After the end

BY : Eagleblaze
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~"What are we going to do now Buffy?"~

Willow clutched the photo of her, Buffy and Xander close to her chest, her tears splashing onto the broken frame. She sobbed quietly as she cleaned glass off the floor, remembering last night… 

~"Please, can I just see them for a little bit?" Willow begged tearfully, the picture of her and her friends in her hands. Kennedy glared at her, 

"Why? They dont need you anymore. And you dont need them - you have me." Willow struggled to contain tears, 

"Please! They keep calling.. But I.. But you never let me answer! They could think.. T-they could think I was dead!" Kennedy struck out, slapping the picture frame from her hands. Willow shrieked as it broke, tears quickly spilling out. 

"You ungrateful bitch!" Kennedy screamed, shoving her to the ground. She yelped as her back hit the ground, "I give you all this-" The slayer gestured to the big house, "And you still try to go off to them?! You dont need them, you have me!" Willow yelped as her arm was kicked, staring at her girlfriend fearfully, "I give you food, shelter, and make love to you every night! And its still not good enough?!" Willow shook, trying to back away, 

"What you do to me at night, Isn't making love!" She spat in momentary bravery, regretting it when Kennedy pulled her up by her arm roughly. 

"I'll show you making love.." Kennedy growled as she pulled her sobbing form to the bedroom…~

She hiccupped, trying to calm her sobs as she got up, throwing the glass out. Any movement hurt today, as she was still sore from last night. Her body betrayed her when Kennedy would do what she called making love, even if she hated how much it hurt, how brutal and full of rage it was. So even as Kennedy had beaten her at the same time she had been thrusting nearly her whole hand into her, The slayer had been able to make her cum over five times. She squeezed her eyes shut as she remembered, going to the kitchen to begin dinner. Kennedy would be back from her job as a bodyguard soon, and if dinner wasn't ready, she would be mad. As she started the pasta, she started to think. Why did she feel like this? Kennedy loved her, and she loved Kennedy. Kennedy was just afraid that she would leave her.. Right? That's all this was…? If she stayed good for her for long enough, she would trust her more, and things would get better. Kennedy was only trying to help her. She knew that Kennedy was being generous - if she were to act how she did with someone else, they would have left her already, right? Kennedy had said so. She didnt have time to doubt her suspicions as the door slammed open and Kennedy stomped in, throwing her bag and coat onto the couch for her to pick up. 

"Long day..?" Willow called, urging the pasta to cook faster. Kennedy scoffed, leaning against the doorway. 

"Cant I have a minute to rest before you start nagging me?" Willow frowned, bowing her head,

"Of course, I'm sorry.." Kennedy rolled her eyes, flopping into a chair at the table. 

"I'm starving, wheres dinner?" Willow shut her eyes, fear tingling in her stomach as she answered, 

"It isnt finished yet-" She winced at the sound of the chair being thrown into the wall. 

"I only ask two things of you every day - TWO THINGS! Clean the house and make dinner! Is that so fucking hard?!" Kennedy demanded, grabbing her arm harshly to pull her around to face her. "Are you really that worthless that you cant even get those simple things done before I get home?!" Willow didnt get time to reply before Kennedy sent a stinging slap to her face, glaring at her in disgust as she backed away. "After dinner we need to talk." Willows breath caught, but she quickly hid it.

"Okay.." Willow squeaked as Kennedy grabbed her arm again, 

"What was that?" 

"O-Of c-course honey.." Kennedy scoffed again, letting go to sit down in another chair. Willow turned to find that the pasta was finally done, and dished it out, putting cheese on them. She set the largest portion in front of Kennedy, quickly grabbing a fork and napkin to give her. Kennedy ignored her, starting to eat. Willow looked down as she picked the chair that she had thrown back up, pushing it to the table and sitting down, eating her own food as slow as she could, trying to delay the 'talk'. She knew how these 'talks' ended every time. Kennedy got up, glaring down at her. 

