Buffy's Lover

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Every morning Buffy couldn't wait until her Mom left. If she was down for breakfast she had to feign interest, pretending she wasn't wishing her Mom away. If she was in her room she was normally awake, her eyes on her clock, counting every minute until the one when her Mom left. Today had been no exception, she made small talk over coffee and pretended to be interested in the latest African fertility statues her Mom had in stock, whilst willing her Mom out the door. It seemed to take ages, even later than normal as her Mom burbled on and on about the statues and how difficult it had been to get them through customs, who seemed half convinced that they were a secret drugs consignment. Eventually her Mom looked at her watch and gave a small 'oh' as she realised the time. She gave Buffy a perfunctory kiss and headed to the door. Buffy remained waving for long enough to remain polite, before racing upstairs.

"I am so horny," her naked teen sister moaned as Buffy entered the room. Dawn was on her knees, leaning forward on one elbow as with her other hand she stroked her pussy. She paused for a moment to turn her head round to look at her sister, a salacious look on her beautiful face. "Fuck me in the ass."

"You don't need to ask me twice," Buffy grinned and shrugged her robe off. She quickly removed her pyjamas as well, dropping them to the floor before rushing over to the cupboard where Dawn kept her impressive collection of sex-toys. Sometimes Buffy spent time picking one out, weighing up the pros and cons of each, before choosing the dildo that best suited, other times she was just so hot to fuck her younger sister she just grabbed the nearest to hand. Today was one of those days.

"Come fuck my butt," Dawn moaned wantonly as she stroked at her cunt. She wiggled her butt like an invitation, "Ram it good."

"I'm coming," Buffy said as she finished adjusting the toy. She took a few paces to the bed and gorgeous tush that was on display. "I am so hot to fuck you," she purred. It had been over sixteen hours since they'd fucked last, yesterday before their Mom returned from work and Buffy could feel her horniness rising with every minute. She needed this.

She took hold off the teen's cheeks and peeled them apart, exposing the most taboo hole and the one Buffy so enjoyed fucking (and Dawn loved having fucked). For a moment she marvelled how so small a hole could stretch to accommodate something so big as the strap-ons which repeatedly slammed it. Then her desire took over and she guided the toy to the hole and drove it in.

"Ohhhh, yessss," squeaked Dawn. She rocked back against her sister, enveloping more of the dick than Buffy had pushed in. Her experienced ass stretched, the tunnel expanding. Buffy thrust forward and Dawn slammed back. Within a few moments Buffy was fully in the hole, her thighs against her sister. She started fucking hard, driving the dildo in like a speeding car.

"OOoohhh, ooohhh, yessss," gasped Dawn and dropped her head forward burying it in the covers and letting out gasps muffled by the bedding.

Buffy gripped her sister's waist for leverage and hammered as hard as she could; and as a Slayer she could go pretty hard. She let herself go to paradise, not thinking about anything but the hot teenage tushie in front of her and how she could fill it.

"I've forgotten my keys.... oh."

The words brought Buffy back to a horrific reality. She turned her head, to see her Mom standing in the door, looking at her two daughters, the cock of one encased in the butt of the other. For a second Buffy and Joyce looked at each other wordlessly, before Joyce turned and walked away.

"Oh fuck, damn, shit, God," Buffy seldom swore outside of sex, but this time the situation warranted it. She pulled the cock out of Dawn, her sister turning to her, her face as horrified as if she'd just seen the dead walk - more so, as this was Sunnydale and walking dead were something the sister of the Slayer saw on a semi- regular basis. "I'll talk to her, explain," said Buffy as she unbuckled the toy.

"How?" Dawn asked.

Buffy didn't answer. She didn't know. Instead she quickly got into her pyjamas and her gown, slipping into her slippers. She looked at her sister, sitting naked on the bed, a look of shock coming over her. "Stay here," Buffy ordered. She was good in a crisis, Slayer training. "And get dressed." Her sister nodded without saying a word.

Taking a deep breath she headed down. Her Mom was sitting on a couch, looking up towards the stairwell, obviously waiting for one of her daughter's to appear. "It's not what it seems," Buffy blurted, unable to think of anything else to say.

