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Joyce Summers stood at the door, watching her daughter Buffy walk down the path, open the gate and crossed the sidewalk. The older blonde continued to follow her teenage daughter until she stepped across the road and into the old red car that Giles was so fond of. Only when she was satisfied her daughter was with her Watcher did Joyce close the door, aware that there was an irony of making sure Buffy had safely got all the way to a car which would take her to much more dangerous place than Revello Drive.

Her other daughter was waiting for her. Like her sister she too was saving the world, though hers was a less dangerous but equally demanding assignment. Joyce looked at Dawn expectantly, the teen was in her new uniform of tiny hotpants and a way too small top. "How did it go?" Joyce asked, "Did you?"

Dawn nodded and gave a small smile. "We did it. Buffy had sex with me."

"Well done, I'm so proud of you," Joyce took her youngest daughter in a loving embrace and hugged her hard. She didn't ask if Dawn had enjoyed it, the teen wasn't a lesbian, she was doing this to save the world and making a sacrifice no-one would ever know about except her Mom, Giles and Quentin Travers. Joyce slowly let go, looking down at her daughter, blushing with praise, "You've got to keep it up. You've jumped one hurdle, but now you need to keep Buffy as a lover."

"I know," Dawn smiled bravely. "I can do it."

"I know you can," Joyce smiled in encouragement.


The house was dark when Buffy returned from patrol, but then it was late enough that the whole street was lit only by a couple of lamposts. The teen silently opened the front gate and padded up the path. Her patrol had been a quiet one, with nary a vampire to break the calm. She couldn't deny that she enjoyed nights like that more than she should - listening to Xander josh, Giles correct and Willow enthuse. Especially after the day she'd had.

The funny thing was, Buffy thought, she accepted what had happened and realised she enjoyed it. Fucking her sister might have been wrong, but it had been great - the best sex ever. Buffy didn't know what the future would bring, whether Dawn would swiftly realise it was a mistake and pull back or if she'd want to continue - Buffy hoped the latter - but whichever the course was Buffy didn't regret the day.

She opened the front door and entered the house. The flickering lights of the television played on the dark wall and the sound of muted conversation hummed out from its speakers. Buffy could see Dawn lying on her front on the couch watching it, her skin an eerie colour as the television reflected on it. She turned as Buffy came in and the blonde could see her sister's smile. Buffy smiled back, "Still up?"

"I was waiting for you," Dawn swung off the couch and Buffy could see how tight the vest she was wearing was and that beneath it she was only wearing a pair of panties that were so small they'd struggle to be described as underwear. The brunette was across the room in seconds and her mouth was on Buffy's. Buffy found herself replying in kind, her lips moving steadily with her sister's and her tongue probing forward.

Even as she was returning the kiss Buffy was aware Dawn was down at her jeans, fiddling with the buttons. Regretfully she pushed Dawn back and away, seeing the teen made her horny so she could appreciate Dawn's actions, but they were too risky. "We can't," the Slayer said as quietly as she could, "Mom's upstairs, asleep."

The pout on Dawn's face was so sexy it made Buffy wish her Mom was deaf; she almost did chance it - her Mom slept heavily as evidenced by all the times in the years gone by she'd hadn't heard Buffy returning by the window. But the risk was too great, being grounded because her Mom thought she'd been out late at the Bronze was one thing, being caught fucking her sister was something else. She shook her head, "We need to be careful."

"Hmpf," Dawn snorted in a way that suggested she wasn't in total agreement with her older sister, but she stepped back anyway, to Buffy's sorrow and relief, sitting down on the couch. She looked up at Buffy, her face seeming to flicker as the light from the TV played over it. A dirty smile crossed her face, "You sure?"

"Yes," Buffy stayed resolute.

"Last chance tonight?" her sister smiled.

"We can't," Buffy said.

"Okay," Dawn smirked and her hands reached down to her hotpants, unbuttoning them as Buffy shook her head. The younger teen grinned as she slid them down uncovering her smooth cunt. "Don't worry, sis, I'm not going to let you fuck me tonight. I'm just showing you what you missed."