"Hurry up." She snapped coldly as Willow rushed to shovel the last of her food into her mouth. Kennedy growled, grabbing her from the chair, knocking the plate off the table as she did. Willow struggled to swallow the food in her mouth as she stumbled to keep up with Kennedy. She whimpered at the tight grip, squeaking when Kennedy shoved her into the room. She fell down, trying to stop her fall with her hands. She yelped at the kick to her side, wheezing as she fell the rest of the way down. "You're very lucky that I put up with a waste like you." Kennedy spat, grabbing her hair roughly. "Tomorrow, when i come home, I expect the house to be spotless, and for dinner to be ready. Got it?" Willow whimpered softly, nodding, 

"Y-Yes M-Ma'am.." Kennedy shoved her away. 

"Pathetic…" Willow struggled to keep tears back as she struggled up to sit on the bed. Kennedy frowned, pressing her lips to hers. "Oh, Will, you know I cant stay mad at you.." She cooed, pushing her shoulder to make her lay back on the bed. "You know I only do this for you, dont you sweetie?" Willow nodded, sniffling. Kennedy kissed her again as she unbuttoned her shirt quickly, moving onto her pants. Willow shuddered once she was exposed, squeezing her eyes shut. She winced as Kennedy tensed, realizing her mistake. "Heh. Here i am, trying to give you pleasure, even after your mistake today.. And you act like a mouse cornered by a cat." Kennedys face twisted in rage, and she pulled her own clothes off as Willow cried softly. Kennedy started to rub against her roughly, kissing her with claiming lips. She tweaked her nipple, shoving her tongue into her mouth when she gasped. Willow swallowed a gag as her tongue explored her mouth roughly as she used her hands to pinch and rub her nipples until they were hard and raw, her body betraying her again. Kennedy broke the kiss, allowing her to gasp for air as she kissed and nipped her way down to her breasts, nuzzling her face between them. Willow bit her lip, trying not to cry. Kennedy bit her nipple, mistaking her cry of pain as one of pleasure, rolling the raw nub between her teeth. She travelled to the other one, doing the same thing, moaning as she did. Willow moaned too, but not from pleasure. Kennedy lifted her head, smirking at her as she pushed her legs apart. Willow whimpered, knowing what was about to come. When Kennedy thrust her hand into her, she cried out in pain, the sound cut off by another bruising kiss. Kennedy used her other finger to manipulate her clit, letting her take a gasp of air as the tension grew in her. Willow started to cry out again as her muscles tightened, unwanted pleasure crashing over her. Her cunt was still severely sore, and Kennedys rough thrusting only made it worse as she continued to cry in pleasure and pain. Once she had finished, Kennedy cried out her own release, thrusting harder against her pelvis with another kiss, biting her lip until blood trickled out. Once Kennedys body relaxed, she got off, laying down and pulling her shaking body close. "Goodnight Willow.." Kennedy mumbled, nipping the back of her neck, "I love you.." Willow struggled to stop the sobs as her girlfriend fell asleep. She could feel her spirit, disappearing bit by bit...




Tara was pulled from the warm, loving place by a power, looking around in surprise. She was in an area of fog, a woman in a long dress standing solemnly before her. 

"Welcome, Tara."

"W-Who are you..?" She stammered fearfully, 

"That isnt important, dear. Whats important, is that somebody dear to you needs help." Taras stomach dropped. She was dead, wasn't she? How was she supposed to help someone in the living world? Unless.. 

"Oh goddess, who died..?" The woman smiled, 

"Nobody." Tara narrowed her eyes in confusion, 

"B-But.. Arent I..?" 

"Yes, Dear, you are dead." 

"Then how-"

"But we can change that." Taras eyes widened in disbelief, 

"Who-" The womans eyes filled with an urgency. 

"As I said before, that isnt important. Willow needs help." Taras heart skipped a beat,

"W-Willow..? Whats..?" The woman sighed,

"I cannot tell you, she must tell you herself." 