"Sorry," her Mom said at the same time.

It seemed a strange thing to say, but at least she wasn't totally freaking so Buffy continued on down and walked across the room towards her Mom, deciding she'd try for her and Dawn being under a spell and her Mom had broken it. She didn't think that would work, but after giving herself a few seconds more to think she didn't think saying she and Dawn had been practising the Heimlich manoeuvre was going to be convincing either. Her Mom tapped the couch for Buffy to sit down, she didn't seem angry, which was both strange and a goodish sign, unless she was concealing it and was about to blow. Buffy still sat down, what else could she do? She started to open her mouth, but her Mom spoke first, "I am sorry, about interrupting you and Dawn. I should have shouted up first, rather than surprise you."

"Er," went Buffy.

"I know how embarrassing it can be when your Mom catches you having sex."

"It's a spell," squeaked Buffy.

Her Mom smiled and shook her head, "Don't be silly, Buffy, it's love."

"Um, let's rewind this convo," said Buffy. "What do you think we're talking about?"

"I came home unexpectedly and accidentally caught you and Dawn having sex," her Mom smiled patiently.

"Er, you seem relaxed about it," Buffy said.

Her Mom laughed, "Why wouldn't I be? Dawn's sixteen, I was having sex at sixteen and so were you."

"Um, I was seventeen, just," Buffy corrected, but her Mom ignored her and continued.

"And you can't make her pregnant can you?"

Feeling this required an answer Buffy said, "No?". She was pretty sure that was the answer, she hadn't been the most academic of students, but she knew basic biology. At the same time she wasn't even sure she understood the question.

Her Mom smiled, "You sound unsure. But don't worry you can't, I know Slayer biology is different, but its not that different."

"You don't seem to surprised," Buffy said tentatively.

"I'm not. I suspected you and Dawn had got together for a while now. The way you suddenly seemed to be getting on, quick glances between the two of you, trying to get me out the door on the mornings, Dawn's sudden enthusiasm for patrolling creepy cemeteries with you at night."

"Um," now her Mom said it Buffy realised how badly she and Dawn had hidden it.

Her Mom smiled and patted Buffy's hand tenderly, "Buffy, I'm not cross. I think it's great, I always thought Riley wasn't the person for you and as for Angel, the immortal undead always put me off him. And I always worried with Dawn being a lesbian whether she'd find it easy to find someone at her age, this is a small town, there's not many lesbians and they're all taken. Her being with you takes a load away and I know you'll treat her right."

"Um, I guess," Buffy still felt confused, as if there really was a spell going on. She decided she'd check with Giles later, without giving him any details. "So you're sure you're okay?"

"More than okay," her Mom smiled, "Supportive."

"Oh," Buffy managed.

Her Mom laughed, "I see this is a lot to take in. I'm going to go back to work, now I've picked up the keys, so I'll leave you alone with Dawn. If that doesn't tell you I'm good with it..."

"Okay," Buffy said.

Her Mom stood and then paused, as if thinking, "If you want some privacy you and Dawn should probably close the bedroom door if you're having sex. Oh and Buffy, if you want to spend the night with each other, I'm relaxed about that as well, I just want you and Dawn to be happy." She smiled lovingly at her daughter.


Joyce pulled her car into the drive. She wondered how Dawn had got on with Buffy since she'd left them, hopefully got Buffy over her bunny caught in headlights phase.

Joyce could still remember the tinkle of the door and looking up as Quentin Travers had walked into her shop a few days ago, his face reminding her of hurricane season.

We need to talk," he said ponderously, seeing to put in a deliberate pause as if he was adding to the tension, "about Buffy."

"I see," replied Joyce. Her heart pumped and her stomach lurched, had he found out that she and Dawn had banged last night, her youngest daughter cheating on the older? Was he about to tell her that the world was going to be sucked into a wormhole and it was her fault?

"It seems our seers have found out more in the future track where she defeats Glory," he said.

"Oh," Joyce tried to appear casual, and hoped the new information it wasn't that Dawn was faithful to Buffy and wasn't assfucked by her Mom.

"Yes, with you," Quentin said. Joyce's stomach took another leap so high it threatened to come out her mouth.

