Buffy's Lover

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Picking up her bags from the cab trunk, Buffy turned and walked two steps towards her house before swinging round to give her best friend, Willow, a goodbye wave. The redhead waved back and then gave an extra one, of hello this time, to Buffy's Mom standing in the doorway waiting for her daughter. Buffy turned one final time and walked past the wooden gate and into the front yard. College was great, she loved the independence, that she didn't have any classes before a decent time in the morning and the distinct lack of Principal Snyder type tutors. But it was still good to he home.

Her Mom was standing there, a happy smile on her face showing that she too was pleased to see her daughter return - even if it was only for the summer. Unsurprisingly there was no sign of her kid-sister, Dawn probably have better things to do than celebrate the prodigal's return. Anyway, Buffy suspected Dawn had probably spent most of the year getting spoilt rotten and having Buffy back would mean having to share Mom-time.

Her Mom hugged her before she even entered the house, "Welcome back, Buffy. We've missed you."

"We?" Buffy hugged her Mom and only raised one eyebrow in disbelief.

Joyce bent down and picked up the suitcase, even though it would have been a lot easier for a Slayer with super-strength to haul in. She lifted it in, grimacing at the weight - which was mainly due to Buffy's mace, short sword and battle-axes. Once in the door she gave up, smiling and wiping her forehead. Buffy took the strain easier and moved it into the living room as Joyce called, "Dawn, your sister's home."

Suddenly there was a blur of movement so fast Buffy barely had time to clock her sister before the sixteen year old was on her, hugging her much more tightly than her Mom had, almost like the teen was a bear and Buffy her prey. "Easy Tigger," Buffy pushed at Dawn, gently disentangling herself and feeling a little guilty that she had thought Dawn wouldn't be pleased to see her.

"You're looking good, Buffy, college must suit you," Dawn chirped.

"Er, so do you?" Buffy stared at her sister. It had only been at Easter since she'd last seen her and the younger teen had changed. Not in the normal way teens doing, taller, bustier, curvier - though she was all that. But in what she was wearing. A couple of months ago Dawn was jeans, sweater and pumps - now she was teeny skirt hardly reached the top of her thighs and a close cropped vest which was at least a size to small and was so tight that you could tell she hadn't bothered with a bra. Buffy cast a quick look at her Mom, she'd never been allowed to dress like this - clubbing clothes not half as revealing had been hidden in her bag if she wanted to sex-up for the Bronze.

Joyce seemed to understand the question without words. She smiled, "Shall we say I got sick of fighting my second daughter after spending years warring with my first on clothes. Anyway I have to admit she looks good."

Buffy wouldn't disagree, though she'd also say her sister looked easy and she hoped that Dawn wasn't going out like that - she'd get a reputation and not like the one Buffy had either. It wasn't her place to interfere, she'd tried doing that before and the result hadn't been positive. Instead she gripped her suitcase, "I'm going upstairs to unpack."

"I'll help you," grinned Dawn, being unexpectedly helpful. She didn't actually lift the suitcase, she was smarter than her Mom in that regard, but she did open the door to Buffy's room for the Slayer and then close it behind her.

Buffy began to unpack, keeping half an eye on Dawn as she did so. Her sister dropped down on comfy seat, her legs spread so that her skirt rode up. Whatever panties she was wearing were tinier than the skirt as Buffy could almost see all the way up and there wasn't a trace of cotton. She cast another surreptitious look, blushing slightly as she realised that she was trying to look up her younger sister's skirt. She straightened, she had to say something, without coming across as too bossy, "Y'know I can almost see your panties the way you're sitting."

"You'd have a job," smiled Dawn cheekily. She jumped up and taking hold off the skirt hem whipped it up.

"What?" gasped Buffy as she was treated with the sight of her sister's shaven slit.

"No panties," giggled Dawn. She held the skirt up for a moment, "So what do you think?"

"Er, um, does Mom know?" Buffy asked.

Dawn shrugged, still smiling and let her skirt down, "Probably. You could ask."

That wasn't a conversation Buffy relished. So instead she changed the conversation, "So you got a boyfriend yet?"

"Pfff," Dawn made a dismissive blowing sound and rolled on the chair so that her head was upside down over the edge and her legs over the backrest with her feet on the wall; her skirt threatened to fall again, though she didn't seem to mind. "Boys, I'm just not interested in boys."

"No, you soon will be," Buffy smiled, perhaps Dawn wasn't as adult as she was pretending to be.

"I won't Buffy. I'm a lesbian, didn't Mom tell you?"

Yet again Buffy felt sideswiped by her sister, Dawn was changing all the time when Buffy was at college it seemed. "Er, no. It mustn't have come up when I phoned."

"Don't worry. It's only a few months ago. I've not seen anyone yet. Is Willow single or is she still seeing that wiccan?"

"Still seeing Tara," said Buffy keen to nip any Dawn/Willow romance in the bud, it had been bad enough when Dawn had a crush on Xander and followed him everywhere, but at least then she wasn't dressed like an extra from 'Hooker Orgies 62'.

"That's good, Tara is cute don't you think?"

"I guess, if I was interested in girls," Buffy said.

"You might be, you are my sister," Dawn said grinning.

"I think I'd know," Buffy replied, folding a top and placing it in a drawer.

"Willow didn't. Not until she met Tara," Dawn said with impeccable logic. "How's Riley?"

"Not sure, I've got to decide whether it's going anywhere. He's a nice guy, but not sure we're heading the same direction," Buffy responded.

"Oh you're not. He's not the one for you."

"Since when did you become the sage of relationships?"

"I guess I just know you," Dawn beamed.

"Yeah, well, we're see. I'm not ready for spinsterhood yet. Anyway I've finished unpacking, you want to grab a soda and watch some TV downstairs before lunch?"