"But.. What about B-Buffy, Xander Anya and Dawn..? Can't they help her?" The woman shook her head sadly, 

“Anyas soul rests with us now,” She began solemnly, frowning as she gasped in disbelief, but let her continue.

"Willow’s been isolated.. Shes scared, and doesnt know what to do. Theres only one person that theres the slim chance she would tell.. And thats you." Tara bit her lip. If Willow wouldn't tell the others, it must be something bad. 


"And confused.. As i said, I can bring you back to the living world, but not without your consent, and you must promise to try to help your soulmate." 

"S-Soulmate?" The woman nodded, 

"Tara Maclay, is it your wish to go back to the living world to help Willow Rosenberg?" Tara nodded without hesitation, 

"Of course! But how-" 

"If you dont focus on your task you'll be brought back. If you succeed, however, we will allow you to stay with your love. Understand?" 

"Yes but-" There was a flash of light, and the woman was gone.




She was woken up by Kennedy letting go of her and getting off the bed. She kept her eyes closed, trying to keep her breathing even so Kennedy wouldn't know she was awake. She could hear the slayer getting up, and hoped, for once, she would let her sleep in.. And not wake her up for a 'kiss' before going to work. But it was wishful thinking, as Kennedy went to her side of the bed, and shook her by her shoulder. Willow slowly fluttered her eyes open, trying to act like she was just waking up. 

"Hey babe.." Her stomach sank, seeing that she hadnt dressed for work. She forced a smile to her face, 

"Goodmorning.." Kennedy half-smiled at her, crawling onto the bed towards her slowly. That was when Willow noticed the strap-on in her hand, her heart skipping a beat in fear. {Where did she get that?!} She thought fearfully. They didnt have that before.. The only thing she had ever had inside of her was a hand.. And this was much wider, and longer. "Kenn.. Honey.. W-Whats that..?" Kennedy smirked at her, strapping it to her waist. 

"I bought it yesterday on the way home. Figured i'd surprise you tonight but.. Boss says I dont need to be in for a little while yet." Willow gulped, forcing another smile to her face. "Oh, dont be scared babe.. I'm sure you'll like it." Kennedy cooed, pulling the blanket off of her to run her hands down her sides. Willow tried to relax, knowing it would only be worse if she fought it. She forced herself not to shudder when Kennedy rubbed the strap-on against her, bringing her mouth to one of her nipples, swirling her tongue around it until it hardened painfully. Once it was rock hard, Kennedy bit down on it, again mistaking Willows shriek as one of pleasure. Willow forced the smile to stay on her face, though tears tracked down her face. Kennedy moved her mouth to the other nipple, this time continuing to tease it even after it had hardened. Willow squirmed, hating that she knew what Kennedy wanted. She knew that she wouldn't stop until she begged, and even then, she would probably only bite it. She nearly screeched in humiliation as the pain in her nipple grew to be too much, 

"Please!" She finally shrieked, shaking. Kennedy smirked, biting down harder than before. Willow shrieked in pain, whimpering as she rolled it between her teeth as she had the other. The pain had taken away any arousal that might have been there, but still, Kennedy pressed their lips together, and moved to push her legs apart. She didnt have time to attempt to prepare herself before Kennedy thrust the entire thing into her. She screamed in agony, but it was unnoticed by Kennedy, as she continued thrusting in and out roughly. Her cries filled the room, eventually blended with Kennedys scream of pleasure as her body shook, her thrusts becoming quickly and harder, to Willows dismay. When she finally rolled off, Willow was shaking with sobs. Kennedy took it as the afterglow of an orgasm, kissing her cheek before getting up to get dressed. 

"See? I knew you'd like it.. We'll have to do this again sometime.." Kennedy purred, putting her hair into a ponytail before walking out, not noticing - or caring about - the blood on the sheets, or Willows obvious distress and pain. 