"It seems the seers spend an awful lot of time looking at Buffy and Dawn," Giles interrupted, he seemed disapproving. Joyce couldn't disagree, it had to be done, but there was something creepy about middle-aged men and women, munching sandwiches and drinking tea as they stared into crystal balls watching her two daughters having incestuous sex.

"As they should," Travers frowned, both annoyed by the interruption and the implied criticism of the Council. He turned back to Joyce, "They have now seen on that futures a vision where Buffy and Dawn are naked in bed together and you put your head round the door to say goodnight."

"I know?" Joyce asked.

"Yes and are content with it," Travers said, "There was another vision where they are kissing in the kitchen and you come in and laughingly tell them to get a room, I don't know why as they both have one."

After that it had only been needed to update Dawn and make plans for Joyce to find Buffy and have a 'talk' with her. Which was why she'd pretended this morning to almost be late and 'forget' her keys. Dawn had done her part well, making sure the door was left open by enticing Buffy straight in and leaving it for Joyce to catch them.

The older blonde gave a small sigh as she switched off her engine. Life was complicated. She just hoped Dawn had succeeded with Buffy.

She opened the door. Buffy was sitting on the couch, beside Dawn the two of them watching TV. It seemed like Dawn had done her job in making Buffy okay with the situation as she was lying her head on her older sister's shoulder and was holding her hand in her lap. She looked up as her Mom entered, her face breaking into a smile. She let go off Buffy's hand and jumped up, running to give her Mom a hug. That was code for it had gone well.

"Is it true what Buffy said?" she asked raising her head to look at her Mom. Her voice was so full of enthusiasm you wouldn't have realised all this was an act for Buffy's benefit, to keep her banging Dawn and the world safe, "Did you say we could spend the night together?"

"I did," Joyce said. She forced a smile, now that Dawn was holding her so close she could smell her perfume she felt jealousy that tonight it would be Buffy who got to bang the tight teen twat and tush. "When you're at home, I see no reason why you should try and hide that you're lovers."

"Thanks Mom," Dawn gave her an extra squeeze. Joyce felt her heart patter, but she remained poised and collected, as a loving Mom should.

Dawn let go and scooted over to her sister, jumping on her enthusiastically so she was straddling the blonde. She leant over and kissed her, making Buffy squirm a little with embarrassment, she obviously wasn't totally comfortable yet, but if the seers were right (and they always were according to both Giles and Travers) she'd soon be relaxed with public displays of affection in front of her Mom. "See I told you Mom really was cool," Dawn grinned breaking the kiss.

"I am," Joyce confirmed. "Now what do you want for dinner?"


As a Slayer Buffy had become used to the strange and unusual, so she had quickly got over the surprise that she had the hots for her sister and took it as one of those things. She was sure to come to terms with the fact that her Mom was happy about it as she and Dawn, just not so quickly as her sister who, on being told of their Mom's reaction, had shown no amazement and had almost instantly shifted from horrified sister to excited lover. Buffy had lost count of the times that Dawn had asked through the day that their Mom had really said they could sleep together, testing it out to check for any restrictions. She couldn't find any, and neither could Buffy. But once she realised that the teen had relaxed, happily cuddling up to Buffy in front of the TV whilst they waited for their Mom.

Buffy had been half-expecting her Mom to return with a bald man with glasses, who'd introduce himself with a German accent and tell them he was a specialist in counselling troubled young women. She hadn't; instead Joyce hugged Dawnie, like the teen had just told her some good news and reiterated that they could spend their nights together.

Dinner had been equally strange. Buffy could remember when she'd brought Riley back the first time, her Mom had quizzed them on how they'd got together, gently making sure that they got on and Riley was a guy who would be good for her daughter, at least until she found someone better. But tonight the quizzing was of her and her sister and how they'd started their relationship. However if Buffy find it disconcerting and kept trying to change the subject Dawn didn't, not only telling her Mom about how they'd got together, but more and in graphic detail, including speaking about the first time Buffy had used a toy on her and loosing her anal virginity to the Slayer in the graveyard.

The result was by the end of the dinner Dawn had managed to embarrass Buffy so much that the blonde actually felt okay about her Mom seeing them together, there was nothing left for her to hide.