Things had definitely changed in the Summer's house, Buffy reflected as she returned from patrol. And whilst she felt she should applaud her Mom's new found liberalism in parenting, she did wonder if it had gone too far. It wasn't like that Dawn wasn't attractive, she was turning into quiet a looker who's hotness even Buffy had to admire. But there was no reason for Dawn to wander round the house looking like she was auditioning for a sex-show, with tiny skirts or hotpants and tops which too tight and too small. Buffy also felt, ever since Willow had come out, that it was important to be true to yourself and your sexuality, and that you should be open about being a lesbian. She had no problem with Dawn coming out; the Slayer wasn't a homophobe or a prude, but Dawn seemed to have lost all boundaries. Last night she had spent most of the dinner, telling her Mom and sister, about a new dildo she'd bought and talking in too much detail about what it's use were. If her Mom had been unperturbed, Buffy had spent the entire meal blushing as well as secretly thinking about her own toy and how she might use that later as Riley wasn't around to bang her properly.

It was way past midnight as Buffy crept up and path, and if she no longer had to worry about keeping being a Slayer secret from her Mom, she still didn't want to wake her and Dawn. Gently she opened the front door.

In the main room the lights were off, but the television was playing, casting eerie shadows over the walls. Buffy took another step into the house, closing the door behind her. From the speakers came the recognisable sound of a woman's orgasmic moan of pleasure. Buffy blushed as she could see that on the couch her teenage sister was sitting, and if she was alone there was a reason for that, as her tiny skirt was raised and she was vigorously rubbing her pussy. She looked up and saw Buffy. The Slayer expected her to be embarrassed; Buffy was herself, and was wondering whether to pretend she'd not seen or to pass a comment about it being perfectly natural.

It turned out neither comment was appropriate as Dawn just smiled, slid her skirt down and stood up as if Buffy had come in when she was sipping a soda rather than masturbating. "Hi Buffy, how was your patrol?"

"Um, er, yeah it was quiet. That's good. I thought you'd be in bed."

"I was just watching some porn, it's much better watching on widescreen that on my monitor upstairs. You can see everything and I mean everything, it's so clear I can almost taste the pussy juice," Dawn smiled happily.

Buffy was glad the room was dark as she knew her face would be burning red. "Yeah, it's very, er, clear." Buffy's mind struggled for a moment as her sister alternated between looking at her and whatever was on the screen - though even without seeing it Buffy had a fair idea from the squeaks and squeals of two different women that they weren't finger painting. "Um, does Mom know you're watching porn?"

"Oh yes, she's relaxed about it. It was her who said I'd get a better view on the TV downstairs. I guess she doesn't want me straining my eyes looking at the computer screen all night," Dawn laughed.

Yes, things had changed in the Summers' house

. "Cool," Buffy said, "I, er, didn't know if it was going to be our secret."

For a moment Dawn looked disappointed, "I shouldn't have told you Mom knew. We don't have secrets anymore."

"Did we ever?" Buffy asked.

"No, but we should. We're sisters, we should have lots of secrets that only the other knows, about fucking and stuff. Mainly fucking."

Buffy gave a fake laugh, "I'll keep that in mind."

"You wanna watch TV? I'll switch this off. Unless you want to watch it as well?" Dawn almost sounded hopeful Buffy thought.

She pushed the thought away, she was probably just being overly friendly and not thinking about boundaries and that you probably shouldn't watch lesbian porno with your older sister. "No. I'm kinda wigging it so I'm going to go to bed." After a pause she added., "And sleep."

"Okay," said Dawn jumping up. To Buffy's surprise she came over and gave her a kiss on the cheek, something's she'd never used to do. Buffy blushed as she smelt the aroma of her sister, sex and a sensuous perfume, which she mustn't know the effect off. "Night, Buffy," the teen purred.

"Yeah, night," said Buffy. Despite herself she felt hot and horny. She wouldn't go to sleep straight away, she would get out her dildo and think about Angel and Riley sharing her.


There was a crack of light under Joyce's door and Dawn opened it. Her Mom was sitting up in bed, reading by the glow of the nightstand lamp. She was wearing a long cotton nightdress, which was designed for comfort not sexiness. Despite that Dawn still felt hot and aroused, despite not being a real lesbian you couldn't spend all day flashing, flirting and feeling yourself for your sister without your libido going into overdrive. Her Mom put down her book and gestured for Dawn to shut the door. The teen did so before sitting on her Mom's bed, a few feet from Joyce.

"How did it go?" the blonde asked nervously.

"Well I think. I was masturbating when Buffy got home, she definitely saw. I think she was a little turned on, I've just listened at her door, she's playing with herself now," Dawn replied

"Let's hope she's thinking of you," her Mom smiled and leant forward to pat her daughter's hand.

Dawn shrugged, "I don't think she will be. Probably thinking about Captain Beefcake."

"It's up to you to change that," Joyce replied. "We need to save the world."

"I know," Dawn said, "I was thinking tomorrow if the weather's good I might do some topless sunbathing in the back yard."

"I'd think about going for an all over tan, your buttocks and front as well." her Mom said.

"And maybe a massage later," Dawn continued.

"That sounds like a good idea," her Mom agreed.


If yesterday had been strange today had been even stranger. It was hot and Buffy had decided that the perfect way to spend the early afternoon was to sit outside in the back yard, with a magazine in one hand and an ice-cold drink in the other. It hadn't surprised her when Dawn had decided on the same thing, the younger brunette skipping out in her hotpants and top. What had shocked Buffy, though she starting to have a feeling it shouldn't was that Dawn had immediately began to slip out of them. She didn't care that Buffy was there and watching through her sunglasses, as she stripped absolutely naked (apart from her own sunglasses) and dropped down on the lounger opposite Buffy. To the Slayer's shame she'd found herself looking at her sister, secretly glancing at her through the dark shades, and admiring the teen's naked body. Quickly she'd stopped and began to read the magazine again, but Dawn began to talk and Buffy had no choice but to stop reading and glance over the page at the nude brunette, with her firm titties, shaven slot and plump, round ass. Unfortunately Dawn was in a talkative mood, chattering away and keeping Buffy's eyes glued to her nakedness.

If that hadn't been bad enough a bit later the blonde teen had been sitting on the couch, chilling after the afternoon's heat...


... the door opened and in walked Dawn, "What you doin'?" the brunette had asked.

