After the end

BY : Eagleblaze
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Willow could feel her heart racing. She didn't want to tell Tara what she had done, but at the same time.. She did. Tara continued to stare into her eyes in concern and Willow knew she had to tell her. She took a deep breath. {She's going to leave you again..} A harsh voice in her mind sneered, {How could she love a killer?} She pushed it down, forcing herself to speak, 

"When you.." Willow closed her eyes to hide tears as she remembered that dreadful day. "I.. I couldn't think clearly.. I couldn't.. All I could see was red.. Everything went so wrong.. I tried to bring you back but.. He said.. It was a natural death and.." Tara stayed silent. "I got so mad.. I.. The only thing I could think of.. Was.. Was r-revenge.. So I.. Oh goddess.. I went to the magic shop and.. And.. Absorbed everything in the dark magick books and then I.." Willow fought to hold back the need to break down, "Xander told me it was one of those geeks.. W-Warren.. So I tracked him down and.." She looked away, unable to see Taras expression when she continued. "I.. K-Killed him.. F-Flayed him alive in the forest.." She winced at the gasp behind her. "Then I.. It wasn't enough.. I couldn't.. You were still.. I tried to track down and k-kill the others in the trio but.. But Buffy tried to stop me.. Oh goddess.. I tried to kill h-her and G-Giles.. The two from the trio got away but.. But.. There was some sort of magic that a coven gave Giles.. I-I stole it from him and.. I could feel all.. Everything everyone else felt.. Oh goddess, it was.. Terrible.. I.. So much p-pain and.." She had to swallow tears as she choked up, "I tried to.. To end the world.." Tara gasped again, "X-Xander was able to s-stop me but.. Oh goddess.. It hurt So much you were.. Giles took me to the coven to learn how to use magic properly again and.. I.. I missed your.. I missed your funeral… it was so horrible.." Willow was unable to keep the waterfall of tears back anymore, starting to sob, "It hurt so much with you gone I.. I didnt think I would.. I didnt think I could live but.. But I had to.. I still had to help Buffy and the others I couldn't.. I thought it would get better.. The overwhelming grief and agony with you gone.. But.. But it never did.. I relive those days.. Over.. And over in my dreams.. I.." Willow was unable to continue talking, her tears taking over. 




Tara had listened with growing horror. Willow had killed someone. She knew it must have been hard for Willow with her gone but she never thought… She never thought that Willow would turn into just another bad guy for Buffy and the others to stop. And with the magicks.. Willow had killed someone with magic. It might have been her killer but still.. All the trust that had been rebuilt in the short time before her death.. Tara didn't know if she could keep it. If Willow would kill someone when she was upset.. There would be no telling that she wouldn't kill any of them. She dimly knew that Willow was crying now, but she was too caught up in disbelief. She knew Willow would never intentionally hurt any of them, but if she were to be controlled by the magicks again.. Would she try to make her forget her time while dead like she did Buffy? Wipe her memories again? Tara was overjoyed that she had managed to save her from Kennedy but.. How could she live with knowing what Willow had done? It was horrifying, to say the least. Tara stood with a quick shake of her head, rushing towards the door. 

"No! Tara, please dont leave me! Please! Come back!" She could hear Willow wailing and begging behind her, but she needed time to think. So she continued out the door and out of the hospital, not listening to Willows desperate pleads. 




Willow felt short of breath, tears rolling swiftly down her face. Tara had left her again. She was alone again. She groaned at a sharp pain in her chest, doubling over on the bed. The monitor behind her started beeping like crazy, and she wondered if she was dying. Nurses and Doctors rushed in, but her head was already spinning and fuzzy. She faintly heard Buffys panicked wail before she went limp. 




Tara entered the apartment quickly, barely saying hello to Xander and Dawn before rushing into her bedroom, slamming the door closed and locking it before flopping on her bed. Willow had killed someone. She had relapsed into magic, and killed someone. She was a murderer. And she had tried to justify it in her name. Was this some sort of cruel joke on her? She returned to life to save Willow, only to find she had killed a person in cold blood, without a second thought about it. Tara buried her face in her pillow, drifting into an uneasy sleep. 