Buffy finished putting away the last of the dishes and went to join her Mom and sister in the main room. They were watching some quiz show, Joyce sitting on a comfy chair and Dawn on the couch. There was another spare chair, which Buffy often sat on in the evenings when they were watching the telly; it gave a good view of the screen and was comfortable. She paused, almost going to her normal spot, then walked over to the couch, sitting next to her sister. Dawn looked at her for a moment, smiled and then snuggled together. Joyce glanced over, smiling approvingly and then turned back to the screen.

To Buffy's surprise, it felt kinda good not to have it as a secret any more and just to relax.

The show ended and Dawn looked up, "You're not going on patrol tonight?"

"It's my night off," said Buffy, "though if Glory reappears Giles will call me."

Her sister smiled up at her, "Let's go to my room for an early night."

Buffy looked over at her Mom, for some reason feeling she needed to ask permission. Her Mom saw her glance and laughed, "Don't look at me Buffy, you're with Dawn now, if you want to go up to bed with her just do it."

Buffy turned back to her sister, who was smiling so sexily, that the blonde's pussy tingled. "Okay, an early night sounds good."

"Have fun," there Mom gave a knowing smile at the two sisters, "and Buffy..."

"Yes, Mom?"

"Pass me the remote."

Buffy did as her Mom asked and then followed her sexy sister to the teen's room. Dawn was already getting undressed as Buffy stepped in and closed the door, she'd learnt her lesson about keeping it open. The brunette grinned at her as she pulled of her cropped top to expose her lovely boobs, "I was kinda freaked when Mom caught us this morning."

"Me too," agreed Buffy as she began to undo her top.

"But y'know I think its definitely for the best, not having to hide it," the teenager bent over and slid down her hotpants. As usual she wasn't wearing any underwear and when she straightened Buffy could see her hot little pussy in all its glory.

"That's true, Mom's taken it well."

"She can tell we're in love," Dawn padded over to her sister in just her socks and wrapped her arms round her older sister's neck, hugging at her. Buffy unclipped her bra and let it fall to the ground, moving closer so her boobs brushed at Dawn's.

"I'm still kind of surprised, I'd have totally wigged out if I was her," Buffy said and began to undo her jeans.

"We are going to fuck so much," her sister didn't answer the comment, not that Buffy had been expecting her to. Instead she reached for Buffy's pants and pulled them down over the blonde's teen's rump and down to the top of her thighs.

"We are," agreed Buffy with a smile.

She pushed gently at her sister and Dawn took the hint, falling backwards on the bed, her legs spreading to show the tasty slit in between. Buffy finished removing her pants and then, unlike her sister, her socks. Dawn leant on her elbows, dangling her feet over the side, the look on her face lustful and wanton. Buffy tried to look hot and seductive back, she was sure she managed it, though not nearly as hotly as her younger sister. "Just so we're in agreement, I am going to lap this sexy cunt dry and then I'm going to fuck you so hard."

"Agreed," giggled Dawn.

She giggled even louder as Buffy got down and place her head between her thighs and began to gently kiss the slit. The blonde's mouth lips pecked over the brunette's other lips, gently and tenderly showing her love for the sexy hole and its hot owner. Dawn gave a little giggle as she brushed her hand through Buffy's hair, "That's not lapping," she said in mock indignation.

"This is," Buffy said and ran her tongue over the slit up to the flesh at the top and then slowly back down, putting just enough pressure to ease it lightly apart.

"Mmmnnn," Dawn shivered in pleasure. She let go off Buffy's head and slipped her elbow away, falling fully back on the bed. Buffy's tongue gently continued up and down, teasing the teen with its touch. There was no hurry, now that her Mom knew there was no desperate need to get as much in as quickly as possible before she returned home. Buffy continued at a leisurely place, moving the tongue up and down like she was painting a wall with her saliva, each lap a brush stroke, laying one on top of the other so that it produced a masterpiece.

"Mmmnnn, Buffy harder, fuck me with your tongue," Dawn moaned and shuddered, pushing her pussy forward at her sister.