"Um, nothing much," Buffy waved the magazine she was reading and turned. At least Dawn was clothed now, albeit in the teeniest bikini and g-string that Buffy so small that it was better than nudity by a very small margin.

"You looked stressed," Dawn said sympathetically, whilst not realising that half the reason for Buffy's speeding up heart rate was that she had spent practically all the time since her sister returned flashing the blonde.

Not that Buffy could say that. Instead she gave a small laugh, "You could say it comes with having to save the world on a regular basis."

"That must be hard," agreed Dawn sympathetically.

"Who's stolen my sister and can I have her back?" said Buffy, smiling at Dawn's unexpected empathy.

"I'm just realising how hard a job you have, been the Slayer. I kinda feel guilty for being such a pain to you over the years, I should have cut you more slack," Dawn said.

"'s OK," said Buffy.

"I should make it up to you," Dawn said. She moved behind Buffy, "How about a massage?"

Buffy opened her mouth to say no, but before she could Dawn's hands were on her shoulders sliding under the cotton of Buffy's T-shirt and over the skin. "Gee, Buffy you are tense."

"Errrr..." Buffy wasn't sure what to say to that, having her semi-naked sister rubbing at her wasn't going to make her relax.

Luckily or unluckily it seemed Dawn wasn't waiting for an answer, her fingers kneading and pressing at the Slayer's shoulders. Buffy arched her back and gave a low guttural moan, her body stiffening as a prelude to pleasure. She had to admit Dawn knew what to do as she could feel her muscles start to unwind as the brunette's deft fingers played with them. Dawn pushed and pressed harder, kneading Buffy's stiff shoulders, moving round to the top of her back and lower neck, her fingers and digging into pressure points as her thumbs swirled and massaged round them. Buffy could smell her sister's scent, it was something adult and arousing, an aroma of sexy, sensual pleasure.

"Mmmmn, how's that?" Dawn asked. She pressed forward and Buffy could imagine the feel of her sister's boobs brushing her hair so close was the teen.

"Not too bad," she was forced to admit.

"You need to take your T-shirt off," said Dawn.

"Wha...?" Buffy managed to grunt out in surprise.

"So I can massage you properly," Dawn said patiently, "I can hardly get under it, without stretching it." She reached down and started to pull it off.

Buffy wondered whether she should stop her. But before she could come to a conclusion it was too late, Dawn had already pulled it half the way off. Giving in Buffy raised her arms and let her sister fully remove; at least she was wearing a bra and wasn't any more underdressed than Dawn was. That defence only lasted seconds before Dawn's lithe fingers were on the clips, "And the bra," the teen said cheerfully.

Again by the time Buffy had time to think what to say it was too late and the bra was off. She covered her naked boobies defensively, glad that her Mom had decided to spend the afternoon at the shop cataloguing. The teen's hands snaked down back onto the shoulders and she began to massage the muscles, which were rapidly stiffening as Buffy sat uncomfortably trying to hide her titties. After a few seconds Buffy managed to find her voice, "Um, Dawn. I'm not sure about this. You know being topless."

"Jeez Buffy," her sister giggled, "You're not shy are you? I've seen boobies before." Given her DVD collection, that was true and for the first time Buffy wondered if her sister had an inappropriate crush on her. If so she should stop it before it went further, the blonde Slayer decided. Though doing that without hurting Dawn's feelings was the difficult bit, especially if it turned out that the crush was all in Buffy's head and Dawn was just being a good, if totally weird, sister.

Dawn's bikini top sailed through the air and landed in front of Buffy. "Now we're both topless."

Buffy was literally speechless. Dawn didn't waste any time and resumed her massage. It was even better than before, the teen brunette's fingers seemed to be magical in the way they could find stiff points and tease them tenderly until they were zinging with life. Buffy knew she should say something, but if her mind was thinking how to stop it her body was enjoying the touch of her sister too much to put the thoughts into words. She was sure Dawn's naked tits were brushing at her hair, accidentally she hoped. She also knew her own nipples were erect and stiff and if she kept her hands over her boobs that was why. She couldn't her that palms slid at the teats, making them tingle all the more. "MMmnnnn," she sighed in pleasure.


"Penny for them Buffster," Xander brought her back to the present.

"Er, what?" Buffy asked.

"You seemed to be drifting," Willow said, she was sitting a wooden bench, which during the day sat mourners and lunching gravediggers and in the evening the scoobies and recently risen vamps. Xander was leaning on the back of it, looking like he was about to hurdle it. Giles was a few feet away, pouring himself a cup of tea from a thermos and balancing it on a gravestone. "Missing Riley?" Willow grinned.

"Something like that," Buffy replied, all to aware that whilst she'd be thinking of someone's hands moving over her body, it had been the memory of her sister's that afternoon. "I am nineteen, guys interest me." She was sure that was true.

"It should be vampires that interest you, not boys," said Giles, a little grumpily. Perhaps he wasn't getting any as he'd been a little odd for the last couple of weeks.

"I can do both," said Buffy defensively.

He sighed, "I'm sorry Buffy. I know you can, I don't want to harm your social life more than it must be. How's home? Dawn okay?"

The sudden change of topic surprised Buffy and for a moment she wondered if he knew that she'd been thinking of her sister and a topic that sisters shouldn't think about. "Er, okay. Why do you ask?"

"No reason. She's getting older, not a child anymore. I'm guessing she'll soon be out clubbing and seeing boys. I know that can pressure for older sisters," he shrugged, as if it wasn't an important conversation.

"I guess," replied Buffy, who knew Dawn wouldn't be seeing boys.

Giles nodded and took another look around, "I think we can safely call it a night, a nice quiet one for once."

He picked up his thermos as Xander made a half-hearted attempt to leap over the bench, before ending up clambering over it, "We should make the most of it and hit the Bronze."

Giles snorted and Willow nodded, "Yeah."

"I'm going to give it a miss, you're right I'm zoning a bit, probably need an early night," said Buffy, mentally adding or to talk to Dawn and stop this nonsense.

"You sure?" Willow asked.

