After the end

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Eventually Willow did become numb to this pain too, but it had taken longer as she had suspected. When the demon got bored of her lack of response, he cut the ropes, causing her to crash to the ground harshly. She grunted, but that was the closest to a response he got, making him growl in annoyance, grabbing her by her neck tightly, dragging her towards the cave as she choked. She could feel her mind start distancing itself in an effort to get rid of the pain, and quickly forced herself back to reality. She couldn't let her mind diminish like the others in this dimension. Tara was coming for her. She had to stay aware, even if the pain was so excruciating she partly hoped for a death she knew wouldn't come. She found herself thrown against a sharp wall, the rusty shackles she had seen before slapped onto her wrists, stretching her back painfully when weights were put on her feet. A high pitched wail came from her when the weights caused the soles of her feet to be crushed against a red hot iron platform like the ones she had observed earlier. Her breath actually caught, becoming labored. The pain was worse than she had expected, which was surprising since she had literally been burned at the stake for hours. But the contrast of her top half being numbingly cold due to the biting breeze that whipped in from the cave entrance with the burning agony in her feet seemed worse than when her whole body had been on fire. The weights crushing her feet against the source of pain and putting extra strain on her body certainly didn't help either. Even if she had wanted to, there was no way to /not/ be aware of this agony. She noticed that he hadn't added weights to the other hanging victims with a frown. Was he treating her worse than the others? Did he enjoy her pain more? He tore a girl from her chains, causing the girl to scream and weep. Willow couldn't stand to watch another girl being taken away to be tortured and cried out, 

"Leave her alone! Take me instead!" The demon turned to look at her, smirking evilly. 

"And here I thought that stubbornness was fading." He chained the other girl back up, who was now whispering her thanks quietly and repeatedly to Willow, head ducked. "See how none of them sacrifice themselves for you?" The demon hissed, a sadistic glimmer to his eyes as she unchained her, watching as she trembled and started breathing heavier. "Normally I like my girls to be completely submissive and broken.. But for some reason.. I find you'r fire.." He paused to smirk at her, dragging her with the weights still attached, "..intoxicating.." She shut her eyes tightly, desperately holding back tears. She couldn't give up. No. She couldn't break. She had to get back to Tara. But his taunt had sent new alarm bells off in her head, the reality of what he could do sending shivers down her spine. Or maybe that was the cold. Either way it scared the crap out of her. Grunting as she was thrown into a deep pit, her mind refocused as his voice boomed down at her. "I've got a nice little game for you. I have a buddy of mine behind that door you see there," He paused as she looked to a large steel door, gulping quietly. "And he hasn't had some fun in a while. Honestly, I haven't seen a nice brutal battle in a while either. If you can successfully defeat him, I'll go a couple days without torturing you or the other girls. I'll even let you all sleep. But if you don't… I have a nice.. Hot tub for you to spend your time in until I say otherwise." The door creaked open, Willows breathing quickening in terror when a large demon like the leader stomped out, a heavy sledgehammer in hand. 

"D-Do I get a w-w-weapon..?" The leader demon smirked, throwing a small stick down to her. A sinking feeling made her stomach ready to fall from her body when she realized she still had the weights on her feet. This wasn't a fair fight. It was rigged for her to lose horribly.. And yet.. She had to try, if there was a possibility she could give those girls a break and get herself sleep to keep her mind intact. So she picked up the stick, forcing her back straight. A glance at the sledgehammer in the demons hand confirmed that her future was going to be pain filled. Yet, she stood as tall as ever, awaiting it. "Let the fun begin!" 




Tara jumped when her phone rang, scrambling to grab it while trying to put her coffee back on the table at the same time. Once she finally did, she lifted it to her ear, uttering a small greeting. 

"WE DID IT!" Tara jumped, nearly dropping the phone at how loud the other line was. 

"Gods, quiet down Xander - what is it you did-?"

"We finished the translation! We can get Willow back!" This time, had Buffy not grabbed it, she /would/ have dropped her phone. 

"What - Really?! Will it work.." Buffys voice trailed in Taras mind. It seemed every part of her brain had a marathon going on. Or more accurately a /Triathlon/ - Worries, Joys and Wishes raced through her mind, trying to pull her to each of their favored emotions. Buffys voice pulled her from her thoughts, a hand placed on her arm. "Tara, we need to go. We have to pick up some ingredients for the ritual before we try it." Tara nodded, pushing herself up and stuffing her phone in her pocket. "Just a little longer," Buffy promised quietly as they headed for the car, "Just a little longer until we have Willow back.." 




Tara helped Giles set up for the ritual, glancing at Willow every other second. Her face was twisted in a grimace, as if she were having a bad dream. But Tara knew it wasn't just a dream. It was a hell dimension that she was trapped in with god knows what. Was it a typical hell dimension? Were those screams of pain or fear? Perhaps both.. Or neither. When Jane had spoken of the dimension itself, it was very vague. She hadn't spoken of what had gone on there, but Tara could understand not wanting to bring up painful memories. The way Jane had spoken was choppy and distant, probably from trauma. But she had said something of being able to escape the demon by 'killing' it. Tara guessed she had actually just been knocking it out, since it came back every time. {'Every time'?} Tara thought as she lit the candles, {Does that mean shes done it multiple times? Does that mean she never fully escapes.. Just gets.. Breaks?} Even with those 'Breaks' from whatever tormented the people in the dimension, she had been very traumatized. Did that mean that Willow would be worse, having had no break from torment in the time she had been there? It had been nearly two weeks in this dimension, so god knows how long that was for Willow. Even if it wasn't too long, Tara knew a lot of Mental damage could be done in little time. With Willows mind being broken down before this with everything with Kennedy, that was multiplied. How would she be the same? Even if she was eventually the same, it would take lots of time. She straightened up when Giles started chanting something, following his lead and doing the same. She wasn't sure how the other people in the hospital couldn't hear them - and if they did, why they were ignoring it. Clearly security wasn't their priority. Willow had started gasping and crying out, making Tara flinch every time, though she continued. {Is the ritual hurting her?!} Tara tried to push her panic back. {Thats foolish, Giles would never do anything to hurt her!} Suddenly Willows eyes snapped open, locking on hers fearfully. 

"Willow!" She gasped joyfully, going to her side. But Willow just seemed afraid, a small word gasped from her lips as she reached her shaky hand for Tara. 

"..Help.." Then she passed out again and Taras heart thundered to a stop. 

"Willow?! Willow, wake up! Open your eyes!" Giles closed his eyes, placing a hand on her shoulder in sorrow. 

"I'm sorry."

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