Buffy resisted the urge to pound in and give the teen a hardcore slurpathon, though she sped up slightly she still kept the licks light and gentle, only the tiniest tip of her tongue pressing between the sides and into the flesh between. Her sister gave another gasp and shudder, her breath coming in excited little spurts as even the slightest touch of tongue seemed to be sending her to heaven. It must be the anticipation, Buffy thought, as she was hardly putting in any pressure. She began to press harder, moving from tease to please and using her fingers to spread the twat open so her tongue could slip in and along the flesh. Her thumb moved up and she began to circle the clit, pressing down as she did.

"Ooohhhh, mmmmnnn, that's so good, Buffy, mmmnnn eat my hot little box," Dawn moaned, her body turning and twisting as her sister's tongue moved over her pink, soft twat walls. She was so wet and sweet, the juice tasting like the most deliciously, sugary pudding ever, something Buffy could have eaten forever and a lot less fattening than any other dessert. The blonde's tongue went deeper and faster, probing and pushing at the pussy, licking up the wet, yummy cum. Dawn shivered harder, her hands clasping her bedding, "Oooohhh, that's it, that is the place."

The blonde continued, her tongue slipping up and down the cunt, swiping at the juice and slathering up the cum. She licked harder and faster, driving her tongue at the spots that from long practice she knew Dawn loved having touched, her tongue swirling and sweeping round the pussy. Her finger joined, hammering hard and making the teen secrete even more girl cum, the tasty liquid being licked up by Buffy as she slammed faster and faster. Her younger sister squeaked and squealed, no longer worried about having to keep silent her passions from their Mom, "Fuck," she gasped, "Oooohhhh, fuccckkk, fuuuuccckkkk! Tongue me, lick me hard."

Dawn's cunt juice seemed to be even tastier than ever, as if the longer it leaked the more flavour it produced. Not that Buffy could have described the taste any better than 'yummy'. Her tongue slurped down, pressing at the flesh and cleaning the cunt with frenzied enthusiasm, making Dawn shudder and squeal even more, the teen's pussy rising to meet her older sister's mouth. "Aaaarrrghh, fuuuckkk, aaaaarrrghh, you're making me cum, aaaaaarrggghhhh."

As, in Buffy's mind, there were few things better than making her sister orgasm she continued speed lapping, her tongue working so fast that it was like a propeller chopping through water, almost to the extent that liquid spun out in a spray over the blonde's lips. Dawn screamed and shrieked, her entire body shaking and making the bed rock. If her Mom hadn't known before she would have done then. "AAAaaarrrrghhh, fuck me, aaaaaarrrghhh yessss, fuck me hard with your tongue, aaaaarrggghhhh!"

More cum saturated the hole,. Buffy licked harder, up to the challenge of slurping away every bit of cum, even if she knew her sister was so wet it would take a drought of planet spanning proportions to dry the brunette. Dawn shrieked again and again as the Slayer's tongue fucked and pleasured her to height of ecstasy. "AAAarrrghhh, aaaaaarghhh, fuuuucckkkk!" Buffy rammed harder, making the cunt even wetter. Until it seemed to be overflowing, jets of girl juice spurting out so hard and fast that Buffy couldn't swallow them and they splattered over her lips and nose and shot at the back of her throat.

She lifted her mouth, defeated, but happy in her defeat. Dawn gave a little sigh stroke moan and relaxed, her ass lowering itself back against the bed and her hands opening from the clenched fists they'd clawed themselves into. Buffy stood up and licked her lips, cleaning away the juice that stained them. "Yum, yum," she grinned at her almost orgasmed out sister and taking the teen's top in one hand she wiped the remaining cum from her face.

That done she walked over to the wardrobe and opened it. Her sister had probably the biggest collection of sex toys in Sunnydale and Buffy wouldn't have been totally surprised if she'd got the most across the state. She briefly perused them before picking a strap-on and sliding it up her thighs and over her own pussy, tightening the leather straps so that it was firmly in place. She turned back to Dawn.

The teen had used the brief interval to remove her socks and sit up, her legs agape so that Buffy again could see her sexy slot. She slid her hand down and spread the hole, beaming broadly, "You want to fuck this?"