"No, but I'm going to have an early night anyway," said Buffy. She picked up her things in the small rucksack and walked with the others to Giles' car.

She was quiet all the way home, if not ignoring the others at least not joining in the conversation. She hoped they didn't mind or think she was ill (the last thing she needed were her friends and Giles coming over to cluck at her like mother hens and get an eyeful of Dawn in her skimpy new attire). Luckily Giles, for once, monopolised the conversation keeping Willow or Xander from trying to talk too much to her - a Watcher's duty was to look after their Slayer.

It gave Buffy some space to think, though she wasn't sure what the answer was. It was probably her fevered imagination that Dawn had been trying to seduce her this afternoon. But why would she imagine such a thing? Was it a secret fantasy trying to get out? Did she have some perverted and obscene lust for her sister? Buffy didn't know, she had to admit that Dawn was attractive and the clothes she wore might be slutty but they were also sexy and showed her body in a way that made the most of her curves. But that wasn't the same as having the hots for her, that was just recognising what was in front of her. Wasn't it?

Buffy was no nearer an answer when they pulled up at her house. She got out and walked up the path still thinking. Her key was in the door before she realised that she hadn't said goodbye to her friends, she turned just in time to see the car pull away. She sighed and made a mental promise to apologise for being out of this world when she saw them next - she'd just put it down to tiredness.

The light was off in the main room, no Dawn watching porn. Taking hold of the banister Buffy went upstairs. She could see a light under her sister's door, Dawn was awake. The Slayer paused outside, listening with her powerful hearing for sounds of the computer playing porn or the teen masturbating, Buffy didn't want to disturb her if she was doing personal stuff; actually she wasn't sure she wanted to disturb her anyway. The room was quiet, if Buffy listened intently she could hear the swish of a magazine's page turning, that's all. Hoping it wasn't a porn magazine Buffy pushed down on the door handle and entered.

Dawn looked up, her expression changing from surprise to annoyance to welcoming in little more than a couple of seconds. But Buffy wasn't looking at her face. Dawn was sitting up in bed, a magazine on her lap and wearing the tiniest, most see-through nightie ever. It was so translucent it was almost impossible to see it's colour, unless that colour was skin tone. It draped down the teen's body, barely covering her boobs and so clear that Buffy could see the nipples. She inwardly gulped, having her sister in near nudity next to her would make conversation difficult.

"Hi Buffy," Dawn said enthusiastically.

"I just wondered if you were up," Buffy said lamely, "We could talk."

"Cool, I'm up," Dawn pushed back the covers and jumped out of bed. The nightie wasn't long enough to cover her cunt and Buffy found her gaze drawn to the smooth slit as Dawn walked over to close the bedroom door. The Slayer's eyes didn't move upwards as Dawn turned and walked back to her bed, her curvy cheeks wiggling. She sat down on the bed, "We never talk. What do you want to talk about? College? Clothes?"

Buffy sat down on the bed, "Um, well, I notice you've been a bit different since I returned."

"Oh yeah, I'm def growing. Look at these..." Dawn placed her hands under her boobs and pushed them up so that they came out of her nightdress. Buffy blushed.

"Yeah, um, they're growing nicely," said Buffy feeling like she should be describing a gardeners prize tomatoes rather than her sister's naked boobs. "You're much more forward."

"More confident," said Dawn, "I've got a hot body and shouldn't be afraid of it. Don't you think so?"

"Er, yeah sure. Body fascism?" Buffy managed to say her eyes on her teen sister as Dawn stood up and whirled to confirm what a great body she had, with the most perfect ass and firm, but flexible tits; slender where it should be slender and curved where it should be curved.

Her tits still out Dawn bounced back onto the bed, "You've a great body as well."

"Um, thanks," Buffy blushed again.

Then her eyes widened and her mouth opened as Dawn's hand slid onto her leg. The younger brunette was smiling, "A really great body, Buffy, I'm sure you know that."

It was obvious her sister was interested. "It's been mentioned," Buffy was about to move to take Dawn's hand off her thigh and then she stopped, her eyes moving again to Dawn's naked tits.

It was wrong, it was sick, it was disgusting; taboo and illegal, but Buffy wanted Dawn as well, just for a brief moment. She gulped and shook her head, tying to clear it. Dawn looked at her, a worried frown on her face, "Are you okay Buffy?"

"Yeah. So about this talk, as sisters, getting to know each other..."

"Yes," Dawn smiled sweetly, her finger and thumb squeezing gently at Buffy.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Buffy asked, looking into her sister's eyes. It was much better than staring at her tits.

"No. I want to. Have you?"

"Not yet."

"You want too?" Dawn asked. Her lips curled upwards, glacially slowly her head came forward, her mouth moving towards Buffy's.

"No, yes," Buffy hedged her bets, unsure whether she was hoping it would halt Dawn or not.

It didn't stop Dawn continue to advance, her mouth opening. And it didn't stop Buffy meeting her halfway, her own lips ajar. The two sisters kissed and in a non-familial way, their jaws working and their tongues probing forward. Buffy's eyes closed, so she wouldn't see it was Dawn. But she could taste her sister still, smell her perfume and minty breath, feel the touch of the tongue teasing against her own. She didn't stop, though, she couldn't. It was wrong, but it felt so good. Especially as Dawn's hands slithered up her waist, raising the T-shirt and massaging Buffy's waist.

"Dawn... we..." Buffy pulled away for a moment, opening her eyes. Dawn was there, inches away looking so delicious and sexy.

She smiled seductively, "What?"

"Never mind," said Buffy and returned to the kiss. As Dawn's mouth opened against hers the Slayer let herself go. She knew it was wrong, she knew she'd regret it, but at this moment she didn't care - all that mattered was making out with her sixteen year old sister. Her mouth closed round Dawn's lips, biting and teasing the lower one between her teeth, her tongue slid out and grappled with Dawn's, taking control. Her hands were on Dawn's side, squeezing the teen and massaging her, rubbing at her waist and pushing up the nightdress so that she could smooth the flesh.