Buffy looked down, her heart racing. It went even faster as Dawn licked a finger and slid it over her pussy, teasing her own twat and sliding the short nail up and down the slit and labia surrounding it. Buffy felt her own cunt wetten as the finger went slowly between the lips, digging into the slit and probing back and forth. Dawn smiled, wickedly and let out a tiny moan, not loud enough to wake their Mom, but loud enough to tell Buffy what she was missing. For half a minute the brunette played with herself whilst her sister watched with rapt attention. Then she gave a smile and pulled up her hotpants. She stood and nodded to the TV, still playing the lesbian porn Dawn seemed to watch so much off, "I'll leave that on for you Buffy," she giggled, "I'll see you tomorrow."

Buffy watched her sister saunter upstairs, so casually, so sexy. She stood there still until Dawn was gone, then she turned back to the couch and porn movie, unbuttoning her jeans as she sat.


It was definitely morning. There was sun. There was also knocking at her door. Buffy groaned, it seemed like she had hardly slept. Even as she was drawing up the covers, thoughts of Dawn intruded, naked Dawn, sexy Dawn, fucking Dawn. It seemed to Buffy she'd be awake half the night rubbing her pussy to thoughts of her sister. She pushed her eyes to open as the knock came again and with it a voice, "It's me, Mom's gone."

Rubbing her eyes to clear them off the sand of sleep Buffy opened her mouth to reply, but only a morning yawn came out. The door opened a little and Dawn continued, "Can I come in?" A hand followed the voice and dropped a nightie onto the floor. Buffy's mouth opened, but she paused as she looked at the silky material spreading itself like a puddle on her carpet, and in she wondered if that meant Dawn was now standing outside her door naked. Before she could reply, Dawn confirmed it; "I'm not wearing anything," she said in a cheeky voice.

"Come in," said Buffy as awake as a if she'd just been injected with caffeine. The door opened and Dawn stood framed in it, exactly as promised without a stitch on.

The younger Summers grinned, "Like what you see?" She took a step inside as her sister threw back her covers and got out of bed.

"You know I do," Buffy advanced on her sister.

"I like what I see as well," Dawn smiled.

Buffy kissed her, her mouth opening and taking over her younger sister. Any guilt about it being wrong had vanished like dew on a sunny day. Dawn was reciprocating eagerly, her lips and jaw moving as she mouthed her sister, her naked body pressing close. Buffy's hands went down to the teen's ass, cradling the butt cheeks in her hand. She stood a step backwards further into the room, bringing Dawn with her. As they advanced, still kissing, Dawn's naked cunt was brushing Buffy's thigh - the Slayer could feel the wetness. She pulled her head back, "You're so sexy I could eat you."

"Promises, promises," Dawn laughed. "Eek!"

Lifting Dawn was, to the Slayer, as easy as picking up a paperback. She deposited the teen on top of her dresser, so that the teen's pussy was just below her mouth. She flicked a strand of hair back over her shoulder and looked at her sister, "This is one promise I'm going to keep."

"Oh God, Buffy," Dawn gasped as Buffy went down.


Sweeping her tongue out before Buffy began to lick. She'd never eaten another girl before, until a few days ago she'd never even considered it. She was almost surprised as Dawn began to become wet, the juice forming in her little sister's pussy. She was surprised by how sweet the taste was, even if it was just her imagination going overtime which made her think of honeysuckle. The younger teen gasped and shuddered, gripping the edge of the dresser and pulling her arms like she was trying to tear it up. Buffy's tongue found the clit, pushing at the hood and then racing down over the slit. Dawn gave another squeal, her heels banging at the drawers before her legs shot out at right angles. "Oh God, Buffy," she repeated again.

Buffy's tongue continued to work over her sister, sliding over and between the lips, pressing and probing at the slit, to then jump and hit the clit, teasing at it with her tip. More cum formed, sliding out of the pink and over the puffy flesh for mere moments before Buffy's tongue swept it enthusiastically away. The young blonde moved one hand onto Dawn's thigh, pushing it away whilst rubbing it, whilst with the other hand she added a finger to her sister's pussy, thrusting in deep and hard and letting her tongue follow it's trail. Dawn squeaked and bucked, her knuckles white with pressure as she struggled to hold onto her the dresser. Her naked tits bounced and jiggled as her whole body reacted to her sister's enthusiastic tonguing. "Oooohhh God, Buffy, fuck, fuck, fuck! Ooooohhh that's so good."