"Oh yes," grinned Buffy. As she approached her sister rolled back and onto the bed, lying back with her legs apart and slowly skimming her fingers over her cunt in anticipation of the hard dong about to enter it.

Buffy got on top of her sexy sister, their slender bodies sliding together as she guided the toy into the waiting fuckhole. Dawn moaned as soon as the tip entered her, her face up-turned towards her sister and showing her pleasure in the changing features. Buffy smiled down lovingly, enjoying the intimacy of the act they were about to do and how it connected her with the young woman she loved as much as any physical pleasure. Though as she pushed the toy further into her sister and it in turn pressed back against her own cunt she also enjoyed the physical sensation.

Dawn's arms were up and wrapped round Buffy, her fingers tugging at the back of the Slayer's neck encouraging her in. "Come fuck me," she smiled sensually, "Fuck me good."

Buffy held the dildo as she continued to push it in. The thick, long toy slid up her sister's wet pussy, lubricated by the juice and powered by a Slayer. Dawn squeaked as it went in further, her body arching up at her sister's. As toy went in deeper Buffy let go off it, confident it wouldn't slip out of the tight hole, no matter how soaked Dawn was. She placed her hands either side of Dawn, just below the teen's shoulders, her palms flat on the bed. She could feel Dawn's legs wrapping round her thighs, joining the teen's hands in welcoming Buffy down. The Slayer slid forward again, thrusting the toy mightily at her sister's hole. "Oh Dawn," she grunted, "I love you, I love you."

"I love you too," the teen brunette squealed, rocking in response to the thrusts, "Bang me good, fuck my hot pussy deep."

Ramming forward Buffy fulfilled her younger sister's wishes, slamming the toy all the way in... repeatedly. Dawn squealed and shuddered, her body rising against Buffy as she drove her twat at the toy. The slick pussy took the dildo easily, juice slithering out over the lips with each passionate thrust. Buffy was in heaven, as she always was as she banged her sister, the sexiest woman in Sunnydale. Her own pussy was soaked and pleasured, rubbed repeatedly by the haft of the toy as she hammered into her teenage lover. But there was more to it than that, Dawn's touch was magical, her hands holding Buffy, her heels rubbing at her thighs, her tits bouncing and boinging at the Slayers with every hammering thrust. Then there was her face, beautiful always, but strangely even more so when it was scrunched up in pleasure, her lips twisted up and her eyes closed, little cries escaping from her mouth as Buffy fucked her. The blonde hammered down, "Oh God, I love you so much."

"Uuuurrhhh, ooohhh, don't stop Buffy, don't ever stop. Bang me hard, slam that big dong into me, make me cum," the teen cried out in reply, her tits rising to bash at her sisters and the nails from her fingers digging into the Slayer as she pulled her down.

"I love you, oh my God, I love you," Buffy grunted.

"Ram me, slam my cunt. Ooohhhh fuccccck, this is so fucking hot," Dawn squealed.

Buffy hammered the hole, driving the dildo in as deep as it would go with a loving intensity. If she enjoyed her own pleasure it was always enhanced by Dawn's obvious excitement. The Slayer loved the squeaks and groans her sister made, the dirty words that came out of her mouth, the cries of orgasmic bliss. She loved the way her sister would move against her, replicating her thrusts to take the toy deep, clawing and dragging Buffy in harder, pressing her body at the blondes. She loved the way her sister's eyes scrunched up and her nose wiggled, the way her jaw tensed and her lips strained. She loved it all. The toy hammered in hard and deep and Dawn shrieked again, "Fuuuucckkk, yessss, fuuuccckk, aaaaarrrghhh, I am so cumming, aaaaaarrrghhh...."

Buffy continued to fuck her bucking sister through the orgasm, driving the teen to even greater heights of sexual intensity. Only when she was sure that the pleasure had blasted through the teen and Dawn's body had collapsed against the bed, like a rag doll did Buffy withdraw the dripping sex-toy.

She stayed over Dawn and kissed her, tenderly and gently, bringing the brunette back to life. Dawn recovered quickly her hands back up round Buffy as she brought her sister's mouth down hard against hers. Buffy lifted her head and smiled, "That was something."

