the human, Spike opened one of the night tables, extracting a small flexible butt plug as well as a black leather harness, both of which he quickly placed on top of the clothing he’d selected for the mortal. He returned to the still open drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube and the small black paddle they’d purchased at Minara’s shop, making sure it was in full view of the mortal.

“Now, before we dress you, Kitten, your Master is going to give you a good firm paddling. Do you know why my pet?” Spike asked, kneeling behind his boy and lightly stroke the youth’s firm backside.

“No, Master? Is it because of the way I acted in the kitchen?” his pet asked nervously.

“No, Kitten. I was always going to do this to you, regardless of the minor mishap you had this morning or of your behaviour at the market yesterday. I punished you for what happened with the watcher last night. I was very pleased by the way you accepted your punishment, by the way. This isn’t a punishment, pet. It’s going to hurt, but it’s not a punishment. Do you understand?” Spike asked, knowing his pet would not.

“No, Master,” the brunet replied honestly.

“When I made you kneel at attention while I fed you, that wasn’t to punish you either pet. Sitting at the counter is a privilege, a reward. Since you haven’t been on your best behaviour that privilege has been revoked. Someday when you’ve been especially good I may reinstate it. Then again, I may not. You looked so very shaggable, kneeling in front of me this morning, eating out of my hand. You have no idea how difficult it was not to simply throw you over my shoulder and bring you back to bed, Kitten.

“Sometimes, pet, you will be disciplined just to remind you of your place. Not necessarily because you’ve forgotten yourself, but as a preventative measure. Just a reminder of what you are now. That’s what’s about to happen.

“You’re about to go to work and spend several hours away from your Master. This is the first time we’ll be apart since you presented yourself to me. So I’m going to paddle you to give you a tangible reminder that you belong to me. Every time you sit or just shift in your jeans you’ll be sore and remember that you’re mine. Do you understand why I’m going to paddle you now, Kitten?” the blond demon asked as he kneaded the boy’s muscular bottom.

“I… I think so, Master,” his Kitten answered fretfully.

“Good. Now in order to reinforce the lesson, I want you to count the strokes for me, Kitten. After each one I want you to say: I belong to you, Master. I have a predetermined number of smacks in mind, but I’m not going to tell you how many, Kitten. You’ll not know if you are at the beginning, middle or end of our session. Are you ready to be paddled?” the blond questioned, laying the paddle against the boy’s cheeks.

“Yes, Master,” the brunet agreed, still sounding uneasy.

Spike brought the paddle back, then swung forcefully, smacking his boy’s left buttock dead center.

“One, I belong to you, Master,” his slave groaned. The vampire proceeded to administer more hard swats, each followed by the mortal’s voice asserting Spike’s ownership of him. The boy’s bottom, already bruised from the hand spankings of the two previous days, was rapidly turning bright scarlet. Spike continued patiently administering blows concentrating on the lower part of his Kitten’s arse and his upper tights.

“Thirty-three, I belong to you, Master,” the human gasped, obviously in pain. Luckily for him, he’d reached the number of strokes his master had mentally assigned him. He planned on changing the number each morning, sometimes using an even number and sometimes not, just to keep the boy off balance.

“Good boy. Now, as well as making your backside all nice and tender, we are also going to have you wear a little anal plug, just so your little hole doesn’t get lonely for Master’s cock. It’s just a tiny one, but it will stop you from feeling all nasty and empty inside,” Spike mocked, rubbing his pet aching backside. “Aren’t you going to thank me, Kitten?”

“Thank you for being such a…thoughtful Master,” Xander grunted, wisely changing whatever he had in mind at the very end.

Spike carefully spread some slick on his finger, before spreading his boy’s raw cheeks. He gently worked his finger in, quickly preparing the human’s body for the tiny intruder. He was tempted to sink into his slave’s orifice himself, but there was no time. Quickly locking the plug inside the hardness, he liberally covered it in lubricant and sank it into his boys waiting body. He quickly buckled the straps around the brunet’s waist and slipped the boy’s privates through the large metal ring at the front of the device. He carefully tightened the straps and snapped the harness into its final position, insuring that the small trespasser would stay lodged in place.

“Beautiful. It’s just about time for you to be off, Kitten. Go wait by the door and I’ll bring you your lunch and what you’ll be wearing today,” the master vampire ordered, beginning to put everything away, not bothering to tidy the bed since he was planning on dozing for a while, once the boy was out the door.

He picked up his pet’s outfit for the day from off of the bed and walked into kitchen, whistling as he went. He grinned, spying his boy kneeling submissively by the door. He opened the refrigerator and pulled out the human’s lunch. Kicking the door shut behind him, Spike turned to his waiting slave.

“You may stand and dress now, Kitten,” the vampire told the crouching young man, handing him the pile of work clothes he’d assembled. Spike chuckled as the mortal winced as he pulled his jeans up. His boy made quite the picture standing there in well-worn denim and a snug white undershirt, well until flannel ruined the effect. The vampire quietly admired the view as his pet leaned down to lace up his work boots.

“I expect you to eat this for lunch and not, whatever rubbish they happen to be peddling around the site, understood? There’s an apple in there if you want a snack,” the immortal blond admonished, handing the dark haired construction worker the brown paper bag.

“Yes, Master,” the brunet replied sullenly, just short of rolling his eyes.

“Vampires have a very keen sense of smell. If you think your arse is sore now, imagine what it will feel like if you come home and I smell that you deliberately disobeyed me,” the vampire warned.

“Yes, Master,” the youth gulped, reaching for the tool belt and hardhat that hung on the wall.
“Off with you, Kitten,” the blond snickered. The slayerette yelped as Spike’s deft fingers pinched his sore bottom as he walked out the door. Closing and locking the door behind the mortal, the vampire headed towards the bedroom. Now to get a couple of hours sleep before Passions started.

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