Buffy could hardly believe how much she was enjoying this; she knew Dawn would, her experience with the teen's tongue had shown her how much a lesbian could pleasure another woman with her mouth. She had assumed, however it was all one way, as she had no G-spots on her tongue (at least any she'd found). But if she wasn't getting physical pleasure she was getting lots of emotional enjoyment from the reaction of her sister and how much Dawn was really appreciating the licking. Plus the younger brunette tasted yummy. Buffy tongue slurped through the wet cunt, lapping down more of the lovely girl juice. Dawn squeaked again, her body shaking so much that all the stuffed toys, so carefully arranged were falling over as if they'd been machine-gunned.

"Oooohhh, fuccckkk, oooohhh yessss, Buffy, aaaaarrghhh, you're making me cummmmm!" the teenage brunette shrieked in excitement and if she'd been bouncing with pleasure before she was now moving like a champion trampolinist. "Aaaaarrrghhh, yessssss, aaaaaarggghhh,"

Buffy lifted her head from her sister's juicy pussy and reached up to her waist to lift her down. She lowered her sister in front of her, the brunette still glassy eyed and looking like she was about to buckle with orgasmic aftershock. Buffy moved her head and kissed the younger teen, staining Dawn's lips with her cum. The naked Dawn enthusiastically reciprocated whilst at the same time helping Buffy out of first her vest and then her panties so that was as nude as her sister. The two of them continued to kiss for a few moments, their bare bodies intertwined as their mouths guzzled each other. After a few moments Dawn reached down to take her sister's hand. She opened the door, tugging gently at the blonde and leading her towards her, "Let's go to my room and you can fuck me like you did yesterday."

"Yes, okay," said Buffy. She let her naked sister lead her across the hallway to her room like the two of them nude together was the most natural thing in the world, and in a way it was. For safety, even though their Mom wasn't in, Buffy closed the door behind her as Dawn let go off her hand and walked over to her wardrobe. Buffy admired her sexy, round behind - the cheeks so firm, but curvaceous. The muscles in them straining as the teen stood on tiptoes reaching up to the shelf and bring down a strap-on.

It wasn't the same one that they'd used yesterday - though Buffy wasn't surprised her sister had a collection. The brunette held it out, swinging it on her fingers, "What do you think of this?"

It was a shocking pink, garish in its intensity. But then Buffy wouldn't be looking at it long before it was up her sister's fuckhole. More importantly it was thick and long and Dawn would enjoy it. Buffy nodded and took it from her, "If it works for you it works for me."

"Oh it works for me okay," Dawn grinned and slipped onto her bed, the quilt already ruffled and thrown back as she'd obviously not made it before slipping in to see her sister. She sat half back, leaning on her elbows as Buffy attached the strap-on. It seemed to take longer than before, the leather straps and clips coming together in the most inconvenient places so Buffy had to stretch her head round to lace the leather through the metal and snap it in place. However she got it in place, the toy's haft rubbing gently at her pussy as her sister waited patiently, grinning happily. "Come and give me your plastic cock."

Buffy was eager to oblige, climbing onto the bed and her sister, pushing the younger teen down with one hand as the other rested on the bed. Her mouth moved to Dawn's, the brunette's opening to receive her. Their lips moved softly and gently against each other as Dawn's head hit the mattress with a small thud. Buffy was fully on top of her, her hand moving to Dawn's side to stroke her upper chest and side boob, whilst the other one went downwards to find the teenage twat. The Slayer's fingers found it and stroked it gently, feeling the vibration of the lips as she strummed them. All the time she continued to kiss Dawn passionately and her younger sister continued to kiss her back.

"MMmnnnn," Buffy groaned in pleasure as her lips slid down under Dawn's mouth to kiss and tickle the chin. Her fingers slid at the teen's pussy, gently easing the lips apart. Their bodies rubbed at each other as Dawn's naked tits wiggled and jiggled under Buffy's. She turned her head slightly so that Buffy's mouth was again on hers, working her jaw up and down and smooshing her lips at her lover's. Buffy took hold of the toy and slowly eased it in. It was big and the hole was tight. But Buffy wasn't in a hurry and Dawn was working her hips to help it in. They continued to kiss, passionately and lovingly as Buffy guided the dildo into its entrance.