"It always is," Dawn smiled back. She pushed up at her sister and as Buffy lifted in tune with the push the teen guided her onto her back beside her. For a moment they lay side by side, their heads turned towards each other, smiling lovingly without words. Then Dawn said what they were both thinking, "Fuck my ass."

"Yes," giggled Buffy, "Let's do it reverse cowgirl in front of your mirror so I can see your sweet pussy as I fuck your tight butt."

Buffy got up and swung her legs over the edge of the bed, sitting opposite Dawn's full length mirror. In its reflection she could see her sister get up as well and lick her lips sultrily. Buffy grinned back and wiggled the dick. Dawn giggled and bounced across the bed to straddle across her sister's lap. She turned her head over her shoulder to look at her sister, "Spread my ass would you Buff, I'm going to come down."

Taking hold off Dawn's gorgeous cheeks Buffy did as she was asked and pulled them apart. Dawn lowered herself, wiggling slightly as she aimed for where she thought the dick would be. Her guess was either very good or she had a sixth sense for dildo as her hole quickly located the tip of the toy. She rubbed her sphincter against it, giggling as Buffy let go off the cheeks and slid her hands down to her sister's thighs, gripping underneath. "I'm going to enjoy this," Dawn giggled.

"We both are," Buffy smiled.

"OOoohh, this feels so good. I love big rubber cocks in my butt," Dawn moaned as she slid down a few inches.

"God, you are so sexy," Buffy replied, kissing the back of Dawn's neck whilst looking over the shoulder. In the mirror she could see the cock, partially encased in her sister's tight tush and going in further as the teen lowered herself down. Buffy slowly eased the younger Summers' legs even further apart, the pink pussy slowly spreading, juice visible in the crack. She pushed herself up, helping the dick into the ass. Dawn groaned a little more and slipped back her head so she was leaning it on Buffy's shoulders. Buffy slid a little more, feeling the cock push aside the resistance of Dawn's ass.

"Oooohhh, oooohhh, yes, Buffy, yes. I want this dick deep in my butt," Dawn gave an impassioned moan. She slipped herself down further, her hands leaning back on the bed and her back resting against her sister. Buffy's nipples were stiff as her sister rubbed at them as they moved. She pushed the dildo up, lifting her sister's legs as she did so and putting herself in control. Dawn didn't mind, she just leant further back against her sister, lifting one hand to rub at her pussy as Buffy thrust up. "Oooohhh, yes, give it me, give me all your dick."

"Oh Dawn, I love you, I love your hot ass," Buffy thrust up harder and faster, getting herself into a rhythm. Soon the toy was pounding all the way in, filling her sister with strap-on love. The young teen gasped and shuddered, her entire body vibrating against Buffy. The blonde held her sister's thighs tight, lifting them up and out as she hammered up. Looking in the mirror the Slayer loved what she saw, her sister was perfect, with her bouncing boobs and slender body, her hand sweeping over her shaven slot like she was trying to rub it away. Buffy could see the dick slamming in and out of the hole and her own pussy was slick with lust as the pressure of the hammering sent waves of excitement coursing through her.

"Oooohhh, urrrrhhhh, harder, ooohhhh, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck my tight hole," Dawn shuddered in Buffy's hands, her long hair draped over her sister's shoulder and down her back as the teen leant on the Slayer.

"Fuck, your butt is so sexy, I could bang it forever," Buffy said as she hammered up. She could as well, the only thing stopping her was the realisation that she was a Slayer and Dawn wasn't, the teen's ass was both tight and strong, but it couldn't be fucked for eternity without eventually giving way. Which didn't mean it couldn't be banged hard for a while yet and Buffy slammed up, if not quite giving her all, at least giving a significant portion. Her teen sister squealed in pleasure, her hand revolving round her cunt at speed. Buffy grinned and slammed in harder, "I'm fucking the best teen ass in the country," she said, "Your tushie was just made for fucking."

"Yes, yes, yesssss!" squealed Dawn in agreement.