"Mmmnnn," Dawn moaned as her sister's mouth moved down to suckle and kiss her neck like the Slayer was a vampire, "Oh Buffy."

"Ssshhh, Mom will hear," Buffy broke long enough to speak and then returned to the brunette's mouth, covering it with her own and stopping Dawn from saying anything more.

But even if she couldn't vocalbularise, Dawn could still talk with her body. She shuddered excitedly, kissing back passionately whilst letting Buffy lead, her hands continuing to play with her sister's side and her legs opening gently. Buffy kissed her harder and Dawn kissed back. The blonde couldn't believe how good her younger sister was, better than Riley who could be robotic, almost as good as Angel, but less likely to turn into a soulless killer. Their mouths slurped together, their tongues slithering and sliding at each other.

Then Buffy could feel her sister tugging at the T-shirt. Was she trying to take it off? Buffy wasn't sure, but given how she was feeling she decided to take the risk. She lifted her arms. Dawn broke the kiss long enough to pull the top off and drop it down to the bed. "Now the bra," she managed to say even as she resumed kissing.

Buffy's arms reached behind her back and she undid her bra, letting it fall free. Her naked tits brushed and bounced against her sister's; if their Mom came in there was no way that they'd be able to pass of what was happening as a sisterly goodnight kiss. Especially as Dawn's mouth moved from hers and down to her tits. Buffy let out a passionate moan as Dawn's lithe tongue started to swirl round the nipples, licking the teat and making it hard and stiff. The brunette's mouth widen and she sucked the tit in, slurping vigorously at it. Buffy entire body quivered and shook, little pulses of pleasures racing round like motorbikes on a track. She couldn't believe how pleasurable it was, how her sister was making her feel. It was much better than Riley, who thought foreplay was an eighties boy band, every lick and suck from Dawn making her zing.

"Oh fuck, God," Buffy moaned as Dawn swapped titties, giving the left one the same loving attention she'd just been giving it's twin. Buffy could feel her pussy get wet, the juice seeping out the tiny pores and lubricating her hole with juice. If it had been Riley she'd have been pulling of her jeans now and demanding he fuck her. But it wasn't, it was Dawn, her own sister, flesh and blood.

"No, stop," Buffy gasped, finally getting control, "We can't , this is wrong." She pushed Dawn's head back from her titties, the brunette's expression showing no sign that she agreed with her sister's summing up. Buffy swung from the bed, grabbing her bra and T-short, "I'm sorry," she blushed and left the room.

Safe in her own bedroom, she collapsed on the bed, not even bothering to put back on the bra or the T-shirt. She wasn't sure whether she'd just had a lucky escape or not; there wasn't any doubt that if they'd continued it would have been more than Buffy's tits than Dawn's tongue would have been tasting, but even just Dawn licking her boobs was wrong and sick, but oh, so good. Even lying here on her bed, Buffy's pussy was still hot and itchy with lust. She couldn't help but undo her jeans and slide in under her panties to rub and massage the cunt, leaving her palm and fingers wet with her cum. She tried not to think of Dawn, but it was hard and the younger brunette kept appearing, even as Buffy tried to fantasise about someone (anyone) else.

It was wrong, but it had been so, so hot. Buffy didn't want to repeat it, whilst wanting it so bad. She felt dirty, confused and turned-on all at once, like her brain, body and soul were all rushing in different directions.

Still, at least she now knew Dawn did have a crush on her.


When Buffy came in Joyce was pretending to be asleep, whilst secreting listening for her return. It had been like that ever since she discovered Buffy was the Slayer, every night she knew the teen was on patrol was a trial, as she wondered whether this time would be the day her daughter wasn't fast enough, too outnumbered or just unlucky. But tonight she'd been listening extra intently; she'd heard Buffy come in and creep up the stairs and onto the landing. She couldn't hear clearly what happened next, curse Buffy and her consideration for her sleeping Mom, Joyce thought she'd heard Buffy enter Dawn's room, at least she hoped she had, but then silence. She lay there wishing she'd got the Slayer's super hearing, but like so much of Buffy she'd got that from magic not her mother.

The door of Dawn's room opened, followed seconds later by the sound of Buffy shutting hers, less gently than she normally did at this time in the morning. Was that a sign? Had something happened? Joyce wanted to get up and fly over to Dawn's room to question her youngest daughter and see how the plan was working. But she couldn't, Buffy would hear and if the visit to Dawn's had been less than innocent, she'd suspect Joyce knew something and that would kill her daughter's budding romance as dead as the world if Glory succeeded.

She lay there for what seemed like hours, but was probably less than a couple of minutes before her cell beeped quietly. She picked it up, she hated this new technology, but she and Dawn had been supplied one by the Watcher's Council. The message was from Dawn.

Opening it Joyce smiled in relief, 'Buffy visited' it read 'things went well.'

Slowly Joyce typed in the reply, she'd never get used to typing with just nine buttons for letters and tenth for a space. It seemed to take ages before she finished her message, 'Good. How well?'

'We made out and I licked her boobs' the message came back almost straight away.

'I am proud of you. Well done.' Joyce typed back. She followed it up with another message 'How did she react? Was she ready?'

'Yes and no. She left suddenly, but she was into it when we were kissing.' There was a pause and another message came through, 'You trained me well. I'll finish seducing her soon.'

'I know sweetie. Good night. Love you.' Joyce put down the mobile and gave a satisfied sigh, she'd sleep well tonight.


It was late by the time Buffy got up; that wasn't unusual - she was a teen and being the Slayer meant late hours. But normally when her head hit the pillow she slept the sleep of the just. Last night it had been more like the sleep of the damned, tossing and turning, her mind awhirl with what had happened, half hating herself and half horny and hot at the memory of Dawn's mouth and tongue. When she eventually managed to sleep her dreams were vivid and even weirder than normal. They punctuated her fighting a big bad with eighties hair and a shoe fetish and sitting in a bath with Dawn whilst there Mom knelt beside them driving a rubber duck through the soapy water as a teenage Dawn laughed and felt Buffy's tits.