Tara looked at herself in the glass of a window in disbelief. She was alive again! She looked around the city, joy fluttering in her heart. She started walking down the busy sidewalk, happy that the woman had brought her back with clothes on. She didnt know where she was, but she guessed it was somewhere near Willow was. Her eyes widened happily, {Willow! I'll get to see Willow again!} She heard a loud gasp, 

"T-Tara?!" She quickly spun around, her heart leaping at the sight of Dawn and Buffy. She rushed towards them, 

"Buffy! Dawnie!" Dawn practically flew into her arms, while Buffy starred on in shock. 

"H-How..?" Tara wrapped her arms around Dawn, giggling happily, 

"I dont even know!" She admitted, her stomach flipping when she remembered why. "Willow.. Have you guys seen Willow?" Buffy frowned, 

"No.. Kennedy said they were still settling into the new place-" Tara felt as if a knife had been stabbed through her chest, 

"K-Kennedy..?" Dawn looked back at Buffy, still refusing to let go of her. "Who's K-Kennedy..?" Buffy took a deep breath, 

"Kennedy.. Is Willows girlfriend." 




Willow stumbled from the room, a robe wrapped tightly around her. Even after the shower, she didnt feel better, but she had to clean the house and make dinner before Kennedy got back. She winced as she got dressed in baggy clothes, every part of her body hurting. She walked to the kitchen, putting ground beef into a pan, using the spatula to cut it up before beginning to clean the house. She constantly checked on the meat, making sure it didnt burn. Once she finished cleaning, she went back to turn the stove off, getting Taco shells and olives from the cupboards, setting the shells on the table before opening the can of olives. Once convinced that she had everything ready for Kennedy to get back, she went to the bedroom, going to the head of the bed to reach between the bed and the wall, pulling out the photo that preserved her sanity. The blonde hair, blue eyes and kind smile that was her world. 

"Oh Tara.." She breathed sadly, holding the picture to her chest as tears streamed from her eyes. "I miss you so much…" 

"Why? Because then you wouldn't be trapped with me?" Her eyes widened, fear filling her quickly. She turned shakily, 

"K-Kennedy.." She stammered, "Y-You're h-ho-home early.." Kennedy sneered at her, Willows heart jumping as she started to take off her belt. 

"Yeah, bummer for you, isnt it? Take off your shirt and bra." Willow whimpered, 

"Come on Kenn-" Kennedy didnt even let her finish before ripping the garments off her body, throwing them to the ground as she yelped. Kennedy grabbed the picture from her hand, ignoring her cry of protest. 

"Oh. Of course, the lost lover, huh? How sad." Kennedy put her belt on her shoulder, gripping the photo at both ends. Willow screeched at her to stop, realizing what she was doing. 

"Please! Dont! I-I'll put it away just please-" She stopped to shriek in distress and Kennedy easily tore it down the middle, taking the two pieces to rip them into four, before throwing them, the pieces scattering before fluttering down. Willow sobbed shakily, scrambling to pick up the pieces. She shrieked and fell back as Kennedy struck her shoulder with the belt, glaring at her.

"I thought i said I didnt like you having pictures of her." The slayer snarled, striking her again to receive a shriek as she tried to crawl away backwards, tears falling sloppily down her cheeks. "I provide for you, I give everything up to try to make you happy. But you never do anything, just sit here and weep about this dead bitch." Willow felt a rush of anger, 

"Thats because you won't let me do anything!" She screeched, "And dont you dare insult Tara!" Kennedy's eyes widened briefly, then filled with rage. 

"Oh, so you're the one giving commands now?" She sneered, striking Willow harder with the belt. Willow shrieked again, whimpering as her back hit the wall. She didnt have anywhere else to go. "You know, Taras probably better off dead-" Kennedy spat, "So she doesnt have to see your ugly face everyday." Willow screeched in pain as Kennedy hit her again, right across her stomach, making her gag. "The only reason she probably ever put up with you was because she pitied you.." Willows scream was particularly distressed as Kennedy struck her breasts with the belt, making sure the buckle hit. "But I don't. You, Willow Rosenberg, are mine, and nothings ever going to stop that." 

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