Slowly the toy slid into Dawn's wet cunt, the teen jiggling to encourage it, bouncing her tits against Buffy. She pushed her head back and gave a small gasp as it went in deeper and obviously slid over a special spot. Buffy grinned and pushed it further, before returning her mouth to her sister's. Dawn kissed her enthusiastically back, her tongue shooting forward to slather round Buffy's. Deeper and deeper went the toy, pushing back the pussy walls and sliding down the soaking tunnel. The younger teen gasped again, her head dropping back so that the top of her skull was pressing at the mattress. Buffy's mouth slid over her chin and the top of her neck, loving the teen with kisses. The toy was deep enough that she let go and placed her hands either side of her sister. She began to slowly move up and down, like she was doing a series of slow press ups. Her mouth was kept on Dawn, sliding over the teen's chin and lips, smothering her in loving, kisses. Dawn kissed back when she could, but her body was shuddering and her head rocking, pushing back at the bed as she let out little whinnies of pleasure. "Oh, oh, urrrhhh, ohhh"

Buffy pushed deep, sliding the toy as far into her sister's cunt as she could manage. The brunette gave another cry of pleasure and Buffy could feel her sister's legs wrap round her own, the teenager's heels rubbing at the back of her calves. Buffy drove the dildo down, feeling it glide down her sister's damp slot. The teen gave a happy squeal and Buffy felt a rush of delight that she was pleasuring Dawn. She raised her head so that she was looking down at her, she smiled and Dawn smiled back, gazing at each other's beautiful faces and limpet like eyes. Buffy went down again, driving the toy into the teenage fuckhole. Dawn's face twisted, a wave of ecstasy making her features contort in excitement. The teen's hands were on Buffy's back, holding her and encouraging her in.

Not that Buffy needed any encouragement. She started going faster and harder, bouncing her body against her sisters, so that four naked tits bounced and jerked against each other. Dawn's finger's dug into Buffy and she gave another squeal, as her mouth opened and closed and her jaw stretched so that the veins in her nec seemed about to pop. Her back arched and her head pressed harder at the bed, like she was trying to force her skull into the mattress, "Oooohhh fuuuckk, God, oooohhhh fuuuckkk!"

Buffy didn't pause. She wanted her sister to cum. To orgasm as Buffy fucked her. For Dawn to go heaven on a wave of ecstacy. She pounded harder and faster, slamming herself at the teen, making the bed squeak and rock under her, like it was a raft on a stormy sea. Her own pussy was wet and she could feel the waves of sexual joy rushing through her as the toy banged and rubbed at her clit. But she didn't care about that, or not much at least, all she wanted to do was make Dawn cum and give her younger sister the fuck of her life (though as Buffy was her only lover, there was no-one to actually compare it to).

Luckily Dawn seemed to be having the time of her life. She was squeaking and squealing loudly, her heels and fingers playing a tattoo on the back of Buffy as she shuddered and shook like the toy was an electric cattle prod. Her head was pushed back, her face twisted in a grimace that was both terrifyingly primeval and gratifyingly ecstatic. Buffy continued pounded down, hard and fast, going at it like only a Slayer could, speed, strength, stamina - a non-stop fuckathon. Dawn shrieked again, her fingers clawing so deeply into Buffy's back that they left red scratch marks. Buffy didn't mind, she'd been bitten by a vampire, a little nailing was nothing - not if it was the result of Dawn cumming like she was a rocket re-entering the stratosphere. The dildo hammered down, juice splurting out of the teenager's cunt. Buffy grinned and slammed down, enjoying the warm, wet liquid shooting over her as she made her sister squirt.

"Aaaaarrrghhh, fuuucckkk, aaaaarrrghhh," Dawn screamed and it was lucky there Mom wasn't in or she'd have been up like a shot thinking Buffy was murdering her sister. The brunette paused and gasped for breath before shrieking in pleasure again, "AAaarrrrghhh, my God, aaaaaarrggghhh, fuuucccckkk."