As she staggered out of bed, Buffy was no nearer an answer to last night. But there was no avoiding the fact that she'd need one pretty soon - she couldn't stay up here all day, no matter how appealing it was. And she couldn't even use her Mom as an excuse to avoid talking to Dawn, she'd have left hours ago to go to the gallery; it was only Dawn and Buffy in the house.

She still wanted to put off the moment as long as possible, which was why, she half told herself, she spent more time than normal putting on make-up and choosing a summery dress which just matched her complexion and fitted her like a glove. Pausing beside the door she looked in the mirror, she did look good, and for a second she almost changed into something baggy and ill-fitting. She knew she had to end it with Dawn before it began, she knew that she was becoming hotter and hotter for her teen sister, she knew whatever she did she'd regret it.

She opened her bedroom door and went downstairs. Dawn was already up, though to say she was dressed would have been a wide interpretation of the word as she was wearing the tiniest pair of hotpants she owned (and there was a lot of competition) and a pink bra, without a top.

The younger Summers looked up from the magazine she was reading and smiled, like nothing had happened last night, "You had a long sleep in."

"It's the summer vacation," said Buffy in reply. She finished coming down the stairs and considered whether to go to the kitchen and make some breakfast/lunch. But that would be further putting things off. She sat down on the couch opposite Dawn, the fact her sister was half undressed wasn't making things easier, or perhaps it was. "Y'know about last night..."

"Know what?" Dawn said, her lips curled upwards in a teasing smile.

"What happened..." Buffy replied, she had a feeling this wasn't going well, she should have prepared.

"You kiss great, Buffy; I know that," Dawn grinned.

"So do you," Buffy admitted, blushing redder - the conversation wasn't going down a route which led to them forgetting about last night and pretending it never happened.

Dawn stood up and sashayed over to Buffy, her hips swinging seductively and her lips half-open making the teen temptress's face even more alluring. Buffy stood her ground as her sister stopped in front of her, so close she could smell her sensuous perfume and look into her clear, brown eyes. "You liked my kissing? I've not had a lot of practice."

"I couldn't tell," Buffy said honestly.

Her sister's finger ran over Buffy's bare shoulder as a ghost of a smile passed over the younger teen's face, "I could kiss you some more, in other places."

"No, Dawn we shouldn't," said Buffy, but the words lacked any emphasis and seemed almost to be out automatically, there delivery as devoid of emotion as that of a bad amateur actress in a local town play.

Dawn certainly didn't seem to take them as any indication she should pull back as she moved into a crouch below Buffy. The blonde, in turn, just gazed down at her sister, neither stopping her or asking her to continue. Dawn grinned lasciviously and pushed up her sister's summer dress. She glanced forward, smiling in surprise and then looked up at Buffy, still staring down. "What Buffy? No panties?"

"I guess I just forgot," replied Buffy. Now Dawn was down there what was going to happen was going to happen. "Now are you going to kiss me?"

"Oh yes," Dawn smiled and pushed the dress up higher so she had a clear view of Buffy's pussy, which the Slayer kept well mowed apart from a tiny well kept landing strip over the slit.

The brunette leaned forward, pursed her lip and began to kiss the pussy, all around and over the lips, from the top to the bottom, kisses over the mons and up high to the fuzzy strip. She started with quick pecks, microseconds of pursed lips against Buffy's flesh, the speed and variety of where her mouth dived down making up for the lack of length. Then she began to slow and leave, long tender kisses, each one several seconds of pressing pleasure. Buffy shuddered in excitement. She shouldn't be doing this, but she couldn't deny it felt good. "Mmmmmn, Dawn, you're a fantastic kisser."

The brunette broke from her sister's cunt and looked up, a smile so wicked on her face that she could have auditioned as a prettier version of Cruella de Vil. "I can do more than kiss, if you want to sit on the couch."

Buffy knew what was coming, but she sat anyway and spread her legs. Her sister pushed the blonde's dress up so that it was round her waist. She smiled up at Buffy, "Yum, yum, that looks delicious."

"If you're going to eat me eat me," Buffy gulped.

"I've been wanting this for ages," Dawn replied. Her head dipped and Buffy was introduced to a new form of magic. The blonde Slayer gasped in pleasure as her sister's tongue slid slowly over her pussy, leisurely massaging the labia and the flesh around, gently teasing the older teen with tentative touches between the lips. Buffy pushed her hands down on the couch, easing her pussy forward and willing her sister to do more.

Dawn wasn't to be rushed though, she continued to gradually slide her tongue around and over the pussy, cleaning it of any imaginary dirt and making it so that Buffy started to leak her own liquids. A brief dab, pushing her tongue between the lips made Buffy gasp in excitement. "Mmmnn, oooohhh Dawn, eat me, lick me out."

"You're liking?" Dawn raised her head and gave a mischievous smile.

Buffy blushed and nodded, "Carry on Dawn, I don't care it's wrong."

The brunette's head was already back down at her sister's pussy continuing the warm up with slow, sensuous laps, leaving Buffy in a state somewhere between bliss and desperate excitement, unsure whether she was in heaven now or whether she wanted Dawn to hurry up and take her there. What she was sure of was that after this she'd be ringing Riley to tell him it was over. She still didn't know what she and Dawn were doing, but she knew her boyfriend had never given her such pleasure - he was a straight in and out man and Buffy knew now she wanted more...

"Oooohh," she moaned as Dawn's hand went up to her pussy. The teen brunette placed a couple of fingers either side of the slit and spread the hole. Her tongue went in. Buffy gasped and shuddered, her cunt getting wetter as her sister invaded it. Dawn's licks continued to be slow and sensuous, but now she was using her tongue to explore the inside of Buffy and find the sweet spots that the blonde Slayer loved touching so much. "Mmmnnn, yes, oh God yes," Buffy groaned as Dawn started to find them. She clenched her fists and pushed them at the sofa, closing her eyes and letting the pleasure slip over her, "Oooohhh, that's so good."