~Tara woke up in a dark space, looking around in slight fear. She finally spotted a figure approaching her, going to call out to it. She stopped, her eyes widening as she saw its face. Red hair turned black, veins covering her face, her lips chapped and a slight purple color, her eyes fully black to match it. Tara locked eyes with the thing, looking into the deep hole of black despair, a smirk contradicting it. Tara suddenly noticed the bodies that covered the ground. Buffy… Xander... Anya… Giles.. Dawn.. Her breath hitched as she recognized her own body. The dark girl looked at the scene with a blank expression, blinking her black filled eyes, a dark hand reaching up to wipe the blood from her face. The girl examined the blood on her hand for a moment, her other hand showing as she raised a gun that was clutched in its grip up. 

"...Bored now." There was a conflicted expression before the trigger was pulled and a loud bang sounded. Tara screamed as the girl fell to the ground, blood rushing from the hole in her head.~


Tara woke with a scream, covered in sweat. She panted as she recalled the dream, her heart sinking. Could that happen? Could Willow end up killing all of them, and then herself? Was the only possible way to prevent this, was if she stayed away from Willow? Was this all a big trick? Was she working /with/ Kennedy, and not against her? Had she somehow grown a resentment towards them? She groaned, rubbing her eyes as the phone started to ring. She picked it up, raising it to her ear sleepily, 


"Tara! You need to come quick, somethings happened to Willow!" Buffys voice called through the phone, a loud commotion in the background, "Bring Xander and Dawn with you!" Tara stood quickly, hanging up the phone and rushing into the living room. 

"Xander, Dawn, car, now!" The two looked at eachother, standing quickly to follow her. Tara sped most of the way, barely stopping the car before jumping out to rush inside. Buffy paced, looking to them with a tearful gaze. Taras heart sank. 

"The doctors say.. They say her heart is too weak.. Strained from all the stress and.. And it shouldn't be long now.. They.. They say to.. To say your goodbyes-" Buffy broke off into sobs, Dawn rushing to hug her, starting to do the same. Tara ran down the hall to Willows room, shaking her head in disbelief at the state of the girl. She rushed to the bed, a soft sob rising as Willow looked up at her weakly. 

"Hey.. Come here often..?" She rasped with a soft wheeze as Tara grabbed her hand. Tara shook her head tearfully, 

"Please don't do this.. Please dont leave me.." Tara pleaded, staring into the green eyes she loved so much. Willow frowned, grimacing, 

"I don't think I have… much choice in the matter.." Willow squeezed her hand weakly, "I know.. This is going to be.. Really hard.. But let them help you through it.. And.. Tara.. Baby.. I could never.. Leave you.." Willow reached up, tapping her chest with a shaky hand. "Cliche.. I know.. But I will always.. Be with you.. In there.. I.. Even death can't stop the love.. I have for you, Tara Maclay.." Tara shook her head again, her tears spilling freely. 

"Please.. Dont do this.. Please, fight for me.." Willow grimaced, her head lifting as she held her breath in pain. She let it go again, her eyelids fluttering weakly. 

"Don't worry.. My love.." Willow wheezed, pulling her hand to her lips to give it a gentle, loving kiss, "I'll always.. Find.. You…" And then the beautiful redhead went limp, a long beep sounding as the small hand slipped from hers. Tara shook her head back and forth, her eyes widening in disbelief and grief. 

"No! Willow! Please, Please don't leave me! I love you so much, please wake up!" Tara wailed, shaking the limp body gently. "Please no! Oh goddess, please! Don't take her from me! Wake up! Please, Willow, Wake up!" Tara didn't notice as the rest of the scoobies gathered around her, starting to sob in grief along with her, hugging each other tightly. Tara didn't give up, shaking the body harder, "Please! Please get up! Don't do this! Please don't leave me!" A doctor came in, stopping the long beeping with a button before lifting the sheet over the pale face.

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