Buffy body crashed down again, her tits squashing down on Dawn's, the nipples on as hard as little pebbles. Her sister squealed again, her back bending and her body pushing up against her sister's. Her eyes were closed and her jaw jutted out like a boxer who led with his chin. Sweat covered her face, trickling down her forehead and both sides of her nose. Buffy was dimly aware that she too was perspiring, not all the liquid that covered her skin was from Dawn's squirt. She felt like she was ablaze, burning with fire. But a good fire, a cleansing kind - which was kinda ironic when she was committing incest with her sister. She moved faster and quicker, like she was trying to set Dawn alight as well. The teen shrieked and screamed and gasped, her mouth opening in and not closing again as the orgasms tore her. "AAaaaarrrrgggghhh...." Buffy fucked her harder.


Eventually they stopped. An exhausted Buffy dropping off her equally sated and well-ridden sister and pulling the quilt up over them, as she hugged the teen close. They lay there silently, getting their breath back for a few moments before Dawn got out of bed and walked over to her computer. She slipped in a DVD and as the blue screen came up slipped back into bed. It wasn't a surprise to Buffy that her horny minx of a sister had put on a lesbian porno. But it was a surprise Buffy found herself not minding - if she once wouldn't have wanted to watch a dirty movie (and would have thought it sick and degrading to women) that was before she'd banged her sister. Watching the other women on screen going at it was actually kind of a turn on and she rested her head on her sister's shoulder as she watched, her hand lightly stroking the teen's pussy.

On the screen a hot little redhead was bent over the table and a cute frizzy hair brunette started to slide a strap-on into her ass. To Buffy it was shockingly sexy and she ran her fingers even quicker over Dawn's cunt, massaging her sister's pussy as they watched it together. As the dildo slid into the redhead's backhole Buffy found herself wondering about Dawn and whether her sister would take it anally; the thought made Buffy's pussy tingle, but she quickly shook her head and tried to push the thought from her mind. Buffy was an anal virgin herself, and had every intention of dying that way - hopefully in around seventy years time - the hole was too tight and not designed for entry. She couldn't take her sister's anal virginity, fucking her pussy was bad enough, but butt-banging her was a step too far; it would be too painful for the teen and too degrading, something no women should do. But as she watched it on the screen a little voice kept adding 'but oh so hot.'

"What you thinking about?" Dawn turned and grinned at her sister.

About butt-banging you,

thought Buffy. But there was no way she could say that so instead she just kissed Dawn lightly on the lips and said, "I was just thinking I could go again." She smiled.

Dawn's face lit up as she beamed back, "You're reading my mind." She turned over so that she was facing Buffy and placed a hand on her sister's shoulder pushing her down onto the bed. "Except this time let me go on top."

"Okay, why not," grinned Buffy as Dawn shrugged off the quilt and moved so that she was kneeling over Buffy.

The Slayer smiled up as Dawn tossed her long hair over her shoulder and positioned herself over the strap-on. She lowered herself gingerly onto the toy, her expression that of someone concentrating on tightrope walking over the Niagra Falls. Buffy kept still, allowing Dawn to choose her own pace, keeping her eye on her descending sister's pretty face. And as she came down it changed, first to relief as the toy slid gracefully in and then to pleasure as it began to fill her. The brunette continued lowering herself until she was fully impaled, letting out a gasp of pleasure as her inner thighs landed on Buffy.

"MMmnnnn, good," the younger Summer's moaned in happy pleasure.

"Oh yes," agreed Buffy looking at the hot, naked brunette, who also happened to be her sister, straddling her. "Now are you going to fuck me?"

"I am," giggled Dawn, "I am going to give you the fuck of your life."

"Promises, promises," laughed Buffy, but she began to move her hips as Dawn started to gyrate and rock on the dick. The younger teen looked down at her sister, licking her lips sexily as she worked herself on the toy, her hands moving slowly and gracefully over her lithe, hot body. Buffy could feel her pussy heat, the dampness soaking her tunnel all the way down. She pushed back slowly, leaning on her elbows and using her hands to rub her own waist sensually. "MMmmnnn, Dawn, this is good."