Her sister gradually began to speed up, sweeping her tongue in and out of the tunnel and swirling it around, pressing harder at the Buffy's erogenous zones and treating them to a licking and a half. Buffy squeaked again, "Oooohhh, oooohhh, yes, oh yes." She dug her fingers tighter into her palm, stabbing herself with her nails in an attempt to stop herself totally floating up from the couch. Dawn's tongue moved faster and harder, showing Buffy what she'd been missing from Riley (and Parker, and Angel on their one night together hadn't come anywhere close either). "Oooohhh God, Dawn eat my pussy, lick it out. Ooooohhh this is so good."

With her spare hand Dawn unclipped her bra, letting her tits hang free.

"Oooohhh, yes, Dawn, yes," Buffy gasped and moaned, shuddering in excitement. Her teen sister went even faster and soon the licking was a frenzy of tongue thrashing down Buffy's wet cunt and driving her higher and higher. "Aaaarrrghhh, yessssss, yessssss."

And still Dawn wasn't stopping, her tongue pounded down, joined by a finger, slamming down Buffy's pussy. The Slayer could feel the ecstasy building and building like lava threatening to blast through a mountain's crust. Her legs and arms seemed out of control, her stomach twisting and turning in knots and her mouth was dry in lust. She continued to squeal and squeak in pleasure; she'd never come like this, it was the most intense orgasm ever, a riot of ecstatic bliss and overpowering joy, "AAarrrrrrrrghhh yessssss, ooooohhh my God, I'm cumming."

Dawn lifted her head, smiling at her sister. Buffy looked at her, the teen's lips and round the mouth were gleaming with the Slayer's cum, but Dawn didn't look like she minded. She briefly licked the juice from her lips and stood up. Buffy reached forward and pulled her sister towards her so that the teen fell in her lap, her naked titties bouncing, "Did you like my kisses?" giggled Dawn.

"Yes, but we can't tell anyone. It's wro... it's got to be our secret," Buffy said, the decision made.

"Okay," smiled Dawn, who didn't seem to be having any moral qualms about licking out her sister. perhaps if she'd be wanting this for as long as she seemed to have wanted it she'd got rig of the nagging bits of conscience that still played at the back of Buffy's mind. Those concerns were further pushed back as Dawn mouth went up and she kissed Buffy, the blonde eagerly reciprocating, no minding the taste of her own cum as long as it was mingled with the taste of Dawn.

For a short while the Slayer and her topless sister continued to kiss eagerly. Dawn slowly brought her head back and looked directly into her sister's eyes. "Buffy, I want to ask you something."

"Of course, yes," Buffy nodded and smiled back at her sister's serious face.

"I've fucked myself with a dildo; a lot. But I've never been fucked by anyone else. I'm a virgin," Dawn said and paused. For the first time she blushed and Buffy nodded sympathetically, running a hand through her sixteen year old sister's long hair. The younger teen smiled weakly and continued, "I've got a strap-on upstairs I bought ready. I want you to be my first. Will you?"

She looked nervously at Buffy, so different from the confident young woman who'd just licked out the Slayer's pussy. Buffy knew it would be wrong to say yes, your first time should be someone special not your sister. But she'd already gone so far with Dawn and she knew she wanted to go further. She stroked the brunette's cheek tenderly and said one word, "Yes."

The two sister's walked up the stairs hand in hand, Dawn holding her bra in her spare. Buffy led Dawn to her sister's room and closed the door behind them. She took Dawn's face in her hands and kissed her, letting her mouth open and lips press forward. Dawn reciprocated passionately, dropping her bra to the floor and sliding her arms round her sister to bring her close. "You want to get the toy?" Buffy pulled back a few inches, still holding Dawn's cheeks gently.

"Yes," Dawn nodded and smiled.

As she stepped away from her sister Buffy reached up to the straps of her dress and undid them, shaking and pulling at it so that it fell down to her ankles. She stepped out of it and took of her slip-ons. dropping the shoes next to the dress. Here she was, naked in her sister's room. It was too late to stop what was going to happen, but Buffy no longer wanted to. She'd followed this path and she was now going to fuck Dawn, whatever regrets and concerns she'd have later she wasn't going to worry about them now, but just enjoy the moment.

"Here it is," Dawn handed Buffy the strap-on.

It was bigger than Buffy had anticipated, at least nine inches with a bulbous end shaped almost like a deformed mushroom.

She bent over to slide the straps up her leg, looking as her sister bent down to pull off her hotpants. Dawn had nothing on underneath and Buffy stared lustfully at the slit, realising she was about to penetrate it. The blonde straightened and began to adjust the buckles on the straps so that the toy was tight and rubbing against her pussy. For a moment Dawn watched, seeing if Buffy needed any help and then, quickly deciding she didn't, the teen clambered onto her bed, swinging her sexy butt in Buffy's direction before rolling onto her back. "You ready?" she asked, smiling nervously.

Buffy pulled the last strap into place and adjusted the toy so that it was rubbing at her clit. She nodded, "I am ready. You?"

Reaching down Dawn stroked her pussy and slid open the hole to show Buffy her inner pink. She smiled, "I am so ready."

Buffy got onto the bed and then onto her sister. Their naked bodies lay against each other, their titties squashed between them. Buffy brought her lips down and kissed her sister, slowly and romantically as one of her hands reached down the teen's cunt. She found it and began to lightly rub and play with it, the hole was already damp and Buffy felt her sister's juice on her tips. She slipped a finger in, Dawn was tight, but her own vigorous masturbation had broken the hymen. The blonde worked the finger up and down a few more times, coating it with Dawn cum. She continued to kiss her sister as she did, enjoying Dawn's light bites on her lips as the other teen strained in excitement.

Sliding her digit out Buffy transferred her hand to the strap-on, taking a firm grip of the toy.

"This is it, Dawn," she said and guided the dildo into the waiting hole.

Dawn gasped and pushed her head back into the bed as she was entered. Her legs spread wider and her hands reached out to rest on the top of Buffy's back. The blonde paused in her entry for a moment, letting Dawn get used to the first couple of inches, she used the time to kiss her sister's neck and the bottom of her upturned chin. The young brunette moaned and her fingers gently scraped at Buffy's back, "More..."