Buffy rammed up again, slamming the dick all the way in her sister's cunt. The teen screamed loudly in pleasure, "AAAarrrghh, yessss, Buffy, fuck my ass, fuck my ass!" Buffy did so whilst wondering whether there Mom could hear and what she thought, was she really that relaxed that she was okay with Buffy ass fucking her sister? She had seemed to be and there wasn't any clumping up the stairs and knocking at the door with instructions to keep it down or to use a different hole. Buffy continued hammering in, driving Dawn to further orgasmic delights, the teen continuing to shriek and holler in ecstasy as she came again and again. "AAAaarrrghhh, aaaaarrghhh."

The bed bounced and rocked as they fucked, Buffy keeping her sister held up as she admired the teen's reflection in the mirror. The teen's skin was flushed red and her pussy literally dripping as she orgasmed constantly. Her head leant back on Buffy's shoulder so the blonde couldn't see her mouth, but she could hear the screams and squeals, loud high-pitched shrieks of pure pleasure. "AAAAarrrghhh, yesssss."

Not wanting to wreck her sister's ass Buffy began to slow. Dawn slipped down the toy, relaxing and leaning on the blonde as Buffy gradually came to a halt. The teen turned her head and kissed her sister, "That was so hot."

"You are," Buffy said and kissed back. She gently lifted her sister off the toy, glancing down to look at a hole that was wide open. She guided Dawn to lie on the bed, before lying down next to her. They kissed again. Buffy smiled, "I love you so much."

"I love you," Dawn smiled back. "And in five minutes I want you to fuck me again, even harder."


Picking up her bookmark Joyce slipped it between the pages of the book she was reading. She'd found it difficult to concentrate on the novel, even though it was by one of her favourite authors. Whilst it was quiet now for much of the night she'd been listening to the squeak of the floor above and the banging of the bed ricocheting at the bedroom wall, all merged with the sounds of Dawn's pleasured cries. If she'd thought that fucking Dawn once would have cooled her lust for her younger daughter listening to her getting repeatedly fucked by Buffy had nixed that belief.

She sighed. There was nothing to be done. Buffy's relationship with Dawn was too important, whilst lots of young women thought if they broke with their lover the world would end in Buffy's case that was literally true and even if Joyce wished for another way it was a wish that was unable to come true. She put the book back on the shelf and walked up the stairs, pausing outside Dawn's room. The light was still on, spilling out under the crack of the door, suggesting the silence was a pause for recuperation rather than a stop for sleep.

Almost on a whim, Joyce knocked lightly on the door, "Dawn, Buffy?"

"Come in," Dawn called instantly and Joyce opened the door.

Her two daughters were in bed, Buffy with the covers pulled up to her neck, her hands still holding the quilt making it obvious she had yanked it up as her Mom had entered. Dawn was topless, the covers down round her stomach, her tits brazenly on display. Joyce wondered if it was the teen's recent training in being a lesbian slut that left her unfazed by her nakedness or was it a message to her Mom that she too remembered their love-making with pleasure; Joyce hoped it was the latter. She smiled, "I just came in to say goodnight and also to say, that I'm really happy for you, you're so good together."

"Thanks Mom," Dawn grinned.

"When I was your age I was always going at it with my boyfriend," Joyce said smiling, and trying to show that she was cool with the two sisters having lots of sex without actually saying it.

"Um, yeah," from the look on Buffy's face the message she received wasn't the one Joyce had sent.

"I bet they weren't as good as Buffy, she's a sex machine," Dawn smiled, getting the right message. Joyce half-hoped the teen still had a thing for her, she half-hoped she didn't and she could concentrate on Buffy. "You don't mind us having sex? We're not too loud."

"No," Joyce forced a laugh, "If anything I'd encourage you both; young love is so sweet - I'm not so old I've forgotten it." She retreated back and took hold off the door, "I'll see you sometime tomorrow, though if you're up late I might have gone by the time you get up."

"Night Mom," her two daughters chorused as she shut the door.

She headed to her own room and undressed. Even as she got her nightie out of the drawer the sound of Dawn's bed banging against the wall began again, followed closely by the teen's cries. For a few minutes Joyce lay in bed and listened to it, imagining it was her fucking Dawn. Then she got out of bed and walked back over to the drawer and took out a dildo, she licked at it as she sat down on the chair and hoisted up her nightdress. She slid the toy into her cunt, as the cries of her daughter continued...


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