"Oh yeah," her sister agreed. Her tongue slid over the ruby lips, leaving them wet and shiny. Up she went and down, slowly and deliberately, riding the cock and pushing it began down against her older sister's cunt. She began to move faster and harder, thrusting herself up and down the plastic phallus and shoving it deep it her teen cunt. Buffy returned the action, ramming up to slam her sister. Dawn squealed and jerked and jumped, her pussy hammering down the dick.

"Fuck, oooohhh," Buffy gasped herself as the toy hammered at her own pussy, it's haft pressing down against her clit, forcing the hood over the bud and sending waves of pleasure through her. She gripped the bedding and jerked her hips, sending the toy shooting up Dawn's fuckhole and making the younger brunette shudder. Buffy gritted her teeth as the ecstasy washed through her, making the muscles in her limbs contract tightly like she was about to burst into a sprint. Her stomach churned as butterflies and fire breathing dragons battled for control. She slammed up again, watching Dawn shake and gasp, the younger teen's titties bouncing uncontrollably as she rode the fake dong.

The two Summers' sisters bucked and groaned, the bed shuddering under then as Dawn bounced as hard as she could in response to Buffy's thrusts. A thin thread of sweat slid down her, weaving between her bouncing breasts. Buffy followed it with her eyes, watching it jump and tremble as it came from between her sister's cleavage and down towards her stomach before falling off like a raindrop from a leaf. The younger teen squealed, "Ooohhh my God, Buffy, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

Buffy knew how she felt, her own pussy was pumping with pleasure, blood speeding round her body like racing motorcycles. Another wave of excitement smashed into her and her face contorted, her teeth chattering and her eyes opening like they were being forced open by matchsticks. "Oh yes, fuck yes, aaaarrrhhh," she squeaked, her fingers gripping her sister's sheets so tight that she was pulling them from underneath the mattress, "AAAarrrhhhh, yessss."

"Oooohhh, uurhhhh fuck, fuck, fuck. Buffy you're making me cum so good," squeaked the bouncing Dawn.

Buffy didn't reply, if only because it wasn't only her doing the work. The teen was jumping up and down the dick so enthusiastically that if the cock had been off average size she'd have been slipping off it. As it was, the ten inches remained impaled well into the younger Summer's tight pussy, though it was slick with girl juice, the cum gleaming on the pink toy each time Dawn shot up.

Bmm, bmmm. bmmm. The headboard thumped at the wall and across the room Dawn's soft toys shook on their shelves, like they were at a crazy dance. The brunnette moved faster, competing with them in the dance off. She squealed in pleasure again, her back bending and twisting and her hair whipping around as she rocked like an explosion was going off in her cunt. "OOOhhhhhh fuuccckkk, aaaaaarrhhh."

She fell forward, slipping off the toy and breathing heavily. Buffy caught her, lowering her down so that she were lying atop her older sister. The teen slowly smiled, "I think I came again."

"So did I," Buffy replied and opened her mouth to kiss her again.


It was good to have Buffy back, thought Joyce, and to have both her girls at the dinner table.

Obviously things had changed since before Buffy went to college, the girls were older, as was she of course, and as they were no longer at the same school the conversation didn't revolve around gossip on teachers they both knew. And Dawn was wearing a lot less than she used to - a tiny mini-skirt, so mini it was barely a skirt, and a top which would be best described as looking like a land version of a bikini top. And Buffy was fucking her as well. Even if Joyce hadn't known about Dawn's need to seduce Buffy she would have realised something was up, perhaps not that they were having sex, but something.... It was the way Buffy laughed at Dawn's jokes or that Dawn passed Buffy the peas immediately on being asked, or the the way she twirled a finger through her hair whilst making a disparaging remark about teen boys. Joyce didn't need to ask Dawn to know that her two daughters had spent the day sucking, licking and banging, it was obvious in the way that Buffy glanced at Dawn and smiled.

Not that Joyce could in any way blame her, Dawn was hot. The teen brunette hadn't only managed to turn Buffy on, but had done the same to Joyce. The last few weeks watching her masturbate and strut around in next to nothing had slowly changed Joyce from someone who was totally heterosexual to a woman who at least fantasised about swinging the other way. Looking at Dawn, with her titties almost threatening to drop out of her top, Joyce wondered if one of her fantasies later would be an incestuous one with her youngest. And if it was, would she try and stop it and move to a less taboo fantasy - perhaps a gangbang with her and Willow sharing each other and then Xander and Giles. It wasn't the way Moms were supposed to think.

