After the end

BY : Eagleblaze
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After she could no longer feel the pain of the fire, cold water splashed down over her. She gasped at the sudden change in temperature, steam and smoke making her cough and choke when the fire died out. The sudden water was enough to break the wood the rest of the way, causing it - and her - to crash to the ground, suddenly aware of her own body again. When a wave of agony crashed over her, she wished she wasn't. The wood that was crushing her into the soot covered floor didn't help, pressing down on her burnt skin. She flinched at a slicing sound, stiffening as she expected more pain. When there wasn't, she noticed the rope tying her to the fallen post had been cut from it, allowing for the demon to yank the wooden pole off her, throwing it to the wall. 

"Hm. No begging.. Kind of a disappointment if you ask me." Willows eyelids fluttered as she struggled to look at him, vision blurred from the pain. 

"..How aren't I dead..?" Booming laughter made her flinch, a headache building on top of all the rest of her aches and pains. 

"You aren't in your body, little girl. I thought you would have caught on to that by now." She groaned, trying to push herself up unsuccessfully. 

"I got that.. But then how can I still.. Feel stuff and why can you still..?" She squeaked when he grabbed her, yanking her up by her arm. 

"You don't need your mortal body to feel pain - especially not here. Its your self conscious that allows for this." He tapped his head, "It's all in you're mind, but that doesn't make it feel any less real. See, that's where I'm lucky. Nothing I do to you will kill you. Endless fun - well, until your family and friends decide to pull the plug, or you die of old age." He paused, "Or if wherever your body is suddenly explodes, which I doubt. But you never know with humans…" 

"B-But then how am I still so w-weak and stuff..?" He scoffed, yanking her forward as he started to walk. 

"Your pathetic body still works as it would in your dimension, even in your self conscious. You just cant die, and no marks will be on your earth body." She shivered as she walked, still soaked from the cold water. He shoved her down into another mini-cave inside the cave, causing her to stumble again. She grunted as her burnt skin rubbed against the ground harshly, increasing the pain. He grabbed her again, throwing her onto a wood table. Her chin hit, making her bite her own tongue with a grimace. He didn't delay in flipping her onto her back and strapping her down. Willow forced her eyes open, trying to figure out where he was. She yelped when something was suddenly wrapped tightly over her eyes, making it impossible to see. The removal of one of her senses got the desired response, increasing her fear and helplessness. She tried to figure out where he was, just by listening, but she found that quite hard as noises seemed to come from all directions. A scream was torn from her throat when sharp metal plunged into her flesh harshly, erupting a sharp pain through her. She already knew what it felt like to be stabbed, from the thing at the hospital with Kennedy - and the broken bottle - but this was /deep/. It suddenly struck her why. With Kennedy, she had to be careful to not kill her, or cause her to lose consciousness… But here.. He had said she couldn't die from anything he did. From the fire, she had guessed she couldn't pass out to escape the pain. She gasped in pain and shock when the knife - or whatever it was - was shoved deeper into her arm.. Until it broke right through to the table, missing the bone and going right through. It was pulled out at an agonizing pace, until finally she was free to slump back onto the surface beneath her, panting in pain. She would've screamed louder when it was plunged deeply into her stomach.. If she had the breath for it. She started to gurgle and choke on her own blood when she coughed, convulsing on the table as she fought for air, drowning in her own blood. She knew she couldn't die, but goddess did she feel like she was. 




Eventually Tara had cried herself asleep, so exhausted that the screams coming from Willow didn't wake her. Even if they had, Tara knew there wasn't anything she could do. A sudden tap to her shoulder had her ready to jump from the chair, eyes wide and blurred from sleep. 

"Woah! Woah, Tara, it's me!" Tara groaned, rubbing her eyes and frowning when she saw Buffy and the rest of the gang. Hope fluttered inside her. Had they found a way to get Willow back? Buffy seemed to notice this and frowned, glancing at Willow with a sad sigh, "We still arent sure on her yet.. But.. There is a victim of the spell who has seemed to survive it."

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