Buffy resumed, pushing the dildo down. The hole was so tight, resisting her and fighting back. The toy's haft rubbed at her own clit and little waves of pleasure coursed through her. She carried on, letting go off the strap-on and placing her hands either side of her sister. The younger teen moaned some more, stretching her legs for easier access and holding Buffy's back as if to stop her pulling out - not that Buffy had any intention of that. The blonde kissed at Dawn, her lips pressing slowly and firmly all over the brunette's chin and upper-throat. "Mmnnnnn, more. Yes," Dawn moaned in happiness.

Buffy raised herself an inch and pushed in. The toy went deeper into Dawn and the younger Summers gasped pleasurably and gripped Buffy, her nails digging at her shoulder blade. Buffy smiled and moved up and down, pushing the toy deeper into the virgin hole, all the time controlling its descent so that Dawn got used to it. Despite the tightness of the virgin hole it only took moments for the nine inches to be all the way into the teen, Dawn happily taking it all, bucking against Buffy and encouraging her in. "Oh, Buffy, more. Fuck me and make me yours."

"Yes Dawn, God yes," Buffy said in reply. She wanted to bang her sister so much. She raised herself higher, looking down at her sister beneath and then descended with speed.

"Ooohh, yes," Dawn moaned, her nails digging into Buffy, "More, please more."

Even as she was speaking Buffy was raising herself and coming down, quicker and harder, slamming the long, thick toy deep into Dawn's pussy. Vibrations swarmed up the toy, making the blonde's clit quiver in joy. Up she went again and then down, the two movements almost one so fast did she move. Dawn squealed again, her waist jerking almost like she was meeting her sister. Buffy moved faster, going up and down and in and out with a brutal passion. Her pert tits bounced and boinged against Dawn's, the two Summers' nipples pushing at each other as Buffy crushed down.

"Oooohhh, yes, oooohhh more," Dawn gasped in pleasure. The heels of her feet slipped round and drummed at Buffy's calves as her fingers gripped her older sister's back, grabbing the shoulder blades and hanging on like it was she not Buffy who was riding. Buffy slammed down, hard again, the full length of the toy impaling her little sister. Dawn squeaked in ecstasy, her back bending and arching, as the joy raced through her. Her eyelids fluttered and her mouth twisted and contorted in frenzied smile of lust. "Oooohhh Buffy, fuck me more, harder."

The blonde was just getting into her stride. She didn't care how wrong it was, she just wanted to fuck. She went hard and fast, slamming the dildo in with as much violence as she could muster, pounding it down enjoying the result; Dawn shrieking and squealing in absolute pleasure and waves of equal intensity pushing through Buffy as the toy smacked at her own clit. Her body came down, colliding with Dawn's like a wave against a wall. "Fuck, yes, you're so hot. I can't believe how hot and sexy my sister is..."

"Yes, just fuck me, fuck me good," Dawn gasped in reply, dragging Buffy forward again.

The blonde was happy to comply, slamming down and into her sister.

The two teenage Summers fucked away, Dawn squealing and scrabbling at her sister's back, Buffy hammering the brunette's fuckhole with vigour. The bed squeaked under their fucking, the sheets dishevelled and stained by sweat and girl cum, as Dawn leaked like a ripped hose and Buffy wasn't much drier. Their bodies gleamed with the perspiration, little trickles of it sliding over their faces and down their chests, between their bouncing boobs. Buffy went harder and harder, not stopping or pausing even as Dawn screamed in ecstatic orgasm. She didn't even stop when she came herself, gasping and moaning and crying out in pleasure, but still pounding Dawn's soaked cunt.

"Aaaarrrghhh, yesssss, oooohhhh yesssss, moooorreee!" Dawn came again, shouting out in sexual bliss, her body rocking with excitement.

"Fuck, yes. This is soooo good," Buffy grunted in reply. As a Slayer she wasn't tiring easily and she was still going as fast and hard as she had when they started. Her sister opened her mouth and soundlessly gasped in reply. Buffy pushed the dildo all the way down the lubricated cunt. The brunette teen squeaked and arched her back, her tits pressing up at Buffy's.

The blonde hammered more, slamming the toy in as much as she could. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying it, she wasn't even a lesbian. And Dawn was over the moon as well, her little sister racing Buffy along, still dragging her deep and showing every sign of being in it for the afternoon. The teen's heels scraped at Buffy's calves, moving up and down the back of the blonde's legs, encouraging her on. "More, more Buffy, bang me harder," the teen brunette gasped.

Buffy did so, hammering with a strength and speed she barely thought Dawn could cope with. Her younger sister seemed to be coping just fine, rocking and writhing on the bed, clawing at Buffy's back and grunting and moaning in pleasure, "Ooohh, urrrh, oooohhh."

"Fuck yes, yesss, yessss! Buffy banged harder, feeling her own pleasure rising. The toy hit back at her clit, rubbing and pressing at it with every deep thrust. Buffy drove harder and faster, closing her eyes and letting the ecstasy take her to heaven. "Oooohhh, aaaarrghhh, yes, yes, yesssss!"

The explosive pleasure tore through her and her entire being bucked and burned. Beneath her Dawn was squealing and shrieking, her naked body shaking and shuddering as she too came. Buffy opened her eyes and began to slow, gently sliding the cock in and out of her sister, bringing them both slowly down to earth in the most pleasurable way. Dawn's eyes were directly looking into Buffy and the blonde Slayer could feel their connection. She slipped the cock out, a little wave of cummy juice splashing out with it. Her head went down and she kissed Dawn, tenderly, gently, lovingly.

Dawn kissed back, her mouth slowly moving round Buffy's, her lips opening and closing in unison.

"Wow Dawn, I mean that was special. I hope it was for you?"

"Oh my God, Buffy, so good. I never knew that sex would be so hot, or perhaps it just is with you." The teen smiled and wrapped her arms tighter round Buffy, "Is this the start of something good?"

"It could be," replied Buffy and kissed her again. "Now we better go and get dressed in case Mom's back for lunch."


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