"So what did the two of you do today?" she asked, though she both knew the answer and also knew that it wouldn't be what they told her. Buffy didn't know her Mom knew all about the fucking and Dawn would keep it secret.

The two girls looked at each other and a quick smile came to Buffy's face, before she turned to her Mom. "Oh you know. Just hung around."

"We watched a couple of DVDs," said Dawn, almost giggling which told Joyce exactly what type of movies they'd been watching.

A slight tinge of red went to Buffy's cheeks and Joyce decided not to ask what they'd seen. She was sure Dawn would be able to lie fluently, but the question might also cause Buffy to spontaneously combust. "So have you any plans for tomorrow?"

"Er, just hanging I guess," said Buffy quickly glancing at Dawn who nodded in agreement. She glanced up at the clock, "I'll need to be going soon, I said I'd meet Willow and Xander later for a coffee before we went on patrol."

"I was thinking," Dawn said, which was always a dangerous idea, "I ought to learn how to defend myself against vampires and go on patrol with you sometime."

Buffy frowned, "I don't think that's wise."

Neither did Joyce, but she suspected it was part of Dawn's plan to make sure she kept close to her sister as a lover and, as failure meant the end of the world, she was bound to support the younger teen. She forced a smile onto her face, "I think that's a great idea. You've been saying patrols have been quiet recently."

"Yeah well, at the moment," Buffy conceded, "but Giles mentioned some big bad on the horizon, Glory. She supposed to be in Sunnydale."

Joyce hoped her expression didn't change. After all she wasn't supposed to have heard of the Hell Goddess. "Glory? That's a strange name for a demon. Anyway whilst she's not around it'd be good for you and Dawn to spend some time together. I'd certainly feel a lot better that Dawn's learnt some tricks of you."

"It'd be fun, just the two of us hanging," grinned Dawn.

"Okay, we'll see," Buffy nodded and got up from the table, "I gotta go all Speedy Gonzales or I'm going to be late."

"See you later," Joyce said as she stood up and began to pick up the dishes, before going into the kitchen leaving her youngest daughter at the table. She began to wash them, before a light bang told her that Buffy had left the house. Even before she could return to the dining room Dawn was in the kitchen, her round titties bouncing enticingly under her top - it was easy to see how she'd managed to seduce Buffy. She picked up a towel as her Mom turned to her and asked"So? Today?"

"It went well," Dawn nodded, "After you left this morning I went and got Buffy and then we hardly left my bed."

Joyce smiled, a feeling of both relief and jealousy flooding through her. "So it's all going well? I thought it was looking at you over dinner. And the patrol? It's not to brush up on your anti-vampire skills?"

Dawn shook her head, "No. I mean it's all going hunky, Buffy can't get enough of me."

And who could blame her

, thought Joyce, as she said, "That's great dear. You'll need to keep working at it to make sure she's having lots of sex with you, we don't want her to get bored."

"No," said Dawn, with perhaps a small trace of resignation in her voice. Joyce felt proud of her, of the sacrifice she was making for the world. The teen paused and then continued, "I think she's wanting to try anal." Joyce raised her eyebrows slightly waiting for Dawn to carry on. The teen wiped a dish dry and then said, "We were watching some porn with an anal scene and Buffy was real excited, I could tell."

"I hope you made clear your tush was available," her Mom said, trying to keep her voice light and not making it too much of an instruction.

"I asked what she was thinking and she said something about banging my pussy," said Dawn. She quickly added, "Which we did."

"You'll need to be clearer," said Joyce, "make sure Buffy really knows, she may be too shy to ask. Taking you anally is a big taboo, remember that and think of your sister."

"Yes Mom," Dawn nodded, knowing her duty.

Joyce smiled, not wanting to be too hard on her youngest whilst still making sure she was prepared to give her butt to Buffy, "You don't need to do it straight away, perhaps in a couple of days."

"Sure Mom," Dawn nodded and gave a wan smile.


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